Review by manlolokong_tao

Reviewed: 02/16/10

Worth the money? It depends....

I just beat the game. And I know a lot of people are still thinking about getting this game or not ,that is why I decide to make my very first game review ever. This is just a quick review and Im only highlighting those important things about the game. This review is honest and unbiased.

Story: 7/10
Dante is a soldier who traveled in the depths of Hell to rescue his beloved Beatrice from the demon. Dante faced armies of demon including Lucifer itself and fought against impossible odds.

Graphics: 8/10
textures polygons, details,lighting,and physics are average, but the presentations are pretty. The first three circles of Hell (Limbo, Lust, and Gluttony) are impressive creative vision. Later circle designs are ugly.

Game play: 9/10
This is Dantes Inferno's strength. People who have played God of War would see this game a God of War clone,which is a good thing.
Combat, Magic system, platforming, puzzles, finishing moves and some various mechanics like requiring the player to mash the button to open the doors, health and mana, are very similar to God of War. God of War fans will right at home in Lucifer's den.

Level up system has two path. Holy and Unholy. Holy will make your cross attack stronger,and Unholy is for your scythe. Absolving your enemies will get you Holy EXP, and punishing will get you Unholy EXP. Relics,which can be found throughout the game can give you some boost depending on the Relics that you equipped. Some can be upgraded, some can not.

Sounds: 9/10
The orchestral soundtracks serves the story well

Entertainment: 8/10
The first half of the game's presentation is impressive. The game is fun with its tight action,puzzles,and nice plots. But in later circles of hell, the fun becomes frustrating. Lots of uninspired puzzles,terrible platforming, and much-less actions in later part of the game. After variety introduced in the beginning,it is disappointing to see same variety of enemies popping up again and again in later near end circles.

Overall: 8/10
Dante's inferno is a good game,but the fun don't last long. I suggest to rent this game for now and wait for the multi player dlc to come out. Maybe that time the game become a little bit cheaper. But if you want to buy this game, that's ok too. its still a good game. But be warned, this game is not for kids. The game really push the M rated to the limit.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Dante's Inferno (US, 02/09/10)

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