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Reviewed: 02/16/10

Yes it is like God of War, no that is not a bad thing

Story 7/10
The story is not that great, but it is interesting enough. As you probably know the game is based on the Inferno part of The Divine Comedy. The common complaint is that the game is almost an insult to the poem, but that is simply not true. Yes the plot is changed, but it is a necessary thing. The Divine Comedy version tells the story of a man walking around hell simply observing the punishments of others. Does that sound like a good game to you? Of course not! I will get more in to this later on. In this version Dante is a former crusader who is about as badass as it gets. His fiance Beatrice makes a deal with Lucifer/Satan that while he is gone Dante will be faithful to her, and loses. Thus upon her death Lucifer drags her Heaven bound soul to Hell and Dante quickly gives chase. The rest of the story is simply Dante killing his way through the nine circles of Hell while Lucifer pops up on occasion to mock him. The story never really picks up again until the final two circles. Those parts are very cool, but to lack so much narrative in between hurts it. Still Lucifer's taunting is just enough to push you all the way down for the final battle where you are dying to fight him.

Gameplay 9/10
Another huge complaint about this game is that it is a God of War clone. Well it basically is...and? If you have played GOW then you know that it is an incredible game so naturally it is a good formula to follow. Dante's Inferno uses the same type of gameplay that God of War does and it is really fun. You have two weapons, Death's scythe and a cross. The scythe is used for the up close melee attacks and your cross fires multiple glowing crosses for ranged attacks. As you kill enemies you have the option to condemn or absolve them getting you holy or unholy points which help you level up your scythe or cross attacks. You can pick just one path if you want, but it is much more fun and useful to balance them both out. The scythe does allow you to do some pretty crazy combos by the end, but personally I found the cross to be the most useful. When you are in a pinch it does a very good job at keeping your enemies away. You also have magic though none of the attacks are really that useful and your mana bar depletes very fast as you use it. Ultimately you will probably end up forgetting about your magic attacks all together. One minor issue I had is the way the health system works. If you die you will not come back with full health you will come back with the same amount as your last checkpoint. This can make things quite difficult at times, but for those who like a challenge it can be fun as well. Now about the circles of Hell themselves. The first three are the most enjoyable all the way until circle nine, but the best ones (including nine) are all very short. The other circles in between do not have as much creativity and start to send the same enemies that should have been unique to each circle. Still most of them are fun enough except for Greed which is just filled with problems and FRAUD. Fraud is circle eight and lacks any creativity at all. After you see all the amazing visions of each circle of Hell you will be very disappointed when you enter a black empty circle filled with nothing but ten squares that give you long and annoying challenges of non stop combat against the same enemies over and over. It is torture, but at least you have a final fun circle after it. Most of the boss fights are pretty epic, but some really disappoint. Such as Lust where you are given the impression you will be fighting a giant only to fight someone your size while the giant watches, and in Gluttony where the boss is thrown at you the split second you get there making the rest of the trip through it not as great.

Graphics 9/10
The graphics are very good and the way Hell is brought to life is great. Each circle (besides Fraud) feels completely unique and is brought to life in a great way. You will pass through all kinds of awful punishments given to the damned. These range from being tossed around in a never ending storm, to lying in a burning coffin, to drowning in boiling blood! You may even start to truly feel sorry for those around you as you continue your descent. You are always really excited to see what the next circle will bring.

Sound 8/10
Most of the time you will be listening to people scream and cry in pain, but your Hell what else would you expect. Their torment sounds real and helps add a feeling of sorrow for them. The voice acting is pretty good, Lucifer in particular is pretty awesome, but it is nothing special. Not much else to say about this.

Replayability low
Once you finish there really is no reason to go back as a second trip through Hell will be pretty dull. There is no multiplayer currently, but it is on the way so that might be something to look forward to.

Rent or Buy
I would say rent this one. It is really good, but once you finish it will just start gathering dust somewhere. Do not pass it up but dont go give up sixty bucks either.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Dante's Inferno (US, 02/09/10)

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