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Guide and Walkthrough by Travis357

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 10/20/2010

                              Dead Rising 2

   DDD DDD               AAAA      DDDDD
   DDD  DDD  EEE        AAAAAA     DDD  DDD
   DDD  DDD  EEE       AAA  AAA    DDD  DDD
             EEEEEE  AAAA    AAAA  DDDDD

             III             III              GGGGGGG         22222
   RRRRR     III             III  NNN   NNN   GGG  GGG       222 222
   RRR RRR   III     SSS     III  NNNN  NNN  GGG    GGG     222   222
   RRR  RRR  III   SSS SSS   III  NNNN  NNN  GGG                  222
   RRR  RRR  III  SSS   SSS  III  NNNNN NNN  GGG  GGGGG          222
   RRR RRR   III  SSS        III  NNNNN NNN  GGG  GGGGG         222
   RRRRR     III   SSS       III  NNN NNNNN  GGG    GGG        222
   RRR RRR   III     SSS     III  NNN NNNNN   GGG  GGG        222
   RRR  RRR  III       SSS   III  NNN  NNNN   GGGGGGG        2222222
   RRR  RRR  III        SSS  III  NNN  NNNN    GGGGG        22222222
   RRR  RRR       SSS   SSS       NNN   NNN
                   SSS SSS

            Guide to Saving All Survivors and Killing all the Psychos 

     _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    |                                                                 |
    |     Guide Written by Travis Holloway                            |
    |     email - kovash_tiger@yahoo.com                              |
    |     Last Modified: 20 OCT 2010                                  |
    |_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _|
    |                                                                 |
    |     Dead Rising 2 is coprywrite Capcom LTD                      |
    |     Game played on the Xbox 360 Game System                     |
    |_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _|
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    |                Version 1.2                                      |
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    |	For the most recent version, please first check:              |
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    | http://www.gamefaqs.com/xbox360/957985-dead-rising-2/faqs/61000 |
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    |    This guide is also authorized for personal use and may be    |
    |    downloaded and saved on a PC for later use. Please do not    |
    |    post this online without express consent from me.            |
    |                                                                 |
    |    If you find any errors or inconsistancies, please feel free  |
    |    to send me an email for the next update.                     |
    |	 							      |
    |	 After working on this guide for two weeks, I feel that it is |
    |	 complete and there will be no more major updates or changes. |
    |	 I will still update mistakes left in the guide and possibly  |
    |    add any DLC that releases, though this guide is so big       |
    |    already that it may just show up as a seperate FAQ.	      |
    |								      |
    |		Now Please, enjoy!				      |
    |                                                                 |
    |_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _|

                               Table of Contents

-Section-                                                        -Search Code-

[Section 1] . . . Game Basics. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[10bas]
    1.1 . . . . . Fortune City & TIR Info. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[11tir]
    1.2 . . . . . Main Characters. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[12cha]
    1.3 . . . . . Objectives . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[13obj]

[Section 2] . . . Important Tips to Playing. . . . . . . . . . . . . .[20tip]
    2.1 . . . . . What to Use. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[21use]
    2.2 . . . . . Keeping Survivors Alive. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[22liv]
    2.3 . . . . . Making Money . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[23mny]
    2.4 . . . . . Useful Items . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[24itm]

[Section 3] . . . Walkthrough. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[3walk]
    3.1 . . . . . Prologue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[31pro]
    3.2 . . . . . Case 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[32cas]
    3.3 . . . . . Case 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[33cas]
    3.4 . . . . . Case 3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[34cas]
    3.5 . . . . . Case 4 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[35cas]
    3.6 . . . . . Case 5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[36cas]
    3.7 . . . . . Case 6 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[37cas]
    3.8 . . . . . Case 7 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[38cas]
    3.9 . . . . . Overtime . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[39ovr]
    3.10. . . . . Possible Endings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[310pe]

[Section 4] . . . Events Timeline. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[40tim]
    4.1 . . . . . September 25 - Day 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[41day]
    4.2 . . . . . September 26 - Day 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[42day]
    4.3 . . . . . September 27 - Day 3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[43day]
    4.4 . . . . . September 28 - Day 4 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[44day]

[Section 5] . . . Boss Fight Strategies. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[50bos]
    5.1 . . . . . King of the Jungle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[51ted]
    5.2 . . . . . Meet the Contestants . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[52leo]
    5.3 . . . . . Chuck the Role Model . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[53bdn]
    5.4 . . . . . Tastes Like Chicken. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[54ant]
    5.5 . . . . . Everyone Knows Slappy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[55bnt]
    5.6 . . . . . Here Comes the Groom . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[56rdy]
    5.7 . . . . . The Source . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[57bly]
    5.8 . . . . . Mail Order Zombrex . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[58crl]
    5.9 . . . . . WWJWD? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[59smr]
    5.10. . . . . Redneck Snipers. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[510rs]
    5.11. . . . . The Get Away . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[511ga]
    5.12. . . . . The World's Most Dangerous Trick . . . . . . . . . .[512rr]
    5.13. . . . . Last Stand . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[513sb]
    5.14. . . . . The Facts. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[514rs]
    5.15. . . . . Sudden Death . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[515tk]

[Section 6] . . . Chuck's Stats. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[60sta]
    6.1 . . . . . Attributes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[61atb]
    6.2 . . . . . Skills . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[62skl]
    6.3 . . . . . Key Items. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[63kit]

[Section 7] . . . Combo Cards. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[70ccs]
    7.1 . . . . . Level Up Cards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[71lup]
    7.2 . . . . . Survivor Cards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[72svc]
    7.3 . . . . . Psychopath Cards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[73psy]
    7.4 . . . . . Fortune City Cards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[74fcc]

[Section 8] . . . Notebook . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[80not]
    8.1 . . . . . Survivors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[81sur]
    8.2 . . . . . Psychopaths. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[82psy]
    8.3 . . . . . Casualties . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[83cas]

[Section 9] . . . Food Guide . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[90fod]
    9.1 . . . . . Food . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[91fod]
    9.2 . . . . . Drink. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[92drk]
    9.3 . . . . . Mixed Drinks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[93mxd]

[Section 10]  . . Item Index . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[10itm]
    10.1. . . . . Magazines. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[10mag]
    10.2. . . . . Explosives . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[10exp]
    10.3. . . . . Firearms . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[10fir]
    10.4. . . . . Ranged Weapons . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[10rng]
    10.5. . . . . Novelty Items. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[10nov]
    10.6. . . . . Melee Weapons. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[10mle]
    10.7. . . . . Heavy Melee Weapons. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[10hvy]
    10.8. . . . . Miscellaneous Items. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[10mis]
    10.9. . . . . Clothing Pieces. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[10cth]

[Section 11]. . . Locations. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[11loc]
    11.1. . . . . Royal Flush PLaza. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[11rfp]
    11.2. . . . . Americana Casino . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[11amc]
    11.3. . . . . Fortune City Arena . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[11fca]
    11.4. . . . . South Plaza. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[11spz]
    11.5. . . . . Fortune City Hotel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[11fch]
    11.6. . . . . Slot Ranch Casino. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[11src]
    11.7. . . . . Food Court . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[11fdc]
    11.8. . . . . Yucatan Casino . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[11yuc]
    11.9. . . . . Palisades Mall . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[11pam]
    11.10 . . . . Atlantica Casino . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[11atl]
    11.11 . . . . Platinum Strip . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[11pts]
    11.12 . . . . Fortune Park . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[11fcp]
    11.13 . . . . Silver Strip . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[11svr]
    11.14 . . . . Safe House . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[11sfh]
    11.15 . . . . Underground. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[11ugd]

[Section 12]. . . Achievements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[12ach]
    12.1. . . . . Completion Achievements. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[12cmp]
    12.2. . . . . Collection Achievements. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[12col]
    12.3. . . . . Combat Achievements. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[12cbt]
    12.4. . . . . Online Achievements. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[12onl]

                        [Section 1] . . . Game Basics                  [10bas]

     Alot of the information here is taken directly from the game manual, but
I have added a bit of my own flavor to it.

    1.1 . . . . . Fortune City & TIR Info                              [11tir]

From Manual:


     Welcome to Fortune City! Look around at the glamorous casinos, the luxury
 restaurants, the lush landscape. It's familiar, isn't it? Oh, yes, you've 
been to Fortune City before - in your wildest dreams.  But now, it's time to 
wake up! You're in for the vacation of a lifetime!
                      Expect the unexpected. And then some.

     Nowhere else in the world has more glitz, glamour, or adventure than 
Fortune City. Go ahead, succumb to the world's premier entertainment resort.

     Hungry for adventure? Make a killing in our casinos! Explode your senses
with our shows and restaurants! Lose your head!  Or just maybe...your heart.
Open yourself up to the cutting edge of entertainment in Fortune City, Nevada.

     Don't forget to book tickets to witness Terror Is Reality XVII - a
televisual spectacle that has been called the greatest zombie sensation ever!


	Fortune City, Neveda, blooming resort town. If Manhattan is the city
that never sleeps, Fortune City is the city that never dies. The Playable 
areas of Fortune City in the game consist of a glamorous strip and park, a 
ritzy hotel, a full sized arena, 4 Major casinos, and two fully complete 
malls with a third one under construction.

	Terror Is Reality (TIR) is a blockbuster sporting event that has 
become the biggest thing since MMA. TIR is a live broadcast sporting event in
which contestants maim, maul, and destroy zombies in creative or hilarious
ways in order to gain points that will add up to total score. There are 9
different TIR events and each tournament ends with a gruesome match of slice-
	TIR is not an important part of the Dead Rising 2 game, but it is a
fun online multiplayer event for those who have Xbox Live and a quick way to
make money for your character. The main character Chuck Green is a compeditor
in TIR, but other than the first part of the main game, he does not do any
other TIR events. The TIR multiplayer is sort of an in game flash back, but
players can save their cash winnings back to their main game save slots. None
of the TIR events grant any PP or other bonuses, though if you win enough
events, you may unlock additional costume pieces.

    1.2 . . . . . Main Characters                                      [12cha]

   Chuck Greene - Main character of the game and controlled by the player.
Chuck is a famous Motocross star who lost his wife in the Los Vegas zombie
outbreak where his daughter Katey was infected. In order to afford the Zombrex
to keep his daughter from turning into a zombie, Chuck has been forced to take
his skills to the arena in TIR events to win huge cash prizes.

   Katey Greene - Chuck's 7 year-old daught who became infected during the
Los Vegas outbreak when her own mother turned and bit her. She must be given a
dose of the drug Zombrex every morning between 7:00-8:00 AM or risk turning
herself. Despite the zombie onslaught and traumatic death of her mother, Katey
seems to handle it quite well.

   Stacey Forsythe - Leader of the controversial activist group CURE (Citizens
for Undead Rights and Equality), Stacey is caught up in the Fortune city 
outbreak with Chuck. Though CURE has been known for radical demonstrations and
beliefs, Stacey seemed level-headed. She still holds a discontent for the 
government and the establishment. She believes that TIR is a horrible idea and
takes advantage of the undead citizens and that Zombrex should be made less 
expensive so that the general public can afford treatment instead of facing
their zombie fate.

   Ray Sullivan - Ray is the first and only reserve man to make it to the
official government shelter alive. His job is to keep order in the shelter 
until help arrives. He is loyal and patriotic, but the outbreak has put him in
way over his head.

   Rebecca Chang- Rebecca is an ambitious, beautiful news reporter in town to
cover the controversy surrounding the TIR television show. She is much like
Frank West from the first game, looking the nail the story of the century. Her
investigations lead to many of the case files given to Chuck and she in an
important part of uncovering the truth.

   Tyrell King a.k.a. TK - TK is the host and producer of the TIR pay-per-view
program. TK has no problem at all exploiting the government's need to round up
and eliminate zombies after each outbreak by using them for entertainment in 
his shows. Though CURE has protested the events extensively, TK has continued
on unfettered. He is a skilled business man and always out to find the next 
big score.

   The Twins - Amber and Crysal Bailey are the two bodies used to sell TIR.
They are hot super models, but whether or not they are actual sisters is up to
debate. They're sexual provactiveness makes one wonder if they aren't lovers
themselves. Whatever their situation is, they are loyal followers of TK and 
are known to go out of their way to do his 'dirty' work.

    1.3 . . . . . Objectives                                           [13obj]

	Dead Rising is designed with three main objectives: Kill zombies and 
psychopaths, save as many survivors as possible, and cover all the cases to
expose the truth. Dead Rising 2 adds a fourth objective where you need to make
sure that you find Zombrex to keep Katey alive.

	Killing zombies is pretty basic. Find any object (or combination of 
objects) that you can find and smash, slash, or shoot zombies until they die.
Survivors of the zombie outbreak who have snapped or otherwise taken advantage
of the situation to commit criminal acts or atrocities are referred to as
Psychopaths. Psychopaths tend to be quite a bit tougher than the common zombie
and will require special tactics and strategies to defeat most of the time.
All Psychopaths usually grant some reward from their defeat such as a weapon, 
bonus PP, or hostages to save.

	That leads us to objective number two: Saving survivors. Throughout 
the mall will be scattered groups or individuals cut off from the safe house
who will require you to escort them back to safety. Stacey will call you up on
the transceiver and tell you when she spots people, but there will be a few 
that she doesn't even spot, so keep your eyes out. Rescuing and returning the
survivors to the safe house will provide you with a -huge- boost to PP and is
possibly the fastest way to level up Chuck.

	Finally, there are the Case Files. In between saving people and 
killing zombies and psychos, Chuck will need to follow up each case file and 
complete it before the time runs out in order to uncover the truth to what has
happened. You can still complete the 72 Hour game mode even if you miss a case
file, but you will only be able to grab survivors and kill psychopaths until 
the rescue arrives. The truth will be lost and Chuck will face a not to heroic
ending to the game.

	At 7:00 AM on Each day, Katey will also require a Zombrex dose or
become a zombie herself. Again, failing to get Katey the zombrex will not end
the game for chuck, but it will lead to a negative ending. In total you will
need to find 4 doses of zombrex which can be found laying out through Fortune
City, off missions, or in worst case, bought from a looter at the pawn shop.

             [Section 2] . . . Important Tips for Playing              [20tip]

    2.1 . . . . . What to Use                                          [21use]

	Chuck does not have an unlimited amount of inventory space, so it is a
wise decision to make sure you are carrying the proper gear with you at all
times. Typically you'll want to balance between weapons and healing items. I
would usually walk around with a minimum of two melee items and two healing 
items. The Spiked Baseball Bat and Defiler are two of the easiest to grab 
right outside of the safe house and they are both very useful. The Defiler is
slower, but pumps out great damage, which makes it useful for boss fights. The
Spiked Bat is quick and swings in an arc to take out multiple zombies in your
path. Also, the Dark Bean is right out of the maintenance tunnels from the
safe house and a perfect place to grab two or three Coffee Creamers, which 
heal up four blocks of life each.

	LMGs are extremely useful and laid out around the mall in several 
places. Having a firearm in your inventory will also allow you to shoot 
explosive tanks or engage psychopaths at a distance. Sniper Rifles are a
little bit more rare to come across, but do ok damage. Of course any firearm,
even a handgun or a shotgun, is good to have on you if you need it.

	Magazines can enhance your items, increase PP gained, or even offer
monetary bonuses. Typically you probably won't want to hold onto magazines 
until you have six or seven slots of inventory so you can still carrey food
and spare weapons. Keeping one slot open will also allow you to grab large or
interactive object (such as picking people up) throughout the game. If you 
have a magazine and it is not adding any bonuses to what you have or what you
are doing, it's best to drop it and get it again later when you need it. For
example, the Economy magazine gives you a discount on Pawnshops, but you don't
need to carry it around with you unless you are about to make a big purchase.

	An optimum Loadout for Chuck would be: A Defiler, a spiked bat, a LMG,
and 3 Coffee Creamers. Also remember that explosives and blunt objects, while
effective on zombies, may not be as useful as blades or guns on psychopaths.

	Always remember that your weapons will break after a short period, so
avoiding zombies rather than killing them is probably the best method for 
progression. Other than getting PP from Combo Weapons or Special Attacks, the
zombies themselves do not grant any PP. In fact, you only get PP from special
zombie kill counts: 500 PP every 50 Kills and 20,000 PP every 1,000 Kills.

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
   |                                                            	 |
   |	Tip: Stopping to Kill Zombies may be fun, but it's a huge waste  |
   |	of time and doesn't provide any big benefits. Just run by 	 |
   |	zombies unless they are in your way, or crowding around you.	 |
   |_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _|

    2.2 . . . . . Keeping Survivors Alive                              [22liv]

	Running around the mall with a group of terrified people during a
zombie apocalypse can be really annoying when you're trying to keep them all 
alive. The best way to keep them alive is to avoid zombie combat at all costs.
Run past packs of zombies and always take the shortest, quickest route back to
the safe house. There are a few things you can do that will increase the 
longevity of your group.

	First, always carry extra food. If you have extra slots of empty 
inventory and you see food laying around, pick it up. You can always drop it
if you see something better. When survivors take damage, you can usually 
select a food item from your inventory and then hand it to them. This will
restore any damage they have taken from zombies along the way. Don't feed
spoiled or rotten food, or you will have to deal with them puking every few
seconds. Also do not give them multiple alcoholic drinks or you will suffer
the same problem.

	Second, Know where to direct your survivors. You can always tell your
group where to go by holding down Left Trigger and hitting Y. If you need to
stop and heal, or are about to face a psychopath, it's always a good idea to
park the group in a Restroom or similarly zombie-free area until you are ready
to continue. You can also tell them to run forward to exits before you get to
them while you attract/hold off/kill a mob of zombies in the way. Then you can
move through and click on the door as soon as you get close to take the group

	Third, Watch your own fire. Swinging weapons around wildly may be good
for killing zombies, but it's also good for killing survivors. You'll want to
make sure that you avoid friendly fire from explosives, firearms, or wide
arcing melee swings. Learn which weapons are good for straight attacks and 
which weapons are good for sweeping attacks.

	Finally, Arm your survivors. While you can get by most the time
without giving them any weapons, handing them a few guns or swords can help
keep them alive when you can't get over and fight the zombies off of them.
Some Survivors are more proactive in attacking zombies and others are complete
wimps. You don't have to carry extra weapons around with you, but know the 
area that you pick up the survivors from and try to arm them with whatever is
laying around close before you start your run back.

	There is one magazine that might help if you every run by the Bingo
Hall and pick it up. The Magazine: Leadership will make 'survivors much more
effective in Chuck's Party.' I assume this means they will all learn how to
fight after you pick it up. It has also been reported to help some movement-
impared survivors like Dean and Kenneth to move much more quickly on foot.

    2.3 . . . . . Making Money                                         [23mny]

	Money isn't key to completing the main storyline, but it is great to 
have in order to unlock a lot of features in the game such as vehicles. There
are only about three ways to make money in the game. One is to try gambling on
the machines throughout the game. Another is to complete certain rescues that
will reward you for your good work. The last is to run around smashing up ATMs
throughout the game. Each ATM will drop $2,500 when you smash it and they
usually come in pairs. If you need cash, just keep an eye out and start 
smashing each ATM you come across. If you make a Hacker weapon and use it to
destroy an ATM or a slot machine, it will drop four times the amount of cash.
	You can get money a fourth way by playing the Terror Is Reality games
online and then saving your winning back to your character, but waiting in
queue to get a game started may be a little bit boring for most people. Then
you also have to deal with compeditive players and hope you score enough to
make a decent amount of money. 

	There are three Gambling Magazines you can get in the game which will
each add 100% to your winnings for a total bonus of 400%. That means if you
play slots you can win five times the amount as normal. One magazine is in
the Royal Flush Plaza book store and another is in the Palisades Mall book
store. The last one can be found in the Shamrock Casino found on the Silver
Strip. Also, any slot machine with cash in front of it seems to be broken and
you can use it up to five times before you will have a chance to lose. Usually
they give $300 a win, but with all the books and five wins in a row, you can
snag $7,500 from each slot machine with cash in front of it. The tough part is
fighting off the zombies since flashing lights attract them.

	I'm not sure why, but it seems when you have all 3 books, you get an
additional bonus to amount won as well as an apparent increase in chances to
win at all gambling games (including poker with NPCs). The fastest way to make
money reported so far is to grab the 3 books, then head to the Slot Ranch 
Casino. Play the Giant Video Slot over and over for a net win of almost a
million dollars every half hour.

Slot Machines:		Payout	      1 Book        2 Books	   3 Books
--------------------	------	    -----------    -----------    -----------

Barnyard Bonanza 	$300		$600		$900		$1500 
Burning Rubber 		$600		$1200		$1800		$3000 
Cash Diet 		$500		$1000		$1500		$2500
Doctor Green 		$400		$800		$1200		$2000
King's Crown 		$300		$600		$900		$1500 
Lucky Lapdance 		$300		$600		$900		$1500 
Mega Man 		$1000		$2000		$3000		$5000
Monster Moolah 		$400		$800		$1200		$2000 
Reel it In 		$300		$600		$900		$1500
Roaring Engines 	$300		$600		$900		$1500 
Sugar Daddy		$300		$600		$900		$1500
Trouble with Turkeys 	$300		$600		$900		$1500 
Yachts of Fun 		$800		$1600		$2400		$4000

    2.4 . . . . . Useful Items                                         [24itm]


	Some useful weapons to grab in Royal Flush Plaza and carry around with
your through most of the game are the Defiler, Knife Gloves, and Laser Sword.

	The Defiler is simple to make, just grab a Fire Axe from the Safe House and a
sledge hammer on the way to RFP. The jump attack can stun or stagger most
psychopaths, and once you get the combo card, holding down the attack and 
pushing into the direction of your target will make Chuck spin in a deadly
cyclone of death. 
	The Knife Gloves can be made by combining Boxing Gloves out of The 
Man's Sport and the Bowie Knife off of the Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow news
stand roof. These Gloves are nice and fast and do good damage. Each swipe will
usually kill zombies in one hit and it is good for fighting psychopaths as 

	The Laser Sword can be made by grabbing a Flashlight from one of the
looters and combining it with some Gems taken from Marriage Makers or Eternal
Timepieces. It is great for chopping through hordes of zombies because it 
slices them to pieces and does good damage against Psychos. Its only drawback
is when you have Survivors, the wide attack arc swings back and hits them 
quite often as they try to catch up to you.

	You will also want to know where the locations of all the LMGs are
because a single one of these guns can usually bring even a Psychopath to his
knees. The easiest one to grab can be found on the Platinum Strip on top of 
the awning to S102: Cash Gordon's Casino. Just climb up using the vending 
machines to the left of the entrance. A second LMG can be found in the 
Palisades Mall behind a palm tree in the Pool Bar about halfway down the
slide. The third LMG can be found on top of the huge statue in the middle of
the main floor in the Yucatan Casino in the same place where a dose of Zombrex
is found. You can only pick up one LMG at a time and if you enter a zone with
one already, a fresh one will not spawn. It is very useful to have one in your
inventory at all times in case you need that extra boost of firepower.


	Coffee Creamer seems to be everywhere for some reason. God knows why
there is so much more Creamer than actual coffee in this game, but it heals
for 4 bars which is double of most foods. You can easily grab three of these
from The Dark Bean each time you come out of the safe house and a couple more
laying around on the floor of the Royal Flush Plaza.

	Other big healing Foods are Wine, Lobster, Fish, and Steak. They can
be found scattered around and are good to keep in your inventory. When you 
have taken a little bit of damage, try to eat the weaker extra foods laying 

	Painkillers can easily be made at any blender by mixing two alcoholic
beverages together (except beer and something else which gives randomizer).
Painkillers not only restore a full 6 bars, but for a short time actually
reduce the amount of damage you take from attacks.

	Repulse can also be made at blending stations, most easily at the
Atlantica Casino. Mix Beans with one of the other drinks around and you will
usually end up with a Repulse. This also heals for 6 bars and in addition will
make zombies ignore you for a short period of time so you can just run through
them all.


	The most useful magazine I ever found was in the Yucatan Casino's 
Y101: Baron Von Brathaus. You will find Magazine: Health 2 at the end of the 
bar. While carrying it, all your healing items will count double.

	If you grab the Magazine: Rescue from the Arena Security office, all
the survivors you rescue will give you a 25% PP boost, helping you rapidly 
gain levels.

	When you do finally buy stuff from the pawn shops, you're going to
want grab the two Economy magazines. You can find Economy 1 in the Americana
Casino where the zombrex is located. The Economy 2 Magazine is in the Food
Court up on the roof of Speedy Expresso past where you grab Jasper. With both
these magazines you can save 20% on all purchases from the pawn shop. This 
will drop the cost of the Knight Boots or the SUV from $2,000,000 to
$1,600,000 and save you a nice chunk of change.

	If you do have any extra slots of inventoy available, grabbing a 
Magazine: Combat will add 10% PP from everything you will with weapons. You 
can carry up to 3 of the Combat Magazines as well. They are useful for 
passively gaining extra PP.

                        [Section 3] . . . Walkthrough                  [3walk]

	For the purposes of this walkthrough, the goal is to save all the 
survivors. There -is- limited time, so you will have to move fast and force 
yourself not to wander around unless you have no open cases or survivors to 
get. While you can easily complete this without being level 50, being a 
higher level 30+ will make it much easier than starting at level 1, especially
for the running speed of Chuck. 

	To playtest my own walkthrough I started a Lvl 1 character and ran
through the game doing exactly what my guide said. I was able to complete it
without a ridiculous amount of difficulty. On a single play through I got:

2299 Zombies Killed
65 Survivors Saved
$1,405,500 Money Earned
4,445,005 Total PP
Lvl 47

	Each Survivor will have () next to their name with the number 
representing the numerical order they are rescued. The game begins with 11 
already safe, so if you're going for any of the achievements, you will have to 
subtract 11 from the number displayed in your notebook. For example, if your 
notebook says 31 safe, then you have rescued 20 people. You need to grab 50 
for the survivor achievement (61 in notebook).  Psychopaths will have {} next 
to their names in much the same way, order of appearance. Each trip away from 
the Safe House will have a [] in front of the paragraph as a little bookmark. 
After the bookmark will be a list of the 'missions' completed before the next
return to the safe house. These bookmarks are also a good place to save.

	To Save ALL the survivors it will cost you as well. By the end of the 
game you will have given the survivors a total of 3 Steaks, 7 Zombrex, 2 
Drinks, 1 Gun, 1 Food, 1 Stack of Plates, 1 Cement Saw, 1 Tuxedo and $135,000. 
This guide will help you grab all the items on the way to the survivors, 
except for the money. The best way to get the money up is either to know where 
ATMs are and hit them all along the way, or play TIR online. Two of the 
survivors will also give you a huge chunk of cash, just make sure you save it 

    3.1 . . . . . Prologue                                             [31pro]

--> Get to the Green Room
--> Outbreak

	Welcome to Terror Is Reality, the no holds bared zombie killing 
extravaganza. The cut scene leads up to the last event in a TIR show where 
Chuck has to use his chainsaw-cycle to mow down as many zombies as possible. 
However you finish this event will have little or no impact on the rest of the 
game, but should you complete in 1st place, you will be awarded $10,000 and
5000 PP. Second place is $5,000 and Third is $3,000. The AI opponents aren't
really too bright, except for the green cyclist, Leon. The best strategy is to
drive back and forth while aiming for zombies with pink balloons on their 

	After the event, TK will bring Chuck (or the winner) up on stage for 
another little cut scene before the walking part of the game begins. Chuck 
will start in the locker room after the match and it will be 12:00AM (with 
time somehow stopped). Run down the hallway and stop by the bathroom to save, 
then head further down to the elevator. Another cut scene will start in the 
elevator with the sound of an explosion and Chuck will have to crawl his way 
out of the disabled elevator. Head down the hall then take a right. The Green 
Room will be the last door on the left. Once you get into the room, you will 
need to grab Katey and head our of the building. Once you make it to the 
outside, another cut scene will start and you will regain control inside a 
bunker-like Safe House built for zombie emergencies.


--> Find Katey Zombrex

	Katey will need Zombrex before 7:00 AM so you will need to head out 
and get her some. I would suggest grabbing an axe or two from the hallway 
right outside the Security Room, then heading down to the air duct. As you 
proceed out, you will get a call on your transceiver telling you where to get 
some Zombrex. Get yourself armed up and head over to R109: Roy's Mart. Once 
inside you will be assaulted by a trio of looters. Quickly dispatch them and 
you will get the pharmacy key. Hop over the counter and use the key to get 
into a room where you can get Katey's Zombrex as well as some healing foods. 
On the way out, don't forget to stop and talk to Denyce (1). She will join you 
with no problems, so head back to the safe house immediately with her.

(1) 5000 PP Join, 10000 PP Escort


--> King of the Jungle

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
|									|
|	Note: On the way to the Casino, you can grab additional Steaks  |
|       to tame Snowflake with if you are having trouble. Simply litter |
|	the ground in front of you with a half dozen steaks before the  |
|	tiger charges and move yourself so that the pile of steaks is   |
|       between you and the tiger. You can get 3 steaks from the Wild   |
|       West Grill, one from Cuccina Donnacci, and one or two from      |
|       Baron's restaraunt inside the Casino.                           |
|_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _|

	The Next step is to head up to the Yucatan Casino. As soon as you 
enter, a cut scene will start and you will be attacked by Ted {1} and 
Snowflake. First off, take out Ted. He's slow so it should be easy with a few 
strong melee hits up close. Avoid hitting Snowflake throughout the fight so 
you will be able to tame her after Ted goes down. When Ted does go down, grab 
the 3 Steaks laying about in the left side of the Tiger Habitat. One will be 
on a rock, the other two will be up on the platform. 

	To Tame Snowflake, you will need to keep her in your sight and keep 
zombies off your back. She will usually roar right before she charges. When 
you see her do this, get ready to throw a steak at her. You should throw it 
immediately after she starts to charge towards you and before she gets half 
way to you. She will stop and eat the steak, then run off again. The timing 
can be tricky, but keep at it until you have fed her 3 steaks. If you do it 
right, Snowflake the Tiger (2) will join you.

	Now that Ted and Snowflake are taken care of, head over to the Front 
Desk. Hop over and go into the door to find Lenny. Remember the guy who ran 
off at the start of the cut scene? Talk to him and he'll 'show you how to turn 
on the slot machines.' Follow him around until he head into the maintenance 
room, then click on the control panel to turn on all the machines. Lenny (3) 
will happily join you. Head back to the Safe House by 8:00 AM to give Katey 
her Zombrex and turn in your survivors. At this point you don't have to worry 
about time because no matter if you get back at 7:00 AM or 7:59 AM, the next 
cut scene will fast forward the clock to 9:00 AM.

{1} 15000 PP Kill
(2) 15000 PP Join, 30000 PP Escort, 5000 Gift
(3) 10000 PP Join, 20000 PP Escort
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
|									|
|	Note: If You want to get Come on! Follow me! achievement,	|
|	leave Lenny behind for now, and pick him up as you come back    |
|       around With the Survivors from Lost... and Welcome to the       |
|       Family. Also Skip the Big-Boned Woman until coming back. Just   |
|       before getting back to the safe house you should have: Chad,    |
|       Dorris, Jack, Kenneth, Lenny, Esther, Gordon, and LaShawndra    |
|       (rescued in that order)                                         |
|_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _|

    3.2 . . . . . Case 1                                               [32cas]


--> Give Katey Zombrex 1
--> Case 1-1: Big News
--> Big Boned Woman

	Case 1-1 only requires you to get to the Safe House by 8:00AM and will 
begin Case 1-2 Right after a cut scene. As soon as you head out of the Safe 
House and the Maintenance Tunnels, you will stumble across a distressed black 
lady atop The Dark Bean. For now, ignore her, instead head right into R101: 
Casual Gals and go chat up Gordon (4). Once he joins you head to R120: The 
Dark Bean and LaShawndra (5) to give her a good talking. Since you're so close 
to the safe house, just head back in take them to safety.

(4) 5000 PP Join, 10000 PP Escort
(5) 5000 PP Join, 10000 PP Escort


 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
|                                                                     |
|	Note: If you want to Maximize your PP earned, grab the        |
|	Magazine: Rescue out of the Security Office 1-3 ends in and   |
|	keep it in your inventory for the rest of the game.           |
|_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _|

--> Case 1-2: Alive on Location
--> Case 1-3: Insecurity
--> Lost...
--> Short Sighted

	Now Head straight over to the Fortune City Hotel and you'll start 
another cut scene which will close Case 1-2. Talk to Rebecca to start Case 1-
3. Follow her into the South Plaza and talk to her again infront of the 
Restroom so that she will continue on. She will head all the way over to the 
Arena where you will go into the security office and view another cutscene. 
This will complete Case 1-3 and start Case 1-4.

	With Rebecca gone now, head out the front doors of the Arena onto the 
Platinum Strip. You will see Dorris on top of S101: TIR Souvenir Kiosk, but 
ignore her for now and run down to S106: Dining at Davey's where you should 
see Chad (6) around somewhere. Once you get him to join you, run back down to 
the Kiosk and grab Dorris (7).

	For the final leg of this shuttle run, you'll need to head back to 
Fortune Park and head into Royal Flush Plaza. Up the stairs and inside R209: 
Children's Castle you'll find Esther (8). She takes a bit of talking to join, 
but isn't any hassle after that. Grab here and run over to the Safe House 
while here.

(6) 5000 PP Join, 10000 PP Escort
(7) 5000 PP Join, 10000 PP Escort
(8) 5000 PP Join, 10000 PP Escort


--> Case 1-4: Alliance
--> Welcome to the Family

	Before you leave, head into the Security Room and finish up Case 1-4. 
The next set of survivors are all the way across the mall.  You're going to 
have to haul ass over to the Palisades Mall and get to the store P107: Shanks. 
Walk over to Jack (9) and give him a firm talking to, then him and Kenneth 
(10) will both join you. On the way back across the mall, go ahead and drop 
these two off at the Safe House.

(9)  8000 PP Join, 16000 PP Escort
(10) 8000 PP Join, 16000 PP Escort


--> Worker's Compensation
--> Lucious Lady

	You should have 3 survivors ready for pickup in the Americana Casino 
by now, if not, slow down and go play the Golf Game in SporTrance until 2:00 
PM. Once Worker's Compensation and Lucious Lady are up, run to the Americana 
Casino and head left. You'll find two people barricaded up between a couple of 
slot machines. Hop over and slap Stuart around a little bit until he calms 
down. Just make sure you're bare handed. You don't want to kill some one 
you're trying to save. After a few punches, Stuart (11) and Brittany (12) will 
join you. Head back up near the exit to Royal Flush Plaza, but stop in the 
Security  Room first. You'll get a nice view of Kristin (13) sharing her 
lunch with the world and then she'll join. You have to carry her, so head back 
to the Safe House now.

(11) 6000 PP Join, 12000 PP Escort
(12) 5000 PP Join, 10000 PP Escort
(13) 5000 PP Join, 10000 PP Escort


--> Meet the Contestants
--> One Man's Trash
--> Brains Over Brawn
--> Barn Burners
--> Chuck the Role Model

	If you did the last step quickly, you probably have about an hour or 
so before the next call comes. This is a very good time to head out to the 
Platinum Strip and do Meet the Contestants. After you start the event, Leon 
will Peel out and head over to Fortune Park. On your way to confront him, stop 
by S105: Moe's Maginations and clear out One Man's Trash. Once you've finished 
off Leon {2}, you'll have access to the motocycle bay which is nice.

	Around 3:30 PM, Brains Over Brawn will start and you'll want to head 
down to the South Plaza to rescue a bunch of dorks. They're wimps, so arming 
them doesn't really do any good. Talk to John (14) and Kevin (15), Brian (16), 
and Curtis (17) will join you.

	Barn Burners will start at 5:00 PM, so you can head up from the South 
Plaza through the Fortune City Arena and stop in the Backstage Area to grab 2 
more survivors. On the way in, you'll want to grab a Fire Extinguisher to put 
out the fire with. Once the fire is out, head in and talk to Elrod (18) until 
he joins you. Trixie-Lynn (19) will also come along. 

	As you continue northward, stop by the Restroom in the Americana 
Casino to deal with Chuck the Role Model. Before you pass the Women's 
Restroom, you'll want to tell your group to stay back in the corner somewhere 
for their own protection. As soon as you get close to the Men's Restroom a cut 
scene will start. Brandon {3} will leap out from stalls trying to stab you 
with glass, but with practice or a LMG he shouldn't be too tough. Once you 
finish him off, You'll be able to untie Vikki (20) and get her to join your 

	 Now that you have a big group, better head to the safe house and drop 
them off. The next case doesn't start until 7:30 PM, so if you have any spare 
time, feel free to arm up, grab some Zombrex laying around, or play some money 
making games.

{2}  20000 PP Kill
(14) 6000 PP Join, 12000 PP Escort
(15) 6000 PP Join, 12000 PP Escort
(16) 6000 PP Join, 12000 PP Escort
(17) 6000 PP Join, 12000 PP Escort
(18) 5000 PP Join, 10000 PP Escort
(19) 5000 PP Join, 10000 PP Escort
{3}  20000 PP Kill
(20) 10000 PP Join, 20000 PP Escort

    3.3 . . . . . Case 2                                               [33cas]


--> Case 2-1: Signs of Life
--> Case 2-2: Ticket to Ride
--> Once Bitten

	All you have to do to complete Case 2-1 is to be in the Safe House 
Security Room at 7:30. This will start Case 2-2. Before more Survivors start 
popping up, you'll want to get this taken care of. Head out of the Safe House 
and up through Slot Ranch Casino. While there, head to the stage on the left 
and get back stage. Up in the corner is a dose of Zombrex you'll want to grab. 
Jump and climb up the boxes to get to the Zombrex then continues up through 
the Food Court and into the Yucatan Casino.

	In the Yucatan Casino, if you head to the center of the main floor, 
there is a huge statue that you can climb. Climb to the top and you will find 
another box of Zombrex as well as a LMG if you want it. You should now have 2 
Zombrex. Keep moving along to the Palisades Mall. Right across from the 
Yucatan Casino entrance is the door to the underground. Above the door is a 
nice bright orange sign. Head into the underground and get ready for another 
cut scene.

	After the cut scene you will have to fight a couple of mercenaries, 
then another cut scene will start. After this cut scene, you'll be on a 
motorcycle and you need to catch up to the train. I suggest riding along the 
inside corners until you overtake the train, then use a nicely placed ramp to 
jump up onto the train car. Once you land you'll have to fight through a 
couple of mercenaries until you get to the head car. Once you open the door on 
that car you'll get one more cut scene and finish up Case 2-2.

	About the time you finish up 2-2, around 8:00 PM, Once Bitten will 
appear and you'll need to get back to Royal Flush Plaza with that Zombrex you 
just grabbed then get to R202: Wily Travels. There will be a guy on the floor 
in there who wants some Zombrex. Give Jared (21) the Zombrex and then carry 
him back to the Safe House.

(21) -1 Zombrex 10000 PP Join, 20000 PP Escort


--> Code Blue

	You can go ahead and make your way over to the Silver Strip because 
around 10:00PM, Code Blue should be up. Go to N102: One Little Duck Bingo and 
you will find Sven (22) trying to resucitate a dead Tim Duggan. Just chat with 
him and he'll join you. Once you've got Sven, you might as well take him back 
to the Safe House until Tastes Like Chicken starts. He will give you another 
dose of Zombrex, bringing you back up to 2.

(22) 11000 PP Join, 22000 PP Escort, +1 Zombrex


--> Tastes Like Chicken

	Head through the Slot Ranch Casino towards the Food Court and climb up 
the vending machines to the right of the doors leading to Yucatan Casino so 
that you can get up to Jasper (23) who is on top of F105: Hamburger Fiefdom. 
Then go step into F102: Cucina Donnacci to start Tastes Like Chicken. Chase 
after Antoine {4} and melee him while he's trying to heal to keep the fight 
from taking too long. After he is dead, don't forget to go into the 
restaraunt's back room and grab Cinda (24). Make sure you have Jasper or she 
won't join. Get these two back to the Safe House and wait until 3:00 AM for 
Industrial Fashion.

(23) 5000 PP Join, 10000 PP Escort
{4}  20000 PP Kill
(24) 10000 PP Join, 20000 PP Escort


--> Industrial Fashion

	Now you just need to make your way down to the South Plaza and pick up 
two more survivors. When you get there, talk to Willa (25) first and carry her 
over to Terri (26). Since you have to carry Willa, it's a good idea to head 
back to the Safe House again and drop them off.

(25) 6000 PP Join, 12000 PP Escort
(26) 5000 PP Join, 10000 PP Escort


--> Rock Heroes

	The next pick up is kinda fun. Head out to the Silver Strip and get up 
on that big stage where there should be a trio of 'Rock Heroes'. Just give 
Jeanna (27) a talking to then her, Floyd (28), and Allen (29) will join up. No 
rush right now, just get them back to the Safe House before 7:00 AM so you can 
give Katey her Zombrex dose.

(27) 7000 PP Join, 14000 Escort
(28) 7000 PP Join, 14000 Escort
(29) 7000 PP Join, 14000 Escort


--> Give Katey Zombrex 2
--> Dedicated Shoppers

	After you get Katey her Zombrex dose, find something to keep yourself 
busy until 8:00 AM. At that time, a trio of dedicated shoppers will appear in 
R207: Kathy's Space. Chat with Erica (30) until she asks you to pick up her 
stuff, then grab the Shopping Valuables and her, Rosa (31) and Bessie (32) 
will join up. Since you have to carry this crap to keep them following you, 
don't use it to attack zombies and head back to the Safe House immediately.

	There shouldn't be anything else to do until 10:00 AM, so restock your 
supplies and maybe run through the casinos smashing ATMs for money.

(30) 17000 Join, 34000 Escort
(31) 17000 Join, 34000 Escort
(32) 17000 Join, 34000 Escort

    3.4 . . . . . Case 3                                               [34cas]


--> Case 3-1: Boom Town
--> Case 3-2: Run for the Money
--> Wilted Flower

	Case 3-1 will complete just with you being in the Safe House Control 
room after 10:00 AM. Case 3-2 will begin after the cut scene. If you're quick, 
you should be able to get to all the vaults and disable all the drills before 
the next survivor even pops up around 4:00 PM, but don't waste too much time, 
because as soon as you destroy the van at the end of 3-2, an important 
survivor will pop up.

	With your best weaponry and some food, head to the Americana Casion 
Cashier and kill all the Mercs, then disable the drill. Two or three Defiler 
hits from spinning attacks will make short work of those drills. Next head to 
the Slot Ranch Casino's Cashier and do the same. Stop by the food court to get 
some more food, then go into the Yucatan Casino to take out the last group of 
Mercs drilling in the Cashier room.

	After these three groups have been dealt with, a 4th group will spawn 
with a van right beside the Atlantica Casino in Fortune Park. You will need to 
destroy the van to finish the Case. Killing the mercs is optional, but makes 
it easier to take out the van, especially with the guns they drop.

	You should finish a bit after noon. Case 3-2 will close, but shortly 
after you will get Wilted Flower. Head to the Palisades Mall, but along the 
way, grab a Drink to put in your inventory. Once you have a Drink, go to P109: 
The Venus Touch and go through the door in the back. You should see a very 
pink Linette (33) to your right. Go talk to her and give her the drink you 
picked up, then she will join you. The catch is that you have to carry her 
back. luckily, she knows a shortcut. Head out and up the stairs, then get to 
P203: Brand New U. In the back there is a dressing room that will lead you 
back to the Restroom in Royal Flush Plaza. Once there, carry Linnete back to 
the Safe House.

(33) 9000 PP Join, 18000 PP Escort


--> Everyone Knows Slappy
--> Here Comes the Groom

	After that big adventure, there's actually a nice lul in the activity 
department. A smart thing to do would be to use this time to go kill Slappy, 
a.k.a. Brent {5}. You'll find him in the Palisades Mall right next to P209: 
Kids' Choice Clothing. Just click on the bloody mascot in front to activate 
the fight.

	When 5:00 PM rolls around, your next distress call activates. Make 
your way to the Silver Strip and get into N101: Swept Away. Inside you'll find 
a sick wedding nightmare between Randy and Danni. Once you knock off Randy 
{6}, Danni (33) will join and you can head back to the Safe House.

{5}  20000 PP Kill
{6}  30000 PP Kill
(33) 15000 PP Join, 30000 PP Escort


--> Par for the Course

	More Waiting until 8:00 PM. I would suggest grabbing a Queen for this 
next one. When Par for the Course starts, you can head to Royal Flush Plaza's 
R112: SporTrance and find Luz (34) surrounded by zombies. Throw the queen at 
her and then quickly talk to her before more zombies get inside. Run her back 
to the Safe House.

(34) 15000 PP Join, 30000 PP Escort


--> Big Winner

	The next survivor appears at 8:00 PM with no call. Go ahead and head 
over to the Restroom and use the shortcut to Palisades Mall. Go to the Water 
Bar and grab the LMG hidden in the bushes half way down the slide if you don't 
already have one. Then head down through Atlantica Casino and out to Fortune 
Park. Coming through this way will prevent your Survivor spawning surrounded 
by a zombie horde. As soon as you step outside you will see Janus (36) hanging 
around with a suitcase full of cash. He will only join you if you have a gun, 
which you picked up in the mall. Now take him back to the safe house and enjoy 
a nice cash reward of $70,000. It's kind of weird too since if you kill him 
and take the suitcase from him it only has $50,000 in it. I guess he gives you
all the money in the case and then some from his secret stash...

(36) 15000 PP Join, 30000 PP Escort $70,000


--> Stuart's Scheme - 10000 PP Fulfillment

	If you haven't gotten it already, Stuart's Scheme will start around 
9:30 PM and you'll need to get to the Safe House and talk him out of a mutiny. 
After that's resolved, just restock and goof around. The next case starts in 
the Yucatan Casino, not the Safe House, so make sure you're near there. While
waiting for the next case, you should also try to make money from ATMs or slot
machines to add to that $70,000 you just got until you're up to $100,000.

    3.5 . . . . . Case 4                                               [35cas]


--> Case 4-1: The Source
--> Mail Order Zombrex
--> Hunger Pains

	When 11:00 PM rolls around, you need to be inside or near Y102: Shoal 
Nightclub. Hopefully you stocked up first, because when Case 4-1 starts, you 
have a two boss fight and all the 'food' on the floor is likely to make you 
puke through most the fight if you drink more than two of them. You only have 
to kill one of the girls, so focus you attacks and avoid the other.

	After the fight with Amber {7} and Crystal {8}, you should get a call 
for Mail Order Zombrex. Heal up and weapon up again, then use the Palisades 
shortcut to get back to Royal Flush Plaza. In front of R103: The Man's Sport 
you will see a broken down mail cart. Clicking on the cart will initiate the 
battle with Carl {9}, but after defeating him you will get another dose of 
Zombrex, bringing your total back up to 2.

	Feel Free to screw around until 2:00 AM, at which time you will need 
to grab some Food and head out to the Platinum Strip and go to S106: Dining at 
Davey's. Inside you will find Richard (37) starving and he will only join you 
if you feed him. Once fed, he will happily follow you back to the Safe House. 
Once you get him back he surprises you with a random dose of Zombrex as a 
reward. I guess he couldn't eat that...

{7}{8} 35000 PP Kill
{9} 20000 PP Kill
(37) -1 Food 9000 PP Join, 18000 PP Escort +1 Zombrex


--> Tournament of Idiots
--> Fetching Females

	With $100,000 and all due haste, first head to R212: Ragazines. There, 
pick up the Gambling 1 Magazine, then head to the Restroom and Save it. You 
may need to reload this a few times if you run out of time or fail to win the 
upcoming poker match. 

	Next head through the short cut to Palisades Mall and run over to 
P206: Stan's Large Print Books and Magazines to grab the Gambling 2 Magazine. 
I'm not sure, but from experience I'm pretty certain these help with the Poker 

	Now get Chuck to the Atlantica Casino Poker Room. Inside you will see 
Nevada (38), Jacob (39), and Jessica (40). Talk to all of them and then click 
the table. They will only join you if you knock all three of them out of a 
poker game and win the $1,000,000 prize. Playing Poker takes a long time so 
this may actually be the toughest save in the game. Once you've finally won, 
you will probably have a few more survivors to grab.

	For now, take that big cash prize you won and go spend it on some 
escorts. Head back into the Palisades Mall and over to the Pool Bar. On the 
second floor you will find Cora (41), Summer (42), and Nina (43), but they 
will only join you if you fork over $10,000. Once you've paid them, head to 
the Short Cut in P203: Brand New U and get to the Safe House before Katey 
zombifies. Ignore WWJWD? for now if it pops up.

(38) +$1,000,000 15000 PP Join, 30000 PP Escort
(39) 15000 PP Join, 30000 PP Escort
(40) 15000 PP Join, 30000 PP Escort
(41) -$10,000 10000 PP Join, 20000 PP Escort
(42) 10000 PP Join, 20000 PP Escort
(43) 10000 PP Join, 20000 PP Escort


--> Bank Run
--> Give Katey Zombrex 3

	If you somehow managed to get back to the Safe House before 5:50 AM, 
you may actually want to do this before you get Katey her Zombrex. Head up to 
the Slot Ranch Casino as soon as you get Bank Run. At the ATM right next to 
the corridor to the Food Court you should run across Woodrow (44). He will 
join you, but only after he's collected from all four of the ATMs here. Just 
follow him and keep zombies off of him. Before you leave the Food Court, it is 
Important that you grab some Plates from F103: Cheesecake Mania and keep these 
in your inventory for a little while. Once he's gotten his money, you can head 
back to the safe house and give Katey her Zombrex, dropping you back down to 2 
total. For rescuing Woodrow you get $50,000, but if you kill him and take his
case he'll only give you $1,800.

(44) 25000 PP Join, 50000 PP Escort $50,000


--> Inventive Weaponry
--> Redneck Snipers
--> WWJWD?
--> Slave to Fashion

	Before you head back out, stop by the Restroom and get down to your 
underwear. You'll need to be naked for an upcoming call. You going to want to 
head to the Maintenance Room next to the Sports Car and get to the
underground. Use a golf cart to drive across to the underground entrance to
the Palisades Mall. At the Maintenance room before you head up, you will find
some Plates laying on the ground in front of the door, and a Cement Saw inside
the room. Grab them both and then carry them up into the Palisades Mall to 
P110: KokoNutz Sports Town. In the back of the store will be a once locked 
door that now reads 'Tape it or Die.' Head into the room and you'll find four 
people hosting a website from within the mall. First talk to Lance until he 
tells you to go talk to Wallace. Then head over to Wallace and he'll say 
something about making a prototype zombie killing weapon. Hand him the Cement 
Saw and then the Plates you picked up earlier and he'll give you a combo card 
for the Plate Launcher. This is also important because if you don't do this, 
you won't be able to rescue these people at the end of the game.

	Now that that is taken care of, You'll want to grab some psycho 
killing gear and wait until 9:00 AM somewhere inside. After 9:00 AM, head out 
to Fortune Park or the Platinum Strip and you should get a cutscene with a 
group of redneck snipers who are complaining about the government. They're all 
on the rooftops, so you need to climb up some ladders to get to them. Luckily 
you can kill them one by one instead of all at once like the snipers in the 
previous game.

	To the left of the Entrance to the Slot Ranch Casino, you should find 
an alcove with a ladder leading to the roof. Go up there and beat down Johnny 
{10} for an achievement if you haven't already gotten it. While up there, grab 
his food to heal yourself before heading to the next sniper. 

	Straight across from the Slot Ranch Casino, next to N110: Hot 
Excitorama is an alley you can go down and take the door on the right. Head 
all the way down the hallway to another set of doors and go inside to find 
another ladder. Head up the ladder and you will find Derrick {11} on top. Kill 
him and take his food just like you did with Johnny. Every sniper is basically 
the same fight.

	Now run across Fortune Park to the stairs leading into the Platinum 
Strip. On the left side there should be a building under construction with Big 
Earl {12} hiding up on the second level. You can climb the crates to get up to 
him and beat him down as well. 

	The last psycho is going to be on top of the movie theatre. Head to 
the  Alley between S102: Cash Gordon's Casino and S103: Juggz Bar & Grill to 
find a ladder off to your right. Head up and finish up the snipers by killing 
Deetz {13}.

	With the rednecks outside down, it's time to take down the hill billy 
inside. Go over to the Fortune City Hotel Entrance and run past the whining 
girl into the South Plaza. The first big set of scaffolding in the center area 
should trigger a cut scene as you approach it. There you will find Seymour 
{14} and have to take him down. Once he's dead, head to the store labeled 
'American Undies' to the lower left on your map. Inside you should find Ray 
(45) screaming like a baby. Talk him down now that you've taken care of 
	Now with Ray in tow, head back towards the Fortune City Hotel 
elevators and talk to Europa (46). Being naked like I told you to be earlier, 
she should join you with no problem, but you will have to carry her, so head 
all the way back to the safe house and dump her off now.

{10} 20000 PP Kill
{11} 20000 PP Kill
{12} 20000 PP Kill
{13} 20000 PP Kill
{14} 20000 PP Kill
(45) 12000 PP Join, 24000 PP Escort
(46) 9000 PP Join, 18000 PP Escort


--> Chemical Dependency - 60,000 PP
--> Art Appreciation

	Around 12:00 noon, if you haven't already gotten Chemical Dependency, 
you will now. Before you head out of the Safe House, you need to stop by the 
break room and give Jared another dose of Zombrex. You don't want him going 
zombie and killing your survivors. This should drop you down to 1 dose left 
unless you've picked up spares.

	Now head out to the Restroom and take the shortcut to Palisades Mall 
and you'll need to bring $3,000 to P210: The Cleroux Collection. Hopefully you 
haven't spent all your winnings yet. Go inside and you'll see Randolf (47) 
crying over his poor art sales. Give him the cash and cheer him up, then he'll 
join you. Head back to the Safe House before you go for the next Survivor.

(47) 20000 PP Join, 60000 PP

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
|									|
|	Note: If you're going for the Father of the Year Achievement,	|
|	you're going to need to grab the Funny Painting and bring 	|
|	it back to the safe house with you, undamaged. -No zombie	|
|	smashing with it-						|
|_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _|


--> Shell Shocked

	Head out from the safe house to A103: The American Historium in the 
Americana Casino. You might want to grab a Queen or two along the way. You 
will find Dean (48) fending off some zombies with a hand gun. After you get 
him to join, you're going to have to grab one of those Wheelchairs right 
outside and get him to sit in it, or this will take way too long. Use the 
Queen to clear zombies out long enough to get him into the Wheelchair. 

	You can't carry his slow ass, and if you have another survivor with 
you, the faster one will annoyingly sit in your Wheelchair time after time. 
Get Dean ALONE. Once he's in the Wheelchair, head back through the casino, 
avoiding zombies until you get to the Royal Flush Plaza entrance. Stop pushing 
the chair, but pick it up so you can carry it into the next zone. Once loaded 
you can put it back down and Wheel Dean across the next 250 feet to the Safe 
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
|									|
|	Tip: If Dean is driving you mad and you actually have spare     |
|	inventory space, you can grab the Leadership Magazine from the  |
|	Bingo Hall and take it with you. It will allow Dean to haul ass |
|_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _|

(48) 22000 PP Join, 44000 PP Escort


--> Know When to Fold'em
--> One Hit Wonder
--> Bent Wood - 60000 PP Fulfillment, $50,000

	Now head out to towards Fortune Park, but stop by R110: Modern 
Businessman to put on a Tuxedo. Besides, if you're still naked you should get 
dressed again. Now head out the exit to N106: Shamrock Casino with $25,000 in 
pocket and start talking to Bill (49). He costs alot to join, but you should 
have enough to grab him and continue on.

	Head towards the Slot Ranch Casino and try to grab a Queen and 
something to Drink along the way. Once inside, head across to the Stage Area. 
It will start a little cut scene. After the scene, hop up on stage with Bibi 
and talk to her. First she'll want that Drink you picked up, so be a nice lad 
and hand it to her. Next she'll talk about how you should be dressed. Seeing 
as you grabbed a Tuxedo on the way over here, she'll love it and be ready to 
start the show.

	Go to the back end of the stage and click the control panel. This will 
start a DDR/Guitar Hero type mini-game. Just make sure you hit the right 
buttons at the right time and she'll be overcome with joy instead of blowing 
up the hostages. After the next cut scene, Cameron (50), Juan (51), and 
Allison (52) will automatically join you. Now use that Queen you picked up 
right on top of Bibi (53). This will clear out all the zombies and allow you 
to talk to her so she will follow you back. You will need to carry Cameron 
because of his leg, so offer him a shoulder and head back to Royal Flush 

	On the way back to the Safe House, you might already have Bent Wood, 
so stop by R112: SporTrance and grab the Golf Club off the floor in front of 
the mini-game. With Club in hand, pick Cameron back up and get to the Safe 

(49) -$25,000 20000 PP Join, 40000 Escort
(50) 15000 PP Join, 30000 PP Escort
(51) 15000 PP Join, 30000 PP Escort
(52) 15000 PP Join, 30000 PP Escort
(53) 40000 Defeat, 20000 PP Join, 40000 PP Escort


--> Stranded Siren

	At the Safe House, don't forget to hand the Golf Club to Luz in the 
Break Room. She will give you a $50,000 cash reward, then you should head back 
out. Stranded Siren should pop up at 6:00 PM and you have just enough time 
before the next case to go grab her. Run down to the Atlantica Casino and make 
your way over to the Giant Clam. Inside the clam will be the mermaid, Tammy 
(54). She doesn't want anything, but needs to be carried because she's naked 
under the mermaid fin. Head back to the Safe House and you should be ready for 
the next case.	

(54) 22000 PP Join, 44000 PP Escort

    3.6 . . . . . Case 5                                               [36cas]


--> Case 5-1: Stake Out
--> Case 5-2: The Getaway - 50000 PP Kill

	Get to the rooftop of the Safe House by 7:00 PM and you'll get a nice 
little cut scene to complete Case 5-1. Since nothing else starts until 8:00 
PM, you should head over to the Fortune City Hotel and complete Case 5-2 now. 
You won't need any more weapons than normal, just enough to take out 4 or 5 
mercs, and some food. Having Empty slots actually makes the next boss fight go 
much faster.

	Use the elevator to get to the Hotel's roof and watch the cutscene, 
then prepare to fight. Just click the button on the crane and hurl Plywood and 
suit cases into the helicopter's rotors while it is down. The helicopter 
explodes and after the cutscene I believe it teleports you back to the safe 


--> Dead or Alive?

	Run out towards the Restroom to use the shortcut to Palisades Mall, 
then hop down to the first floor and you'll see Andy (55) with a shotgun on 
top of some slot machines. While I was in co-op, my friend started 
slaughtering zombies before we talked to him and he blew his brains out, so I 
suggest not killing any zombies until you talk him down. It's alot of talking 
and he says how he's sick of all the blood and violence, but Chuck tells him 
to man up and he joins after a while. Go ahead and use the short cut to get 
back and drop off Andy in the Safe house.

(55) 20000 PP Join, 40000 PP Escort


--> Two's Company

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
   |									 |
   |	Note: If you want to get the Head Trauma Achievement, you need	 |
   |	to grab the Comedy Trophy and hit a zombie or two with it before |
   |	giving it to Royce. Once he has it, he won't give it up.	 |
   |_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _|

	The next pair of survivors won't pop up until 11:00 PM, so in the mean 
time I would suggest going to get one last dose of zombrex. You can find one 
in the Americana Casino by heading over to A101: Bennie Jack's BBQ Shack and 
getting up to the second floor. Looking out over the casino, on the left you 
should see a series of orangish, square lights. You can jump to these and hop 
across the casino using them as platforms. On the other side you will find a 
little pile of cash, a magazine on bargaining, a broad sword, and what you 
came for: Zombrex. This should up your total back to 2 and you shouldn't need 
anymore for the rest of the game.

	Now go find something to do until 11:00 PM when you get Two's Company. 
Run out to the Silver Strip and get to N110: Hot Excitorama. Inside you will 
have to endure two bad comedians telling you horrible jokes and they want you 
to judge who the best is. Give the trophy to Royce (56) and he and Walter (57) 
will join you. If you give it to Walter, you will have to pay Royce $5,000 to 
come along. Head straight back to the safe house and drop these guys off.

(56) 20000 PP Join, 40000 PP Escort
(57) 20000 PP Join, 40000 PP Escort


--> The World's Most Dangerous Trick
--> Family Fued

	At 12:00 Midnight, The World's Most Dangerous Trick will start and 
you'll want to gear up for a tough boss fight, then head to the Atlantica 
Casino. There you will find Reed {15} and Roger {16} performing hideous 
'magic' tricks. After the cut scene battle will begin. You will need to kill 
both of them to end the fight, but I still suggest working them down one at a 
time. Reed is the most annoying, so I usually kill him first, then go after 

	At 2:00 AM, Family Fued will start and you will need to head over to 
the Fortune City Hotel. Use the Elevators to get up to the roof and talk to 
Lillian. She won't join you until you find her mother, so after talking to 
her, head back to the Atlantica Casino and you'll find Camille (58) in the 
front fountain fending off zombies. Help her out and then chat with her, then 
she'll join you. Now run back to the hotel and get up to the roof top to get 
Lillian (59) to join you.

	Instead of running across the strip to get back, if you take these two 
up through the Palisades Mall, you can grab the Peace Art from P210: The 
Cleroux Collection for an upcoming survivor request. It looks like a small 
potted plant, so don't let the name confuse you. Once you grab it, take 
Lillian and Camille back through the short cut and to the Safe House.

{15}{16} 50000 PP Kill
(58) 22000 PP Join, 44000 PP Escort
(59) 22000 PP Join, 44000 PP Escort


--> Fortune City Botany Club - 10000 PP Fulfillment
--> Ante Up - 5000 PP each Elimination
--> Give Katey Zombrex 4

	With the plant in hand, you can goof around until 4:00 AM when you get 
Fortune City Botany Club, then head to the Break Room and hand Vikki the 
plant. There's no more to do until Katey needs her Zombrex, so I suggest 
finishing off Ante Up to pass time. Just head to the room with survivors and 
play some Texas Hold'em Poker for a while. 

	Make sure to give Katey her zombrex dose before 7:59 AM, but other 
than that, just sit back and wait to be rescued.

    3.7 . . . . . Case 6                                               [37cas]


--> Case 6-1: Help Arrives
--> Case 6-2: Last Stand
--> Case 6-3: Lean on Me

	Get to the Security Room by 9:00 AM to watch a cutscene and finish
Case 6-1. When that is over, you'll need to head out and save Rebecca. Watch
out for the 'special' zombies too, they are a bit more aggressive. The path I 
suggest taking is to head for the motorcycle in front of the Fortune City 
Arena, then riding it across the Strip to right behind N105: Luaii Wauwii 
where the ramp to the underground is now open. You should be able to ride your 
bike all the way to the spot where Case 6-2 takes you and starts the next cut 

	After the cut scene, you will have a fight with Sgt. Boykin {17} which 
can be a little annoying, but isn't too tough. Completing the fight will start 
Case 6-3. After the fight, grab Rebecca and take her into the tunnels to one 
of the Golf Carts. If you drive carefully, you should be able to take the cart 
all the way to the Royal Flush Plaza access ladder. If it starts to smoke, 
look for one of the four Golf Carts along the way and swap over to it. Once 
you get to the ladder, get out and pick up the Wheelchair right there. With 
the Wheelchair in hand, go up and open the doors into the mall. As long as 
you're not too slow, you Should be able to drop the chair and get Rebecca into 
it so that you can dash across the plaza and into the safe house. If it's 
tough, using a queen will clear normal zombies and stun 'special' zombies long 
enough for you to get Rebecca seated.

{17} 50000 PP Kill


--> Case 6-4: Breach

	Once you get Rebecca back to the safe house, there should be a little 
cut scene and a chance to save before Case 6-4 starts. As soon as it starts, 
you'll need to follow the guide arrow to go grab the Spool, Generator, and 
Barrel in order to hack the panel. Don't worry about the survivors right now, 
they are all armed, and for this section seem to have ten times as much 
health. Once you get all the pieces to the panel, click on it and start 
mashing away at the A button. After a couple of seconds the door will close 
and it will start the final cut scene.

    3.8 . . . . . Case 7                                               [38cas]

The Facts


--> Case 7-1: Bad to Worse
--> Give TK Zombrex
--> Case 7-2: The Only Lead
--> Tape It Or Die

	Case 7-1 will automatically resolve at the end of the cut scene, and 
before you leave, you might as well use your last dose of Zombrex on the 
mission that just popped up. You should have also gotten a call from the Tape 
It or Die crew, but don't worry about them just yet, you have plenty of time 
and will want to complete Case 7-3 first to make it alot easier.
	Follow Case 7-2 back down into the underground, I suggest using a 
motorcycle again because it's so damned fast, and you will come across a 
bright flashing panel. Click on the Panel and head inside to take out a few 
more mercs. Once the mercs are down, you can pick up one of the blue guns to 
help deal with 'special' zombies, then head down the back hallway and take a 
right. When you go into the next room, another cut scene will start and then 
you will need to kill the two guys in there. Once they're dead, you will Start 
Case 7-3, but it's now time to get the last 6 survivors. 
	Before going anywhere, grab a Queen or two along with that fancy gun. 
You should be able to take the elevator across the hall now up to the corridor 
between Palisades Mall and the Silver Strip. Once up, head over to P110: 
KokoNutz Sports Town. You'll see the Tape it or Die crew in mortal combat with 
a horde of zombies, drop a queen and use the gun to clear up all the zombies, 
then talk to Wallace (60). Once he joins you, Johnny (61), Gretchen (62), and 
Lance (63) will tag along. Head to the short cut to avoid the strip and drop 
them off back at the safe house.

(60) 25000 PP Join, 50000 PP Escort
(61) 25000 PP Join, 50000 PP Escort
(62) 25000 PP Join, 50000 PP Escort
(63) 25000 PP Join, 50000 PP Escort


--> Case 7-3: What Lies Beneath
--> Abandoned Soldiers

	Time to save the last two survivors. While heading out, try to grab 2 
or 4 Queens. You'll be heading to Fortune Park, over towards the Rest Room. As 
you approach the two soldiers, they will yell at you to drop your weapons. 
This means any firearms. I suggest hopping the fence into the water where the 
zombies can't go and dropping EVERY FIREARM from your inventory. If you don't, 
they will continue to fire at you until you do so. Once you do that, head over 
to them and drop the first queen. This will buy you enough time to talk to 
Michael (64) he should join after you talk to him enough, but more zombies may 
crowd up, so be ready to drop another queen. Once he joins, you will need to 
offer Matthew (65) a shoulder because he's wounded. 

	You -may- grab your guns off the ground again if you really want to, 
but since you have to carry some one, I suggest just running back to the Safe 
House. You cannot heal these guys because they won't give up their guns, so 
get back ASAP. When you finally do make it to the Safe House, take a nice deep 
breath, you have saved ALL the survivors.

	You should also head over to the Security Room now and finish up Case 
7-3. This will trigger a cut scene and then get you set up for The Facts.

(64) 24000 PP Join, 48000 PP Escort
(65) 24000 PP Join, 48000 PP Escort


--> The Facts

	After you watch the cut scene and start The Facts, you will need to 
head out to the Yucatan Casino and face the final Psychopath {18}. He tends to 
disarm you alot if you use regular melee weapons, so I suggest making some 
Knife Gloves (Boxing Gloves + Bowie Knife) and grabbing the LMG off the giant 
statue in the middle of the Yucatan Casino main floor before heading up the 

	You'll also want to fill every spare slot with food. The last fight is 
tough and will last a while. Once you're ready, go save your game in the 
Yucatan Casino Restroom, then head up the elevator. You'll need to wade 
through a ton of clustered zombies to get up to the room, but it's nothing you 
can't handle by this point. Head straight across, then take the door on the 
right to get up the stairs, then you will get a little cut scene before the 
fight starts.

	You'll be able to get up to the Psychopath by climbing the scaffolding 
on the left, then jumping up to the platform. Once up there, practice hitting, 
then dodging until you wittle the Psychopath's health down to nothing. Once 
that is done, you have completed the main story of the game. Congradulations.

{18} 60000 PP Kill

    3.9 . . . . . Overtime                                             [39ovr]

	Overtime Mode is pretty calm, not much to do really but run around 
doing errands. It's much like the first part of Overtime in Dead Rising 1. You 
need to run around Fortune City collecting items, then once you have them all, 
head to the Arena. It doesn't matter what you bring with you because in the 
final confrontation, much like Dead Rising 1, your inventory will be emptied. 
The only thing I would suggest is to save in the Americana Casino Restroom 
first and eat all your food before you open the Arena doors so that you're at 
full life.

Item Locations:

--> Compromising Photo - Security Room, Americana Casino in back room.

--> Lab Suit - Roy's Mart, Royal Flush Plaza Right behind counter.

--> USB Drive - Head to Food Court Underground Access. Right down the stairs
	it should be in the first room on the floor.

--> Mobile Headset - Coming up from underground, it should be on the floor
	right in front of the elevators.

--> Expensive Champagne - Grab the bike from the trailer in front of the
	Yucatan and ride it down to the Pub O'Gold. It is behind the bar.

--> Case of Queens - take the bike back around behind Luaii Wauwii and down
	into the tunnels. Ride back to the secret underground lab and it will
	be on top of the machinery right of where you come in.

--> Gift Basket - taking the elevator up, head to the hotel. It is behind the
	reception desk.

	Just before going through the doors, you can still use any buffing
mixed drinks like Quickstep, Painkiller, and spitfite and they will carry over
into the fight, even though your items won't. Unlike the first game though,
you can't beat the boss by spitting continously in his face for the ultimate
cheese kill.

	Without giving away too many spoilers, to defeat the final boss, you 
will need to grab weapons and food you see laying around to use against the 
boss, and make sure to use the crank when the boss runs off, to prevent the 
game ending before you or the boss dies. After this fight, you have the True 
Ending to Dead Rising 2 and will Unlock the Secret Achievement. Good Job!

{19} 100,000 PP Game Ending

    3.10 . . . . . Possible Endings                                    [310pe]

	Ending S : Complete All Case Files
                   Keep Katey Alive
                   Give TK Zombrex
                   Complete Overtime

	Ending A : Complete All Case Files
                   Keep Katey Alive

	Ending B : Fail to Complete The Facts

	Ending C : Fail to Complete Case File 5-2
                   Keep Katey Alive

	Ending D : Fail to get back to the Safe House Before 10:00 AM on Day 4

	Ending F : Let Katey Die

                      [Section 4] . . . Events Timeline                [40tim]

    4.1 . . . . . September 25 - Day 1                                 [41day]

12:00 AM - Outbreak
3:00 AM  - Find Katey Zombrex
         - King of the Jungle
7:00 AM  - Give Katey Zombrex 1
         - Big News
9:00 AM  - Alive on Location
         - Insecurity (After Alive on Location)
         - Alliance (After Insecurity)
         - Big Boned Woman
         - One Man's Trash
         - Lost...
10:00 AM - Short Sighted
11:00 AM - Welcome to the Family
1:00 PM  - Worker's Compensation
2:00 PM  - Lucious Lady
2:30 PM  - Meet the Contestants
3:30 PM  - Brains Over Brawn
5:00 PM  - Barn Burners
         - Chuck the Role Model (must do One Man's Trash)
7:30 PM  - Sign of Life
         - Ticket to Ride (after Sign of Life)
8:00 PM  - Once Bitten
10:00 PM - Code Blue
10:30 PM - Tastes Like Chicken

    4.2 . . . . . September 26 - Day 2                                 [42day]

3:00 AM  - Industrial Fashion
4:00 AM  - Rock Heroes
7:00 AM  - Give Katey Zombrex 2
8:00 AM  - Dedicated Shoppers
10:00 AM - Boom Town
         - Making off With the Money (After Boom Town)
12:00 PM - Everyone Knows Slappy
12:30 PM - Wilted Flower (After Making off With the Money)
5:00 PM  - Here Comes the Groom
8:00 PM  - Par for the Course
         - Big Winner
9:30 PM  - Stuart's Scheme
11:00 PM - Information Source
         - Mail Order Zombrex

    4.3 . . . . . September 27 - Day 3                                 [43day]

1:00 AM  - Tournament of Idiots
2:00 AM  - Hunger Pains
3:00 AM  - Fetching Females
4:00 AM  - WWJWD?
6:00 AM  - Bank Run
         - Inventive Weaponry
7:00 AM  - Give Katey Zombrex 3
9:00 AM  - Redneck Snipers
         - Ante Up
9:30 AM  - Slave to Fashion
11:00 AM - Art Appreciation
12:00 PM - Chemical Dependency
1:00 PM  - Shell Shocked
         - Know When to Fold'em
3:00 PM  - One Hit Wonder
4:00 PM  - Bent Wood
6:00 PM  - Stranded Siren
7:00 PM  - Stake Out
         - The Get Away (after Stake Out)
8:00 PM  - Dead or Alive?
11:00 PM - Two's Company

    4.4 . . . . . September 28 - Day 4                                 [44day]

12:00 AM - The World's Most Dangerous Trick
2:00 AM  - Family Fued
4:00 AM  - Fortune City Botany Club
7:00 AM  - Give Katey Zombrex 4
9:00 AM  - Help Arrives
         - Last Stand (after Help arrives)
         - Lean on Me (after Last Stand)
         - Breach (after Lean on Me)
         - Tape It or Die
         - Abandoned Soldiers (after Breach)
         - Give TK Zombrex (after Breach)
         - Bad to Worse (After Breach)
         - The Only Lead (after Bad to Worse)
         - What Lies Beneath (after The Only Lead)
         - The Facts (after What Lies Beneath)
         - Overtime (after The Facts, must do Give TK Zombrex)        

                 [Section 5] . . . Boss Fight Strategies               [50bos]

	First off, basic strategies:

1) Always bring some food with you to a boss fight, at least 2 or 3 items.
Some good choices are Pain Killers or Energizers.

2) Don't expect gruesome zombie dismembering or exploding weapons to work at
all on most living bosses. 

3) Make sure you save before engaging the boss. You may die the first time you
battle and a couple times more until you fully understand the boss.

4) Certain bosses can be stunned or knocked down when using the Double Leg 
Drop Kick skill, Jump Kick, or Elbow Drop which makes it really useful when 
closing in the distance to attack.

    5.1 . . . . . King of the Jungle                                   [51ted]

	Ted is, well....slow. He only seems to shoot at you with his pistol 
and kick or headbutt you for melee. Sometimes he will pistol-whip you, but it
doesn't do too much damage. Snowflake is the real threat. She will charge and
pounce on Chuck, pinning him to the ground while you get mauled. Other times
when there's no room to charge she'll just swipe at you and knock you over.

	Killing Ted is easy, just charge him and go crazy with melee attacks.
He should go down before you have to heal and if you're fast enough, you can
defeat him before Snowflake hunts you down. Snowflake is the tough one. I 
highly recommend just taming her, but if you want to kill her I suggest using
the LMG from the Statue in the middle of the room. They only real time you can
melee her is when she goes to lay down. She has a ton of life so this may take
a while. To see how to Tame Snowflake instead, check out Section 3.1 Step [2].

- Ted can be dropped with the Drop Kick

Prize: Survivor - Lenny

    5.2 . . . . . Meet the Contestants                                 [52leo]

	Leon will begin the fight in front of the Arena, but will actually
only fight you up in Fortune Park. He basically only has one attack: he runs
you over. He will charge up and then spin in circles to show off every so 
often. After the spin he will toss his hands up and be vulnerable to an attack
for a few seconds.

	Some people suggest climbing up onto an awning and using ranged to
kill Leon, but honestly it takes too long for my taste and it's hard to hit
him. In fact, any time you hop over a fence or climb up on something, Leon
usually just drives off out of range. I suggest fighting right in front of the
Fortune City Hotel around all the pillars. Chances are that Leon will drive in
and get stuck against the wall or on one of the pillars. Dodge him until he
is stuck, then run up from behind and hammer away at him with something heavy
like a Defiler or Holy Arms. You can't attack him from the front because of
the saw blades. When he is stuck he can't really attack you so he should go
down pretty quickly after one or two crashes.

Prize: Access to the Motorcycle Bay

    5.3 . . . . . Chuck the Role Model                                 [53bdn]

	Brandon has no real defenses, but runs really fast. He will jump in 
and out of the bathroom stalls on the sides for the entire fight. He will 
charge at you trying to slash with the broken glass in his hands. If he misses
with the leap attack, he will stagger for a second. He will also knock you 
and go on a slashing spree every so often.

	When he leaps at you, you can Dodge Roll away and then melee him while
he is staggered. If you don't feel like beating him down with melee, this 
fight is a whole lot easier at range. With a single LMG you can take him down
all the way. Simple stand between the two rows of stalls in the middle and far
enough back so that you can target each side. As soon as he hops out, open 
fire. When he runs up, dodge-roll away and then shoot him in the back as he 
runs away.

Prize: Survivor - Vikki

    5.4 . . . . . Tastes Like Chicken                                  [54ant]

	Antoine will start the fight by throwing Meat Cleavers at Chuck, but
after that he seems to throw frying pans as his ranged attack for the rest of
the fight. He will run at Chuck, meleeing with a Pan or knocking you over to
force-feed you his weird food. When you damage him, he will run over to one of
the food trays and start scarfing down to restore his life.

	Ranged weapons like the LMG seem weak on Antoine, but melee works 
great on him. Each time he runs over to eat, chase him and pile on the damage.
Because he's big and stationary, I suggest using the Defiler for Maximum 
damage output.

Prize: Chef Knife, Survivor - Cinda

    5.5 . . . . . Everyone Knows Slappy                                [55bnt]

	Slappy likes to skate back and forth while spewing out flames and 
rarely ever stops long enough for you to get in good attacks on him. He also
likes to fire out some flaming balls that explode and knock you back if 
you're too far away from him. His last noteable attack is a weird fire-spin
when he gets up from being knocked down, or you otherwise get close while he's

	You can use ranged weapons to take him out as long as you are good at
dodging his fireballs, but the best idea is to build a defiler and bring it
with you. When he skates past you, get in the way and do a Jump Attack with
the Defiler. It should stop him dead in his tracks and give you a couple of
seconds to put some hurt on him. He'll get up and do his spin, then start 
skating again. Just back off and get in his way again, just repeating the 
Jump Attack to knock him over. After three or four knock-downs, he should be

- Slappy can be dropped with the Drop/Jump Kick as well.
- Using a Fire Extinguisher on Slappy will jam his flamethrowers and allow
  you to attack.

Prize: Flame Thrower

    5.6 . . . . . Here Comes the Groom                                 [56rdy]

	Randy seems to start the fight with a Quickstep buff and never runs
out. You wouldn't expect this fat bastard to run so fast as he does, but he
will charge you and do a big spin attack with that chainsaw. Everytime you 
even get close he will knock you over with that chainsaw, so using melee on
him can be tough. If you let him run around alot though, he will tire out and
stand still to catch his breath.

	The best time to attack Randy is when he is catching his breath, or
when he's humping the chainsaw. To avoid getting charged, use the railing on
the sides of the pews. You can jump over it, but Randy has to run all the way
around. This also makes it incredibly easy to kill Randy with ranged weapons
like an LMG or the Blambow. The Blambow will actually stun him for a second
which is nice, but if you're too close it will know you over as well and it
takes two or more Blambows to kill Randy.

	You can also try to target the Pig thing dangling between his legs with
other ranged weapons, and this seems to stun him as well.

Prize: Giant Pink Chainsaw, Survivor - Danni

    5.7 . . . . . The Source                                           [57bly]

	The twins don't really have any ranged attacks. They will just run
around in circles and then charge Chuck, then either slash or stab at him with
their katanas. All their attacks seem to knock Chuck down, but the backflip
will leave him stunned and they come over to stomp Chuck's nuts. They also 
have one weird attack where they will power slide under your melee attack and
hit you.

	The good news is that you only have to kill one of them, so focus 
your attacks on only one and ignore the other. Getting in to melee can be a 
pain because their weapons have good reach and big arcs, but they are slow, so
it's not impossilbe. They also have no 'gun stun' or dodge defenses so I
would honestly suggest just grabbing the LMG and Shotgun off the big statue in
the middle of the Yucatan main floor. You can actually keep firing the LMG and
back up off of the boss while you are being attacked without being hit. If you
don't miss alot, you can actually kill the boss with only one LMG and maybe a
shotgun blast or two if you run out of ammo.

Prize: Katana Blade

    5.8 . . . . . Mail Order Zombrex                                   [58crl]

	Carl isn't really a tough fight, but can be a bit annoying. He only
has 3 basic attacks that I've seen. He runs away from you, throwing packages 
behind him that will explode. This can be really annoying if it hits you 
because it stuns you before you can dodge roll away. He fires off his shotgun
3 times, then staggers a little bit, giving you time to run in. He also will
butt you with the stock of his shotgun if you get too close, but it's not a
big worry.

	You can easily shoot Carl down with a LMG which will just about kill
him with no problem, but there's really no need. Just wait for him to fire
off the shotgun, then run in and wail on him with a Holy Arms or Defiler and
he'll drop after about three passes.

 - Also, discovered that if you jump up on the green sign board to the left
when the fight starts and Carl is within Melee range, he will glitch and keep
attacking you as if you were on the ground. From up here you can use an LMG to
mow him down and he won't attack back.

Prize: Zombrex, Shotgun

    5.9 . . . . . WWJWD?                                               [59smr]

	Seymour will start by firing at you with his pistol. He shoots from
the hip and it hurts. Take Cover while he's shooting to save life. He will
then pull out his billy club and chase after you. If you run too far he has a
tendency to pull out a lasso and reel you back in. You also don't even want
to bother fighting him with guns. Every time you pull one out, he'll shoot
it right out of your hands.

	It's best to run in and hit him once, then Dodge Roll away before he
counters and clubs you. You can keep running in and out, pecking away slowly
at his life with know problem. It would be best to use a fast or reach weapon
rather than a slow weapon on this boss. I recommend Knife Gloves or Holy Arms.

Prize: Six Shooter, Survivor - Ray

    5.10. . . . . Redneck Snipers                                      [510rs]

	These Bunch of Hicks are really just an annoyance more than anything.
First you have to find out what roof they're on, then you have to find the
ladder to get up to them. They really only have three attacks and are all 
pretty much the same. They Shoot at you with the Sniper Rifle which will knock
you down. When you get close they will try to stab or slash at you with some 
cutting weapon. And if they really hate you, they may try to gut you with that

	Once you get up into combat with them, just zig-zag around to avoid 
sniper hits, then smack them around with a nice heavy weapon. As soon as you 
see them grab for the knife and pull it out, start backing out. Let him slash
at the air, then move back in and keep hitting again. As long as you move out
as soon as you see the gun go away, you'll never get hit.

	You can find the ladders on the Map in the game, and Big Earl is in
an awning right next to the Hotel.

Prize: Sniper Rifles

    5.11 . . . . . The Get Away                                        [511ga]

	Taking out the Chopper is pretty easy. You don't even need any 
weapons. It only has two basic attacks. First, it will fire in strafing lines
at you with the mini-gun. Just watch where the bullets are hitting the ground
and avoid its path. The second 'attack' is when it swoops down and tries to 
knock you over.

	Make sure you have 3 spaces open in your inventory and when you get
started, first grab two of the suitcases, then a piece of plywood or a 
military case. As soon as the light turns green on the crane, run over and 
activate the wench. When the chopper goes low, just toss your heavy object and
two suitcases into the rotor blades. It should be down to about half and then
you just need to back out quickly and do it one more time. The Military Cases
and Plyood do an insane amount of damage.

	Oh, and the Money Cases are full of money, so you may want to throw 
those down on the ground to steal the money instead of using them as ammo.

    5.12 . . . . . The World's Most Dangerous Trick                    [512rr]

	For a boss fight with two bosses at once, this one was a little easier
than I was expecting. Reed just fires out flares which make you drop your 
weapon and stuns Roger. He will also charge at you with the Rocket Launcher,
but you should be able to Dodge Roll away from him. Roger doesn't do much for
the first part because he keeps getting stunned, but he will attempt to run at
you and leap attack to knock you over, then Spin attack if you get too close.

	The best thing to do is to take out Reed first by just rushing him. A
Defiler is too slow for this fight. Holy Arms or Knife Gloves will do great.
As soon as Reed is down, you can use the Six Shooter or a LMG to just shoot 
at him while he's running or try to chase him and peck away with melee hits.

Prize: Magician's Sword, Rocket Launcher

    5.13. . . . . Last Stand                                           [513sb]

	Sgt. Boykin will run around shooting and throwing grenades at Chuck 
and if you get too close, he's rifle-butt you. He will occasionally run back
near the truck and then do a full-auto strafe with his rifle that you can take
cover from, or run ahead of. You can also pick up the grenades he throws and
throw them back at him.

	The key to taking him down without getting frustrated is to stay at
range. He has an annoyingly long combo where he will knock you down, then
shoot you on the ground, then pick you up and toss you. The entire time you 
can't even shake out of it like most 'grabs'. You can pick up the Six-shooter
from the South Plaza where you killed Seymor and an LMG to make this guy an
easy kill. He has no 'gun stun' and each shot that hits will do damage to him.
If you run out of ammo, you can always throw grenades back at him, but only
get into melee if you are brave or absolutely have to in order to finish him

   -  You can actually kill him with a single 60-shot Six Shooter if you are
      at least 90% accurate with the shots.

    5.14. . . . . The Facts                                            [514rs]

	The Final Case Boss can be a pain in the ass. He will constantly shoot
at you any time you are not on the platform with him so take cover between
shots. He'll also throw down flares which can be picked up and thrown. After
about five seconds though, the AC-130 flying around will fire its howitzer
cannon at the flare's location. This will often leave huge gaping holes in the
roof, so be careful. Once you actually get up onto the platform he will put
away his gun and stop throwing flares, but then will start to box with his 
bare hands. Almost all attacks you do with a melee weapon will be countered
and leave you disarmed. He also likes to throw you off the platform alot.

	As soon as the battle begins, run over to the boxes and scaffolding to
the left and climb up onto the platform. You can stay on the scaffolding there
and shoot at the boss with an LMG or a Six-Shooter, both work great at 
bringing down his life, but he will also continue to fire at you. Staying on
the scaffolding though will prevent him from tossing flares onto you and keep
the AC-130 from blowing you away. When you get into melee with him, he will
disarm almost every melee weapon you use on him. This is why I suggest Knife
Gloves. I've never seen him disarm the Knife Gloves and they do excellent 
damage. Because his whole motif is countering everything you do, you should
step in and attack only once, then step back out to avoid the counter. Peck
away at him slowly and over time you will kill him. Step in and swing, then
step out, and repeat.

 - Using Jump/Drop Kicks with your attacks is also a good way to close the 
   distance once up on the platform. It is also stuns him if you actually hit

    5.15. . . . . Sudden Death                                         [515tk]

	The last boss in Overtime isn't too difficult, but having to fight him
with no items at all is a little annoying. He will pummel you with his mace-
like weapon and charge into you, pinning you against the wall where you have
to shake free or receive a nice hard beating. He will also activate the 
pyrotechnics if you run to one of the side areas where you need to outrun the 
fire or get burned. After you beat on him some he will crank the wench and 
then jump off to hide where you can't do anything to him.
	Before you even go through the doors to start this fight, you can 
cheat a little bit by drinking a quickstep and painkiller. These effects will 
last through the cut scene and into the fight. As soon as the fight begins, 
you can run around and pick up Orange Juice and a Wrench to fight with. If you
are feeling brave, run off to the left and grab the Cement Saw. If you can 
make it back through the pyrotechnics, it can really put some hurt on the 
boss. Even if you drop it you can pick it back up and saw the boss up. Each 
time he swings at you with the mace, its slow so it can easily be avoided by 
stepping back. After beating on him he will jump away and you may need to get
to the wench. While cranking it he will come back up, so be wary. As soon as
you see him, cancel the wench and dodge roll away. The whole fight just 
revolves around beating on the boss for a bit, then him running away. While
he's gone you can also throw open a few cardboard boxes for more weapons or
healing items.

  - Also, using the Jump/Drop Kick helps here may stun the boss.

	Items for the last boss:

Left Area			Right Area
Drill (climb up on fence)	Lead Pipe (climb up on fence)
Construction Hat		TIR Moosehead
Orange Juice			Snack
Box of Nails			Pylon x4
Lead Pipe			Flashlight
Spot Light			Hotdog
Pylon x2			Beer
Bucket				2x4 x2
Broom				Large Wrench
Cement Saw			Spot Light
Saw Blades x2			
Large Wrench			

Main Area

Cardboard Boxes

                       [Section 6] . . . Chuck's Stats                 [60sta]

	This is a list of all the Stats Chuck will have by level 50.

Attributes Increase Randomly.
Skills and Combo Cards increase in order, but at different levels for each
new character.
1k = 1000 PP, 100k = 100000 PP

Lvl - Total PP - PP between levels 

Level Increases:

2  20k +20k		18 690k 		34 2300k 
3  40k 			19 760k 		35 2430k 
4  60k			20 830k 		36 2580k +150k
5  80k 			21 920k +90k		37 2730k 
6  110k  +30k		22 1010k 		38 2880k
7  140k 		23 1100k 		39 3030k 
8  170k 		24 1190k 		40 3180k
9  200k			25 1280k		41 3350k +170k
10 230k 		26 1380k +100k		42 3520k 
11 280k	+50k		27 1480k 		43 3690k
12 330k 		28 1580k		44 3860k 
13 380k 		29 1680k 		45 4030k 
14 430k 		30 1780k		46 4210k +180k
15 480k 		31 1910k +130k		47 4390k 
16 550k	+70k		32 2040k 		48 4570k 
17 620k 		33 2170k 		49 4750k 

    6.1 . . . . . Attributes                                           [61atb]

At Level 1:

	Attack:		1
	Speed:		0
	Life:		4
	Item Stock:	4
	Throw Distance: 1

At Level 50:

	Attack:		7
	Speed:		3
	Life:		12
	Item Stock:	12
	Throw Distance: 5
	4,930,000 PP

    6.2 . . . . . Skills                                               [62skl]

	A control with dashes around it ( -button- ) denotes to hold it down.

   Backdrop:			Quickly Shake Free
   	A fast rear defensive move where you will slam zombies backwards with
	all your body weight.

   Jump Kick:			Jump + X
	A quick way to move around the environment and knock over a zombie in
	your path.

   DDT:				Quickly Shake Free
	A fast frontal defensive move which slams the attack's head into the

   Curb Stomp:			-RT- + A
	Smash a downed zombie with the full force of your boot.

   Front Kick:			-RT- + X
	Focused standing kick attack which knocks a zombie away from you.

   Dodge Roll:			Click LS
	Quickly avoid incoming attacks by rolling in the direction you are

   Double Leg Drop Kick:	Jump + -X-	
	A heavy frontal clear out attack capable of knocking down many zombies
	but leaves you vulnerable. (A favored move of mayor Haggard)

   Foot Sweep:			-RT- + -A-
	Trips zombies in your way giving you time to escape or face a 
	different threat.

   Elbow Drop:			Jump + -RT- + X
	Powerful move which knocks down multiple zombies around you. The
	higher the jump, the greater the payoff.

   Haymaker:			-X-
	Additional attack added to your arsenal which combies well with your

   Field Goal:			-RT- + X (above head of down zombie)
	Quick way to dispatch crawling zombies on the ground.

   Smash:			-RT- + -X-
	Fast and effective means of slamming zombies to the ground or 
	dispatching them quickly using the environment to your advantage.

   Hands Off:			-RT- + B
	They can't grab you if they can't reach you.

   Power Bomb:			-RT- + B (above legs of down zombie)
	Use a crawling zombie to clear out other nearby zombies.

   Pick Up:			-RT- + -B-
	Pick up a nearby zombie and throw at others.

    6.3 . . . . . Key Items                                            [63kit]

Items with -R next to them are retained after game restart.

   Maintenance Room Key: A key to all the Maintenance Rooms in Fortune City.
	- Given by Sullivan after case 1-1 starts. -R

   Bike Key: Key for a bike parked outside of the arena.
	- Given after talking to Leon in Meet the Contestants -R

   Sports Car Key: Key for the sports car inside Royal Flush Plaza.
	- Bought from the Pawnshop at R205 -R

   SUV Key: Key for the SUV in Shamrock Casino
	- bought from the pawnshop at N103 -R

   Chopper Key: Key for the chopper bike inside the Yucatan Casino.
   	- bought from the pawnshop at P208 -R

   Transceiver: A portable wireless communication device in a sleek, compact
   	- given by Stacey before leaving safe house

   Fortune City Map: A detailed map of Fortune City.
   	- found in security room before leaving safe house

   Pharmacy Key: Opens the pharmacy.
   	- won from looters in Roy's Mart

   	- found throughout the mall.

   Lab Key Card: A key card that allows full access to the secret lab.
   	- won from defeating Mark and Pearce

   Compromising Photo: A photograph showing Phenotrans executives performing
   acts of questionable legality.
	- found in Americana Casino Security Room.

   Lab Suit: A previously used lab coat, it hasn't bee washed in awhile.
   	- found in Roy's Mart

   Underground Access Key: This key allows access to the underground tunnels 
   below Fortune City.
   	- found after completing Ticket to Ride

   USB Drive: A USB drive full of confidential Phenotrans data.
   	- found under the Food Court

   Mobile Headset: A bluetooth earpiece, previously owned by Sullivan.
   	- found by elevators in Yucatan Casino

   Expensive Champagne: The price tag on this Champagne would empty any 
   	- found in Lucky Shamrock Casino

   Case of Queens: A Case of Queens gathered in the secret underground lab.
   	- found in Secret Underground Lab

   Gift Basket: A gift basket full of goodies and a $50 gift card to Hamburger
	- found in Fortune City Hotel

                        [Section 7] . . . Combo Cards                  [70ccs]

	Still need to find out where all the combo cards are gained in this
section, then will list them by category.

Card Number
   ++++ Card Name - (Combined + Items) ++++
	Card Description

Learned From: Location, Level, Survivor.

Main Attack: Attack Type
PP Gained
Alternate Attack: Attack Type
PP Gained

    7.1 . . . . . Level Up Cards                                       [71lup]

Because leveling up grants each player different bonuses, these levels are

   ++++ Drill Bucket - (Power Drill + Bucket) ++++
	D.I.Y. dental work at it's finest.

LF: Lvl 3

MA: Zombie Death Helmet

   ++++ I.E.D. - (Box of Nails + Propane Tank) ++++
	Slame this onto a zombie and open fire form a distance. The Carnage
	is worth the extra effort.

LF: Lvl 5

MA: Normal Swing
100 PP
AA: Stick it into a Zombie's Back
50 PP for Sticking, 300 PP for explosion

   ++++ Molotov - (Whiskey + Newspaper) ++++
	Lob this into a crowd to get them Fired up!

LF: Lvl 6

MA: Grenade Projectile
350 PP

   ++++ Pole Weapon - (Push Broom + Machete) ++++
	The slicing power of a razor sharp machete now comes on a stick!

LF: Lvl 7

MA: Horizontal Slash
100 PP
AA: Double Attack
150 PP

   ++++ Air Horn - (Pylon + Spray Paint) ++++
	Use the power of sound to defeat enemies.

LF: Lvl 8

MA: Cone Charge up until heads explode.
500 PP

   ++++ Gem Blower - (Gems + Leaf Blower) ++++
	Diamonds are never a zombie's best friend, especially at high speed!

LF: Lvl 10

MA: Projectile Weapon
75 PP

   ++++ Fountain Lizard - (Lizard Mask + Fountain Firework) ++++
	A colorful light show will keep zombies occupied.

LF: Lvl 12

MA: Zombie Hat Lures nearby zombies.
50 PP

   ++++ Hacker - (Flashlight + Computer Case) ++++
	Powerful arcs of electric doom have interesting effects on ATMs.

LF: Lvl 13

MA: Works like a stun gun, point and zap.
100 PP

   ++++ Ripper - (Cement Saw + Saw Blade) ++++
	Powerful blades cut through zombies as if they were tissue paper.

LF: Lvl 14

MA: Horizontal Slash
100 PP
AA: Vertical Slash
150 PP

   ++++ Electric Chair - (Wheelchair + Battery) ++++
	Toss electrified zombies out of the chair to zap any nearby enemies.

LF: Lvl 15

MA: Push around and run over zombies.
200 PP

   ++++ Flaming Gloves - (Boxing Gloves + Motor Oil) ++++
	Punches mixed with fire can produce wild results.

LF: Lvl 17

MA: Each hit sets zombies on fire
200 PP
AA: Grab and Pummel.
300 PP

   ++++ Heliblade - (Toy Helicopter + Machete) ++++
	Flashing lights and wailing sirens lure unsuspecting zombies to a 
	bloody demise.

LF: Lvl 19

MA: Basic swing
250 PP
AA: Sends it flying...and chopping
250 PP

   ++++ Fire SPitter - (Toy SPitball Gun + Tiki Torch) ++++
	These flaming balls spread a firey death as they bounce from zombie to

LF: Lvl 20

MA: Fires bouncing balls of fire that set zombies aflame.
400 PP

   ++++ Beer Hat - (Construction Hat + Beer) ++++
	The only thing better than a little beer is more beer!

LF: Lvl 22

MA: Chug for 2 bars of life has 10 drinks
150 PP

   ++++ Sticky Bomb - (Lawn Dart + Dynamite) ++++
	Dangerous toys and high explosives, together at last!

LF: Lvl 24

MA: A bomb weapon that sticks to the target.
400 PP

   ++++ Driller - (Power Drill + Spear) ++++
	High powered acupuncture quickly removes unwanted zombie pain!

LF: Lvl 26

MA: Poke
200 PP
AA: Hold and Impale
300 PP

   ++++ Defiler - (Sledge Hammer + Fire Axe) = WIN ++++
	Brutal and effective, endoresed by vikings and zombie killers alike.

LF: Lvl 27

MA: Golf-club like swings that knock off limbs
250 PP
AA: Horizontal swing that will spin Chuck if held continuously
350 PP

   ++++ Hail Mary - (Football + Grenade) ++++
	The ultimate 'Long Bomb.'

LF: Lvl 29

MA: Thown weapon detonates on impact....with anything.
500 PP

   ++++ Freezer Bomb - (Fire Extinguisher + Dynamite) ++++
	A powerful bomb that freezes all zombies caught in the blast.

LF: Lvl 31

MA: Grenade Type weapon freezes zombies.
50 PP

   ++++ Knife Gloves - (Bowie Knife + Boxing Gloves) ++++
	Punch the nearest zombie and send him into his corner in pieces!

LF: Lvl 32

MA: Over the head swipes like an angry bear.
300 PP
AA: Nice Right Hook that can be followed up by a Left Hook
300 PP

   ++++ Roaring Thunder - (Battery + Goblin Mask) ++++
	Scorch zombies with powerful bolts of orange lightning!

LF: Lvl 33

MA: Put on the Blanka Mask to do his electrical attack to all zombies around!
300 PP

   ++++ Super Slicer - (Servbot mask + Lawnmower) ++++
	Put on a smile and use your head to chop zombies to bits!

LF: Lvl 34

MA: Headbutt with spinning blades
200 PP
AA: Bull Charge with spinning blades
300 PP

   ++++ Handy Chipper - (Wheelchair + Lawnmower) ++++
	Warning: Sitting in chair may cause severe back pain or sudden onset 
	of DEATH.

LF: Lvl 35

MA: Push and Chop!
250 PP

   ++++ Dynameat - (Hunk of Meat + Dynamite) ++++
	Lob this toward a nearby zombie then stand back. It won't be able to 
	contain its hunger.

LF: Lvl 37

MA: Thown like Grenade
1000 PP

   ++++ Electric Rake - (Battery + Leaf Rake) ++++
	Powerful arcs of electricity will fry any zombie within reach.

LF: Lvl 38

MA: Jabs them. Fun too throw too.
400 PP

   ++++ Parablower - (Leaf Blower + Parasol) ++++
	A swiftly opening umbrella capable of tearing zombies apart from the

LF: Lvl 39

MA: Flap open parasol to knock back multiple zombies.
300 PP
AA: Impale and Explode Zombie
450 PP

   ++++ Boomstick - (Pitchfork + Shotgun) ++++
	Skewer zombies to deliver pointblank shotgun glory.

LF: Lvl 40

MA: Single Stab and shoot
200 PP
AA: Stab, lift, 3 shots.
2500 PP

   ++++ Auger - (Drill Motor + Pitchfork) ++++
	With enough torque, even zombie limbs become lethal!

LF: Lvl 41

MA: Stab Zombie with blades.
300 PP
AA: Impale and Carry Zombie. Each hit on other zombies will give 75 PP and
each limb that flies off will give 300 PP.
500 PP

   ++++ Infernal Arms - (Training Sword + Motor Oil) ++++
	A sword and shield infused with the zombie killing power of FIRE!

LF: Lvl 42

MA: Normal Sword Slash
450 PP
AA: Shield Charge to plow through zombies.
450 PP

   ++++ Porta Mower - (2x4 + Lawnmower) ++++
	Slam onto a zombie's head and let the mower take care of the messy 

LF: Lvl 44

MA: Jabs with spinning blades
500 PP
AA: Mows them down from head to toe.
1000 PP

   ++++ Super B.F.G. - (Blase Frequency Gun + Amplifier) ++++
	Fire this powerful sonic device at a zombie, it'll blow their minds!

LF: Lvl 46

MA: Collumn of sonic zombie killing force.
100 PP

   ++++ Tesla Ball - (Bingo Ball Cage + Battery) ++++
	Throw this electric orb at a group of zombies, stand back and watch
	the light show!

LF: Lvl 47

MA: Normal Swing
350 PP
AA: Throws the ball and electricity arcs wildly
350 PP

   ++++ Spear Launcher - (Leaf Blower + Spear) ++++
	High velocity impalement has never been so much fun!

LF: Lvl 48

MA: Impale one zombie
1000 PP
AA: Shoot Spears
300 PP

   ++++ Blitzkrieg - (Merc Assault Rifle + Electric Chair) ++++
	Built for comfort and firepower, sit down and enjoy the ride!

LF: Lvl 49

MA: Trigger to Drive, X to shoot. About 180 Rounds
100 PP

    7.2 . . . . . Survivor Cards                                       [72svc]

   ++++ Plate Launcher - (Plates + Cement Saw) ++++
	Let the machine do the throwing, and the zombies do the catching.

LF: Completing Inventive Weaponry

MA: Fires out plates that slide right through multiple zombies.
200 PP

   ++++ Blazing Aces - (Tennis Racquet + Tiki Torch) ++++
	Serve up flaming tennis balls towards the nearest zombie!

LF: Rescue Left Hand Lance from Tape It or Die!

MA: Send flaming tennis balls bouncing around into zombies.
500 PP

   ++++ Exsanguinator - (Vacuum Cleaner + Saw Blade) ++++
	Whirling blades slice zombies to a pulp!

LF: Rescue Wallace from Tape It or Die!

MA: Jabs zombie with spinning blades.
250 PP
AA: Sucks zombie into the spinning blades.
500 PP

   ++++ Power Guitar - (Electric Guitar + Amplifier) ++++
	Epic Guitar riffs create powerful shockwaves of death metal

LF: Rescue Floyd from Rock Heroes

MA: Area knock down.
300 PP
AA: Continuous head-exploding rock.
300 PP

    7.3 . . . . . Psychopath Cards                                     [73psy]

   ++++ Flamethrower - (Watergun + Gasoline Canister) ++++
	Experts agree: Jets of fire make an effective zombie repellant!

LF: Defeat Brent in Everyone Knows Slappy

MA: Gout of hot Flames from the gun nozzle.
50 PP

   ++++ Rocket Launcher - (Rocket Fireworks + Lead Pipe) ++++
	A steady Stream of pyrotechnics create the perfect show of lights and

LF: Defeat Reed and Roger in The World's Most Dangeous Trick

MA: Fires up to 75 Explosive Rockets, though not very accurate.
100 PP

    7.4 . . . . . Fortune City Cards                                   [74fcc]

   ++++ Tenderizers - (MMA Gloves + Box of Nails) ++++
	These gloves pack a little something extra for the nearest zombie.

LF: Movie Poster: Blood Round 4

MA: MMA punches and kick
100 PP
AA: Stab and kick
250 PP

   ++++ Burning Skull - (BUll Skull + Motor Oil) ++++
	Lead the way with head thrusts that mix fire with blunt trauma!

LF: Feeding the Fortune Whisperer $1,200,000.

MA: Headbutt
666 PP
AA: Bull Charge
666 PP

   ++++ Laser Sword -  (Gems + Flashlight) ++++
	Slash zombies to bits using the focused power of light itself.

LF: Movie Poster: Laser Knight

MA: Normal Sword Swings
150 PP
AA: Spin attack
300 PP

   ++++ Blambow - (Bow and Arrow + Dynamite) ++++
	Shoot Explosive arrows to decimate enemies!

LF: Movie Poster: Revenginator 7

MA: Fire an explosive arrow that sticks to a target before detonating.
100 PP

   ++++ Holy Arms - (Training Sword + Box of Nails) ++++
	The best offense is a sword covered in nails. A shield covered in 
	nails helps, too.

LF: Movie Poster: Pit Viking

MA: Normal sword slash.
300 PP
AA: Hard swing that will stick into a zombie skull before kicked away.
450 PP

   ++++ Freedom Bear - (Robot Bear + LMG) ++++
	When you need another set of eyes and guns, Freedom Bear gets the job

LF: Movie Poster: Stop or My Bear Will Shoot

MA: Set down and Watch him shoot. How cute!
300 PP

   ++++ Paddlesaw - (Paddle + Chainsaw) ++++
	Paddle your way through the sea of zombies, leaving an ocean of blood
	in your wake!

LF: Movie Poster: Paddle Party Massacre

MA: Step, slash, step, slash. Kills pretty much anything nearby.
250 PP

   ++++ Snowball Cannon - (Fire extinguisher + water gun) ++++
	Fire multiple snowballs at once towards enemies.

LF: Movie Poster: Dr. Brainfreeze

MA: Fires chilling snowballs
200 PP or 400 PP (don't know why it varies)

   ++++ Spiked Bat - (Baseball Bat + Box of Nails) ++++
	Line up the nearest zombie head and nail it out of the park!

LF: Going into Maintenance Room by Safe House after Case 1-1 starts.

MA: Swing away
50 PP
AA: Hit's gut, then impales Skull.
200 PP

   ++++ Wingman - (Nectar + Queen) ++++
	Unleash this ruthless wasp against the zombie menace!

LF: Combining Queen and Nectar after completing Give Katey Zombrex 2.

MA: Set her free to kill
500 PP

                         [Section 8] . . . Notebook                    [80not]

	*** SPOILER ALERT *** This section will contain spoilers if you read
	through it. Assuming you are looking through here because you have
	already beaten the game and need to find missing people though, the
	spoilers here are nothing to worry about.

	This Section is just a list of all the people found in the notebook 
with there little info tag and where to find them.

 Number    Name                  Found during
  ----- -------------------    -------------------------

    8.1 . . . . . Survivors                                            [81sur]

	This is a list of all the possible survivors who can be with you at
the end of the game.

   018   Bibi Love		One Hit Wonder

	This former one-hit wonder won't let anything - not even a zombie
	outbreak - come in the way of her big comeback show.

   023   Cinda Smith		Tastes Like Chicken

	A beautiful barkeep. Trapped by Antoine in Cucina Donnacci.

   024   Stacey Forsythe	Outbreak

	Passionate and outspoken head of the zombie rights group CURE.

   025   Walter Morris		Two's Company

	Kinda funny looking. Found in Hot Excitorama.

   026   Richard Kelly		Hunger Pains

	Nervous chef with good intentions. Found in the Dining at Davey's
	Restaurant in the Platinum Strip.

   027   Andy Talbat		Dead or Alive?

	A depressed man brought to the verge by the zombie outbreak. Found in
	the Palisades Mall.

   028   Royce St. John		Two's Company

	Student trying to make it as a comedian. Found in Hot Excitorama.

   029   Kenneth Walsh		Welcome to the Family

	Heroic father-in-law. Found in Shank's knife store in the Palisades

   030   Chrystal Kennedy	Outbreak

	Was seen during the Fortune City outbreak.

   031   Lillian Payne		Family Fued

	Heartbroken but tough. Found at the edge of the Fortune Hotel roof.

   032   Esther Alwin		Short Sighted

	Kindly old lady. Found inside Children's Castle in the Royal Flush

   033   Sven Blaaborg		Code Blue

	A grizzled paramedic. Found in the One Little Duck Bingo Hall in the
	Silver Strip.

   034   Luz Palmer		Par for the Course

	A reliable hole-in-one. Found in SporTrance at the Royal Flush Plaza.

   035   LaShawndra Dawkins	Big Boned Woman

	The pants wearer. Found in The Dark Bean in Royal Flush Plaza.

   036   Allison Perkins	One-Hit Wonder

	Assistant to the deranged Diva. Found in captivity at the Slot Ranch

   037   Chad Elchart		Lost...

	Trying to enjoy retirement. Found wandering around Platinum Strip.

   038   Curtis Ellenton	Brains Over Brawn

	Can name every comic book hero and their powers. Found in the South
	Plaza Mall.

   039   Dean Wayne		Shell-Shocked

	War veteran. Found in The American Historium in the Americana Casino.

   040   John Boog		Brains Over Brawn

	Unlucky with love. Found in the South Plaza Mall.

   041   Ray Teller		WWJWD?

	Found in the South Plaza mall, hiding from a psychopath.

   042   Brian Scherbey		Brains Over Brawn

	Always rolls 20's. Found in the South Plaza.

   043   Lenny Mooney		King of the Jungle

	The best man to take to the casino. Found in Yucatan.

   044   Jared Davis		Once Bitten

	A fun loving party animal. Found in Wily Travels in the Royal Flush

   046   Gordon Dawkins		Big Boned Woman

	Dedicated husband. Found in Casual Gals in Royal Flush Plaza.

   047   Elrod Bumpkins		Barn Burners

	As American as apple pie...and with the same IQ. Found in the Arena.

   048   Michael Woo		Abandoned Soldiers

	Veteran zombie killer. Found outside in Fortune Park.

   049   Janus Razo		Big Winner

	Slick looking player. Found outside the Atlantica Casino.

   050   Randolph Allen		Art Appreciation

	The starving artist. Found in the Cleroux Collection Art gallery in
	the Palisades Mall.

   051   Kevin Meyers		Brains Over Brawn

	A numbers genius. Found in the South Plaza Mall.

   052   Bill Montagu		Know When to Fold'em

	May have a little bit of a problem. Found in Shamrock Casino.

   053   Vikki Taylor		Chuck the Role Model

	Green college student. Found trapped in a bathroom stall.

   054   Brittany Beck		Worker's Compensation

	A disgruntled employee. Found in the Americana Casino.

   055   Terri Glass		Industrial Fashion

	Rugged, with a soft voice. Found in the South Plaza.

   056   Allen Ash		Rock Heroes

	Heavy Metal personified. Found on the Stage in the Silver Strip.

   057   Jeanna Slick		Rock Heroes

	Killer pipes. Found on the Stage in the Silver Strip.

   058   Linette Watkins	Wilted Flower

	Still needs to relax. Found in the Venus Touch Spa.

   059   Tamara Stein		Outbreak	

	Dressed to party, but low on morale.

   060   Bessie Kent		Dedicated Shoppers

	A wealthy debutante. Found in Kathy's Space in the Royal Flush Plaza.

   061   Willa Harris		Industrial Fashion

	Tough as nails. Found in South Plaza.

   062   Summer Chavez		Fetching Females

	A tanned beauty. Found in the pool of the Palisades Mall.

   063   Camille Payne		Family Fued

	Stubborn but practical. Found in the Atlantica Casino.

   064   Tammy Blaine		Stranded Siren

	A gorgeous mermaid. Found in the Atlantica Casino.

   065   Lulu Barra		Outbreak

	A tough and determined party animal.

   066   Kristin Harris		Lucious Lady

	Showgirl with a love for drinking. Found in the Security Room of the
	Americana Casino.

   067   Katey Greene		Prologue

	Chuck's spirited daughter. Infected with a zombie virus, she needs
	Zombrex every 24 hours.

   072   Doris Elchart		Lost...

	A fiesty grandmother. Found in Platinum Strip.

   073   Danni Bodine		Here Comes the Groom

	Almost forced into gruesome matrimony.  Found in Swept Away on the
	Silver Strip.

   074   Juan Lee		One-Hit Wonder

	Flamboyant fashion designer. Found in captivity at the Slot Ranch

   083   Kirby Wilkinson	Outbreak
   088   Wade Coopwood		Outbreak

	Was seen during the Fortune City Outbreak.

   089   Jasper Sanford		Tastes Like Chicken

	A cheerful bartender. Found above the Hamburger Fiefdom.

   090   Cora Russel		Fetching Females

	Worth Every Penny. Found in the pool of the Palisades Mall.

   091   Woodrow Rutherford	Bank Run

	A big cheese in Fortune City. FOund at an ATM in the Slot Ranch 

   092   Trixie-Lynn Horton	Barn Burners

	Finer than a frog's hair, split 3 ways. Found in the Arena.

   093   Jack Ellis		Welcome to the Family

	Well-meaning son-in-law. Found in the Shank's Knife store in the
	Palisades Mall.

   095   Rosa Collins		Dedicated Shoppers

	Tough never looked so good. Found in Kathy's Space in the Royal Flush

   096   Erica Mayes		Dedicated Shoppers

	A Fashion journalist who is easy on the eyes. Found in Kathy's Space
	in the Royal Flush Plaza.

   097   Matthew Kuss		Abandoned Soldiers

	Freshly deployed, but skilled. FOund outside in Fortune Park.

   099   Nina Suhr		Fetching Females

	Foxy lady that  doesn't play games. Found in the pool of the
	Palisades Mall.

   100   Floyd Stone		Rock Heroes

	Musical mayhem. Found on the Stage in the Silver Strip

   101   Stuart Holmes		Worker's Compensation

	Honest at heart. Found in the Americana Casino.

   102   Europa Westinghouse	Slave to Fashion

	A bashful beauty. Found in the Hotel.

   103   Cameron Welch		One-Hit Wonder

	Bibi's manager. He talks the talk. Found in captvity at the Slot
	Ranch Casino.

   104   Wallace Hertzog	Inventive Weaponry

	Older member of Tape It Or Die. Found underneath KokoNutz Sports Town
	in the Palisades Mall.

   105   Johnny Kilpatrick	Inventive Weaponry

	Eccentric plumber and founder of Tape It Or Die. Found underneath
	KokoNutz Sports Town in the Palisades Mall.

   106   Left Hand Lance	Inventive Weaponry

	Tape If Or Die webmaster. Found underneath KokoNutz Sports Town in
	the Palisades Mall.

   107   Anim White		Prologue

	Ambivalent TIR Contestant. Found in the Arena

   108   Skylar Ali		Outbreak

	Came to Fortune City for the vacation of a lifetime. Found in the Safe

   109   Kris Bookmiller	Prologue

	TIR Contestant. Found in the Arena

   110   Gretchen Peregrine	Inventive Weaponry

	Member of Tape It Or Die. Found with the rest of them.

   111   Denyce Calloway	Find Zombrex for Katey

	A respected pharmacist with an addiction to nasal spray. Found in
	Roy's Mart.

   112   Snowflake the Tiger	King of the Jungle

	The ultimate predator. Found in the Yucatan

   113   Jacob Skinner		Tournament of Idiots

	5 card stud. Found playing poker in the Atlantica Casino.

   114   Nevada Slim		Tournament of Idiots

	Might not be playing with a full deck.  Found playing poker in the
	Atlantica Casino.

   115   Jessica Howe		Tournament of Idiots

	Easy on the eyes, hard on the wallet. Found playing poker in the
	Atlantica Casino.

    8.2 . . . . . Psychopaths                                          [82psy]

	This is a list of all the people you will want to kill you at some
point throughout the game.

   001   Crystal Bailey		Prologue
   002   Amber Bailey		Prologue

	TK's twin co-hostesses on 'Terror Is Reality'. 'Sexy doesn't even
	begin to describe these sisters.

   003   Antoine Thomas		Tastes Like Chicken

	Ambitious chef. so dismayed the outbreak ruined his big chance at fame
	that he's cooking up horrifyingly 'unique' dishes to finally top all 
	his rivals.

   004   Ted Smith		King of the Jungle

	The slightly 'slow' caretaker for Snowflake the tiger. Hates people, 
	but loves animals. Will do anything to find food for Snowflake.

   005   Randy Tugman		Here Comes the Groom

	A socially awkward virgin and internet sex addict who is using the
	outbreak as a chance to get 'married' to any unfortunate women he can find.

   006   Sgt. Dwight Boykin	Last Stand

	Career military man, who thought he'd seen everything - until the 
	zombie outbreak. Shell-shocked and delusional, he shoots at everything
	that moves.

   007   Brandon Whittaker	Chuck the Role Model

	A member of CURE driven mad by the outbreak, who believes the only way
	to stop oppression is to equalize everyone - by making them all

   008   Carl Schliff		Mail Order Zombrex

	A pathologically loyal public servant. Neither snow, nor sleet... nor
	zombies shall keep him from his appointed rounds.

   009   Seymour Redding	WWJWD?

	A western-obsessed, insecure security guard who sees the outbreak as
	his long-awaited chance to be 'the law' and get the respect and power
	he feels he deserves.

   010   Reed Wallbeck		The World's Most Dangerous Trick
   011   Roger Withers		The World's Most Dangerous Trick

	One of a pair of failed professional magicians, experimenting with a
	new, spectacularly gory trick - on anyone unlucky enough to be around.

   012   Deetz Hartman		Redneck Snipers
   013   Derrick Duggan		Redneck Snipers
   014   Big Earl Flaherty	Redneck Snipers
   015   Johnny James		Redneck Snipers

	One of four buddies who vow to keep America safe from zombies by
	taking out those responsible for destroying the country - which for 
	them is	pretty much anyone still left alive.

   016   Tyrone 'TK' King	Prologue

	Host and producer for the controversial pay-per-view television game
	show 'Terror Is Reality'.

   017   Leon Bell		Meet the Contestants

	Chuck's competition on Terror Is Reality. An obsessed former fan, now
	determined to beat Chuck at the ultimate death match.

   019   Brent Ernst		Everyone Knows Slappy

	A young and naive mascot, Slappy blames Chuck for starting the
	outbreak, killing his girl and ruining his life.

   068   Mark Bradson		What Lies Beneath
   069   Pearce Stephens	What Lies Beneath

	Phenotrans staff scientistmonitoring gas operations in Fortune City

   094   Raymond Sullivan	Outbreak

	The First (and only) reserve man to make it to the official
	government shelter alive.

    8.3 . . . . . Casualties                                           [83cas]

	This is a list of all the people whom you will not be able to save no
matter how hard you try. Sorry Chuck...

   020   Louise Jameson		Everyone Knows Slappy

	Professional mascot and roller skating aficionado. Companion to

   021   Emanuel Tugman		Here Comes the Groom

	Owner of Swept Away wedding chapel, and Fortune City Justice of the
	Peace. Father to Randy.

   022   Justin Tetherford	WWJWD?

	Unfortunate survivor seeking food, mistake for looter, and brought to

   045   Irwin Sagehorn		Outbreak

	Was seen during the Fortune City Outbreak.

   070   Andrea Brenser		Outbreak
   071   Helen Bonner		Outbreak
   075   Lance Pennington	Outbreak
   076   Alice Paynter		Outbreak
   077   Noah Hawthorne		Outbreak
   078   Jenny Slaten		Outbreak
   079   Drake Danton		Outbreak
   080   Adrian Lee		Outbreak
   081   Tom Ebersole		Outbreak
   082   Shaun Wexler		Outbreak
   084   Lucas Pontremoli	Outbreak
   085   Pat Berkson		Outbreak
   086   Jeremiah Eckland	Outbreak
   087   Kalee Timmons		Outbreak

	Was seen during the Fortune City outbreak

   098   Rebecca Chang		Alive on Location

	Ambitious, beautiful Asian-American news reporter determined to get
	her first big story.

   116   Carlos Mertiz		Meet the Contestants

	A little loco. Run down by the former TIR contestant Leon Bell.

                       [Section 9] . . . Food Guide                    [90fod]

	Before filling your inventory up with all the food you can get, you
need to first know which foods are best to carry. Also, grabbing the health
magazines can cut down how much food you need easily. Once can be found in
Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Newstand in the Royal Flush Plaza, and the 
other can be found in Baron Von Brathaus in the Yucatan Casino on the bar.
Together they will make all the food you carry 250% as strong.

	The categories are seperated because at certain times in the game,
some one may need food, or drink, and no NPC will accept a mixed drink to heal
or complete a mission. In each category I have arranged them from strongest to
weakest, so you will want to try to hold on to the stuff at the top of the 
list and consume the stuff at the bottom of the list first.

    9.1 . . . . . Food                                                 [91fod]

				Heal Strength
	Name		Normal/ +50% / +100% / +150%
      --------        --------------------------------
	Steak		6	9	12	15
	Lobster		6	9	12	15
	Fish		6	9	12	15
	Pizza		4	6	8	10
	Pasta		4	6	8	10
	BBQ Chicken	3	4	6	7
	BBQ Ribs	3	4	6	7
	Hamburger	3	4	6	7
	Chili		3	4	6	7
	Cake		2	3	4	5
	Ice Cream	2	3	4	5
	Burrito		2	3	4	5
	Taco		2	3	4	5
	Bacon		2	3	4	5
	Hot Dog		2	3	4	5
	Apple		2	3	4	5
	Pineapple	2	3	4	5
	Melon		2	3	4	5
	Snack		1	1	2	2	
	Beans		1	1	2	2
	Brownie		1	1	2	2
	Cookies		1	1	2	2
	Donut		1	1	2	2
	Pie		1	1	2	2
	Fries		1	1	2	2
	Onion Rings	1	1	2	2

    9.2 . . . . . Drink                                                [92drk]

				Heal Strength
	Name		Normal/ +50% / +100% / +150%
      --------        --------------------------------
	Wine		5	7	10	12
	Coffee Creamer	4	6	8	10
	Orange Juice	4	6	8	10
	Milk		4	6	8	10
	Whiskey		3	4	6	7
	Vodka		3	4	6	7
	Beer		2	3	4	5
	Drink Cocktail	2	3	4	5
	Coffee		1	1	2	2
	Large Soda	1	1	2	2

    9.3 . . . . . Mixed Drinks                                         [93mxd]

	All Mixed Drinks Heal for a base of 6. There are far too numerous
combinations to list them all here. Virtually -any- food can be tossed into a
blender and mixed with another food. Each mixed drink offers a bonus effect as
well, a temporary buff. 

          Name		Effect Granted
        --------      ------------------------------------------------------

    Pain Killer		Reduces the amount of damage taken from attacks.

	Can be Made from:	Vodka + Vodka		Beer + Beer	
				Drink Cocktail + Ketchup

    Quickstep		Greatly increases your walking speed.

	Can be Made from:	Wine + Wine		Coffee + Soda
				Pizza + Coffee

    Energizer		Reduce all damage taken to zero for a short time.

	Can be Made from:	Melon + Melon		Lobster + Fish

    Untouchable		Makes it impossible for zombies to grab ahold of you.

	Can be Made from:	Pie + Pie		Pizza + Whiskey
				Whiskey + Pie

    Nectar		Attracts nearby queens to you, even off of zombies.

	Can be Made from:	Milk + Apple		Pineapple + Whiskey
				Orange Juice + Orange Juice

    Spitfire		Gives Chuck the ability to spit flames.

	Can be Made from:	Ketchup + Mustard	Coffee + Snack
				Fish + Whiskey

    Zombait		Makes zombies even more hungry for Chuck's flesh.

	Can be Made from:	Pizza + Mustard		Beer + Snack

    Repulse		Makes zombies completely ignore Chuck.

	Can be Made from:	Beans + Beer		Vodka + Beans

    Randomizer		Has random and sometimes terrible effects.
	(Every time I've used this, all it does is make Chuck Puke)
	Can be Made from:	Beer + Whiskey		Beer + Drink Cocktail
				Coffee Creamer + Beer

                       [Section 10] . . . Item Index                   [10itm]

    10.1 . . . . . Magazines                                           [10mag]

	Amusement - Toy items have 3x durability.
	Bargaining 2 - Lowers cost of items in Pawn Shop by 10%
	Bikes - Bikes have 3x Durability.
	Blades - Edged weapons have 3x more durability.
	Building - Construction items have 3x durability.
	Combat 1 - 10% PP boost from weapon kills.
	Combat 2 - 10% PP boost from weapon kills.
	Combat 3 - 10% PP boost from weapon kills.
	Domestic - Furniture items have 3x durability.
	Drinking - Drink multiple alcoholic drinks without being sick.
	Driving - Four-wheeled Vehicles have 3x Durability.
	Gambling 1 - Increases Gambling winnings by 100% from machines.
	Gambling 2 - Increases Gambling winnings by 100% from machines.
	Gambling 3 - Increases Gambling winnings by 100% from machines.
	Games - Entertainment items have 3x durability.
	Hand to Hand - Bare handed attacks have a significant boost in power.
	Health 1 - Health restoration from food items 50%. 
	Health 2 - Food items health restoration boost 100%.
	Horror 1 - Get 25% PP boost from defeating zombies.
	Horror 2 - Get 25% PP boost from defeating zombies.
	Juice Boost - Mixed Drinks last 2x as long after consumed.
	Leadership - Survivors are More Effective while in Chuck's party.
	Playboy - Get 10% PP boost from female survivor activities.
	Psychos - Get 25% PP boost from defeating psychopaths.
	Rescue -  Get 25% PP boost from Survivor activities.
	Skateboarding - Skateboards have 3x Durability and learn a new trick.
	Sports - Sports items have 3x Durability

    10.2 . . . . . Explosives                                          [10exp]

Acetylene Tank
Gasoline Canister
Propane Tank
Rocket Fireworks

    10.3 . . . . . Firearms                                            [10fir]

Assault Rifle
Blast Frequency Gun
Merc Assault Rifle
Six Shooter
Sniper Rifle

    10.4 . . . . . Ranged Weapons                                      [10rng]

Bow and Arrow
Golf Club
Lawn Dart
Tennis Racquet
Metal Baseball Bat
Music Discs
Box of Nails
Saw Blade
Soccer Ball
Vinyl Records

    10.5 . . . . . Novelty Items                                       [10nov]

Bag of Marbles
Beach Ball
Cardboard Cutout
Casino Chips
Fancy Painting
Funny Painting
Giant Die
Giant Stuffed Bull
Giant Stuffed Donkey
Giant Stuffed Elephant
Giant Stuffed Rabbit
Goblin Mask
Hunk of Meat
Liberty Torch
Lizard Mask
Novelty Beer Mug
Novelty Cell Phone
Novelty Liquor Bottle
Novelty Perfume Bottle
Novelty Poker Chip
Playing Cards
Robot Bear
Servbot Mask
Small Painting
Stick Pony
Tiki Mask
Toy Helicopter
Toy Spitball Gun
Treasure Chest
Wacky Hammer
Water Gun
Whipped Cream
Zombie Mask

    10.6 . . . . . Melee Weapons                                       [10mle]

Acoustic Guitar
Baseball Bat
Bass Guitar
Battle Axe
Bowie Knife
Bowling Ball
Boxing Gloves
Broom Handle (Must break a Push Broom to get this item)
Chef Knife
Coffee Pot
Comedy Trophy
Construction Hat
Cooking Oil
Croupier Stick
Crow Bar
Electric Guitar
Fire Axe
Flower Pot
Foam Hand
Gift Shop Lamp
Hockey Stick
Katana Sword
Lead Pipe
Leaf Rake
Long Stick
Magician Sword
Meat Cleaver
Medicine Ball
Mining Pick
MMA Gloves
Motor Oil
Night Stick
Paint Can
Power Drill
Push Broom
Serving Tray
Shower Head
Sledge Hammer
Small Suitcase
Small Vase
Spot Light
Tiki Torch
Training Sword
Velvet Bar

    10.7 . . . . . Heavy Melee Weapons                                 [10hvy]

Bingo Ball Cage
Bull Skull
Cactus Plant
Cardboard Box
Cash Register
Cement Saw
Centurion Bust
Computer Case
Cooking Pot
Cushioned Tall Chair
Donkey Lamp
Drill Motor
Drink Cart
Fancy Bench
Fancy Small Chair
Fancy Tall Chair
Folding Chair
Garbage Bag
Garbage Can
Giant Pink Chainsaw
Gumball Machine
High Back Oak Chair
Indoor Garbage Can
Large Barrel
Large Fern Tree
Large Planter
Large Potted Plant
Large Vase
Large Wrench
LCD Monitor
Mail Box
Mannequin Female
Mannequin Male
Metal Barricade
Metal Garbage Can
Mic Stand
Military Case
Moose Head
Newspaper Box
Padded Blue Chair
Patio Chair
Patio Table
Plastic Bin
Protestor Sign
Rotating Display
Roulette Wheel
Round Potted Plant
Sandwich Board
Shopping Boxes
Small Fern Tree
Small Potted Plant
Square Sign
Steel Shelving
Step Ladder
Stone Statue
Table Lamp
Utility Cart
Water Cooler
Yellow Tall Chair

    10.8 . . . . . Miscellaneous Items                                 [10mis]

Blue Spraypaint
Fire Extinguisher
Fountain Firework
Fuel Barrel
Funny Painting
Gas Can
Green Spraypaint
Leaf Blower
Money Case
Peace Art
Red Spraypaint
Shopping Valuables
USA Spraypaint
Water Bottle

    10.9 . . . . . Clothing Pieces                                     [10cth]

American Showman Helmet
American Showman Jumpsuit
Army Jacket Pants
Aviator Glasses
Banana Hammock
Baseball Cap Sport
Baseball Cap TIR
Baseball Uniform
Basketball High Tops
Basketball Uniform
Black Canvas Sneakers
Black Cowboy Boots
Black Cowboy Outfit
Black Dress Shoes
Black Military Boots
Black Rimmed Glasses
Blue Grey Work Overalls
Blue Hair
Blue Oyster Biker Outfit
Boardwalk Apparel
Bunny Slippers
Business Casual
Casual Beachwear
Collegiate Ensemble
Dealer Outfit
Dealer Visor
Flip Flops
Flower Head Piece
Football Helmet
Football Uniform
Fortune City Grey Shirt
Fortune City Red Shirt
Full Beard Moustache
Funny Goblin Mask
Funny Lizard Mask
Funny Servbot Mask
Funny Zombie Mask
Go-go Boots
Grey Hair
Hawaiian Holiday Gear
Highbrow Ensemble
Hip Hop Outfit
Hula Dress
Hygiene Mask
Kid's Super Hero Boots
Kid's Super Hero Costume
Kid's Super Hero Eye Mask
Knit Cap
Knotted Top Cutoffs
Ladies Hat
Loud Summer Special
Mesh Party Wear
Mid-Length T-Shirt Jeans
Mohawk Hair
Novelty Glasses
One-Piece Pajama
Pink Hair
Plaid Suit
Polo Shirt Blue Jeans
Rocker Glasses
Russian Hat
Shaved Head
Show Girl Head Piece
Skater Outfit
Sport Glasses
Sporty Track Suit
Summer Dress
Surf Wetsuit
Swat Helmet
Swat Outfit
Tennis Head Band
Tennis Outfit
TIR Outfit
Toddler Outfit
Tourist Boat Hat
Tube Top Mini Skirt
White Cowboy Boots
White Cowboy Hat
White Cowboy Outfit
White Leisure Suit
White Low Heels
White Tennis Shoes
Wild Frontier Hat
Yellow Sneakers
Yellow Tinted Glasses
Yellow Track Suit

                         [Section 11]. . . Locations                   [11loc]

	To prevent making this section unbearably long, I have refrained from
listing all the items laying out in the main floor areas, like the strips,
malls, and casinos. I may list a few important items right under the zone name
if I feel they are important. Inside many stores there will be useful items
and mundane items. I will list all the items of value in the store, but omit 
stuff like Cash Registers, Cardboard Boxes, and left over food stuff.

    * Location Name
      - Contents

    11.1 . . . . . Royal Flush Plaza                                   [11rfp]

      - Sports Car
      - Flaming Craps - 10,000 PP if you roll a 7
      - Movie Poster: Blood Round 4
      - Garbage Can
      - Newspaper Box
      - Dynamite
      - Fancy Bench
      - Large Planter
      - Folding Chair
      - Garbage Bag

    * R101: Casual Gals
      - Ladies Hat
      - Knotted Top Cutoffs
      - Hanger
      - Shopping Boxes
      - Fancy Painting
      - Handbag
      - Sandwich Board

    * R102: In the Closet
      - Hip Hop Outfit
      - Skater Outfit
      - Yellow Sneakers
      - Foam Hand
      - Vinyl Records
      - Speaker
      - Handgun
      - Skateboard
      - Red Spraypaint
      - Green Spraypaint
      - Brick

    * R103: The Man's Sport
      - Cash Register
      - Test Your Strength
      - Dumbell
      - Medicine Ball
      - Boxing Gloves
      - Metal Baseball Bat
      - MMA Gloves
      - Stool

    * R104: The Shoehorn
      - Yellow Sneakers
      - Black Canvas Sneakers
      - Flower Pot
      - Painting
      - Stool
      - Crowbar
      - Large Fern Tree

    * R105: Tunemakers
      - Maintenance Room
      - Wheelchair
      - Drum
      - Bass Guitar
      - Electric Guitar
      - Acoustic Guitar
      - Amplifier
      - Square Sign
      - Battery

    * R106: Wave of Style
      - Blue Hair
      - Full Beard Mustache
      - Night Stick
      - Water Cooler
      - Scissors
      - Red Spraypaint

    * R107: Ye Olde Toybox
      - Funny Lizard Mask
      - Lizard Mask
      - Zombie Mask
      - Toy Helicopter
      - Toy Spitball Gun
      - Bag of Marbles
      - Beach Ball

    * R108: Marriage Makers
      - Shoping Boxes
      - Padded Blue Chair
      - Gems
      - Large Vase

    * R109: Roy's Mart
      - Hygiene Mask
      - Small Potted Plant
      - Utility Cart
      - Crowbar
      - Shampoo
      - Orange Juice
      - Coffee Creamer
      - Rotating Display
      - Novelty Perfume Bottle
      - LCD Monitor
      - Keyboard
      - Computer Case
      - Burrito
      - Highback Oak Chair
      - Water Cooler
      - Small Painting

    * R110: Modern Businessman
      - Tuxedo
      - Collegiate Ensemble
      - Business Casual
      - Black Dress Shoes
      - Centurion Bust

    * R111: Stylin' Toddlers
      - One-piece Pajama
      - Kids Super Hero Boots
      - Giant Stuff Elephant
      - Beach Ball
      - Hanger
      - Zombie Mask

    * R112: SporTrance 
      - Casino Cup
      - Football Uniform
      - Football Helmet
      - Sporty Track suit
      - Basketball High Tops
      - Yellow Sneakers
      - Baseball Bat
      - Basketball
      - Football
      - Golf Club

    * R113: The Chieftain's Hut
      - Fancy Painting
      - Small Painting
      - Spear
      - Tomahawk
      - Bow and Arrow
      - Playing Cards
      - Taco
      - Chili

    * R114: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
      - Magazine: Health 1 
      - Magazine: Combat 2 
      - Bowie Knife
      - Newpaper Box
      - Round Potted Plant

    * R115: Hat Racks
      - Wild Frontier Hat
      - Tourist Boat Hat
      - Computer Case
      - LCD Monitor
      - Keyboard

    * R116: Universe of Optics
      - Aviator Glasses
      - Sport Glasses
      - Yellow Tinted Glasses
      - Rotating Display
      - Metal Garbage Can

    * R117: Three Club Monte
      - Black Dress Shoes
      - Fedora
      - Polo Shirt Blue Jeans
      - Round potted plant

    * R118: Astonishing Illusions
      - Novelty glasses
      - Robot Bear
      - Giant Die
      - Gift Shop Lamp
      - Fountain Firework
      - Firecrackers

    * R119: Sturdy Package
      - Suitcase
      - Small Suitcase
      - Handbag
      - Utility cart
      - Crowbar
      - Power Drill
      - Box of Nails
      - Ketchup
      - Fries

    * R120: The Dark Bean
      - Coffee
      - Coffee Creamer
      - Brownie
      - Donut
      - Cake
      - Newspaper
      - Patio Table
      - Highback Oak Chair
      - Barstool
      - Ad Board
      - Large Potted Plant 

    * R201: Albert's Apparel
      - Plaid Suit
      - Collegiate Ensemble
      - Black Dress Shoes
      - Hanger
      - Centurion Bust
      - Machete

    * R202: Wily Travels
      - Flower Pot
      - Water Cooler
      - Computer Case
      - Lamp

    * R203: Antoine's
      - Small Fern Tree
      - Chef Knife
      - Plates
      - Cooking Oil
      - Fire Extinguisher
      - Cooking Pot
      - Pan
      - Wine
      - Lamp

    * R204: Estelle's Fine-lady Cosmetics
      - Grey hair
      - pink hair
      - Novelty Perfume Bottle
      - Shampoo

    * R205: Just in Time Payday Loans
      - Blambow $40,000
      - Sports Car Key $500,000
      - Gem Blower $30,000
      - Laser Sword $25,000
      - Roaring Thunder $15,000
      - Zombrex
      - Assault Rifle $20,000
      - Tenderizers $25,000
      - Beach Ball $1,500
      - Pole Weapon $30,000

    * R206: Eternal Timepieces
      - Gems
      - Vinyl Records
      - Speaker

    * R207: Kathy's Space
      - Tube Top Mini Skirt
      - Knotted Top Cutoffs
      - Shopping Valuables
      - Jelly Beans
      - Hanger

    * R208: Earmark Leather
      - Black Cowboy Outfit
      - White Cowboy Outfit
      - White Cowboy Boots
      - Black Cowboy Boots
      - White Cowboy Hat
      - Black Cowboy Hat
      - Cactus Plant
      - Acoustic Guitar
      - BBQ Ribs

    * R209: Children's Castle
      - Funny Goblin Mask (blanka)
      - Kids Super Hero Eye Mask
      - Goblin Mask
      - Gumball Machine
      - Bag of Marble
      - Pink Bicycle
      - Toy Helicopter
      - Stick Pony
      - Giant Stuffed Bull
      - Giant Stuffed Elephant

    * R210: Small Fry Duds
      - Knit Cap
      - One-piece Pajama
      - Giant Stuffed Donkey

    * R211: Rush Wireless
      - Novelty cell phone
      - Computer Case
      - Newspaper

    * R212: Ragazines
      - Magazine: Hand to Hand
      - Magazine: Horror 1 
      - Magazine: Gambling 1 

    * R213: Players
      - Music Discs
      - Speaker
      - Shopping Boxes

    * R214: SporTrance 
      - Baseball Cap Sport
      - Baseball Uniform
      - Sporty Track Suit
      - Mannequin Male
      - Bowling Ball
      - Golf Club
      - Baseball bat
      - Skateboard

    * Restroom
      - save point
      - Indoor Garbage Can
      - Metal Garbage Can

    11.2 Americana Casino                                              [11amc]

      - Cash Me if You Can
      - Ride the Thunder $1000 1000 PP, $2000 5000 PP, $5000 10000 PP
      - Video Poker
      - Wheelchair
      - Drink Cart
      - Stand
      - Velvet Bar
      - Yellow Tall Chair
      - Roulette Wheel
      - Croupier Stick

    * A101: Bennie Jack's BBQ Shack
      - Magazine: Driving 
      - Chainsaw
      - Spear
      - Cooking Oil
      - BBQ Ribs
      - Baked Potato
      - Hamburger
      - Beer
      - Whiskey
      - Plates

    * A102: Shots & Awe
      - Blender
      - Casual Beach Wear
      - Cushioned Tall Chair
      - Vodka
      - Wine
      - Beer
      - Gasoline Canister

    * A103: The American Historium 
      - American Showman Jumpsuit
      - White Leisure Suit
      - American SHowman Helmet
      - Fortune City Red Shirt
      - Fountain Firework
      - Power Drill
      - Red Spraypaint
      - Green Spraypaint
      - Blue Spraypaint
      - USA Spraypaint

    * Cashier
      - Casino Chips
      - Drill Motor
      - Merc Assault Rifle
      - Construction Hat
      - Propane Tank
      - Computer Case
      - Money Case

    * Security Room
      - Dealer Visor
      - Magazine: Bargaining 1 (on roof)
      - Vaccum Cleaner
      - Handgun
      - Giant Stuffed Rabbit (on roof)
      - Broadsword (on roof)
      - Zombrex (on roof)
      - Water Cooler
      - Fire Extinguisher
      - Computer Case
    * Restroom
      - Pylon
      - Lead Pipe
      - 2x4
      - Bowie Knife

    11.3 Fortune City Arena                                            [11fca]

      - Baseball Cap TIR
      - TIR Outfit

    * Security Room
      - Magazine: Rescue
      - Pushbroom
      - Machete
      - Dynamite
      - Fire Extinguisher
      - Flashlight
      - Computer Case
      - Bench

    * Backstage Area
      - Donkey Lamp
      - Fire Extinguisher
      - Electric Guitar
      - Fire Axe
      - Folding Chair
      - Bench
      - Garbage Can
      - Foam Hand

    11.4 South Plaza                                                   [11spz]

      - Underwear (first store on the left from Arena Entrance)
      - Blue Grey Work Overalls (by maintenance left of bathroom)
      - Magazine: Building (up on catwalk between left two statues)
      - Six Shooter (after defeating Seymour)
      - Pylon
      - Golf Cart
      - Plates
      - Cement Saw
      - Mannequin Male
      - Mannequin Female
      - Bucket
      - 2x4
      - Box of Nails
      - Chainsaw
      - Paddle
      - Lead Pipe
      - Power Drill
      - Paint Can
      - Saw Blade
      - Vacuum Cleaner
      - Sledge Hammer
      - Pushbroom
      - Construction Hat
      - Water Gun
      - Plastic Bin
      - Baseball Bat
      - Acetylene Tank
      - Drill Motor
      - Pitchfork
      - Mining Pick
      - Gasoline Canister
      - Propane Tank
      - Folding Chair

    * Restroom

    11.5 Fortune City Hotel                                            [11fch]

    * Lobby
      - Long Stick
      - Table Lamp
      - Fire Extinguisher
      - Computer Case
      - Wheelchair
      - Magazine: Skateboarding
      - Military Case (after Case 5-2)

    * Rooftop

    11.6 Slot Ranch Casino                                             [11src]

      - Giant Video Slot
      - Fancy Tall Chair
      - Cash Me if You Can

    * Stage
      - Show Girl Head Piece
      - Zombrex (above in catwalk)
      - Liberty Torch
      - Gems
      - Firecrackers
      - Mic Stand
      - Leaf Blower
      - Speaker
      - Drum
      - Acoustic Guitar
      - Spot Light
      - Training Sword
      - Flashlight
      - Motor Oil
      - Fancy Small Chair (around slots)

    * Cashier
      - Whiskey
      - Newspaper
      - Magazine: Bikes
      - Nightstick
      - Merc Assault Rifle
      - Drill Motor
      - Leaf Blower
      - Flashlight
      - Propane Tank
      - Fire Extinguisher
      - Motor oil

    * Restroom
    * Rooftop

    11.7 Food Court                                                    [11fdc]

      - Moosehead
      - Movie Poster: Revenginator 7
      - Serving Tray

    * F101: Wild West Grill House
      - BBQ Chicken
      - Steak
      - Bacon
      - Large Barrel
      - Mining Pick
      - Bull Skull
      - Motor Oil
      - Pitchfork
      - Tiki Torch
      - Beer
      - Keg
      - Vodka
      - BBQ Ribs
      - Plates
      - Meat Cleaver
      - Cooking Pot

    * F102: Cucina Donnacci
      - Padded Blue Chair
      - Pasta
      - Lobster
      - Parasol
      - Wine
      - Plates
      - Cooking Pot
      - Small Fern Tree
      - Meat Cleaver
      - Steak

    * F103: Cheesecake Mania
      - Ice Cream
      - Pie
      - Cake
      - Brownie
      - Donut
      - Cookies
      - Milk
      - Patio Chair
      - Patio Table
      - Ad Board
      - Whiskey

    * F104: Lombardi's
      - Gumball Machine
      - Giant Stuffed Bunny
      - Jelly Beans

    * F105: Hamburger Fiefdom
      - Hamburger
      - Onion Rings
      - Fries
      - Lance
      - Training Sword
      - Ketchup
      - Mustard
      - Cooking Oil
      - Bow and Arrow (on roof)

    * F106: Rojo Diablo Mexican Restaurant
      - Cactus Plant
      - Donkey Lamp
      - Taco
      - Burrito
      - Beans
      - Chili
      - Apple
      - Plates
      - Stove
      - Giant Stuffed Bull (on roof)
      - Paint Can (on Roof)
      - Step Ladder (on roof)
      - Saw Blade (on roof)

    * F107: Hungry Joe's Pizzeria
      - Plastic Garbage Can
      - Pizza
      - Large Soda
      - Dynamite (on roof)

    * F108: Speedy Expresso 
      - Coffee
      - Coffee Creamer
      - COffee Pot
      - Milk
      - Brownie
      - Donut
      - Magazine: Bargaining 2 (on roof)

    11.8 Yucatan Casino                                                [11yuc]

      - Chopper
      - Lucky Marble
      - Cash to Burn
      - Stone Statue
      - LMG
      - Zombrex (on top of Lucky Marble Structure with LMG)
      - Lead Pipe
      - Flashlight
      - Yellow Tall Chair

    * Y101: Baron Von Brathaus
      - Magazine: Health 2
      - Blender
      - Machete
      - Toy Spitball Gun
      - Toy Helicopter
      - Ice Cream
      - Wacky Hammer
      - Servbot Mask
      - Zombie Mask
      - Plates
      - Gasoline Canister
      - Coffee Pot
      - Keg
      - Large Barrel
      - Beer
      - Wine

    * Y102: Shoal Nightclub 
      - Katana Sword (after The Source)
      - Vodka
      - Drink Cocktail
      - Beer
      - Keg
      - Vinyl Records
      - Large Wrench

    * Front Desk
      - Dealer Outfit
      - Tennis Racquet
      - Plates
      - Computer Case
      - Vacuum Cleaner
      - Rocket Fireworks
      - Fire Extinguisher
      - Table Lamp
      - Apple

    * Cashier

    * Tiger Habitat
      - Fire Axe
      - Sledge Hammer
      - Hunk of Meat
      - Pitchfork
      - Toy SPitball Gun
      - Tiki Torch
      - Machete
      - Push Broom

    * Restroom
      - Movie Poster: Stop or My Bear Will Shoot
      - Beer
      - Playing Cards

    * Rooftop

    11.9 Palisades Mall                                                [11pam]

      - Movie Poster: Dr. Brainfreeze (near 2F Maintenance Room)
      - Flashlight
      - Computer Case
      - Boxing Gloves
      - Motor Oil
      - Dynamite
      - Fire Extinguisher
      - Lawnmower
      - Servbot Mask

    * P101: Finders Peepers
      - Rocker Glasses
      - Black Rimmed Glasses
      - Rotating Display
      - Small Potted Plant

    * P102: FairMoans
      - Pink Hair
      - Blue Hair
      - Novelty Perfume Bottle
      - Shampoo

    * P103: Ultimate Playhouse
      - Kids Super Hero Costume
      - Funny Servbot Mask
      - Magazine: Amusement
      - Servbot Mask
      - Water Gun
      - Toy Helicopter

    * P104: Flexin'
      - Boxing Gloves
      - Medicine Ball
      - Dumbell
      - Baseball Bat

    * P105: Beach Body Swim House
      - Sport Glasses
      - Surf Wetsuit
      - Banana Hammock
      - Tourist Boat Hat
      - Lamp

    * P106: Wallington's
      - Highbrow Ensemble
      - Tuxedo

    * P107: Shanks
      - Shaved Head
      - Mohawk Hair
      - Melon
      - Meat Cleaver
      - Bowie Knife
      - Broadsword
      - Bow and Arrow

    * P108: Bagged!
      - Black Dress Shoes
      - Yellow Sneakers
      - Handbag
      - Suitcase
      - Small Suitcase

    * P109: The Venus Touch
      - Grey Hair
      - Shampoo
      - Fancy Painting
      - Massager

    * P110: KokoNutz Sports Town 
      - Basketball Uniform
      - White Tennis Shoes
      - Cleats
      - Tennis Outfit
      - Tennis Head band
      - Sporty Track Suit
      - Mid length Tshirt Jeans (in the Tape It or Die Room)
      - Tennis Racquet
      - Soccer Ball
      - Basketball

    * P111: Chocolate Confession
      - Cookies
      - Brownie
      - Jelly Beans
      - Robot Bear
      - Giant Stuffed Rabbit
      - Gumball Machine

    * P112: For Your Leisure
      - Business Casual
      - Polo Shirt Blue Jeans

    * P113: Trendy Cindy
      - Summer Dress
      - Knotted Top Cutoffs
      - Hanger

    * P114: Entertainment Isle 
      - Electric Guitar
      - Amplifier
      - Music Discs
      - Vinyl Records

    * P201: Kicks for Her
      - White Low Heels
      - Bunny Slippers
      - Go-go Boots
      - Newspaper
      - Whiskey

    * P202: Que's Hats
      - Fedora
      - Ladies Hat
      - Knit Cap
      - Russian Hat

    * P203: Brand New U 
      - Tube Top Mini Skirt
      - Summer Dress
      - White Low Heels
      - Robot Bear

    * P204: Ned's Knicknackery
      - Battle Axe
      - Lance
      - Spear
      - Broadsword
      - Bowie Knife
      - Gems
      - Large Vase
      - Small Vase
      - Lamp

    * P205: Space
      - Yellow Track Suit
      - Loud Summer Special
      - Boardwalk Apparel
      - Wild Frontier Hat
      - Tourist Boat Hat
      - Yellow Sneakers

    * P206: Stan's Large Print Books and Magazines
      - Magazine: Gambling 2 
      - Magazine: Combat 1 
      - Magazine: Horror 2 
      - Magazine: Sports 
      - Newspaper
      - Newspaper Box

    * P207: Under the Sea Travels
      - Hula Dress
      - Swordfish
      - Paddle
      - Spear
      - Parasol
      - Beach Ball

    * P208: Army Surplus Gift Store
      - Zombrex
      - Super Slicer -$30,000
      - Knife GLoves - $25,000
      - Spear Launcher - $30,000
      - Broadsword - $15,000
      - Plate Launcher - $35,000
      - Chopper Key - $1,000,000
      - Massager $1,000

    * P209: Kids' Choice Clothing
      - Toddler Outfit
      - Funny Zombie Mask
      - Kids Super Hero Boots
      - Water Gun
      - Chainsaw
      - Dynamite

    * P210: The Cleroux Collection
      - Peace Art
      - Small Painting
      - Painting
      - Fancy Painting
      - Small Vase

    * P211: Leigh's Fine Liquor
      - Novelty Liquor Bottle
      - Wine
      - Vodka
      - Whiskey
      - Keg

    * P212: Severed Ties
      - Computer Case
      - Shotgun (on roof)

    * P213: Robsaka Digital
      - Amplifier
      - Newspaper
      - Music Discs

    * P214: KokoNutz Sports Town 
      - Tennis Headband
      - Sporty Track Suit
      - Baseball Uniform
      - Baseball Cap Sport
      - Basketball High Tops
      - Cleats
      - Hockey Stick
      - Skateboard
      - Baseball Bat

    * P215: Everything Diamond
      - Gems

    * P216: Chris' Fine Foods
      - Mayonaise
      - Gasoline Canister
      - Fish
      - Steak
      - Pineapple
      - Melon
      - Apple
      - Orange Juice
      - Milk
      - Mustard
      - Wine
      - Pizza
      - Hamburger
      - Keg
      - Cooking Oil

    * P217: Robsaka Mobile
      - Novelty Cell Phone
      - Padded Blue Chair
      - Small Fern Tree

    * P218: High-Noon Shooting Range 
      - Army Jacket Pants
      - Swat Helmet
      - SWAT Outfit
      - Black Military Boots
      - Grenade
      - Sniper Rifle
      - Shotgun
      - USA Spraypaint

    * Pool Bar
      - Water Slide - 10000 PP Fulfillment
      - Playboy
      - Whipped Cream
      - LMG
      - Parasol
      - Water Gun
      - Tiki Torch

    * Restroom

    11.10 Atlantica Casino                                             [11atl]

      - Movie Poster: Pit Viking
      - Ride the Waves
      - Killer BlackJack
      - Wheel of Destiny
      - Treasure Chest
      - Step ladder
      - Fancy Tall Chair
      - Fish
      - Shower head
      - Swordfish
      - Gems

    * T101: Sipparellos
      - Blender
      - Beans
      - Vodka
      - Beer
      - Whiskey
      - Pineapple
      - Keg
      - Magazine: Drinking (on top of overhang)

    * Poker Room
      - Magazine: Games
      - Beer
      - Whiskey
      - Flashlight
      - Newspaper

    * Magician's Stage
      - Magician Sword (after defeating Reed and Roger)
      - Whiskey
      - Newspaper
      - Beer
      - Construction Helmet
      - Training Sword
      - Box of Nails
      - Lizard Mask
      - Flashlight

    * Side Office
      - Merc Assault Rifle
      - Water Gun
      - Fire Extinguisher
      - Computer Case

    * Rooftop
      - Pylon
      - Steel Shelving
      - Paint Can

    11.11 Platinum Strip                                               [11pts]

      - Protester Sign
      - Metal Barricade
      - Motorcycle

    * S101: TIR Souvenir Kiosk
      - Baseball Cap TIR
      - Standee

    * S102: Cash Gordon's Casino
      - Weapon Vending Machine (outside right)
      - LMG (On roof)
      - Wheelchair
      - Roulette Wheel
      - ATM

    * S103: Juggz Bar & Grill
      - Novelty Beer Mug
      - Parasol
      - Blender
      - Whiskey
      - Beer
      - Snack

    * S104: Paradise Platinum Screens
      - Movie Poster: Laser Knight
      - Cardboard Cutout
      - ATM
      - Mutant Crunch 2000 PP 8:30PM 25th
      - Love In the Family
      - Bazooka Bad Boyz
      - Paddle Party Massacre
      - LMG (on top of overhang)
      - Magazine: Psychos (on top of overhang)

    * S105: Moe's Maginations
      - Knight Boots - $2,000,000
      - Robot Bear - $1,000
      - Hail Mary - $15,000
      - Zombrex
      - Power Guitar - $35,000
      - Assault Rifle - $20,000
      - Defiler - $35,000
      - Lizard Mask
      - Wacky Hammer
      - Water Gun
      - Giant Stuffed Rabbit
      - Pink Bicycle

    * S106: Dining at Davey's
      - Chef Knife
      - Stove
      - Plates
      - Pie
      - Pizza

    * S107: From Fortune With Love
      - Fortune City Grey Shirt
      - Flip Flops
      - Hawaiian Holiday Gear
      - Novelty Poker Chip
      - Gift Shop Lamp
      - Mannequin Male
      - Mannequin Female

    * S108: TIR Souvenir Kiosk
      - TIR Outfit
      - Foam Hand

    * Theatre Rooftop
      - Pylon
      - 2x4
      - Lead Pipe
      - Plywood

    11.12 Fortune Park                                                 [11fcp]

      - Motion Madness -$2000 1000 PP $4000 5000 PP $10000
      - Flower Headpiece (bushes by Restroom)
      - Hunk of Meat
      - Dynamite
      - Boxing Gloves
      - Bowie Knife
      - Pitchfork
      - Lawn Dart
      - Spraypaint
      - Pylon
      - Fire Extinguisher
      - Water Gun
      - Bench
      - Garbage Can

    * Restroom
      - Magazine: Domestic
      - Battery
      - Leaf Rake
      - 2x4
      - Lawnmower

    11.13 Silver Strip                                                 [11svr]

      - Movie Poster: Paddle Party Massacre (in front of Slot Ranch Casino)
      - Garbage Bag
      - Bike Dock
      - Motorcycle
      - Gobling Mask
      - Battery
      - Lead Pipe
      - Rocket Fireworks
      - Mail Box
      - Tire 

    * N101: Swept Away
      - Giant Pink Chainsaw (after defeating Randy)
      - Flower Pot

    * N102: One Little Duck Bingo
      - Magazine: Leadership
      - Bingo Ball Cage
      - Fortune Whisperer (outside) $1000- $500,000 ($1,210,000 Total)
	500 PP, 10000 PP, 25000 PP

    * N103: Tinkerbox
      - Tesla Ball - $35,000
      - Shower Head $1,000
      - Driller - $15,000
      - Zombrex
      - Flamethrower - $30,000
      - SUV Key $2,000,000
      - LMG $20,000
      - Heliblade - $25,000
      - Hacker - $30,000
      - Golf Club
      - 2x4

    * N104: Barrel of Goods
      - Water Gun
      - Baseball Bat
      - Novelty Poker Chip
      - Pink Bicycle

    * N105: Luaii Wauwii
      - Magazine: Juice Boost (behind bar)
      - Tiki Mask
      - Paddle
      - Plates
      - Sushi
      - Stove
      - Meat Cleaver
      - Chef Knife
      - Fish

    * N106: Shamrock Casino
      - SUV
      - Magazine: Gambling 3
      - ATM
      - Drink Cart

    * N107: Pub O' Gold
      - Blender
      - Orange Juice
      - Whiskey
      - Table Lamp

    * N108: Rockets Red Glare
      - Fountain Firework
      - Rocket Firework
      - Firecrackers
      - Dynamite (on roof)

    * N109: Peep Hole
      - Peep Show 1000 PP each (10000 Bonus for all 3)

    * N110: Hot Excitorama 
      - Mesh Party Wear
      - Blue Oyster Biker Outfit
      - Go-go Boots
      - Flip Flops
      - Comedy Trophy (during Two's Company)
      - Dild....er...Massagers

    * Rock Stage
      - Metal Barricade
      - Mic Stand
      - Drum
      - Acoustic Guitar
      - Electric Guitar
      - Chainsaw (up on scaffolding)
      - Shotgun (up on Scaffolding)
      - Amplifier (behind Stage)
      - Utility Cart (On side)

    11.14 Safe House                                                   [11sfh]

     - Fire Axe
     - Brick
     - Cardboard Box
     - Fire Extinguisher
     - Lead Pipe
     - Small Fern Tree
     - Pallet
     - 2x4
     - Plastic Bin
     - Garbage Bag
     - Small Suitcase
     - Stand
     - Metal Baseball Bat
     - Pylon
     - Dolly
     - Propane Tank
     - Steel Shelving
     - Crowbar
     - Bucket
     - Push Broom
     - Vacuum Cleaner
     - Large Wrench
   * Restroom
     - Clothing Locker
     - Save Point
     - Shower head
   * Security Room
     - Scissors
   * Cafeteria
     - Mustard
     - Ketchup
     - Coffee Pot
     - Snack
     - Beans
     - Serving Tray
     - Milk
     - Orange Juice
     - Water Cooler
     - Metal Garbage Can
   * Clinic
     - Meat Cleaver
     - Keg
     - Serving Tray
   * Storage Room 7
     - Poker Table

    11.15 Underground                                                  [11ugd]

      - Garbage Bag
      - Metal Barricade
      - Steel Shelving
      - Zombrex (under Atlantica Casino)
      - Amplifier (under Atlantica Casino)
      - Blast Frequency Gun (top left area)
      - Assault Rifle (under South Plaza)
      - Cage Ball (in center area at intersection)
      - Magazine: Combat 3 (under Americana Casino)
      - Magazine: Blades (under Palisades Mall on top of Crates by golf carts)
      - Tire (under Americana Casino)
      - Plates (Under Palisades Mall)
      - Cement Saw (under Palisades Mall)

                       [Section 12] . . . Achievements                 [12ach]

	With the Tools and information provided in this guide, you should
easily be able to complete all the offline achievements in the game.

[Achievement Name]
	- Requirements to Unlock
	How to complete.

    12.1 . . . . . Completion Achievements                             [12cmp]

	These are achievements that may be accomplished by simply playing
through the game, or doing a certain thing one time.

[Apprentice Rising]
	- Reach level 25
	Simple enough. Just gain enough PP to get to level 25.

	- Mix a drink
	Doesn't really matter, head to Shots and Awe in the Americana Casino
and pick up some food items to blend in the Blender there.

[Big Spender]
	- Spend $6,000,000 in Fortune City
	Sounds difficult, but can be accomplished accross multiple restarts
with the same save slot. After you've made enough money, just buy all the
vehicles from the Pawnshops and give the Fortune Whisperer as much as he can
take: Knight Boots $2 mil, SUV $2 mil, Chopper $1 mil, Sports Car $0.5 mil,
and Fortune Whisperer $1.2 mil. That's $6.7 mil.

[Clean Record]
	- Complete The Facts
	Read and Follow my Walkthrough, Section 3.

[Come on! Follow me!]
	- Escort 8 survivors at once
	The easiest way to do this is to follow the walkthrough and note at 
the end of Section 3.1. Start a new game, immediately go to Yucatan Casino and
kill Ted/Snowflake after you get Katey's Zombrex and Save/Kill Denyce. Don't 
talk to Lenny, but go start Case 1-1. Run out of Safe House past Gordon and
LaShawndra to go do Lost... Then go do Welcome to the Family and get Lenny
from the Yucatan Casino. Run back down and do Short Sighted, then grab Gordon
and LaShawndra on the way back to the Safe House. You should easily have 8
people by this time: Chad, Dorris, Jack, Kenneth, Lenny, Esther, Gordon, and
LaShawndra (joining in that order).

[Custom Finish]
	- Give your bike a custom Paint Job
	After Defeating Leon, just head up to the bike trailer in front of the
Yucatan Casino with a can of Spray Paint. When you have it selected, click on
the bike and you should paint it a new color.

[Father of the Month]
	- Give Katey a gift
	Any gift will work, but following the guide, you should get this from
returning with Snowflake and then Examining Snowflake inside the Security Room

[Justice Served]
	- Complete Overtime Mode
	Read and Follow my Walkthrough, Section 3

	- Have 10 zombies with masks on at once
	Head over to P103: Ultimate Playhouse in Palisades Mall and keep
grabbing Servbot Masks and putting them on zombies until you get the 

[Needs More Chainsaw]
	- Create a combo weapon
	Self-explanitory. After you get the Maintenance room key, put the bat
and nails together on the work bench.

[Professional Rising]
	- Reach level 50
	Gain enough PP to get to level 50.

[Stick'em Up!]
	- Stick it to a zombie by covering him in weapons and objects.
	Head to Y101: Baron Von Brathaus and grab 4 items: Painting, Small
Painting, Servbot Mask, and Large Barrel. Find a zombie and put all four items
onto him. Also works with Stick Pony and Stuffed Animals among others...

(Secret Achievement) [Tape It or DIE!]
	-Discovered the secret combo card. Did you cheat by checking online?
	Hell Yeah you did, and here's how: Combine a Nectar with a Queen.

[The Skill to Survive]
	- Tame Snowflake
	Use Steaks to tame the Tiger during King of the Jungle. Check Section
3.1 in the Walkthrough for more Details.

    12.2 . . . . . Collection Achievements                              [12col]

	These are the achievements that require multiple tasks to finish and
are usually best done with a checklist in order to keep track of your 
progress. I would suggest just copying the lists from this guide into another
file and printing it out to check off, or updating the file as you meet
requirements so you don't miss anything. All items can be found by location
in Section 11.

[Chuck Greene: Cross Dresser?]
	- Change into all pieces of clothing in the game
	Contrary to how it sounds, you actually only have to change into all
the clothing found throughout Fortune City Stores. Use the provided list in
10.9 as a checklist while you run through the game. You can also search 
Section 11 for anything you cannot find.

[Curiously Inventive]
	- Collect all combo cards hidden in Fortune City.
	You will need to Examine All the Movie Posters and give the Fortune
Whisperer $1,200,000 total in order to get all the cards for this achievement.
You can search through Section 11 for the Movie Posters named: Blood Round 4,
Revenginator 7, Dr. Brainfreeze, Paddle Party Massacre, Stop or My Bear Will
Shoot, Laser Knight, and Pit Viking.

[Data Miner]
	- Fill All Entries in the notebook.
	This can be done across multiple playthroughs, simply follow the 
walkthrough and you should get them all. If you are missing any, or having
problems finding any, check Section 8.

[Death From Afar]
	- Use every type of ranged weapon on a zombie.
	While you don't have to actually kill the zombies, try to hit them
multiple times to ensure you get credit. The list of items needed for this
achievement can be found in 10.4.

[Duct Tape FTW]
	- Create all Combo Weapons
	Self-explanitory. Visit every maintenance room and you will likely
find all the ingredients you need to make every combo weapon with 10 meters of
the workbench. A list of all the combo weapons can be found in Section 7.

[Explosive Temper]
	- Use every type of explosive on a zombie.
	While you don't have to actually kill the zombies, try to hit them
multiple times to ensure you get credit. The list of items needed for this
achievement can be found in 10.2. I actually melee attacked with each one I
could before detonating it just to be sure.

[Fashion Aficionado]
	- Change into 10 different pieces of clothing
	Self-explanitory. This can be achieved during [Chuck Greene:
Cross Dresser?]

[Father of the Year]
	- Give Katey all possible Gifts
	Bring all of these items to Katey in the Safe House:
Bag of Marbles
Beach Ball
Funny Painting
Giant Stuffed Bull
Giant Stuffed Donkey
Giant Stuffed Elephant
Giant Stuffed Rabbit
Robot Bear
Stick Pony
Snowflake the Tiger
Water Gun

[Finally Full]
	- Eat all types of food in the game
	Self-explanitory, but does not include Mixed drinks. The list can be
found in Section 9.

[Full Deck]
	- Collect all Combo Cards
	Self-Explanitory. A listing of all the Cards and where to learn them
can be found in Section 7.

[Half Deck]
	- Collect 25 combo cards
	Self-Explanitory. Can be achieved during [Full Deck]

[He Hasn't Covered Wars...]
	- Use every type of firearm on a zombie.
	While you don't have to actually kill the zombies, try to hit them
multiple times to ensure you get credit. The list of items needed for this
achievement can be found in 10.3.

[Head Trauma]
	- Use every type of melee weapon on a zombie.
	While you don't have to actually kill the zombies, try to hit them
multiple times to ensure you get credit. The list of items needed for this
achievement can be found in 10.6 and 10.7.

[Hero of Fortune City]
	- Save 50 survivors.
	Escort 50 survivors back to the safe house. This does not include the
first 11 which are autmoatically listed as Safe in your notebook. You will get
this when your notebook says 61.

[Improper Behavior]
	- Spraypaint all Zombrex Posters
	Self-Explanitory. Use Spraypaint on all the posters you see until a 
solid X appears over the poster and you receive a PP bonus. A good place to
find all the posters is:

[Life Saver]
	- Collect all combo cards from survivors.
	Following the walkthrough will achieve this, but you can look in 7.2
for the list of cards.

[Look at All That Juice]
	- Create and consume all mixed drinks in the game.
	Self-Explanitory. For a list check out 9.3.

[Saving the Day]
	- Save 10 Survivors.
	Escort 10 survivors back to the safe house.

[Slaugher - S = Laughter!]
	- Use every type of Novelty Weapon on a zombie.
	While you don't have to actually kill the zombies, try to hit them
multiple times to ensure you get credit. The list of items needed for this
achievement can be found in 10.5.

[Tough Guy]
	- Collect all combo cards from Psychopaths
	Following the walkthrough will achieve this, but you can look in 7.3
for the list of cards.

[Window Shopper]
	- Enter all Stores in the game.
	Walk into every store in the game. Follow section 11 if you need to.

    12.3 . . . . . Combat Achievements                                  [12cbt]

	These achievements can be accomplished in combat or killing and mostly
involve just repeating the same thing over and over again until the number of
kills triggers the achievement. Almost all the zombie achievements will be
completed in the pursuit of [Zombie Genocide Master] so I need not explain
them beyond the definition. All of these achievements must be done in a single
play through as well. Each new game resets the kill count.

[Having A Gas]
	- Kill 1000 'special' zombies

[Judge, Jury, and Executioner]
	- Defeat 10 Psychopaths
	Does not include Looters or Mercenaries, only the Psychopaths listed 
in Section 5.

	- Smash 100 zombies using the Smash skill move
	Just throwing them to the ground does not work, stand near a counter,
wall, or solid object and try to smash the zombies into it. Each time a head
explodes up against the object it will count as 1 kill.

[Vigilante Justice]
	- Defeat 5 psychopaths

[Wrong Kind of Chopper]
	- Kill 1000 zombies while riding a motorcycle
	Includes using Chainsaw-cycle and Gun-cycle.

[Zombie Destruction]
	- Kill 5000 Zombies

[Zombie Genocide Master]
	- Kill 72,000 zombies
	This one needs a big explanation:
	Tips for Zombie Genocide Master

	With supposedly only 72 hours of Gameplay and 72,000 zombies to kill,
the initial thought is that you need to kill 1,000 zombies an hour. This is 
not true however. The game starts at 3:00 AM Sept 26 and ends at 10:00 AM Sept
28th if you don't do case files or 7:00 AM Sept 29 if you finish all cases.

Time inconsistancies: On Day 1, from 7:59 AM to 9:00 AM you will lose 1 hour
if you get Katey Zombrex. On day 4-5 If you wait until 6:59 AM to kill the
last boss, it will time-warp you back to 2:00 AM, gaining up to 5 hours.
In Overtime you have from 2:00 AM until 12:00 PM which is another 10 hours.

In Total, that comes to 5 Hours Until Case 1-1 (26 Sept 3:00 AM to 8:00AM), 
73 hours until Case 6-1 (26 Sept 9:00 AM to 28 10:00 AM), 21 hours until
The Facts (28 Sept 10:00 AM to 29 7:00 AM), and then 10 more hours of Overtime
(2:00 AM to 12:00 PM). Over 109 hours of Gameplay.

I was able to complete all the Case Files to gain more time while doing this
achievement and still completed it at about 11:00 PM on Day 4 with a good
18 hours to go.


To kill the zombies, you are first going to want to have the SUV Key. You will
also want to grab the Driving Magazine out of the Americana Casino to improve
durability. I usually drove up and down the strip until I racked up about 2000
kills, then stopped at the Restroom in Fortune Park to save and reload. 

When you unlock the bike bay after killing Leon, you will want to switch to
using the Chainsaw-cycle. The Alley next to the Atlantic Casino has a
Maintenance Room with a Chainsaw in it. There is also a Chainsaw on top of the
stage, but because of the climbing I think it's faster to run down the alley
myself. Simply grab the Chainsaw and run to the bike bay. When you click on
the bike it will attach the chainsaw you are holding. Each Bike can kill about
900-1000 zombies before breaking until you get the Bike magazine which will
triple its durability. So you may want to save every 1000 kills, or stick with
the SUV until Case 3-1 starts.

There is no real strategy to running over zombies, just drive back and forth 
up and down the entire strip as fast as possible. You will always get kills
faster running 100 zombies down in a straight line rather than crashing into
a clump of 40 or 50 zombies and trying to spin around on them.


Reloading your game is an important part for the achievement, because the
zombies will thin out and slow down your kill rate after you've killed enough.
You will also save time instead of waiting for two loading screens from 
leaving and returning.

When running from the Save Point back to the SUV or Motorcycle, you may also
want to use Quicksteps to increase your movement speed. This also makes it a
lot easier to  grab the chainsaw from the Maintenance room in the alley and
bring it to the bike bay. You can get Quicksteps in the zone by grabbing 
Coffee from Dining at Davey's and mixing it with Beer in the blender found in
Jugs. Each time you reload, the coffee and beer will respawn.

You can also stock up many at once by heading to Baron Von Brathaus in
the Yucatan Casino by Mixing Wine + Wine in the blender there since there is
an unlimited supply of wine. Dump all your inventory except for the books and
fill it with Quicksteps.

Doing the Case Files:

	And here is what you need to do...As soon as you get to the Safe House
head out to A101: Bennie Jack's BBQ Shack and grab the Magazine: Driving. Now
go get the Zombrex from Roy's Mart. Head out to the strip and get to the SUV.
Driving around over zombies until 7:30 AM, this will give you a nice start. At
7:30 AM, run back to the Safe House and give Katey her Zombrex. As soon as the
cutscene ends, run to the Fortune City Hotel and do Cases 1-1 to 1-4. Head 
back to strip and Kill Leon for his bike, then kill zombies until 7:30 PM.

	When you get the call at 7:30 PM, get back to the Safe House and do
Case 2-1 and 2-2. When 2-2 ends, get in the golf cart on your right and drive
it underground towards the Atlantica Casino. You can grab the Zombrex on your
way to the ladder up, then once you're up in the Silver Strip, grab the 
chainsaw and start killing zombies until 7:00 AM. Give Katey Zombrex #2, then
get back to killing zombies.

	When you get the call at 10:00 AM get to the safe house and start 3-1.
Destroy the drill in the Americana Casino first. Before you leave, grab the
Zombrex above the security room then head up to the Slot Ranch Casino. Head to
the stage first and Grab the Zombrex in the back up in the rafters. Now 
Destroy the drill here and DON'T FORGET THE BIKE MAGAZINE. Now head up to the
Yucatan and Destroy the drill. Before you leave, grab the Zombrex in the 
middle and stock up on Quicksteps. Head out to the Strip and destroy the van,
then get back to killing zombies.

	You should have enough zombrex now to finish the game without wasting
time trying to save survivors. Kill away until 11:00PM, then head to Shoal
and complete 4-1. Now you should have plenty of time to kill away until 7:00
AM the next day. Get to the Safe House and Give Katey Zombrex #3.

	Continue to kill zombies until 7:00 PM, then run back to the Safe 
house to finish 5-1. Head to the hotel roof to finish 5-2. It will teleport 
you back to the safe house, then go back out to the strip and keep killing 
Zombies! Don't Forget to give Katey Zombrex #4 at 7:00 AM

	You have until 9:00 AM to kill zombies, but if you want to get [Having
a Gas] as well, you need to get back to the safe house by 10:00 AM. After the
military arrives, nothing will slow you down from completing the rest of the
Case Files. Get them all done and give TK your last Zombrex. Do not do The
Facts just yet. Spend time Killing as many zombies as you can up until about 
5:30 AM. This should give you enough time to get to the Yucatan Roof and 
finish the last boss to get you into Overtime if you need it. Overtime will
reset you back to 2:00 AM and you'll have 10 more hours to kill zombies before
time runs out.

Progress Chart:

	These are the Zombie Kill counts you will need in order to complete 
the achievement. I averaged about 750-800 Per game hour with the SUV and 
1000-1200 per game hour with the Slice-cycle. I contribute this to the fact
that the SUV knocks over zombies but doesn't kill them at slow speeds, where
the slice-cycle kills any zombie by barely touching them with the chainsaws.

		    Skipping Cases:	     Completing Cases
	        -----------------------	 ------------------------
Sept 25 7AM		3,648			2,640
	7PM		14,592			9,900
Sept 26 7AM		25,536			17,820
	7PM		36,480			25,740
Sept 27 7AM		47,424			33,660
	7PM		58,368			41,580
Sept 28 7AM		69,312			49,500
	10AM		72,000			51,480
	7PM		------			57,420
Sept 29 7AM		------			65,340
	12PM		------			72,000
			912/hr			661/hr

[Zombie Slaugher]
	- Kill 500 zombies

[Zombie Fu]
	- Kill 1000 zombies barehanded
	This includes all skill attacks, but not boxing gloves or MMA Glove

[Z-Genocider 2: Genocide Harder]
	- Kill 53,596 zombies
	Two more zombies than the Achievement in the first game...shouldn't it
be 53,595 since sequels tend to be sequencial?

	(yes I know about L4D, please stop sending emails, this is only a joke)

    12.4 . . . . . Online Achievements                                  [12onl]

	All of these will require Xbox LIVE Gold and a lot of patience and/or
luck. Having friends help you with these makes it much easier to accomplish.

[Better With A Friend]
	- Solve all case files in Co-op mode
	Find a friend who will play with you and only do Case Files while you
and your friend are playing together. Does not have to be the same person, you
may either host or join a game to get credit.

[Don't You Die On Me]
	- Revive another player in Co-op mode
	When a player goes down, select a food item, then walk over and give
it to him.

[Rising Star]
	- Come in first place in a single TIR event
	Not too difficult to accomplish.

[TK's Favorite]
	- Play and win all 9 TIR events
	Can be a little annoying since there are only 3 random events per
episode, but you only have to win each one once.

[Win Big!]
	- Finish in first place in a TIR episode
	A real pain in the ass when competing on LIVE with people you do not
know. You don't have to win every event, but need to have the highest total
score at the end. Getting the most Pink-balloon zombies in Slice-cycles is the
key to winning this one.

         Funny Facts

	- Using the Hacker to break machines will make them drop 4x the cash.

	- The Burning Skull gives you 666 PP each time you kill a zombie.

	- If you have the Power Guitar equipped when you pick up the Burning
	  Skull from the ground, it will play guitar music while you are
	  charging people.

	- The Goblin Mask is Blanka from Street Fighter 4 and you can attach
	  it to a battery to do his 'electrical attack' on zombies

	- If you put on the full knight's outfit with the Beard, you will
	  get a 4 to 5 hit damage shield, but after that your armor shatters
	  like from Ghosts'n'Goblins, leaving you running around in your

	- Looters with Spraypaint will attempt to blind Chuck and knock him
	  out. If this happens, Chuck will wake up in the nearest bathroom
	  without any inventory or any clothing, but somehow keeps all his
	  money... I guess they want you to come back to the pawnshop to
	  buy it all back.

	- If you feed Richard Spoiled Food, he will get sick and still ask for
	  More to eat.

	- Chuck's puke will actually make the floor slippery and zombies will
	  fall down if they walk over it.

	- Shooting a Beer Keg will cause it to spew out foam all over the
	  ground, which will cause zombies to slip and fall over.

	- A Broom Handle can be found by Breaking the Push Broom, and is 
	  Required for the Hockey Mask Achievement unlock. It was the last 
	  item I needed to unlock it and needed to look online to figure it

	- Share the Blitzkrieg! In a Co-op Game, when you run out of ammo, if
	  your partner takes over the chair, the ammo will be replenished for

	- You can get a Water Bottle by knocking it off the Water Cooler

	- You can earn a 10,000 PP bonus for completing almost any mini-game
	  or clickable like going through all 3 peep shows.

	- Many of the Skill-based minigames will progressively cost more for
	  each play as well as increase in difficulty. The PP awards increase
	  as well, going from 1000 PP, 5000 PP, and 10000 PP.

	- For some reason, if you run down the new hallway during Breach, you
	  will find a Nectar just sitting on the ground in the very back.

	- In Left 4 Dead there is Left 4 Dead an achievement for killing
	  zombies: Zombie Genocidest(20G) - Kill 53,595 Infected. 
	  That's one more than Dead Rising, and one less than DR2.

     _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    |                                                                       |
    |                      Acknowledgements                                 |
    |_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _|
    |                                                                       |
    |     The two websites I would like to thank first are The Dead Rising  |
    | Wiki (http://deadrising.wikia.com/wiki/Dead_Rising_Wiki) to which I   |
    | have both contributed to and received help for a few obscure facts.   |
    | Also I would like to thank the Dead Rising 2 Interactive Online Map   |
    | (http://www.msxbox-world.com/features/Dead-Rising-2/index.php#top)    |
    | which helped a ton for referencing when I did not have the Xbox turned|
    | on to play.                                                           |
    |     I would also like to thank my room mates for allowing me to steal |
    | the 42" HD TV in the living room to play on for such a lengthy period.|
    | I would also like to thank my friend Ryan for playing in the co-op    |
    | mode for me to try a few tricks and figure out things before putting  |
    | them into the FAQ.                                                    |
    |     I also need to acknowledge CAPCOM for producing a good instruction|
    | manual for me to grab bits of information from and include them in    |
    | this walkthrough.                                                     |
    |     I would finally like to thank all the people who posted in the    |
    | Forums at GameFAQs.com and help discuss confusing or obscure parts in |
    | the game.                                                             |
    |                                                                       |
    | Special Thanks for tips Provided through emails to:                   |
    |                                                                       |
    |	dwright2007                                                         |
    |	Tyler Rogers                                                        |
    |   Bobby So Famous                                                     |
    |   Derek MacNeill                                                      |
    |   Shannon Price   - Thanks for the drop kick tips			    |
    |	Ichwan Milono   - funny fact about looters			    |
    |	Donald Ray	- mixed drink recipe				    |
    |   MByrd                                                               |
    |   Joshua Yeager	- Magazine Tip                                      |
    |   CodeHxr		- Money making tip                                  |
    |   Lance McP	- boss tip					    |
    |_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _|


v0.7 - 8 OCT 2010
	Added Content for Section 1, Section 2, added completion rewards to 
	Section 3, Fixed some start times in Section 4.
	Added Location Contents in Section 8 to help find items.
	Added Mission names in front of each step of Walkthrough.

v0.9 - 9 OCT 2010  
	Added all the People to Notebook with their descriptions and where to
	find them first.
	Fixed a few area names.
	Added all the Combo Cards and PP rewards.
	Threw in a few Boss Strats, more to come.
	Added Endings and item locations for overtime in section 3

v1.0 - 12 OCT 2010
	Added sections 5, 9, and 10.
	Added helpful people to acknowledgements.
	Completed Main body of the guide.

v1.1 - 18 OCT 2010
	Added Item List for Last boss.
	Completed Item List
	Reorganized the guide's contents
	Added Achievements 
	Added Prizes/Rewards gained from defeating psychos
	Updated Combo Card Section
	Sorted out Notebook section
	Added PP Rewards throughout Walkthrough.

v1.2 - 20 OCT 2010
	Fixed a few typos, completed the PP rewards and EXP table in section 6
	Going to take a little vacation from the game now =)

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