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by AdvsInfinity

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FAQ/Walkthrough by AdvsInfinity

Version: 1.12 | Updated: 03/18/13

                         I-\   /\  |\ I I---I I-- | /-I
                         |  ] /__\ | \|   |   |--   \-\
                         |_/ //  \\I  |   |   |__   __/

    __      _      __    _____     _____     ____      _      __       ___
    TT     | \     IT    T----|    T----|    T--=\\   | \     IT     //   \\
    ||     ||\\    ||    | |       | |       ||  | |  ||\\    ||    ||  |  ||
    ||     ||  \\  ||    |----|    |----|    ||__|/   ||  \\  ||    ||--+--||
    ||     ||    \\||    | |       | |       ||--\\   ||    \\||    ||  |  ||
    ||     ||     \ |    | |       |_|__|    ||   \\  ||     \ |     \\___//
    --     -=      =-    | |       =----=    -=    =---=      =-
                         | I

Copywrite Information

Exclaimer: None of the religious views expressed by the video game of this FAQ, Dante's Inferno, nor the poem for which is it based on, the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri are representative of my views or beliefs, nor should they be subject to the scrutany of any of my personal views or beliefs. I have not expressed any of my views or beliefs in whole or in part in this FAQ.

In the interests of providing a reference to the Divine Comedy for which this game is based off of, I have periodically explained each circle represents in the poem itself, and used each definition as the chapters of my FAQ, but does not strictly dictate the views of the game itself or the people who developed the game. All information concerning the Divine Comedy is referenced from Wikipedia at the article of the following internet address.


This text document is Copywrited under me, Thomas A Halter Jr. This document cannot be rerecorded or hosted anywhere without my consent. I have given my consent to host my document to: Gamefaqs.com. As of the posting of this FAQ I do not wish to have my FAQ hosted outside GameFaqs or otherwise outside the GameSpot network. Any reproduction without my consent will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law in any case of copywrite violation.

Any characters, licenses, and/or software and other copywrited objects are copywrite under their respective owners and entities.

Version History

Version 1.00 2/14/10

  • Title and ASCII art added
  • Table of Contents added
  • Copywrite information added
  • Version History added
  • Author's Note added
  • Intro added
  • Mechanics added
  • Walkthrough added
  • Judas Coin Locations added
  • Relic Locations added
  • Beatrice Stone Locations added
  • Credits added

Version 1.10 2/17/10

  • Dating errors in Title and V. History fixed
  • Few minor typos fixed
  • Last four Judas Locations added
  • Judas coin numbering updated
  • Demon's Wing relic info and location added
  • Credits information updated
  • Author's Note re-ordered to make sense

Version 1.11 2/18/10

  • Fillipo's Rage relic info and location added
  • Minor structural corrections
  • Credits information updated

Version 1.12 2/21/10

  • Attila's Armor relic info and location added
  • Beatrice Stone note added
  • Credits information updated

Version 1.2 3/18/2013

  • GameFaqs Markup mechanics implemented
  • Slight changes to author's note
  • Find Tag (FT) feature removed in favor of GameFaq's formatted table of contents
  • Minor grammar errors fixed

Author's Note

I got Dante's Inferno on the U.S. release date of 2/9/10, and I played it through writing the FAQ as I experienced the game the first time through, as to provide a FAQ that does not contain spoilers if you restrain yourself to the section of the game you're on. I wrote this FAQ as I was going through every step of the game so there is no way I wrote anything that directly fortells the future events of the story.

That being said there is still probably dozens of things I've missed and I would be absolutely ELATED for the rest of you, the GameFaqs community to help me fill in the blanks and I will of course abide by GameFaqs' golden rule of giving credit to those who help me. Simply E-mail me at Taenju@hotmail.com to tell me whatever it is I missed and I will update the matter as expaditiously as possible, but please include your GameFaqs username, as I will not accept annonymous tips as I cannot properly credit them otherwise.

I liked the game for the most part, but one thing I couldn't stand was the nudity at times (depending on version), only about half-way through does it stop andlimit itself to just blood and gore. You may also notice that I do not curse,instead of the "D" word everyone knows so well, the souls you find in Hell I will refer do as the "Condemned" instead, to spare myself from having to speak or type any sort of profanity.


After adjusting your video settings, the game opens up upon a forest, in the events of the Third Crusade, when King Richard's forces had taken Acre and 3,000 of it's civilians. In the forest you see a man, who is sewing a red fabric cross into his chest, and thus the camera then zooms in upon the cloth to a 2D styled animation of the conflict.

Before long in the animation you see a crusader pick up a poleaxe, as well as an Acre man breaking free of his cage, and now you get control of the crusader.

Now the game begins.

==Game Mechanics=

The purpose of this section is to explain the different game mechanics of the game in the order they are introduced to the player, and I will give any extrapolated information that I think the player would find useful.

- Movement: in its simplist explination, it is simply your method of locomotion in this game, using the left analogue stick to move in the direction you push it, often used in conjunction with the right analogue stick to manage the camera. As an added feature, you can click the right analogue stick to sprint which speeds your characters run, but he can't use his readied weapon while he sprints.

- Camera: In this game, the camera is fixed according to where you are in the given area. This can be annoying during the protracted battles where it can be aggrevating because you aren't able to spin the camera around to accomodate what you're trying to do but this type of camera is great in the sense that you're never going to miss the dramatic and theatrical set piece events of the game and you'll encounter this type of show throughout the whole process.

- Combat: Very early on in the game, you have access to your two main weapons, Death's Scythe and the your holy Cross. Death's Scythe can be used in both Light attacks, that are often sweeping hitting many targets, and Heavy attacks often more damaging to single enemies and initiating aerial combos. The Cross discharges magic crosses that function as a ranged attack that can be integrated into the combos. You can also press the Right Trigger to grab enemies and punish or absolve them, press A to jump, and push the right analogue stick in any direction to dodge in that direction. There are many combos you can enact, too many to list in a short paragraph.

- Quicktime: Quicktime events are ever present in this game, and can be implemented to almost every enemy in one form or another and most often with the bigger enemies and bosses, often requiring them. Most games include quicktime events, as they are ways to be active in combat while doing cinematic moves that are impossible to intentionally assign and map in regular combat controls, but in Dante's Inferno, they are involved in almost every major conflict. They instead involve the player in an interactive movie of sorts where they are prompted to press certain buttons in concert to achieve a certain result, often major offensives or damage to larger enemies.

- Souls and Experience: Souls are reaped from every enemy you defeat, and are used as a currency to purchase new moves and combos. Experience in this game comes in the form of Holy or Unholy, each having their own respective level, and with each new level unlocking more holy and unholy powers and combos.

- Magic: A secondary method of dealing with your enemies, you can unleash various powers that each with their own unique proclivities, often damaging or defeating enemies more easily than most. Magic powers cost Mana, which can be refueled by the Mana Fountains (the purple ones) so that you can use even more magic, more quickly.

- Beatrice Statues (Save points): Simply spots of each circle where your recent ventures are saved, so should you die, this is the point at which you will be returned to.

- Fountains: Little stone pillars with a small flowing fountain, goes most way up to Dante's torso, and these can either be green fountains (Health), tan/brown (Souls), or purple (Mana).

- Condemned Souls: There are historical figures and other various people who are condemned in Hell which you can absolve or punish for 600 holy or unholy experience, there are 27 of these people around the game.

- Relics: items of power that augment Dante's abilities in various ways, Dante starts out able to equipt 2 at a time but with upgrades he can eventually carry four.

- Judas Coins: collectable coins from the game that award 3,000 souls for every 5 coins you find, and with a total of 30 coins in the game it's a possible 18,000 souls to help you with your journey.

- Beatrice Stones: There are 3 of these stones that you can find in certain locations of the game, and once you find all 3 you will be able to automatically absolve the condemned, skipping the sin-catching mini-game. This is usefull if you already have all the souls you need and are just skipping through the game for absolving all the condemned.


So now its finally time for the part you probably skipped right down to this section to see, the walkthrough itself. Along with revealing all the necessary steps I will put in as many journals in as I know to give you the best help possible. If I missed anything that you've found please E-mail me at Taenju@hotmail.com and it will be updated, I will not accept annonymous contributions so include your GameFaqs username so that I may properly credit you.


You are given control after the 2D styled animation stops and a bunch of the Acre prisoners will come flooding in to fight you, combat them with your Light Attacks (X button) and the Heavy attacks (Y button). Just keep spamming Light attacks, throwing the heavy blow at the random dudes that get behind you after you've strung a sufficient amount of swings around.

Note: The Right stick, jammed in any direction, will let you dodge in the direction you push the stick, a constant hazard here is the flaming projectiles raining down from above, pressumably from catapults and trebuchets.

After some 30-50 prisoners a flaming boat should come barging up and crash into the battle plaza, proceed across the surrogate bridge to the next stone causeway and continue through to the next open area, and a cutscene ensues.

As your character is walking along he is promptly taken by surprise via a stab to the back by an Acre man, and Death himself comes to take you to Hell, professing your sins, indentifying your character as Dante. Dante speaks back confused, saying the bishop assured the crusaders that the crusades were a just cause before deciding he will not go away silently.

You are taken to a battlefield in a void to combat Death, and this fight is actually pretty simple, it has to be to be this soon into the game. Death will do long ranging scythe swings similar to your light attacks but at a far more significant range, just remember to put your guard up (Left Trigger) and your dodging (Right Stick) and keep wailing on the dude between his swings.

You'll be able to interrupt him often, just get into a knife range and leave your guard up until the pauses in his attack pattern and do your own strings until he gets down to about 1/3rd health left and press the Right Trigger to initiate a quicktime event, he grabs you and you must rapidly press B to free yourself, then press X twice as the prompts appear to steal his Scythe and strike him with it.

He is now defenseless, just wail on him until the Right Trigger prompt appears again to finish him off, rapidly pressing B at first then finishing with a final X blow, you are then notified that you have collected some souls and can now afford getting an upgrade, just pause the game and go to the appropriate sphere and pressing A then confirming the choice.

Afterwards you're brought back to the plains of a rural area, and with Dante's shirt off you realize that he was the man in the introduction who sewed a cross into his chest. Angered that the crusades were anything but Holy, he returns home to try to start life again with his love, Beatrice, but upon reaching his house he finds a dead man, slain with a gold cross jammed into the eye.

After honoring the man's premature death he continues to the graves behind the house to find a woman, who happens to be Beatrice, on the ground dead, stabbed through the torso. In grief, Dante goes to the corpse as Beatrice's soul appears, saying she knew he would come, but then a dark figure appears to take her away, presummably to Hell.

You gain control again as demons and malcontents start jutting up from the graves, fight them off as you are continually tipped off to extra abilities, including being able to now hold the Y button to launch enemies into the air and initiate an aerial combo, while pressing the right trigger will grab enemies and swing them at other enemies.

After the couple dozen or so fiends are dealt with the wall of fire that was hampering you from continuing disappears, and you are free to move forward, but not backward evidentally as Beatrices corpse creates a spiritual wall, but either way, press onward.

Save Point

You find yourself at the end of the winding path, at a church, introducing you to the Beatrice statue save points and the green health regenerating fountains. Nothing else special here, continue into the doors.

You are confronted with the sight of Beatrice's soul on the altar at the far end of the room, asking why Dante broke his promise, confused he places a cross at a conveniently glowing cross shape on the altar and another 2D animation starts.

This time we see how Dante came to joining the crusades, and the bishops campaign stating that those who fought for the crusade would be absolved of all sins. Now the back wall of the church falls away revealing that you are actually near Hell it seems, as some flying demons are seen just ahead of you.

You keep the cross from the past cutscenes, and you can now use it as a ranged method of attacking, and a holy way to dismiss enemies, blasting holy light blue crosses towards your foes. This happens to be the easiest, if only, way to defeat the flying demons coming toward you.

After a quick few blasts, they should be dead and some more of the humanoid fiends will appear, now you can grab enemies with your scythe (Right Trigger) and either punish or absolve them, increasing your Holyness or lack thereof to each relative meter, as seen on the power screen of the pause menu, leveling each as you progress.

There will be a couple waves of the flying enemies at first, a couple dozen of the human fiends and one last wave of the birds in between that, and after dealing with them a support beam for the church, of course in the shape of the cross, comes crashing down to give you access to the next area. Note: You'll notice immediately after you have control that a part of the floor to your right will fall away, you don't want to be on any of the falling platforms so stay to the left close to the altar.

Run on up the support beam to find another Health fountain then proceed down the ledge where you see the glowing gold sphere, climbing down the ledge, pressing the Right Bumper to slide down, if you so wish, and press down and A at the bottom to dismount the pole.

You'll find yourself at a causeway where you must fight more of the same fiends as you escape a roling wheel threatening to push you straight into a spike wall thus ending your existence. Not much to worry about as the wheel slows and speeds up only after you've left the danger zone.

Proceed down the causeway to the floor below to have some flaming debris crash down and impeed your progress, and firey fiends come out to combat you, for these guys you must toss a holy blast at them before they become suseptable to your scythe, keep repelling them in this fashion until the debris clears away.

Afterwards it's time to fight more of the regular minions, a couple dozen of them, and then once you're done with that, exploit the nearby soul fountain (similar to the health one but it gives you souls, free xp essentially) and the health fountain further ahead from that.

Save point

Continue down the path to find another pole to slide down and find an apparition of a poet, who Beatrice evidentally encountered, who gives you a magic spell to help you in your endeavor to deliver Beatrice from her fate. Magic attacks can be reassigned to any of the four face buttons and can be used by holding the Left Bumper and pressing the appropriate face button.

There are, as you've noticed, several fountains nearby, two soul fountains, a health and two Mana fountains (which restore magic power). The soul and health fountains can be exploited before talking to the poet Virgil.

A few enemies appear to fall to your new abilities, the first magic attack which is essentially a harmful dash that can easily deal with the ground enemies, while you'll need to blast or swing at the few birds in the fray.

After these are dealt with, a dude riding a beast appears to deal with you, jump to avoid being launched in the air by the beast until the Right Trigger prompt appears to initiate the quicktime, pressing X to avoid being swiped off the beast, B to leap from the head, and Y to finally slay the rider and take control of the beast yourself. Note: While riding the beast you can press X to have the minotaur slam his fists on the ground while Y will make him stomp his hooves, B to breathe fire, and Right Trigger to grab hapless enemies.

When you get control of the beast there will be a couple dozen of the minions spawning periodically, it's easiest to just spam the Y stomp until everythings defeated.

When that's done move over to the Gates of Hell and have the beast open the door for you and Dante will dive on in, pleasant thought, ain't it?

Save Point

You should immediately notice the differently textured wall behind the statue, run up and Right Bumper to jump on and start climbing, hold Right Bumper and slide down the drop to the left, then start making your way across the wall.

You should come across a Soul Fountain on the way to the left, then to a short gap you'll need to jump across, revealing Virgil to you again below. Talk to him once again after meeting him to get the Death Blade relic, and then double jump to the ledge up to the left of him to aquire your first Judas silver coin.

Continue forward then to see a cutscene showing you Charon, the boat to the City of Death, after you get back to Dante move forward to find a Mana fountain and a lever, pull the lever, there's nothing else to do really.

Once you pull the lever, a bridge will appear, and then a band of the same demon's you've been facing until now will appear. A few minions appear and they can be just dealt away with, the pests that fly across where the bridge is can be a pain because they constantly respawn.

Another issue is that the bridge retracts, so you're going to need to kill the present pests, pull the lever then rush on across before the pests come again, only then to they stop spawning.

Once you're finally acrossed the bridge at at the bell tower, you'll notice that there is a pole to slide down to the right, proceed to do so. At the bottom you'll find whats called a Guardian Demon, looking like tall satyrs.

Do deal with this foe, just spam a XXXY combo, if you do nothing but light attacks he will counter you and retaliate, and eventually you'll be prompted for the option to press Right Trigger and get 100 holy or unholy experience or you can just continue to wail on him to get rid of him.

After the first guardian is dead another will appear accompanied by a couple minions, not much more challenge. When this is done the mechanism that retraced when you landed in this ring reappears for you to use.

Hold the Right Bumper and push the left stick to the right to crank the platform upwards to find a wall you can break down, but before that crank the floor all the way to the top to find a fountain that gives you your second Judas silver coin.

After grabbing the coin, should you wish to get it, go ahead and break the glimmering wall to reveal a door to go through and find Virgil once more. He explains here that this is the area where people load the boat Charon and that most of these souls are bound for Limbo, didn't sin so Hell does not accept them, but didn't fear the lord either.

Continue forward and you can break the buckets of skulls for small bits of souls, up until about halfway to the tower you can see and you'll be forced into battle versus a Guardian, a couple minions and a couple pests.

After that's done move forward to find Pontius Pilate, one of the Judges for Jesus' trial, and you can choose to either punish or absolve him for a grand 600 experience either direction, Absolving him enacts a mini-game where you get 30 souls for every sin you capture, and there are about 30 so like 900 total.

Continue on through the door to see the same 2D animation you saw last time and the Dark Figure and Beatrice again, only for the dark figure to pull Beatrice away again saying Dante doesn't deserve her, and mocking his part in the Crusades.

After this you'll have to fight three or so Guardians as well as a dozen or so of the minions before continuing. You'll find a Beatrice statue, a rope to climb across and behind all that the third Judas silver coin.

You then jump up onto the rope, shimying across to Charon, holding the Right Bumper if you want to shimy faster and halfway there Charon will speak. He will reveal that Beatrice made a bet and that's the reason for her capture, Dante offers his body and soul to have her return but he was *supposed* to be dead already, and those already belong to Hell as Charon claims.

A jerk Guardian then cuts the rope you're on and you plummet down to a climbable wall on the hull of Charon, start making your way to the right and notice a spot above you can climb into, ignore that and proceed to the right and going up the second balcony to get Charon's Oar relic.

Backtrack over to the ledge you skipped before and climb up into it, finding yourself in a room with another mechanism and a crate you can move around. Take the crate and pull it up one of the ramps and into the small openings on the outsides of the ledge.

  • There is a Judas coin in here that was revealed to me by Darkgurux:
  • "Inside the room with the mechanism and crate you move the crate to the window space on the right as usual and move the mechanism back so you can push the crate onto the mechanism's platform but if you push the crate all the way to the left side you can jump up to a little balcony above the barred window which holds a Judas coin."
       -Thanks to Darkgurux

Then go to the mechanism and use it to move the platform past the crate, put the crate on the front part of the movable platform then use the mechanism again to move the platform back towards the back wall.

You should be able to now get onto the crate and jump up to the ledge above to start another 2D animation showing why Dante joined the crusades, to protect Beatrice's brother, Francesco.

After the animation you find yourself confronted with Orpheus, the poet and musician who failed to deliver his wife from sin, and you can choose to either punish or absolve him for another 600 experience and again, absolving enacts a sin-capturing mini-game for souls.

When you're done climb up the wall behind Orpheus to the Charon's deck, where you are met by three Guardians and neverending minions, just focus your time and energy on the guardians and don't let the minions annoy you too much.

If you need it, you should be able to see a health fountain off to your left as well as there is a mana fountain in the far back of the deck.

Once the guardians are dead another Asterian Beast will climb onboard, and just like the Gates of Hell fight, you'll need to avoid his stomping and kill the rider and mount the beast yourself.

This time around instead of just minions you're met with a dozen or so Guardians, all of which can be swiped dead in just one strike from the Beast, so just stomp away until they are all dealt with then proceed to have the Beast rip off Charon's head.

After the dramatic beheading, the Beast will leap to pillars off the front of Charon and you'll need to have him climb up before the pillars collapse, remember to jump, as it's fast than simply climbing.

At the top you're going to be prompted to press X, Y, then B to finally ditch the Beast and get Dante on top of the pillar, and proceed to hastily scurry across the bridges of the pillars.

When you get acrossed the first bridge the pillar you end up on will start collapsing, you'll need to press the Right Bumper when the prompt appears at the top to leap off the pillar and crash onto a nearby causeway where we yet again see Virgil.


For those of you interested in learning just a little bit more about the poem this game is based off of, the Divine Comedy, the 1st Circle of Hell is called Limbo, and isn't necessarly a place of sin, but just where those who never accepted God as their lord or otherwise weren't baptized rest, grieving that they couldn't have gone to a better place, these are the virtuous pagans, who never really sinned.

     - Taken from Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inferno_(Dante)

Save Point

As the save point title here dictates, you are now in Limbo, the first circle of Hell, what Charon's destination was, but he's beheaded now. Virgil explains that this again isn't a place of sin, just weren't religious, our objective as you can probably imagine is to get to the fallen King Minos, who sentences those that are bound for the lower circles.

You can see King Minos if you move to the right and he's there off in the distance, and after admiring the view climb down the wall at the end of the causeway and leap down to the left to find a new exploding minion.

You must grab this minion and fling him at the door to open your next path further into the circle, pull the Right Trigger to grab the minion and push the Left Analogue stick in the proper direction to toss the minion.

Continue into the hallway to find Charon's head, still kicking, so to speak, hidden to the left right before Charon's head to face a Guardian and find your fourth Judas coin.

Now go back and continue past Charon's head to find another Relic, the Eyes of St. Lucia and the first of three Beatrice stones, which in the end give you the ability to auto-absolve the condemned.

Now would be a good time to explain that Relics augment your capacity for attack, defense, or other sorts of beneficial effects, and you can have 2 on at a time. The Eyes of St. Lucia is the first relic that doesn't have a requirement to put on, you probably have Death Blade on by now too, which required you obtained your first extra level of Unholy, Ctrl-F the relic Find Tag (Relic-FT minus the hyphon, no space) to find out what each relic does for you.

Head back to the intersection of the hallways and finally now go right, forcing the demon door to open to find a new enemy, the unbaptized child, they're slightly tougher than the minions, but not much to note, you can still just grab them and deal with them just as easy as minions.

Proceed outside this room after your done with the dozen or so unbaptized to find Virgil, talk to him twice to recieve the Lord's Blessing relic. He explains the nature of the unbaptized and his origins in Rome.

Continue through the door Virgil was standing beside to find a small hazard and soul and mana fountains, and the soul Electra outside, who killed her mother to avenge her father, as always, punish or absolve for 600 experience and the possible absolution mini-game.

After punishing or absolving Electra, go back to the previous hallway and continue further up the hallway to find more explosive minions and another door to force open.

When you get outside, you'll get a better look at King Minos, but you aren't actually there yet, continue down the causeway until your path is blocked and you'll have to fight a dozen minions, one explodes, then a Guardian, then some more of those unbaptized children.

Continue to find a doorway back to the interior of the structure and you'll find Virgil again, who explains that the great who reside in Limbo are often the virtuous, and not to be held in the same manner as those who are in the deeper circles. Note: There's a soul fountain as well as statues you can destroy for souls.

Run up the ramps to see another 2D animation depicting Dante as the crusaders took Jerusalem from Saladin, then you are brought back quickly to what you were doing, just a quick scene.

There are mana and health fountains up on the ledges above, as well as a lever if you jump off the left side of the above ledge which makes the statue in the center of the room receed to reveal another relic, Saladin's Mercy.

Save Point

Proceed up the ledge again to see the Beatrice Statue and another lever which reveals a point you can swing from, hold the Right Bumper to keep momentum on the swing.

Continue forward to see King Minos, sentencing the condemned to the different circles of Hell, and he appraises you as a traitor, glutton, and a murderer, Dante hints that the judgement may be wrong and this angers Minos and thus the battle starts.

> > > King Minos < < <:::

Part One:

At the very beginning of the fight Minos will have tentacles erupting from the ground below you in hopes of harming you, just run around aimlessly to avoid this. Before long you should be prompted to press the Right Bumper to grapple up to a nearby ledge, this lets you avoid an attack from Minos who tries to blow you off the stage.

When he's done, run up and swipe his face a few times and he should recoil in pain, where you should then to up to his newly revealed vaunerable underbelly, which you should then strike to truly harm Minos.

After he recoils again you know you've done some damage and should get ready for a wave of a few minions.

Part Two:

Minions dead, the tentacles appear again, just run around aimlessly until Minos eventually starts slamming his fist down, just dodge those and jump the occassional attempt of his to swipe his forearm across the field. Stay out of the center as much as possible until he slams hit palm on the field.

When he does this, run over a pull Right Trigger to initiate a quicktime event, pressing Y and then X to make Minos recoil again and reveal his weak spot, then a wave of half a dozen unbaptized and a Guardian appears to combat you.

Part Three:

No tentacles this time, he just goes straight to slamming his fist, just avoid the slams and his forearm swipes until you get a prompt to cling to the wall to avoid his gusting again.

You then hop of and go to take a few swipes at his face, he will knock you to the ground and a tentacle will come up, threatening to impale you, push the left analogue stick to the right to avoid it, then left again to get back on your feet.

These two steps repeat three times then Minos will finally collapse, prompting you to enact another quicktime event where Dante grabs Minos' tongue, you pull the left analogue stick down, then down again, press B, then rapidly press B.

Minos will finally be defeated, and you will obtain the Tail of Minos relic.

After you've dealt with King Minos, go past where he was sitting, swinging accrossed the divide to find a cave with a soul fountain and a Beatrice statue to save at before beginning your descent into Lust.

Rappel down the line until you're about a body's length from the end of the rope and hold the Right Bumper and move left and right to build momentum, and jump across to the next rope, climb up that one to find a Judas coin.

Slide back down to just about halfway down the rappel line and swing over to poles you can see above the next rappel line, pressing the Right Bumper to catch the pole and climb up to find the Francesca's Book relic.

Slide back down the pole to the right onto the rappel below, then the pole past that. Slide down to find, yet, another rappel line, start swinging this one and press X or Y to break the giant chain ahead of you.

This time you got to swing over to an orb you latch your scythe to and swing from to the next rappel line, here a few pests appear for you to test out your rappel combat abilities, go to the bottom of the line and swing the rappel line and attack to get rid of all of them and then swing to the next pole.

Slide down this pole to find yourself seeing another 2D animation, where Dante is tempted by one of the acre prisoners for intercourse if he let her brother go, like the virtuous man we know he is he says he's already got a woman back in Florence.

After getting back to the game, you are faced with the punishment or absolution of Francesca de Polenta, who committed adultery with the younger brother of her husband, you know the deal.


Again deferring to the poem this game is based off of you should now realize that you're in the 2nd Circle, Lust. This is where those who let their sensual kind of love control their lives, the rapists and the adulterists are punished first, being blown back and forth by the fierce winds of a violent storm, much like their appetite overwriting reason, leading them needlessly and aimlessly about.

     - Taken from Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inferno_(Dante)

Just after dealing with Francesca you are notified that you are now officially in Lust, with a bridge spanning acrossed a great divide in the mountains, a gap in the middle is also present, move forward and a tower will erupt from the ground and Cleopatra will appear, sealing herself in a cyclone.

Run down to the bridge and stay behind the statues because you'll notice there is a harmful energy blast that runs down the bridge towards you every few seconds. If you run down to the third set of statues and go to the left you'll find an off-screen climbable wall leading to the Filippo's Rage relic.

And another coin revealed by Darkgurux:

  • "In the beginning of Lust where the ball of energy shoots across the ground with the statues on each side of the path. If you walk to the left of the last statue on the left side, behind the statue there is a wall you can climb down and across a gap. That's where the coin is."
       -Thanks to Darkgurux

Go down to the second set of statues and on the left you'll see a lever, use this when a blast charges up to direct it back at the cyclone, creating an entrance.

The entrance will dissappear in time so when you pull the lever follow the blast on through into the cyclone, Virgil is at the end of the bridge but no relic this time, he just explains how the winds punish those who let their lust control them, very metaphorical.

Once you get inside you'll meet a new enemy, the Temptress of Lust, it will dodge you and circumvent your scythe attacks, I find it easiest to just spam the Cross attack, makes it pretty easy to beat these.

When you're done, theres a soul fountain to the right and a mechanism to the left, crank up the snake head as far up as it will go then run over and break it's fangs, then raise it back up all the way again to lock it into place.

Jump up the snake's tongue and up to the ledge above and Dante will see Beatrice, except in a different wardrobe, before she is raised further up into the tower and a different platform replaces that one.

To the left on another ledge is a mana fountain, to the right is Virgil and a soul fountain on the ledge past him. Virgil explains here that those who let their tendancies for intercourse are condemned here, talk to him twice to get the Tristan's Desire Relic.

Save Point

Down the ramp to the left is a Beatrice statue and a lever which raises the platform in the center to the ceiling, we'll get to that later. Down the ramp to the ramp to the right is a health fountain.

Go onto the platform in the center and go to the far side of the ring and pull the statue out somewhere in the middle of the platform then to pull that lever down the left ramp, and the statue will keep it low enough that you can jump onto it from there.

Get back onto the ledge then and move to the left to find a Judas Coin as well as another lever on the ledge to the right with a soul fountain next to it. Grab what you will and then pull the second lever and quickly jump back onto the platform, the ceiling will open and the still gusting air will push you upward.

You'll then start fighting on the platform and you'll notice Cleopatra outside climbing up with you, you'll need to fight a few temptresses and a Guardian, the temptresses will pester you as you're fighting the Guardian so Cross them first.

When they're all done Cleopatra will jam her fist into the tower and smash the platform, forcing you to press the Right Bumper to grab a nearby latchable orb. When you get back onto the platform you'll fight a dozen or so minions and a few more temptresses.

She will then stop the platform and force you to fight some unbaptized, minions and temptresses, finish them off to reveal a platform to the right, giving you access to a health fountain and, if you hit her hand a couple times, access to a lever up above that which will make the snake statues breathe fire.

Another wave, same as before appears, deal with all of them to make a platform on the left appear, this time the enemies aren't the focus. Hit her hand a couple times and go to the left to find another lever which will turn the snake heads towards Cleopatra, and then go over to the right again to burn her.

Continuing upward, you'll be faced with a couple dozen pests with a few more temptresses, clean house, nothing special here. Afterwards another transition and the platform stops, to the right is a soul fountian and down the pole below that, another poor condemned soul.

Paolo Malatesta, the person Francesca committed adultery with, betraying his brother and her husband, punish or absolve. Head back up afterwards and then proceed to a similar ledge on the left side of the screen this time, finding a climbable wall and mana and health fountains.

There is a lightning hazard, be sure to avoid that as you're climbing the walls. Continue on until you get up onto a ledge with another condemned soul, Semiramis, the Queen of Assyria who made lust legal in her country, punish or absolve her.

Save Point

After she's gone go to the ledge to the right of her and drop down to find another relic, the Arrow of Paris, afterwards jump back to the left grabbing the climbable wall again and getting back up to the Beatrice Statue.

Run over to the left of the Statue and jump the gap to see a ledge with a fountain, which contains a Judas Coin. After this finally go back to the right side of the Beatrice Statue and climb up the wall to find Beatrice once more.

Another 2D animation explains why Dante's actions condemned Beatrice, and then Cleopatra appears and identifies the dark figure that's always taking Beatrice away as Lucifer.

> > > Marc Antony and Cleopatra < < <:::

Soon after she summons Marc Antony, the Roman General and politician, to fight you, it's pretty easy to counter this guy, although his bigger attacks will knock you back if you're guarding. If you have the redemption bar full go ahead and just unleash on him.

Periodically, Cleopatra will start healing Antony, run over and slash her hand a couple times like the platform fight to continue the fight. After beating Antony you'll get the Antony's Standard relic.

Cleopatra will shrink to human height to mourn Antony, and then a quicktime event will play as she tries to kill you for killing her lover. First you pull the left stick down, then up, then click it upwards, then push the left analogue stick up again, killing Cleopatra.

Completing this will get you the Lust Storm magic ability, which surrounds you with a damaging storm that hurts enemies that get too close to you, you probably saw it on Marc Antony.

The platform should then start plummeting, you'll need to fight a couple dozen minions and a few Guardians. Soon after this a falling piece of debris will crash on the right side of the platform, breaking away the right edge.

Now a few more Guardians will appear, defeat them and yet another piece of debris will shear away the left side of the platform, another will break away the bottom edge, make sure you avoid these, and then one last piece of debris will break away what's left.

You will then be free falling, eventually after falling out of the tower, you should see a red orb to latch on to, then three successive swing orbs, so you'll be pressing the Right Bumper four times until you finally get the bridge on the other side of the tower.

We find Virgil again and he reveals that Achilles and Helen are also here, from the seige of Troy, interesting bit of reference. Continue forward to find soul and health fountains and a pole to slide down.

Avoiding the jetting flames, slide down to the rappel line below, jump across the three rappel lines, caution for the lines can burn from the jets, then you will find yourself another pole to again slide down.

With more fire jets to avoid, slide down to another rappel line and you'll find another great chain to break, when you do your rappel line will catch fire so hurry and jump off pressing the Right bumper to catch a swing orb to another pole.

Slide down to the rope below, you'll notice a great beast below, thats Cerberus, who guards the 3rd Circle, Gluttony. Go backward on the rope to find another relic, the Rain of Gluttony.

Save Point

Shimy on down the line, timing your speedy climbs to avoid the two fire jets and you'll find yourself health and mana fountains, a Beatrice Statue, and Virgil. Virgil will enlighten you to the poetry of Cerberus below, where you should then slide down the pole to meet with Cerberus.

> > > Cerberus < < <:::

The first thing you'll notice is that he likes to fire balls of bones at you, dodge these when you can, but if you'd rather, Lust Storm negates them. If you get too close the heads will lundge at you, Lust Storm will slightly lessen the damage from this but not negate it, and if you dodge it's best to dodge inward.

You'll want to run up, fake out one of the side heads into lunging if you wish, then immediately proceed to interact with one of the glowing rocks on the ground, which will open a jet of fire as the head tries to lunge at you.

The head that lunged into the fire jet should get knocked out, freeing you to strike at it a few times. Repeat this process two or three times until you are prompted to pull the Right Trigger to initiate a quicktime event. Sometimes if you hurt him enough you'll only need to start the fire jet once.

The Quicktime event only requires that you press Y once, which will behead the head in question then use the same process to take out the opposite side head. Once that's done you'll only have the last head to deal with.

The middle head will lunge to either side, and it's almost impossible to avoid it if you're at the very edges of the arena. Using the fire jets on this head is unlikely, so just fake him into lunging and swipe a few times every lunge until he collapses.

Seeing the last prompt for a quicktime, take it and the process will follow as left analogue stick Up, down, left, then right, metaphorical with the Cross gesture. Beating Cerberus will give you the Azrael's Apprentice relic.


Now you are in Gluttony, the 3rd Circle. Here are sent the gluttons of the Earth, the ones who overindulged or slavered over food, keeping it from the needy. These people are forced to lie in a slush from freezing rain, black snow and hail, and these are all guarded by Cerberus, the 3 headed dog guardian, though in this game it's hard to call it a dog so much as just a beast.

     - Taken from Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inferno_(Dante)

Run on over Cerberus to find yourself in Gluttony, run on forward to find a Judas coin, be careful of the smoke on the ground denoting the position of a worm lying in wait to devour you.

Continue forward to find Health and Mana fountains and a pole down into the gullet of the land. You'll be landing right on top of a worm so be ready to rapidly press B, then proceed to kill the 4 worms around the room and the few dozen minions that appear. Note: The minions here are slightly varied, they'll leave a puddle of harmful waste puddle when they die if you just hack them away.

When that's all done you'll see another condemned down the hallway, Ciacco, who overindulged and is now suffering here, absolve or punish like any other condemned soul you've come across. If you absolve here you'll notice the mini-game now has darker orbs that you do NOT want to press the button for.

Save Point

Next to Ciacco is a soul fountain and a Beatrice Statue, and proceeding outside you'll find a bunch of pests, most easily dealt with by spamming a few cross attacks.

Avoiding the lakes of, what is presumably digestive acids, hop across to find a rope and to the left of that, a giant set of jaws housing the condemned Clodia, gambler, seducer and drunkard to punish or absolve.

Continue across the rope then into the far set of jaws to find a winding hallway with Virgil once again, who explains the punishment of the gluttons who are stuck here, and gives you the relic Ciacco's Bile.

Onward lies another worm, three guardians and a few dozen minions to deal with, and a mana fountain to the rear left of that arena. Past that is mana and health fountains once again next to a portal.

When you walk into a portal you'll be shown another 2D animation showing his father rubbing off on him as far as lust goes, and why he had the issue that condemns Beatrice. We also see a CG cutscene revealing that the man we found dead with a cross in his eye was Dante's father, and the man who killed him and Beatrice was the brother of the girl Dante took, revealing that they were in fact wed, not siblings, and the husband wanted revenge.

When that's all done you'll be faced with a Glutton, a specific large enemy, slow and will sometimes just spew waste in a great arc in front of him, which is harmful. Just wail away at these guys when you find them.

When the Glutton is dead you'll be warped to another part of the room, disoriented until you realize this has just become a game of portals and finally found Dante again.

Pass through the first portal, to find yourself on the wall above, pull the lever up there to turn the portal you just entered then go back through the portal you just exited.

You'll be on the other causeway on the bottom of the screen, proceed past the lever and up the wall to find a soul fountain up on the ledge there then climb up further to find another Judas coin.

Proceed back down to the turned portal and pull the lever, that will summon a plank of wood you'll need to pass back through the portal, run across and jump across to reach the causeway below where you start.

Don't pull the lever here, but if you look to the left above where you started you'll see a plank of wood floating around and a portal on a pillar, you want to run through the portal near you when that floating plank is right below that portal so that you'll land on the plank.

Save Point

After you've landed on the plank you'll be taken to the portal which is the exit of that area. You'll be back in the familiar guts of the glutton caves, and at the end of the winding path to find a soul fountain and a statue.

Slide down the pole and drop to the rappel line below, swing forward to the next pole and climb up to find another Judas coin as well as the Octavian's Gold relic.

Slide back down the pole and drop to the rope below, shimy across and drop down to the next rappel line and simply drop down to the floor below. What you need to do here is take the rock thing and push it a little toward the three fire vents then hold and release B to launch the thing to plug the three vents.

Quickly get back up on the rappel line and make your way across before the three fire vents plus the one you just uncovered flare back up. You'll find yourself in front of another great chain to break away, this one takes a few swings since you're not on a rappel line.

Slide all the way down the newly revealed pole to find a rope, time your advance past the vents to the very end of the rope and drop down and be ready to catch a swing orb, which will take you to another rappel line.

You'll be between two rows of fire jets, get to the bottom of the rappel line, start your swing to the right after they fire so that you'll be well timed to avoid the left ones and reach the pole past them.

Slide down the pole all the way to the bottom to find another pathway, at the end is a ledge, if you grab the ledge but don't climb on top, shimy over to the right and climb up under the cover to find the Crown of Carthage relic.

Hop down and climb back onto the ledge on the left this time to see a Mana fountain, as well as if you jump up to the right you'll grab a ledge with a soul fountain, and then jump acrossed the hallway to an even higher ledge to find a Judas coin.

You can then jump ahead in the cave and if you carefully time your double jump, gain altitude on the other side of the low ceiling to grab another ledge housing the second Beatrice Stone.