possible fatal bug in Greed level? (ps3)

  1. I am stuck in the greed level, Just after jumping a few gears (the space with the girl who opened the gates of Rome) there is a big room where you fight a big group of monsters, then a level appears, that would suposedly trgiier something to allow me to climb up. But the R1 trigger does not appear as I near the lever, and I can't figure what welse to do.

    I'm afraid this may be a fatal bug that will make me do the whole game agaIn. i had only one save. After wasting some time, i went back to the save statue before the gears and saved again, big mistake. On coming back later, the lever is still stuck.

    I,m afraid this is a fatal bug and I will really have to do the whole game over again. But in case Im just missing something, I write here, since i'd rather not restart if it's avoidable.

    At least i'll keep more saves next time now that I know the game is unreliable. And this may also warn others not to trust it too much.


    User Info: Surnis

    Surnis - 8 years ago

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