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about RDR reg 3? Tech Support
Anyone interested in boosting this? Side Quest
Anyone wanna play? Side Quest
Can I lose something? Plot
Everytime I lasso a NPC or horse it kills them.. I got no codes on? Tech Support
Hi my name is liam and i want ppl to play with me on RDR my gamer tag is liamdog898 ? Side Quest
How do I download red redemption undead nightmare without using background? Tech Support
Mission bug in Mexico? Tech Support
Playstation headset not working with RDR on PS Now, but works with GTA V online??? Tech Support
Rockstar Games Social Club won't recognize that I own Red Dead Redemption? General

Answered Questions Answers Last Answer
what weapon is most similar to the rdr2 springfield rifle? how to remove john's hat? Tech Support 1 6 days ago
Is the stranger from I know you sidequest in rdr2? Side Quest 1 2 weeks ago
How throw away unwanted weapons? Tech Support 1 1 month ago
How many animals do you think it takes to make an equivalent to 5000 lbs of meat for the expert hunter challenge ?? Side Quest 1 1 month ago
How do you change back in to John Marston without reloading your save the cheat code wont let me change back to John ? Main Quest 1 2 months ago
How do I cancel a bounty hunter mission? General 2 3 months ago
Where do US soldiers find and kill you what bounty do I need I currently have 10k but still no US men after me ? Enemy/Boss 1 6 months ago
WHERE DO I FIND US SOLDIERS? Side Quest 1 6 months ago
How much more fame do you earn with the Golden Guns? Side Quest 2 1 year ago
How many Vittles can i hold if I have the treasure hunter's satchel? Side Quest 3 1 year ago

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