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FAQ/Walkthrough by sofgrant

Updated: 04/13/11

             DANTE'S INFERNO: Divine Edition - A Walkthrough (PS3)


Why another walkthrough? With four already on the boards, this question has to 
be answered up front. I have three specific reasons for submitting this:

#1 - There must be a difference between the Xbox 360 version, the original
versions and the Divine Edition for the PS3. I have played through this game
using all of the walkthroughs currently present and have found significant
differences in each from the version I am playing. 

#2 - Path-specific tactics. Inevitably, each time I reached a major boss or
new enemy, I would be playing on the Holy Path and the recommended tactics were
for those on the Unholy, and vice-versa. So, I figured if this is driving me
batty - it must also be effecting someone else. To that end, I have included
complete tactics for both paths.

#3 - It's enjoyable. This should probably be the first and primary reason. I
get a kick out of writing these things and no small satisfaction from feeling
that I helped someone. Admittedly, when taken in context with all of life's
travails, assisting in completing a video game is trivial, at best. But...I
gotta admit; I like the feeling.

                           TABLE OF CONTENTS

NOTE: To use the Table of Contents to jump to the section listed, press and
hold the control key ‘Ctrl’ and then press the ‘F’ key. When the ‘Find’ box
pops up, just type in the code at the far right and hit ‘Enter’ and you will 
be zoomed to the start of that section. There is no separate listing for the
collectibles as each one is imbedded in the walkthrough and noted in this

Game Background/Contact Info/Disclaimer................................[GB]
Starting Info..........................................................[SI]
Prologue/Game Start....................................................[PRO]
	BOSS FIGHT: Death................................[BF1]
	BOSS FIGHT: Asterian Beast.......................[BF2]
	Righteous Path Magic.............................[RPM]
	Death Blade Relic................................[DBR]
	1st Judas Coin...................................[SJC1]
Shores of Acheron......................................................[SOA]
	2nd Judas Coin...................................[SJC2]
	DAMNED Pontius Pilate............................[PONT]
	3rd Judas Coin...................................[SJC3]
	Charon's Oar Relic...............................[COR]
	4th Judas Coin...................................[SJC4]
	DAMNED Orpheus...................................[ORPH]
 	5th Judas Coin...................................[SJC5]
	1st Beatrice Stone...............................[BS1]
	Eyes of St. Lucia Relic..........................[ELR]
	DAMNED Electra...................................[ELEC]
	Lord's Blessing Relic............................[LBR]
	Saladin's Mercy Relic............................[SMR]
	BOSS FIGHT: King Minos...........................[BF3]
	Tail of Minos Relic..............................[TMR]
	6th Judas Coin...................................[SJC6]
	Francesca's Book Relic...........................[FBR]
	DAMNED Francesca da Polenta......................[FRAN]
	7th Judas Coin...................................[SJC7]
	Filippo's Rage Relic.............................[FRR]
	Tristan's Desire Relic...........................[TDR]
	8th Judas Coin...................................[SJC8]
	DAMNED Paolo Malatesta...........................[PAOL]
	9th Judas Coin...................................[SJC9]
	DAMNED Semiramis.................................[SEMI]
	Arrow of Paris Relic.............................[APR]
	BOSS FIGHT: Antony and Cleo......................[BF4]
	Antony's Standard Relic..........................[ASR]
	Lust Storm Magic.................................[LSM]
	Rain of Gluttony Relic...........................[RGR]
	BOSS FIGHT: Cereberus............................[BF5]
	Azrael's Apprentice Relic........................[AAR]
	10th Judas Coin..................................[SJC10]
	DAMNED Ciacco....................................[CIAC]
	DAMNED Clodia....................................[CLOD]
	Ciacco's Bile Relic..............................[CBR]
	11th Judas Coin..................................[SJC11]
	2nd Beatrice Stone...............................[BS2]
	12th Judas Coin..................................[SJC12]
	Octavian's Gold Relic............................[OGR]
	Crown of Carthage Relic..........................[CCR]
	13th Judas Coin..................................[SJC13]
	3rd Beatrice Stone...............................[BS3]
	DAMNED Tarpeia...................................[TARP]
	Demon Wing Relic.................................[DWR]
	14th Judas Coin..................................[SJC14]
	15th Judas Coin..................................[SJC15]
	DAMNED Gessius Florus............................[GESS]
	Wasted Gold Relic................................[WGR]
	16th Judas Coin..................................[SJC16]
	Coin of Plutus Relic.............................[CPR]
	17th Judas Coin..................................[SJC17]
	18th Judas Coin..................................[SJC18]
	DAMNED Fulvia....................................[FULV]
	BOSS FIGHT: Alighiero............................[BF6]
	Sins of the Father Magic.........................[SFM]
	Eye of Alighiero Relic...........................[EAR]
	Hoarder's Purse Relic............................[HPR]
	19th Judas Coin..................................[SJC19]
	Medusa's Call Relic..............................[MCR]
	DAMNED Boudica...................................[BOUD]
	20th Judas Coin..................................[SJC20]
	DAMNED Hecuba....................................[HECU]
	21st Judas Coin..................................[SJC21]
	Guiding Flame Relic..............................[GFR]
	DAMNED Filippo Argenti...........................[FILI]
	Rage of Farinata Relic...........................[RFR]
	22nd Judas Coin..................................[SJC22]
	Cavalcanti's Blade Relic.........................[CVR]
	DAMNED Emperor Frederick II......................[FRED]
	DAMNED Cavalcante de Cavalcanti..................[CAVA]
	23rd Judas Coin..................................[SJC23]
	DAMNED Farinata..................................[FARI]
	Seal of Epicurus Relic...........................[SER]
	24th Judas Coin..................................[SJC24]
	Frederick's Ring Relic...........................[FRR]
	25th Judas Coin..................................[SJC25]
	26th Judas Coin..................................[SJC26]
	DAMNED Attila....................................[ATTI]
	Shoe of Nessus Relic.............................[SNR]
	Attila's Armor Relic.............................[ARR]
	27th Judas Coin..................................[SJC27]
	28th Judas Coin..................................[SJC28]
	DAMNED Pietro della Vigna........................[PIET]
	Suicide Fruit Magic..............................[SFM]
	29th Judas Coin..................................[SJC29]
	DAMNED Brunetto Latini...........................[BRUN]
	DAMNED Guido Guerra..............................[GUID]
	30th Judas Coin..................................[SJC30]
	Memory of Acre Relic.............................[MAR]
	BOSS FIGHT: Francesco............................[BF7]
	Francesco's Forgiveness Relic....................[FFR]
	DAMNED Thais the Harlot..........................[THAI]
	Panderer and Seducers (Magic Only)...............[CH1]
	Flatterers (100 Hit Combo).......................[CH2]
	Simonists (Kill 5 Enemies in the Air)............[CH3]
	DAMNED Tiresias..................................[TIRE]
	Sorcerers (Remain in Air for 8 Seconds)..........[CH4]
	Politicians (Protect the Innocents)..............[CH5]
	Hypocrites (Unable to Use Magic).................[CH6]
	Thieves (Kill Everything)........................[CH7]
	Evil Counselors (Cannot Use Block)...............[CH8]
	Sowers of Discord (Kill All With 1 Hit Counter)..[CH9]
	DAMNED Myrrha....................................[MYRR]
	Falsifiers (Kill Everything).....................[CH10]
	DAMNED Fra Alberigo..............................[FRAA]
	DAMNED Mordred...................................[MORD]
	DAMNED Count Ugolino.............................[COUN]
	BOSS FIGHT: Lucifer..............................[BF8]


Game Background [GB]: Dante's Inferno was released in early 2010 by Electronic
Arts (EA) and produced by Visceral Games. To say it met with controversy is an
understatement. To begin, EA played fast and lose with its marketing, going so
far as to even hire fake protestors in an attempt to drum up "buzz" for the 
game. This was incredibly duplicitous as the game content alone was bound to
offend someone. In addition, bizarre and often misleading internet sites and
a Facebook campaign surely were enough to make anyone suffer from marketing
overload. To make matters even more contemptable was the Super Bowl ad which
clearly promised graphics that could not be produced using the game console
video abilities available in today's machines. This brought about a bit of a
counter response from gamers who felt they had been victims of the old
"bait-and-switch" gambit. However, even with all this nonsense, perhaps the
greatest criticism of all came from gamers themselves who accused the title of
being entirely too imitative of the Gods of War series. This really seemed to
rile folks up as cries of "rip-off!" reverberated throughout the internet.
All of this combined to give the title the feeling that it was being jammed
down folks' throat by EA's Madison Avenue crew. The blatant adherence to the
Gordan Gecko Credo, "Greed is GOOD!" and the possible issue regarding, at a 
minimum, elements of copying from another game, cost this product. Regardless
of one's opinion of the controversy; there can be little denying that the game
sold decently. The oddity in all this is that most critics gave it ratings only
in the above average category and now, not but a little more than a year later,
it has already found itself in the bargain bin and is easily available for 
twenty bucks new.

The story line for the game: The concept for this offering is fairly straight
forward: mirroring the iconic classic Italian poem setting, Dante is a flawed
crusader who must face each of his sins in order to save his bride (Beatrice)
and redeem himself. This is a very traditional hallway game with a variety of
combat options. The player chooses whether to attack the game in either a Holy
or Unholy mode (or a combination) which provides the ability to earn differing
capabilities. The graphics (despite EA's over-hyping) are still really solid
for the younger crowd. For those of us having seen a few more moons - we are
treated to solid doses of very Heavy Metal-esque cut scenes as well. With all
that said, there are a few troubling issues. First, the inability to control
the camera is often maddening. Second, you have to plan your save points since
there is no going back, in the event you missed something. Third, there is no
change in the cut scenes regardless of which path you take. For purists of the
Italian poet: you are going to hate this game. The story of Dante isn't even
close to the actual events or poem. It's new fiction. Additionally, many of the
descriptions of each circle of Hell are woefully inaccurate or just plain
missing. The game also has a very uneven feel to it. Some levels of this Hell
are very small with few real challenges and limited or no Boss Fights. On the
other hand, other levels seem like they go one forever and the majority of the 
game is packed into these handful of areas. Closely tied to this observation,
and perhaps the greatest criticism of this game is that it seems like it
is played out well before the end. Once you arrive in the Malebolge and start 
through the individual Bolgias - the game has a rushed feel to it. Almost like
the designers had reached a point that they just wanted to hurry up and get the
thing over with. There are little real story challenges past this point as the
best they could come up with were a series of combat trials through the entire
Eighth Circle. With the exception of maybe one - these degenerate into nothing
more than button smashing events, just burning time until you get to the final
circle which is nothing more than a joke before fighting Lucifer himself. All
the design effort, action, puzzles and storylines are developed in the 
beginning. It all seems to fall apart in the end. Finally, as mentioned before,
it is a real bummer that the ending (and all the intervening story lines) fails
to change even if you make the obvious choice to play the game as the good or
bad guy. This is incredibly hypocritical considering that making this choice is
the primary purpose of the poem. That stands out as a major, "Uh...OOOOOOPS!"

Contact Info: All questions regarding any portion of this walkthrough will be
gladly answered forthwith by the author. Please submit them to: 
sofgrant@hotmail.com. E-mails must have the subject line "Dante's Inferno" and
be free of attachments, malicious code or hyperlinks. If not, they will be 
deleted unread.

Disclaimer: This walkthrough deals with subject matter that has numerous
trademarks and patents associated with it. No portion of this document should
be construed as allowable in any for-profit forum or scenario and is for the
enjoyment and entertainment of individual private game and movie owners.
No copy of any image or reference to any trademark for profit is included and
any that is associated with this document is strictly prohibited. This 
document is intended for the private use of my audience and no license, 
permission or authority to grant such permissions is transferred for 
trademarked or patented items to include artistic licensing or matters of 
individual or corporate creation and product of work to those who are in 
receipt of it. All errors, to include editing, are the sole responsibility of 
the author. Permission for distribution of this document is granted for 
non-profit individual entertainment purposes only. 


Major "Need-to-knows" before starting [SI]: First, and perhaps most important,
this game has one and only one controller configuration. Second, there are
many points in the game where you will proceed forward with no ability to back
track. Additionally, there will be moments where you will conduct a certain
action and if you do not follow it correctly, Dante will survive but cannot
continue forward. You are stuck and the only way out is to kill yourself and
replay from the last save point. Third, you cannot control the camera and you
will have to break the habit of using the right stick to do so. This is the
dash/evade command and if you forget - odds are you will dash Dante to his
death. Fourth, the game is full of both large and small cut scenes which cannot
be skipped over. Using the ‘Start’ button to pause them does not work either. 
This is also true of the ending credits. Finally, there is no in-game exit
option. What this means is you can't get back to the main game menu once you
have kicked off your story. Your only option is to quit the game entirely using
the PS button on the controller and restarting via the PlayStation menu.

Controller/Fighting Notes: Your ability to control Dante is not much different
than most controls and it just takes a little time to get used to it. There is
one major pain in the rump when fighting - your ability to target an enemy is
severely limited. In most engagements you will find yourself beset by both
strong and weak enemies. Most gamers prefer to deal with the big guy and then
finish off the little ones. Dante simply strikes at whatever he is facing or
closest to. I have yet to figure out where the line is as it is not unusual for
Dante to suddenly spin around and engage an enemy that you were not intending
to swing at, so somewhere proximity outweighed direction. This will get

Difficulty Levels: As a general rule, the only difference between the three is
the number of enemies and their toughness. It seems the harder the level, the
more damage they do to you and the less you do to them. Kind of standard in 
most games.


Prologue - [PRO]

The game begins with a brief (and I do mean brief) history of the Third Crusade
(the one led by King Richard I). We are then introduced to Dante himself who,
in the spirit of the times, appears to be inflicting a horrific self-
flagellistic sewing experiment. A little old-school graphic cartoon provides
us clues that Dante was once involved in this religious war. Once it concludes,
you will have control of our hero amidst what appears to be a prison being
bombed with flaming catapults or some other medieval devices. This is really
just a training ground for you to get used to moving Dante around and using
the basic combat maneuvers. If you have the tutorial option on, there will
be prompts at the bottom of the screen. You will be assaulted by what appears
to be a pack of bums with knives. This should be an easy fight - smash the 
triangle and square buttons until all are dead. A word of warning, there are a
bunch of these fellas - somewhere near 75, I would guess. Patience is a virtue.

The end of this fight will be signified when a burning ship crashes into the
prison wall. Just jump onto its deck and then double jump onto the stone ledge
to the left. Follow this path as it goes left and into a courtyard where a cut
scene will take over. Anyone got a band-aid? This will lead you to:


The term "Boss Fight" is not really an accurate description since this thing is
designed to be won. The primary goal is to get the player familiar with the
Guard and Dash. Throughout this thing, just keep your guard up (hold the L2) 
and use the dash (the right stick) to close the gap between you and Death. Your
goal is to keep this a 1-meter fight, nice and close. Your guard will then keep
you safe from his scythe swings and, after you block him - give him a three
or four button combo. Sometimes you can even get away with multiple combos
(especially in the early part of this fight). The real trick is keeping this
fight close since the Grim Reaper can vanish and then reappear quite a distance
from you. He has the following attacks:

Scythe swings (just swinging his weapon): these are normally three swing
combos, but he will occassionally swing with single shots. The Guard will
deflect them and you want to combo after the block.

Home run swings (big circular sweeps with his weapon): Guard will also block
these, however, once he is done you have to try and close the gap between you
and Death. Odds are - you won't get to counter attack.

"Chuck it" (he throws his weapon and it comes back to him): Your Guard will 
block it as the weapon goes by you - but you must Evade (right stick dash) to
avoid the thing on its way back.

"Come Here" (his weapon extends out, stabs you and pulls you in where he starts
to choke you): Guard will not stop this. Once you are in his grasp you have to
repeatedly tap the O button to break the grip or you're gonna take some
additional punishment.

Once you get him down far enough in health (about 10-20% left on his bar), you
can snatch his weapon from him and then whoop him with it. This is a two step 
procedure. You will know when to start it when "R2" in a black box appears
floating over or near him. Get up close and press R2. Watch the top of the
screen for the proper command (buttons to push - square then a 2nd square). 
Once you have Death's scythe, wail on him until another "R2" appears. Get close
to him and press R2 for the finishing moves (again, follow the command as it
appears in the top center, repeatedly tap the O button...that will be a 
theme through this game...repeatedly tapping the O button).

When the fight is over - you get to keep the weapon and you get a few souls 
(think of these like money - it's what you will use them for).

A cut scene will follow that finds the still alive Dante heading back home to
Florence. He now realizes that the Crusade wasn't the righteous adventure he
thought it to be.

He finds his father murdered and the love of his life - Beatrice - run through
and stuck to the ground. Lucifer shows up and hikes off with your girl's soul.
That can't be good. You will now get control of Dante again.

You will find yourself in what I am guessing is the family graveyard or the
local church cemetery. Either way, this is now a rectangular engagement area.
You can't jump the walls. You can't jump Beatrice's corpse and a wall of fire
blocks the far end. Each grave cross will explode as a horde of bad guys
swarm you (these are called Undead Minions and are the weakest of the weak). 
Feel free to smash and bash them. You can use the R2 button to skewer them on
your scythe and send them flying or just slice and dice. You should use the
hold-triangle button once or twice as well. This will give you a taste of 
aerial combat. Once they are all disposed of, you get some more souls and
should be introduced to the Upgrade menu. For now, the only purchase you should
be able to make is an Unholy upgrade. Ignoring the connotation - I would
suggest either Repayment (if you have enough) or Impaler.

The fire wall on the far side will vanish after you beat all the bad guys.
Follow that path as it twists up and around a hill to a church entrance. You
will be introduced to the Beatrice Statue (save point) and a Health Fountain.
There is nothing else to do here, so head to the church doors and press R1 to
get in. You will see Beatrice writhing in pain on the altar. Go to her and a
cut scene will take over hinting that Dante has broken some promise. Another
Heavy Metal cut scene will explain the original promise Dante made (giving you
a pretty good idea of the boo-boo that Dante made). The very creepy bishop
also implies that there may have been some war crimes committed. 

Beatrice's Cross

The important thing that happens at the end of this cut scene is you now have
the cross (press the O button to use it in combat). It also provides you the
ability to punish or absolve the damned. This is a primary source of experience
points. You can collect both Unholy and Holy points during the same game. This
combined method gives you access to upgrades from both sides. However it would
be VERY unusual to score enough total experience points to be able to max out
both at the same time. That means the obvious disadvantage to the combo method
is there will be some of the more powerful upgrades you will have to do
without. There are three ways of using the cross for this:

#1 - Lesser enemies in combat. You can scoop up weaker enemies by pressing the
R2 button. A new display on screen will provide you the option to Punish (press
square) or Absolve (press O). If you choose punish, the move is automatic. If
you select absolve, you have to start jamming on the O button. Lesser damned
normally cough up 10 XP for each soul you adjudicate. Punish them for Unholy
points, absolve them for Holy experience. Some of these small bad guys can be
grabbed but not "crossed" - instead they can only be thrown. I will make sure
to give you the heads up on these.

#2 - Big enemies in combat. These take a little more work since they can't just
be scooped up. You have to whittle their health down far enough and then an
R2 will appear next to them. If you go too far or keep hitting them after the
R2 appears; they will just die. Once you get close to them and press R2, you
will receive the option to Absolve or Punish. No matter which one you select,
you will have to follow the on screen button commands to finish the job. Some
of the nastier biggies will require you to do the R2 thing TWICE before you
get to the actual Absolve-Punish option. Some of these folks you will not be
able to adjudicate. Those that you can will give you 300-600 XP.

#3 - The Damned historical figures. Throughout the story you will run across
those folks who have distinguished themselves in the annals of time by being
bad. You now get the opportunity to sit in judgment over them - Absolve or 
Punish. All of them give up 600 XP and a bunch of extra souls. The good news -
you just have to find them, not fight them. The bad news - there could sure be
some more for my taste. When you select to punish, it is a one button and done
action. If you select to Absolve, you will immediately get to play a little
button-pushing mini-game. The more sins you collect during this game, the more
bonus souls you receive for the absolution. If you screw up the timing of when
to press a button, you will lose a sin you have collected. You cannot go into
the negative on this game. As Dante progresses into the lower circles of Hell,
a larger red sin ball will show up in this game. You will want to ignore it. If
you press the buttons for it - you also lose sins which drops your soul count.
At the end of the game, the sins are multipled by 30 for total bonus souls. A
word of warning: once the mini game kicks off, it cannot be paused or stopped
until the 40 second clock runs out. 

Anyway...after the cut scene, the altar and floor in front of you crumble away
and you have some fighting to do. The first things are bird-like critters that
fly at you. These are called Pests and are more than just a bit annoying. Start
pressing the O button to use the combat action on the cross to deal with these
guys. Once that wave is dealt with, more Undead Minions will pop up out of the
floor on your left. These guys are like free XP from here on out and I 
recommend scooping them (R2) and Absolve/Punish. A great thing about this move
is that normally while you are doing it...you are invulnerable. There is a
point between the display and the beginning of the actual adjudication where
you can be interrupted, but it is a small window. Once you have dealt with this
wave of Undead Minions, another two Pests will arrive. This is when you
want to pay attention to where you are standing. Some of the rest of the floor
is going to give way at the end of this fight. It is the back section (lower
part of your screen). You also have a time issue to deal with. Once all the
bad guys are done for - a large wooden cross will fall creating a temporary
bridge. Get over it quick or the cross will fall away and you will plunge to
your doom. Also, be careful not to fall off that bridge or you get to do this
all over again.

Once on the other side, jump up the ledge where you should find a Health 
Fountain and a glowing circle. The circle signifies the top of a pole made of
bodies and bones. R1 gets you on the pole, then hold R1 to slide all the way
to the bottom. Once at the bottom of the pole, hold the left stick down and
press X to fall to a pathway below.

You are now given the challenge to kill all the bad guys. A gate further down
the hall has popped up to stop you from exiting this area. A large wheel is
going to start rolling toward you from the left. Ostensibly, if you don't kill
all the bad guys in time, the wheel will smash you into a sharpened wall at the
end of the path. These are all the weak demons so feel free to hack-and-slash.
There is even time to get in a bunch of Punish/Absolve if you want some extra

Once you kill all the bad guys the gate lifts and you can proceed to the right.
Just a few steps and you will find a yellow/orange fountain. Use it the same
way you did the Health Fountain to collect some additional souls. A little
further and you will find a circular area below you. Drop down into that. Once
you land, a large fire obstacle will block your path. This area requires you
to deal with a handful of Fire Minions. As long as they are on fire - you can't
damage them at all. The deal with these guys is you have to hit them with your
combat cross (press O) before you can hit them with your weapon. In addition, 
don't repeatedly fire the cross at them - it only takes away their fire armor
for a moment and freezes them in place. By repeatedly hitting them with the
cross you are just wasting valuable time as they will get that fire armor back
in a short bit. Getting too close to the blaze or the demons when they are on
fire will hurt you. Once you have killed the bunch, the barricade will fall
away and you can continue.

Just a few steps more and you will see another Soul Fountain. But...before you
can get them, a gate will slam shut behind you and fire will block your way in
front of you. A horde of Undead Minions now start popping up. This engagement
should be viewed as an easy XP adventure. There is no time limit so feel free
to either Punish/Absolve or just slice-and-dice. The only slightly annoying 
issue is the fire that periodically shoots out the vertical cracks in the wall, 
causing you some minor damage. You will also see a Health Fountain just down
the hall - so to be honest, you can ignore the damage you take from the fire.
Once the fight is over, get the souls from the fountain and rejuvenate your

Continuing down the hall, you will see that the pathway overlooks another large
circular area that has different color fountains, a large door and a glowing
blue figure. You can't jump down there, so follow the path to the left where
you will find a Beatrice Statue and another top to a Bone Pole. Use the pole
to get below and drop into the engagement area.

Leave the fountains for now, we'll get them later. Instead, head for the
glowing figure to meet Virgil. A cut scene will take over as you learn that
Beatrice has requested this long dead poet serve as your guide. In exchange for
learning that - you get your first piece of magic: Righteous Path [RPM]. Once
the scene ends - the fight is on. The first wave is only a handful of Undead
Minions and a few Pests. Once you dispose of all of them, the walls start
shaking and you get a new foe: 

BOSS FIGHT: Asterian Beast [BF2]

You will run into more of these things a little later on and they will not be
treated as a "Boss." However, because the odds are you are not even at Level 1,
taking this guy on is going to require a little finesse. First, he has got
three basic attacks: fist smash, foot stomp and fire breath. The good news,
unless you stand right in front of him (by the way, that is a bad idea) you
probably won't ever have to deal with the fire breath. Second piece of good
news - he is real slow and telegraphs his attack well in advance. Of course,
with every bit of good there must be bad and those are: you can't block any of
his attacks, his attacks are devastating, and he's got a lot of health (unless
you are playing the game at one of the lower difficulty levels - if so, you can
ignore this and just slash away at him and he'll drop quick).

Your goal - beat on him until he slumps over with an R2 floating next to him.
Then get close and hit R2. Follow the on screen commands (square, triangle, and
finally circle with no tappping!). This will put you in the saddle and control
of said beastie. So....how do you beat him down?

#1 - Stay away from his front unless you have some distance.

#2 - Don't get underneath him. 

#3 - Use dash and the double jump to create distance and hit him with the
combat cross.

#4 - Or continue to dash and double jump to stay behind him and smack him

#5 - Have patience. He can take some punishment.

Once you are in control of the Asterian, waves of little demons will start
popping out of the ground and it becomes your turn to squish and fry. Once you
have cleared the area of the minions, a glowing circle will appear on the giant
door. Before dealing with that, you want to drive your new two-legged monster
truck over to each of the fountains and have him break them. This way you don't
miss the opportunity to cash in on the hard work. Now go to the door and you
will be prompted to press R1. Now it's circle pushing time again....down down
you go landing in apparently the entry way of Hell. You are in a circular area
along with a Beatrice Statue and another glowing circle.

This time the circle is telling you this wall can be climbed. It's your choice
to either just push the left stick up and get on the wall - or you can jump and
stick to it. You move on walls by use of the left stick. The X button will 
allow you to jump (need it to get over gaps in the wall and to move faster). 
The R1 button will act just like previously and allow you to super slide 
downwards as far as the climbing part of the wall will allow. You can never 
hold R1 and plummet to your death - the game will stop you at the bottom of the
pole or wall.

Climb the honeycomb up and left, then slide all the way down. You should now
see a fountain and a large mouth spewing a river of bodies. Stay on the wall
and climb over to that fountain. Climb up and off the wall to collect those
souls then get back on the wall. Go to the left until you can't go any further.
This should be a gap - jump it (hold left stick left and then press X). Once
on the other side, move a little further left than slide a short way down until
you are on a ledge. Turn to your left and go talk to Virgil.

It's always a good idea to keep talking to Virgil until he disappears. This way
you get the complete story. In addition, you will find that there are several
times where if you talk to him at least twice - he'll give ya goodies. Kinda
like Grandpa! In this case, talking to him twice will get you the first relic:
Death Blade [DBR]. You won't be able to equip it until you reach Unholy Level 1
and you will never be able to use it if you stay on a 100% pure Holy path. Odds
are you have not gotten to level 1 of anything yet - so just keep it in mind.
Whenever you are notified that you have levelled up, always check your relics
to see if you can equip them. Make it a routine and you won't forget.

Once Virgil vanishes, you should be able to see another fountain to your left
and above you on a ledge. You can easily double jump up there and recover a
silver Judas coin [SJC1]. Just like the biblical story - there are 30 of these
coins scattered through the game. They have no special value other than bonus
souls after each fifth one you collect - and you have to have them if you want 
the Footsteps of a Traitor (10 coins), Betrayed with a Kiss (20 coins), and
Well Done, Judas (all 30 coins) trophies.

Drop off the ledge and continue following the path down to a square landing.
There will be two cut scenes. One is super short - just a falling flaming
body that ricochets off the edge of the square. The second introduces a new
take on Charon's vessel. And yes, before the poem purists jump on me - I am
well aware that they have the "Abandon hope all ye who enter" quote a little
dorked up by putting it with the boat...but honestly, were you really expecting
a carbon copy???? I mean, this is a VIDEO GAME story - relax a bit, and why 
complain now - you mean to tell me you think this thing has been even close
to accurate up until now? Hmmmmmm....interesting. Regardless of the 
philosophical debate, Dante is now officially on the...


Shores of Acheron (SOA)

Here on the square landing you should see a blue fountain and a glowing circle.
As I am sure you know by now - blue equals magic (or mana, if you prefer). You
want to break all fountains you encounter, even if you don't need them (there
are two trophies for busting a certain number of Health and Magic trophies. 
Once you leave this square - you can't get back here. Now go pull the lever
(stand next to the circle and press R1) to extend a partial bridge. A small
horde of minions and Pests will give you a little workout. You should notice
that the bridge retracted after a while. Also, Pests should now continually 
spawn in groups of two from the far side where you want to go. You can strike
them from over here with the combat cross. To get this right, as soon as both
Pests are goners - pull the lever and start running. As you get halfway, the 
two new Pests will have respawned and met you on the bridge. Ignore them and
make the jump over to the bell tower, then turn and deal with them.

Once on the bell tower, there is nothing to the left. Round the top of the 
tower to the right and collect the souls from the fountain. You should now have
enough souls to make your next upgrade. This is the point that you decide which
path to follow - Holy or Unholy. If you want to do the combined thing, that's 
fine, but I would suggest your combination be all of one and a small part of 
the other. If you try to go 50-50 with it, all that happens is you get robbed
of the really powerful upgrades. There is just no way (unless you want to sit
at one of the 8th circle challenges and repeatedly kill demons) to collect 
enough souls to max out both lines. So...pick your poison. I strongly recommend
that no matter which way you go, you gain enough experience to purchase all the
combat cross upgrades on the Holy side (this begins with Holy Blast which you
receive when you get the cross, purchase the Holy Barrage upgrade when you
reach Holy level 1, and then Holy Devastation at Holy level 3). On the Unholy
side, you want all the upgrades with Soul Stabber (you can buy that at Unholy
level 1, then upgrade to Soul Crusher at level 2, and max out with Soul Shatter
at level 3). By having those two things together, there is no boss, demon or
challenge you can not complete. If you are missing either of them, you will
find it tough going as things progress.

There is another glowing circle showing the top of a bone pole. Slide to the
end of the pole and then drop into another engagement area. This will be your
first meeting with a tougher enemy: the Guardian Demon. You will get one
Guardian Demon by himself then, once he's done for, you get a second one that
shows up with a couple of Hell Minions (slightly tougher versions of the Undead
Minion - deal with them the same way - scoop and Punish/Resolve). The Guardians
are carrying pretty impressive swords that can hurt. You can guard against all
their attacks (hold L2), except the glowing sword attack. The sword will start
to glow and the Guardian will wind up like he's pitching in the bottom of the
4th in Wrigley Field and slam down on you. Once you see the glow - use your
dash (right stick) to skip away from him. The Impaler and Repayment upgrades
work very well. The combat cross takes a while to get the job done.

Once this battle is complete, a switch with a glowing circle will rise in the
center of your engagement area. Go to it, press and hold R1, and jam the left
stick to the right. As you turn the switch and the platform rises, a little
note about shiny objects will pop-up and you are going to see a door. IGNORE
IT...just for now. Instead, run that platform all the way to the top. When you
stop, look around for a fountain in an alcove. Let go of the switch (release
R1 button) and run/jump to that fountain. Congratulations! You have found
another Judas coin! [SJC2]

Now jump off that ledge all the way back down to the platform. Start turning
the switch until you can just barely see the top of the shiny door. Now release
the switch again, run over and attack the door until it breaks then jump onto
the ledge behind it. Yup, another door. Use the R1 button to kick it in. Virgil
is waiting for you - go and talk with him. By the way, notice how his head
actually follows Dante as you move around? Kinda creepy. You get nothing
from Virgil. If you turn to the right, you will see some crates. These things,
along with what looks like skulls in flower pots, some statues and flaming lamp
posts can often be broken to collect a few more souls. 

Now turn around and head down the path. You will find more breakable stuff and
a Health Fountain - hold off on using that. Keep going, breaking stuff as you
move along the path until you get between the last four large wooden posts
before the door. Firewalls will go up in front and behind you. You will have
a handful of minions, a few Pests and a Guardian to deal with. Once you are
done, you can go back and use the Health Fountain. 

Continue along the path to the door and you will find a glowing kneeling figure
along with a Magic Fountain. Use the fountain and then deal with the figure. 
This is one of the Damned. By punishing or absolving them, you will receive 600
experience points plus some additional souls. With absolution, there is that
previously detailed mini game to contend with. The choice is yours, depending
on the path you choose - punish for Unholy, absolve for Holy. This figure is
none other than Pontius Pilate [PONT].

Now it is time to open this special door. There will be many more like it, so
you may want to get used to it. Press R1 to stab the door and then start
jamming on the circle button to get it to open. I will refer to these as Devil
Doors from here on.

Enter into a circle engagement area and enjoy the cut scenes that follow. Once
you have control of Dante, you will be facing three Guardians and a bunch of
minions. This fight can get frustrating if you get "triangled" (i.e. where the
Guardians make a triangle formation with Dante in the middle). They like to
try that a lot and it actually makes your life easier. I always begin by using
the scoop and punish/absolve to get rid of the minions. This gets the big guys
into a routine of setting the triangle while you enjoy some immunity. Once you
get rid of the last minion, double jump out of the triangle so that you have
two of the Guardians lined up - one behind the other. Now you can execute a
couple of Impaler moves (yes, you can use Unholy upgrades even if you have
chosen the Holy path). You will find that the second part of Impaler will
actually strike BOTH Guardians like a long shish-ka-bob. When you are done,
the path is cleared for you to another large circular area with a large
statue in the center. There is a Beatrice Statue here and if you walk around
to the unseen far side of the big statue there is a fountain with the 3rd
Judas coin in it [SJC3]. You will also see a rope  (the game calls it a wire)
with a glowing circle. Stand under and slightly left of the circle then jump
and Dante will automatically grab on.

Use the left stick to make sure Dante is facing away from the statue and then
press and hold the R1 to have him haul tail. You will be stopped halfway over
as Charon catches you. The cut scene that follows lets the jabbering head
distract you from continuing onward, and a demon cuts the rope from behind.
Then, just like in the movie Home Alone, you go swinging on the half cut rope
and stick to the side of the boat (ok, in the movie the bad guys stuck to the
side of a house and fell off...but it's a close representation).

Use the X button to get Dante moving quick as spurts of flame will shoot up 
from the water to do damage. Once at the top, start jumping to the right. Skip
past the section where you can climb up. Instead, continue to the right. Jump 
the gap and now go up to find what looks like a moving demon dog statue. These
keepers of treasure can be broken just like fountains. In this case, you
will receive the Charon's Oar relic [COR]. You may not be able to equip it yet
since it requires you to be at Holy level 3. Keep an eye on your levels and
equip it when you can (unless, of course, you are traveling down the Unholy
path). Now back down onto the climbing honeycomb side of the ship and go back 
the way you came. Jump back across the gap and now up and into the boat's hold.

First things first, break all the boxes and skull pots. There will be one box
with a glowing circle that you can't break. At the far end of the hold, near 
what looks like a prison, you will find a Health Fountain and a fountain for
extra souls. When you are done, return to the box with the glowing circle. The
game calls movable objects "Sliders." Hold the R1 button and Dante can move it
around. You want to push/pull this box backwards all the way to the other side
of the room, then move it to Dante's right, up the ramp and then back into
the little alcove where you see bars on the window. Now go to the switch in the
center of the room. Hold the R1 button and jam the left stick to the right.
This will move the floor. Move it as far back as it will go. Now go get that
moveable box and slide it straight across to the other side of the hold where 
you see another set of bars on the window. Jump on top of the box and then
double jump up to grab onto a ledge. Climb up into the alcove and use the
fountain up here to get the 4th Judas coin [SJC4].

Now drop down and move the box onto the section of floor that moves. Return to
the switch, hold R1 and jam the left stick to the left. The floor will move
back to its original position and the box can be used to reach the ledge above
the prison cells. Double jump up to find a Magic Fountain and another of the
Damned - Orpheus [ORPH]. Absolve or punish him.

There is another honeycomb wall to climb here. Go up and to the left on the 
wall until you can climb up. You are now on the top of the boat and this
will be a large scale engagement area. You will have a horde of Hell's Minions
and several waves of Pests as well as three Guardian Demons to deal with. There
is a Health Fountain, Magic Fountain and several breakable items for extra
souls. At lower difficulty levels, this is easily handled as a slash-and-burn,
button smashing frenzy. At the tougher levels this fight has to be approached
with a degree of intrepedity. You can pretty much forget accessing the 
fountains - there are too many bad guys running around to interfere with the
circle smashing required. Worse still, if you do somehow get away with it, 
some demon will be waiting to take a few free shots and take all that health
you just got. To begin the fight, start scooping and punishing/absolving
the minions. When the Pests show up, jump and attack them with your weapon.
Use your combat cross to back the Guardians away from you until the little
guys are clear. Then wail on them until R2s starting floating over their heads.
This method protects you from heavy damage and provides with the best shot to
capture maximum experience points. Additionally, it works no matter which path
you have selected (Holy or Unholy). Once you clear the deck of these folks,
an Asterian Beast will show up. Deal with him the same way as before. Once
you have whacked the rider and taken over the reins, you got more little guys
to squish. Now break any boxes or fountains that still remain.

Once you have eliminated the crunchies, a yellow circle will appear on the back
of the animated boat head. Go to it, hold R1 and then start jamming on the
circle button to "grip-it-and-rip-it." This will be followed by a short cut
scene where the boat crashes into a pair of stone towers. Your beastie will
jump onto the right one. You move him just like you climb those honeycomb walls
using the X button to make him move faster. Go as far up the right one as you 
can, then leap left across the gap to the right tower and jump up it. Then
back to the right one and up to the top. As you near the top, a cut scene will
take over and you must follow the on screen commands (square, triangle then
one press of circle). Dante will make the jump to the top, but beastie comes
up a bit short.

You are now on a timer - get across the crumbling bridge to the platform with
the fire lamps. Just stand in the center of this section as everything falls
apart and your platform starts to tip over. Keep your eye on the top center
of your screen for the R1 command to show up and press it. You only have a
small window to do this or you die. This will launch you onto a ledge where
you find our buddy Virgil on the right and a Beatrice Statue on the left. There
are two fire lamps on the wall you can break between them. Talk to Virgil and
you will find you are now in...


Limbo [LIM]

You can talk to Virgil three times before he disappears, but he's got no candy
for ya. Break the two additional fire lamps as you head down the path, the last
one has a couple souls in it. You will see a honeycomb climbing wall off the
edge to your right. Start climbing down, Tarzan!

You will land on a ledge, turn left and jump down to the path below. You will
now get a taste of one of the more annoying demons - the Charred Minion. You
have to scoop him (R2) and then throw him (using the left stick to aim) at the
door. You will get two shots at this, and if you miss - don't worry. You can 
always hack it open on your own. If you make the first shot, you won't get a
second. Now enter the hallway and proceed to the left.

You will see the giant head stuck in the wall and lightning should show what
looks like an opening to the left before you get to him. Go in there. The
camera angle will change. Pull the left stick toward you to enter this new
area. As soon as you enter, you will find yourself on a ledge with a fountain
and the door will be blocked by a wall of fire. A single Guardian is waiting
here - waste him. You will find the 5th Judas coin in the fountain [SJC5]. 
Having now found 5 coins you will get a bunch of bonus souls. Now go back to
the main hall. As you head back, you should see a Devil Door right across the
hall. Don't go there yet. Instead, take a left and go to the head.

Press R1 and shove the head into the great beyond for some extra souls. 
Continue to the end of the hall and you will find a fountain with a Beatrice
stone [BS1] and a relic dog holding the Eyes of St. Lucia relic [ELR]. Now turn
around and go back to the Devil Door. It will be on Dante's left - your right.

You will now find yourself in a circular room where you are about to be
assailed by a mini-horde of demon babies - the Unbaptized Child. This is like
free experience points. You should be able to scoop and punish/absolve the
whole crew without taking any damage. Once they are all dealt with, a
passageway will be available on your left. Go down that hall which turns to
the right and you meet Virgil next to a Devil Door.

Talk to grandpa Virgil and he will cough up the Lord's Blessing relic [LBR] on
your second confab. Once you're done jaw-jacking, open the Devil Door, but
only inch in until the camera shows the trap. It's a wheeling bunch of blades.
Jump over it as it comes toward you down the ramp. Then hop over to the Magic
Fountain on the right. Then jump over to the left side and break the box
and use the fountain for some extra souls. Now time things so that you can
jump to the top of the ramp and open that door before the blades come back
up and whack you. Proceed down the passage to the kneeling figure - this is
Electra [ELEC]. Punish or absolve as you see fit.

Now go back to the main hall. Destroy the fire lamps next to where the Devil
Door was for more souls. Now continue down the hall where you will run into
some more of those Charred guys. Use the scoop throw or they will blow up
next to you causing some damage. At the end of the hall, the passage turns to
the left where there is a fountain to get some extra souls. Next to this is
another Devil Door - open it. You will find yourself outside on a ledge again.
Turn to the right and head down the passageway, breaking those fire lamp posts
on your right against the walls to collect extra souls. Part way down a fire
wall will appear blocking your path and you will be beset by a Guardian and a
small horde of the Unbaptized. Deal with them.

The firewall will disappear and just past it on the right is a Devil Door. Open
it. Inside this next area, turn to the right and break a statue for some
freebie souls. Then turn around and talk to Virgil. He just jabbers. When you
are done with him, turn around and go to the far end of this level to find a
fountain with some spare souls. Now turn to the right and head toward another
statue. Stop before you get to the statue and note what looks like a door on
your left. You should see a Health Fountain above the statue and a ledge above
that door. The door does not open, but we will be heading to that ledge as you
want the lever that is up there. Now that you know that layout, break the
statue for some more free souls. Now turn around and head in an arc to Dante's
left (your right). Start to head up the ramp and one of those Heavy Metal cut
scenes will kick off to give you another of Dante's memory flashbacks. This
guy has definitely committed a few more sins than we were first led to believe.

Proceed up the ramp and around the statue to the left. Jump up to that ledge 
and break the statue for more souls. Use the Health Fountain. Now turn to the
left so Dante is facing you. You should just be able to see the edge of
another ledge in the lower left part of your screen. Jump over to it and pull
the lever you find there. This will lower the statue on the ramp and expose
one of those beast dogs that has the Saladin's Mercy relic [SMR]. Jump out
of here and head up the ramp to the right this time. Break another statue and
use the Magic Fountain over here. Now turn to the left and head out onto the
open ledge where the Beatrice statue is. Save if you like then pull the lever.
This will reveal a grab point high above the gap between you and King
Minos. Go around the raised center platform and stand at the edge of your 
ledge. The "Hold R1" command should now pop up on your screen. So....Hold R1 
and your weapon will act like a grappling hook causing Dante to swing out over 
the gap. Press X to make him release and go flying over to the other side.
Start walking around either side of Minos' judgment wheel and a cut scene will
take over leading you to...

BOSS FIGHT: King Minos [BF3]

This is actually a three stage fight.

Stage #1: Tentacles, halitosis and minions

This will begin with tentacles shooting up through the floor at you. These deal
serious damage. Hop around aimlessly to avoid them. You don't want to try the
dash since Dante will hesitate at the end and that usually gets you a tentacle
up the butt. Instead, use the left stick and just tap the X button once to
get him to jump. Pay attention for an R1 command button to suddenly show up.
There is a time limit on this so you want to make sure you push the R1 button
in time or you're gonna get a taste of his bad breath. After his breath
attack, jump back down and give his face a whack or two. It is best to do this
from the air - jump and then swing. You want to be careful as he will try a 
head butt maneuver. If you get knocked down with this, out will pop a stabbing
tentacle. Watch the command buttons to use the left stick to avoid the jabs - 
these deal serious damage. After two tail stab tries, he will straighten up 
and you are back to hopping around away from tentacles. This cycle will 
continue until you successfully smack his head without getting struck with the 
head butt (sometimes he uses a tongue attack). If you don't get hit with the 
head butt and you do him some damage, he will straighten up and expose his soft
underbelly. Run up and smack him a few times in the gut. When he has taken 
enough, he will release a few minions for you to deal with. Once they are all 
gone you are into...

Stage #2: Tentacles, fists and babies

Like stage #1, this one will start off with random tentacle spikes flying up
from the floor. Also, like stage #1 there will be a very short window to press
the R1 button to avoid a new twist - fist slams. If you get caught on the
ground, just stay on one side and when he turns and cocks his fist, jump over
to the other side of the area. The center is a bad place to be during this
time. If you stand right in front of his wheel - real close, you are perfectly
safe from the fist slams. Eventually, he will slam his whole arm down and sweep
the area. Just jump over it as it comes by, even if you are in the safe place
in front of his wheel. Soon enough he seems to tire and he will leave his
hand on the ground with a big R2 next to it. Run over there and press R2. Now
watch the screen for the next set of button commands (square then triangle)
so that Dante stabs his arm and then stabs his face. He will throw you off and 
grab his noggin in pain. Once again showing that under belly - smoke it some
more. Once he has taken enough, he will summon some of those demon babies and a
Guardian for good measure. Deal with them and you are onto...

Stage #3: Fists, halitosis and tongue

This stage begins with some fist pounding and arm sweeps. Jump and avoid like
before, or hide in front of the wheel and jump the sweeps. Keep an eye out for
the R1 command as he will next breath attack you. Next he will lower his face
and you need to move in for the attack. This time he will use the tongue
strike to try and knock you down. If you get smacked, use the left stick again
to avoid the jabbing tentacle and then you have to restart with the fists all
over again. Once you have dealt him enough damage to his big ole melon, his 
head will rest on the ground and an R2 will appear. Get near him and press
R2. Dante will grab his tongue. Watch for the next command buttons which will
be left stick down and then left stick down again. Dante drags the king over
to his own wheel and impales that large tongue on it. Then a circle button will
grab the control lever and then repeated taps on the circle button will spin
it causing the good king to suffer a serious wood shop accident with his own
circular saw.

For winning this fight you get beaucoup souls and the Tail of Minos relic [TMR]
and the king slips off the edge and into oblivion.

Follow the blood trail to the back of the platform until the Hold R1 command
appears for you to pull another grappling hook maneuver with your scythe. Swing
across the great divide and onto another platform and into a passageway. This 
winding path will lead to a Beatrice statue, a Health Fountain and then to the
top of a rope (glowing circle). Press R1 to get on the rope and then hold the 
left stick down (pulled toward you) to slide to the bottom.

Hold the R1 button to make two swings and then double jump to the next rope
to your right. Climb all the way to the top of this rope to find a fountain
which nets you the 6th Judas coin [SJC6]. Now get back on the rope and slide
down about half way. This next part can be frustrating. Find the two knots in
the rope that are fairly close together. Make sure that Dante's feet are just
slightly above the lower of the two knots. Now hold R1 to get him swinging,
two swings is as big you will get. When he reaches the farthest point to the 
right, press X to have him jump and then press X when he has flown as far as he
can before starting to head down. This will give him just enough of a boost in
the air to grab onto the lowest part of the bone pole you see just above the
next rope. If you miss it and end up on the rope, just die and restart from
the Beatrice statue.

Climb to the top of the bone pole and jump up into an alcove with a beast dog
that holds the Francesca's Book relic [FBR]. Now climb down the OTHER bone pole
and drop down (hold left stick down/toward you and press X) to drop and grab
the rope below. Slide to the bottom of this rope, take two swings and double 
jump to the bone pole to the right. Slide to the bottom and then drop down to
yet another rope below you. Slide to the bottom of this rope, take swings on
the rope and attack the large metal glowing chain to your right. 

Once the obstruction is broken, take two swings and release (press X and 
release the R1 button) off the rope and then quickly press and hold the R1
button again to use a grapple point. Swing on this and jump to the rope to
the right. You will see a Pest appear. There are actually four of them. Three
are in a line to your right and there is one behind you. Treat them like the
chain - drop to the bottom of the rope, swing on it and attack them until they
are goners. Then do a double jump to the bone pole to the right. Slide to the
bottom and drop into the next area. You will find one of the Damned here. As
you approach the figure, an old school cut scene will take over and you see
Dante's memory of how he cheated on Beatrice. When it is over, go and deal
with the figure - it is Francesca da Polenta [FRAN]. Continue along the path
to the right and you will enter...


Lust [LUS]

As you enter this area you are greated by a short cut scene introducing you to
Cleopatra - queen of this realm. She encases her tower in a whirlwind and you
are left to figure out how to get to her. Let's begin by reviewing this layout.
This is a large ramp heading slightly upwards and to your right with what looks
like a railroad track running down the center. There are four sets of paired
statues on each side of the ramp. There is nothing of interest down the ramp
and to your left.

There is a lever on the left side of the ramp at the base of the second set of
gold statues. The first thing you will want to do is get on the left side of
the railroad tracks and behind one of the statues. Periodically, a ball of
lightning will come zipping down the track and it hurts. Once you get to the
statue with the lever, don't bother pulling it just yet. Instead, note that
there are four circles with arrow designs in the middle of the track lined up
with each pair of statues. The ball grows out of the third circle and fires
down hill along the track. You want to time your movements and run up the ramp
and past the last set of statues. You will find good ole Virgil hanging out
next to the cyclone itself. You don't get any goodies, but you need to talk to
him to keep working on The Guide trophy. Once you are done, back track to the 
fourth (or last, if you prefer) statue. The closest one to Virgil.

You should see a path to the left of the statue with a cut in the wall. This is
one of those honeycomb walls. Just climb down and to the left to drop on a 
ledge with a fountain to obtain the seventh Judas coin [SJC7]. Now return the
way you came. Now, staying on the left side of the track, go down the ramp to
the next statue (should be the third one from the bottom). As you face this
statue, turn around to find another drop off honeycomb wall. Climb down it and
to the right. Jump the gap with the impaled folks and continue to the right
and then down to a ledge with a demon dog holding the Filippo's Rage relic
[FRR]. Now return the way you came.

Once back on the ramp, head downhill to the second statue - the one with the
lever. This is a timing trick and it's not really that tough. As soon as you
see the ball of lightning start to develop on the third circle, pull the lever.
This will spin the second circle in time and will shoot the ball UP the ramp
and create a hole in Cleopatra's cyclone. Start running behind the ball as soon
as it leaves the second circle. The hole in the cyclone will only stay open for
a short period so you have to be quick. Use your dash. Double jump across and
through the hole and into Cleo's tower.

You will land in an engagement area with a large snake head and meet a new
demon: the Temptress of Lust. First, these things are wicked fast and they 
cannot be punished or absolved. Second, only scythe strikes will back them off.
Combat cross hits, even powerful ones, will do them damage but that won't stop
them from coming. Most of their hits cannot be blocked or countered. I have
found that the Soul Stabber or the Vile Tornado (though you probably aren't at
a high enough level to have purchased that yet - but keep it in mind for later
fights with these son-of-a-guns) are the best tactics to deal with them. On 
easier difficulty levels they can be dealt with by simply hacking and slashing.
As you start playing the game on harder and harder settings - they become a
real handful.

Once you have beat them, you will find a Health Fountain in the far right
corner and a rotating switch in an alcove in the far left corner. Turn the
switch to raise the snake head, which reveals it is held in place by a pair
of breakable fangs. Let the switch go and break the fangs. Now, return to the
switch and crank the snake head all the way back. Double jump onto the snake
tongue and then again to reach the level above you. A short cut scene showing
Dante's girlfriend in some new threads will play. When it's done, go and talk
to Virgil (he's standing to your right). This time you will net the Tristan's 
Desire relic [TDR]. When you are done chewing the fat, you will see a fountain
on a lower level to Dante's right. Jump over there for some souls.

Now go to the exact opposite side. Facing this golden statue of two folks
hugging, you will see a mirror image ledge (mirrored from where you were just
at) with a Magic Fountain for you. Go get that and then jump back. Now go to
the center of the large circular area that dominates this room. You will see
an ornate pillar on the back wall. Approach it and you will find that it is a
slider. Pull it so it is in the center of the circle. Now exit the circle
the way you came on and turn to Dante's left (your right) and down the ramp to
find a Health Fountain. Now reverse course and go to the exact opposite side
where you will find a lever and a Beatrice statue. You can break the fire lamps
but there are no souls in them. Now pull the lever and the center circle will
raise, but the pillar will keep it from going all the way up. Go back to the
top of the ramp, turn left and jump up onto the circular platform.

First go to the left around the outside of the platform and you should see a
fountain on a ledge. Jump over and collect the 8th Judas coin [SJC8]. Then
jump back onto the platform and continue around the outside edge until you see
another lever and a fountain on yet another ledge. Now this is important. 
Jump over there and get the souls from the fountain FIRST. There is a time
issue when you pull the lever. Once you get the souls, pull the lever and
quickly jump back onto the platform. If you don't get there in time, the
platform will vanish into the ceiling and you will have to kill yourself to
replay and continue the game.

You will now be fighting on the platform as it rises to your next destination.
The first group is a set of three of those darn Temptresses who will shortly 
be joined by a Guardian. When this fight is over, Queen Cleo will punch through
the wall of the tower and upset the platform. Watch the top of the screen for
the R1 command to save yourself in the middle of this cut scene. Once you have
held on to the grapple point for a second or two, a new platform will appear
below you and you will automatically drop onto it for round 2.

This round is a horde of the Hell Minions accompanied by a single Temptress. It
won't be long into this fight before a second Temptress will show up. Deal with
them as any good Holy Warrior would. Now you are ready for round 3.

The platform will stop at the Hair Salon and Spa level. Just kidding. The
platform will stop and Cleo will latch on with her left arm to the edge of your
circular area. Those demon babies will come crawling out of her boobie and she
will chuck them down on you. Deal with them and a ramp will rise to your right
with a Health Fountain. Three minions will come after you from here. Cleo will
throw another three babies down to add to the excitement. Once you dispatch 
these, a second ramp will appear on the left of your platform with a Magic
Fountain and three more minions will join the fray. Kill them off. Now here is
the deal:

There will be a never ending spawning of the babies. I suggest pausing the
game and checking out your experience points and soul count. If you are fairly
close, it may behoove you to just do the scoop and punish/absolve move for a
while until you get enough XPs or souls to get what you are after. Just
remember, the Unbaptized and Minions are only worth 10 XP and 10 souls each.
So, if you are more than a hundred or so away from what you want - perhaps this
will take just a bit too long.

When you are ready to defeat this round, clear out the group of babies you are
working on and then smack Cleo's hand. When she pulls her hand back to check
out her manicure, the ramps will start to raise. Go to the left one first, 
jump to the ledge above the Magic Fountain and pull the lever. You don't have
a lot of time so avoid/jump over any enemies running around loose. Pull the
lever and get down. You can't stay on the ledge long or fire will shoot out
of the wall and knock you off/apply some damage. The left lever turns the
large ornamental snake heads to face the Queen.

Those snake heads will not remain in position for long. They will spin back to
their starting point and you will have to do this all over again. So, now go
hit her hand again, this will raise the ramps and you go to the other side of
the platform and jump to the ledge above where the Health Fountain was to
pull that lever. It turns the snake heads into flame throwers and singes the
crazy lady. Any bad guys still on the platform are instantly destroyed. Now you
are ready for...

Round 4, you are back on your elevator ride and you get to deal with a horde
of Pests and sooner or later two Temptresses. Use the combat cross repeatedly
until the Pests are gone and then go after the Temptresses. This will get you 
to the top floor, Men's Suits and Souls. Sorry, I let my odd sense of humor
get away from me there.

On the far side of the circle, there will be a path to the left and one to the
right. You will see a fountain on the right. Go there and collect some souls.
You will now see the top of a bone pole. Slide to the bottom of this and drop
to the ledge below. You will find another of the Damned - Paolo Malatesta
[PAOL]. Absolve or punish him and then climb back up the bone pole (stand under
the pole and jump then press R1 to grab on). 

Return to the circle and this time go down the other path. The camera will 
change angles and you should see Magic and Health Fountains at the top of a
climbable wall. Also note the lightning zipping between the gold statues on
that wall below you. When you climb down there - avoid that, it hurts.

Climb down and to the right. Jump the gap and keep going right and then up. Now
to the right again and jump the gap. Keep going right and then up. You will see
a relic beast, but you can't get to him from here. Climb to the top and onto
the ledge. You should be face-to-face with a Beatrice statue. A kneeling figure
is to the right. Start by turning LEFT and walk to the edge and take a double
jump to another ledge. Above you in an alcove is a fountain with the 9th Judas
coin [SJC9]. Now get back to the Beatrice statue, pass it and deal with the
Damned - this is Semiramis [SEMI]. Absolve or punish her.

To Dante's right you will see a break in the ledge wall. Drop off it to the
ledge below to get to the relic beast we saw earlier and collect the Arrow of
Paris relic [APR]. To get back to the higher ledge with the Beatrice statue,
do a double jump off the left of this ledge and use your left stick (jam it
upwards) to turn in mid air and stick to the honeycomb wall. Now climb up.

To the right of the Beatrice statue is another honeycomb wall. Climb up it and 
you will get a very unnerving cut scene with Lucifer taking liberties with
your girl. You also get the rest of your cheating memory - you dog, you! When
the show is over, you gotta deal with...

BOSS FIGHT: Marc Antony and Cleopatra [BF4]

First, the combat cross is not real useful here. Guard and counter (if you have
purchased that upgrade) will be your best friend. While he has a stomp attack
with limited range, his real goal is to knock you back so you are trapped
against an edge of the platform and then perform a whirlwind attack (this is
actually his version of the Lust Storm magic which you will get later on). This
thing will take huge chunks of your health. He also has his own Righteous Path
magic attack which he sets off by slamming his shield on the ground.

You want space to deal with this guy. The easiest method is the Soul Stabber.
Your magic (Righteous Path) will have some effect but not alot.

If your Redemption bar is completely filled, I would suggest using it to
shorten this fight. Once you beat him, you get the Antony's Standard relic

A short cut scene will follow leaving you to deal with a reduced size Cleopatra
which is very simple. Just follow the button commands at the top of the screen
(left stick up, left stick down, left stick around in a circle, and finally
left stick up). You will receive the Lust Storm Magic [LSM] for beating her.

With the fight over, in the words of Bill Paxton in his unforgettable role in
the movie Aliens, you will be on "an express elevator to Hell...going down!"
There are going to be a few enemies to fight and big chunks of the tower will
be falling and destroying your platform. Make sure you keep yourself positioned
near the far side and LEFT of the center arrow on the platform at the end of
each battle. This will be the last remaining safe place. If you are anywhere
else...ugh, you die.

The first round will be a wave of minions and two Guardians. If you make this
a fight for experience, it will take a while which isn't a big deal. BUT, after
some time passes, chunks of the tower will fall on you and you will take some
small damage. These chunks do not bust up your platform and there is a telltale
blue glow on the floor where they are going to hit. Even though the damage
isn't a lot, it will interfere with combat moves. When this fight is over, you
go into a slo-mo feature and a big old rock busts the far right side of the 

The second round is a set of three Guardians. Once you beat them, the left side
of the platform will be destroyed. This will be followed by the bottom section
being wiped out. Finally, a big rock will hit just to the right of the arrow
and you are sent plunging to the depths below. You will slide down a
cylindrical wall. Keep your eye open for the R1 button command to appear. Press
it in time to use your grapple maneuver which will launch you to the first
giant statue. As you fly through the air look for the Hold R1 button command
to catch and begin swinging on the second giant statue. Rinse and repeat to
grab onto the third giant statue. Swing and release from here to fly between
two statues shooting electicitry between them and then use the Hold R1 command
again to catch onto the final statue. Swing on it and release doing a double 
jump to land on the safety of a ledge and guess whose there to greet you? Yup,
good ole Virgil.

Talking to him gets you nothing but storytime. When he is gone, continue along
the path and turn right to find a Health Fountain and a Soul Fountain. The top
of a bone pole is here, so hop on and drop to the bottom, avoiding the flame
throwers below you. Now drop to a rope and go to the bottom of that.

Through this section, you will not have the time to take a lot of swings on
any rope. These flame belchers will set your hemp ablaze and do you in. Just
remember, you get your maximum swing at two so there's no real reason to swing
more than that. From this first rope, you can take one swing and jump to
another rope on your left. Drop to the bottom of this one.

Time this swing with the fire you see belching upwards in the distance to your
your left and use one swing and a double jump to get to that bone pole. Slide
to the bottom avoiding the four belchers on your left. Drop to the rope below.

This next one has to be done in quick sequence. Swing and destroy the giant
chain link on your left and on the very next swing, release and use the Hold R1
button command to use the grapple point beyond it. Then swing and use a double
jump to grab onto the bone pole further to the left. Slide to the bottom and
drop to the horizontal wire below. Hold the R1 button and move to Dante's
RIGHT (should be down screen to you until the camera shifts angles). You will
now see a fire belcher aimed right at the screen. Avoid it and Hold R1 to get
across this opening then drop to the ledge. You should have seen the relic
dog that we are going for in the alcove with the belcher. Press X to drop
onto the ledge then time a quick run into the alcove and obtain the Rain of
Gluttony relic [RGR]. Now get out of that alcove quick and jump back on the
wire. Use the Hold R1 for speed and pull the ole hand-over-hand maneuver to the
left end, watching out for fire hazards as you go.

Drop down onto a muddy ledge with our buddy Virgil, a Beatrice statue, the top
of a bone pole, and Magic and Health Fountains. A little chin music with the
glow-meister lets you know you are now in...


Gluttony [GLU]

Well, right from the get go you have to get through...

BOSS FIGHT: Cerebus [BF5]

To begin, this is NOT a tough fight if you know the trick. At lower levels of
difficulty it is super simple. It can get frustrating at the higher levels
since it takes much longer to wear down the heads. Here's how you do it:

To begin, here's a list of DON'T DO's (unless you are playing on the wussy

1. Don't try to dash, hop or jump all over the engagement area. If the three
spitters don't bust this up, then a pair of chomping heads will. And YES, the
heads CAN lunge across the body. And YES, two heads will chomp at the same time
on occasion dealing massive damage.

2. Don't use the cross until the final head. It's not doing any damage until
then and you are just burning daylight.

3. Don't try to pop a fire bubble unless you have already smacked the head on
that side. You are not gonna get enough time for the circle pushing before
you take a bone ball in the face or you get chomped by one of the other heads.

4. Don't stay to the areas to the far left or right of the fire bubbles. You
will have trapped yourself and it takes more than one dash to get out of the
striking distance of the outside heads from those places. Trust me, yer gonna
get chomped.

5. Don't bum rush the center and try to smack the body. It takes no damage
and it is just a matter of time before the heads chomp you to death in there.

6. Don't bother going for the fire bubbles nearest Cerberus. Just wait for the
ones closest to you to grow back.

Now here are the DO DO's....hehehehehe....get it....DO DO....I know, very 

First, let's talk about the bone balls that these things keep spitting at you.
Lust Storm will provide you some protection, but not perfect protection. You
will take a bit of damage and this fight will take longer than you have mana
to keep that going. If you pay attention, you will see the head shake as it
starts to hock up the bone phlegm. Wait for a second and then dash in any 
direction as the head starts forward. If you dash to fast, the head will adjust
fire. If you are too slow - splat...balls in the face. You have to pay
attention and use the dash to avoid these things or they will constantly be
interrupting your business.

Now let's start with the outside heads first. It doesn't matter, left or right.
Use dash to get up close to the nearest fire bubble. This will cause the
head on that side to lunge and try and chomp you. Expect this and dash out of
the way. When it hits the ground, smack it a couple of times. This will cause
him to recoil in pain. That's the time to rush up and use the R1 and repeatedly
tap the circle button to pop the bubble. Now dash away. Once the fire jet
erupts, that same head will lunge back down over the top of it and apparently
become asphyxiated on the gas. He goes to sleep for a very short period. This
is your chance to unload on him. When he wakes back up - start all over again.
Keep this up until the head drops to the ground and the floating R2 appears. 
Press R2 and follow the on screen button commands (this is a single triangle)
to decapitate him. Now go to the other side and do the same thing with the
second head. If you try to just dash in and R1-smash O, there is rarely enough
time before he lunges and bites you. You have to get him to lunge first, then
smack him to get him to pull back in pain. That gives you the extra time needed
to pop the bubble. You will get half a health bar back for chopping off each

When all you are left with is the center set of choppers, start jumping and
firing the combat cross. Use your dash if it tries to lunge and keep smashing
the circle button for the cross attack. As you start wearing him down, he will
go into machine gun mode with the spitting. Use the jumps and fire the cross
while in the air. In due time, he will chomp down and try to swallow you. Keep
your eyes on the button commands again (this time it will be left stick up,
left stick down, left stick left, and finally left stick right).

When this fight is over, you will receive the Azrael's Apprentice relic [AAR].

A giant face in the ground takes the place of Cerberus. Just walk right over
the top of it to enter the next area. You will proceed across a tongue and onto
a small platform. Jump over to the path slightly to the right and in front of
you. By now, you should have noticed the wierd Dune worms (Gorger Worms). These
will often be found in your path. You will know they are there by a small dirt
cloud. They are easy to deal with, step on the cloud and let them try and 
swallow you. By repeatedly pressing the circle, you will do them some damage 
and then be released. Turn and smack them with your biggest combo, whatever
that might be. You can also use the combat cross as long as you get some
distance so they don't bite you (their bite does serious damage). If you try 
and just straight up fight them - it may take a while. I prefer the easier 

Anyway, follow the path, hop over the gap to continue on the path, and you will
soon see one of those telltale dust clouds on the ground. Deal with it how you
see fit. The fountain behind it holds the 10th Judas coin [SJC10] and you get
a bunch of bonus souls. The path will end in a circular platform with Magic
and Health Fountains and a group of rocks in the center. Go to the back side of
these rocks to access the glowing circle in the middle which is a bone pole.
Slide to the bottom and drop off.

This is an engagement area with some new enemies. First there will be a horde
of Gluttony Minions. Like their kissing cousins they are fairly weak and can
be easily punished/absolved by scooping them. They do have one additional
disgusting attack, they puke some kind of bile on the floor which will give
you a sting if you step in it. Lovely. There will be four of those Gorger Worms
here and they cannot be punished or absolved. Worse still, this is a cramped
area. I like to scoop the minions and once they are clear then deal with the
worms. However you want to do it, once the area is clear the firewall will drop
and you can proceed down the path.

A little ways down and you will see a kneeling figure, a fountain and a
Beatrice statue next to a doorway that resembles an open mouth. The fountain
has souls in it and the Damned is Ciacco [CIAC]. Now exit out through the
doorway mouth thing. Jump over the teeth and onto a muddy platform. You
will be attacked by a flock of Pests coming from your right. The combat cross
will take care of them without any issues.

Now jump over to the next mud paddy. You should see a rope hanging above you.
Don't get on it, instead jump to the mud paddy to your left and into the
mouth with the kneeling gold figure - Clodia [CLOD]. Now jump back to the paddy
with the rope on it. Jump up and hand-over-hand to the far mouth. Over the 
teeth and passed the gums, look out hell Dante comes! Again, I apologize for 
the low brow remarks. Anway...jump over the teeth and follow the passageway 
beyond until you reach Virgil. This time talking to the ghost will get you the
Ciacco's Bile relic [CBR]. Continue down the path toward the portal that the
camera zoomed in on. Once you get to the bottom, firewalls will bar your way
and you get involved in another engagement. This is a really small circle and
you will find a Gorger Worm right in the center. Several waves of Gluttony
Minions will continually spawn and there are no fewer than five Guardians that
will pop up as well. There is a Magic Fountain to the far left, but I seriously
doubt you will have time to activate it. Best to kill the bad guys and then
get that fountain.

Once everyone is done, the firewalls drop and you can now access a second Magic
Fountain and Health as well. Then step through the portal. You will get a nifty
cut scene of some fairly gross dining habits and a quick memory retrieval of
Dante's childhood. You also now learn the truth behind Dante's dead father and
Beatrice. When the cut scene finishes you will get to face a new enemy: the
Glutton. This fella is not that tough. If he grabs you, press circle repeatedly
and he will let go. His other attack is the puke - just stay away from his
front and don't step in the vomit and you'll be fine. He's slow, but can take 
a lot of punishment. The combat cross will deal with him from a distance and
most importantly he can be punished/absolved for lots of experience points.

This section can be a bit confusing as the camera angle aspect is shifted from
one walkway to the next. We'll take it slow - turn Dante around and walk
through the portal behind him.

He will now be at the top of the screen, facing to the left while you are
looking down on him. Have him pull the lever there. Now turn and go back
through the portal you just came out of. Dante should be right side up again
at the bottom of your screen facing right. Don't pull that lever just yet. 
Instead walk straight forward and you will see one of those honeycomb climbable
walls. Climb up, to the right, and then up onto the walkway on the right side
of your screen. Have Dante walk toward you and use the fountain for a bunch of
extra souls. Now turn around and walk to the end and climb up another honey-
comb wall. Climb up, to the left, and then all the way up to the highest
walkway. The fountain at the end of this path gets you the 11th Judas coin 
[SJC11]. Now turn around and go back down the honeycomb walls (yes, both of
them) until you are on that lower walkway with Dante facing to your left. Now
pull the lever.

It will look like a black stone is flying at the screen. This is actually an
inverted walkway. Be quick as it will not stay for long. Move Dante forward
through the portal (you will now be looking down on him), onto that walkway
and leap the gap to the far ledge. Do NOT pull that lever. Use the fountain for
some spare souls and then stand in front of the portal located to your right
(Dante's left).

Now, notice that square chunk of wood that has been spinning around since you
entered here. Also notice the portal that is facing DOWN right above where
you started this area. What is going to happen is you have to time the spinning
piece of wood to when it gets under that downward facing portal and then step
into the one Dante is facing. It is easiest if you wait for the wood to vanish
behind the pillar, off screen to the left (not vanish through the portal). 
When it comes back, it will hold for a few seconds under your target portal.

Once you get on, you want to wait until that piece of wood is on its farthest
point to the right and then jump to your right onto a walkway with the last
fountain. This is your second Beatrice stone [BS2]. Now edge your way toward
the portal that is on the floor of this walkway. Once again, time that
spinning wooden block - you are going to fall out of that portal above your
initial starting point once again. Drop onto the wood and let it take you
through the last portal.

The wood will reappear on a pathway and break - letting you off. Proceed down
this winding path to its end where you will find a Soul Fountain, a Beatrice
statue and the top of a bone pole.

Slide to the end of the pole, avoid the fire belcher and then drop to a rope
below the pole. Swing to the left to another bone pole and climb UP to a 
ledge. In an alcove above at the top of this pole you will find a fountain with
the 12th Judas coin [SJC12] and a a beastie with the Octavian's Gold relic 
[OGR]. Now get back on the pole and slide to the bottom. Time your drop off
to the wire below so as not to get lit up by the flame belcher. Now hand-over-
hand it to the left. Time the belchers so that you can get above the rope
below and then drop off onto it. 

Now drop to the bottom of the rope, and then drop off. Immediately to your left
you will see what looks like a warped Hershey's chocolate kiss. This is
actually a slider and it's sitting on a fire vent. Just beyond it you will see
three flame geysers. Time is an issue so here's the sequence. Walk up next
to the slider and Hold R1. Now press and hold the circle button (charging up
the push you are gonna give the slider). Here's where you have to be quick,
release the circle button, turn around, jump and grab the rope you just dropped
off of, Hold R1 to take one swing and then double jump to get to the ledge to
your left. If you take more than one swing - the fire vents will get you. If 
you don't get on the rope quick enough - you will get burned. If you screw this
up - you will have to take some damage to get the slider back in position.

Once on the ledge, break the large glowing obstacle in front of you. This will
reveal the top of a bone pole. Get on it and slide to the bottom and drop onto
another horizontal wire. Use your Hold R1 button for speed and cross the wire,
avoiding some more fire spouts. Once you reach the end of the wire, you are 
going to drop and then immediately press and Hold the R1 button to use a
grappling point. Watch the top of your screen for the command to become 

Now swing on your grappling point and try to time your next double jump to
avoid the flame spurts and get onto a new rope. Now you have to be quick 
because odds are the top of this new rope caught fire when you landed. Get to
the bottom and use a single swing and jump to the bone pole to the left. I know
you are going to want and try to time it to avoid those belchers on the wall,
but if your rope is on fire - you're outta time and will just have to take the
damage. Once on the bone pole, slide to the bottom and drop onto the pathway

Now proceed to the left, up and over what looks like large stone stairs, up and
over a single stair and you should see a small platform that will allow you to
jump up to a higher level. Jump up on the small platform. Then jump AND JUST
STAY HANGING on the higher level. Jam your left stick to the right and Dante
will shimmy his way to a hidden alcove on the right. Then press up on the stick
and you will find a beast dog holding the Crown of Carthage relic [CCR].

Now drop back onto the edge and shimmy back to the left (if you fall - not an
issue - just walk to the left and hop up the small platform and onto the next
level). You will see a Magic and a Health Fountain on your left. Once you have
used them, turn Dante to his right and run across the passageway to face the
wall on the other side. Now double jump to grab and crawl up to an unseen ledge
above you with a Soul Fountain. Now do an about-face and jump over the top
of the passageway to a ledge on the oother side, just above where the Magic
and Health Fountains were. Turn Dante to his left and jump the small gap to
another ledge with a fountain holding the 13th Judas coin [SJC13].

Now, jump back over the gap, turn right and jump over the passageway to the
very first ledge you were on. Face Dante to his left so he is pointed toward
the way the passage continues. You should see some impaled folks. If you look
to the left and on the OTHER side, you will just see the light of another
hidden ledge. To get to this one, you must jump off the far corner edge of
your current location, and then delay a bit before hitting the X button to do
the second half of your double jump. Hidden up there is a fountain with the
3rd Beatrice Stone [BS3]. You should now get a little pop-up menu box
explaining that you can auto-absolve the Damned instead of having to play the
mini-game from here on out. 

Drop to the path below, face left and continue on. A cut scene will stop you
short of Virgil where you get to see some more of our hero's past. Once that's
done - talk to Virgil and you have entered...


Greed [GRE]

First, time your jumps and hop up the three sets of banging platforms to the
top right side. Then jump onto the rusted stationary platform inside the
large structure full of molten gold and tortured souls. Then jump over to the
moving rusted platform. Ride it to the far left and transfer onto the grated
platform going up and down. Once you are on top of the grating, you will find
yourself in a circular area with a lever in the center. Yup, you guessed it,
an engagement area. This has the added twist of being timed. Once you throw
the lever, a giant spill pot is going to come over and start filling the 
container below with molten gold and the lever is going to disappear below. You
have to defeat the bad guys to get the lever to rise back and then pull it and
exit on that turning bridge BEFORE the molten gold gets to the top and does you
in. Not too much pressure here as there is plenty of time. The enemies will be
a handful of Pests, a couple of Guardians and then just a few of the Fire
Minions (remember to hit them with a cross first then your scythe). This is not
a tough challenge.

Once you have jumped to the small walkway and onto the ledge beyond. You will
find a Soul Fountain and a Beatrice statue. The next challenge is more
frustrating than difficult. If you walk to the far right edge of the platform
you are on, you will see three spinning gears to the left and three gears
slightly lower to the right. You may be able to see the very edge of a
fourth gear just above the right hand side. What you won't see is one of the
Damned tucked away on a platform above the right hand side gears. To get there,
start by jumping onto the gears on the right and get on top of the fourth and
highest one then jump over to the top gear on the left. You should now see yet
another gear spinning in the wall. You have to double jump to get to it and
these need to be fairly quick taps on the X button. If you try to get distance
by delaying the second push of the X button (like you did to get the earlier
Beatrice Stone), you won't make it. If you try to get to the gear in the wall
from the right side - you won't make it.

Once you are on the gear spinning in the wall move to the far right side of it
and the camera will now show you the Damned on her ledge to the right. To get
to her, you have to double jump and use the left stick to guide Dante in the
air to the closest edge of her platform just around that up-and-down spinning
gear. Yes, that means you have to jump Dante toward you and then judge when he
has cleared the gear to start guiding him to the right. It sounds like there is
a lot of time - but there's not. If you miss you run a 70-30 shot of landing
on the stack of gears below (70%) or falling to your doom (30%). This kneeling
figure is Tarpeia [TARP].

Once you are done with her, jump/drop to the gear below and then jump over and
down the left stack of gears. The platform here has both Magic and Health 
Fountains as well as a Devil Door. This time, unless you absolutely need them,
I would suggest leaving these fountains alone to use after the next battle. Now
open the Devil Door to enter the next area.

Once you enter, you are stuck. A lever will be shown to you and then dropped
into the floor and you will be dealing with some new enemies. The first will be
a single Hoarder-Waster. These guys can be trouble. They cannot be punished or
absolved. You want to get at them quick since it will only take a while before
they unleash a near unblockable spinning attack. If you get hit - it hurts bad.
If they trap you in a corner while spinning...it's a death sentence. The spin 
can be blocked but you must press L2 at the exact moment his weapon comes 
arching toward you. The problem is he is spinning so fast it's hard to tell 
when that is. I do not recommend using that as a primary method of defense. The
best attack is airborne in multiple blows such as: Soul Crusher or Death's 
Pillar. If you are on the holy path, you will simply have to make do with the
standard scythe swings and jumping. STAY AWAY from the combat cross unless you 
absolutely have to - for whatever reason getting hit by the cross tends to make
them take off in their spinning mode right away. You can scoop them and throw 
them, but the damage is minimal and they tend to get up and start spinning. The
other new enemy here is a minion on steroids: the Greed Minion. This guy is a 
bit of a hassle. Like his weaker cousins he can be scooped and absolved/
punished but he has a leaping ability that causes trouble. Even with the Unholy
extended scoop range (Death's Reach), these guys can jump out of range as you 
scoop (R2) and then jump right back in and give you a whack to interrupt 
whatever your next move was going to be. That makes them pains and not very 
viable as part of our previous fighting techniques. For this fight, get rid of
everything using aerial combat moves.

Once you are done, feel free to turn around and go back outside the way you
came and rejuvenate your Health and Magic using the fountains I told you about
earlier. Now return to the room and the lever in the center. This is another
challenge with a timing issue. To begin, pull the lever the first time and 
three heavy iron gates will slide down the wall and then lock themselves out of
sight. Here is where the timing comes in so know these next steps BEFORE you
pull that lever a second time.

#1 - Pull the lever a second time
#2 - Take a few steps and double jump up to the alcove with another lever
and fountain in the far wall
#3 - When the gate comes down behind you, walk onto the small path on top of
the gate itself and then to the far right. Once this center gate is even or
higher than the far right gate...
#4 - Jump to the top of the far right gate and move all the way to the right.
Watch the wall to the right of this gate for an alove with a beastie in it and
jump over to get the Demon's Wing relic [DWR]

Now drop out of the alcove and to the bottom of the circular engagement area.
Double jump into the alcove in the far wall that has the fountain and another
lever. Use the fountain to get the 14th Judas coin [SJC14]. We are going to get
to do this timing thing again. Like earlier, BEFORE you pull any levers know
these next steps:

#1 - Pull the lever in the alcove to open a dual spiked gate above you
#2 - Run to the lever in the center of the engagement area and pull it
#3 - Take a few steps and double jump up back into the alcove you just came
#4 - When the gate comes down behind you, walk onto the small path on top of
the gate itself and ride it up until you can
#5 - Jump or dash through the spiked door before it closes. I have friends who
swear up and down they have dashed through that door - I can't seem to get it.
I always have to use the double jump while the gate is still a little below
the closing spike doors.

Once you get through the doors, you will find yourself on a small path with
a lever and circular platform on Dante's right. It's elevator time. Pull the
lever. This platform will descend and you will step forward into what appears
to be some sort of demonic carnival ride. Step #1 is to deal with the Pests.
There are only a couple, but you want them to come to you so you are not
fighting in range of those spikey octopus-ride arms. Use the cross and keep
your distance from the spikes. There are two Pests. Once they are done for,
run straight forward from the passage way you came out of and drop off the edge
of your platform. There is an engagement area below with a couple of Pests and
one of those Hoarder-Wasters. Once they are done for, there are two fountains
down here, one with extra souls and one with the 15th Judas coin [SJC15].

Now go to the far left of this area. Across the molten golden river, you will
see one of those honeycomb walls. Double jump over and Dante will grab on to
it. Now climb to the top, but don't get off the wall until you can see the
spinning spike arms above have cleared you. Now, you have to jump the spikey
arms and make your way CLOCKWISE (or arching to the right, if you prefer) from
platform to platform until you get to the Devil Door. Don't try to open it
right away - make sure you time an extra jump so you have maximum time to press
the O button or the arms will scrape you right off the wall and kill you. If
you have enough health and you know you are gonna get scraped, as soon as you
the spikey things starts to push you off the door, you can jump down and left
to land in the previously mentioned engagement area and then climb up the wall
and try this again.

Once you have the door open and you are in the hall, pull the lever to stop the
arms from spinning and to raise the cage for the beastie in the center. You
don't want to go for the beastie. Instead, you want to walk out on the platform
and look to you right (Dante's left). You should see a kneeling figure in an
alcove in the wall. You will need to perform a double jump slightly toward the
screen (towards you), then to the right and back over the thin part of the
spikes, so Dante will grab the edge of that alcove. This is Gessius Florus
[GESS]; punish/absolve him as you see fit.

Now jump back to the platform with the hallway. Now you can jump to the center
section where the beastie is and get the Wasted Gold relic [WGR]. Now return to
the hallway with the lever that stopped this machine and open another Devil
Door. You will be in another hallway the turns immediately left and you should
see Magic and Health Fountains, as well as a Beatrice statue.

Continuing down this hall you will start to turn a corner to your right when
a small cut scene takes over showing you are actually pursuing a Beast Tamer
(that's one of the guys that rides the Asterian Beasts). Anyway, he runs into a
barred room leaving you standing in this wierd hallway with a turning switch in
the center. Here's what's going to happen - as you start to turn the switch,
bars will drop and trap you in this hall. Then spinning saws will shoot down
the thin tracks on either side of the switch while the room continually spawns
Guardians. This isn't a great place to fight and just a tad to difficult to
try and level up by absolving/punishing Guardians. If you are close, like
within 500 points or so of your next level - I'd say it's worth it. If you are
further than that - this is too much of a pain.

To short cut what would otherwise be a bloody nightmare, use your lust storm to
protect you from the Guardians and just pull the switch. Once the bars are
retracted from the little archway to your right - run into the room. This will
be the real challenge. 

This is a fairly small engagement area considering the number and size of the
enemies you have to deal with. There will be an Asterian Beast, several
Guardians, a few minions including those darn Exploding Minions. The easiset
way to handle this is stay in the air jumping in a circle around the Asterian
while unleashing your cross constantly. Don't get caught in front of the big
guy, but concentrate on getting him down. Once you have him, you can use him to
crush everything else. There are several fountains (Magic, Health and Souls)
on BOTH left and right sides of the room, but you will not get a chance to
actually use them in the middle of this fight. Your goal needs to be to take
down the Asterian and then use him to destroy the rest. Keep moving, dashing,
jumping to the side of the big guy and unleashing that cross constantly.

Once you have him and he has destroyed whatever bad guys remain, have him break
the fountains to collect your extra souls and rejuvenate yourself. Now ride 
your new steed to the large set of doors with the glowing circle and have
him open them and let you out. You are gonna be thrown into the center of
the saw hallway (and yes, the saws are still active), along with a couple of
fire minions. They must be destroyed before you can open the Devil Door on the
other side.

Once you open the door, walk through and turn to your right (Dante's left) and
proceed to the end of the path where Virgil is waiting. He's got no treasure
for you this time. Once you're done yapping with him, climb on the honeycomb
wall behind. Go up and then to the right (don't go all the way up). After
turning two corners on the wall, drop down into a small cell with a fountain
holding the 16th Judas coin [SJC16]. Now get back on the wall and continue to
the right until you can go no further and then drop into yet another cell with
a beast dog holding the Coin of Plutus relic [CPR]. 

Now go back the way you came and this time, climb up when you get to the end. 
You will find yourself on a walkway with Pests flying in the far distance. Move
forward and you will see a grapple point (glowing circle) above you attached
to a chunk of rock jutting out into nowhere. If you look closely a little
further along the rock wall and you will see what looks like a gold lake.
Just above that gold lake is the faint outline of a wire. Your task is to use
the grapple point to swing over (you may have to jump up on the edge of your
current path to activate the Hold R1 Command), double jump and drop onto that

Now use the Rl command to hand-over-hand across the molten gold lake and into a 
new circular engagement area. You can drop onto the path before the circle if
you want, but you can't get to the fountains until you deal with the surprise
in the circle first. This is a Throne Demon, only one and he is a slightly 
tougher Guardian. He carries a shield, can launch fire balls and takes a little
more punishment. He can be absolved/punished (worth 250 points) and you fight 
him using the exact same methods as the Guardian. 

Once he is beaten, go back to the pathway and turn left to get a Health
Fountain. Continue a little further for another fountain containing the 17th
Judas coin. Then to the end where there is a lever. Pull the lever to make the
wall drop then go back to the circle to take a little ride.

As soon as your platform starts moving, two Hoarder-Wasters will show up on
your platforms. Go heavy, aerial and be quick. There is VERY little room on 
this circle and if one of them gets to spinning - you are in for a headache.
As if this isn't bad enough, two Pests will show up in the middle of the
fight to crowd the airspace. Just remember to go easy on the cross until the
spinning fools are taken care of or you will have them spinning constantly.
There is a piece of good news with this fight, when they spin they will damage
each other - just not a lot and not quick enough to get you out of doing your
own dirty work.

Once you have finished them, your platform will start to tilt as will a second
platform to your left. Jump over to it, just not when the angles are too steep
or you are gonna take a plunge. 

The next platform will realign itself and then fence you in along with two
Temptresses followed by a handful of Pests to crowd the sky. Combat cross
(especially if it is powered up to Holy Devastation) does wonders. Once you
have them beat, your platform will move through another wall that drops and 
will stop in front of a giant gold statue. The walls will drop and you can now
jump to the stone walkway below. Jump off the left side and you can access a
Health Fountain right away. As soon as you jump off, the platform leaves and
a small pillar with flames underneath and a lever is left below where you got
off. If you go to the other end of the walkway, there is a Magic Fountain.

Now jump on top of that little pillar and pull the lever. A fireball should
shoot out at a pile of bones, blow them up, and reveal a rotating switch. This
time when you jump down you are gonna have a bit of a welcoming party to deal
with. This will start with a single Throne Demon and once he is beaten two more
will take his place. The pain in the butt here is the neverending Pests. They 
will not stop spawning until the Throne Demons are dead. I like to stay on the
little pillar and just tear everything up from a distance with my cross, but if
you need the experience points you may have to go down there and get nasty.
Don't forget that the Throne Demons can through fireballs just like the Pests
so you are not 100% safe up here anyway.

Once you have cleared the area. Use the rotating switch on the pathway. The
first time you use it, you want to jam your left stick to the right. You are
aiming the flame thrower. Now jump on top of the pillar and pull the lever to
lower a big rock. Jump back on the pathway, run over to the rock and double
jump on top of it. Jump up again into an alcove with a Soul Fountain and one
that contains the 18th Judas coin [SJC18]. Now jump back down to the walkway.
Go back to the rotating switch and this time keep the left stick held to the
left. Once the flame thrower is re-aimed at the gold statues holding the other
rock, jump on top of the pillar, pull the lever and fire away.

Drop down to the walkway, double jump to the top of the rock, turn left and
double jump to a ledge with a Beatrice statue and a Devil Door. Open the door.
Follow the hallway collecting the two Soul Fountains on the left side of the
path. At the end will be another circular elevator with a lever - pull it. Down
you go to another level. Step off the circle and follow the path to Virgil.

No toys this time. Jump the gap in front of you and you will find youself in an
engagement area with a large statue of Plutus, the God of Wealth. There will be
two set of fights. The first one will be with two Hoarder-Wasters and a band
of Greed Minions, the second fight will be with an upgraded version of the
Temptresses (called a Seductress of Lust) and Exploding Minions. The Seductress
has an additional attack form that causes you to go all loopy. Just smash the
circle button to break it. the bummer is that someone is (or lots of someones)
going to get a free shot at you. In the first fight - large sweeping combos
work great. Keep that cross in your pocket for now. Break it out and wail on
the circle button during the second fight.

Once you have dealt with them, a small pillar will grow up from the floor. This
is an issue of time. The pillars all spawn from the same point and they
alternate from small to large. You can spin the wheel on the floor by using the
rotating switch at the farthest edge of this area from the large statue (far
bottom of your screen). The idea is to rotate a large pillar in front of the
statues lowered hand so that you can jump from small pillar to large pillar to
the disc in the statues hand. The problem is two-fold. First, the pillars will
start disintegrating almost immediately and the pace quickens when they are in
the ray of light, conveniently pointed right at the place you want to jump
from. Second, the tall pillars have some kind of backing on one side and you
have to rotate the circle so that these things don't obstruct your jump. 
So....get to it!

Once you make the jump to the first disc, jump to the second and then up
behind the statue's head where you will find a Devil Door, a Soul Fountain and
a Beatrice statue. Go through the door and to Dante's right (away from you) to
find a Health Fountain and a horizontal wire. Double jump onto the wire and
then follow it to the end, drop off and talk to Virgil. There is a Soul
Fountain next to him. He's only got hot air for you this time. Continue forward
and use the grapple point high above you to swing over to a honeycomb wall. 
Climb to the top.

You are now in a pretty rough engagement area. Lot's of Temptresses, a Glutton,
a Throne Demon and a bunch of Exploding Minions. Now your combat skills will
find their true test. I suggest you get that cross going and unleash lots of 
Vile Tornados or Hurricanes. When you are done, a gate covering a Soul Fountain
will rise as well as another covering the passageway out across from it. Leave 
using that new opening.

The path will end on a ledge with a grappling point high above you and some
spinning wheel with smashing pillars on it. Use the grappling point to swing 
to the gears and then jump to the second gear and begin using your cross to
deal with the Pests that show up. Once they are dispatched, use dash to get
beyond the first stomping pillar and you can run and double jump past the
second one to a ledge with a Devil Door. Open the door.

Continue allong the hall to a honeycomb wall. Climb it and go to the left. You
will go around a corner then drop to the ledge below. You will find a Beatrice
statue, Health and Magic Fountains, and a kneeling figure. This is Fulvia 
[FULV], absolve or punish her. Then follow the small hall to the Devil Door and
open it.

Move forward along the passageway to a platform held by giant chains and pull
the lever on your right. Do not move, just stand there as the platform lowers.
Once it stops do an about-face and cross the platform to pull another lever.
This will raise a metal grating on your right. Time to go get you a new horse!
This time there are two twists to this. First, you don't have all the time you
want to get this done - the floor is slowly sinking into the molten gold and
you gotta get this done faster than the jump-around-cross-him method. Get
behind him and use power moves. Second, once you do get on him, another Beast
Tamer is going to come and try and knock you off him. Most of the time, if you
are quick with your circle pressing you can stop him. If you don't - you get
to do this a second time. 

Once you have control of the big guy a couple of Throne Demons and another
Beast Tamer will show up. Focus on the Tamer first and squish him quick. This
way you don't have to deal with him trying to steal your ride. Then you can
crush the Throne Demons. Once this is complete, head over and shove the large 
gold block at the far side of the engagement area. Treat it just like a large
slider. It will move back and then sink into the floor. Face your beast to the
right and start climbing the wall. Now climb the beast to the left, jump a gap
and then slide to the floor. You should find yourself back in the room with
the statue of Plutus.

As you start to walk toward the circle, a wave of bad guys will pop out of the
floor. Squish them, burn them and stomp them. Keep your eye open for a Beast
Tamer to show up in the middle of this fight. You want to knock him out first
or be quick with the circle tapping. The last thing you want is for him to
throw you into the melee on the ground while he takes shots at you with the
big beast.

Once you have cleared the area, a large block will rise from the floor next to
the statue (on your left hand side). For these next steps you have to be quick
 - no dithering about. First, you have to move the block all the way to the far
right where the gold square on the floor is. This will cause the statue to 
lower and make the wall available to be climbed again. Now climb the wall over
the statue's head, and jump the gap to the left. 

That's it for the time issue. Now climb up and to the left, around the corner
and on to the left. Then jump the gap, go left and up and jump another gap.
Keep going left until you can slide down into the wheel of fortune room you
were in earlier. Again - waves of demons are coming. Just keep your eye open
for Beast Tamers and target them first when they show up. You don't want to
be fighting on the floor against your own big guy!

Once you clear this area, you have a bit of a father-son moment and once you
get control back. Have your beast shove the wheel over (go to the glowing
circle on the wheel and follow the on-screen commands - R1 then repeated
taps of circle). This will lead to:

BOSS FIGHT: Alighiero [BF6]

Dante's father can be a handful. He has several slamming attacks that send out
shock waves, he uses the Sins of the Father magic (they look like flying
saws that home in on you), he has a blast attack and several sweeping strikes
as well. The longer this fight goes, the more likely that the circle you are
fighting in will start to shrink. So there is a time issue. There are three
ways to deal with him:

Holy: If you are going down this path 100%, jump and constantly use that cross.
try not to use it on the ground as you will get closer to fatso. You stay put
in the air. Then when he tries to close the gap, hit him with your Righteous
Path magic and then dash away and start all over again.

Unholy: Use Righteous Path Magic to get in close than unload with your heavy
hitters like Vile Hurricane and the Soul Stabber trilogy. If possible, stay to
his rear and wail away.

Combined: Use the cross on the ground to close the gap and get face to face than
unload with a heavy hitter. Then dash away and do it over and over.

Sins of the Father (those spinning saws) defense: you have to block it to stop

This shouldn't be that tough, but on higher levels you do so very little damage
and he's got a lot of health so this can be a marathon session. When it is over
you will collect the Sins of the Father Magic [SFM] and the Eye of Alighiero
relic [EAR]. 

Now that it's done, exit the circle toward the Devil Door, a Beatrice statue
and a Health Fountain. There is a ledge you can double jump to up the wall and
left of the Health Fountain. A beast dog is up there holding the Hoarder's
Purse relic [HPR]. Now return to the Devil Door and open it. Beyond is another
circular platform with a lever. Pull the lever and the sides pop up fencing you
in and you begin to move straight across to another circular engagement area
surrounded by gold statues. On the way, you will need to break out that cross
as you will be beset upon by a horde of Pests. Once you get to the far side,
you will have a handful of Greed Minions and one Hoarder-Waster to deal with.
There is a Magic Fountain and a Soul Fountain. When everything is beaten, a
lever will rise in the center of this new area. One word of warning, it is not
uncommon for a single Pest to have made it through your cross killing. If this
happens, he is hovering just outside of camera range and you should be able to
hear him growling. You know you have this issue if everything in the circle is
dead but the lever hasn't popped up. Just face back the way you came and start
laying out cross attacks. On the left of the screen you should start to see
your hit counter letting you know you're getting him.

Now pull the lever and take the elevator down. Once you have stopped, a charred
hallway will be in front of you. Follow it forward and to the right. The camera
aspect will change as you go around the corner. Just follow the path, around 
the stone structure, to the end. You should see fireballs flying through the
air - no worries, they won't touch you. At the end of the path is the top of a
bone pole. Get on and slide to the bottom.

You should see a grapple point directly to your left. You need to drop of the 
bone pole and immediately press and Hold the R1 button to use it and swing
over a set of pointed outcroppings and jump to the next bone pole on the left.
Slide to the bottom of this and drop down to a rope below. CAUTION. This is
the one bone pole that I have actually used R1 slide and fell off the bottom.
Not sure if this is just a glich in my game or if it is in all copies, but
while it may surprise you; it won't hurt you since you will just fall to the
rope below anyhow.

Once on the rope, slide to the bottom of it. Start swinging and destroy the
shimmering obstacle. Now swing and jump to use another grappling point and
swing again to your left and latch onto yet another bone pole. Slide to the
bottom of this one too and drop into the next area...


Anger [ANG]

The first thing you want to do is walk Dante toward the camera. There is a Soul
Fountain that is out of sight at the bottom of your screen. Now, you can go
talk to Virgil who is waiting just a little ways to the left. Unfortunately,
he's got no goodies to give. Keep heading down the path until a small cut
scene takes over and you see a gooey river ahead. Walk to the edge and jump
to the platform with the wire tied off on the tree.

Use the wire to cross over to the Beatrice statue. Then follow the small path 
to the right, hop over to the platform in the middle of the goo then jump
again to the ramp leading to the large fingers. At the top of the ramp you will
have an engagement area to deal with. There are two Gorger Worms, a swarm of
Pests and a small crowd of Greed Minions.

Once you have finished them off, you can continue down the path on the far side
of the circle. Make sure to jump the break in the path. Continue until you come
to a large pond section. There is a platform real close by and a second one
on the far side next to a ledge. There is a grapple point above you. There is
a bit of a time issue, but nothing drastic. You have to jump onto the near
platform and use the grapple point before it sinks into the goo. Then swing and
double jump to the far platform. It will also start to sink, but not very far.
Now hop up to the ledge where you will find a slider. Pull it back near the
edge and next to the right wall so you can use it to access an even higher
ledge where there is a fountain holding the 19th Judas coin [SJC19].

Now drop back down with the slider and push it over the edge and onto the
sinking platform. Get on the platform with the box and as the pillar sinks you
will be able to access a new path that appears in the wall. Following this
tunnel will lead you to Virgil and a Health Fountain as well as a honeycomb
wall on the left side. This time when you talk to Virgil he finally coughs up a
prize: the Medusa's Call relic [MCR]. Turn around and use the fountain and get
on the wall.

Climb up and to the right, then down and jump the gap to the right. Now up and
to the right and then drop down into a circular area. This time you will be
dealing with Temptresses, Exploding Minions and a new fella: the Fire Guardian.
These guys are pains in the butt - they move around in a black smoke then
suddenly materialize in fire and smack you and then vanish again in smoke. You
can freeze them with your cross but only while they are in fire mode. You then
have to hit them with your scythe causing them to explode and you have to be
quick - they don't stay hit-able for long.

Once you have taken out the trash, the path forward will open. Don't go down
there yet. Instead, look to the right side of the circle and you will see a
golden kneeling figure behind a shimmering gate. Break the gate, jump over
there and punish/absolve Boudica [BOUD]. Jump back to the circle and turn to
Dante's right and continue along the path. As you exit the tunnel into an area
with a wire running through it, turn to Dante's right, jump up a level to a
Health Fountain and then get on the wire.

First, go hand-over-hand all the way to the end of the wire and drop into the
alcove in the wall with the Magic and Soul Fountain. Once you have used them,
get back on the wire and head back the way you came and then drop onto the
circular paddy in the middle of this joint. You gotta know this is an
engagement area, right?

It will start off with a single Guardian. As you are beating on him, another
Guardian and a Throne Demon will join in. Once you have beaten these three
guys, the platform will start to rise. When it stops, you get another Guardian
and Throne Demon to deal with. Once you do them in, the platform will rise
enough to allow you to double jump to the ledge they were spawning from and
use the fountain up there which gets you the 20th Judas coin [SJC20] and the
bonus souls for finding this group of 5 coins.

Continue along the path. It will turn right around a stone wall (jump the
break in the floor) and end in a honeycomb wall. Climb up to the next level
to find a Beatrice statue and a Health and a Magic Fountain. Follow this upper
path to the left and head into a circle with a rotating switch. A cut scene
will provide a few more Dante memories for the storyline. In the far right
corner is another of the Damned: Hecuba [HECU], deal with her as you see fit.

This next section has a time issue. First, you will start the clock by turning
that rotating switch in the center of the floor all the way to the right (or
clockwise, if you prefer). This will put out the fire on the upper floor 
allowing you to double jump up there. You will then have to push/pull a large
wheel-bar to let the platform go up before the fire below starts shooting 
through the holes in the floor and turns you into something found at the local
KFC. To complicate matters, you will have a few minions to interrupt you as you
do this. You can try to use Lust Storm and hope you have enough mana to hold
out (you don't....but you can hope). So here is the pattern:

1st Time: grab and pull the wheel bar all the way to the left. You shouldn't
have any minion issues yet. The platform rises then stops for the...
2nd Time: push the wheel bar all the way to the right. You will have a few of
the bad guys to deal with. Again, the platform rises then stops for...
3rd Time: First, you have to break the blockage in the wheel track and then
pull the bar all the way to the left. Now you should be dealing with a bunch
of bad guys. The fire is rising below you so don't spend a lot of time.
4th Time: First, you have to break the blockage in the wheel track that is 
heading up then push the bar until it will slide up the vertical track in the
middle. Lots of bad guys.
5th Time: Dealer's choice, but you have to break only ONE of those blockages:
the left one since it's a straight shot up that vertical line. Swarms of the
6th Time: You gotta push that wheel bar all the way to the right while dealing
with a ton of minions (make sure t clear the blockages first). This will lower
a critical piece of the tower so you can exit this area.

Once you have the wheel bar in place, get to the honeycomb wall on the left
side of this area and climb it to pull the lever up top. Now jump down to
the second block and then again onto the path below to your right. Pass the
top of the bone pole and speak with Virgil. He's got nothing special. Now 
double jump to the ledge beyond him to reach a fountain with the 21st Judas 
coin [SJC21]. Then keep going right and jump up another ledge to find a beast
dog with the Guiding Flame relic [GFR]. Now turn back to the left, drop down 
the two platforms to the path below and use the bone pole.

Slide to the bottom and drop off onto a second pole. Slide down this and drop 
off to a small circular area with a Beatrice statue and another of the Damned -
Filippo Argenti [FILI]. You should see another circular platform floating in
the goo in front of you. Jump in there and get your cross handy. As you 
float around you will have lots of Pests to deal with. So...have a fun ride!

As your platform starts to dock it looks like you will be in for a heavy Pest
fight when you get a bit of a surprise. A giant arm rises from the goo and
swats all the bad guys dead. Then the second part of the surprise - you haven't
been on a floating platform - you've been riding on someone's head. Follow the
on screen commands (square, triangle, square and X) as you get thrown from the
massive giant's head (the Giant's name is Phlegyas) and onto a platform.

This will be your first engagement area. You will deal with a bunch of Greed
Minions, some Exploding and Charred Minions, a single Hoarder-Waster and
the big bad fist of Phlegyas. He always strikes in the same place, it is the
lit patch of path to your right. If you have to fight there - make it short and
get out. Once you have cleared this area, you will see a small cut scene and
then the gate to your right will open. You can grab the Soul and the Health
Fountains just beyond. Continue forward until you see the grapple point above
you. Use it to swing to the far ledge where you can just make out a Magic

Over here, the path is barred but there is a lever just to the right of the
gate. Pull it and this will kick off your next engagement. First, the giant
fist is going to come crashing down just short of the barred gate and it comes
with a sizeable shock area around it. Keep this fight to your far right. The
first wave is going to be those crazy demon babies. After a wave of them, they
will be augmented by a Temptress. She will be followed by two more Temptresses
and a Glutton. These are followed by two more Temptresses and a Guardian. The
cross and/or big time aerial moves will make short work of this. Also, the
cross tends to push some of these bad guys backwards and they will get crushed
by Phlegyas' fist. Hehehehe.

Once you have cleared this area, the gate will open and for some reason my
Health always gets restored. Now, go get the Magic and Soul Fountain and then
come back and pull the lever again. Quick as a button, get over that bridge
that pops up in the new area which will lead to another engagement for you. 
This one will be waves and waves of Temptresses, Guardians, Throne Demons and a
Glutton or two thrown in for good measure. In addition, Phlegyas has come
up with a new attack which you can use to great advantage - fire breath. As the
behemoth loads up and sprays the area, jump his fire and let it roast the bad
guys. There is a Health Fountain here that you can access between waves, if
you need it. Once you have cleared a few waves, Phlegyas will pound his fist
into the right side of the raised section and break open the doorway. 

This signals round two of this area. You should get your health back which is
a good thing cause odds are you are running low by now. This time its a few
waves of Throne Demons. Once you have cleared them, Phlegyas will hit that same
tower again. This time you can rush into the tower and pull the lever to ride
it upwards to a bummer of a cut scene. You will then jump on Phlegyas and take
control of him. You have to keep the left stick pressed up for this semi-cut
scene to complete. Walk him as far as possible on the bridge.

Once it clears, you will find yourself aboard the giant beastie in front of
a large door - bust through it using the same commands as you did with the
Asterian Beasts. Now just follow the path ahead destroying towers along the way
to collect extra souls. His breath weapon is super cool. You will eventually
come to a bridge that looks cracked. When you get to the center section, the
camera will zoom into demons running at your feet. Stomp away - you won't kill
any but you will break the bridge causing you to fall.

After the cut scene you will find yourself on a rope. Drop to the bottom and
swing and jump to the second rope and on to the left most rope. Only drop down 
to the third knot and then swing and attack the shimmering obstruction. This
will cause the ledge up top to fall away. Climb up and off the rope to a small
area with a beatrice statue and a rotating switch on the far left. Rotate the
switch which causes the large spikes in the wall to your left and below to
retract. Once you have them in, start heading back to the top of your rope. 
Gates will bar your way and you will have to clear out a few Greed Minions. Now
return to the rotating switch and do it again. This will be a very minor time
issue - once the spikes are in, get to the rope, slide down and swing left one
time and jump to the bone pole past the spikes.

Slide to the bottom of the pole and drop off to the horizontal wire underneath.
Using your R1 button, hand-over-hand yourself (avoid the fire blasters) to the
left and over the top of a rope (don't go all the way to the end - you're too
far and won't make the drop). Now drop to the rope below.

Two lines of Pests - three per line - will take up postion on both far sides.
You have to use two locations on the rope to engage them, one low and one mid
way up. You will only be able to kill the right line on this rope. Once they 
are done, jump to the left rope and then you can engage the second line - same
drill as before, you will have to use two different locations on the rope to
clear them all. Now drop to the bottom of the rope and time the fire blasters
so you can jump past them and onto the bone pole just beyond.

Slide to the bottom of the bone pole. Time the fire blaster and drop to the
next bone pole below. Now do it yet again. On this third pole, your slide will
be interrupted by a brief cut scene showing a portion of a room to your left
being blasted away by a ray of light. Now finish your slide to the bottom of 
the pole and drop to the ledge underneath you. You will find yourself in...


Heresy [HER]

You will be met by Virgil and a Magic and a Health Fountain. When you talk to 
him he will give you the Rage of Farinata relic [RFR]. Open the Devil Door and
enter a fire hall. Note the vertical red lines on either side. This is where
fire shoots out. A few steps further and a Throne Demon will materialize and
you should note a lever on the left side of the hall. Deal with the demon
first, then pull the lever. The flames down the hall will shut off and you
will now have another Throne Demon and several Fire Guardians to deal with.
After you have wiped them out, continue down the hall and to the left.

Climb the honeycomb wall up and to the right then drop down onto a ledge
which forms the entrance of the next fire hall. You should be able to see
two fountains - one on each side of the hall and just a bit of the glowing
circle on the left side that shows the location of the lever. Get to that lever
quick. You will have a Throne Demon and a few Greed Minions to deal with. The
Throne Demon will flip that lever and you will be caught in a very small
engagement area between the flames. Once you have them beat, pull the lever to
put out the flames. Now you can go get the fountains you passed. One is has
spare souls and the other has the 22nd Judas coin [SJC22] in it.

Now head for the Devil Door at the far end of the hall but DO NOT try and open
it yet. Behind you, another Throne Demon should appear and try to turn that
lever. Get back there and whoop him good. Now you can go open the Devil Door.
Go through the doorway and talk to Virgil. As you go through, you should note
the bottom of a bone pole just above his head and to the right. As you get
closer to him, it will disappear out of camera range. Once you are done talking
to him, turn and face the right wall. The bottom of the pole is directly in 
line and above the vertical gash. Double jump and press the R1 when you see the
command at the top of the screen. Climb to the top and get on a ledge. You will
see a Soul Fountain to the right. Now walk Dante toward the screen (holding the
left stick down) and you will find a beast dog with the Cavalcanti's Blade 
relic [CVR] and a multi-fountain that gives you a little health, a few souls
and a boost in magic all in one shot. Now return to the bone pole and back to
where you spoke to Virgil. The top of another bone pole is on the edge of this
alcove. Get on it and slide down.

At the bottom of this pole, drop to another pole. Slide to the bottom of the
second pole then drop to a horizontal wire below. Proceed to the end of the
wire and drop into the area below with a Health and Magic Fountain as well as
one of the Damned - Emperor Frederick II [FRED]. Now turn left, down the hall
and into a circular engagement area. Here you will run into a new foe: the
Heretic. These guys have the ability to "control" other demons to work with
them. The problem is that while the other demons are controlled by the Heretic,
they can't be destroyed. The answer to this problem is obvious - kill the 
Heretic quick. Any kind of strike will work and the cross is effective. No
matter which attack you use, it will take a while as these guys can hang
tough. They have the ability to vanish and reappear far away so once you get
on them - stay on them. You will have a single Heretic to deal with followed by
another with some minions under his control.

Victory in the circle opens the path to a honeycomb wall. Climb up and to the
right, jump two gaps and then drop onto a ledge with a Beatrice statue. Around
the corner and behind the statue are two fountains. One has health and souls,
the other just souls. When you are finished, follow the path to your right. As
you proceed around the arching portion of the walkway, gates will close off
the path and you get to mess with two waves of bad guys. The first, a Throne
Demon with a couple Fire Guardians, the second wave is a Heretic with Fire 
Guardians. This can be a problem since those Fire Guardians get to stay on
fire and take pot shots at you. you can't freeze them with the cross or even
hurt them until that Heretic is out of commission. Once they are done, the 
gates drop and you can continue down the path to a lever. Pull it.

The large statue behind you on the arching pathway will rise and reveal a small
hall with a Devil Door. Go into the hall and open the door. You will now walk
out into a small alcove with a honeycomb wall on the left. Climb it and go
right, across the gaps and then up. You will see a beast dog on a ledge as you
are climbing - don't worry we will get to him. As you climb up, you will find
Virgil. No goodies from grandpa this time. You can break the lamp next to him,
but there's nothing in it. A little further left is a Devil Door and a little
more to the left is a Health and a Magic Fountain. Open the Devil Door. Looks
kind of like an engagement area, no? Well - IT'S NOT....for now anyhow.

Find the slider on the left wall. Pull it out and put it just behind the
square in the center of the floor. Now position Dante so he will be shoving 
this thing straight at the fire wall. This is a timing issue. You have to put
the slider on the square in the floor, then charge a push (hold the circle 
button), then release it so it scoots over and rests on the indention pillar
that is about to rise, which will block the flames in the center section. If
you don't charge your push enough the block doesn't go far enough. If you
charge for too long then the pillar rises and your block bounces off the front
blocking nothing. If you notice, when the block is resting on the square, the
top of the pillar will start to shake. If you are charging from the very get go
then as soon as the pillar stops shaking - shove the block. That's the cue. You
then need to run and jump up on top of the pillar and slider to get to the next
level above.

When you get up there - be ready. You will have to face quite a few Heretics.
Thrash them than pull the lever. That should shut off the flames below. Now
exit this area to the left and follow the hall until it ends in a honeycomb
wall and a kneeling figure. This is Cavalcante de Cavalcanti [CAVA]. Absolve
and punish as necessary and then climb the wall. Up you go, then left and over
the lava flows. Be careful, the bright flame portions will hurt if you run into
them during your jumps. Then slide down into an alcove with a Devil Door. 

Open the door to reveal a bit of a puzzle room. Let's get the goodies first.
Start following the path forward and to the right. You will see a Health and
Magic Fountain at the base of what appears to be a chained statue. Going around
to the other side of the statue you will find a fountain with the 23rd Judas
coin [SJC23]. Just to the left of the fountain is a slider block. Grab it and
pull it all the way back to the beginning of this room and put it on the left
side of the lever. Pull the lever causing the cauldron to fill, tip and pour.
Push the slider into the slot behind the cauldron so that it cannot return to
its starting position. The camera will zoom to a gate opening and you should
receive a brief message box telling you to go back.

So....go back. Through the Devil Door to the honeycomb wall. Up the wall and to
the right, jumping the lava gaps. Down to a path, follow the path to the semi-
circle area where you fought all the Heretics. Now jump down into the large
square area - this time there will be some Pests to deal with down here.

Keep going back (Dante should spend a lot of time running toward you) through
the Devil Door to his left (your right). Now down the honeycomb wall and to
the left. Jump the gaps then down onto the hallway. Continue backwards, through
the Devil Door and under the statue back to the arching pathway. The gate that
lifted is to Dante's left (your right) where there is a Magic and a Health
Fountain. As you try to get there, gates will rise and you have an engagement
to take care of. This is a pain. 

First, you are going to meet a new enemy: the Pagan. He is nothing more than
a seriosuly beefed up Heretic. The first wave is just one of these guys. The
second wave is a Pagan with Fire Guardians and that is a problem. You gotta
focus on that Heretic and somehow continue to target him. The Fire Guardians
(who can't be touched while they are with the Heretic), will be swarming you
causing lots of your attacks to be aimed at them which makes them useless.
Try Lust Storm to limit the damage you take from them and close in on the

Once this is over, go to the fountains and then climb the wall that is next to
them. Climb up, to the right jumping past the fire traps, then down, then to
the right and jump another fire trap, then right and finally up to a Devil
Door. Open it. Go down the hallway and to the left.

This silo style engagement area has moving arched platforms that either
run vertical or swing horizontal on the walls. When you first step on the
closest ledge, you will have a new enemy that you looks a lot like an old
enemy. It's the Fiend and it's nothing more than a tougher version of the Pest.
There will be a couple of fiends hovering on the first three moving ledges and
thanks to the iron posts on each ledge, you will find a lot of your cross
shots will be blocked. Let's begin - step onto the first swinging ledge.

Deal with the Fiend to your right. As this ledge swings to the right, another
ledge will start descending. There are Fiends on there as well. Jump and fire
your cross to clear them out before trying to make the jump. Leap from your
horizontal platform to the vertical one.

Stand to the left on this moving platform and look for an alcove just beyond
a flame thrower. Time your jump into this hallway. At the end is one of the
Damned - Farinata [FARI]. Now time your jump again to return to the vertical 
platform. This time move to the right and let it drop all the way to the
bottom. Just above and slightly further to the right of the very lowest flame
thrower is an alcove that has a beast dog holding the Seal of Epicurus relic
[SER] and a fountain with the 24th Judas coin [SJC24].

Now jump back to that vertical platform. This time ride it up and look to the 
right for a higher vertical platform. If you did not clear them earlier, 
there will be Fiends on it so you may have to clear it and then let it cycle
again to jump on it. In this area, patience is a virtue. Ride this one to the
top and place yourself in the close corner of the far left edge. You will be 
looking for a horizontal platform coming to you from the left. There will be
a flame thrower near you that will always be in the "on" position as the two
platforms get near each other. You will have to jump right on the edge of the
flames to make it. Then, keep your eye open for another one of the hazards as
this new platform swings to the left. Hop off into a small hallway with a lever.
Pull the lever to shut off the flames.

Continue along the hallway forward and to the left. It will end in a wire. Get
on and hand-over-hand yourself to the other side. Drop off, turn to the right
and go pull the lever on the wall in the distance. This will destroy the statue
and leave the pedastal available for you to jump on. It will also start the
whole screen shaking like you are in an earthquake. After the lever, go to the
right and you will find a Soul Fountain. A little more to the right and you
will be able to jump on the statue's pedastal and then up again to find a
Beatrice statue and a Devil Door.

Open the Devil Door, take a few steps and then turn left and climb the wall.
You will climb right and jump two gaps then drop down to the start of a new
area. Dante should turn around and find the top of a bone pole to his left 
(the bottom of the screen or towards you, if you prefer). At the bottom, drop
off to a ledge below where there is a beast dog holding the Frederick's Ring
relic [FRR] and a fountain with the 25th Judas coin. This was the beast we
saw earlier and I told you we would be back for it.

Now jump up and grab onto that bone pole and climb back where you were. The two
fountains at the top are for Health and Souls. This next section is all about
timing while the screen is doing shaky things and the conroller is rattling in
your hands. Stopping at any time during the next sequence is bad. First, walk
up the ramp but not onto the landing at the top. This will let you look without
setting off the timer/sequence. You should see round cracked areas in the floor
all over the place. When you start this, pieces of the ceiling are gonna fall
down right on these areas so you don't wanna be on them.

Step number one is to run onto the landing and jump the gap to reach the path
on the other side and then keep running to the left. Just off camera will be
the end of the path on the left and you will get a bit of a breather before
having to start on the second leg. Get moving and I'll meet you there with
further instructions!

Now that you have arrived, you should have faced Dante to his right (looking
away from you). I know the picture is still moving around, but there is
nothing really happening so you are safe for the moment. In front of you to
the left is a platform. And beyond that is what looks like an extended ledge 
from the right wall and just beyond that is another platform in the center.
The trick to this next series is the extended ledge you can see and the 
grappling point you can't because it is out of camera range.

To begin, you cannot wait on any platform. They are going to crumble as soon as
you land so you have to keep going and jump quickly. You will only be able to
safely touch two of them. That is the one closest to you and the right side
of the one extending out from the right wall. 

You want to jump to that near platform on the left, then to the RIGHT side of
the extended platform and IMMEDIATELY hit the X button to jump and then press
and Hold the R1 button to use the grappling point you didn't know was there.
You will swing over all kinds of platforms crumbling and then release and do
a double jump to land on a honeycomb wall. Climb up onto the walkway and get
ready for the next sequence.

These are straight forward - the walkways will crumble as you step on them
meaning when they give way you must jump. There is only one way to go so there
is no guessing as to where to jump - it's all about when to jump. At the very
end just jump straight at the wall. It will crumble and vanish and you will
stick to a honeycomb wall. 

Climb left and up and through the steep sided tunnel until you pop out in a
blue-ish area with a wierd statue and Virgil. The path behind you will collapse
shut and the camera will quit shaking. Virgil has only more story to tell but
it is now obvious you are on your way to a new level.


Violence [VIO]

Continue on the path and you will see the top of a bone pole to your right.
Slide to the bottom and drop off onto a horizontal wire below you. Work your 
way hand-over-hand to the end of the line and drop to another wire below. Go 
to the very end of this wire and drop onto a ledge with a fountain holding
the 26th Judas coin [SJC26], the Damned - Attila [ATTI], and a beast dog that
holds the Shoe of Nessus relic [SNR]. Now, jump back on the rope and go back
until you are just over another wire below you - this will be close to where
this wire started.

Now go to the end of this wire and you should see a grapple point just beyond
your stopping point. Drop from the wire and use the grapple point to swing and
double jump to another wire further on. Go to the end of this wire and drop to
a rope on the wall. Slide to the end of the rope and drop onto a ledge below.

You will see a shimmering rock pile - break it to reveal a rotating switch and
you release the Minotaur's Battle Axe. Use the switch to reload the axe then
let go so it will slam into the wall above you. Do this three times and the axe
will break, destroy the shimmering obstacle on the wall and the blade will
lodge itself in the rock revealing a grapple point on the underside.

Get back on the rope, stay at the bottom of it and start swinging. Jump off
and use the grapple point to swing to a bone pole just a little further to the
right. Slide to the bottom and drop to the walkway below. Turn to Dante's
left (away from you) and continue on the path until you meet Virgil who
describes the river of blood for you. A little beyond him is a set of Magic
and Health Fountains. You might as well use them now since you can't get back
to them. Now double jump across the river and onto the raised platform you
see in the distance.

This is actually an engagement area where you will get to first meet the
Arch Demon. This is the next evolutionary step of the Throne Demon. He has the
ability to fly and his wings will close to act as a shield. He can also cast
Sins of the Father in addition to regular two-sword attacks. He also has the
ability to freeze you temporarily (you will have to circle-button press to
break it). He can be absolved/punished for big experience but it is a two
step procedure. Step 1 you have to rip his wings off (you will see a floating
R2 prompt), then you whoop on him some more and get a second R2 prompt to do
the punishment/absolution. Along those lines, you will need to fight him in
two steps - use the cross to damage him while he is in the air or use the 
heavy hitting Vile Hurricane, once he is on the ground wail away at him with
whatever physical attacks are at your command. Using the cross on the ground
is only semi-effective since he can close his wings to block it, but if you do
hit him it will often knock him down. That is a big plus. Once he loses his
wings - it works just fine all the time.

Once you have beaten him, jump over to the small platform at the base of a
bone pole. Climb to the top, but I would strongly suggest reading the next
paragraph before actually climbing up and into the next engagement area. You
should get a preview of the annoyance as you near the top - the flame that
shoots over the floor above.

At lower levels of difficulty, this fire hazard is a minor annoyance and this
challenge can be fought by simply ignoring it. If you are trying to beat this
thing on the tougher settings; this fire will cause you no ends of agony. The
first thing to notice is that there are TWO identical engagement areas. One
you are climbing up, and one a little further to the left. They are separated
and the only way to get back and forth is a single grappling point located
above and between them. There is a Health Fountain on the far side of the 
farthest left area. Your job is to beat TWO arch demons while keeping an eye
on the grating at the front of these areas. When you start to see a bright
glow coming from the grating you have to use the grappling point to jump to
the other area to avoid the fire hazard. So...it seems obvious that you want to
keep this fight as close to the edge near the grappling point as possible. Use
the cross to get them out of the air and tear up their wings as quick as you
can. Stay away from them as much as possible until that cross gets you the
R2 floating around to let you rip wings off. Once that happens, this is a 
straight forward hash and slash fight. Just keep avoiding that fire trap.

Once both are dead, the fire stops coming. Jump to the far area and, if you
haven't used it, you can get the Health Fountain. Near the left side of this
area towards the bottom of the screen there is a break in the containment wall
allowing you to climb down a honeycomb wall. Just climb down a small ways and
then climb left. You will go around a corner and then you can drop to a ledge 
with a beast dog holding the Atilla's Armor relic [ARR]. Now back onto the
wall you go, right around the corner and then you want to climb all the way
down to the ledge below where there is a fountain containing the 27th Judas
coin [SJC27], Now turn to Dante's left (away from you) and double jump to the
platform at the base of the bone pole. You can ignore the pole.

The next section involes the cages that are held by chains and dunked into the
blood river. Each time you jump on one it will start to sink. The first two
are connected and the second two are paired as well. As one sinks, the other
rises. You must jump on top of the first one, letting the second rise then jump
to the second and then to the third. On the third one you must wait a little
longer because instead of jumping ON the fourth you are going to jump IN to the
fourth cage and then proceed to the path beyond. Turn to the left wall and
jump up to a hidden ledge with a fountain holding the 28th Judas coin [SJC28].

Like always, Virgil is waiting for you over here. He has only the briefest of
descriptions of the Suicide Woods and, it is my considered belief, that the
Beatrice statue across the path is more helpful. Anyway, procced down the path
where you will get treated to a quick cut scene showing you the dangers of the
local flora.

Once its over, it is safe for you to walk underneath. Continue on the path and
you will see another of those deadly plants, and you should notice a red-
bellied tree on the right side. If you attack the red belly, the juice that
the flower uses will leak out and make it harmless.

Continue along the path until a gate shoots up barring you from turning back.
I know - engagement area, right? WRONG. Just a blocker. Continue along the
path and you will see another of those icky flowers. It is blocking you from
taking a left at this intersection - so go right.

As you turn the corner, there will be another flower ahead. Stay to the right
side of the path and you will find a Health Fountain and you can get to the
red belly of the tree and de-commission the flower. Walk under the flower and
jump up to the next level of the path. Continue winding your way forward. You 
will eventually come to a clearing with a Magic Fountain and two large bat/
tree looking statues standing on big red mishapen balls. This is an engagement

You are gonna have a Pagan with a big flock of Fiends to deal with. Right from
the get-go use your Lust Storm and keep it on until this fight is over. You 
can't hurt that flock until the Pagan's gone so ignore them while they hurl
ice balls at you. Get on that Pagan and quick. Once you have him done in, then
you can unload with your cross on the Fiends. And there are quite a few of
them. Once this is over, continue on the path. And before you ask, no - there 
is nothing to be done with the big red ball things.

Along the winding path you will find a Soul Fountain and one of the Damned - 
Pietro della Vigna [PIET]. Continue on the path and you will eventually slide
down a ramp and into an area with a slider and Soul, Magic and Health
Fountains. Go ahead and use them all, once we leave here you can't get back.

Now take the slider and move it to the base of the ramp on the far side of
this area. What you need to do is charge up your push (hold circle) then shove
the box up the ramp and then quick jump on the box and then jump up and off
it to the level above...while the box is in motion. Think you can do it? Well,
you gotta or we can't go any further. So...hop to it! (I know, I know...how is
it possible that I have this many great puns???)

There is a Beatrice statue waiting for you up top and, a few steps further on
the left side of the path you should see the red belly of a tree. Smack it.
For those with a good sense of direction, you may realize that we have almost
made a complete circle and are very close to being back to that one flower
we bypassed. Well, that red belly just shut that flower off. Now, a little
further along the path (to your right) and then through the arching dead vine
and you will actually drop right back at the intersection we just talked
about. This time, instead of right you want to go left under the flower you
just turned off. Hop up to the next level and just stand near the edge for a

In the center left of the screen you will see what looks like a large log with
a red cut off end. You have to recognize that to be successful in this next
engagement. As you are fighting in this next area, that log will occasionally
lower into your area. You have got to smack it a few times and quick or
everyone - to include Dante - will suicide themselves. You can't let that
hang down for long. I suggest keeping the fight somewhere near where it lowers
to save time. You do have a circle button smashing option right before you do
yourself in if you screw this up, but it's not like the others and you gotta 
be super quick with the thumb to make it work.

Now that you know that, step forward. The camera aspect will change, the log
will drop, and you will get your first wave - minions. Too easy. Smack the log
enough times to make it rise, deal with the little guys and we are onto the
second fight.

The log will drop again - smack it somemore. This next wave begins as a single
Throne Demon but soon enough two more will show up along with some minions.
Again, just make sure you don't fight too far away so that you can't see the
log or bad things can happen.

After this fight, you will get an extended cut scene with a mother-son moment
and you will receive the Suicide Fruit Magic [SFM]. This particular magic is
like using grenades.

This will be followed by the last engagement. If you are quick, you won't have
to deal with the log dropping down. It will start off with a small swarm of
minions then add two Throne Demons and a few more minions. Feel free to start
getting a feel of the Sucide Fruit. Once you are done, the fire blocking the
path will vanish and you can continue forward. 

Double jump to grab the ledge of a rock pillar and pull yourself up. Then jump
up to continue along the path until you meet Virgil who just yammers on about
seven kings and whatnot. Moving a little further forward you will find a 
Beatrice statue and a Health Fountain. Continue a little further and you will
find a Magic Fountain then you will run into a few of those Exploding Minions.
A little further and you will find a Soul Fountain.

From this last fountain you should see a large rock on the right hand side of
the path. Use it to double jump to the fountain you see on the higher stone
structure. This holds the 29th Judas coin [SJC29] and you will find one of the
Damned - Brunetto Latini [BRUN] here as well.

Drop down onto the path and continue forward. Just a few steps more, as you 
start to round the bend to the right, the path will get bigger and you will
be in another engagement area. This is nasty - a Pagan and a bunch of Fire
Guardians which will be followed by a second wave of a Pagan and a Throne
Demon. On the first set get that Lust Storm up quick and then keep the gap
closed to deal with the Pagan.

Once you are done, the fire walls will drop and you can continue forward and
around to the right. The path will end with a kneeling figure on a lone
platform and a small ledge on the right side of the path with a fountain. 
First, double jump to the figure, This is Guido Guerra [GUID]. Absolve or 
punish him and then jump back. Now jump up to the ledge and get the fountain
which holds the final 30th Judas coin [SJC30]. Continue forward and jump down
to the path. 

The path will turn right and lead you into some old ruins with a Health and a
Magic Fountain. Now the path turns left and you will find yourself recovering
an old memory of Dante. This will be followed by a battle with the souls of
your former comrades-in-arms called Damned Crusaders. They are actually just a
tougher version of minions. The cross works best on them or you can wail away
old school style. They cannot be absolved or punished, just scooped and thrown
like the Exploding Minions. Once they are beat, the firewall will drop and you
can continue forward.

A little further down the path and you will run into a couple of Fiends.
Dispatch them with your cross and then jump the small gap to the platform just
ahead and then jump to the higher level on this structure. Turn to the right
and jump to the top of the stone pillar. When you climb up you will be
greeted by a few Fiends. Make sure you jump when you use your cross this time
or you may swing yourself off the top. Once clear, you can use the Soul 
Fountain up here. Now turn back the way you jumped to get here and jump to
the top of that structure you were on and get the beast dog with the Memory
of Acre relic [MAR].

Now jump back to where the Soul Fountain was and turn to Dante's left (away
from you) and run/double jump to the path below. You have to be on this ledge
to make this jump - you can't make it from the beast dog.

Continue forward and you will see a fountain on the left. While the color is
wrong, you will get Magic. The path will now take a large sweeping turn to 
the right and end in a large engagement area with a rolling platform. Before
we get to the challenge, go ahead and step out into the area and have a look
around. No monsters will pop up until you start to push that rolling platform.

As you exit the path, turn to the left. There is nothing to the right. When
you turn to the left, you see this area angles up hill. On the the left side
you will see a Soul Fountain and two platforms, one lower than the other. Go
ahead and get the Soul Fountain now. At the far end of the area you will see a
Magic Fountain. You can use it now, if you need it.

What you will have to do is push that rolling platform to the top of the ramp
then run to the two stair-stepped ledges that were next to the Soul Fountain
and jump from the highest platform onto the rolling platform and onto the
ledge where you can see a Health Fountain way up high. You will have two
issues - #1 lots of bad guys attacking while you try and push the rolling
thing up the track and #2 as soon as you let go the rolling thingy will start
heading back downhill.

The tactic is simple - use Lust Storm for protection, push the rolling thing
to the top, ignore the monsters and jump up the platforms and onto the
rolling platform and jump over to the higher ledge. The bummer is only if you 
have upgraded your mana bar will you have enough juice to keep Lust Storm going
for the entire time and you're gonna take some hits. Sorry, but that's how we
roll here in the Netherworld! So...get to it. I'll be waiting for you at the

Once you have made it, use the Health Fountain and then take the path as it
cuts to the left. Drop down to a small ledge and then start climbing the
honeycomb wall up, right and then slide all the way down. Turn around and
follow the path as it arches slowly to the right and you will find a Beatrice
statue, a Magic Fountain, the top of a bone pole and good ole Virgil. He just
has some info regarding Hell's waterways. 

Get on the bone pole and slide to the bottom. Drop into the large circular
engagement area below and you will deal with:

BOSS FIGHT: Francesco [BF7]

The only way this fight is going to be tough is if you don't have all the cross
upgrades and a powered up Unholy upgrade of some kind (Vile Hurricane for
example). Otherwise it will just take a little time.

Frank has five basic attacks. The regular sword attack which is easily
blocked or countered. A powered up sword swing that you can't block. A sword
throw that is incredibly accurate. A grab and impale move that you can't
counter and a summon ability. For defense, unless you counter a strike or hit
him immediately after he takes a swing, his shield will stop all your damage
to include cross attacks. So how do you deal with this? Well, let's talk about
what won't work.

First, forget any kind of aerial combat. His accuracy with throwing the never
ending supply of swords will knock you out of the air. In fact, don't even use
any upgrade abilities that put you in the air. You will be asking for it.
Second, until you get rid of his shield, you can't do much damage to him at
all and that includes the cross. So leave it in your pocket for the moment.
All of your Magic will work on him, it just doesn't do a whole lot of damage
and you will use up your mana before you have even taken 10% of his health.

Our very first goal has got to be to get rid of that shield and there is an
easy way to do it. Stay away from him by using the dash. Keep circling until
you see his sword glow and he raises his arm to throw it like a javelin. Now
dash. The sword will stick in the ground not far from you. Run over to it and
the R1 command will display on your screen. Press R1 and Dante will pull the
sword from the ground and chuck it at Francesco. Now do that one more time and
the shield vanishes. Two strikes is what it takes - remember that, because
this dirt bag has the ability to summon the shield back so you will have to
pull this maneuver quite a few times.

Once his shield is gone, feel free to wail on him. Everything will hurt him.
The cross, big scythe strikes - the works. And, if you knock him down on his
back you can even go to the big aerial moves.

After the first time that you pull this, and he gets his shield back; he will
summon some of his friends - the Damned Crusaders. These guys can be annoying
or they can be helpful. If you have the Holy upgrade, Blessed Spirit Tap, they
can be a source of health in the middle of the battle. If you don't, then you
will need to keep dodging them and flinging out cross attacks while dealing 
with Frank and the flying swords.

When Frank's health drops down to nothing, he will kneel over with a floating
R2. Get over to him and Press R2 then repeatedly slam on the circle and you 
will pull a sword out of his back and do him in.

For beating him you receive the Francesco's Forgiveness relic [FFR] which should
be the very last one - odd, with more than two circles of hell left, oh well. 

After the battle, you will remain on the circular platform but it will turn
into an elevator - going down. You will have several engagements on the way
down. The first is a new upgrade to the crusaders and it's the Damned Captain.
This guy is tougher and sports a sword and shield capable of inflicting fire
damage. Get that cross out and start smashing the circle. As you whittle their
numbers down...

The second engagement will start on the heels of the first with the appearance
of a Pagan to bolster the few remaining Damned Captains. Not good, but as long
as you use Lust Storm and stay on top of the Pagan, you should be able to make
quick work of this.

The third engagement is a pair of Arch Demons. Use the aerial cross to keep
distance and knock them down until you can rip their wings off and then
finish them on the ground. 

The fourth engagement will occur near the end of the third with the appearance
of yet another Pagan. If you haven't dealt with the Arch Demons by the time
he shows up - this will become rougher than it has to be. If that happens,
hopefully you will have some mana left to use Lust Storm as those Arch Demons
are not going to give you any rest and, since they are invulnerable with the
Pagan around - you are in for a long day.

The platform will now finally stop at a ledge with a Magic and a Health 
Fountain as well as a Beatrice statue and you will officially be in...


Fraud [FRAU]

First, let's get some terminology straight so things aren't too confusing. In
the save menu and at certain points you are going to see this area referred to
as Malebolge. It will often have a number after it. The word "malebolge" is
Italian meaning roughly "ditches." Because there are several sub-sections to
Fraud (ten to be exact), the game simply numbers them. In the poem, each
ditch (or sub section) of Fraud is labelled as it's own "Bolgia". Much like
the previous section on violence, the lower the Bolgia the worse that sub-
section is. For example, in the previous circle of Hell known as violence
there were three levels. Violence against others was the lightest punished,
violence against oneself (suicide) was next heavily punished and finally
violence against God was given the worse. So it will go with the different
sub sets of Fraud.

This section of the game itself is nothing more than a series of challenges.
You receive rewards (souls) for accomplishing each within certain bonus
parameters. There are a couple sections where you may consciously wish NOT to
achieve the bonus as there will be opportunities to gain experience. I will let
you know when and how to do this.

For now, let's continue along the path. You will be stopped by a cut scene
where apparently your girlfirend has a whole new attitude. Odds are - you ain't
gonna like it. When the cut scene is over you get to face a new nasty enemy:
the Malacoda. This guy is like a hybrid between the Fire Guardian and a Throne
Demon. You have to smack him with quite a few cross combos to get the fire to
go out and make him vulnerable to weapons attacks. Magic has very limited
effect on him since most of the time he is invulnerable (while he is on fire).
In addition, he has a hasty axe swing and a darn near unavoidable charging 
attack. He will be a handful and my suggestion is cross only unless you get an
opening to hit him with major scythe upgrade attacks. He can be absolved/
punished, but the bummer is that you don't get any more experience than you do
with Throne Demons.

Once you dispatch him, the firewall will drop and you can continue forward.
The path will end in a Devil Door and one of the Damned on a higher ledge to
the right. This is Thais the Harlot [THAI]. Once you have absolved or punished
her, open the Devil Door to find a rusty old elevator with a lever. Pull the
lever and you will be taken to a lower level. Turn to the left and head into
the tunnel.

The tunnel will go down a ways where you will see a Magic and a Health
Fountain on a ledge. The path will then turn hard right and dead end in a 
Devil Door. Open it to reveal Bolgia #1:

Panderers and Seducers [CH1]
Use the moving platform to get to the circular engagement area on the other
side. The first challenge is to defeat all the enemies using just magic. The
good news here is you get infinite mana to do it. While you can play around
with this, I find it easiest to just continually cast Sins of the Father. There
are two way to play this:

If you have maxed out the upgrades, you will get the bonus in no time. If you
have not maxed out the upgrades then don't worry about the bonus and instead
try to keep a steady flow of strikes going and you should easily get the 
trophy for the 666 hit combo. On the lower levels of difficulty this is a walk
in the park and the 666 try is almost impossible since you kill everything so
quick, but you easily get the bonus. On higher levels - you will probably want
to work toward the 666 trophy.

Once you are done, a walkway will drop down. Follow the path over it to a 
honeycomb wall on the left marked by a glowing circle. Climb the wall down.
There is only one path to follow with the wall climbing, so follow it until
you are able to drop down into another tunnel. At the end will be a Beatrice
statue, and Magic and Health Fountains. To the left is the Devil Door to
Bolgia #2 (or Malebolge 2, if you prefer the game term):

Flatterers [CH2]
This time you need to use the grapple point in the claw to get to the 
engagement area. Just be aware you have to be quick as you will get cut off
if you are still swinging when the claw closes.

Your challenge this time is to get a 100 hit combo. Use the cross in
combination with scythe attacks to get this. If you can do it in less than
30 seconds you get the bonus.

Once this is complete, the walkway drops and the path leads to another rusty
elevator with a lever. When you pull the lever this time, move immediately to
your left as it will suddenly plunge and come apart. You need to jump into
the tunnel opening when you see it. Again - it's in the left hand wall.

Like before, the path will end in a Beatrice statue, Health and Magic
Fountains and a Devil Door. You will open the door to Bolgia #3:

Simonists [CH3]
The first thing you have to do is a pair of diagonal jumps timed to the two
ledges that pop up on your left and right. Jump diagonal left than immediately
diagonal right and then onto the circle.

This is the one of the levels where you can take your time for extra 
experience. There is constantly respawning enemies for you to absolve/punish
and there is no ending clock until you meet the requirement. There are only
two enemies here: Damned Captains and Guardians. Normally it is 2 captains
with one Guardian but on occasion you will have a few more of the little guys.
One word of warning if you are doing the experience thing - if the death blow
comes while the bad guy is in the air...that counts as an air kill for the
challenge. What this means is if you unload with lots of cross attacks, sooner
or later you ar going to knock a captain in the air and kill him. Also, when
you go to punish a Guardian, if the move is a jump in the air and rip him
apart - that will count for the challenge. Everything else is fair game. If you
don't need the experience and would prefer the bonus souls, complete this in
under one minute.

When you are done, the walkway drops down again and this time ends in a wire
that you must jump onto on the right hand side. Hand-over-hand it to the end
and drop on the bone pole below. Slide to the bottom and drop off the pole to
another wire below. Travel to the end of the wire, drop down and you will find
one of the Damned - Tiresias [TIRE]. Follow the path to the usual statue,
fountains and Devil Door behind which is Bolgia #4:

Sorcerers [CH4]
The first thing you have to do is use the moving platform and the pop-up
platform to get to the engagement area. You will only be facing Guardian Demons
and normally no more than two at a time.

This is by far and away the best engagement area to load up on extra experience
because it will be almost impossible to "accidentally" succeed. Now, let's not
make too much of this - it is not an infinite load, but you can get quite a 
little. The challenge is to stay in the air for 8 seconds. This can by done by
combining Soul Stabber moves with other scoop and slam moves. This is where 
you hold the triangle button down which slams the ground and launches an 
opponent in the air as well as yourself. While you are airborne, you use the R2
button to scoop and slam your enemy which keeps you in the air and then you
unleash a Soul Stabber move followed by another aerial move which holds you in
the air longer and you reach 8 seconds. The other simple method is the 
"infinite monster dribble". This is where you press and hold triangle to launch
you and the bad guy into the air. Press R2 while you are in the air to scoop
and slam the bad guy. He will bounce. As he bounces up you hit triangle which
slams him down again keeping you in the air. The bad guy will bounce again and
this time you use R2 to scoop and slam. Then triangle again when he bounces up
and so on until he dies or the timer runs out on the move. This only gets
screwed up if the bad guy doesn't bounce the first time (you were too close
when you set off the Hold triangle first move) or if you miss him with the 
R2 or triangle button in the air (you weren't close enough or pressed the
buttons too early or too late).

Otherwise you can just load up on souls and XP here until you notice that you
are no longer getting credit for the absolutions/punishments. To get the bonus,
you have to stay in the air for 8 seconds and kill 2 enemies doing it.

The walkway will drop which leads you to another rickety elevator with a 
breakable and half-broken gear. Just break it the rest of the way and down
you will fall. Like before, stay focused on the left wall and jump into the
tunnel when it comes in view. Follow the path to the usual statue, fountains
and door. Crack the Devil Door for entry to Bolgia #5:

Politicians [CH5]
You just can't be surprised that these guys have there own circle in hell
reserved just for them. You just can't be. To get across, jump to the small
platform with the rotating switch. Then use the switch to turn the platform a
little past where it needs to be. As soon as you release the switch the
platform will start moving back to its original position. Run and jump onto
the circle.

This challenge is to protect the innocents. You will be protecting them from
Exploding Minions. The innocents are in the closest left and right corners
(bottom of your screen) while the bad guys come from the top left and right
corners. This is super simple - just stand slightly farther than half way on
the center circle and use the cross to wipe them out. At least one of the
civilians must survive to pass and you get a bonus if they both make it
through the waves of suicide bombers.

Once you are done, the walkway will drop and you will be able to follow the
path and jump onto a wire on the left hand side. Follow it too the end and 
drop to another wire below you. Follow it to the end and drop to a third wire.
Now go almost to the end until you are over another wire below you (careful,
this is not all the way to the end, it's just short). Then follow it to the
end and drop into the tunnel. Same drill as before - tunnel end, statue,
fountains, Devil Door leading to Bolgia #6:

Hypocrites [CH6]
This time you use the timed grappling point hidden in the claw up on the
ceiling to get to the engagement area.

This is not really a challenge, it is three engagements. The first two you
can't use magic. There will be no finishing this. The first engagement is a
Throne Demon with a bunch of Damned Crusaders. This will be followed by a Pagan
with a bunch of Damned Captains. Then the challenge will be interrupted by an
Asterian Beast. You gotta take him.

Once you have him, a giant statue will fall on your trusty steed. Rapidly press
the circle button to save yourself and then watch for the R1 button to show up
so that you can use a grappling point to avoid the crumbling ruins. This will
launch you onto a wire. Follow the wire to the end and drop in the tunnel.
Same drill as all the rest which leads you to Bolgia #7:

Thieves [CH7]
This time you have to use two banging platforms to get across to the engagement
area. The challenge here is to kill everything without dying. You get a bonus
if you kill them all in less than a minute.

The walkway will drop and lead you to another rickety elevator. This time you
only want to be on it long enough to get on the honeycomb left wall and then
climb down. Keep an eye on that lift. If you are on the wrong side when it
comes down it will scrape you off and kill you. The honeycomb wall will only
go in one direction - follow it to the next tunnel which ends in the familiar
foursome. This will get you to Bolgia #8:

Evil Counselors [CH8]
This time you have to use a moving platform and jump a flaming rope in mid
travel to get to the engagement area. The challenge here is to kill everything
while your blocking ability is disabled. You get the bonus if you can finish
in less than a minute.

The walkway will descend and the path will lead to a bone pole. Slide down
to the bottom then drop to the wire below. Go to the end of the wire and
drop onto the honeycomb wall barely visible below. Climb left and up into
our usual tunnel with statue, fountains and Devil Door. If you are tackling
this on one of the more difficult levels, you need to go to the Relics Menu
now and equip both the Coin of Plutus and the Memory of Acre relics. You will
need their special powers to make the next challenge a lot more simple. Now,
open the door and you are in Bolgia #9:

Sowers of Discord [CH9]
You have to use a spinning platform after jumping a rope of fire to get to the
engagement area.

The challenge here is to kill everything with one continuous Hit Counter. If
you have equipped the relics I just mentioned you can easily just smash the
daylights out of the circle button and pass this test. Without them and on the
easier settings, just remember to combine your combat cross power and your 
regular swings. Avoid using those big Unholy upgrades like Soul Stabber since
there is usually a delay after you are done setting it off and that will most
often lead to you getting hit and the counter being reset. This is NOT a 
continual spawn. Once the hit counter gets reset you have to restart. 
Completing this in less than a minute gets you the bonus.

Once it is over, the walkway will drop and another old and busted elevator with
a lever will be available. This time face to the RIGHT after you pull the lever
and look for the tunnel to jump into. As soon as you land you will have one of
the Damned to absolve/punish - this is Myrrha [MYRR]. This is the same old
tunnel routine so opening the Devil Door will lead to the final Bolgia #10:

Falsifiers [CH10]
This time there is a single moving platform with two fire ropes to jump in
order to make it to the engagement area.

This is a straight forward challenge - kill them all. Do it in less than five
minutes to score the bonus souls.

The walkway will drop and this time the path will lead to a ledge outside where
you will finish with the Beatrice storyline and receive the last of Dante's

Once you have control of Dante, move forward along the path and turn left. You
will immediately be greeted by Virgil and you should see a Beatrice statue,
2 Fountains, one of the Damned and the top of a bone pole in the distance.
Virgil will introduce you to the final circle of Hell.


Treachery [TRE]

Start by rejuvenating your magic and health at the fountains and punishing/
absolving Fra Alberigo [FRAA]. Then mount the bone pole (hehehehehe) and slide
to the bottom. Now drop to another bone pole below you and slide to the bottom
of it. Then drop to the wire underneath. Do the hand-over-hand thing past the
hugging and puffing giant head to the end of the wire and then drop way down to
the platform below.

This engagement area can be a pain in the butt. When you first kick it off you
will have a flock of Pests - too easy. This will be followed by Arch Demons
and there are quite a few. As if they are not problems enough, that giant head
will randomly start to blow which will slide you off the platform to your doom.
In addition, you can jump and or throw yourself off this platform by your own
attacks as well as the bad guys doing the same thing to you. In fact, that is
a favorite tactic of the Demons - get you frozen with their wing blast attack
and then rush over and give you a smack sending you off the edge.

I find the best method to deal with them is jumping and unleashing constant
cross attacks. The best place to stay is in the far left corner between the 
first large stalagmite and the little darker ones to the right. It's a bit of
a safe spot from the blowing giant head but not close to the edge where a 
charging attack will knock you over. If you get caught out on the platform 
while bad breath is blowing, you can jump and and get back to the safe spot.
You can't walk, run or dash - you'll just get slid off the platform. 

The Pests actually give you a little help since they don't do much damage and
they will give you time to get into the position before the Arch Demons show
up. Again, use the jump then cross attack. Don't be launching cross attacks on
the ground as this will walk you out onto the platform or throw you off the

When the Arch Demons show up, just unleash the cross until they die. If they
charge or fly over to your little area, unleash your heaviest blows to get them
away from you. You want distance for this fight and you don't want it to happen
in the middle of the ring.

Once it is done you will be shown a grapple point. That head will keep blowing
so time your jump and swing so you don't get knocked off in mid-leap. Swing to
the right onto a rope. Then swing to the right and break the shimmering
obstruction and, once the path is clear, swing right and double jump to the
bone pole in the distance. Climb to the top and you will find one of the Damned
- Mordred [MORD] and two Soul Fountains.

Now get back on the bone pole and slide to the bottom. The next part you have
to swing from two grappling points to a bone pole without getting blown to
kingdom come by that giant head. The easiest way to do this is let him blow the
first time, and once his head is slighly down and he is getting ready to inhale
drop off the pole and use the first grappling point. Use only that first swing
and release to get the second one right away. This keeps you from swinging
back and forth in front of the blowhard and tempting him to gust you into
oblivion. From the second point, swing once and double jump to the bone pole.
Too easy.

Slide to the bottom and drop off onto an ice ramp where you will do some more
sliding (hey, where's my sled???) and finally end up at the feet of Virgil.
The game will now tell you that you are officially in Treachery. This will
be your last meeting with ghostly grandpa so enjoy the conversation and it's
time for the ice bridge challenge.

First, you will be slowed down. No running, jumping or dashing allowed (the 
controls won't even work - sounds like the rules at the local pool, they just
missed no diving HAHAHAHA - gotta have a sense of humor...just gotta). The 
trick to crossing this bridge is to walk on the cracks. When you see one 
section shaking, you know that the other side of the crack is the safe section.
If you look REAL CLOSE you can see which chunks of ice are thicker than the
others - those comprise the safe path.

Once on the other side, you will have the last of the Damned - this is Count
Ugolino [COUN], 2 standard Magic and Health Fountains and a Beatrice statue on
the left. This just makes no sense - why put one of the Damned (worth all of
600 XP) right here before the last battle. What is 600 XP going to do for you
now? This is all part of the rush to the end that so many criticized this game
for. Anyway, deal with him and then break the shimmering obstacle and drop
down to finish the game.

BOSS FIGHT: Lucifer [BF8]

To begin, if you are playing this on the easier difficulties, you really don't
need a strategy guide as for the most part you can just smash the correct
buttons to win. On the flip side, Hellish or Infernal and you had better be
on the money with your tactics or you ain't long for this world. Sometimes
even the Zealot level can cause issues for newer players. And yes, I have seen
the YouTube video beating this boss, and the only comment I have is you had
better be on the Classic level if you are going to approach this fight in that
manner. On Infernal, those fist blows and tornados cause so much damage that
you will only be able to take a combined 3 strikes and then you are out. You
can absorb about 10 total hits on Zealot meaning you can make a mistake or two
or three or four (big smile). You can survive maybe 6-7 hits on Hellish,
meaning you get two mistakes before poor Dante expires.

This is a three part battle that has stages within each battle. You want the
correct relics equipped to make this an easier fight. You are going to want
to switch these out as you progress. And that brings us to some good news, the
pause button will work throughout this entire fight to include during the
cut scenes. That lets you re-equip and get set for the following stage.
Depending on which path you chose (hopefully you are combined so that you have
4 relic slots) different relics can be helpful, I will list the best bets for
each stage. However, it is important to note that the relics only give you a 
bit of a boost - using the right tactic will be far more helpful.

Stage 1: The Giant Lucifer

Holy (3 slots): Lord's Blessing (pluses up your cross), Francesco's
Forgiveness (damage protection), and Medusa's call (pluses up ranged attack

Unholy (3 slots): Seal of Epicurus (pluses up damage), Francesco's
Forgiveness (damage protection), Demon's Wing (pluses aerial damage)

Combined (4 slots): Lord's Blessing (plus up cross), Francesco's Forgiveness
(damage protection), Medusa's Call (plus up ranged attacks), Demon's Wing
(plus aerial damage).

Satan's tactics: He will begin by just slamming his fists and letting you deal
with the shockwaves. There will be one or two cycles of this depending on how
much damage you do to him. This phase ends when he blows you across the
engagement area and lets fire tornandos loose. He will then rapidly slam his
fists on the ground. The last phase is very similar to the previous one with
the noted difference that the tornados stay around a lot longer and on the last
slam (the 2-fisted slam) he will send out either ice or fire waves.

Weaknesses: Between the phases, he will slam a single fist into the ground and
hold it there. He will also do this after two cycles of the phase attacks 
during the last part until you finally beat him. A white beam of light will
shine on the center of the engagement circle with a floating R2. If you can get
there in time, pressing R2 will give you a free shot at Lucifer's face with
your scythe and you can follow that up with cross attacks to the gut. NOTE:
This is always proceeded with an ice attack and your time window to get to the
center is very very small. If you were knocked down just prior to him doing it
- you won't make it in time.

Dante's Defense/Counter Moves: In the first phase, Lucifer's fist poundings are
very slow and he gives obvious signs he is about to strike when he winds up.
You can simply jump during the shockwaves. During the second and third he
pounds the ground so quick that jumping is difficult and many times you will
have tornados still flying around - no worries, the dash/dodge will avoid the
shockwaves. You have to time it right, so get used to his slamming patterns.

Dante's Offense: For the first phase with the slow pounding fists, stay in the
center of the circle (the white part) and jump the shockwaves and unleash your
cross attacks while you are in the air. This way you don't leave that circle.
You are waiting for him to slam that fist and give you the R2. Take your free
face shot and follow it up with cross attacks. Don't worry about firing these
in the air. You will shoot more on the ground and his next attack is going to 
knock you out of the sky anyway. Once the big fella has sucked up enough of 
your abuse he will inhale and then blow your derriere all the way to the other
side of the circle and unleash two fire tornados. You want to dash one way
(doesn't matter which way - left or right) on the outside of the circle and
then back near the center point. Keep an eye on Lucifer, when he gets ready to
slam his fist you want to dodge the shockwave. On the two handed blow - jump
and unleash your cross. He should do the blow thing again and you get to do
this all over until that white light and R2 show up. You gotta be quick since
odds are you will be on the outside of the circle for most of this fight and
you have to be in the center to activate the R2. Once you do, take your free
face shots and then cross him to the gut. He will blow you out again and you
are into the final phase. This works the same as the previous phase only this
time he will unleash alternating fire and ice attacks immediately after the
two handed slam. USE ONLY a single jump to skip over them because the next
set of fist slams will be coming quickly behind it. Fire your cross while your
feet are on the ground and in single or double button shots only. Big combos
are going to leave you exposed to the following shockwaves. Keep this up until
you get that light beam and R2. And that should pack it in for this fight. In
general, you should be able to strip him down to 2/3 health in phase 1, he
should be around 1/3 by phase 2, and phase 3 should be the finisher. If you
aren't hitting for enough the game will continually cycle the current phase you
are in until you get him down to the proper amount. You will never be in phase
3 while he has a full health bar.

Stage 2: Shrunk to Size

This is more of a heads-up fight. And the GREAT news is you get a full health
and mana bar to begin with. Magic will work and so will the cross. There
has been a lot of chatter about the cross blinding you when you hit him on 
the ground. The screen does flash white but Lucifer gains no advantage and you
take no damage. If you watch his health bar, you will see he is taking damage.
It's just not a lot and you can do so much better with upgraded Unholy scythe
attacks and magic.

Holy (3 slots): Ciacco's Bile (pluses up mana = more magic), Francesco's
Forgiveness (damage protection), Medusa's call (pluses up ranged attack
damage) or other options include the Coin of Plutus (plus up combos) and
Calvacanti's Blade (turns evades/dashes into attacks)

Unholy (3 slots): Seal of Epicurus (pluses up damage), Francesco's
Forgiveness (damage protection), Demon's Wing (pluses aerial damage)

Combined (4 slots): Ciacco's Bile (mana regen), Francesco's Forgiveness
(damage protection), Seal of Epicurus (plus damage), Calvacanti's Blade (evade
becomes attack), Demon's Wing (plus aerial damage).

Lucifer now stays primarily on the ground and has several sword attacks. All of
which can be blocked and/or countered. Personally, I like to unleash the Sins
of the Father and then go to town on the Soul Stabber/Crusher/Shatter while
using evade/dash to keep this a little more than a weapon's strike away
distance fight.

Stage 3: Floating Fight

This time Lucifer will remain airborne for the whole fight. Your cross does
zippo damage as he has a shield that activates right as he's hit. He will be 
throwing all manner of fire attacks at you and they hit for a TON of damage.
The key to this is dashing forward and back until you get the R1 command at
the top of the screen. Press it and you will fly up to him face-to-face and
you will get free shots. After a while, you should notice the pattern. You
start by getting a free R1. Then he throws these little M80-like fire bombs
and you will get a second R1. Then he unloads with a serious string that ends
with large orange arcs and a single fire ball - you should get the R1 after
that. Then it starts over. On the last one, if you are too far away he will
chuck these orange exploders - you have to dash towards him and under the
bombs to close the gap and get your R1.

In the beginning, I have been able to cycle R1 free attack, followed by a Sins
of the Father which will get another free R1, when you drop down he will hit
with a single small fire ball and you can launch Sins of the Father again. Keep
this pattern going until you run out of mana and then return to the splash and
dash tactic. This won't strip him of all his health as you will run out of mana
but it does take a huge chunk of what he has left and then you can go to the 
patterned R1-dash as described above.

The only relics that truly help are those that limit damage, beef up scythe
attacks and, if you are using the Sins of the Father starting pattern the
magic booster Tristan's Desire. You can try Ciacco's Bile, but it usually only
will get you one extra magic attack near the end of the fight.

This really should be about the R1 and dash pattern - that's your bread and
butter. Once you have him beat you will head onto

Stage 4: Platform Swinging/End Game

The engagement will set up with floating platforms having grapple points
below them. Just make sure you are NOT starting off directly underneath the 
lowest platform. Start at an angle so you get launched toward the next 
platform's grapple point. Once you get Dante started on the swinging all you
have to do is press R1 and he will automatically move platform to platform up
to the top where he grabs Lucifer and you have to pull off the final set of 
button commands (push the left stick to the right, then left stick to the left,
then single press of the square button, and finally start jamming on the circle
button). Now enjoy the ending cut scene.

And that is how you do that.

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