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Glitch FAQ by Akheon

Version: 0.9 | Updated: 01/06/12

Dante's Inferno Glitch & Things of Interest FAQ
v.  0.9  (5. 1. 2012)

written and mostly discovered by AKheon and Findlestick

0. Table of Contents

0. Table of Contents and version history
1. Introduction
2. General tricks and info
3. Level-by-level glitch listing
4. Legal information, etc.

Version history:
- 0.9  (5. 1. 2012)

The first published version, ought to have the most important things and more.
File size: 68 kb.

1. Introduction

This file is for cataloguing glitches, speedrun strategies, hidden mechanics and
other relatively specialized things of Dante's Inferno. It was written using a
Piratepad as a collaborative work, like the God of War III glitch FAQ.

Dante's Inferno is a multi-platform game, and there is always a chance that the
mechanics of a game can subtly vary between ports. Especially the PSP port seems
to be a different beast altogether, so many things written here probably won't
apply in there. The writer(s) of this FAQ have only used the PS3 version.

Quick note to the casual reader:
We've not taken the trouble to catalogue random freezes or loading errors
because such glitches are very common with modern games and often random enough
that they can't really be listed systematically. If that's clear, please


DI = Dante's Inferno
c: = credits to...

DT = Divine Tempest
DR = Diabolic Rupture
DS = Diabolic Slash (a.k.a. polevaulting)
RP = Righteous Path
...and so on for all named attacks.

§ = should be tested more or elaborated

OOB = Outside Bounds, i.e. outside the intended game area

Term explanations:
Lift-up = an attack which lifts Dante up in air. Gets you higher than a simple
 double jump.
Weak attack = the scythe attack corresponding to 'square' in PS3 version.
 Quicker, less powerful attack.
Strong attack = the scythe attack corresponding to 'triangle' in PS3 version.
 Slower, more powerful attack.
Fierce / Critical / Focus attack = game's own terms for special moves like Soul

2. General tricks and info

Basic high jump (a.k.a. polevaulting)

The very first high jump of this game was a humble lift-up into Diabolic Rupture
into Diabolic Slash. It was enough to cross a few small walls during the game,
but that's it. The experiment taught us that DS is a good finisher to a jump
because it allows Dante to inch a bit forward in air, allowing getting over
invisible walls once you are high enough in relation to the walls. The funny
looking animation made a player unofficially dub the technique as polevaulting.

One thing to keep in mind is that the two ways to lift-up in this game are not
the same. Simply keeping strong attack pushed down is the first type, and it is
not, I repeat, NOT as high as the second type, which you'll get once you
purchase Soul Shatter and can start using it in conjunction with ground Fierce /
Critical / Focus attacks. Of course, which is better of the two depends a lot on
the situation and how high you aim for.

Video demonstration:
1, high jumping at Lust

Ascended high jump (c: AKheon)

A small improvement to the basic high jump utilizing Divine Tempest. When used
in a high jump DT gives Dante a decent height boost on its own merit already,
but it also has a secret property which gives you extra height if you launch an
enemy up in the air so that the enemy is right below Dante, pushing him upwards.
Most common use is with the demon enemies.

In Redemption-mode DT as the air combo starter makes you gain even more height,
but if you accidentally hit enemies with it, you may lose a lot of height
instead... a glitch, I guess.

Video demonstration:
1, an example at about 01:30 of this video

Redemption jump (c: AKheon)

After some standstill, a big new exploit was found in the form of this jump. It
takes advantage of the Redemption-mode physics, namely how the Diabolic Rupture
air combo actually keeps giving you height if you spam it aggressively while
Redemption-mode is on. Needless to say, you need DR in order to do the jump,
and it also helps to have all three redemption bars unlocked and filled
beforehand. Also, the relic Anthony's Standard slows down your Redemption
consumption and allows you to get some extra height using this jump.

First get yourself in air using a lift-up. At the top, switch on Redemption-mode
and start doing strong air attacks like crazy... that's it. It is recommended to
do DS at the top of the jump after Redemption runs out to move a bit forward at
the very end. Also, it's possible to squeeze in some extra height by doing one
Divine Tempest right after turning Redemption-mode on. Because of DT's strange
physics, it doesn't seem you can do it again during the jump without starting to
lose height, so just do it once and leave it at that.

With full three Redemption bars, this jump goes quite far up in the air,
allowing some never seen before skips throughout the game. However, it is not
the end-all as far as jumps go!

Video demonstration:
1, skipping Plutus Chamber by AKheon

Slash air gain (a.k.a. infinite jump) (c: AKheon)

In Dante's Inferno, you have the capacity to jump infinitely high from the very
beginning of the game. Unfortunately this jump is difficult to do in practice,
and any height gain from it is negligible or even negative unless you practice
it a lot beforehand... even then, there's a degree of luck involved because
human reflexes have their limits. This was actually one of the first jumping
techniques found from this game, but back then we didn't think it would be even
possible to do it consistently.

Remember how Redemption Jump uses the strong air hits (triangle) for height
gain? This Infinite jump is the same thing, except that you will not use
Redemption and only repeat the first strong air hit while in air. This is done
by manually interrupting the strong air hit at its highest point by blocking
very quickly. You must synchronize pushing block in relation to your rhythm
with the air attacks. Arduous, no question about it. And because of how air
block works in this game, even slight mistakes may lead Dante to fall down
almost instantly.

Eventually you'll get the hang of the rhythm and can do longer and longer spurts
of this trick. When the height gain is optimal, you see Dante subtly 'bounce'
along the rhythm of your blocks and attacks. One great thing about trick is
that done well it is far faster than Redemption jump, cutting down precious
minutes in a speedrun. Even more time is saved because your redemption can now
be used for other purposes than jumping, such as navigation or fights. Today,
Redemption jump's primary advantage over Infinite jump is simply the ease of
use: it requires practically no timing to keep going. A good compromise is to
rise some way using Infinite jump and then switch to Redemption jump when you
deem it is too risky to continue or you feel like you are losing the rhythm
and must switch over to "auto-pilot".

You can do infinite jump with both the halberd and the scythe. With halberd,
the "highest point" of a strong air hit is not too far into the attack. With
scythe, you should wait until the scythe does about 2/3 of a full rotation
before cancelling it.

Video demonstration
1, a skip at Into the Blind World using this trick, by AKheon

How to finish a high jump?

So, you just made a three times higher jump than what the game developers
intended. Good for you! But is there any use if you can't inch even slightly
forward in air to get over those pesky invisible walls surrounding you? The sad
truth is, this game has little in the way of moving vertically in air. Strong
and weak air hits are practically static in this respect, as are air grab and
cross attacks. What to do?

As mentioned in the high jumps above, Diabolic Slash ('polevaulting') allows
Dante to move in air just enough to cross over invisible boundaries. Another air
move which allows forward movement is Righteous Path. It is more difficult to
control, but it may have other unforeseen benefits such as more leeway for Dante
for getting over high walls, or perhaps a chance to clip through walls at some
places - testing is still underway.

How about long jumps?

The term carries on from God of War glitch FAQs, describing a jump which aims
for maximum horizontal reach. Unfortunately this game, as far as we know, lacks
truly great long jumping techniques. But here's what we got so far.

Air grab allows a small exploit with which you can enlengthen your second air
jump quite a lot  (c: AKheon). Jump in air once, then do an air grab. Then,
press jump and strong air attack buttons at the same time exactly as the
animation of air grab ends. If things work out, Dante should do a strong air
hit, except with increased jumping momentum. This allows jumping about 1.5 times
further than normal with your double jump. You can do this trick with the other
basic air attacks too, but the effect is not as good. Also, buffering new air
attacks after doing this trick just cuts your momentum short, so that is not
good either.

One disadvantage with the air grab trick is that you are only allowed to do a
second jump in air after air grab if you don't use a lift-up attack to get in
air. This means that you can never get much height doing this trick, and you
can't use it in conjunction with high jumps. Too bad, because being able to jump
at the top of a high jump would've helped a lot.

Second way to enlengthen your jumps is by using the first weak air hit, which
doesn't nerf your aerial speed too badly. Do the weak air hit in a running jump
but quickly cancel it by blocking, then repeat. It's almost the same thing as
the infinite jump detailed earlier, only done with weak air hits, and is
somewhat risky to do on longer runs. Still, it beats just banally falling down
into a chasm if you can help it.

Air Righteous Path can be used at the end of a long jump to get even further,
but it is at its most useful when the platform you are trying to reach is below
the platform you are jumping from. This is because RP steers downwards very
heavily when you do it, helping you fall down just as much as move forward. A
second, more desperate option is also to cast Divine Shield at the end of a
jump. Dante does a slight nudge upwards while moving slowly forward. In rare
cases this might be just enough to make it over some chasm somewhere. Other
magics like Lust Storm and Sins of the Fathers can also help you little in this

Video demonstration:
1, long jumping using halberd (does not work as well in main game)
2, long jump using the air grab technique

Air climbingness:

In Dante's Inferno it's possible to continue climbing outside climbing walls, if
the opportunity presents itself at least. Outside a climbing wall you are free
to move infinitely up, down, and to the sides. Unfortunately Dante can't go
backwards or forwards of his own accord, and this sad fact restricts Dante to
only climb in complete parallel to the wall that he left from. You can at best
slowly change the direction that Dante climbs by making him jump against walls
of collision that intersect with his climbing direction (but the walls must
intersect at an angle with respect to Dante's climbing direction, and must have
no kinks in it that stop your movement).

Another way of making Dante move backwards or forwards is thanks to a strange
glitch that makes Dante literally glide either forwards of backwards while
having climbing glitch active.  At this date it's not known exactly how or why
this happens. But from observation, it seems to happen when you have
climbingness near the edges of certain walls of collision. When done at certain
locations, Dante will suddenly glide (either backwards or forwards...and often
diagonally). The speed varies depending on the area, he can suddenly zoom off
quicker than any of Dante's normal moves...or he can go at a snails pace.
Unfortunately, as to whether you go forwards or backwards seems totally random
and seemingly uncontrollable. So the most reliable method of changing Dante's
climbing direction - to date - is the collision push method mentioned above.
Some ways of ending the climbing state are by either going to a grapple wall and
then end the climbing state via normal means. Or, if you can find any walkable
ledge that Dante can climb down onto, thus ending the state. If Dante is hit by
certain enemies, this will also end climbingness. To note, Dante is immune to
death platform like lava when climbing.

Interestingly - while air climbing - most of the time the game will allow you to
move the camera around with the right controller. Unlike usual where the camera
is uncontrollable.

Video demonstration:
1, climbingness at Limbo by findlestick
2, climbingness at Greed by sticklefind (aka findlestick)
3, climbingness at Heresy by kezzmanftw

About Redemption-mode

Redemption is the fuel for this game's superpowered mode. In a speedrun it
becomes a valuable, treasured resource that can be useful almost everywhere in
the game: it helps you both navigate and kill faster, and the Redemption jump
(not surprisingly) uses it. You need at least one full bar of redemption to
start Redemption-mode, which is a drag. But worst of all, you can't end the mode
at will once you start it. In order to avoid wasting redemption needlessly, it
is recommended to save & reload or even death abuse - this turns off the mode

During Redemption-mode all of Dante's actions hasten and he stops reacting to
damage. Some moves act a bit different due to the increased speed. You may even
find Dante difficult to control when this mode is on!

Unfortunately, unlike health and magic bars which become filled if you uprade
magic or health, redemption bar upgrade does squat to your redemption. It always
has to be earned the hard way, i.e. bashing enemies' heads in.

Dante outside bounds (a.k.a. OOB)

If Dante happens to fall into the nothingness below the levels, it takes about a
ten seconds or more for him to suddenly die. An useful failsafe feature of the
game. However, if you keep attacking or doing other stuff while falling, Dante
stays alive instead. Fall deep enough into the abyss, and eventually one of two
things will happen. One, the game may crash - this especially occurs if you are
in a middle of a attack when you finally hit the limit. Second, Dante completely
disappears. None of his controls can be used at this point any longer, you can't
even open up the magic menu. If you go to the upgrading menu and switch pages,
the game will also crash. So, this isn't useful at all, just an interesting
effect of falling outside bounds.

Many of the walls in this game are two-sided, which means that Dante won't be
able to jump through them from either side. Sometimes if you intentionally go
outside bounds to do skips, you may find it difficult to come back in. This is
where death and checkpoint abuse get a strategic role, read more in the section

Even if you are outside bounds, you are usually not left without some sort of
footing. Try running against the two-sided walls - although you won't get back
inside, at least you will not usually fall down either. The developers haven't
taken as much trouble keeping the floor consistent outside bounds, though, so
there's always a risk. If you plan on making OOB-exploring a hobby, take the
time to remember the hazardous spots in collision and jump over them when
moving, when possible.

Video demonstration:
1, Dante-less Inferno, by AKheon:

Checkpoint abuse

The checkpoints are completely pre-set, unlike in f.e. God of War: the game goes
ahead and loads the entire surroundings from the perspective of the last
activated checkpoint whenever you have to retry. This convenient feature allows
multiple unique skips throughout the game, it's simple checkpoint abuse.

For example, you go out of bounds and jump towards a yet unloaded map. You
happen to scathe the checkpoint trigger of the area, but continue to fall into
nothingness and shortly die. On retry, you continue from the checkpoint you just
activated, but everything is now loaded and the game considers you as having
done everything in the game up to that point, and you may proceed like normal.
Easy peasy! Except that reaching those future checkpoint triggers early may
take a bit of creativity and work.

It's too bad this game doesn't have the option for retrying from the last
checkpoint. Instead, for starting over you always have to either have Dante
killed or quit to main menu and reload.

Video demonstration:
1, skip at Lady Fortuna which uses checkpoint abuse:

Rappelling and rope glitches

In a few rappel spots during the game you are able to activate their prompt
while in air. This causes Dante to get on the rappel very loosely, so that you
can double jump to any direction you want from the very top of the rope without
problems. However, for some reason this glitch only activates with rappels
you've already hanged onto once. So to try it out, get on a rappel, then climb
back up and see if you can activate their prompt while in air. It's just too
bad that this glitch is never applicable in situations where it would mostly
come handy.

List of ropes subjectible to this glitch:
1. Descent into Lust ropes one and two
2. Rope in front of Descent into Heresy save
3. Possibly others too.

Around Gluttony, there's one place where a rope glitch is caused due to bad
collision to the left side of the rope. Hitting the collision as youfall and hit
the rope causes Dante to latch onto the rope in a glitched way, making it appear
as if he was slipping from the rope or warping around a bit. This doesn't seem
to be anything useful, but it looks weird.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid of the rappel glitch (at about 0:52)
2, AKheon's vid of the displaced rope glitch (at about

Fastest movement style

The buffet of fastest movement styles in this game is pretty thin. You mainly
have two options: evade (or "roll") cancels or evading during Redemption-mode.

The first option is this: evading helps Dante move quickly for a brief moment,
but it has a cooldown. This cooldown can be cancelled by jumping. And the jump
in turn is cancelled by quickly blocking in air. There you have the evade
cancels, simple but effective. However, do this too quick, and you accidentally
activate the stomping glitch (detailed below). It's not dangerous, but it turns
this time saving technique into a potential time sink.

Second option takes advantage of the fact that Dante's movement speed increases
in Redemption-mode. Just doing normal evading gets you a top speed.

Well, technically there is the slide during climbing glitch as well which I hear
can give Dante a very high speed. But that is rare and uncontrollable, so.

Stomping/bouncing glitch

There's a strange effect that occurs if Dante does a jump and then flicks block
on and off in air quickly: hitting ground, Dante bounces back up for a bit, as
if the ground was made of rubber. During the bounce he is usually in a generic
"stunned" or ground blocking pose. Occasionally you can start doing ground
attacks, although technically you are in air.

The size of the bounce increases if Dante is in Redemption-mode, likely because
of the increased momentum you have. The effect of the stomping glitch may also
if you do it right at the edge of a platform. But there's still no known use to
this glitch, other than to do a ground Righteous Path in air which looks cool.

Souls and absolving

Just a word about general strategies in this regard. I haven't tested, but I'd
imagine that upgrading holy and unholy levels would be useful even in a
speedrun. Especially holy, since upgraded cross attacks do a helluva lot of
damage, and you are not dependant on Diabolic Slash or other scythe air attacks
for doing high jumps any longer. However, there's the matter of the absolving
minigame which takes 40 seconds each time. I think it might be the best to get
unholy levels from punishing the celebrity souls and holy levels by absolving
the enemies. Again, it's just theory. I don't think you'd ache for souls so bad
that the absolving minigame would come in handy, but who knows.

On another note, you may not have known that if you fail the boring absolving
minigame, the soul you were trying to absolve burns alive horribly and you get
absolutely nothing for your troubles! An interesting, somewhat "hidden" third

Health and magic upgrades

You have four in total, and after purchasing them all your health/magic bars
are roughly twice the size they were in the beginning. A recommended strategy
is to wait purchasing an upgrade until you need a health/magic refill, because
the upgrades give you a full refill as well.

Weapons and magics:


You can't remember Dante ever wielding something else but his (actually Death's)
iconic scythe? At the very beginning of the game, before you meet Death, you get
to wield the generic halberd, which actually differs from the scythe in some
subtle respects. Most interesting difference is in the weak air hit: it has a
good forward air momentum and can be rhythmically spammed and then cancelled
with block to have Dante fall down slower than normal but still retain running
speed, allowing an eerie hovering-like effect. It's the longest jump possible
in the game... so it's a shame you lose it at the second fight of the game
already. DI would be even more broken if you could take this jump to the main

Halberd has a four-hit weak attack combo, much like Scythe, but no Ascension or
grab. The combo from strong to weak hits is actually unique on halberd: unlike
on scythe, it segues to the first weak attack of the string instead of the
second. Last completely unique thing to Halberd is a possibility to dash attack
without enemies around. In a dash attack, Dante moves faster than usual for a
brief moment before his attack contacts the enemy. Scythe has it too, but it
only activates when targeting live enemies.


After purchasing this upgrade, your strong hit combos change irreversibly.
Without it, there are two different strong hit attacks that come up in combos.
With it, there are five different strong hits. So, this upgrade does far more
than just add a "Fierce Attack", like it advertises. Your combos turn far more

The last hit of the full combo has a glitch in it that allows you to gain a lot
of height instantly, but maybe only in too specialized circumstances to be too
useful. Should be looked into at some point.

Video demonstration:
1, ThisIsMyMonicker's vid of the glitch (see from 5:50 on)

Soul Crusher

Just a random glitch: if you try to do this attack too close to the ground
level, Dante's scythe will strike out twice - first without effect, then Dante
sort of rises up a bit, then the actual normal attack happens.

Soul Shatter

The highest possible lift-up type of move in the game, so if you're fond of high
jumping, you ought to get it soon.

Grab and air grab

Actually, the property of the air grab changes a bit after you've upgraded it.
Before upgrading you can cancel the move unto itself by just spamming the air
grab button. After upgrading it's no longer possible...

Cross attacks:

Some people say that cross attacks are overpowered in this game. And it's true!
Cross attacks are absurdly powerful and all-purposeful for about 80% of the
combat situations, with only the late magics and some fights (with Pagans for
example) chipping away at their supreme power.

Divine Tempest:

A fascinating attack that has the power to give Dante some height if you do it
at the very beginning of an air combo. Elsewhere, it just robs you height,
don't know why. It's even more powerful if you have the Redemption-mode on,
but beware, if an enemy is too close when you do this, a glitch happens and
Dante loses a lot of height for no apparent reason.

Basically, Divine Tempest is a main ingredient in high jumps in this game.
It's also the star of its own jump, "Ascended High Jump", but there's already
stuff written about it in the high jumps section, so read there if you're

Righteous Path:

The first magic you get in this game, and the only holy-type magic you don't
have to purchase through the menu using souls. During it, Dante does a quick
dash towards his enemies, dealing damage and knocking everything he hits away.
The magic hits multiple times and even has a nice area effect at the end of the
dash that can hit multiple enemies at once. For a first magic, it's not weak at
all, although you are probably better off using and upgrading cross attacks

This, as all the other holy spells too, deal some holy damage to enemies. This
f.e. means that cinder enemies turn physical when you hit them with it.

Righteous Path has a noteworthy aerial version: during it Dante glides through
the air (albeit sloping downwards) for a decent length of road, helping you
extend jumps in this game. But be wary that RP's magic cost increases heftily
if you cast it while in air. Another thing to keep in mind is that air Righteous
Path is one of the rare air moves in this game after which Dante can make a
jump... even more benefits for long jumping. Air turns into the ground version
seamlessly once Dante's feet hit ground.

While it might seem like a good idea to extend your jumps during casual
platforming using air RP, keep in mind that it automatically targets nearby
enemies, possibly causing your jump to go to hell.

Lvl. 1 RP can be cast 5 times on ground with unupgraded magic bar before running
dry. If you upgrade Righteous Path, it deals more damage and eats a little bit
more of your magic - at lvl. 3 it can be cast 4 times. Still not bad.

Divine Shield:

Divine Shield is a holy spell available at holy level 3. It's both a protective
and an offensive spell, and arguably one of the most useful ones in the entire
game too. Like other holy-type magics, you don't have to beat a boss to acquire
it. It's enough to just get enough holy-levels and purchase the magic!

As Dante casts DS, a flash of light surrounds him. This flash actually damages
enemies, quite decently too once you upgrade the spell. Remember that the flash
is holy damage, which means that you can turn cinder enemies solid. This is
something that will come in handy if you start using this magic.

But the primary function of the spell is to shield Dante from damage. Even on
level 1, DS makes Dante becomes completely immune to damage, allowing him to
concentrate on offense or solving puzzles without any care for getting hurt or
knocked back by attacks. On level 2, DS starts to heal Dante when it's active,
making this spell a real life saver. On level 3 the game suggests that the magic
regenerates more of Dante's health and "makes him resistant to enemy attacks"
(isn't he that already?). So basically, I don't know what's the deal with the
third level. Unlike other spells that seem to get huge power ups at level three,
DS gets almost nothing. Am I overlooking something or is this a mistake from the

On lvl. 1 with no upgrades to the magic bar you can cast this spell four times
before running out of mana. On lvl. 2, only two times (you are left a little
short of a third casting). On lvl. 3, you can only cast it once (with some mana
left in the bar). So, as you can see, with upgrades the magic cost of Divine
Shield increases dramatically. In my opinion it is the best to keep the spell at
level 2. You already have perfect protection, your health is regenerated while
it's on and you can cast it a lot more often too.

DS cuts off when you activate certain mini-games, such as with Demons or Beasts.


Martyrdom is a holy spell available at holy level 4. It costs a hefty amount of
magic, but at least the cost doesn't increase with upgrades. With the original
magic bar, you can only cast the magic two times before running dry. The spell
also takes a little bit of your life each time you cast it... so is the payoff
worth it? The answer is, it depends.

Martyrdom is at its best when there is a large group of enemies around Dante.
The area effect picks smaller enemies and lifts them in air, and finally a big
explosion engulfs everything. The damage is not half bad, although towards the
end you'll probably rather use Suicide Fruit for the bigger mobility it allows.

Dante is invulnerable for the little bit of time when he is preparing to cast
the spell and also during the spell itself. §

There is no air version of Martyrdom. Instead, Dante takes a strange pose and
falls down extra quick if you try to do Martyrdom in air, and the actual magic
begins once at ground level.

You can't kill Dante using Martyrdom. If your health is too low when using this
magic, you don't lose any health.

Lust Storm:

Lust Storm is the first Unholy spell you get, after finishing the Lust boss. It
casts a purple tornado around Dante after two bright flashes. There's basically
both a one-time area damage effect from the flashes and a persistent effect that
stays around Dante (the tornado) when cast. The tornado remains active for about
10-14 seconds or until your magic runs out. Yeah, did I mention the magic drains
mana quite rapidly when it's active?

Any enemies inside the tornado's effect are repeatedly damaged - you can see
small lightning effects appear on enemies that are affected. Rarely, some
enemies are suspectible to becoming stunlocked when inside the tornado, like
the Exploding Minions, preventing them from exploding in your face. ...nice!

Another advantage of the tornado is that while it is active, Dante stops
flinching when taking damage. While useful in combat, it also allows you to do
stupid things like run towards some damage barriers and die a lot quicker than
you normally would.

LS can be cast with a very low amount of mana, but the tornado effect shuts down
almost immediately afterwards - you mainly benefit from the damaging effect of
the flashes in this case. You can also re-cast LS again and again to do the
flashes repeatedly, but this is not a very useful thing to do. While the flashes
stun and hurt enemies all around for a moment, it doesn't do very much damage...
perhaps even less than your average cross attack, and it drains your magic
pretty quick.

Casting LS in air helps you keep moving and get back on offensive quicker.
However, air LS only has one stunning flash, and it may affect some enemies
differently from the ground version.

At lvl. 3, LS absorbs projectiles headed towards Dante! So overall LS works as
both an offensive and a defensive tool, but the drawback of it draining your
magic rather quickly is indeed... a drawback. Maybe if you were doing a
challenge run of using only the unholy spells, this would be your most defensive
spell available and could come in handy more often.

LS cuts off when you activate certain mini-games, such as with Demons or Beasts.

Sins of the Father:

You get this unholy magic after beating the Greed boss. Shoots golden whirling
crosses that launch your enemy up in the air while hitting them multiple times.
The number one magic for amassing and keeping up large combos. Also, note that
you can spam the magic faster by jumping in air first.

You can have a maximum amount of three crosses out at once. As the level of the
magic increases, the colour of the magic changes into darker and its range
increases. Finally at maximum level the magic shoots out all three crosses at
once, increasing the stunning power of the magic quite a lot. Yeah, I would say
that it's more of a containment magic that keeps enemies in air and powerless
instead of a powerhouse magic for finishing foes off.

The projectile breaks enemies' block, which makes it a nice magic to use against
higher ranking demons for example.

Just a small thing, but this spell can have a pretty dumb auto-targeting. In a
situation with a flying bat enemy and invisible cinder enemies, the spell may
just as well target the cinder enemies instead of the bat, although it won't
hit them.

At lv. 1 and unupgraded magic bar, this magic can be cast 5 times. At lv. 2, it
can be cast 4 times. At lv. 3 it can only be cast three times. Is it more worth
it to be able to cast it more often or at a bigger power? Depends on your
playing style I guess.

Suicide Fruit:

You get this last unholy magic after winning the last fight at the forest
section in Violence. It shoots a small projectile which upon landing or hitting
an enemy explodes and hurts, launches and stuns enemies within a large area
effect. The explosion will not happen if you accidentally shoot the projectile
into a chasm for example - frustratingly easy at some points of the game.

Already at lvl. 1 this spell has a big area effect. At each level after it the
area effect grows even larger, as does the magic's damage. Due to the easy use
and the capability to spam this magic, it's one of the most destructive moves at
your disposal on a long run.

As mentioned, enemies in the range of the area effect become stunned. An aura of
sort appears above their heads and their animation becomes troubled, signifying
their momentary paralysis by the magic. It lasts about 6 seconds, which is not
bad at all!

Another big asset of this magic is that its magic cost hardly rises with
leveling up, so that's one thing you don't have to worry about.

Enemy glitches

For unknown reasons, the beast riders can sometimes freeze when they're jumping
into the carriage of the beast you are riding. This causes the cutscene to never
end and you get stuck.

Arch demons can be used to do an infinite combo. First, fight one until you can
activate the first prompt that cuts off his wings. Then, you got to knock him on
his back at the same time he gets the R2-prompt over his head. This can be
easily achieved by only attacking him with an attack that makes him fly on his
back, such as Soul Shatter. Now, try to grab him as he is rising up - you see
that nothing happens and that he goes totally supine again, and you get 1 hit to
your combo meter. This can be endlessly repeated... a very slow tactic.

Video demonstration:
1, findlestick's vid (from 8:44 onward)

The worm enemies at Gluttony can rarely push you through the ground with their
head motion. And you may have to be doing an attack that gives you extra
downward motion at the same time.

Video demonstration:
1, ThisIsMyMonicker's vid (from 14:15 on)

Level-by-level glitch listing:

1. Citadel of Acre

Tidbit: a different weapon

It was mentioned earlier on in the weapons section, but deserves its own mention
here. Your weapon at the beginning of the game is different from the one you get
from Death in a short while. There's a bit more about this above in the
weapons/magics section.

At the start of the game you are also completely bereft from using grab, air
grab, ascension or cross attacks.

Wasted potential: while it is interesting to try to use Infinite jump to go over
walls at this first stretch of the game, it is also futile because your current
arsenal has zero air moves that allow moving forward once you've begun your
Infinite jump. I doubt you can ever actually cross over the walls, even when
high enough.

2. Chasing Beatrice

Unfortunately at this point your glitching tools are quite few and Resurrection-
mode doesn't start until from Into the Blind World, so there isn't much to say.

3. Gates of Hell

Still nothing.

4. Into the Blind World

Air climbingness: you can jump over the first climbing wall and get to its wrong
side. From there, just continue on your way until you reach the area with a big
demonic face spewing damned out of his mouth in the background. Dante should
branch off the wall on his own as you try to turn, and his direction takes him
almost directly to Charon. You get a close-up of the souls boarding the ship if
you want, but so far this trick hasn't come to use... 

You can also use the semicircular wall formation near from where you start from
to turn Dante's direction towards the area with the retractable bridge. But it
needs more testing to find out if this can be used for skipping things.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

Redemption/Infinite souls exploit (NP): it's possible to get infinite souls at
the retractable bridge that you normally pull a lever to operate. It's done by
killing infinitely spawning enemies over and over, preferably by spamming cross
attacks. However it is probably too time consuming for getting souls, but it is
useful for building up your Redemption meter.

Sequence break: you can skip climbing down to the belltower, a cutscene and some
navigation by high jumping towards the background right near the area where
there's the pole leading down. At this point in a speedrun it is unlikely you
are able to do Redemption jump (whether from lack of Diabolic Rupture or
Redemption itself), but it is possible to do this skip with slash height gain
alone... my condolences to the speedrunner in advance. Although, it's arguable
whether this skip is worth it because it saves a questionable amount of time
compared to the trouble it is to do, and also, if you don't skip you can start
building your Redemption storage during the fight.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

Wasted potential: the walls around the place where Pilatus hangs out are
outrageously high, and so far no one has successfully crossed them with high
jumps. Doing so might be worthwhile because you'd skip an otherwise unskippable

5. Shores of Acheron

Puzzle skip: inside Charon, you can Redemption jump on top of the platform
you'll normally need the box to get to. Alternatively, it's possible but
difficult to do the slash height gain for a bit, then follow up with Righteous
Path to end up on top.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid of Redemption jump

Wasted potential: the walls around Charon's deck are outrageously high, and so
far no one has successfully crossed them with a high jump.

Random (resurrection-mode): on one occasion, upon throwing a superpowered
Suicide Fruit and defeating all of the first wave enemies at once, no more
enemies spawned and Dante was stucked on the deck of Charon for the rest of the

Speed note: the prompt for tearing off Charon's head can be activated quite far
away and even without facing the head, so there's less stress in dealing with
the last wave of enemies.

6. In Limbo

Climbingness glitch: it's possible to get climbing glitch at the grapple wall
just before the charred minions tutorial. This is done by doing a Redemption
high jump directly from where the charred minions are and returning back up to
the platform next to the grapple wall. When you do this, the previous area
(above the grapple wall) is now unloaded, so now Dante can climb upwards beyond
where the grapple wall ends. Thus attaining climbingness.

Video demonstration:
1, findlestick's vid

Wasted glitch potential: if you have climbing glitch activated, you can air
climb close to where Minos is and in the direction where Lust is. But as
expected, nothing is loaded there yet.

Sequence breaks (NP): it's possible to skip the charred minion tutorial by doing
a lift up while on the platform near the grapple wall, followed by Righteous
Path Air to the left. From there you can travel out-of-bounds and either head
directly to the trigger that starts the battle with the aborted babies. Or you
can skip the cutscene and the battle with the aborted babies altogether, by
continuing out-of-bounds to the exit of the aborted babies battle area, and
hitting a checkpoint followed by a suicide restart.

findlestick has reported making it all the way (while out-of-bounds) to where
you pull the lever that operates the grapple that takes you to Minos, but he
fell out-of-bounds. So it may be possible to improve these skips further...

Video demonstrations:
1, skipping the minion tutorial by findlestick
2, skipping the aborted babies battle by findlestick

Sequence break: you can skip directly to King Minos with a Redemption jump at
the junction where you'd normally have to go around to the higher platform. The
skip is also possible, albeit difficult, by just doing slash height gain and
finally a Righteous Path.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid of slash height gain method

Other: it's possible to take air climbingness to King Minos. Depending on what
you do next, some interesting things happen. If you activate the fight and
leave, you'll notice that Minos' tail attack follows you everywhere you go, no
matter how far (until you reach the room where you fought those babies the first
time). Just to mention, if the tail hits you, climbing glitch ends. Sometimes if
you are too far from the fight arena, the game starts the Minos cutscene anew
and the fight starts all over.

Still untested: activating Minos fight and going to save.

Video demonstration:
1, findlestick's vid

7. Virtuous Pagans

Nothing yet...

8. Descent into Lust

Sequence break: you skip the first fight with succubi and messing with the snake
head by doing a small Redemption jump to either of the balconies on the side of
the room. From there you can jump to the main area, where a cutscene begins...
partially graphic-less due to the skip you just made. But everything works
normally afterwards.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

9. Carnal Tower

Speed strategy: you don't have to operate the left switch in this room at all if
you can just get to the switch at the right side early. An easy way to do this
is to push the large statue some way towards the right wall, get on it with a
low high jump and from there jump to the switch. Operate the switch and get back
to the elevator just in time to continue to the higher levels.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

10. Above the Lust Storm

Collision flaw: there's a small collision flaw in the climbing wall right before
the save point. Find your way to the mid-right corner, there's a small cove
there you can shove Dante into. It's right next to an unit that shoots
lightning. Do a subtle upwards movement from up to right, and eventually Dante
can dislocate from the wall. From here you can either jump to the small
platform that has a relic for you or jump to ground level above (not useful, but
looks silly because you are out of bounds and unable to get back until you
attach yourself to the climbing wall again). Unfortunately after some trying it
doesn't seem possible to get air climbingness here.

Random: if you fail the fourth and last mini-game prompt against Cleopatra, a
rather sensual non-standard game over happens!

Speed strategy: at the climbing section right before Cerberus, there's a big
chain you have to break to get through. You can destroy it without having to
swing to and fro on the rope by jumping once towards it, breaking it with a
short sequence of hits, then using air grab to do another air jump and getting
enough momentum for reaching the swing point. After swing point, just let Dante
fall until you hit the rope below.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid (at about 1:10)

11. Descent into Gluttony

Wasted potential: you can drop over to the Cerberus battle arena over the wall
using Redemption jump, but nothing in particular happens. The fight simply
doesn't start.

Wasted potential: if you're precise, you can actually knock out the middle head
first. It gets a R2-prompt over it momentarily, but it's useless since your
grabs won't hit it!

Video demonstration:
1, Akheon's vid

12. In the Cold Mud

Fight skip: you can skip the fight against the first Glutton by polevaulting
over the left-hand walls twice, falling to your death. On retry, the game
resumes from just after the fight.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

Sequence break: skipping of the mirror room

Over time we've come up with several different ways of skipping this perplexing
room. First was one was a difficultly timed polevault that lands half on top of
the invisible wall on the right side of where you start. From there, you could
just jump on top of the rotating platform and get to the end without actually
solving the puzzle. Later on we realized that it's easier to aim towards the
corner adjacent to the exit, allowing Dante to get out with just one jump and
no need for the moving platform.

Then Findlestick found what is so far the simplest way: doing a lift-up and RP
to the corner adjacent to the exit. Dante barely slips over the invisible wall
and from there you can just jump to the portal.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid of polevaulting method 1
2, AKheon's vid of polevaulting method 2
3, Findlestick's vid of RP method

Random: during the top-down view, if you long jump over to the other side of the
room without pulling the nearby switch, you'll find that the other side of the
room doesn't seem to have floor collision in it yet. And fall down.

13. Descent into Greed

Sequence break: right at the very end of this section, there's a large circular
platform with molten gold below it. Done normally, you'd have to fight a timed
battle on the platform. This battle can be skipped by doing a high jump from
outside the rim, ending up on top but outside bounds. From there, jump towards
the extending bridge and Worldly Splendors-save point. You probably won't make
it because of the walls in the way, but get close enough to touch the next
platform so that the game checkpoints you. After death, you're free to continue
on your way with this section skipped.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

14. Worldly Splendors

Sorry... nothing here yet.

15. Hoarders and Wasters

Sequence break: before the riding section, there's a part where you have to
fight a new enemy and pull a switch. This can be skipped by jumping over the
left-hand wall and suiciding! Checkpoint retry brings Dante to the moment when
the ride is about to begin.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

Sequence break: at the very end of this part, after the long riding section,
you can do a jump to reach the Ill-giving and Ill-keeping-save early. It takes a
slight swerve to get around the large block, then a weak air attack to
polevaulting to make it.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

16. Ill-giving and Ill-keeping

Sequence break: Plutus Chamber skip

A rather large skip is possible near the start of this section. In the corridor
where you can see a Beast pushing a block in the distance, do a high Redemption-
jump to the walkway above. From there, suicide. On retry, you find yourself at
the start of Lady Fortuna!

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

17. Plutus Chamber

Sequence break: skip Lady Fortuna

Another variation to the myriads of skips of Greed, this was previously the best
skip for the area since it allowed bypassing the boss fight of Greed along with
several cutscenes and that boring beast ride section.

During the fight at the rotating wheel, suddenly begin doing Redemption jump
towards the exit door of the room. It takes almost the full 3 bars of
Redemption, but at the top you are able to jump outside bounds and end up to the
room right below the one you are now - incidentally, that's where the Greed
finale takes place. If you did it right, you become checkpointed and after death
continue right from where you should after defeating the Greed boss.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

18. Lady Fortuna

Air climbingness: the climbing wall to the right of the Lady Fortuna save can
be used to start an air climbingness glitch. There is a small collision flaw to
the lower right corner of the wall. Start climbing on the wall from as right as
possible. Rise up just a small bit: it should look as if Dante was partially
climbing on top of solid stone. Before leaving the collision flaw area by going
too high up, do a small clockwise movement with the analog stick, beginning
from the top and ending to the right. If you were at the correct spot, Dante
suddenly turns sideways in relation to the wall and leaves it. From here, you
can go to a few places.

If you backtrack to the area below, you'll eventually get stuck because most
activation prompts of the area are inactive or absent, most noticeably the
entire mechanism of Plutus creating temporary platforms is inactive.

Sequence break: Findlestick discovered that using air climbingness here you can
end up to the area just after Dante's father, effectively skipping much of
Greed, including the emotionally harrowing boss fight. The best thing is that
this skip is compatible with the formerly obsolete Plutus Chamber-skip, doubling
your total skipping power!

Video demonstration:
1, findlestick's vid

Wasted potential: using the air climbingness glitch you can go by the route
that you'd normally have to go riding the beast (push the block and all that).
However, it seems that the areas after Plutus Chamber don't load this way...
maybe the trigger is tied to winning the fight?

Video demonstration:
1, findlestick's vid (from 2:30 onward)

Other: after descending down to the beast fighting section, you are able to do
Soul Shatter and actually hit the beast from far away! Once you proceed forward,
the fight starts with the beast ready to be mini-gamed.

Other: it seems impossible to avoid getting thrown off your beast by the beast
rider that you see descend down the elevator.

Random: I've read multiple accounts of a glitch at Lady Fortuna's beast riding
section. In it Dante and the beast he is riding on fall down through the floor,
usually at the rotating wheel room, ending up at the unloaded version of the end
level or completely out of bounds. After death, Dante returns to normal gameplay
from the checkpoint which activates after Greed boss, and the boss fight itself
is completely skipped. It's another variation of this skip, although completely
accidental... going out of bounds riding a beast sounds interesting, though.

Wasted potential: escaping the Alighiero boss fight might not be possible,
considering there are at least two high walls on the way and lava covering much
of the ground.

19. Sins of the Father

Untested: wonder if it was possible to go through the Greed another round after
finishing off Alighieri? Would take a big amount of infinite jumping to try it

20. Descent into Anger

Strategy: at the sinking platform battle in Anger, you can do a quick high jump
to end up on the floor above, near from where the enemies jump out from and
where is your next destination. If you stay there, you never have to fight this
battle because the enemies die automatically as they sink or jump into the bog
by themselves. Unfortunately this doesn't mean that you can actually skip this
battle because there is a wall in the way that only clears after all the
enemies are dead.

Video demonstration:
1, findlestick's vid

Sequence break: by getting climbingness by high jumping onto the wrong side of
a climbing wall here - the correct spot is right before the room with one stray
puddle on the floor - you are able to climb your way past the tower section
ahead. It's a huge time save, skipping many fights, the slow tower climbing
section and two cutscenes.

Video demonstration:
1, findlestick's vid

21. The Tower Signal

Sequence break: at the very top of the tower, you are able to do a high jump
and polevault through the area between the two small stretches of climbing wall.
This causes you to fall all the way down, somewhere below the next save point.
At this point you have to suicide by continuing falling down, but on retry the
checkpoint whisks you to the next save, the tower finale cutscene and a bit of
navigation skipped.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

22. Styx Marsh

Wasted potential: it seems that the moment when Phlegyas emerges from the river
and the QTE starts is tied to the moment when the ferry arrives to the next
area. So while it is possible to cross the river while out of bounds (climbing
glitch, or even running on the bottom of the river for a while! ...although the
camera angles are a murder), it is not, to our current knowledge, possible to
get to the next section successfully without riding the ferry.

Wasted potential: I recall that it's possible to skip the last fight before
Gates of Dis by jumping directly to the elevator, but the next section starts
somehow glitched and you can't actually complete the section this way. (should
be re-tested) §

23. Descent into Heresy

Speed strategy: at the rope section before Heresy, you can fasten things up
considerably by using double RP for crossing a large gap, and then at the final
stretch falling down instead of latching onto the pole and sliding down. The
fires will hit you, but hopefully you have enough hit points to survive... It
helps if you still hadn't purchased all the HP upgrades, because using them you
can get full health on the fly.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid (at about 1:29 in)

Speed strategy: in the first fight after arriving to Heresy, you can use the
flames to quickly kill the demon enemies.

Wasted potential: during the second fight, you can't touch the flame switch
until the first batch of enemies is dealt with. Then, after turning off the
flames and approaching the door, the door (and the flame switch) lack a prompt
until you've won the entire fight.

24. Flaming Tombs

Fight skip: a simple way to skip the first fight after the save point is to jump
back over the barricade that rises up and save the game. On reload, the fight is
no more.

By nearly the same means (this wall is a little higher) you can also get past
the gate that leads you to the statue blocking your path. But it is too high to
get over, at least without some hardcore infinite jumping.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

Other: you can mess up loading triggers and go OOB in the room where you have to
push a box under the kettle. You must do a high jump at the back end of the
room, right side. You can use the box to gain the needed height easier. You can
tell that it worked if after backtracking a bit the camera angles work strange.
It seems the game loaded the data of a future area while leaving the room you
came from unloaded, and from there you can jump OOB. It's currently unknown if
this trick could come in handy.

Video demonstration:
1, UTPisOnline's vid (discovered this trick)

Sequence break: skip statue puzzle at Heresy

Do a high jump over the climbing wall to the right of the save point - a normal
redemption jump is enough. Jump over to the backside of the wall, and try to
climb down the wall. If you're careful, you'll start the air climbing glitch.
From there, the route is pretty direct for getting past the big statue and into
the next area, although it might be tricky to get back in bounds. (more detailed
instructions may be added later)

Findlestick uncovered an interesting side effect of doing this skip and dying
repeatedly in certain circumstances - you actually warp back to near the start
of the game for some reason. You at first must go out of bounds at the climbing
wall, then jump back in bounds through the broken wall near Followers of
Epicurus save. Proceed on to the next room, but get killed in the chasm there.
After death you're back at the Tombs checkpoint. Then get killed in a fight with
the enemies near the Tombs save point. Then, after retry, jump out of bounds
over the climbing wall. That should be it... keep in mind, though, that this
trick hasn't been tested much yet, and that results might wary.

Video demonstration:
1, findlestick's video

25. Followers of Epicurus

Nothing yet... it's a pretty short section.

26. Descent into Violence

Speed strat: at the first stretch of horizontal ropes, you can drop down
directly from the topmost rope to the third rope if you aim a RP well, saving a
little bit of time.

Sequence break: skipping the wheel turning

It's a pretty slow ordeal to rotate the minotaur three times. Fortunately this
whole section can be bypassed by just jumping right next to the big chain that
you must whack through, activating redemption and doing Diabolic Rupture over
and over. Dante stays in air while on offensive and the chain is destroyed with
no problems. After that, there's some floor below you where the chain was, and
using that you can reach the next sliding pole.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

Speed strat: you can kill the Arch Demons faster by luring them flying over the
chasm between the two fiery platforms and then knocking them down (with the
cross combo finisher for example).

Sequence break: skip the 2x Arch Demons fight and the entire Woods of Suicide

You can start air climbing glitch at the climbing wall during the 2x Arch Demon
fight. Do a redemption jump and hope you're not interrupted. Get on top of the
gate blocking the south exit and jump a little below you towards the climbing
wall - this should suffice. From there, go directly towards the Woods. You come
across an invisible wall that you must first go over, but then push back against
it from the other side to move Dante's climbing rail to a better spot. If done
correctly, it looks like Dante is slowly inching towards the woods in the
distance ahead. After a while, you'll notice that the entire next area loads in
the distance to your left. Down and left to reach the save point of the area.
Continue left to have things load at the other side of the invisible wall (where
the Woods of Suicide main area is). From there, rise over the walls. The route
is pretty direct for reaching the Abominable Sands. Although some ground
graphics are missing, you can progress like normal from here.

Video demonstration:
1, findlestick's video

27. The River Phlegethon

Wasted potential: at the suicide fruit tree blocking your way to the pivotal
fight of the area, you can actually get quite far into the suicidal aura using
RP. Unfortunately it seems that there's an invisible wall blocking your path
anyway, so a skip is not possible like this.

Sequence break: loop skip

You can skip the little loop that leads you back to the main suicide fruit tree
by jumping over it with either redemption or infinite jump. There's also some
odd collision in your way that you can get sometimes past using RP. This skip
isn't particularly useful, though, since you could just use your hard-earned
redemption to do the next skip instead.

Also, you must suicide or save/reload first to be able to even break the suicide
fruit pod, reducing the amount of time this skip can save.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

Sequence break: skipping the end parts of Woods of Suicide

You can see the bridge leading to Abominable Sands from the middle of the little
loop, and using redeption jump get there early. Jump by the side of the bridge
and try not to fall down. Eventually Abominable Sands loads and you can death
abuse to end up back inside bounds. All the scenes with Dante's mother (and the
fight leading up to it) are skipped!

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

28. Violence

Random: the lowering of the suicide fruit structures in the big fight of the
area seems to be scripted to each new enemy wave instead of being a time-based

29. The Abominable Sands

Random: from the platform where Brunetto Latini resides, you can jump to the
right and forwards to reach a small invisible platform.

Sequence break: the abominable sands platform pushing scene can be skipped with
an ascended high jump or redemption jump.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid (at about 2:25 in)

30. In the Name of Murder

Wasted potential: if you do redemption jump before climbing down, you have a
chance to fall around the boss fight platform and into the nothingness below.
Unfortunately nothing seems to come out of this.

Random: you get a full health and magic refill after the boss fight... nice!

31. Malebolge 1

Wasted potential: the wall to the arenas are high, and last we checked, they
couldn't be got over using redemption jump. Now with infinite jump it might be a
different matter, though...

Wasted potential: you can jump over most of the doors leading to the challenge
chambers in Malebolge. As a result the code for moving platforms, etc. is not
loaded and you most often can't proceed to the challenge itself. But if you do,
the challenges seem to work normally.

Untested: it might be possible to skip some challenges on this wretched level
using air climbing. But trying it will have to wait until a next playthrough...

32. Malebolge 2

Wasted grinding potential: the Malebolge 2 challenge gives you an infinite
amount of absolvable/punishable enemies, but they stop giving you holy/unholy
points pretty quick.

33. Malebolge 3

Wasted grinding potential: Malebolge 3 challenge also prevents grinding by
making enemies stop giving you holy/unholy points after a short while.

Speed strategy: at the rope section after Malebolge 3, you can skip using the
other rope and the climbing pole by just letting go of the rope and gliding to
the next floor using air Righteous Path.

34. Malebolge 4

Wasted grinding potential: like the Malebolge 2 and 3, this challenge also stops
giving you holy/unholy points after a short while.

35. Malebolge 5

Random: the civilians in the challenge are indestructible to your attacks,
although copious amounts of blood spurt out if you strike them. They're also
ungrabbable. After beating the challenge, if you die and return to this
checkpoint, they are gone!

Speed strategy: at the rope section after Malebolge 5, you can skip some ropes
by dropping down straight to the last one. The positioning is pretty easy once
you get the hang of it.

36. Malebolge 6

Nothing to say about this one so far.

37. Malebolge 7


38. Malebolge 8


39. Malebolge 9


40. Malebolge 10


41. Descent into Treachery

Other: in the battle in front of the wind-blowing titan, Dante keeps sliding
towards the chasm's edge even during mini-games! Fortunately the game devs have
prevented you from falling down in a mini-game.

Speed strategy: you can take some cut some corners crossing the treacherous ice
in order to speed up your walk.

42. Lake Cocytus

Strategy: having Holy Shield, Lust Storm or redemption-mode on allows you to
wail at 2nd fight Lucifer with cross attacks without getting interrupted and
damaged by the flash. §

Random: at the very end of the 3rd fight, nothing happens even if you idly wait
by while Lucifer does his apocalyptic boasting and charges power. However, you
do get heavily injured if you walk into the fire pillar.

43. Game Completed

This save is actually just the credits screen, so it might be difficult to find
glitches in it.

44. (a.k.a Resurrection Mode)

Random: when starting a Resurrection Mode-game, your magics switch places.
Annoying. And to top it off, all your magic and Redemption is back to zero. Even
if you completed the game with any in reserve. This means that in a speedrun you
can't do redemption jump in a while (although, optimally this doesn't matter
because you have infinite jump).

4. Legal information, contact info, credits, etc.
Copyright © 2012 Hannu Ratilainen
All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
their respective trademark and copyright holders.
Newest version of this guide will always be at GameFAQs, so check there if
you're not certain.

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