Extra Credits I do not know what to do with? What do I do with them before I loose them?

  1. i have PS2 Williams Pinball Collection (also Gottlieb) It has 8 gamesonly. All tables have been opened. Have completed all goals and almost all of wizard goals on all tables.. What happens after I complete those? My real question is ,I keep earning credits, the total is over 700. I am afraid I am going to loose them. I do not know what to do w/ these credits or what to use them for. Is Sorcerer, Jive Time, Magna Save available on PS2? Do these credit open these games? Or are they only on PS3.
    Also are you going to be coming out w/ a Bally Edition in the near future? Thanks so much

    User Info: caddybrat

    caddybrat - 9 years ago


  1. Those tables are only on ps3.

    User Info: Aramil_Nubin

    Aramil_Nubin - 7 years ago 0   0

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