How do i get through signal tower ?

  1. Moved leaver left & right & left again. gone up levels.Tten dont know how to go up more. Keep burning.

    User Info: laichip

    laichip - 8 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. When you get to the level you're stuck on, look for the black or grey brick-like structure. If you don't see it, keep pushing the leaver over until it gets stuck. Right in front of that should be a greyish block. If you still can't see anything, I recommend going into settings when you get the chance and adjusting the brightness. All you need to do is use your scythe to break the block. A few quick swings should do it.

    User Info: Flameclaw1234

    Flameclaw1234 - 8 years ago 1   0

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