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FAQ/Walkthrough by rainbowsocks

Version: .55 | Updated: 10/04/10


This is my first attempt ever at a walkthrough. It will be very basic as I
add on to it, but since there are no guides for the game, and I have
successfully completed the game twice now with most of the PS3 achievement, I
thought it would be nice to help some of you that are struggling as much as I
did. GL, if you have any questions, please email : rainbowsocks87@gmail.com and
I will do my best to answer them and put the advice into the guide.

Table of Contents:
    (0001) Character Info
    (0002) Storyline Assignments
           (0012) Assignment 1
           (0022) Assignment 2
           (0032) Assignment 3
           (0042) Assignment 4
           (0052) Assignment 5
           (0062) Assignment 6
           (0072) Assignment 7
           (0082) Assignment 8
           (0092) Assignment 9
           (0102) Assignment 10
           (0112) Assignment 11
           (0122) Assignment 12

Character Info:

    * Cordelia-P (Town Square)

    * Iksel-P (Sunrise Cafe) 50 Cole
      Nearby Forest: Mudhead Mushroom
      National Mines: Some Egg

    * Sterk-P (Palace Hallway) 198 Cole 

    * Lionela***-P (Factory Way)

    * Tantris***-P (Town Square)
    * Gio***-P (Main Street)
    * Tifana (in General Store)
    * Hagel (at Blacksmiths')
    * Cole*** (Town Square)
    * Pamela*** (Pamela's Shop)

***These characters will only show up after certain events occur.
-P : These characters will join your party if you hire them to do so.

Helpful Character Tip #1: You want to go to the Catacombs as soon as possible
to open up Pamela's shop. It takes a few weeks/months from the time you get
her, until the time she opens up her shop. You will need her shop as part of
the main story line or else you will find it hard to complete the ninth
assignment. See (0092) Assignment 9, for more details.

Helpful Character Tip #2: Whenever you choose someone new to join your party,
make sure you spend their skill points right away! They will start with no
skill points to buff their skills and it leaves you wondering "why are they

Character Tip #3: When travelling, you get different events when you match up
your party members. Try the different combos because they will reveal more
information about your characters some of them are shockers!

The Storyline Assignments:

General Notes #1: The endings and achievements can be earned by raising your
friendship levels and popularity! If you want to rush through the game to
"beat" it by all means go ahead, but if you don't mind spending the time and
want to experience everything make sure to raise your friendship and
popularity levels!

Alchemy Tip #1: Alchemy can be broken down into 3 final product categories.
You have quality, traits, and types (effects). When turning in your
assignments, you want to keep in mind that these things will have an effect on
how many stars you get depending on the specific category that they are
judging you on. Generally, when they ask for specific items, they are looking
for high quality items. When you are asked to make from a broad category, they
are looking for a lot of items with different types.

SAVING TIP: It is good to save right at the start of a new assignment. You
never know when you will get stuck and you could be in danger of failing the
mission. At any point you do fail a mission, you will get a game over and the
game over trophy.

Esty's Requests Tip #1! When you come back from gathering, don't throw all
your materials in your container right away. Go visit Esty and see which
requests you can turn in right away with the materials currently in your bag.
It saves you from making extra trips to your workshop and is easier on your

Esty's Requests Tip #2! Try to do as many quests for her as you can. I'm not
sure if it's by time or number of completed requests (probably number of
completed quests), but when you reach that goal she will offer you a bonus
reward! You can get tickets or extra cole for finishing requests and meeting
the extra bonus requirements. Tickets can be used to purchase items which you
can use or sell for the extra cash.

To get the first assignment, I'm not 100% sure what event triggers this, but I
believe it is whenever you visit the Nearby Forest then return back to your
workshop for the first time. Sterk will come by the workshop and give you your
very first assignment for the kingdom! The faster you do this, the more time
you will have to complete the assignment.

(0012)Kingdom Assignment 1: Producing Sundries
Requiremented Items:
-Polish Powder
-Alchemy Coal

Alchemy Tip #2 and Combat Tip #1: There is no mana or energy usage in this
game. So whenever you do alchemy or use skills in battle, it consumes your HP.
Make sure to rest to refill your HP. Also leaving town and coming back will
reset your HP but you also lose time.

    * Alchemy Coal = 1 [Plant Type] + 1 [Gunpowder]
      The easiest choices for this would be to take a gathering trip through
      the Nearby Forest and collect Unis for your plant, and Beehives for your
      gunpowder. Make sure to gather plenty as we are aiming for quantity!

    * Zettel = 2x [Plant] + 1 Supplement + 1 water
      Again any plant from the Nearby Forest will do. Supplements are the
      easiest things to make with alchemy because anything you have can be
      turned into a supplement. Water is also an easily aquired item. Just
      leave the Workshop and visit Artisan's Way. You should be right outside
      the workshop. If you go south-east and around the corner of the workshop
      you will see a well where you can draw up water freely. Grab up as much
      water as you can or have patience to draw up, and when you get back to
      your workshop move it all from your basket to your containers so you will
      always have some laying around when you are ready for alchemy.

    *Polish Powder = 2 x Fest
     To learn this recipe, you have to visit The Sundry Shop and purchase the
     Sundries Book for 500 cole. It will teach you Polish Powder, healing
     Salve, and Barrel. At this point in the story you have only one option to
     obtain Fest, and that is to purchase it from Hagel the Blacksmith. It can
     be pretty pricey, and if you are new to the game, everything seems a bit
     hard to obtain in the beginning, but you can pick up jobs from Esty in
     the Palace to make some extra cash. Also Don't be afraid to level up a
     little bit. This game takes a bit of grinding and if you aren't willing
     to put in the time or effort, then this isn't the game for you because
     everything gets much harder and more expensive from here. ^^

Three of each item is enough to "complete" this task, but if you like getting
more stars, the more you turn in the better. I suggest to keep making the
easier items and turning those in because it will raise your alchemy level and
more stars can alter your ending! I turned in 5 of each item and it got me
the full number of stars needed to get my 3 stars for my evaluation.

Combat Tip #2: Make sure you visit Iskel after visiting the Nearby Forest. He
will want to go with you and you can hire him to join your party. He is a good
party member because he has a heal and he can also find special items in an
area giving your more unique items for you to gather.

Other things to note during this assignment. Iskel has a book for you to learn
as well. He will give you your first cook book which teaches you Blank stew,
Cabbage Soup, and Black Tea. You may get jobs from Esty that requires you to
make these items so pick it up as soon as you can.

On Evaluation Day, you will get more completed stars if you turn in more of
the items. It's quantity over quality that will get this quest completed quick

(0022)Kingdom Assignment 2: Creating Explosives
Requiremented Items:

This assignment is focusing on quality so get your best materials ready for
synthesis. Also, after watching the scenes play out, Sterk will become
available for you to hire. He is a powerful member and when paired with Iskel
can make a good gathering team.

Make sure to visit Hagel the blacksmith to open up weapon synthesis. This can
be a bit tricky and I haven't mastered it yet, but you have to manipulate the
traits and qualities of ignots and cloths to make new types of cloths and
ignots to make new and better weapons/equipment. He will also open up the
National Mines area to explore and give you a free book called Basic
Blacksmith which teaches you to make ignots and cloth. The monsters in the
mines are a bit tough so make sure you are leveled and have strong party
members. While here make sure to buy the book Making Cannons for 500 cole.
You will need it to complete your assignment!

    *Bombs = 2x Phlogiston + 1 [Gunpowder]
     You learn to make bombs from Hagel who sells the book, Making Cannons. You
     may also want to buy the Phlogistons from Hagel or you can gather them
     from the National Mines. They can be tough to obtain depending on you
     party and experience with the game. They are commonly found in the
     Demon's Path part of the mines. Gunpowder is easy. You can make this from
     the beehives from the Nearby Forest or if you are brave enough, the mines
     are full of gunpowder items. There is also a chest in the Ore area of the
     mines that contains a bomb. There is a big lizard guarding it and even
     with Sterk can be hard to defeat because there are multiple strong
    *Barrels = 2x [Liquid] + 2x Eiche + 1 Supplement
     Barrels are fairly easy to make. You can use water for your liquid,
     anything makes a supplement, and you can gather Eiche from the Nearby
     Forest. Also, In the Puni Woods area of the Nearby Forest, there is a
     chest guarded by 2 blue and 1 green puni. It is possible to sneak past
     them and grab the chest. It will always contain a barrel, but the quality
     is mediocre.
    *Cannons = 1 [Gunpowder] + 1 [Ignot] + 1 Supplement
     The hardest and most time consuming part is making ignots for the cannon.
     Ignots require two ore which you can obtain from the National mines. They
     take 2 days to make one and if your alchemy level is low, there is a high
     chance that you will mess up and lose the time, hp, and materials.

Alchemy Tip #3 If you have spare time after completing Kingdom Assignments, it
may be a good idea to make extra ignots to fill in the time gaps. You will need
this item a lot and it does take a lot of time to create. Don't worry so much
about gathering, you will have some help with that later down the road :)

(0032)Kingdom Assignment 3: Replicating Ancient Tools
Requiremented Items:
-Witch's Salve
-Beast Statue
-Healing Aroma

This one is a little tricky. Beast statues can be different beasts, I'm not
sure which items effect the outcome, but you need to turn in a lot of these
items to get all the stars you need. The book you get from Sterk has all the
item recipes you need/ You may also want to grab the Plants and Ores book from
the Sundry Shop because you will need it to make Pure Oil. It also teaches you
to make Arland Crystal (which you will need for your 9th assignment) and Tonic
(which you will need in the 5th assignment). You can also pick up the Chef's
Favorite book from Iskel which teaches Meister Tarte and Special Meat.
Hagel will also have a book for you called Nature and Bombs. It will teach you
Lightning Bomb and Bomb bag.

    *Witch's Salve = 1 [Poison] + 1 [Liquid] + 1 Mandra Root
     We are going to need lots of Mandra Roots for this one, so head out to the
     Nearby Forest and go to the Foresty Lake Area and kill as many Mandrakes
     as possible. You will need 2 per salve, one for the poison and one for the
     root itself, plus some water. A fairly easy item to make.

    *Beast Statue = 1 [Elixir] + 1 Eiche + [Medicinal]
     For the elixir, you can use Mandra roots some more or you can kill the
     wolves in the Nearby Forest to collect Dead Beast. Each is easily
     collected in the forest, and for medicinal you can use mandra root or
     magic grass. I found it easier to go with the grass and save my roots for
     other items. It is just a theory, but I believe the elixir part
     determines what kind of statue results. So far wolf statue is the most
     common, but I have also gotten a bird statue when I used Tonic for my

    *Healing Aroma = 1 [Plant] + 1 Pure Oil
     You will need to buy the Plants and Ores book from the Sundry shop to
     learn how to make Pure Oil. You can also buy Pure Oil from the Sundry
     Shop but it can get expensive. Pure Oil takes an oil which you can use
     the Some Egg item that you learn to find from bringing Iskel to the
     National Mines Ore area and a supplement. Add your pure oil and plant of
     choice and bam! Healing Aroma done.

This was one of the harder assignments. There are different types of statues,
the more types of statues you can make the better your score. Also you have to
turn in A LOT of items to get the full bar of stars for a 3 star evaluation.
It takes a lot of work, but luckily there aren't too many hard assignments.

Lionela appeared for me in this chapter.

(0042)Kingdom Assignment 4:
Requiremented Items:
-Any types of foods ^^

These types of assignments are the best! You can make whatever you want or buy
whatever you want. Personally, I made a ton of cabbage soup, blank stew, and
black tea to turn in. I made 5 of each type with really good quality and it
was enough to fill my star bar all the way to full to each the 3 star
evaluation. You can also buy a lot of food from Iskel if you don't feel like
making anything. You will most likely need a lot of candied sticks and cabbage.
Most of the items gathered for this request with come from the Nearby Forest,
so empty your basket and gather your heart out!

General Notes #2: I'm not sure if it is by time or what exactly triggers this
event, but this is about the time that Astrid asks if I would like a brother or
sister. I choose brother and I really like the male hom. 

You will get a new character soon named Hom. He will help you gather items and
can even synthesis items if he has the right materials and is the right level.
Hom is really useful for gathering expeditions and he is cute ^^
*End Spoiler*

(0052)Kingdom Assignment 5:
Requiremented Items:

Also the famous Cabbage Festival is going on! It's a fun event where you just
have to run around and collect as many cabbages as you can. More than likely
you will win this event and you get to keep all the cabbages >< you can choose
not to watch the event and skip over it completely, but it is fun to do.

    *Tonic = 2 [Plant] + 2x Magic Grass + 1 [Liquid]
     If you didn't grab the Plants and Ores, you should now because you have to
     make tonics. Tonics are pretty easy. Pick any plant of your choice, gather
     up some magic grass from the Nearby Woods, and add some water and there
     you go! Easy assignment. I turned in 5 good quality (60) tonics with a
     ton of traits. The more traits you have, the easier this will be to

Try to complete as many friendship requests and Esty's Request to get a lot of
cole. The books start to get really expensive (2500 for one book!) and you will
need to buy them to help pass the kingdom assignments.

     *Famous Cooking: Danish, Passionate Soup, Happy Cookie from Iskel
     *Cute Bombs: Bomb Ice Balbomb from Hagel
      I would suggest learning this one ASAP. Bomb ices can be used to get to
      new areas and you will need them for some of the other requests.
     *Wearing Fashion: Gnardi Ring, Runes Stone, Mercurius Eye from Hagel
      Another good one to learn. Esty asks from Mercurius eyes and the gnardi
      ring is a really good accessory to have equipped for your characters.
     *Bacteria and Food: Alchemy yeast, Clear Gelatin, Honey from Tiffani

Tantris appeared for me in this chapter. And I also gained the ability to hire
him as well.

Also, Astrid opened up the Catacombs area for me. I would suggest taking your
strongest characters and running through to unlock Pamela and her shop, you
will need enough time for Pamela to open her shop to unlock the ability to
create/buy comets that you will need for the 9th assignment.

(0062)Kingdom Assignment 6:
Requiremented Items:

The task is pretty easy. Go into the Nearby Forest and kill all the vultures.
Whomever you prefer in your party is up to you, but Sterk is a very good
fighter and can get monsters really low if not one shot them. I also used
Iskel for a while because he has a heal. Vultures will be the only monsters in
the area, and once you have killed them, they are gone for good. This is a
good time to gather up your items without worrying about running into those
pesky punis, wolves, and mandrakes. You should be able to clear all the ones
you need to complete the assignment. If you are an advanced alchemist, you can
make BOMB ICE and use it at that point to make a bridge to cross and kill the
other vulture. There is also a huge work in the Foresty Area that can be blown
up with a normal BOMB to open up more area and more vultures. It is not
necessary, unless you like to have 100% all the time ><

(0072)Kingdom Assignment 7:
Requiremented Items: Cold Items!
-Bomb Ice

(0082)Kingdom Assignment 8:
Requiremented Items:

(0092)Kingdom Assignment 9:
Requiremented Items:
-Arland Crystals

This one was a pain in the butt for me >< Arland Crystals were not easy to
make and very time consuming, and I could not for the life of me figure out
where to learn how to make or buy comets. Lucky for you though! You have this
guide! If you haven't entered the Catacombs yet, now is the time to do so!
Run in and grab the teddy bear and take it home. After some cut scenes you
will learn that the bear is possessed by the ghost of Pamela! After Pamela
complaining she is bored for days/weeks, Master will show Pamela to her very
own shop! Here you can buy the book to learn comets as well as buy the comets
from her!

(0102)Kingdom Assignment 10: aka the worst assignment ever :(
Requiremented Items:
-Shadow grass
-Dark Coral

The monsters in this area hurt. I would suggest using Gio and Sterk and having
Rorona use healing items. Gio can mostly 1 shot things with his special attack
when you put in all his points, and if he doesn't Sterk usually finished them
off. Just getting 1 of the items is enough to pass the assignment. The easiest
way to go about this is to run and avoid all the punis and grab up the Dark

(0112)Kingdom Assignment 11:
Requiremented Items:
-Sundry Items!

This is another super easy one :D It is a relief after the completing the
previous assignment >< All you have to do is make Sundry items. You can even
turn in the items that you purchase from R&Ts Sundry Shop, but you won't have
the added benefits of quality and traits. Just make a bunch of stuff, the
better quality, more traits, and quantity, the higher your stars will be.

(0122)Kingdom Assignment 12:
Requiremented Items:

You can literally make anything you want. When you bring it to Sterk, he will
do an accessment. If you score is low, you can return to your shop and conjure
up a new item. This is where alchemy is really into detail. Pay attention to
everything. The item you make is judged on 3 levels. It has to be HIGH LEVEL
ITEM, it has to be in good QUALITY, and it has to have MANY TRAITS. Almost
anything you make you will pass, but if you like seeing more stars you will
have to work a bit harder. I settled for medicore and made a decent
meteor star that got me half a bar of stars and 2 stars for
my final evalutation, which was enough to end the game ^^

Congratulations on your first playthrough! This guide just covered the main
story assignments. Don't Forget to raise up your reputations and do quests for
your friends. The different friend levels, assignment ratings, and popularity
will be the main factors in discovering what ending you will have.

Legal Stuffs
(c) 2010, Heidi Reid (Veetah Davis), rainbowsocks87@gmail.com

This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without permission from myself beforehand. This guide may also not be
sold for monetary gain.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

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