So how hard is this game?

  1. Normally I suck at fighting games. I mean I am really bad. I have never even finished any Soul Calibur game. So does this game have an easy mode? And if so, can I still unlock everything? I'm kind of tired buying fighting games and having to give up....

    User Info: masterfarticus

    masterfarticus - 8 years ago


  1. Yes, there's an easy mode. But I don't think you're gonna need it considering that normal itself is already sufficient. Read: normal mode leaves some characters stand idly at the start rather than smack you with a surprise, and they almost never awesomely combo you that much.

    And yes, you can unlock everything regardless..I think. The only unlockable things here, aside from the stuff from the shop, are 2 story mode paths which require you to finish all 10 story mode characters at least once each.

    As for how hard it is with respect to other fighting games...Well, I myself suck at fighting games that require massive button-mashing combinations. Although I have been drawn into the game by v -13- (Nu)'s HAWTNESS and the epic character designs and art (again, Nu and her mecha-awesomeness), I figured it'd give me the same impression as other fighting games give me: utter mindless button-mashing.

    HOWEVER, BlazBlue has the same mechanics of Dissidia (in a way) in 2D. Punishable attacks (that is, attack delays), no combos but rather "a string of calculated attacks", and a HUGE character difference gap (that is, each character is overly unique).

    So yes, in a way it's easy. Like Dissidia, this is a know-you-opponent-game and react and punish accordingly.

    User Info: Marx_Taich0u

    Marx_Taich0u - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. Actually this fighting game in particular is not as beginner friendly as say, street fighter or soul calibur as the moves are alot more complex and and the fighting system is a bit deeper,(take it from somebody who is good at these games).
    you can adjust configuration so you can use the right analog stick to easily do specials, however online is a different story, as you can get owned if you dont know what you're doing. the replay value in this game is the online feature as the computer gets old quickly.

    in short to be good at this game, you have to devote yourself to it, and honestly, this game is for fighting game enthusiasts(you know, the people who get offended when you use the term "button-masher")

    User Info: Genyosai3

    Genyosai3 - 8 years ago 0 0

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