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Enemy/Boss Help Answers Last Answer
How do I beat Lucifer ? 5 3 years ago
How do I defeat Cleopatra? 2 8 years ago
How do i beat death? 14 8 years ago
How do I get through Death's Grasp? 2 9 years ago
About quick play ? 4 9 years ago
How do I beat a Lust Temptress quickly? 2 8 years ago

Plot/Storyline Help Answers Last Answer
Can someone help shed some light on the ending? 9 9 years ago

Technical Help Answers Last Answer
Why does the game keep telling me error 800501F? 1 9 years ago
Why can't I? 2 9 years ago

Other Help Answers Last Answer
Redemption mode? 3 4 years ago
Is this game worth buying? 6 7 years ago
Will the Playstation 3 version support 1080p? 11 7 years ago
Is dante's Inferno a 3rd person game for ps3? 1 8 years ago
New Game +? 1 9 years ago
Why does dante have a cross on his body? 2 9 years ago
Can I use my authorization code twice when both DLCs are released for the Divine Edition? 1 9 years ago
How do I send Charon back to the Abyss? 1 9 years ago
Do you have to enter your dlc code BEFORE the release of it does'nt matter? 2 9 years ago
Items carried over for next game? 5 9 years ago
How do I use the Redemption Mode? 3 9 years ago
Any way to skip the cutscenes? 3 9 years ago
How do i lvl up unholy? 3 9 years ago
How hard is this game? is it hard as GOW 2? 4 9 years ago
Beatrice said at the beginning:You broke your promise Dante.Which promise was that? The stay true to our love? 5 9 years ago
What`s the difference between the regular version and the Divine Version? 7 9 years ago
Is it possible to have all upgrades? 1 9 years ago
Trophies? 1 8 years ago
DLC souls? 1 8 years ago
Does The New Game Plus Block Trophies? 1 8 years ago
Holy / Unholy trophies? 1 9 years ago
Countermeasures trophy? 1 9 years ago
I collected but no trophy? 4 9 years ago
Ethically, how should I judge the damned souls in Hell? 1 9 years ago
What happens to the extra soul points? 1 9 years ago
Virgil commentaries? 2 9 years ago
Why does this game copy god of war? 1 9 years ago
Does anyone know when the Prequel level will be released? 2 9 years ago
What is the reward for beating 'gates of hell' mode?(except the trophy) 1 9 years ago
Question about the Dark Forest DLC? 1 9 years ago
How many hours have Dante's Inferno on gameplay??? 2 9 years ago

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