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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by Frankie_Spankie

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/27/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Table of Contents
    1. - Controls.................BF1 | Please Note - This entire FAQ/Strategy 
    2. - Maps.....................BF2 | Guide is designed for easy accessibility.
    3. - Classes..................BF3 | That means that you can use your browser's
    4. - Vehicles.................BF4 | search function (ctrl+f) and type in the
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    1. - Controls                                                               BF1
    Soldier Controls
    Left Analog Stick                      Move
    Right Analog Stick                     Aim
    X Button                               Jump
    Square Button                          Reload
    Circle Button                          Enter/Use/Pickup
    Triangle Button                        Draw Knife
    L1 Button                              Zoom
    L2 Button                              Throw grenade/Explosives
    L3 Button                              Sprint
    R1 Button                              Fire
    R2 Button                              Toggle Weapon
    R3 Button                              Crouch
    Start                                  In-game Menu
    Select                                 Command (press) / Score (hold)
    Land/Boat Controls
    Left Analog Stick                      Turn
    Right Analog Stick                     Look/Move Turret
    X Button                               Change Seat
    Square Button                          No Use
    Circle Button                          Exit
    Triangle Button                        No Use
    L1 Button                              Throttle
    L2 Button                              Brake
    L3 Button                              No Use
    R1 Button                              Fire
    R2 Button                              Secondary Fire
    R3 Button                              No Use
    Start                                  In-game Menu
    Select                                 Command (press) / Score (hold)
    Plane Controls
    Left Analog Stick                      Yaw
    Right Analog Stick                     Pitch/Roll
    X Button                               No Use/Parachute (when you bail out)
    Square Button                          No Use
    Circle Button                          Exit
    Triangle Button                        No Use
    L1 Button                              Throttle
    L2 Button                              Hold for Free Look
    L3 Button                              No Use
    R1 Button                              Fire
    R2 Button                              Drop Bombs
    R3 Button                              No Use 
    Start                                  In-game Menu
    Select                                 Command (press) / Score (hold)          
    *Please Note - For some reason, EA decided not to make the plane controls 
    inverted meaning when you press down, your plane will go towards the ground 
    instead of the natural skyward climb. You can change it to inverted controls in 
    the options menu.
    2. - Maps                                                                   BF2
    *Please Note - For some reason the compass doesn't match up with the world map 
    that you see when you select spawns. For the sake of making this guide as clear 
    as possible, I will use the compass locations. To have a better angle so north 
    is actually north on the world map, check out Planet Battlefield's map page:
    Coral Sea
    This map is completely different from the rest. The reason for this is because 
    this is an air superiority map instead of the traditional conquest map. The way 
    this one works is whoever has control of the center of the map will "capture" 
    the point and will reduce the enemy tickets. You have to have several planes in 
    here and destroy the other planes in order to control this area.
    In order to be good at this map, you need to know how to dog fight and use the 
    terrain around you to your advantage. To lose enemy planes on your tail, you 
    can fly through the mountains on the islands. The center island has a hole in 
    the mountains that you can fly through and make a quick sharp turn followed by 
    a quick climb to lose enemies. 
    There's really not too much to this map other than practice! A few rounds of 
    flying the planes around in Coral Sea will likely make you a decent dog 
    fighter. Just try to stick to one plane when you get behind them and dodge any 
    planes behind you. Just keep practicing until you get really good at dog 
    fighting and stay around the center of the map.
    Capture Points
    Fuel Dump
    Closest capture point to US uncap.
    There are a couple ways to approach this one. Obviously the US has the best 
    chance to get it first since it's closest to their main base. There are also 
    two roads that lead up to the Fuel Depot from the Ridge along the top of the 
    hill and from the bottom of the hill. All three will go along the northern side 
    along the sand bags.
    There is also a small dirt path leading up the hill along the south side. You 
    will come up the east side of the capture point which is great for flanking the 
    US troops when they are shooting at enemies at the Ridge.
    Wait just outside of the bunker door to capture this point. You can't capture 
    it from inside the bunker. Just make sure to stay away from the large fuel 
    tanks because they can cause a large explosion.
    It really depends which side you are. If you're US, watch the Ridge and kill 
    any enemies that get in your way. Just make sure nobody flanks you from the 
    small dirt path. If you're Japanese, look towards the US base and kill the 
    enemies as they approach. If they're capturing the point, just make sure you 
    have a good angle so you can see them just outside the bunker.
    Other Intel:
    This base is usually unguarded by the US when they have the Ridge and it is 
    almost always unguarded by the Japanese when they have it. A jeep will spawn 
    here when captured.
    Center of island
    There are four good ways to approach this capture point and the best way is the 
    side that the enemy isn't guarding. One is up the hill from the Village. It is 
    a fairly steep hill so they have a good vantage point over you but if they 
    aren't looking here, even a tank can sneak up this hill.
    There's a dirt path from the fuel depot that is usually being covered by the 
    Japanese but is good to flank the US soldiers from. The hill is kind of steep 
    and windy though, for some reason jeeps like to get stuck on the hills. You may 
    want to approach this path by foot.
    You will see a large rock overlooking the northeastern side of the capture 
    point. This is great to kill enemies from and they never look up here until 
    they start to get shot at. If you don't see teammates up here already, 
    definitely go up there and kill enemies quickly.
    There's a dirt road that goes from the Village to the Outpost just north of 
    this capture point. There's a couple large rocks along the road and in the 
    hill. You can jump up the eastern rocks and climb the rest of the hill up to 
    the capture point.
    One of the best places to capture from is in the small guard tower. However, 
    most people look in there first so you may want to hide in between the building 
    and the large rock next to the Ridge. Most people go in the guard tower before 
    looking around it so you can hide outside and listen for enemies. When you hear 
    one coming close, run around the opposite side of the tower and flank them.
    This one is hard to defend since they can come from both sides. Make sure to 
    keep an eye on the large rock overlooking the ridge since people like to go up 
    there. Other than that rock, just watch the side that the closest enemies are.
    Other Intel:
    This point is great for snipers to fight off enemies at the fuel dump or the 
    village but other than that, it's not too important.
    Northeast of the Ridge
    This capture point has a couple of ways to approach it as usual. One is a path 
    that goes straight from the US uncappable base along the beach to this base. 
    This path is a great way to start the round.
    Another path is down the middle from the Ridge through the main road. This is 
    the most popular path to take and for that reason, it's the most dangerous. If 
    it's already captured by the enemy, be very careful as you approach the hill so 
    you don't run into the tank that spawns there.
    There's a road opposite of the one from the US base that goes from the Japanese 
    base and is connected to the road to the Radio Bunker. This is a great path to 
    go to from the Radio Bunker and for that reason, the Japanese has a slight 
    advantage to this capture point.
    This one doesn't have any tricks to capturing it, you basically have to run 
    around outside hoping you don't get shot.
    There's a couple of guard towers and shacks to hide in to kill enemies you see. 
    There's also a small path leading to the air raid station which most enemies 
    tend to ignore. You can hide behind the bunker and come out when you see the 
    enemy trying to capture the flag.
    Other Intel:
    This is one of the two important points in the map. A jeep and tank will spawn 
    here. On top of that, it is the capture point that controls the air raid 
    West of the Ridge
    There are a couple paths to this capture point. There is obviously the path 
    from the main road which is very dangerous. It's a great path with a vehicle 
    but otherwise, you should avoid it. 
    You can also attack it from both sides along the beach. The Japanese side is 
    better since there's a small opening back there and can pull up right behind 
    where everybody spawns. The side from the US base is great on foot too but not 
    quite as good. You can break through the fence with a melee attack and sit in 
    the house here killing reshly spawned soldiers. The only problem with this side 
    compared to the opposite is that you still have to run to the flag where on the 
    Japanese side, you will be right at the flag as you enter the village.
    Most people like to sit inside the house but I suggest waiting outside in the 
    inner corner of the small L shape of the building so the enemies can't flank 
    you. You will also get a good eye on freshly spawned enemies.
    If the tank is here, get in it and sit on the auto-repair station. If not, you 
    can go to the small air strip where it's a little hilly and use the terrain for 
    Other Intel:
    Along with the Outpost, this is one of the most important points in the map. It 
    contains a jeep, a tank, an auto-repair station for vehicles, and a plane. You 
    can also go to any capture point easily from this point.
    Radio Bunker
    Northern end of map
    There's only really two ways to get to the top of the hill with this bunker. 
    One path is great for flanking if you're US which is the side with the Japanese 
    uncapturable base. Other than that, go to the road opposite of this one that 
    leads up the hill. If this is Japanese's only point, it will likely be clear.
    There's a small wooden shed right by the flag, you can sit inside of it 
    crouched and you can hide out from sniper fire and be safe. Watch the flat top 
    of the hill for any freshly spawned enemies.
    Watch the side with the Japanese base for flankers or if you're US with all the 
    flags. Otherwise, you should just watch the center of the base. I suggest not 
    using the machine guns in the bunker because you will quickly die from sniper 
    Other Intel:
    This is a great start for the Japanese to capture first. A tank and jeep will 
    spawn at this capture point once it is captured.
    US Strategies
    If you can grab a plane, quickly do so. Just fly it straight to the village and 
    parachute out. You can capture the village and grab the plane that spawns there 
    to fly it to whatever capture point you want next. I suggest the Outpost but 
    chances are the enemy will be here by now. Let some teammates capture the Fuel 
    Dump and only go for the Ridge if you see somebody already heading for the 
    Another good strategy if you can't grab a plane is to take a jeep and go to the 
    northern road out of the main US base. Take the jeep straight up to the Outpost 
    and capture it. If you want, you can use the air raid from here and look for 
    where the enemies are heading. If there's a lot going to the radio bunker, send 
    the air raid there. If you see several enemies heading to the village, send it 
    there. Just try to lead the enemy and bomb them where they're likely to group 
    up, at a capture point.
    Japanese Strategies
    Again, if you can grab the plane, do it. Fly it over to the village and jump 
    out to capture it. From here, grab the plane that will spawn and capture 
    whatever point you want to next. The Outpost is a great next capture point. Let 
    your teammates capture the Radio Bunker. If you see somebody heading for the 
    Outpost already, just head for the Ridge.
    If you can't grab a plane, grab a Jeep. Drive along the northeastern most road 
    out of your main base and drive it down to the Outpost. From here, you should 
    drive to the Ridge since you have the hill to the north of it for cover. 
    Hopefully by now, the radio bunker will be captured so you can go to the 
    Village and easily take a commanding lead early.
    Iwo Jima
    Capture Points
    Mount Suribachi
    Southern tip of island
    This capture point can be difficult to capture with the mounted machine guns in 
    the bunkers but there are ways around them. The first and most obvious, but 
    most deadly way to reach this capture point is to climb up the hill. This path 
    is great if there aren't enemies up there and specifically in the machine guns. 
    This is also the only way you can approach this capture point in a vehicle. 
    You can also climb the hills alongside the road. The better hill to climb is to 
    the left of the road but that hill is only really reachable from the Fishing 
    Village. You can climb right in front of the left most bunker at the top of the 
    hill all the way to just before the bunker. From there, go to the right and you 
    will see a grass path leading right up between the bunkers.
    You can also climb just to the right of the road and to the top of the hill to 
    jump in between some bunkers. This path is great when approaching from the 
    lighthouse but it's still fairly dangerous since it's so close to the main 
    If you have time and are in a boat, you can actually go to the rear of the 
    mountain. There's a dirt path that will lead you up the back of the capture 
    point that nobody ever guards and is a great path to flank the enemy with.
    *Thanks to cell4165 for pointing this approach out!
    This is one of the hardest points to capture because you basically have to 
    stand in the wide open to capture it. Just keep looking all around to kill any 
    freshly spawned enemies before they kill you. Make sure to throw grenades in 
    the bunkers if they have any gunners inside.
    There are plenty of buildings to hide in to kill any enemies that are trying to 
    capture it. You can sit on the top of the hill over looking the fishing village 
    to kill soldiers from that side or use the machine guns to kill any that go up 
    the main road. There's also an anti-air gun on one of the bunkers which you 
    could use to take down air raids before they can drop the bombs or shoot down 
    any enemy planes.
    Other Intel:
    A tank and jeep will spawn at the top of the hill. This is a very important 
    capture point to hold but don't worry if you give it up. Most people are likely 
    to just defend from here leaving their other capture points unguarded!
    Fishing Village
    North of Mount Suribachi on the beach
    This capture point can efficiently be attacked from all sides. The US has the 
    best advantage since their air carrier is closest to this point and you can 
    bring a boat straight to this capture point. 
    Another great way is along the beach to the north. Most people will go to the 
    main road or up Mount Suribachi leaving this path clear. You can sneak right 
    into the backdoor of the building or hide alongside it to capture this point 
    pretty easily.
    The most dangerous method is from the road. This path is great if you have a 
    tank but otherwise, it should be avoided. It's right in the path of machine gun 
    fire from Mount Suribachi and most soldiers are looking in this general 
    Another method which can also be dangerous is falling down the side of Mount 
    Suribachi and running along the beach to the south side. It's the fastest way 
    from Mount Suribachi but a lot of soldiers who are heading to Mount Suribachi 
    will be looking for you on their climb up the side of the mountain.
    Most people will hide in the closest building to the flag but I think it's 
    better to hide on the walkway along the side of the building facing the beach 
    just inside the fence. Most enemies go into the building first and from here, 
    you have a good vantage point of freshly spawned enemies.
    This point can be difficult to defend since it can easily be attacked from all 
    angles so try to find some cover. Find out where they're coming from and kill 
    them quickly. Destroy the buildings they're hiding in if they are using them 
    for cover.
    Other Intel:
    This capture point doesn't spawn any vehicles but it is still a key point to 
    hold if you want to head over to Mount Suribachi. 
    West of the Fishing Village on the beach on the opposite side of the island.
    This is similar to the Fishing Village. It can easily be attacked from all 
    angles. The best way is for the Japanese Navy to approach by boat from the air 
    carrier. You can land on either side of the light house and climb the hill to 
    lead up to the lighthouse. 
    You can approach it from the road which is very dangerous since mostly tanks 
    drive on the roads in Iwo Jima. If you're in a tank, take the road path and be 
    very careful around the trench because your tank can easily get stuck in it.
    You can also approach along the sides of the beach through the trenchs from 
    both sides. Try to stay in the trenches as you approach and fight your way to 
    the lighthouse. If anybody is by the door to the lighthouse, shoot the propane 
    tanks right in front to try to catch them in the explosion.
    The best way to capture this capture point is either just inside the lighthouse 
    or in the rocks just outside the lighthouse. Most people will look at the 
    lighthouse door first but considering there isn't much cover around here, it's 
    still your best bet.
    Again, this point is tough to defend since it could be successfully attacked 
    from all angles. A great vantage point is from the top of the lighthouse. You 
    would think a lot of people would look up here but they surprisingly don't. 
    Just be careful if any get close because you can't see the ground near the 
    lighthouse and they might sneak up behind you.
    Other Intel:
    Nothing really. This is a great capture point since it's in the middle and you 
    can easily go to any other capture point but that's about it.
    Along coast in northeast
    There are three popular methods here and one not so popular approach. 
    Obviously, it's great for the US because it's right off the coast on the US's 
    air carrier side. They can easily approach the capture point from the water but 
    they rarely do if there's a battle going on.
    The next most is from the airfield to the west. It's pretty hilly so they can't 
    see you coming and you have the terrain as cover. Be careful as you fight off 
    enemy soldiers in the trenches and fight your way to the bunkers.
    The last popular option is from the Lighthouse from the south. Again, it's 
    hilly around here so you get the terrain for cover. They will fire away from 
    the trenches so fight them off quickly. Try to stick to the bunkers for added 
    cover as you approach to reach the capture zone.
    The last approach that is very rarely used is from the north. People very 
    rarely look over here and it's a great place to take your time and pick off 
    enemy soldiers to clear a path for teammates. It's also a great way to flank 
    the enemies and get right into the bunkers.
    There's a line of sandbags in between the two bunkers facing the beach. Sit in 
    the corner of the sandbags and the bunker. This is the best cover in the area 
    and people very rarely flank you if they are defending the bunkers.
    Also, a tough capture point to defend. Try to stay inside the bunkers and look 
    through the doors to kill people as they approach. Just don't stay in here too 
    long because once they realize you're in the bunker, you will face a lot of 
    Other Intel:
    A jeep will spawn at the bottom of the hill towards the beach.
    Northwest corner of map
    Due to the surrounding mountains, you can only really approach from the bunkers 
    or the runway. However, as you get closer, there are some other methods. You 
    can obviously take the road down the middle leading to the flag which could 
    obviously be dangerous if there's a lot of enemies in the area. However, if you 
    have a tank, this will be the best path.
    There are a couple hangers on each side of the road leading to the capture 
    point. You can go through both of them for cover and flank any enemies 
    defending the capture point and kill them easily.
    Stand inside the small building with the flag over it. If there's a tank there, 
    grab it, blow a hole in the wall, and wait inside the building.
    This point can be difficult to defend just because it's a key point in the map 
    and a lot of enemies will attack it. Use the tank on the small repair station 
    and sit on it so it will keep repairing the tank for you. If there's no tanks, 
    use the buildings for cover and kill them through the windows.
    Other Intel:
    Although it isn't a vantage point like Mount Suribachi, this is still probably 
    the most important capture point in the map. It holds an extra plane, the air 
    raid station, two jeeps, and two tanks. There's also a tank repair station that 
    if you park on it, it will repair your tank for you. Factor in the fact that 
    it's very difficult to flank here and it's one of the strongest capture points 
    in the game.
    US Strategies
    There's two good ways to start the round out. Both involve immediately getting 
    in a boat. Use the boat to go straight to the Bunkers and quickly capture it. 
    After you capture the Bunkers, quickly head for the Airfield and capture that 
    next. This is the better option since most people seem to go to the Fishing 
    Village first.
    The next best option is to go straight to the Fishing Village and capturing it. 
    Climb the hill along the left side of the road to the top and capture it. If 
    the Japanese are quick, they'll be climbing the main road so make sure to kill 
    them if you see them.
    Japanese Strategies
    The best method is to go straight to the Lighthouse via a boat. As you capture 
    the Lighthouse, head for the fishing village along the beach to the north of 
    the Fishing Village. Shortly after you capture the Lighthouse, the US will 
    likely capture the Fishing Village. Then they will usually climb Mount 
    Suribachi leaving the Fishing Village unguarded. You can easily steal it from 
    under their noses, just make sure to kill any freshly spawned enemies. From 
    there you can slowly climb the hill and try to take over Mount Suribachi.
    Wake Island
    Capture Points
    Signal Station
    Northeast corner of the map
    There are three great ways to approach the Signal Station. One way is to come 
    from the water to the northeast which is generally from the direction of the US 
    air carrier. There is a bridge just before it that you can sneak under but you 
    can get out of the boat right before the bridge and climb a dirt hill leading 
    up to the capture point.
    The next option is to approach it from the beach to the northwest. This is one 
    of the most dangerous ways to attack the capture point but with numbers, you 
    should be able to easily take it. Try to stay in the hills for a little bit of 
    added cover and pick off soldiers before you get too close.
    One of the best options is to flank them from the capture point at the complete 
    other end of the island to the south. One of the welcome changes to Wake Island 
    is that the capture points on each end of the island spawns a boat. You can 
    spawn in the Village and take a boat straight to the Signal Station and flank 
    the enemy.
    There a couple of good hiding spots to go in if everything isn't destroyed. The 
    house is good cover but most people will shoot grenades and rockets at it to 
    quickly clear out your cover leaving you wide open. The best place to hide is 
    outside of the house behind a small shed to the west of the building. You can 
    either hide along the building or in between the shed and the fence. If the 
    shed and fence are destroyed, hide in the building overlooking the eastern 
    The majority of people attack this capture point from the beach and if there's 
    a lot rushing you, you could use the turret in the tower. However, I suggest 
    not waiting up here for too long because you will quickly become a big target 
    for snipers. Try to stay in the buildings and use the windows to peek out and 
    kill any incoming soldiers. Also make sure nobody is trying to flank you in 
    Other Intel:
    When you capture this point, a few vehicles will appear. A tank will appear in 
    front of the small shed right next to the flag. A jeep will appear opposite of 
    the tank. A boat will also spawn facing the middle of the island. There are 
    some trenches facing towards the beach along the southern side of the capture 
    Middle of the northern strip of the island
    There are four great ways to approach the Beach. One of the most popular ways 
    is to run along the beach from the Signal Station. You won't be in as much of 
    an open area since most enemy soldiers at the Beach will likely be looking at 
    the Signal station instead of along the beach coming from the Signal Station. 
    You can run down here and pick off enemy soldiers as you slowly approach the 
    Another popular method is to approach from the main road right in front of the 
    Beach. This method is dangerous because they start to spawn all around you and 
    this is where a lot of people are looking. If you do decide to go this way, 
    head straight for the bunker and make sure nobody is hiding in there. If the 
    flag is going down, capture the capture point. If the flag isn't going down, 
    get out of the bunker because that's the first place enemies look. Slowly get 
    out and be very cautious of your surroundings as you try to find the enemy.
    Another method that isn't very popular is to go along the hills on the side of 
    the beach from the Airfield. You have a high vantage point over all of your 
    enemies and they usually don't look up here. Pick them off as you see them and 
    go down to the capture point to capture it.
    One method that may be too much trouble than it's worth is to grab a boat from 
    the air carrier and drive it in front of the Beach. If nobody saw you 
    approaching the Beach, they likely won't see you get out of the vehicle giving 
    you the best possible position behind all enemy troops. Even freshly spawned 
    soldiers rarely look towards the Beach.
    Your natural instinct is to hide in the bunker, but don't. Everybody throws 
    grenades in there and you won't stand a chance if the enemy sees the flag going 
    down. Instead, go in front of the bunker and crouch in between the rocks or 
    behind the sand bags. People generally don't look here and head straight for 
    the bunker giving you the perfect opportunity to kill them when they aren't 
    Most people will generally hide in the bunker to capture this capture point so 
    toss grenades in there. There's a little niche to the left as you enter the 
    bunker which your grenades may not hit so make sure to get one in there before 
    running into the bunker. There's also plenty of hills and bushes around here 
    that you can hide behind and kill enemy soldiers as they try to run for the 
    Other Intel:
    There really isn't much to this capture point other than the fact that a Jeep 
    will spawn at the top of the hill along the road.
    Northwest corner of map
    You may think that there is only two approaches to the Airfield but there's 
    actually three. One of the most popular approach is from the Beach. If you 
    follow the road from the Beach, you will see the road split. The left path 
    leads more to the flag while the right path is a flatter and more stable 
    terrain. If you have a tank, I suggest taking the right path and everybody else 
    should take the left path when clear.
    The other popular approach is from the AA Village. Again, you will see the road 
    split as you approach it with a jump to the right and a flatter road to the 
    left. Tanks should go through the flatter path while jeeps and infantry can go 
    up the hill and jump over.
    The third approach which not many people know about and the people who do never 
    look there, is to run along the beach. There's actually a hill behind the plane 
    hangar that you can go up in any vehicle or on foot. This is a great way to 
    flank the enemy and help clear out a path for your team mates to the capture 
    point. This path is kind of a pain to reach but if the airfield is their only 
    capture point left, it may be the best option if their defense is strong.
    The best way to capture this is in the building or just outside in the little 
    corner where the flag is. This is a very popular area and a key point in Wake 
    Island so be prepared to fight off some soldiers that try to stop you from 
    capturing this point.
    Most people capturing this point on foot will be in or just outside the 
    building. Shoot your rockets or grenade launcher at the building to destroy the 
    building and reveal any hidden enemies inside. More often than not, people seem 
    to capture this point in a tank so if you aren't good with fighting off tanks, 
    you may want to quickly run to the nearest enemy capture point and steal one 
    back or just wait for the tank to leave and recapture the airfield.
    Other Intel:
    There's actually a lot that spawns in the Airfield which makes it a very 
    important point to hold throughout the entire round. For travel, there will be 
    two jeeps that spawn on opposite ends. There will also be a tank in the middle 
    which could be very useful as you sweep through the rest of the island. 
    However, the most important things about this capture point other than its 
    location is the fact that it can spawn an extra plane and has an air raid 
    AA Village
    Northeast corner of map [World Map View]
    Southwest corner of map [Compass View]
    There's three ways to approach the AA Village. If you are coming from the 
    Airfield, you won't have much choice but to barrel down the main road. It's not 
    very safe but you really don't have an option. If you are coming from the 
    Village, you can also come from the main road. Again, it's not very safe, but 
    there's at least a decent amount of cover along the hills and trees on each 
    side of the road.
    The best way is to try to flank this capture point along the beach. Run along 
    the southern beach and get behind the buildings of the capture point. Climb the 
    hill right next to the building and capture it from under their noses. 
    The best way to capture this point is to run into the building next to the 
    flag. You can also wait on the outside of the building which you might have to 
    because the walls are usually destroyed here.
    Most people will capture this point just like the Airfield. They will be inside 
    the building if on foot or outside in a vehicle. Shoot your rocket/grenade 
    launcher at the building to clear them out and kill them as you see them.
    Other Intel:
    A jeep will spawn here and that's about it. There's an AA gun along the 
    sandbags facing the Airfield and another on the hill leading to the Airfield.
    Southeast corner of map
    Approach there's a couple ways to approach this one. You can approach it along 
    the main road from the AA village but in all likelihood, the bridge will be 
    destroyed and you won't be able to cross it. Don't worry though because you can 
    go down the hill to the left of the bridge, go through the water, and up the 
    hill leading right to the flag.
    Another great method is to take the boat from the Signal Station. Very few 
    people ever look towards the Signal Station unless they are heading for the 
    boat to try to take it. You can very easily flank the enemy going this way and 
    capture it.
    The last is from the boats along the southern edge of the island. This is a 
    great method for the Japanese army to take from the carrier but you can also 
    land on the tip to grab the jeep and head over from the other side. This is 
    generally a safe path since most people are busy looking towards the AA Village 
    but it is time consuming and may not be worth it just to capture this capture 
    A great place to capture this capture point from is in the corner of the 
    building in the far northeast corner. Most people don't realize that the 
    capture point stretches out to reach this building and will often ignore it.
    Most people will hide in the building closest to the flag. Destroy the walls 
    and kill any enemies you spot. Some enemies will try to hide in the building 
    directly to the north of the flag as well and shoot at you from the doorway so 
    keep an eye out for those enemies.
    Other Intel:
    A tank will spawn here and a jeep will spawn opposite of it. There is also a 
    boat facing the Signal Station that you can take to any other capture point 
    pretty easily. The bridge leading from the AA Village to this capture point can 
    be destroyed and cannot be repaired. There's a path down a dirt hill to the 
    side of the bridge that will safely get any vehicle through to the next capture 
    US Strategies
    The US army will spawn on the southern air carrier. Odds are, you will be stuck 
    in a boat since there are only two planes and they generally go fast. If you 
    can grab a plane and aren't good with dogfighting, I suggest flying straight to 
    the Airfield and parachuting in to capture it first. However, if you're in a 
    boat, there are a few things you can do.
    Most people will head straight for the Signal Station and capture this first 
    simply because it's the closest. For this exact reason, skip it. Go straight to 
    the Beach and capture it leaving the Signal Station for the next teammate to 
    head over there. Take a look at your map while you are capturing the Beach just 
    to make sure you have a teammate going to the Signal Station. If not, you 
    should fall back and capture the Signal Station. After you control the Beach, 
    head for the Airfield unless you see somebody already heading over there on 
    your team. 
    If the Airfield is either capture or about to be captured, go to the Signal 
    Station and grab the boat to flank the village on the opposite end of the 
    island. If your team is quick enough and you're able to steal the Village, you 
    will already be off to a four capture point lead which will slowly reduce their 
    tickets. This is probably one of the best ways to start the map and the rest 
    should just be going for enemy capture points.
    Japanese Strategies
    You should start this round as the Japanese similar to how you'd start the 
    round as the US. If you can grab a plane, go straight for the airfield. If you 
    can't, go in a boat and skip the Village to go to the AA Village. Capture this 
    point first and make sure a teammate is heading over to the village. The 
    Airfield is kind of far so you may want to avoid going straight for it if the 
    US already has the Beach. If they don't have the Beach, quickly go to the 
    If the US does have the Beach, go back to the Village and grab the boat. Take 
    it down to the Signal Station and steal it from the US troops. They will likely 
    leave it unguarded as they head for the Airfield and trying to cycle through 
    the map. From here, just cycle behind them and capture points as they leave 
    3. - Classes                                                                BF3
    The infantry class is a great class to play as if you like close quarters 
    combat and will likely drive around in tanks a lot. The infantry class has a 
    sub-machine gun to take down any enemies that get too close for comfort. The 
    only problem is it's not very good at long range. They also have rocket 
    launchers to easily take out enemy tanks. Another great benefit to the infantry 
    class is they get a wrench to repair damaged vehicles with.
    US Weapons                             | Japanese Imperial Navy Weapons        
    M1A1 Sub-Machine Gun                   | Type 100 Sub-Machine Gun              
    M18 Recoilless Anti-Tank               | Type 18 Recoilless AT                 
    M12 Wrench                             | Type 12 Wrench                        
    MK2 Hand Grenades                      | Type 97 Hand Grenades                 
    The rifleman class is probably the best all around class. Their semi-automatic 
    rifles are very powerful that you only need a few shots to hit for a kill and 
    the distance is incredible. You can easily kill enemies with this rifle from 
    one capture point to the other while it still has the versatility to do damage 
    up close. The grenade launcher is also a great addition to help you fight off 
    enemy tanks. It will take several grenades to kill a tank but with some help, 
    you could take down a tank.
    US Weapons                             | Japanese Imperial Navy Weapons        
    M1 Semi-Automatic Rifle                | Type 5 Semi-Automatic Rifle           
    M17 Rifle Grenade                      | Type 91 Rifle Grenade                 
    M1 Bayonet                             | Type 5 Bayonet                        
    Mk2 Hand Grenades                      | Type 97 Hand Grenade                  
    The scout class is by far the best range class in the game. Their primary 
    weapon is a sniper rifle. Be careful when you're aiming long range with it 
    though because over far distances, bullets will start to drop a bit. Practice 
    firing the sniper rifle in the tutorial to get a good feel for it. They are 
    also equipped with a handgun for close ecounters and enemies sneaking up from 
    behind. They can also be very powerful against tanks. If you can get close 
    enough as a scout, toss one explosive one it and set it off to blow the whole 
    tank up!
    US Weapons                             | Japanes Imperial Navy Weapons         
    M1903 Sniper Rifle                     | Type 98 Sniper Rifle                  
    M1911 Pistol                           | Type 14 Pistol                        
    M1 Bayonet                             | Type 94 Shin Gunto                    
    Explosives                             | Explosives                            
    4. - Vehicles                                                               BF4
    The main thing that the Battlefield series has been popular for has always been 
    the vehicles they put in the game. It was one of the first to include vehicles 
    and it's not just tanks. The series has featured planes, tanks, jeeps, and 
    boats since the glory days of Battlefield 1942. Those are the only vehicles 
    from Battlefield 1942 that EA decided to include in their latest addition to 
    the series, Battlefield 1943.
    The Jeeps are ideal for transportation. They are very fast and agile. You can 
    zip past tanks without them touching you a lot, it just depends how good the 
    tank driver is. They can also turn very well and tapping the brakes can allow 
    you to make very quick and sharp turns. Each jeep has one machine gun that you 
    can use and also a third seat for another soldier to use where they just use 
    their normal weapon.
    The Boats are also ideal for transportation. They're pretty quick but they're 
    still big targets for enemy fighter planes. They are mostly used to leave the 
    air carrier but some capture points like the ones in Wake Island also spawn 
    boats to give you a good path to flank the enemy. There are two machine guns on 
    each boat along with three spots that soldiers can wait inside the boat in.
    The tanks are the most powerful land vehicles in the game. They don't take much 
    skill to drive and can be a force to deal with no matter who the driver is. The 
    tank cannon can easily do tons of damage to enemy vehicles while the machine 
    guns can quickly take down infantry. Just make sure to hide your rear end as 
    much as possible. That is your weak point.
    Planes can be the best vehicles in the game if you master them. Two-three good 
    pilots on the same team can almost single handedly win a round for their team. 
    They can dogfight with each other and quickly take down enemy planes. They can 
    also easily take down bombers before they are able to carpet bomb an entire 
    area. The bombs they drop can also be very dangerous towards tanks. Their only 
    real weaknesses are against other planes, anti-air guns, and to a much lesser 
    degree, the machine guns on Jeeps.
    5. - Strategies                                                             BF5
     * WINNING!!
          The point of the Battlefield games was always and will always be, to win!
          It's not about having the best personal score, you want to do what you 
          have to to win! The best way to win is to hold as many capture points as
          possible. If an enemy is too scared of you and tries to run away, let
          him! Let him hide while you capture more capture points.
          Obviously, every great Battlefield player will know what class to play in
          what situation. Figure out how well you are in each class and then try to
          figure out which would be the best to choose from in each situation. If
          your team has a lot of capture points and they're just defending their 
          one point, you may want to go scout and prevent any from trying to flank 
          your teammates or steal capture points. If you're going to get in a tank, 
          you may want to be infantry so you can repair your tank when it's 
          damaged. If you're fighting off enemies at a capture point and you see a 
          tank coming, you may want to be infantry for the rocket launcher or scout 
          for explosives depending at which you're comfortable with. If you're 
          going to only fight in close quarters combat, you may want to be infantry 
          for their submachine gun or if you want a good all around infantry class, 
          you might want to be the rifleman. Experiment with each class until you 
          get comfortable in each one and then learn when to use each class.
          I've seen this too often in my days of Battlefield 2. People would rather
          sit in their base, contributing absolutely nothing, waiting for a plane.
          Fortunately, it doesn't seem to be a major problem in Battlefield 1943
          but I still see it happen. By sitting on the carrier doing nothing, you
          are giving the enemy team an advantage in the fact that you're not doing
          anything! Get out there and join the battle, capture some points, assist
          squad members, get kills. After all, if you're playing just for points,
          you'll still get more by fighting in the front lines than flying a plane
          all round.
          What's the best way to kill an enemy? When he doesn't see you! The best 
          way to deal with enemies is to get behind them and kill them before they 
          have any idea where you are. If you're approaching a capture point, 
          chances are they'll be looking at your closest capture point. Try to go 
          in through the back path so you can get behind them. If you're flanking,
          a great strategy to get used to is throwing quick grenades into the doors
          of bunkers to kill any machine gunners inside. Just make sure nobody's 
          shooting at you when you throw the grenade in the bunker. This strategy
          works great when there's a big battle in a small area. If there's a big
          battle being fought in a small area, the enemy will all be looking 
          towards your teammates. This will leave you a great opportunity to sneak 
          behind them and take them out while your teammates are distracting them.
     * DEALING WITH TANKS                                                          
          A sight that everybody is afraid of is turning a corner or leaving a 
          building only to be staring down the barrel of an enemy tank. Don't worry
          because every class has a good chance at destroying an enemy tank. The
          infantry is the best since they get the rocket launcher. Keep a distance
          so you will have time to hide and reload in between shots. Always try to
          hit the rear end of tanks since that is their weak spot. If you can get
          close as a scout, toss an explosive on it and detonate it. If you're a 
          rifleman, just throw all your grenades at it. If you're a rifleman, you 
          may want to just run but it is possible to do a good amount of damage to
          a tank.
          You will notice that rockets, sniper rounds, and most particularly, tank 
          shells will drop over a distance. They all have their own trajectory to 
          them so you definitely want to get used to the trajectory of each weapon 
          in the tutorial. If you can master the trajectory of each weapon, you 
          will be the most lethal player in the game at long range.
          There's more to reloading in this game than you may believe. For one, you
          can actually reload while sprinting which is great when it comes to going
          to cover after firing off a whole clip. If you reload and start to 
          sprint, you will finish reloading in the normal time it would have taken
          you to reload which gives you that added speed element for survival 
          purposes. Also, if you shot one or two grenade launcher grenades or AT 
          rockets, you can press reload again to reload that ammo type. It will 
          still take time to reload that ammo but if you aren't near any enemies,
          you can do this to make sure you are fully prepared for the next set of
          enemies you see.
          The best way to survive is obviously to stay out of sight. Sometimes you
          have to fight but that doesn't mean you should just stand in a wide open
          area as the enemy has a clear target for you. Something so common as a 
          pile of sandbags could give you a good advantage. The most important time
          to use cover is while reloading, hide as best as you can behind anything
          you can find to stay safe while reloading.
          Use grenades to your advantage. They take some accurate throws to get 
          kills with them but that's not their only good use! Throw them into 
          buildings when you approach capture points. If you don't kill an enemy, 
          you may still get that small red idicator around the crosshair that means 
          you hit an enemy. If you see that, you know where the enemy is since you 
          threw a grenade there. The grenades also reload pretty quickly too so 
          there isn't too long of a break between grenades.
          The grenade launcher can be very useful. However, you just have to use 
          them wisely in battle because they take a while to reload after you shoot
          your three. You may not want to use them in the middle of a wide open 
          area in close quarters combat because the blast radius is kind of small
          and you are likely better off to use your regular rifle. However, rifle
          grenades excel at killing enemies in buildings. A lot of times, the enemy
          will try to hide in the buildings along windows and doorways for added
          coverage or in a corner to capture a capture point. The rifle grenade can
          easily kill people inside buildings if you just shoot the walls.
          Obviously you need to know your class and when to use it but sometimes
          you're done with that situation and want to switch. That's when you need
          to look for kits dropped from dead friendlies or enemies. On top of this,
          it would be wort your while to keep note of any in an open area. If you
          have to reload a weapon and have absolutely no cover, see if there's a
          kit on the ground to pick up! Sometimes you unload a clip and that's not
          enough. If you pick up another kit on the ground, hopefully it will have
          some ammo in the clip and you can shoot the enemy that much quicker.
          The best time to use melee attacks is when you are behind an enemy and 
          they don't know you're there. However, that isn't the only opportunity
          you'll have. If you are close to an enemy and have to reload, don't even
          bother reloading. Simply get a little closer and stab him with whatever
          melee weapon your class has to kill them quickly. 
          The traditional use of remote charges are pretty obvious. However, there
          are a couple other things you can do with them. You can lay a trap with
          them along a capture point where vehicles are likely to drive and set 
          them off. You can also plant them on bridge and detonate it when a tank 
          drives over the bridge. Another great option is to throw them on your 
          jeep. You can throw them on the front end of your jeep and drive towards
          enemy tanks or groups of infantry, bail out, and detonate the charges as 
          the jeep rolls into the enemy.          
                 -Thanks to Hawkmania for the tip!
          Sometimes your plane will take heavy damage in a dogfight. If you can't 
          get away from the enemy planes, you can use your plane as a weapon on 
          ground troops. Start to dive bomb towards an enemy capture point or area
          with several enemy troops running around. Try to shoot them a couple 
          times and bail out before you hit the ground. You want to bail out a 
          little early so you can still use your parachute. If your timing is right 
          and your flying is accurate, sometimes you can take a soldier or two out 
          with the explosion of your plane while leaving you safe.
                 -Thanks to Hawkmania for the tip!                
          If you want to be good with a plane, you have to be good at dog fighting.
          This requires lots and lots of practice. First off, you want to go 
          through the tutorial mode and practice shooting down those baloons. After
          you get used to it, you can start trying it out in game. A good way to 
          learn how to aim at moving targets is to try to kill those bombers that
          fly by during air raids. Also practice bombing targets in the tutorial
          mode. If you can bomb tanks on the ground, you'll rack up huge points and
          weaken the enemy's forces.
          When you start flying planes regularly, you will notice that AA Guns can
          get to be a handful. Meanwhile you still have to deal with fighting off
          enemy planes. Well the best way to avoid those pesky AA guns is to fly 
          low. You will notice that you can't look down from an AA gun which allows
          you to fly below their target range. This is obviously a better strategy
          for AA guns that are on top of hills but still possible with lower AA
          guns along the coast. This obviously takes practice because it's        
          dangerous to fly so close to the ground so practice flying very low in 
          the tutorial. You can also come up from a low angle and shoot the AA guns
          with your machine guns before they can touch you.
     * AIR RAIDS
          Air raids can be a great way to clear up an enemy capture point that your
          team is fighting for while reducing the number of enemy tickets at the
          same time. The best place to drop these are obviously in a heavily 
          populated area. The problem is finding it. Once you get in the air raid
          station, press pause to look at the map and see where most of the enemies 
          are. This isn't too much of a problem at Iwo Jima since the angle is just 
          right for you to decide at the last second. The best time to get in this
          is when the enemy only has one capture point left because most of their's
          and your team will be in that general area and you can free that area up
          while racking up the kills. Just make sure that no enemies are near you
          when you enter or they will wait and kill you once you get out.
     * REPAIRS
          A good tank driver can very easily control a round with a decent squad
          around them. However, the tank will obviously take damage over time. If
          you can keep your tank repaired, you can easily take over any round. Make
          note of where all the auto-repair stations are. If there aren't any     
          around you, you may want to stick to the infantry class and repair it 
          with your wrench when safe. These strategies also work for jeeps. Planes
          will also take damage over time and you can repair those by flying over
          your runways.
          A great way to give your team a huge advantage is to steal their        
          vehicles. If you happen to fly by the enemy carrier and see a plane     
          there, ditch your's and steal their's. That'll give your team one more   
          plane and more importantly, takes one away from the enemy. 3-4 planes 
          will be much more important to your team when you're facing 1-2 planes.
          Also, if you see somebody ditch a tank after it's almost destroyed, take
          it! If you can, go to a repair station or repair it if you're infantry.
          If the enemy is driving it, it likely came from an enemy base or capture
          point which takes away a tank from the enemy and giving one to your team.
          This is a great strategy to do with pretty much any vehicle and even the
          air raids as it strengthens your team's attacks and weakens their's.
          Keeping an eye on your mini-map can give you the upper hand in many      
          battles and see flankers before they see you! When teammates spot       
          enemies, they will appear on your mini-map including vehicles. Sometimes,
          you will see a white (empty) vehicle appear on your mini-map and        
          flashing. If you see this, you better take a look because most of the 
          time, it will be an enemy leaving the vehicle trying to flank you.
          This is a TEAM game so play as a TEAM!! You have a huge advantage if you 
          work with a squad than by yourself, there's strength in numbers. If you  
          see a teammate trying to run to your jeep/boat, stop and let him in! You 
          will have a much better chance at survival with a gunner in your vehicle 
          and will have a much better chance capturing bases with more people.     
          Remember, more people at a capture point means capturing it quicker! Also
          take advantage of the command feature. By pressing the select button     
          while looking at a capture point, it will put a marker on it that your   
          whole squad will see. This will help your squad stay together and        
          naturally be much more powerful.                                         
    6. - Trophies/Stamps                                                        BF6
    Bronze Trophies
    Capture five flags
    Best Squad
    Be in the best squad on all three maps
    Defend five flags
    Fly a plane for 10 minutes 
    Get one kill with car, tank and plane 
    Use the parachute once (2 seconds) 
    Melee Man
    Melee kill one enemy player 
    Silver Trophies
    Master of your domain 
    Get one kill playing as each class 
    Tour of Duty I
    Play 30 matches 
    Tour of Duty II
    Play one hundred matches
    Cap 25 enemy flags 
    Gold Trophies
    The Pacific Campaign
    Win once on every map as any team
    Cumulative Postcards
    Description - Capture thirty flags
    Tips        - You will easily get this one over time if you just keep attacking
                   enemy capture points.
    Best Squad
    Description - Be in the best squad three times on each map
    Tips        - Join a squad and just try your best to get a high score. Your
                   best chance is to join a squad with a lot of other members.
    Description - Defend twenty flags
    Tips        - You will easily get this one over time if you just keep defending
                   your capture points.
    Master of Your Domain
    Description - Get seventeen kills playing as each class
    Tips        - If you really hate one of the classes, you can just pick the 
                   class when you are going to use a vehicle. It's easy to 
                   accumulate a lot of kills in a tank.
    Melee Man
    Description - Get twenty melee kills
    Tips        - You will easily get this one over time if you just keep using
                   your melee attacks whenever you can.
    Milk Run
    Description - Fly a plane for twenty minutes
    Tips        - Just play the Coral Sea map if you really want this one quickly.
    Description - Get twenty five kills each with a car, tank and plane
    Tips        - The tank is easy and you can do a lot with the plane in Coral 
                   Sea. The car, you probably want to either run over people when
                   you see them or sit in a high traffic area in the gunner seat.
    Description - Use the parachute twice
    Tips        - Just jump out of a plane twice and use the parachute.
    The Pacific Campaign
    Description - Win twice on every map as any team
    Tips        - You will eventually get this one after a couple of rounds on each
    Tour of Duty I
    Description - Play fifty matches
    Tips        - Just keep playing, you'll get it over time.
    Tour of Duty II
    Description - Play one hundred and thirty matches
    Tips        - Just keep playing, you'll get it over time.
    Description - Capture fifty enemy flags
    Tips        - If you like to attack enemy capture points, you will easily get
                   this one over time.
    Master Blaster
    Description - Kill fifty enemies with grenades, rifle grenades, or explosives
    Tips        - The best is to use rifle grenades on buildings. Otherwise, just
                   make sure to take advantage of your grenades and you will 
                   eventually get this one over time.
    Description - Kill fifty enemies with a submachine gun
    Tips        - Just play a lot as infantry and you'll get this one.
    Description - Kill fifty enemies with a semi-automatic rifle
    Tips        - Just play a lot as rifleman and you'll get this one.
    Description - Kill fifty enemies with a scoped rifle
    Tips        - Just play a lot as a scout and you'll get this one.
    The Best
    Description - Get the highest score in a match
    Tips        - The best way to get a high score is to always fight and capture
                   points. Stay around the front lines and try to be the first in 
                   the capture points.
    Truly Elite
    Description - Get ten thousand kills
    Tips        - This one will likely take you a long time but if you really want
                   to get this one, you'll just eventually get it over time.
    Squad Assister
    Description - Get one hundred squad assists
    Tips        - Stick with your squad members. When they are attacking somebody
                   and you're attacking the same enemy, you'll get squad assists.
    Squad Avenger
    Description - Avenge one hundred squad members
    Tips        - Stick with your squad members. If an enemy kills a squad member
                   and then you kill that enemy, you'll get an avenger point. 
    Description - Reach top rank
    Tips        - This one will likely take you a long time but if you really want
                   to get this one, you'll just eventually get it over time.
    Goodbye Blue Sky
    Description - Launch an air raid killing at least one enemy
    Tips        - This one is easy, just head over to any enemy capture point in an
                   air raid and drop the bombs, you only need one kill.
    Fighter Ace
    Description - Get fifty kills using fighter planes
    Tips        - Your best chance is to play Coral Sea until you get this as that
                   map is where you'll get most of your fighter plane kills.
    Description - Get fifty kills each using any vehicle
    Tips        - You only need a total of fifty vehicle kills, not fifty per
                   vehicle. If you want the fighter ace postcard, you'll get this
                   one as well.
    In One Round Stamps
    Anti Tank Efficiency
    Description - Kill four vehicles with recoilless rifle
    Tips        - This one will be fairly difficult. If you really want it, just 
                   camp vehicles in enemy capture points and blow them up when they
                   enter the vehicles. Also, try to aim for AA guns with enemies in
    Explosives Efficiency
    Description - Kill four enemies with grenades or explosives
    Tips        - Just spam grenades around enemy capture points. This is best when
                   they only have one capture point since they will all likely be
                   grouped together.
    Knife Efficiency
    Description - Kill four players with melee weapons
    Tips        - This one will be hard to get. The best way to do this is to try
                   to flank the enemy as much as possible. If you really want to 
                   get this one, run around buildings in capture points with your
                   melee weapon out and hope for the best.
    Pistol Efficiency
    Description - Kill four enemies with a pistol
    Tips        - Try to shoot the enemy once with the sniper rifle fairly close in
                   the body. This will take them down to very low health, then you
                   can just finish them off with the pistol. Do this a couple of 
                   times until you get the four required kills.
    Rifle Efficiency
    Description - Kill four enemies with a semi-automatic rifle
    Tips        - This is easy, just play as rifleman and fight in the front lines.
    Rifle Grenade Efficiency
    Description - Kill four enemies with rifle grenades
    Tips        - The rifle grenades are pretty powerful. Use them on jeeps or 
                   enemies in buildings. They are very powerful in each situation
                   and can also be powerful if you just shoot the ground around an
    SMG Efficiency
    Description - Kill four enemies with a submachine gun
    Tips        - This is easy, just play as infantry and fight in the front lines.
    Sniper Efficiency
    Description - Kill four enemies with a scoped rifle
    Tips        - This is easy, just play as scout and fight in the front lines.
    Best Squad
    Description - Be the best squad of the round
    Tips        - Join a squad and just try your best to get a high score. Your
                   best chance is to join a squad with a lot of other members.
    Squad Excellence
    Description - Each squad member gets any one stamp and ten kills
    Tips        - To get this one, everybody in your squad needs one stamp and you
                   are the only one that will need ten kills. Just go in squads 
                   every round. Chances are by the time you hit ten kills, 
                   everybody else in your squad will have gotten one stamp.
    Description - Get ten squad assists
    Tips        - Just stick to your squad and fight with your squad members. It
                   might take a few tries but if you find a good squad that will
                   fight on the front lines, you'll eventually get this one.
    Air Superiority
    Description - Shoot down three bombers
    Tips        - You'll have to be in a fighter plane. Just get behind the bombers
                   and fly slowly during an air raid and shoot all three down. You
                   can actually shoot down one in one air raid and two in another
                   and you will still get this stamp.
    Attacker Efficiency
    Description - Capture five enemy flags
    Tips        - You only need capture or capture assists for this. Just be in the
                   capture zone for five flags and you'll get this stamp.
    Defender Efficiency
    Description - Defend five flags
    Tips        - Killing an enemy in your capture point or if you are in your 
                   capture point, you will get a defend point. Just get five defend
                   points (5 points each) to get this stamp.
    Description - Kill at least twenty enemies
    Tips        - This one won't happen too often but you need to get 20 kills in
                   one round. Your best chance is waiting in a tank in the front
                   lines and shooting down any enemies you see.
    Vehicle Assist Efficinecy
    Description - Get five vehicle assist kills
    Tips        - An easy way to get this is to play air superiority and shoot the
                   planes until they start smoking. Keep doing this and hopefully
                   your teammates will finish the planes off to give you the 
                   assist points. If this doesn't work, you can try damaging tanks 
                   and jeeps to half damage in enemy capture points and just hope
                   that the enemies will get in the damaged vehicles and teammates
                   will finish them off.
    Air Defense Efficiency
    Description - Kill two planes with an anti aircraft gun
    Tips        - Just sit in an anti aircraft gun and kill two enemy planes. There
                   really isn't any tricks to this, you just have to destroy two
                   planes with the anti aircraft guns in one round. 
    Boat Efficiency
    Description - Get two kills while in a landing craft
    Tips        - This one can be a pain to get. If you are really having problems
                   and can't get this one, a good method is to just get a boat and
                   park it in front of the Beach in Wake Island when the enemy has
                   it and kill the enemies that spawn.
    Bombing Efficiency
    Description - Kill four enemies with bombing raids
    Tips        - You don't have to get all four kills in one bombing raid. If you
                   want, you can just wait at the air raid station for each bombing
                   you can do. The best way to do this is start a bombing raid when
                   the enemy only has one capture point and then bombing that. Most
                   of the time, most of their team will be at that capture point
                   and it will be easy to get four in one bombing raid.
    Car Efficiency
    Description - Get four kills with a car
    Tips        - A good way is just to run back and forth through the front lines
                   trying to run over the enemies you see. If that doesn't work out
                   for you, you can just sit in the gunner seat of a jeep in the
                   enemy's capture point and killing enemies as they spawn.
    HMG Efficiency
    Description - Get four kills with a heavy machine gun
    Tips        - The best way is to just always use the heavy machine guns. A good
                   map for this is Iwo Jima. If you can't get it from just fighting
                   along the front lines from the heavy machine guns, a good way is
                   to sit in the bunker looking at the Lighthouse in Iwo Jima when
                   the enemy has that capture point and shooting any enemy that 
                   spawns with the heavy machine gun.
    Fighter Efficiency
    Description - Get five kills with a fighter plane
    Tips        - Just play the Coral Sea map and you'll eventually get five kills
                   in one round.
    Tank Efficiency
    Description - Get four kills with a tank
    Tips        - Tanks are very powerful so you really shouldn't have much of a 
                   problem with this stamp, just grab a tank whenever you see one.
    Vehicle Destroyer
    Description - Destroy six vehicles in any fashion
    Tips        - Just play the Coral Sea map and you'll eventually destroy six 
                   vehicles in one round.
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