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Reviewed: 02/12/10

God of War May Cry

God of War May Cry? For those of you that dont get what that means, this game is a mix of those 2 great games, Devil May Cry and God of War. A direct rip-off of the 2 games? Maybe. More than likely actually. But that by no means doesnt stop this game from being totally awesome. This game portrays (very loosely) the adventures of Dante, journeying into Hell to rescue his kidnapped lady-friend, Beatrice. Dante must travel through all 9 circles of Hell and meet Lucifer in the 9th circle and do battle with him to free her from Lucifer's hold. You upgrade Dante's abilities, both "holy" and "unholy" as you please, whether you decide to fill all holy or all unholy or both is entirely up to you. And yes, the special movies are also God of War-ish. God of War fans and/or Devil May Cry fans alike should definitely check this game out. Even if you have never really played those games, this game is definitely worth getting. The game I rate as follows.

Graphics: 10 (out of 10) - The graphics on this game in my opinion, are flawless and beautiful. My first thought of this game when I heard it was coming out was God of War with 9 circles of basically the same old, same old. That was my first thoughts on the game, traveling through the circles that basically look the same, each level a little worse than the previous level. But I was wrong. Each level is fully displayed in graphic (and I mean GRAPHIC) detail. For instance, the level of the Heretics, you indeed see the flaming tombs with the screaming damned souls within them. Hell is a sucky place to even visit, but this game makes Satan's domain a delight for the eyes to see. The colors are gorgeous, animations nearly flawless. The backgrounds, though which may scare you to dust off your bible and be good little boys and girls, are displayed in such a way that is addictive to gaze upon. Yes, again as I stated before, the game is so much like God of War and Devil May Cry in every imaginable way, but believe me...that does not stop it from being a beautiful work of art. So aside from game comparison, the graphics are a graphical masterpiece. No complaints at all, just lots of praise.

Challenge: 6. This game wasnt too difficult getting through, honestly. I beat it in 8 hours of continuous gameplay, with a 5 minute break every few hours. But the game seriously is not too difficult and shouldnt be too hard to complete. A few certain jumps will irritate you, but you find that situation in so many other adventure games. The bosses should only take a few tries. A lot of it is button sequences, if you are good at that then you should progress through the game without too much trouble. And when your character dies, you just start right over from the checkpoint you last completed. A nice touch. That and infinite lives makes this game far from impossible.

Replay Value: 8. There are a few nice things that make this game replayable. First, you get to keep all your upgrades for your next game, if you wish. An unlockable outfit is a nice to add a little variety. The Gates of Hell unlockable is fun and again very similar to God of War's post game completion unlockable battle arena. After I completed the game, I resumed playing and beat the game again. I found the game to be just fun to complete multiple times.

Controls: 10. Very simple. If you are familiar with God of War's controls, you'll jump right into this game with no problem whatsoever. Even if you havent, the controls are very basic and easy to master. Left Analog moves Dante. Square light attack, Triangle heavy attack, etc. Its also nice that you can assign which abilities you wish to use and use abilities from both your "holy" and "unholy" abilities.

Fun Factor: 10. Yes, this game is a blast. Its gruesome and the battle sequences are great. This God of War/Devil May Cry "clone" will impress many. This game will probably freak out your average God-fearing individual but it by no means stops the game from making you want to play it over and over.

So overall, should you rent or buy this game? Buy it! If you read and enjoyed The Divine Comedy, then the game will make alot more sense to you and also help you enjoy it alot more. In fact, you should probably read the book if you havent yet to further understand the game and know what to look forward to seeing in the levels of this game. I anticipated the release of this game for a long time. It was supposed to be released back in 6/6/06 (funny, huh?) but with a different plot and name entirely. You were (according to the board) in charge of punishing damned souls in each level. Whether that would have made a better game or not is debateable. But this plot for this game, it works. It works perfectly. If you are a huge fan of God of War and are looking forward to God of War 3, GET THIS GAME. It will be a perfect prequel.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Dante's Inferno (Divine Edition) (US, 02/09/10)

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