Review by Evolvaer

Reviewed: 06/16/11

A stab in the heart that hopes PSN can have decent downloadable games.

I write this note having spent several nights and countless hours playing Under Siege since it's first day of release. I wrote an earlier quick review a day after it's release which gamefaqs never showed, I thought it relevant to re-write my original entry in an effort to advice future purchasers.

Under Siege is an RTS ( Real-Time Strategy) video game available for download on the PSN network.

What first attracted me to purchase Under Siege was the stylized art work on the cover and in the screen shots of the dialogue scenes. I loved it so and hoped the game would be able to hold up to the vision of the art design. My other hope was to support PSN in releasing more games with rpg or tactical elements to them, which I found only in mediocrity in terms of abundance on the PSN.

The game doesn't let you play any of the main characters so artfully drawn on the dialogue scenes, merely generic class characters whom die at any point and are replaced continuously throughout the dozens of battles.

The game's difficulty, for an average gamer, is absurd. Adding to that frustration are the limitations of certain classes that become apparent when you factor in the heavy chances of ''friendly fire'' that this RTS includes.

The graphics are sufficiently acceptable, nothing special. I was hoping that the artistic styles of the main characters and the music would add a hint of charm to the merely acceptable graphics. This hope was in vain.

Under Siege doesn't stop at disappointments ranging from graphics to lack of hero class characters, nor does it stop disappointing at the unforgiving level of difficulty and the lack of learning curve, it goes on to maim any joy of gameplay with it's sheer lack of any charismatic story or plot.

The initial cinematic shown? Don't expect anything like that after you hit 'start'.
Cool character art? Don't think it'll go anywhere beyond irrelevant dialogue boxes with characters you can't use on the field.

In closing, it is my sincere hope that gamers recognize the difference between wanting to justify a game with a good review, and seeing a game for what it's worth and accepting the disappointing reality at hand.

IGN reviews have already come in, and they recognize the flaws in this title, as do many other reviews beginning to come in. I hope you do as well.

Final Score, a 3 out of 10.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Product Release: Under Siege (US, 06/02/11)

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