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by Ratchet12345

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Ratchet12345

Version: 1.09 | Updated: 04/06/10

Table of Contents

  1. The Start
    1. File Information
    2. Hosting Sites:
    3. Contact Information:
    4. Version History
  2. Formalities
  3. Disclaimer
  4. Weapons
    1. Weapons List
    2. Weapon Information
  5. Gadgets
    1. Gadgets List
  6. Items
    1. Armour
    2. Other Items
  7. Walkthrough
    1. General Tips
    2. Legend
    3. Great Clock, Sector One
    4. Zolar Forest, Planet Quantos
    5. Vorselon's Ship
    6. Space Missions (Phylax Sector)
    7. Phylax Depot
    8. Great Clock, Sector Two
    9. Molonoth Fields, Torren IV
    10. Axiom City, Planet Terachnos
    11. Space Missions (Vela Sector)
    12. Vela Depot
    13. Great Clock, Sector Three
    14. Space (Korthos Sector)
    15. Krell Canyon, Planet Lumos
    16. Agorian Battleplex
    17. Tombli Outpost, Planet Zanifar
    18. Vorselon's Warship
    19. Space Missions (Korthos Sector)
    20. Korthos Depot
    21. Korthos Alpha
    22. Korthos Depot (2nd Visit)
    23. Korthos Alpha (2nd Visit)
    24. Great Clock, Sector Four
    25. Valkyrie Citadel, Planet Vapedia
    26. Nefarious Space Station
    27. Space Missions (Bernilius Sector)
    28. Gimlick Valley, Planet Morklon
    29. Space Missions (Corvus Sector)
    30. Corvus Depot
    31. Nefarious Space Station (2nd Visit)
    32. Great Clock, Sector Five
  8. Gold Bolts
    1. Great Clock, Sector One
    2. Great Clock, Sector Two
    3. Great Clock, Sector Three
    4. Great Clock, Sector Four
    5. Zolar Forest, Planet Quantos
    6. Phylax Alpha
    7. Phylax Sigma
    8. Molonoth Fields, Torren IV
    9. Axiom City, Planet Terachnos
    10. Vela Alpha
    11. Vela Beta
    12. Vela Gamma
    13. Vela Tau
    14. Krell Canyon, Planet Lumos
    15. Tombli Outpost, Planet Zanifar
    16. Agorian Battleplex
    17. Korthos Alpha
    18. Valkyrie Citadel, Planet Vapedia
    19. Bernilius Alpha
    20. Bernilius Gamma
    21. Gimlick Valley, Planet Morklon
    22. Corvus Beta
    23. Corvus Sigma
    24. Skins
  9. Skill Points
    1. Weapons
    2. Gadgets
    3. Skill
    4. Destruction
    5. Zolar Forest
    6. Agorian Battleplex
    7. Nefarious Space Station
    8. Krell Canyon
    9. Axiom City
    10. Molonoth Fields
    11. Vela Sector
    12. Bernilius Sector
    13. Korthos Sector
    14. Phylax Sector
    15. The Great Clock
    16. Cheats
    17. Concept Art
  10. Zoni
    1. Zolar Forest, Planet Quantos
    2. Phylax Alpha
    3. Phylax Beta
    4. Phylax Gamma
    5. Molonoth Fields, Torren IV
    6. Axiom City, Planet Terachnos
    7. Vela Alpha
    8. Vela Beta
    9. Vela Delta
    10. Vela Epsilon
    11. Vela Gamma
    12. Krell Canyon, Planet Lumos
    13. Tombli Outpost, Planet Zanifar
    14. Agorian Battleplex
    15. Korthos Alpha
    16. Korthos Beta
    17. Korthos Delta
    18. Korthos Gamma
    19. Valkyrie Citadel, Planet Vapedia
    20. Nefarious Space Station
    21. Bernilius Alpha
    22. Bernilius Beta
    23. Bernilius Delta
    24. Bernilius Gamma
    25. Gimlick Valley, Planet Morklon
    26. Corvus Alpha
    27. Corvus Beta
    28. Aphelion Upgrades
    29. Insomniac Museum
  11. Constructo Mods
    1. Zolar Forest, Planet Quantos
    2. Phylax Tau
    3. Molonoth Fields, Torren IV
    4. Axiom City, Planet Terachnos
    5. Vela Sigma
    6. Krell Canyon, Planet Lumos
    7. Tombli Outpost, Planet Zanifar
    8. Agorian Battleplex
    9. Korthos Omega
    10. Korthos Sigma
    11. Korthos Tau
    12. Valkyrie Citadel, Planet Vapedia
    13. Nefarious Space Station
    14. Bernilius Sigma
    15. Bernilius Tau
    16. Corvus Tau
  12. RYNO V Holo-Plans
    1. Vorselon's Ship
    2. Molonoth Fields, Torren IV
    3. Axiom City, Planet Terachnos
    4. Krell Canyon, Planet Lumos
    5. Tombli Outpost, Planet Zanifar
    6. Agorian Battleplex
    7. Valkyrie Citadel, Planet Vapedia
    8. Nefarious Space Station (2nd Visit)
    9. Gimlick Valley, Planet Morklon
  13. Video Walkthrough
  14. Trophies
    1. Base Game Trophies
  15. Odds and Ends
    1. Frequently Asked Questions
    2. Credits
    3. Disclaimer (Restatement) and Copyright

File Information

Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time FAQ/Walkthrough, Version 1.09

For the Following Games:

Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time, for the PlayStation 3
Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time, for the PlayStation 3

Written by Ratchet12345

Created 11/10/2009

Hosting Sites:


E-mail me if wishing to request hosting this document on another site.

If you find this guide on a site NOT listed here, please e-mail me immediately.

Contact Information:

  • E-Mail: ratchet_12345[at]hotmail[dot]com
  • YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/BludgaBoy

A video walkthrough is available at YouTube. You can access it by visiting the channel listed above.

Version 0.25 Finished 04/11/2009

  • Finished Walkthrough section up to Vorselon's Ship
  • Listed all Skill Points
  • Started Constructo Weapon Mods section
  • Listed all Trophies

Version 0.30 Finished 05/11/2009

  • Finished Walkthrough section up to Molonoth Fields, Torren IV
  • Phylax Sector is pretty much complete in all areas of guide
  • Started Gold Bolts section
  • Started Zoni section
  • Extended Constructo Weapon Mod section
  • Started RYNO V Holo-Plan section

Version 0.35 Finished 06/11/2009

  • Extended Weapons section
  • Extended Gadgets section
  • Finished Walkthrough section up to Axiom City, Planet Terachnos
  • Extended Gold Bolts section
  • Extended Zoni section
  • Extended Constructo Weapon Mod section

Version 0.45 Finished 07/11/2009

  • Extended Weapons section
  • Finished Gadgets section
  • Finished Walkthrough section up to Krell Canyon, Planet Lumos
  • Extended Gold Bolts section
  • Extended Zoni section
  • Extended Constructo Weapon Mod section
  • Extended RYNO V Holo-Plan section

Version 0.55 Finished 08/11/2009

  • Extended Weapons section
  • Finished Walkthrough section up to Vorselon's Warship
  • Finished Bronze, Silver and Gold Tournament Challenges for Agorian Battleplex
  • Extended Gold Bolts section
  • Extended Skill Points section
  • Extended Zoni section
  • Extended Constructo Weapon Mod section
  • Extended RYNO V Holo-Plan section
  • Extended Trophies section

Version 0.60 Finished 11/11/2009

  • Extended Gold Bolts section
  • Extended Zoni section
  • Extended Constructo Weapon Mod section
  • Extended RYNO V Holo-Plan section

Version 1.00 Finished 16/11/2009

  • Added ASCII Art Heading for each section
  • Added Section Codes
  • Finished Weapons section
  • Finished Gadgets section
  • Finished Items section
  • Finished Walkthrough section
  • Finished Gold Bolts section
  • Finished Zoni section
  • Finished Constructo Weapon Mod section
  • Finished RYNO V Holo-Plan section
  • Created Video Walkthrough section
  • Finished Trophies section

Version 1.01 Finished 18/11/2009

  • Made a few corrections
  • Extended Video Walkthrough section

Version 1.02 Finished 29/11/2009

  • Added a lot of user submitted info
  • Extended Weapons section
  • Extended Video Walkthrough section
  • Removed Contact Info section, placed contact info at top of document

Version 1.03 Finished 02/12/2009

  • Extended Video Walkthrough section

Version 1.04 Finished 15/12/2009

  • Extended Video Walkthrough section (Finished Story Walkthrough)
  • Added a lot of user submitted info

Version 1.05 Finished 01/01/2010

  • Converted entire file to suit GameFAQ's new FAQ format (successfully, this time o_O)
  • Added more user submitted info

Version 1.06 Finished 08/01/2010

  • Changed layout of Table of Contents, Skill Points, Trophies and Frequently Asked Questions sections
  • Added more user submitted info

Version 1.07 Finished 21/01/2010

  • Extended Video Walkthrough section (Added Gold Bolts Walkthrough)

Version 1.08 Finished 09/02/2010

  • Added more user submitted info

Version 1.09 Finished 06/04/2010

  • Added more user submitted info

This is a walkthrough for the game. Therefore, it reveals ALL or the story line. DON'T READ ON IF YOU WANT TO FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF!


Hi, I'm Ratchet12345, and this is my walkthrough for Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time, my 6th full walkthrough to date and my 1st walkthrough that has been formatted for HTML her on GameFAQs. This is a step by step walkthrough for the story, as well as a Gold Bolts, Skill Points, Constructo Weapon Mods, RYNO V Holo-Plans and trophies guide.

This guide is useful if you're stuck on a level or challenge and don't know what to do, or if you can't find a hidden object. However, remember that this is a full, complete, start-to-finish walkthrough for the game. Therefore, you are bound to encounter spoilers as you read. You have been warned. Good luck out there!


Read and agree to adhere to these guidelines before continuing to use this document:

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. Close this window if you do not agree to these terms.


There are 18 weapons in this game - 14 normal weapons, 3 Constructo weapons that can be modified with upgrades found across the galaxy, and one weapon that is technically a gadget. All weapons (except that one item that isn't a weapon) gain experience as you use them, and when the experience bar is full they upgrade and gain a level, becoming more powerful as you upgrade them.

Weapons can be upgraded to Level 5 on your first playthrough and up to Level 10 on subsequent playthroughs in Challenge Mode, once you have purchased the level 6 version from a weapons vendor. All weapons at level 6 or greater have the prefix Omega (which replaces the prefix Mega if the weapon has that prefix at Level 5).

NOTE: If you have Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction game data, you'll get a discount on any returning weapons tht first appeared in ToD. This applies to normal weapons and their Omega counterparts.

Weapons List

Weapon NameAvailable FromPrice in Bolts (Discounted)Level 5+ NameLevel 6 Price in Bolts (Discounted)
Constructo PistolBeginningFreeMega Constructo Pistol96,000
Constructo BombZolar Forest, Planet Quantos1,000Mega Constructo Bomb104,000
Sonic EruptorZolar Forest, Planet Quantos4,000Super Sonic Eruptor122,000
Mr. ZurkonVorselon's Ship4,000 (3,000)Zurkon the Destroyer196,000 (147,000)
Dynamo of DoomMolonoth Fields, Torren IV16,000Dynamo of Devastation171,000
Tesla SpikesAxiom City, Planet Terachnos19,000Storm Spikes205,000
Plasma StrikerKrell Canyon, Planet Lumos33,000Plasma Slayer233,000
NegotiatorAgorian Battleplex^Judicator244,000
CryoMine GloveTombli Outpost, Planet Zanifar41,000Blizzard Mine Glove287,000
Groovitron GloveAgorian Battleplex15,000 (11,000)Groovibomb Glove332,000 (249,000)
Buzz BladesVorselon's Warship30,000 (24,000)Doom Blades416,000 (312,000)
Constructo ShotgunAgorian Battleplex^^Mega Constructo Shotgun255,000
Mag-Net LauncherValkyrie Citadel, Planet Vapedia40,000 (37,000)Mag-Net Cannon536,000 (402,000)
Spiral of DeathAgorian Battleplex^^^Spiral of Carnage278,000
Chimp-O-MaticAgorian Battleplex^^^^Chimpositron501,000
Rift Inducer 5000Nefarious Space Station91,000Rift Ripper 5000499,000
Time BombGreat Clock, Sector TwoFreeN/AN/A
RYNO VNefarious Space StationAll Holo-PlansMega RYNO V1,000,000

The Negotiator is acquired by completing the "Bros Before Foes" Challenge in the Bronze Tournament.


The Constructo Shotgun is acquired by completing the "Double Jeopardy" Challenge in the Gold Tournament.


The Spiral of Death is acquired by completing the "Triumvirate of Terror" Challenge in the Silver Tournament.


The Chimp-O-Matic is acquired by completing the "Overkill" Challenge in the Raritanium Tournament.

Constructo Pistol

The Constructo Pistol is your basic, entry level pistol. It'll get you through the earlier levels, being a good close to medium range weapon, but after the first few levels it becomes too weak to be of any use to you. However, it's always useful against the really small enemies, even towards the end of the game.

PullCoilRicochetPaint It (Custom)
Rapid FireBlastScorcherPaladin

Constructo Bomb

As the game's bomb glove, the Constructo Bomb is great for taking out groups of enemies, or lone, powerful enemies such as mechs, at close range. You'll probably use this one all thr way through, but less towards the end.

ContactExplosiveToxicPaint It (Custom)
Gone Commando
Angela Special

Sonic Eruptor

The Sonic Eruptor is one of the more zany weapons you'll come across as you play through the game. You carry around a living, breathing creature, which when fired emits a louud mating call that damages enemies at close range. There's a bar at the top of the screen when this weapon is equipped, and it's best to fire the weapon when the bar is full for maximum damage.

Mr. Zurkon

A mere device turned deadly weapon: Mr. Zurkon is your bestest buddy on the battlefield. All you have to do is select him form the Quick Select and he'll appear, flying around near you shooting at anything he sees. He's incredibly useful, as he's practically a flying second auto-aiming gun. Not as powerful as other weapons in your arsenal, but still a big help all the way through.

Dynamo of Doom

Tools of Destruction had the Tornado Launcher, A Crack in Time has the Dynamo of Doom. Just like the Tornado Launcher, the Dynamo of Doom allows you to control where the projectile goes by tilting the controller. To add to this, you can charge the Dynamo of Doom before firing it, making it more powerful. This weapon is best used against groups of enemies, small or large, as the SIXAXIS control is a bit hard to adjust to.

Tesla Spikes

The Tesla Spikes are electric sticks that you trow on to the ground. Tesla Spikes will shock enemies that wander near them, but this weapon is best used in groups of 2 or more, as several Tesla Spikes near each other will work together to shock enemies more frequently and in a greater range. Another good weapon to throw about in an intense, crowded and grounded combat situation.

Plasma Striker

The Plasma Striker is the sniper rifle of the game. However, this time the weapon work a bit differently comparted to the sniper rifles found in previous Ratchet and Clank games. When used in first person mode, you'll see red circles on your enemies. These are weak spots. A hit here does far more damage than a hit anywhere else on the enemy. Obviously, the weapon is best used from far away, but don't dismiss it's ability up close if you can aim quickly.


Point and shoot, folks, point and shoot. The Negotiator is the rocket launcher of the game, and only requires the aforementioned 2 steps to be used, as the rockets seek enemies that they have locked on to. The ammo count is a bit on the low side, so use it wisely. The Judicator shoots 3 rockets in a shotgun spread formation, but that won't change the way or the places where you use it much.

CryoMine Glove

The CryoMine Glove lets you throw mines on to the battlefield that freeze the first enemy that comes near them. Who whudda thunk it? The time they're frozen for depends on the size of the enemy and the level of the weapon, but when they are frozen, you can just whip out another weapon and do as much damage as you can before they unfreeze or die. This weapon is best used against smaller to medium sized enemies if there's too many to deal with at once.

Groovitron Glove

If you've played Tools of Destruction, you'll remember the Groovitron as one of the funniest devices in the game, especially when you got the Golden Groovitron and had an infinite supply of disco balls. As a weapon, the Groovitron Glove works in much the same way as it did previously. Once thrown, the Groovitron will cause any enemies in the vicinity to dance, letting you do whatever you need to do in the meantime, but you don't have many to use, so don't waste them if you'll need them later. The Groovibomb Glove does the same thing, but explodes at the end of its life span. A great weapon to distract enemies if you're surrounded, or if they're killing you faster than you're killing them.

Buzz Blades

The Buzz Blades make for an awesome weapon that you'll use from the time that you get it right up to the final boss. The weapon fires small shuriken-esque blades that fly around the battlefield, ricocheting off walls, the ground and enemies as they go. They may not seem harmful, but the blades pack a punch and are useful against all types of enemies, including bosses.

Constructo Shotgun

Chk-chk-boom! The Constructo Shotgun is a great weapon for encounters with all types of enemies at close range. Depending on the size and number of enemies you wish to take down with the Constructo Shotgun, you may want to change the Constructo Mods you have enabled (Double Spread for groups of smaller enemies, more powerful, Choke for more powerful enemies). A good weapon for really close quarters situations.

SpreadPelletGalvanicPaint It (Custom)
Formal Fighter
Emerald Assassin

Mag-Net Launcher

Returning from Tools of Destruction, the Mag-Net Cannon fires an electric net that traps your enemies and shocks them until either they die or the Mag-Net expires. A great weapon for flying enemies *cough* Valkyries *cough* and for less powerful ground enemies, but not so good against bosses and a waste of ammo when used on smaller enemies.

Spiral of Death

Ah, the weapon that won the "My Blaster Runs Hot" weapon design challenge, a worthy winner indeed. Kudos to Jackson Finley for creating this monstrosity! This weapon fires a large blade, and then the blade returns to you boomerang style. Great for close range encounters with bigger enemies once you learn how to aim. The Spiral of Carnage fires 3 blades in a shotgun spread formation.


Almost every Ratchet and Clank game has had a weapon that allows you to morph enemies in to different animals. We've had chickens, sheep, ducks, boars, cows, pigs. Of course, it's only appropriate to move on to monkeys for this installment. This weapon will turn enemies in to monkeys, but the bigger the enemy is the longer it will take. You'll continue to morph enemies no matter how much you move, unless to go to far away from the enemy or you double jump. Once you get the weapon to Level 5, the Chimpositron can lock on to and morph 2 enemies at once. This is best used against smaller enemies, otherwise it takes too long to morph them.

Rift Inducer 5000

Meet Fred: When you use the Rift Inducer 5000, a portal will appear in midair. Fred the monster will partially appear out of the portal and eat away at nearby enemies, before disappearing. He'll pick them up and eat them whole once their health is gone. This is best used against smaller enemies, and drones as well. Stand under Fred to lead enemies to him so he can feast on them.

Time Bomb

The one weapon that really isn't a weapon. Timebombs, interestingly enough, slow down time in the region they surround, affecting the movement speed of everything inside them (except the player). Clank's past selves can also throw time bombs if Clank threw one during recording, but remember that only one time bomb can be thrown at a time, past selves included. Ratchet can use time bombs as well, once you finish Valkyrie Citadel, Planet Vapedia.


Once you have all the RYNO V Holo-Plans, you can take them down to the Axiom City Spaceport, where you'll find The Smuggler. He'll assemble the weapon for you free of charge. This minigun/missile launcher cross breed spews out rockets at an insane rate, making for instant carnage. Have fun!

Some prices may be incorrect, as I had a Tools of Destruction game save and had to assume some of the non-discount prices. If a price is wrong, feel free to tell me and I'll correct it.


Gadgets are useful little tools Ratchet can use in the game.

Gadgets List

Gadget NameAcquired AtDescription
OmniwrenchBeginningEver since the first Ratchet and Clank have we learned to love the wrench. It's the ultimate tool, used for raising bridges, opening doors and cracking skulls. The wrench is also equipped with a kinetic tether, allowing Ratchet to manipulate objects with the wrench.
SwingshotBeginningAnother blast from the past, the Swingshot allows Ratchet to latch on to Swingshot targets and swing across gaps, or be transported.
OmniSoakerMolonoth Fields, Torren IVThe OmniSoaker is a device capable of extracting liquid from its source and dispersing it elsewhere. This includes water and nectar, among other things.
HoverbootsKrell Canyon, Planet LumosOne of the most awesome gadgets of all time, these gravity defying boots allow you to rush around at high speeds, to launch off ramps and to glide in the air.


Items are things that Ratchet can't equip like weapons or gadgets, but help him during his journey.


Armour NameAvaliable FromCost (Bolts)Protection
Holoflux ArmourBeginningFree0%
Ectoflux ArmourMolonoth Fields, Torren IV10,00015%
Thermaflux ArmourAgorian Battleplex50,00030%
Hyperflux ArmourGimlick Valley, Planet Morklon250,00050%

Other Items

Item NameAvaliable FromDescription
Zoni VesselZolar Forest, Planet QuantosOnce you obtain it, the Zoni Vessel lets you capture Zoni wherever you go. Just swing your wrench at them to catch them.
Gold BoltsEverywhereThere are 40 Gold Bolts to be found in the game, scattered across the entire galaxy. This tells you how many you have found. Gold bolts can be spent on costumes for Ratchet.
RYNO V Holo-PlansEverywhereThere are 10 pieces of the RYNO V Holo-Plan scattered across the galaxy. Once you find them all, you can get the RYNO V.
Treasure MapperAgorian Battleplex (Complete "Battery Bots on the Battlefield" Challenge, Raritanium Tournament)The Treasure Mapper puts the locations of Gold Bolts, Zoni and Constructo Weapon Modifications on your radar, making the job of finding them a whole lot easier. It also tells you what's still out there on each planet, moon and galaxy in the galactic map.
Box Basher 2000Agorian Battleplex (Complete "Name Your Poison" Challenge, Silver Tournament)Whilst this item does not actually bash boxes of any kind, it turns your Hyper Strike in to a shockwave capable of breaking boxes nearby to pieces, letting you reap the rewards with less effort.
Armour MagnetiserAgorian Battleplex (Complete "The Quick and the Dead" Challenge, Gold Tournament)This device increases the force of the magnetic pull on your Omniwrench. Ratchet does not need to be as close to bolts as he did before to have them fly over to him. Ka-ching!
Nefarious Security CardAgorian Battleplex (Complete "Bros Before Foes" Challenge, Bronze Tournament)This item allows you to enter a defence tower on Planet Zanifar.


This is the main section of the guide, a start-to-finish walkthrough that encompasses the entire story. As I've stated numerous times up until now, spoilers aplenty await you, especially in this section. Help comes at a price, folks!

General Tips

Here's a few tips and pointers that are too general or broad to put in any other specific section.

My Way or The Highway?

Of course not! The strategies listed here are not the only ones that work You may find a strategy that helps you more than what's written here, that may simply be better than what's written here. Feel free to send in strategies you find during your time in the game, your contribution will benefit thousands of players in the future!

Save Points

Every so often during game play, you'll reach a save point. If you quit and reload the game, you'll respawn at the last save point you reached. Save points are marked in the guide by [SP]. In a similar fashion, if you reload the save game, you'll spawn at the last save point you reached. There are also checkpoints, but these are not listed. If you die at any point during the game, you'll respawn at the last checkpoint/save point you reached.


As you may have figured out, weapons and maximum nanotech levels go nowhere but up during the course of the game. My weapon levels may be different to yours, as may my maximum nanotech levels and the weapons I have purchased. That's just the way it is, unfortunately, but if you follow the guide from start to finish, you probably have a smaller chance of encountering this problem.

Difficulty Settings

This walkthrough was written to accommodate for those playing through the game on Hard difficulty, but this only means that enemies have more health and their attacks do more damage than on easier difficulty settings. The rest is pretty much the same, regardless of the difficulty setting, so those playing on other difficulty levels can use this guide and reap the same rewards as one who is using the guide to get through the game on Hard difficulty.

Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode is available after you beat the final boss. It's essentially a replay of the game, but harder than the first time. This does not affect your Casual, Medium or Hard difficulty setting selection, and the transition can't be reversed. Each playthrough after the first is in Challenge Mode. With this in mind, please note that the walkthrough works just as well in Challenge Mode as it does out without Challenge Mode, the game is just a bit tougher. Nothing new is introduced, what's already there is just beefed up a bit. To add to this, once you complete the game once, a new Hardcore difficulty setting is available, for new games and old game saves.

In Challenge Mode? Need Bolts Fast?

Here's a strategy from Sonic_Hero_007 and Laharl_666, extended by me:

  1. Go to the Agorian Battleplex.
  2. Go to the Gold Cup.
  3. Do the battle against 100 enemies.
  4. Keep doing it until you up your multiplier to 20.
  5. Go to Krell Canyon, Planet Lumos/Gimlick Valley, Planet Morklon
  6. Rush around on your Hoverboots smashing crates to get bolts.
  7. Go to the place you didn't go to the first time.
  8. Repeat step 6.
  9. Repeat steps 5-8.

Keep Getting Killed by Random Ships in Space?

Then fly the hell past them and don't try to fight them. If you insist on destroying them for good, here's a tip from Marcus Hagins:

There is an easy way to defeat the satellites in space without having to blow up X amount of ships. Basically, after you activate the satellite (shield pops up) just run away from the battle until it deactivates. Then, turn around and slowly approach the satellite until you hear your missiles lock on, at which point then you're free to fire and blow up the satellite." This makes the Smuggler's missions easier. This can be done to all satellites except the one near vela gamma (its detection range was written right). For this glitch If you retreat from the satellites they deactivate but their invincible status never comes back, and if you damage them a little bit, activating them in the process, you'll notice that amount of damage you did is missing.

I Hate Reading and Demand a Visual Representation of Whatever the Hell it is you Talk About in this Document!


There. Happy? That will take you to a start to finish video walkthrough for the game's story.


Throughout the guide, there will be mission boxes like this one:

Completed MissionX
New Mission
Optional Mission
Outstanding Mission

[SP]: Save Point

Pretty self explanatory, but just in case the system confuses you, that diagram tells you what's what.

Video Walkthrough


Escape Dr. Nefarious' clutches!

After the cutscene, run forwards. The ground below you will break, but you'll land on the platform below. Turn left, but watch out as some of the glass walkways will break, so avoid falling off the walkway. Run to the left and keep running until you see a green being telling you where to go. Go up the small ramp. Go through the air duct and out the other side.

Escape Dr. Nefarious' clutches!X
Complete optical calibration test.

Here, you'll have to calibrate the camera controls. Simply move the right analog stick in the direction you want to look at each of the ocular scanners until they turn green to complete the optical calibration test. Remember that there is a Camera Controls section in the Options menu if you wish to make changes to the camera settings.

Complete optical calibration test.X
Follow the Caretaker's instructions.

Continue forwards and you'll see a crash in front of you. There are two platforms that will lead you to the other side, but you'll need to jump over the gaps between them. Jump across the two platforms, turn right and jump across the next two platforms.

[SP] After you've entered the room, another crash will occur in front of you. The game will tell you how to give Clank a boost in midair. You'll have to use this technique to make your way across these platforms. Boost your way up each one, and then continue through the door. There will be a big pile of boxes in front of you. Punch your way through them (punch them all for more bolts) and then continue forward. The Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler will enter and cause more havoc. Use the aforementioned boost technique to make your way across the gaps and to the higher platforms. The last gap requires you to use all three boosts available to you, so space the boosts out rather than using them all at once.

Once you're on the other side, continue forward. In this next room, two enemies will lurch forward at you. One punch will destroy them, so take them down quickly before they have a chance to attack you. Make your way forwards, jump on to the platform on your left, and then up to the platform there the caretaker is waiting for you. Follow the caretaker in to the next room. Two enemies will be shooting at you, so take cover behind the piece of metal near the edge of the platform. The Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler will crash in to the roof, and time will slow down, so use this opportunity to make your way across the spinning platform to the other side.

Run through the door and turn right. Continue forward, but beware of the glass bridge breaking. Jump and boost over the gap, and then turn right and go through the door. Three enemies will lurch at you, so punch them all. Continue forwards in to the next room. Wait for the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler to show up, and he'll slow down time again, as well as place some small platforms in the gap you need to traverse. How convenient! Jump and boost to the small platforms, and then jump and boost to the big blue platform. Quickly jump and boost to the next set of small platforms, and then to the last blue platform. The smaller platforms will disperse after a while, so be quick about it! Go in to the next room, and walk up the stairs, on to the balcony.

Follow the Caretaker's instructions.X
Video Walkthrough

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtawbWgR290

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9tCvoJ7KM8

Search Zolar Forest.

After the cutscenes, walk towards Qwark and follow his lead. Avoid walking in to the fire as it will hurt Ratchet. Qwark will eventually reach a bridge, and run away screaming. Use your wrench or your Constructo Pistol (equip it using the Quick Select menu, by holding Triangle and using the Left Analog Stick to navigate to the weapon's icon) to kill the Zyphoids. Jump across the platforms on the bridge until you reach the other side. There will be more enemies here, so kill them off. Qwark can't die, so don't worry about him. Follow him to the water's edge, and notice the stack of boxes nearby. Walk up to the stack, and then run away. This will activate an explosive box and blow the boxes up without harming Ratchet. Traverse the platforms past the aforementioned, and now absent stack of boxes, until you're on the other side. You'll notice a machine to your right - go over to it and press Square, and then move the analog stick left and right until the bridge is raised. Qwark will come over and clear a path for you.

[SP] After the cutscene, go up the stairs with Qwark. He can't clear the path, so you'll have to find another way around. There are some small rocky platforms floating in the blue area where time is frozen. Make your way across these and jump off the edge. After the cutscene, you'll have some enemies do deal with. Shoot them until they die, being wary of the green goo they shoot at you (strafe to make avoiding this easier) and then shoot the miniature versions that appear afterwards. After all the enemies are dead, focus your attention on the next series of platforms. Jump to the first one, and then to the second one. Activate the explosive crate and jump back to the first one. After the explosion, make your way to the other side and raise this bridge just as you did previously.

There's a nanotech crate here that you can break to replenish your health. You'll also notice that there is a weapons vendor here. Go over to it and press Triangle to shop for new weapons and stock up on ammo. The Constructo Bomb Glove is the only weapon available at the moment, and you should have enough bolts on you, so go ahead and purchase it (be sure to watch the previews too, comedy gold). Qwark will break down another rocky barrier, and some enemies will run at you. Shoot them as they come down with your Constructo Pistol, or use the Constructo Bomb to kill groups of them at once. Nonetheless, continue along the path when enemies stop coming.

Search Zolar Forest.X
Locate the Missing Children.

After the cutscene, you'll have three Fongoid children to rescue. Well, at least we have something to do other than wondering around aimlessly! Start off with the child behind the mother. Go over to that area and kill all the enemies, and then go over to the child. Lead the child to their mother. Turn left and go in to the watery area. Before you start to kill enemies (unless they become an immediate threat), notice the purple blob spewing out more enemies? Destroy that, and then kill any remaining small enemies. There will be some bigger enemies to take care of as well, so don't engage with them until you've cleared the vicinity of smaller enemies, otherwise they'll get in your way. Once all the enemies are dead, go to the child and lead them to their mother.

There is one more child left to find. Go up the nearby stairs and watch the cutscene. Notice the pattern - the platforms move every 3 seconds, so get on the first one when it reaches you, and then stay on it so it can take you to the next part. Get off once the platform stops moving. Do the same for the next moving platform. On the part after the second moving platform, you'll find a Constructo Mod for your Constructo Pistol, the Blast Mod. Equip it if you want, and then continue. For the next moving platforms bit, get on the first platform when it comes to you, wait for it to move, move on to the second moving platform, wait for that platform to move back to where it was before, and then get off it. Do the same for the next bunch of moving platforms to find the child on a lone island. Wow, if it wasn't for that bolt crank, getting this kid back would be a right bitch! Turn the bolt crank to extend the bridge, and then lead the last child back to their mother. After the cutscene, follow Qwark and the family.

Rescue the Missing Children.X
Escort the Fongoids home.

[SP] After the cutscene, continue to follow Qwark and the family. You'll encounter a whole bunch of enemies, a perfect opportunity for you to use the Constructo Bomb! Remember, there's a LOT of these guys, so don't let them sneak up on you, just let loose and fire away! It'll take quite a bit of shooting but eventually you'll have dealt with the lot. Continue ahead to encounter another group of enemies. This time, there is an enemy spawner, so destroy it before you start to kill the enemies. Again, use the Constructo Bomb to take them down fast when they're clumped together in groups. Once they're all dead, the Fongoid leader will open a door for you. You can now enter the Fongoid Village.

Escort the Fongoids home.X

Go through the village,. There is a weapons vendor here, and Mr. Zurkon is available for purchase. Regardless, go to where the Fongoid leader is standing, near a door. Say "Yes, I can keep a secret" to have the leader open the door. Walk in to the tunnel to enter the Temple of Zahn.

Search the Temple of Zahn.

[SP] Once you're inside, your buddies will step on the three buttons to open the door for you. Walk through the opening. There will be two streams of fire rotating around in a loop. Simply run behind one and follow it when it's in the middle to make it safely across. You'll now encounter some rotating wheels with rotating streams of fire on them. Simply jump on to the wheels and run around the flames (you'll be running in the opposite direction to that of the wheel's rotation, so don't stop running). Keep going until you've made it to the other side. In front of you, there will be streams of fire, moving sort of like a snake. wait until the stream closest to you is on the left, and then run along the right side, being careful not to hit the fire. Now, there will be two streams of fire going in opposite directions in the same circle. Wait until they both pass you, go in to the middle of the circle, wait until they both pass again and then step out of the circle and on to the button. Go through and run up to the item to grab it.

Search the Temple of Zahn.X
Find the 3 Zoni necessary to repair Aphelion.

[SP] There will be a Zoni in this room for you to catch. Go up to it and swing your wrench at it to catch it. After the cutscene, you'll see a second Zoni escaping back towards where you came from. Follow it. With the first bunch of fire streams, wait until they meet in the middle, and then run through and jump right at the end so they don't hit you. The next streams move really slowly, so just run past them. The next streams move at a moderate pace, so wait for them to pass, and then run past them. The streams on the wheels are now rotating much faster, so it's best to run in the same direction as the wheel is rotating and jump over the stream when it reaches you. Make your way across the wheels using this technique, and then proceed to catch the second Zoni.

Find the 3 Zoni necessary to repair Aphelion.
Defend the Fongoids from Lord Vorselon!

After the cutscene, smash the two enemies with your wrench, and then proceed down the stairs. Take out your Constructo Pistol and take down the enemies. There's a lot of them but as long as you strafe and keep moving they won't pose much of a threat to you. The floating troops move around quite a bit and can he hard to keep track of, so keep a bit of a distance so that Ratchet will lock on to them and track them for you. The ground troops advance on you really fast, so kill them before they reach you. After all the enemies are dead, follow the leader and he'll open a door for you.

[SP] Go up the stairs with the leader and turn right. Shoot all the troops advancing on you and continue along the path. There will be more floating enemies outside, so shoot them all down with your Constructo Pistol. After all the enemies in the vicinity are dead, a wave of small flying enemies will rush at you. Take out your Constructo Bomb (if you have it) and fire a few bombs in to the back, and then shoot the rest down with your Constructo Pistol. A mech will now appear, so use the block in the middle of the field as cover, strafing out to shoot and then back behind the block. Your Constructo Bomb will deal with the mech faster.

Find the 3 Zoni necessary to repair Aphelion.
Defend the Fongoids from Lord Vorselon!X
Track down Vorselon's ship.

Continue to follow the leader once the mech has been destroyed. He will go in to another room, where the last Zoni in the level will be waiting for you. Collect it with your wrench.

Find the 3 Zoni necessary to repair Aphelion.X
Track down Vorselon's ship.

Follow the leader. He will go up some stairs and activate a teleporter so you can get back to your ship. Go to your ship and the Zoni will repair it, and then get back in your ship and fly in to space.

Video Walkthrough

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_-FvvffPow

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVJzaHSHG_M

Track down Vorselon's ship.X

See that big green thing in the distance? that's Vorselon's ship. Head towards it, and once you reach it, you'll encounter resistance in the form of enemy fighters. The ships will shoot at you, but you can shoot at their bullets to destroy them before they hit you. They will also drop pulse mines, which emit a pulse every 5 seconds or so, damaging your ship if it hits it. Use R1 to fire your blasters and L1 to fire homing rockets. You need to kill off all 25 of the attack vessels to be able to land on Vorselon's ship. Once all the ships have been destroyed, land on Vorselon's ship.

Defeat Vorselon's fighters.X
Infiltrate Vorselon's ship.

Once you're on the ship, head around to the thruster area. The thrusters go on and off every few seconds, so simply run across the first two gaps just after the thruster has turned off. Use your kinetic tether to bring down the bridge for the next one, and then run across when the thruster turns off. Pull the next bridge down, and then pull out the versa-fuse on the wall of the next thruster to completely disable it. Go across the bridge and up the ionised surface with your gravity boots. Pull out the next versa-fuse to open the door, and then go on through.

Infiltrate Vorselon's ship.X
Locate the Detention Wing.

Some enemies will appear, so shoot them quickly before they reach you, or smash them with the wrench. You will encounter an ionised cylinder with lasers blocking your path. Go up and to the right, and then around the first set of lasers. Go back to the left and continue forwards to go through the next set. The third set is rotating anti-clockwise, so wait for the path to be cleared and then run under the lasers. Turn the bolt crank to move the fourth set of lasers, and then continue forwards. An elevator will come down, but an enemy will be inside. Smash him with the wrench, and the elevator will go down.

[SP] Go forwards and turn right, and then continue along and turn left. There will be another enemy, so destroy him whilst his back is turned. Continue along the path and on to the ionised walkway. Walk along the ionised walkway, through the gap between the two lasers, and then pull the versa-fuse out. Continue along, going around the vertical lasers (note that they are moving to the right every second) and jump over the horizontal laser when it reaches you. Continue along, waiting for the lasers to separate so you can go through the middle. At this point, you can simply jump off the ionised walkway on to the platform to your left. After the cutscene, throw a bomb at the enemy to destroy it. Pull the versa-fuse out and continue forwards. A whole ton of small enemies will fly at you, so throw more bombs at them until you're fresh outta ammo (at which point you can go to the weapons vendor to get more ammo, and the Sonic Eruptor, which I highly advise because it's really effective here).

More will come, so keep killing them until they stop coming. At this point, drop down to the area below, killing any enemies that attempt to kill you down here, particularly the robots that spawn out of nowhere. Once the coast is clear, turn the bolt crank and proceed up the stairs. More enemies will have arrived, so continue to restock on ammo and keep blowing the crap out of anything that comes your way. Go to the right side of this platform, and jump on to the pile of blue crates. Jump on to the big moving platform and then jump off, on to the other side. More robots await you here, but there's no weapons vendor, so be a bit more conservative with ammo. Throw out a Mr. Zurkon, and then take out the rest of the robots with the Sonic Eruptor. Once the door opens, destroy the robot inside and then go through the hallway.

[SP] Turn right at the end and swing your wrench at the glowing hexagon on the ground when you reach it. This is a RYNO V Holo-Plan, and once you collect all 10 of them you can obtain the RYNO V. Continue through the hallway and destroy the robot, jumping to avoid his electricity attack if he pulls that off, and then pull the versa-fuse out. Continue forwards and turn right when you see a door open. Pull the two versa-fuses out and keep going through this hallway until you see a bunch of small robots come form both sides of the hallway. Destroy them all with a bomb, your wrench or the Sonic Eruptor, and continue until you reach a set of lasers. Go under the middle of them once it's safe.

[SP] Pull out your Sonic Eruptor and blast these robots. Wait until the Sonic Eruptor has full lungs before firing for more damage. Once the coast is clear, turn the bolt crank to move the bridge. A tougher robot will begin to guard the bridge. Deploy Mr. Zurkon, and then walk up to the robot and blast him with the Sonic Eruptor until he's destroyed. Hopefully Mr. Zurkon will take care of any third parties sticking around to watch. Once all the enemies are dead, make your way on to the ionised walkway.

[SP] Pull the versa-fuse out, and then continue along the ionised walkway, avoiding the lasers. The each set of lasers moves faster than the previous set. Once you're past them all, enemies will appear. A bomb or the Sonic Eruptor should take care of them nicely. There's another single laser moving back and fourth across the walkway, so jump if it's going to hit you. Pull the versa-fuse out and go through the newly unblocked hallway. Walk 180 degrees around the ionised cylinder (so Ratchet is upside down) to find a bolt crank.

Turn the bolt crank to clear the path. Continue along the walkway. There are now two sets of lasers to get past, so find the opening on one of them and follow it, and when the two openings meet, go through them. Use the bolt crank to make an opening, and then once the rotating lasers go past, go through the opening. Go in to the elevator, and once it arrives at its destination, get out and walk in to the next room. Stock up on ammo if you need to, and then walk to your right, in to the holding area. After the cutscene, pull the versa-fuse out to free the prisoners.

Locate the Detention WingX
Help the prisoners escape!

[SP] Follow Qwark in to the next area. Take out your Sonic Eruptor and dish out some mating calls to destroy the robot hoard. Ammo boxes will explode as you use the Sonic Eruptor near them, so you'll be getting a constant supply of ammo for the weapon, making it really useful here. Continue along destroying the robots with the Sonic Eruptor until you reach a door. Qwark will kick the door down, so continue through the hallway and in to the next room. There will be 2 versa-fuses in this room - one for the ship and one for a few boxes. Pull them both out if you wish, but get the one for the ship regardless. After the cutscene, make your way on to the ionised walkway and walk along it until you're upside down. Walk along the walkway extension and turn the bolt crank at the end to open the door so the ship can leave.

[SP] After the cutscene, leave via the door that you didn't enter the room through, and make your way back the way you came. A group of small enemies will attack you seconds later, so smash them with your wrench or destroy them with the Sonic Eruptor. Continue the journey back to your ship, and you'll encounter a robot near the second weapons vendor. Destroy him as well and move on. Get in the elevator and get out once it stops.

[SP] Now Lord Vorselon appears outta nowhere and wants to fight. Oh, it's on! Vorselon has two types of attacks for the first part: one where he lets a ton of blue orbs fly out and then hit the ground where a bunch of white targets appear, and another attack (the more dangerous one, I might add) where he shoots a whole stream of blue orbs at you. he orbs fired at you are spread so that the stream crosses your path. Keep strafing and facing him, and jump when the stream is going to hit you. Throw out a Mr. Zurkon, and then switch back to your Sonic Eruptor and let loose until it's out of ammo. Then switch to your Constructo Bomb and bomb Vorselon until he turns invisible and moves away. Mr. Zurkon comes in handy here, as even though Vorselon in invisible, Mr. Zurkon still fires at him, so keep an eye on Mr. Zurkon to see where Vorselon will end up.

Eventually, Vorselon will introduce a third attack, where he emits a blue laser directly at you. Simply strafe away from it to avoid it completely. He'll tie this in with his other two attacks, and become invisible and move away more often. Remember to deploy another Mr. Zurkon when the one on the field gets destroyed. Continue to fire upon Vorselon with all you've got. There are two ammo boxes on either side of the arena, so break them to replenish your supplies. There's no nanotech though, so injuries are permanent, for now at least. Continue to damage Vorselon until he finally dies... well, sorta. Anyway, your ship has moved to a nearby location, so get in and either head to the Vela Sector, or stick around in the Phylax sector for more work.

Jump to the Vela Sector.
Explore the Moons.
Seek out the Inhabitants for missions.

Space Missions (Phylax Sector)

There's a green ship marked with a yellow triangle on the map. Go over to it and press Triangle. Say "See if the Smuggler has any work", and then accept the offer. Now you'll have to destroy 20 ships in the area. They'll find you, and once they do, start destroying them. Remember that you can shoot the green projectiles they fire at you to destroy them, and that you can barrel roll using the right analog stick. After you've destroyed 20 ships, you'll have to destroy the satellite in the area near the ship. Fire some rockets at it whilst firing your blaster at it to destroy it quickly. You'll get 1,000 bolts from the Smuggler. Go back to the ship and ask him to look at the schematics you found. He'll say that if you find them all, he'll build the RYNO V for you.

Find the Complete RYNO V Holo-Plan.

Return to the Phylax Sector once you've collected 12 Zoni and have the Ship Tether. There's a white ship marked with a yellow triangle on the map. Go over to it and press Triangle. Offer to tow the ship

Tow Terachnoid's ship to Phylax Depot.

After the cutscene, press Square to connect your kinetic tether to the ship. Fly to Phylax Depot and then press Square again to drop the ship off and earn another 1,000 bolts.

Tow Terachnoid's ship to Phylax Depot.X
Seek out the Inhabitants for missions.X

Unless you want to collect extra stuff, move on to the Vela Sector!

Phylax Depot

Use your galactic map to find the depot, and then land on it. There's a robot near the landing pad. Talk to him, and then say "Yes" to start a mission.

Clean up Irradiated Asteroids.

Get back in your ship and fly over to where the green asteroids are. Simply shoot them with your blasters to destroy them, but don't fly in to the green gas the give off when the explode as this damages your ship. Destroy all 15 green asteroids to get 1,000 bolts.

Clean up Irradiated Asteroids.X
Video Walkthrough

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1-gvw3kBSs

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9q2M2QOw1w

Tour The Great Clock with Sigmund.
Travel with Sigmund to meet Orvus.

Follow Sigmund up the stairs and on to the balcony. Use the Meteor Pad to reach the next platform. Once the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler has passed, glide over the gap to get to the other side. Ascend the elevated platforms using your boost ability, and then wait for Sigmund to open the door. Once he does, go inside. Sigmund will now give you a tutorial on how to use time pads. After he's done yammering on, go to the blue pad and start recording, and then go to the button and stop recording. Now go to the green pad and start recording, and then go through the door. You'll get a bolt prize each time you complete a puzzle (200 bolts in this case).

Continue to follow Sigmund. You'll have another puzzle to do. Start recording on the blue pad, and go to the button. Stop recording, and then start recording on the green pad. Run past the first button to the new button that you now have access to. Stop recording. Now go to the blue pad and record over your past self. Don't delete any recordings, just go to the blue pad and start recording. Step on the first button to let the green Clank get the second button, and then run through the door at the other end of the room. You'll get 300 bolts for solving that puzzle. Use the Meteor Pad outside to jump to the next platform, and then go through the door once Sigmund opens it. Run along the clear bridge to the Mnemonic Station, jump in, and press Triangle.

Travel with Sigmund to meet Orvus.X
Tour The Great Clock with Sigmund.
Unlock Clank's Memory Banks.

[SP] You now have the Chronoscepter. It functions as a weapon in the same way as Ratchet's wrench, but it also has some other cool features we'll learn about as we go. Traverse the floating platforms until you're at the first station. You'll now have Time Bombs, and you can throw one by pressing R1. Throw one to slow down the wheel, and then jump on it and then to the second station. Throw another time bomb to slow down the next wheel and jump on it, and then jump off, boost and throw another time bomb at the next wheel to slow it down, and then land on that wheel. Repeat this technique for the next wheel and then jump on to the next station.

Here, swing your Chronoscepter at the three broken objects to repair them. There are many similar items in The Great Clock that you can repair. Now, make your way across the floating platforms until you reach the next station. After the cutscene, there will be three miniature Qwarks to kill. Give them a good whacking with the Chronoscepter. Five more will come afterwards. If you jump (boost if you wish) and press square twice, you'll do a powerful attack with the Chronoscepter similar to Ratchet's Hyper Strike. This is a good attack for groups of enemies, like the ones we have to kill right now. After they're all dead, seven more Qwarks will spawn. Do the aforementioned attack to deal with them quickly. After you've laid the smack down, continue along the floating platforms. A spinning wheel will appear, so throw a time bomb so you can get over it. Once you arrive at the last station, you'll see a cutscene, and then you'll return to The Great Clock.

Tour The Great Clock with Sigmund.
Unlock Clank's Memory Banks.X

Re-collect the Chronoscepter from the small case opposite you, and then follow Sigmund. [SP] Go through the door and you'll encounter some Teratropes! Simply whack them with your Chronoscepter to kill them, one hit kills them (throw a time bomb to slow them down, making it a whole lot easier). Keep following Sigmund and you'll reach your third time puzzle. Start recording on the blue pad, jump on to the first wheel, and then throw a time bomb at the second wheel to slow it down. Stand on the button and then stop recording. Start recording on the green pad and follow the blue Clank. Once he steps on the button, more enemies will appear, so kill them, and then go through the door. You'll get 400 bolts for completing that puzzle. Go outside and the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler will make another appearance. Use time bombs and your boost ability to ascend the rotating wheels. Jump on to the platform where Sigmund is waiting for you to find your fourth time puzzle.

Start recording on the blue pad, step on the button, wait for 5 seconds, step on the button and stop recording. Start recording on the green pad and go to the elevator at the other end of the platform, and once it goes up, step off it. Follow Sigmund in to the next room. This is your fifth time puzzle, and your final one for this sector of The Great Clock. Start recording on the blue pad, wait a second or two, and then step on the button to raise the elevator and stop recording. Start recording on the green pad and go on to the elevator, use a time bomb to slow the wheel down, and then make your way across to the button on the other side. Stand on it and stop recording. Now start recording on the blue pad again. Once the green Clank is on the elevator, step on the button. Let him do his stuff whilst you traverse the rotating wheels on the ground level (don't throw any time bombs). Ascend the floating platforms and go through the door. Completing this puzzle nets you 500 bolts.

Tour The Great Clock with Sigmund.
Destroy the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler

[SP] Now you'll have to deal with the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler once and for all. He may seem a tad large for Clank to deal with, but with a few time bombs, this battle becomes easy. Throughout the battle, throw time bombs at the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler to slow him down. Keep them on him at all times, except when you've got other enemies to deal with later on. Once he's slowed down, avoid his sonic attack and give him a good bashing with the Chronoscepter. Once he's down to 2 thirds of his original health, he'll deploy some Teratropes. Throw a time bomb at them, and then kill them all whilst they're in slow motion.

Now throw time bombs at the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler and hit him with the Chronoscepter some more. Once he's down to one third of his original health, he'll spawn even more Teratropes than before. Use time bombs to slow them down and then kill them off (remember to jump and then press Square twice when they're in groups to deal with them faster). Once they're all dead, bash the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler with the Chronoscepter until he explodes.

Tour The Great Clock with Sigmund.X
Destroy the Hypersonic Brainwave ScramblerX
Travel to Molonoth Fields, Torren IV.

[SP] After the cutscene, you'll be in the Vela Sector. Travel to Molonoth Fields, Torren IV.