Dynamo Glitch?

  1. Has anyone else ever run into this issue? I was using the Dynamo at the Battleplex in the final challenge, and I noticed something strange. The respawning ammo crates were no longer respawning (the Dynamo had swept them up, too), and when I went back into the challenge after completing it, the crates weren't there from the start like they usually are. After just 7 rounds - the game basically froze. Music was still sort of playing, I had sound, but the video was frozen. After turning the system off and back on, I ended up in a loop of "the file storage system is corrupt and needs to be restored". Did this apparent glitch just brick my machine?

    User Info: SorataYuy

    SorataYuy - 7 years ago


  1. I've both experienced a game freeze and the "Dynamo Effect" on the boxes, which is maybe caused by the fact that they pick up the boxes' debris. However, I don't think they're tied to one another, and I certainly didn't experience data corruption after that.

    Sorry, I hope your game got working again, in the end.

    User Info: Andrex_93

    Andrex_93 - 2 years ago 0   0

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