Noel 100% story?

  1. I have gone through her entire story by finishing all 5 characters with a Distortion Finish, and done the alternate route by DF the first guy, losing to Iron Tager, and then Finishing the rest with DF, but I am stuck at 84% ! What is going on? Help!

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  1. Noel Vermillion - Lost Child

    1. Carl
    2. Tager
    3. Bang
    4. Jin
    5. Nu
    You must DD finish all five of these characters to get Noel's backstory and her clear ending.
    If you don't DD finish these five you will get a game over ending after beating Nu.

    1. Carl
    2. Lose to Tager
    3. Bang DD finish art 3
    4. Taokaka DD finish
    5. Litchi DD finish artwork 6

    Losing to Carl, Bang, Jin, Litchi, Nu is game over

    To get the Noel dress up pictures you must DD finish Bang Taokaka and Litchi

    Remember that you need the Game Over animation/Text to get 100%

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  1. Try losing to each fight in both routes.

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  2. If you've already DF'ed everyone, try beating/losing to each character normally without drive finishing them.

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  3. I can't get past 90 percent its driving me crazy I've done everything listed more then once.......

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  4. For every story arc, every win and every loss individually count toward your completion score. In some cases, a DF (Distortion Finish) also individually counts toward your completion score.

    For Noel, there are two main arcs, and which you take depends upon whether or not you lose to Tager.

    In arc 1, you fight Carl, Tager, Bang, Jin, and v-13. This arc focuses on Noel searching for Jin and discovering herself.
    Completion is awarded for defeating everyone normally (without using Distortion Finish) and ALSO for losing to each of them.
    For Noel's total backstory in arc 1 and additional completion score, you must defeat EVERYONE with DFs. You will notice that additional flashbacks show up when you do this correctly.

    In arc 2, you fight Carl, Tager, Bang, Tao, and Litchi. This arc focuses on a "what-if" scenario involving Litchi stalking Noel for the purpose of dressing her up. You must lose to Tager to trigger this arc.
    For Bang, Tao, and Litchi, the following occurs:
    A regular win advances the story and contributes individually toward your completion.
    A Distortion Finish advances the story, contributes individually toward your completion AND unlocks a bonus picture which counts for a great deal of the completion.
    A loss contributes individually toward your completion by a small amount.
    You do not need to defeat everyone in a row using Distortion Finish in the second arc to get every picture. You can finish Bang and Tao normally and then DF Litchi for her picture, or DF both Bang and Tao for their pictures and finish Litchi normally, etc. Just keep in mind that both DFs and regular finishes EACH count toward your completion. I was in your boat for a while, stuck at 98%. I remembered seeing a picture for Litchi the first time around but not for the others, then tried DFs for Bang and Tao and also got pictures. So then I tried beating Litchi normally and I got 100%.

    When I do a story arc, I focus on one at a time, and make separate saves at every opportunity so I don't have to play through the whole bit again just to try something. After I beat an arc, the first thing I do is go back and lose to each character to bolster my completion score by a small amount. Be careful though--some saves, especially those that involve separate arcs delineated through DFs, may have the same file name.

    Hope this helps.

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