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by IceQueenZer0

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Move List and Guide by IceQueenZer0

Version: 2.5 | Updated: 12/06/2009

Game: The King of Fighters 12

System(s): Arcade, Playstation 3, Xbox 360

Author: Andrea Castillo aka Ice Queen Zero/Azul Fria

Co-author(s): Renea Castillo aka Captain Caliente/Roja Calor and Chigura Castillo aka Tiggy Smalls/Kage Negra


This is the rebirth of the series. SNK has decided to take the King of Fighters series into a different route. After a four-year long wait for a new game, SNK Playmore has released King of Fighters 12 on Taito's Type X2 arcade system. It is also going to see a worldwide release on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. At this moment the number of selectable characters have been reduced to 20 and have an absence of some popular characters, most notably the NESTS saga breakthrough fighters. The console version is said to have more characters but we'll have to wait and see what happens on the console.


This is not meant to be a serious FAQ/Movelist for now. I'm waiting until the PS3 version to be released before I do anything serious with this guide unless someone is kind enough to tell me where around Phoenix, Arizona that an arcade machine is located. When the game gets released, then this guide will be more accurate.

Update: Finally, I got to play this game. My sister Renea aka Roja Calor/ Captain Caliente just turned 13 the other day and we got possession of a few new games: This game, Tekken 6, DJ Hero, and Ratchet and Clank: Crack in Time. Expect some FAQs on these game in the future. Still got my WET FAQ to finish as well

My PSN ID is Azul Fria, you can also add my sisters Renea (EnbaBlaze) and Chigura (KageNegra) as well.


King of Fighters 12 and its characters are trademarks of SNK Playmore and all copyrights belong to them.

This FAQ/Walkthrough is the sole copyright of Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo aka Ice Queen Zero (or the Zophar Queen if you prefer) and cannot be put on other sites or posted without my given permission nor can it be reproduced w/o proper consent.

For more guides by myself visit this link: http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/74803.html


There seems to be no story for this game even though it is said to put an end to the Ash Saga. No storylines take place whatsoever but it does implement a piece of it like Iori losing his flames in KOFXI carrying over.


u = up, d = down, f = towards opponent, b = away from opponent, db/df/uf/ub = combinations of the other four.

Command (ARC/PS3/360)Effect
A button/Square/XLight Punch (LP)
B button/X/ALight Kick (LK)
C button/Triangle/YHard Punch (HP)
D button/Circle/BHard Kick (HK)
ub/u/ufJumps away, straight up, or towards opponent.
b/fMoves away or towards opponent.
bblocks high and middle attacks but not low attacks. Using it in the air will block most aerial attacks.
dbblocks low and middle attacks but not high or overhead attacks.
LP + LK when knocked downRecovery roll.
LP + LK When blockingguard cancel roll.
HP + HKKnockdown Attack
HP + HK (hold till max)Guard Break
b + HP + HKBlock and Counter (Focus Attack from Street Fighter 4)
f + LP + HPThrow
f, fDash
b, bRetreat
f + HP/HK


  • The number of characters is down to 20. (22 on the console version)
  • No story or last boss
  • This is a time trial similar to Tekken games
  • Each character have lost several moves if not a few.
  • Some characters have a f + HP and/or f + HK attack which function as a far HP or far HK attack.
  • There is a counter system that allows for extra hits. When the guage is filled

then a character will flash yellow if he or she presses C or D depending on the character. If you manage a successful counter then there will a big clash and the character will fall to his or her knees and this is the opportunity to chain together a massive combo of your choosing as long as the opponent does not fall.


I'll add some notes on the characters next update which will reflect their changes from the previous games such as Athena's Shining Crystal Bit no longer having the Crystal Bits revolving around her. Forgive me Ash fans but I'm also going to do some serious Ash bashing. Also, if you want the know the true name of the moves, to hell with that in game-movelist. Translation is garbage. Kyo's df + D is called the 88 Shiki (Hachijyuu Hachi Shiki and it is not no Hatizyuuhatisiki. What the sam hell?)

Ash Crimson

Fighting Style : Self-taught (uses special flames)
Birthdate : 14th Feb
Nationality : Unknown (grew up in France)
Blood Group : O+
Height : 178 cm
Weight : 59 kg
Likes : Nails Art
Fav. Food  : Sachertorte (a type of sweet food)
Strong Sports  : None
Impt Things  : Nails
Hated Things  : Annoying and uninteresting things
Récompensesclose, b or f + A + C

Ash will give his opponent the "claw" then burst flames on them.

Command Move
Florealb + K

It's just a spinning kick that catches opponents by surprise.

Special Moves
Ventoseb~f + P
Nivosed~u + K
Geneed, db, b + A or B or C or D

Ventose is the same as before. Weak version sends a green fireball. This looks a green version of Deejay's Max Out from Street Fighter series. The strong version has him doing a slightly bigger fireball.

Nivose is almost like a Flash Kick but it looks similar to Elena's anti-air move from Street Fighter 3.

Genee has Ash blowing a kiss at the opponent that produces a green fireball in a different area of the screen depending on the button pressed.

Desperation Moves
Thermidor(d, df, f + P)
Pluvoise(d, df, f + K)
Sans-CulotteA, B, C, D

Thermidor is not a recomended move to use in the fight. Ash will produce a big round fireball and throw it at the opponent. Not as effective as it used to be in the previous games.

Pluviose is a series of 3 Nivoses

San-culotte is very tough to perform especially on a PS3 and Xbox360 controller and it is really not worth pulling off since it no longer cuts charge time off and all it does is surround Ash for a pillar of green flame which acts almost like the Benimaru Lancer.


If he wasn't queer looking before, he looks gayer than ever in this game. It is bad enough that he switches when he walks but blowing a kiss. If the opponent is female it's no biggie but against male characters, it raises the homo factor a bit higher.


Dou Lon

Fighting Style : Hizoku-style
Birthdate : 11th March
Nationality : Hei Bei Province, China
Blood Group : Unknown
Height : 189 cm
Weight : 79 kg
Likes : Discovery of new species, Mahjong
Fav. Food  : A kind of barbecued food
Strong Sports  : None
Impt Things  : Symbol of the Hizoku Clan, Mother's photo
Hated Things  : Unknown
Suite Shoukouclose, b or f + A + C

Duo Lon grabs the opponent and sideheadbutts them.

Special Moves
Maboroshi Mu Kenf + A (also in air)
Moboroshi Mu Kyakuf + B (also in air)
Hike Kyaku - Zend, df, f + K
Hike Kyaku - Ushirod, db, b + K
Suteki JuuryuuConnect with a close C then d, df, f + C, C

Maboroshi Mu Ken is a simple finger poker that stretches across half the screen but it is considered a special move instead of a command move. It is can also be used in the air.

Maboroshi Mu Kyaku has got to be the most cheapest move in the game. Duo Lon sticks his foot in the ground and it kicks the opponent whereever they stand. The air version is not so cheap.

Hike Kyaku is a teleport move where Zen goes forward and Ushiro goes backwards.

Suteki Juuryuu is a combo that starts by connecting with a standing HP then adding in two more hits.

Desperation Move
Hiden Genmu Hakisaki Shikond, db, b, db, d, df, f + P

Duo Lon runs across the ground in a bit of smoke that launches the opponent in the air for massive damage.


Duo Lon is still a cheap bastard especially with that Maboroshi Mu Kyaku of his and then if an opponet gets close, he can teleport away.


Shen Woo

Fighting Style : Own-Style (Shen . Woo)
Birthdate : 10th Sept
Nationality : Unknown (Educated in Shanghai, China)
Blood Group : B+
Height : 188 cm
Weight : 97 kg
Likes : Fighting with strong opponents, watching fighting tournaments
Fav. Food  : Special bun (Xiao Long Bao) from Shanghai
Strong Sports  : Billards
Impt Things  : Proof of strength
Hated Things  : Yo-yo
Fuku Mu Kenclose, b or f + A + C

Shen Woo grabs the opponent, does two headbutts followed by a massive headbutt.

Command Move
Fusen Kyakuf + B

Fusen Kyaku is a front snap kick

Special Moves
Tenren Kend, df, f + K
Gekikend, df, f + P (charge with C version)
Gekiken FeintGekiken, K
Gekiken ~ Tenren KenGekiken, d, df, f + K
Fuku Tora Gekid, db, b + A
Kanyuu RyugekiFuku Tora Geki, d, df, f + A
Fuku Tora Geki ~ Tenren KenFuku Tora Geki, d, df, f + K
Tamakenclose, f, df, d, db, b, f + C
Tamaken ~ Tenren KenTamaken, d, df, f + K

Tenrenken has him doing a lunging uppercut. Can be used as a follow up to a Gekiken or a Tamaken but you got to be quick. You can follow it up with a Tatsu! Geki Ken

Gekiken is the Burn Knuckle type move except he slides forward instead of lunging. He can charge it up and cause the almost the same amount of damage as his DM version if charged to the MAX. He can fake it or follow it up with a Tenrenken

Fuku Tora Geki is a standing axe handle and the Kanyuu Ryugeki is the follow up upper axe handle swing.

Tamaken is a command grab that punches the opponent away. He can follow it up with a Tenrenken

Desperation Moves
Tatsu! Geki Ken(d, df, f)x2 + P (can be a follow up to Tenren Ken)
BakutenC, A, B, C

Tatsu! Geki Ken is a souped up version of his Gekiken but he does only 20 pts of damage more than the fully charged Gekiken but at least you can charge it up. It can follow up a Tenrenken

Bakuten is not worth it. Like with Ash's Sans-Cloutte it just offers protection from close range attackers.


Shen Woo has received a lot of new moves and followups from the last game. The Bakuten is now just a protective aura that serves no special purpose for a button press DM.


Kyo Kusanagi

Fighting Style : Ancient Kusanagi-style martial arts
Birthdate : 12th December
Nationality : Japan
Blood Group : B (RH-)
Height : 181 cm
Weight : 75 kg
Likes : Writing Poetry
Fav. Food  : Barbecued fish
Strong Sports  : Ice hockey
Impt Things  : His motorcycle and girlfriend Yuki
Hated Things  : Hard work
Issetsu Seoi Nageclose, b or f + A + C

Kyo slams the opponent then drops the elbow on them

Command Moves
Shiki Goufu Youf + B
88 Shikidf + D

Shiki Goufu You is a standing axe kick that works as an overhead.

88 Shiki is a double low kick

Special Moves
108 Shiki Yami Baraid, df, f + P
100 Shiki Oniyakif, d, df + P
75 Shiki Kaid, df, f + K
101 Shiki Oboro Gurumab, d, db + K
212 Shiki Kototsuki Youf, df, d, db, b + K

Yami Barai is his famous ground fireball. The weak is slow and the strong is faster.

Oniyaki is a spiraling uppercut that has a lot of priority. Weak is low and Strong is higher

75 Shiki Kai is a double kick. Now you don't need to double tap the kick button for the second kick.

Oboro Guruma is his rising triple kick he's had off an on since his KOF debut. The weak is low and hits once and the stong goes higher and hits three times

Kototsuki You is a run and slide elbow that if connected, will lift the foe and launch them into the air.

Desperation Moves
Ura 108 Shiki Orochinagid, db, b, db, d, df, f + P

Oh come on, you have seen this since 94'. Of course I wasn't born at that time but I'm all to familiar with it. Alright I give, he raises his fist in a flame and unleashes a massive fireball wave.


Kyo seems to have reverted to his 95' incarnation minus the clothes and he still has the 212 Shiki Kototsuki You introduced in KOF 96'


Benimaru Nikaido

Fighting Style : Japanese version of Muey Thai (Thai kickboxing)
Birthdate : 6th June
Nationality : Japan (with American heritage)
Blood Group : O+
Height : 180 cm
Weight : 68 kg
Likes : Being the center of attraction
Fav. Food  : Sashimi
Strong Sports  : Clay disc shooting
Impt Things  : Himself
Disliked Things  : Otaku, regrets
Catch and Shootclose, b or f + A + C

Benimaru grabs the opponent and gives them a knee to the gut.

Command Moves
Jacknife Kickf + B
Flying Drilld + D in air

Jacknife Kick lunges forward with a rising kick.

Flying Drill is of course a spiraling drill kick that comes down at an angle.

Special Moves
Raijinkend, df, f + P
Kuuchuu Raijinkend, df, f + P in air
Benimaru Lancerd, db, b + P
Iai Gerid, df, f + K
Handou Sandan GeriIai Geri, d, df, f + K
Super Inzuna Kickf, d, df + K

Raijinken is a fist full of an electrical spark.

Kuuchuu Raijinken is the air version.

Benimaru Lancer is a new move that brings a bolt of lightning down from the sky.

Iai Geri is a quick snap kick

Handou Sandan Geri is a follow up to the Iai Geri that must be done quickly. Benimaru does a standing kick into a Super Inzuna Kick.

Super Inzuna Kick is a rising backflip kick with electricity attached to it. The weak is low and the strong is high.

Desperation Moves
Raikoken(d, df, f)x2 + P
Benimaru Rolling Thunder(d, db, b)x2 + P

Raikoken is a souped up version of his Raijinken

Benimaru Rolling Thunder is a new DM that encloses Benimaru in an electric ball that damages anyone with I'll say 2 or 3 steps radius.


Benimaru gained a couple new moves which are best done when the opponent is close to you: Benimaru Rolling Thunder and Benimaru Lancer. He lost his Raimei Tou, Shinkuu Katategoma and Gen'ei Hurricane. He traded his Front Suplex for his Catch and Shoot.


Goro Daimon

Fighting Style : Judo + Self-created fighting techniques
Birthdate : 5th May
Nationality : Japan
Blood Group : A+
Height : 204 cm
Weight : 138 kg
Likes : Understanding nature
Fav. Food  : Zaru soba
Strong Sports  : Judo
Impt Things  : His wooden shoes
Hated Things  : Detailed machinery
Okuriashi Haraiclose, b or f + A + C

Goro grabs the opponent and trips them to the side.

Special Moves
Jirashinf, d, df + P
Kumo Tsukami Nageb, db, d, df, f + A
Kirikabu Kaeshib, db, d, df, f + C
Tenchi Gaeshif, df, d, db, b, f + P
Chou Ukemi Moattaned, db, b + K

Jirashin is an earthquake move. The C version is a fake.

Kumo Tsukami Nage grabs opponents out of the ground and slams them down. You can slam tall opponents standing on the ground with this move.

Kirikabu Kaeshi is a grab that arcs down then slams the opponent on the other side of the pavement.

Tenchi Gaeshi has Goro slam the opponent then toss them up in the air.

Chou Ukemi is a forward roll that avoids damage

Desperation Moves
Jigoku Gokuraku Otoshi(f, df, d, db, b)x2 + P

Goro slams the opponent multiple times then tossing them away for major damage when they land.


Goro returns from 2003. Kirikabu Kaeshi has upper hit autoguard that will grab opponents but Goro still receives damage from the attacks.


Terry Bogard

Fighting Style : Martial arts taught by his father Jeff Bogard
Birthdate : 15th March
Nationality : America
Blood Group : O+
Height : 182 cm
Weight : 82 kg
Likes : Video games
Fav. Food  : Junk food
Strong Sports  : Basketball
Impt Things  : Gloves from his father
Hated Things  : Slugs
Buster Throwclose, b or f + A + C

Terry slams the opponent to the ground.

Command Moves
Rising Upperdf + C
Back Knucklef + A

Rising Upper just has him standing up with an uppercut.

Back Knuckle has Terry hitting the opponent with a backfist

Special Moves
Power Waved, df, f + P
Burn Knuckled, db, b + P
Crack Shootd, db, b + K
Rising Tackled~u + P

Power Wave is his ground fireball that travels the whole screen. The weak is slow and the strong is fast.

Burn Knuckle is a diving fist across the screen.

Crack Shoot is a spinning kick that can hit once if weak and twice if strong but if the opponent is airborne it can hit three times.

Rising Tackle is a charge move that has him spin upside down as he rises with his fist extended. The weak is low and the strong is high.

Desperation Moves
Power Geyserd, db, b, db, f + P

The Power Geyser creates a huge explosive geyser from the ground.


Terry has gone back to his KOF 94' variation as far as the movelist goes. His CD attack is the Power Charge.


Andy Bogard

Fighting Style: Koppou (Basic knowledge of Shiranui Ninjitsu)
Birthday: 16th August
Nationality: America
Blood Type: A
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 67 kg
Fav. Food: Natto spaghetti
Best Sport: Short track
Impt Things: Photo of him and his master in his training days
Hated Things: Dogs
Kakaekomiclose, b or f + A + C

Andy tosses the opponent to the other side.

Command Move
Hirate Uchif + A

Hirate Uchi is a simple palm to the chest.

Special Moves
Hishokend, df, f + P
Shoryuudanf, d, df + P
Zaneikendb~f + P
Kuuhadanb, db, d, df, f + K
BreakingKuuhadan, B + D

Hishoken throws a sonic boom like fireball. Weak is slow and strong is fast.

Shoryuudan makes Andy spin his arms on his way up. Weak is low and strong is high.

Zaneiken is a dashing elbow that knocks down on contact. Weak goes 1/2 screen and strong goes almost full screen.

Kuuhadan has Andy leaping feetfirst at the opponent. Weak has a low arch and hits up to 3 times and high goes up at a steep angle and can hit up to 4 times.

Breaking stops the Kuuhadan in midmove and Andy rolls forward. It must be done during the beginning. Usually when one hit is landed.

Desperation Moves
Choureppadand, db, b, db, d, df, f + K

A souped up version of his Kuuhadan.


Andy returns after a long absence. He can break during his Kuuhadan and he has lost a ton of moves.


Joe Higashi

Fighting Style : Muey Thai (Thai kickboxing)
Birthdate : 29th March
Nationality : Japan
Blood Group : AB+
Height : 180 cm
Weight : 71 kg
Likes : Creating noises, brawling
Fav. Food  : Deep-fried alligator meat
Strong Sports  : All types of martial arts
Impt Things  : Hachimaki (the bandanna on his forehead)
Hated Things  : School
Sou Hiza Jigokuclose, b or f + A + C

Joe grabs the opponent and continually knees them.

Command Move
Step In Middle Kickf + B

Joe kicks the opponent with his right foot instead of his left from the normal B version.

Special Moves
Hurricane Upperb, db, d, df, f + P
Slash Kickb, db, d, df, f + K
Tiger Kickf, d, df + K
BakuretsukenP rapidly
Bakuretsuken FinishBakuretsuken, d, df, f + P

Hurricane Upper sends a Hurricane across the screen. Weak is slow and strong is fast.

Slash Kick lunges foot first across the screen. Weak has 1/2 screen range and Strong has 5/8 screen range.

Tiger Kick: Joe has a flaming tiger on his knee as he lunges forward. Weak has half screen range and strong goes about 5/8 screen

Bakuretsuken is his multihit moves we punches the opponent rapidly. He can finish this off with an uppercut.

Desperation Moves
Screw Upper(d, df, f)x2 + P

Joe creates a massive hurricane that hits anyone up to 3 steps away from him as it stays in place there.


Joe comes back after sitting out in XI. He is like his Fatal Fury incarnation with the finisher added to his Bakuretsuken.


Athena Asamiya

Fighting Style : Chinese Martial Arts + Psychic powers
Birthdate : 14th March
Nationality : Japan
Blood Group : B+
Height : 163 cm
Weight : 49 kg
Measurements : 83 cm, 57 cm, 82 cm
Likes : Astrology
Fav. Food  : Strawberry cakes
Strong Sports  : Lacross
Impt Things  : Peter Rabbit teacup set
Disliked Things  : Grasshoppers
Psychic Throwclose, b or f + A + C

Athena launches the opponent into the air with her mind and they take damage upon landing.

Command Move
Phoenix Bombf + B
Kuuchuu Phoenix Bombf + B in air

Phoenix Bomb has Athena leaping with a diving elbow and knee. The Kuuchuu Phoenix Bomb is the version done in air.

Special Moves
Psycho Balld, db, b + P
Psycho Swordf, d, df + P
Psycho Reflectorf, df, d, db, b + K
Phoenix Arrowd, db, b + K in air

Psycho Ball is her fireball that she throws at the opponent. Weak is slow and strong is fast.

Psycho Sword is an leaping uppercut with Psycho Power attached to it. Weak is low and strong is high.

Psycho Reflector provides a front barrier in front of Athena. If the opponent hits it then it will shoot a fireball back at them in return.

Phoenix Arrow is an aerial rolling meteor towards the opponent. The stronger version ends with an extra kick.

Desperation Moves
Shining Crystal Bit(f, df, d, db, b)x2 + P

SCB provides a psycho barrier around Athena. It is invincible against attacks but Athena is vulnerable when it wears off when left untouched or blocked. It will dissipate immediately when it hits or gets blocked.


Athena as usual got a costume change. You can pretty much refer to her as Athena 87' as she is dressed like her incarnation in Psycho Soldier from that year. Her Shining Crystal Bit no longer has 2 balls circling her. It works as a protective barrier. The Psycho Reflector works as a counter-move now. If it gets by anything whether its a fireball or physical attack, it will shoot out a psycho ball in retaliation.


Sie Kensou

Fighting Style: Superpowers and Chinese Kung Fu
Birthday: 23rd September
Nationality: China
Blood Type: B
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 61 kg
Fav. Food: Meat buns
Best Sport: Soccer
Impt THings: Stuffed toy given to him by a fan
Disliked Things: Training
Ryuuhadanclose, b or f + A + C

Ryuuhadan grabs the opponent and elbow smashes them.

Special Moves
Ryuutoudad, db, b + A
Rentesshoud, db, b + C
Shikkuzanryuu Kyakud, db, b + K
Ryuuboku Tsudzumif, d, df + P rapidly
Ryuuga Kusaif, d, df + K

Ryuutouda is a stepping right hand

Rentesshou is a stepping left backfist

Shikkuzanryuu Kyaku has Kensou run up and leap at the opponent. If he connects he blows the opponent away with his feet. Weak runs half screen and strong runs almost full screen.

Ryuuboku Tsudzumi gets in close and rapidly punches the opponent in the gut. If you continue to punch after 13 hit, Kensou will tire out on the 17th hit.

Ryuuga Kusai slides low then rises with a helicopter kick.

Desperation Moves
Shinryuu Choukyuudan(d, db, b)x2 + P

Shinryuu Choukyuudan throws a massive Chokyuudan at the opponent.


Kensou is dressed like his Psycho Soldier self. His only old move is the Ryuuga Kusai and he only throws his Chokyuudan as a DM and its bigger.


Chin Gentsai

Fighting Style: Chinese Kung Fu (mainly Drunken Fist)
Birthday: 27th April
Nationality: China
Blood Type: A
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Fav. Food: Lemon salmon and lettuce with fried rice, among others
Best Sport: Taking a walk, yo-yo tricks
Impt: Alcohol
Disliked Things: Pandas
Bangekiclose, b or f + A + C

Bangeki steps on the opponents foot then smashes them.

Command Moves
Zaban Tetsud, d + P
Chou Karoud, d + K

Zaban Tetsu has Chin drop low temporarily

Chou Karou has Chin get in a crane stance.

Special Moves
Chou Karou (Kaijou)Chou Karou, B + D
Getsu Kiba SoushuuZaban Tetsu or Chou Karou, P
Getsu Kiba Chou Gekid, db, b + K
Suihad, db, b + P
Tori Ryuukou Hashiradf + D
Nitatsu Kyakudf + B

Kaijou does a mule kick while in Chou Karou mode.

Getsu Kiba Soshuu does a quick double punch while in Zaban Tetsu or Chou Karou mode.

Getsu Kiba Chou Geki makes Chin wall back drunk and roll over backwards which seems useless.

Suiha: A backfist that knocks the opponent down.

Tori Ryuukou Hashira is a flip kick that hits the opponent if far back enough. If done close, he won't connect.

Nitatsu Kyaku: Is a double kick similar to Kyo's 75 Shiki Kai.

Desperation Moves
Noboru Soratobi Tenhou(d, df, f)x2 + P

Noboru Soratobi Tenhou makes Chin dive forward like a spinning torpedo for multiple hits.


Chin is back but using him is a bit tougher since they took away lots of his moves and gave him new ones.


Kim Kaphawn

Fighting Style : Taekwondo
Birthdate : 21st December
Nationality : Korea
Blood Group : A+
Height : 176 cm
Weight : 78 kg
Likes : Karaoke
Fav. Food  : Korean barbecue
Strong Sports  : Gymnastics
Impt Things  : His wife and two sons
Hated Things  : Evil
Sakkyaku Nageclose, b or f + A + C

Kim tosses opponets away with the Sakkyaku Nage.

Command Move
Neri Chagif + B
Tora Yopu Chagif, f + D

Neri Chagi is a standing axe kick

Tora Yopu Chagi lunges forward with a leg extended

Special Moves
Hishou Kyakud, df, f + K in air
Hangetsuzand, db, b + K
Kuuchuu Hangetsuzand, db, b + K in air
Hien Zand~u + K

Hishou Kyaku dives forward and tap dances on the opponents face.

Hangetsuzan is a Cresent Kick that knocks down on contact. The weak hits once and the strong hits three times.

Kuuchuu Hangetsuzan is the air version that knocks down on contact hard.

Hienzan is a rising cresent kick. Weak is low and strong is high and hits three times.

Desperation Moves
Hou'ou Kyakud, db, b, db, f + K

Hou'ou Kyaku lunges forward and is followed by a series of kicks and punches and ends with a Hienzan.



Iori Yagami

Fighting Style : Ancient Yagami-style martial arts + instinct Birthdate : 25th March Nationality : Japan Blood Group : O+ Height : 182 cm Weight : 76 kg Likes : Band Fav. Food : Meat Strong Sports : All Impt Things : His girlfriend Hated Things : Violence

Sakahagiclose, b or f + A + C

Sakahagi rips the opponents chest.

Command Move
Ge Shiki Yumebikif + A, A

Geshiki Yumebiki is a swipe and a backfist.

Special Moves
108 Shiki Nuetouchif, d, df + P
801 Shiki Shougetsud, db, b + P
119 Shiki Akegarasud, db, b + K
203 Shiki Tsuchi Tsubakib, db, d, df, f + C

Nuetouchi is a upperward slash that can hit air opponents or ground opponents if close enough

Shougetsu is like a slashing uppercut

Akegarasu is a lunging swipe forward

Tsuchi Tsubaki slams the opponent to the ground and make them bounce high.

Desperation Moves
Ya Otomed, df, f, df, d, db, b + P

Dashes and slashes the opponet and ends with a cross shaped slash


After losing his flames in KOF XI, he can't yield flames. Instead he has shadow slashes that look more deadly than his flames. He still has his Maiden Masher [Ya Otome] but he does have the flames to go with it. He has three new moves to make up for them though.



Fighting Style : Wrestling
Birthdate : 3th March
Nationality : Australia
Blood Group : O
Height : 202 cm
Weight : 210 kg
Likes : Amusement Park Rides
Fav. Food  : Beef Steak
Strong Sports  : Football
Impt Things  : Mask Collection
Hated Things  : Koalas
Neck Hangingclose, b or f + A + C

Neck Hanging holds the opponent up by the face and squeezes

Special Moves
Doku Kirid, db, b + P
Raiden Bombf, d, df + P
Giant Bombdb~f + P
Giant Bomb FeintGiant Bomb, B + D
Head Crushb, db, d, df, f + K

Doku Kiri spits a green poison mist thus the its name.

Raiden Bomb catches airborne opponents as they jump forward and powerbombs them

Giant Bomb gets in a three-point stance and shoulderblocks the opponent. It can be cancelled before execution.

Head Crush grabs opponent and slams them to the other side of Raiden.

Desperation Moves
Super Raiden Drop(f, df, d, db, b)x2 + P

Super Raiden Drop has Raiden grab the opponent and pose. He will roll and leap high in the air with the opponent with him and come down hard.


Raiden is the only new character in KOF. He fights similar to Hugo from the Street Fighter 3 saga. Except he's not all grab ass like most wrestler fighters are.


Ryo Sakazaki

Fighting Style : Kyokugen Karate
Birthdate : 2nd August
Nationality : Japan
Blood Group : O+
Height : 179 cm
Weight : 75 kg
Likes : Weekend Carpentry
Fav. Food  : Mochi (rice cakes), natto (fermented soy beans)
Strong Sports  : Sumo Wrestling
Impt Things  : His recovered motorcycle, horse
Hated Things  : Bugs with multiple legs
Tomoe Nageclose, b or f + A + C

Tomoe Nage is just what it says, Ryo falls back and throws the opponent over him.

Command Move
Hyouchuu Warif + LP
Joudan Ukef + LK
Gedan Ukedf + LK

Hyouchuu Wari is an upward overhead chop

Joudan Uke is a upper parry and Gedan Uke is a lower parry.

Special Moves
Ko Ou Kend, df, f + P
Kohouf, d, df + P
Hien Shippu Kyakuf, df, d, db, b + K
TsuikaHien Shippu Kyaku (D), K
Zanretsukenf, b, f + P

Ko Ou Ken throws a short range fireball

Kohou is a leaping uppercut. Weak is low and Strong is high and hits twice.

Hien Shippukyaku is a 2 hit spin kick. The strong version can add an extra kick to it.

Zanretsuken is a multiple hit move that rapidly punches with inner hand and finishes it with a outer hand uppercut.

Desperation Moves
Haohshokokenf, b, db, d, df, f + P
Ryuuko Ranbud, df, f, df, d, db, b + P

Haohshoukoken is a massive fireball.

Ryuuko Ranbu lunges forward and beats the shit out of the opponent if it hits.


Ryo lost a lot of moves since XI. The Hien Shippuu Ken, Moh Koh Raijin Satsu, Beer Bin Kiri and Ryoute Tsuki are gone but he has an added kick to his Hien Shippu Kyaku.


Robert Garcia

Fighting Style : Kyokugen Karate
Birthdate : 25th December
Nationality : Italy
Blood Group : AB+
Height : 180 cm
Weight : 85 kg
Likes : Collecting cars
Fav. Food  : Sushi, yakisoba (japanese noodles)
Strong Sports  : Motoring sports
Impt Things  : His collection of cars
Hated Things  : Rakkyoo (garlic)
Kubikiri Nageclose, b or f + A + C

Robert slams the opponent to the ground like he's using it to beat the dust out of a sofa with a towel.

Command Move
Upperf + A
Low Kickf + B
Ushiro KyakuB + D in air

Upper and Low Kick are self-explanatory

Ushiro Kyaku is a back kick that hits the opponent as Robert jump over them.

Special Moves
Ryuugekikend, df, f + P
Ryuugaf, d, df + P
Hien Shippu Kyakudb~f + K
Hien Ryuujin Kyakud, db, b + K in air
Zanretsukyakuf, b, f + K
Ryuuren Gen'ei Kyakub, db, d, df, f + D

Ryuugekiken launches a fireball. Weak is slow and strong is fast

Ryuuga is a flaming uppercut. Weak is low and strong is high and hits twice.

Hien Shippu Kyaku is a flying kick. The strong version adds an extra kick to it

Hien Ryuujin Kyaku is a missile kick done from the air. Weak has a narrow angle and strong has more diagonal angle.

Zanretsukyaku is a multihit moves with rapid kicks

Ryuuren Gen'ei Kyaku breaks the opponents guard and does multiple kicks

Desperation Moves
Haohshokokenf, b, db, d, df, f + P
Ryuuko Ranbud, df, f, df, d, db, b + P


Haohshoukoken is a massive fireball.

Ryuuko Ranbu lunges forward and beats the shit out of the opponent if it hits.


Leona Heidern

Fighting Style : Martial arts + Heidern-style assasination techniques
Birthdate : 10th January
Nationality : Unknown
Blood Group : B+
Height : 176 cm
Weight : 66 kg
Likes : None
Fav. Food  : Vegetables
Strong Sports  : None
Impt Things  : None
Hated Things  : Blood
Leona Crushclose, b or f + A + C

Leona grabs opponent and stabs them in the neck with her fingers

Command Move
Strike Archf + B

This is her axe kick. It no longer knocks down on contact but it's still an overhead.

Special Moves
Baltic Launcherb~f + P
Moon Slasherd~u + P
Earring Bakudand, db, b + K
Grand Saber (Idou)b~f + B (Urashi Idou) or D (Zen)
Grand Saber (Hanten)Grand Saber, B (Zen) or D (Urashi Idou)
Grand Saber (Kougeki)Grand Saber, P
X-Caliberd, db, b + P in air

Baltic Launcher properties have changed. It still hits multiple times but it doesn't last long. Leona no longer jumps forward on the strong version.

Moon Slasher still works the same. Just got a graphical upgrade.

Earring Bakudan is not as effective. In fact, Athena's Psycho Reflector can now "reflect" it.

Grand Saber runs forward or backwards depending on the button pressed. You must press punch to attack. Weak runs forward and Strong runs back. You can change directions.

X-Caliber is a combination of her 96' and 97' X-Calibur with the 99' and on command.

Desperation Moves
V-Slasherd, df, f, df, d, db, b + P in air

Leona leaps into the air and dives at the opponent. If she connects, she makes a V-shaped slash.


Leona is a little bit tougher to control as far as special moves go. She has lost Grateful Dead and Rebel Spark. She got a new outfit that is similar to her Maximum Impact Alternate Costume. She is the best character to use if you go after the Speed King Trophy. Her infamous Jump C/D, d + C, Moon Slasher works the same way it used to ever since her KOF debut in 1996 and is the combo to use in pursuit of the Speed King Trophy.


Ralf Jones

Fighting Style : Martial arts + Heidern-style assasination techniques
Birthdate : 25th August
Nationality : America
Blood Group : A+
Height : 188 cm
Weight : 110 kg
Likes : Collecting knives
Fav. Food  : Bubble gum
Strong Sports  : Baseball
Impt Things  : Badge of honour
Hated Things  : Snakes
Dynamite Headbuttclose, b or f + A + C

Grabs opponent and headbutts them in flames

Command Move
Jet Upperdf + A

A standing uppercut

Special Moves
Vulcan PunchP rapidly
Burning Hammerd, df, f + P
Bakudan Ralf Punchd, db, b + P

Vulcan Punch is burning multiple punches

Burning Hammer is a hard punch with a fireball at the end of it

Bakudan Ralf Punch is a ground punch that erupts in flames. Weak has a small explosion and strong has a big explosion and more range.

Desperation Moves
Galactica Phantom(d, df, f)x2 + P

Ralf rears back and punches.


What the hell, SNK? Why you mess with Ralf like that? You took away all his moves except the Vulcan Punch and gave him bullshit moves. At least his GP is no longer delayed. Oh and what's this? Ralf now has a command move after all this time of not having one.


Clark Steel/Still

Fighting Style : Martial arts + Heidern-style assasination techniques
Birthdate : 7th May
Nationality : America
Blood Group : A+
Height : 187 cm
Weight : 105 kg
Likes : Collecting guns
Fav. Food  : Oatmeal
Strong Sports  : Wrestling
Impt Things  : His sunglasses
Hated Things  : Slugs
Death Mountain Busterclose, b or f + A + C
Death Lake Driveclose, b or f + A + C in air

Death Mountain Buster slams the opponent's back on Clark's Knee Death Lake Drive catches an airborne opponent and throws them down

Command Move
Jet Upperdf + A
Stompf + B + D

Jet Upper is a standing upper.

Stomp is just a small forward hop

Special Moves
Super Argentine Backbreakerb, db, d, df, f + K
Vulcan PunchP rapidly
Flashing ElbowSuper Argentine Backbreaker, d, df, f + P

Super Argentine Backbreaker tosses up the opponent and when they land on Clark, he throws them down to the ground

Vulcan Punch is like Ralf's minus flames

Flashing Elbow is the followup to the SAB.

Desperation Moves
Ultra Argentine Backbreaker(f, df, d, db, b)x2 + P

UAB does three SABs and ends with a Death Mountain Buster


They seriously took most of clark's moves away. Now he has just two of them and a followup. At least he has a new throw and UAB animation.



Fighting Style: Based mainly on speed attacks
Birthday: 8th April
Nationality: Unknown
Blood Type: O
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Fav. Food: Poultry (especially chicken)
Best Sport: Snowboarding
Impt Things: Her legs
Hated Things: Pidgeons, the Kagura clan
Death Blowclose, b or f + A + C

Mature grabs and scolds the opponent and slashes them away

Special Moves
Metal Massacred, db, b + K
Despairf, d, df + P
Despair TsuikaDespair, P

Metal Massacre runs forward and attacks if the lunge touches.

Despair does something like a half-assed moonsault. Press a punch button to attack with it.

Desperation Moves
Heaven's Gated, db, b, db, d, df, f + P

Heaven's Gate runs forward and grabs the opponent who gets slammed into the wall with a skull showing in the explosion


SNK gave Mature a makeover. She is dressed like she was in KOF 94 and sports an eyepatch now.


Elisabeth Branctorche

Fighting Style: Ryuukaku Koukenjutsu (flowing character Light Fist Technique)
Date of Birth: 11th January
Height: 1.74 m
Weight: 58 kg
Blood type: A
Measurements: 90/58/86
Place of Birth: France
Hobby: Wine tasting
Favorite Food: Wine Chateau Ratour
Favorite Sports: Horse Riding
Most Important Thing: Honor and Dignity
Dislikes: A Person who doesn't have honor, Lazy person
Toucheb or f + A + C

Touche grabs opponent and backslaps them

Special Moves
Etincellesd, df, f + P
Reverie-souhaiterd, df, f + K
Reverie-prierd, db, b + K
Reverie-gelerB + D
Mistralf, df, d, db, b, f + P

Etincelles swipes at the opponent with white light

Reverie-souhaiter slides forward and teleports behind opponent hit

Reverie-prier slides back and teleports back when hit

Reverie-geler blocks an attack and does not take any tick damage from special moves

Mistrals throws the opponent high into the air in white light.

Desperation Moves
Noble-Blanche(d, df, f)x2 + P

Noble-Blanche is a bright white light that hits multiple times if close enough.


Elisabeth got a new moveset this time around and a new wardrobe.


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