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Guide and Walkthrough by Axel7174

Version: 1.60 | Updated: 11/09/2009
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            _    _            _                _            _     
           | |  | |          | |              | |          | |   .d8888b
           | |  | |_ __   ___| |__   __ _ _ __| |_  ___  __| |  d88P  Y88b
           | |  | | '_ \ / __| '_ \ / _` | '__| __|/ _ \/ _` |         888
           | |__| | | | | (__| | | | (_| | |  | |_|  __/ (_| |       .d88P
            \____/|_| |_|\___|_| |_|\__,_|_|   \__|\___|\__,_|   .od888P"
           ===================================================  d88P"
                                   A M O N G  T H I E V E S     888"

| Uncharted 2 Guide          |
| Created by: Axel7174       |
| FAQ and Walkthrough        |
| Copyright 2009 Ryne Gardner|

Version History
Version 1.15 - 10/13/09 - 10/16/09
--Greetings! I began working on the basic stuff for this guide a while ago (a
basic outline, title, and the outlining info, etc), but the actual walkthrough
began here. This is the first completed version. Got a lot to work on and fix
up, etc. Hopefully this is a good start though.

Version 1.25 - 10/19/09
--First update. I made it a goal to try and handle the treasures first and so
I've added a lot more to the walkthrough and I'm hoping to find most of if not
all of the remaining ones next. I added the Trophies section and also added a
little more here and there, made a bunch of fixes and removed a few typos. 

Version 1.30 - 10/20/09
--Small update. Mostly a few fixes here and there, not the least of which was
the dates in the version history--doh! More importantly however, added even
more treasures to the walkthrough, a tiny bit more to Basics and that's about
it for now. 

Version 1.35 - 10/21/09
--Added more treasures, quite a few thanks to helpful readers. Now there's only
three treasures left to add! Other than that, I made a tiny update to Basics,
and made a fix here or there to the walkthrough. 

Version 1.40 - 10/23/09
--In this update, all of the treasures have been added! Huzzah! My thanks to
those who made this possible with your e-mails and such. That is the high point
of this update, unfortunately. Not much else besides a few minor information
updates, fixes, and a new FAQ question added. 

Version 1.50 - 10/28/09
--Been busy with college. Blah. In any case, I managed to finally get time
enough to do an update. I finally added the Medals sub-section. I also added a
totally brand new sub-section in the Extras section. This sub-section covers
the multiplayer co-op briefly. There was also a very solid strategy added for
Chapter 26 on Crushing, provided by a reader. Minor fixes, changes, etc. make
up the remainder of the update. 

Version 1.55 - 11/4/09
--Added the rest of the medals. I'm hoping to expand on that section a little
bit in the future. Also added more to the co-op multiplayer section. I might
expand on multiplayer in general and make that it's own section. A couple fixes
and that's it.

Version 1.60 - 11/9/09
--Just added a little more to the co-op section which includes a few tips
submitted to me. I got just a little more to work on before I'm pretty much
done with this guide for a while. 

 ___  _, __, _,  __,    _, __,    _,  _, _, _ ___ __, _, _ ___  _,
  |  /_\ |_) |   |_    / \ |_    / ` / \ |\ |  |  |_  |\ |  |  (_ 
  |  | | |_) | , |     \ / |     \ , \ / | \|  |  |   | \|  |  , )
  ~  ~ ~ ~   ~~~ ~~~    ~  ~      ~   ~  ~  ~  ~  ~~~ ~  ~  ~   ~ 

1|Introduction.............................................. [itro]
 |o About This Guide
 |o Using This Guide
2|Basics.................................................... [bscs]
 |o Controls................................................ [bctr]
 |o Gameplay................................................ [bcel]
 |o Combat.................................................. [bcom]
 |o Weapons................................................. [bcwp]
3|Walkthrough............................................... [at00]
 |o Chapter 1 - A Rock and a Hard Place..................... [at01]
 |o Chapter 2 - Breaking and Entering....................... [at02]
 |o Chapter 3 - Borneo...................................... [at03]
 |o Chapter 4 - The Dig..................................... [at04]
 |o Chapter 5 - Urban Warfare............................... [at05]
 |o Chapter 6 - Desperate Times............................. [at06]
 |o Chapter 7 - They're Coming With Us...................... [at07]
 |o Chapter 8 - The City's Secret........................... [at08]
 |o Chapter 9 - Path of Light............................... [at09]
 |o Chapter 10 - Only One Way Out........................... [at10]
 |o Chapter 11 - Keep Moving ............................... [at11]
 |o Chapter 12 - A Train to Catch........................... [at12]
 |o Chapter 13 - Locomotion................................. [at13]
 |o Chapter 14 - Tunnel Vision.............................. [at14]
 |o Chapter 15 - Train Wrecked.............................. [at15]
 |o Chapter 16 - Where Am I?................................ [at16]
 |o Chapter 17 - Mountaineering............................. [at17]
 |o Chapter 18 - Heart of Ice............................... [at18]
 |o Chapter 19 - Siege...................................... [at19]
 |o Chapter 20 - Cat and Mouse.............................. [at20]
 |o Chapter 21 - Convoy..................................... [at21]
 |o Chapter 22 - The Monastery.............................. [at22]
 |o Chapter 23 - Reunion.................................... [at23]
 |o Chapter 24 - The Road to Shambhala...................... [at24]
 |o Chapter 25 - Broken Paradise............................ [at25]
 |o Chapter 26 - Tree of Life............................... [at26]
4|Extras.................................................... [exra]
 |o Treasures............................................... [exgo]
 |o Trophies................................................ [exth]
 |o Unlockables............................................. [exun]
 |o Medals.................................................. [exme]
 |o Multiplayer Co-op....................................... [exmp]
5|Miscellaneous............................................. [misl]
 |o Frequently Asked Questions.............................. [fak4u]
 |o Credits/Special Thanks
 |o Contact Info
 |o Legal Baloney

  ___     _              _         _   _          
 |_ _|_ _| |_ _ _ ___ __| |_  _ __| |_(_)___ _ _  
  | || ' \  _| '_/ _ | _` | || / _|  _| / _ \ ' \ 
 |___|_||_\__|_| \___|__,_|\_,_\__|\__|_\___/_||_|

Welcome to this guide for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, the highly anticipated
sequel to Naughty Dog's first foray into the next-gen scene. Uncharted 2 looks
to expand and perfect everything in what was already an extremely solid and
satisfying game. If you've come here for help of any kind, then I welcome you,
friend. Hopefully you enjoy your stay (take off your shoes, please--just
kidding) and try to have fun, because that's what it's all about, right?

[About This Guide]

I recently wrote a guide for the original Uncharted, as it was a very good and
enjoyable game and it was also lacking in guides. There, I remarked about
getting the sequel and look at that, here we are! This is quite possibly my
second to last planned guide for 2009, but there is still a good chance that
I will squeeze something in between now and whatever is next or after. Who
knows. In this guide, I decided to stay with a familiar format to the Uncharted
guide, but I made several changes and improvements I hope.

[Using This Guide]

If this is your first time reading an FAQ, then let me refer you back up to the
top where the Table of Contents are. See those little codes at the end of the
ellipses (....) there? Those are quickjumps you can enter into the ctrl+f
function of your web browser to quickly jump (hence the name) to a certain
section of this guide without having to scroll. You can also use it to search
for relevant keywords which is also useful. 

Should you have any questions, concerns, comments, or something to bring to my
attention, I beg you to first read Frequently Asked Questions section for any
possible questions, and the Contact Info section for my rules on submitting me
information. Those sections can be found near the end of the guide. 

  ___          _       
 | _ )__ _ ___(_)__ ___
 | _ | _` (_-<| / _(_-<

Controls     [bctr]

A quick look at the control layout for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. The controls
have not changed a whole lot since the original Uncharted. 

|Button             |Action (Normal)       |Behind Cover        |
|Start              |Pause Menu            |Pause Menu          |
|Select             |View Drake's Journal  |N/A                 |
|Left Analog Stick  |Movement              |Move along cover    |
|Right Analog Stick |Camera movement       |Camera movement     |
|L1                 |Aim                   |Jump out from cover |
|L2                 |Arc/Quick Toss Grenade|Arc/Toss Grenade    |
|L3                 |Switch Aiming shoulder|N/A                 |
|R1                 |Fire weapon           |Blind fire          |
|R2                 |Reload                |Reload              |
|R3                 |Center camera/Zoom    |Center camera/Zoom  |
|Triangle           |Interact/Pick up      |Pick up Ammo        |
|Square             |Melee                 |Stealth Grapple     |
|Circle             |Take cover/roll       |Leave cover         |
|X/Cross            |Jump/Climb            |Vault over cover    |
|D-Pad Left         |Select handgun        |Select handgun      |
|D-Pad Right        |Select Rifle/Shotgun  |Select Rifle/Shotgun|
|D-Pad Up           |View event/Look Mode  |View event/Look Mode|

Gameplay     [bcgp]

The gameplay in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is a breed of some of the best 
gameplay elements out there in this generation. It doesn't possess a steep
learning curve and frankly, it's difficult to put down. 

[Exploration and Climbing]

One exciting aspect of Uncharted is drawn from the incredible leaps, bounds,
and heights that Nathan Drake must take. Although the game for the most part
offers you limited paths, the experience is always different. When you're not
running, you're usually climbing, jumping, swinging, and so on.

Not everything can be climbed so there is no free roaming in the game. Most
visible ledges can be traversed though. There are also swing poles, monkey
bars, ropes, and more. 

One of the most common and immediately recognizable climbing paths comes in the
form of small stones or other protrusions jutting out from walls. They usually
are easy to spot because their color makes them stick out. Whether they have
moss or snow on them, they are usually easy to find. 

When climbing or shimmying, you might come across small gaps. You can hit X to
get over these. X also lets Drake climb a bit faster by jumping higher up a 
wall. Hitting circle lets Drake drop to lower ledges and then hang when

[Puzzle Solving]

Uncharted 2 has some puzzles in it. Not quite as many as the original Uncharted
which you could debate as good or bad. They serve as fun interims between the
combat sections of the game. For the major puzzles in the game, you are able to
consult Drake's journal by hitting the Select button. You can flip through the
pages and find the ones relevant to the puzzle at hand and then use your brain
to pick up the clues. 

[Treasure Hunting]

Just like in the original game, there are goodies to be found for those with a
penchant for fully exploring everything. Treasures can be picked up with the
Triangle button when close enough to them. Typically, they are picked up off
the ground, but there are many different places to find them. Uncharted 2 has
40 more treasures than Uncharted 1. 

Treasures can be spotted by their tell-tale sparkle that is given off every
couple of seconds. Once collected, you can see the appearance of the treasure
on the right side of the screen. Pressing the Start button allows you to look
at it closer and look at all your treasures in a list format. There are no
descriptions or background information unfortunately. 

Unlike in the original game, some of the treasures in this game are a bit more
out of reach. There are some that are on ground level but hidden, others that
require some climbing, and then there are those that you just can't reach at
all... that is, unless you're packing heat. Similar to Resident Evil 5, there
are some treasures that you need to shoot to knock them down so you can gather
them. There are also treasures that you can reach by climbing a wall or ledge
and getting very close. 

Combat     [bcom]

Combat in Uncharted 2 is an art, both in presentation and execution. The most
familiar aspects of the combat return from Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, but
there are a slew of welcome changes. 


The Damage Indicator, like Uncharted 1 (and much like FPS and other types of
games), is basically the screen. No health bar or anything like that. You can
determine how close you are to death by the status of the game screen. The
more damage Nathan Drake sustains, the more the screen fades to black and white
and the louder the heartbeat becomes. Obviously, when it gets to black and
white, it's wise to stay hidden until it eventually returns to normal. 

Inflicted damage is indicated by the red "blood" flash on the screen. Most of
this will be inflicted by gun wounds. Explosions from grenades can easily
set the damage indicator into black and white depending on Drake's proximity
to the explosion. At close range, they'll kill him. 

Rolling is a good way to shave off potential hits but it is not perfect. It's
a useful maneuver in tight spots though. Obviously, the most reliant method in
preventing damage is using cover... and shooting them before they shoot you. 

When it comes to your opponents however, there are no visible signs telling you
how close they are to dead. The major exception are the armored guys who lose
their helmets when they're getting close to biting it. Head shots will of
course, solve everything. 

[Guns, Ammo, and other Icons]

When you need bullets, look to weapons dropped by your enemies. Stand over them
and the icon of the Triangle button will appear along with an enclosed symbol
that looks like (|||) that. This means there's ammo for one of your two
equipped guns and that gun has room. When you stand over ammo for a gun that
you have already loaded up on, a Cancel or "No" symbol appears instead. 

You have two gun slots. One is the handgun slot and the other is for rifles.
You can only carry one of each type at a time and there are many guns out there
so when you find a new gun and stand near it, the image of the gun and its
name appear at the bottom of the screen and a Triangle prompt appears if you
want to pick it up. It will replace the current weapon of that type in your
inventory. Learning what guns go best for which situations or which better
suit your preferences and being able to change on the fly can be very helpful.

Finally, there is a new icon you might notice while playing. It's a blue icon
that looks like a ninja basically. What does it mean? This icon appears after
you've taken down an enemy stealthily and stand near their dropped gun. The
icon signifies that the ammo they have dropped has more bullets. Stealth melees
are basically the equivalent to Brutal Combos in Uncharted 1. 

[Aiming and Hip-Fire]

You can aim your gun with L1 and a small reticle will appear that shows where
your bullets will approximately go. You can aim a gun while standing, hanging,
running, or from behind cover. You shoot much more accurately when standing,
hanging or looking out from cover. The targeting reticle becomes much wider and
your shots are as a result, less accurate when running or when using blindfire.

If you shoot without holding L1, you'll hip-fire which is also less accurate.
It's good to do when on the run and sometimes it's useful to rush enemies this
way but it's also very risky. 


Many of the rifles in the game have at least some capacity of zoom. The button
for Zoom is R3. Rifles like the M4 and such have a very limited, but still a
little helpful zoom. It barely looks like they zoom at all but it does give you
a better look at what you're shooting at. 

The FAL rifle has a much better zoom with a red dot-sight. This gives the FAL
better accuracy at bigger ranges than other guns. The Dragon Sniper has the
best accuracy at long ranges because its zoom produces the crosshairs of a
classic sniper rifle. 


Blindfire has gotten a minor tweak in the sequel. Blindfire can be initiated
from any spot of cover in the game. Simply hit R1 without hitting L1 to lift
from cover. Drake will aim his gun around the cover to shoot. This is a good
defensive tactic for one. The major change this time is that you now have a
targeting reticle but it's a wide one. You can at least see where you're aiming
but of course, it will not be terribly accurate. Blindfire is extremely
effective against enemies rushing your hiding spots. 

[Hand-to-Hand Combat]

Melee combat has been given a slight overhaul. There are technically no more
"Brutal Combos" in Uncharted 2 but there is a similar concept. When engaged in
melee combat, you can mash Square to your heart's desire to beat your opponent.
For some enemies, this works fine. Others decide to fight back. They'll try
to reverse Drake's assault and counter him. At these moments during the
sequence, the game slows down a bit. This is the cue to hit Triangle and escape
the enemy's grapple. Follow this up immediately by hitting Square to perform a

Not every enemy will counter but a lot will. Some will even counter twice
during a melee sequence. 


The grenades are one of Nathan Drake's most important combat tools. Naughty Dog
went ahead and made a very strong improvement to the grenade system. In the
original Uncharted, you could aim a grenade from just about any position by
holding L2, creating the arc line. The distance and arc could be controlled by
the Right Analog Stick and the SIXAXIS controller, both of which were pretty
much necessary to get pinpoint accuracy. Needless to say, this made things
just a bit frustrating, especially on Crushing where enemies would rather fill
you full of holes than wait for you to line up your grenade throws. 

The arc method makes a return in Uncharted 2, but there's also a more efficient
method of tossing these pineapples. Just hold L1 to enter aim mode and Nate
points his gun like normal. Just hit L2 at this point and Drake tosses his
grenade at the point where his reticle is. Not only is this method really fast
and keeps you from taking too many unnecessary hits, but it is very accurate.
The grenades thrown in this method will land pretty much exactly where you're

Weapons     [bcwp]


 __      ___   _    _  _______ _  _ ___  ___  _   _  ___ _  _ 
 \ \    / /_\ | |  | |/ /_   _| || | _ \/ _ \| | | |/ __| || |
  \ \/\/ / _ \| |__| ' <  | | | __ |   / (_) | |_| | (_ | __ |
   \_/\_/_/ \_\____|_|\_\ |_| |_||_|_|_\\___/ \___/ \___|_||_|

Well, here we are. The meat of the guide that is the walkthrough. I'm sure you
jumped here anyway, right. Go ahead, hurt my feelings... Anyways, it's my hope
that you get some help out of this guide, whether you're just looking for a few
hints or planning to use this all the way through. I'll be here to be of as
much assistance as possible. 

This guide does not contain any major spoilers. Names will be named and almost
none of the cutscenes will be discussed. It is not 100% spoiler free but you
will not be spoiled on any twists or surprises by reading this guide. 

  ____ _   _    _    ____ _____ _____ ____      _ 
 / ___| | | |  / \  |  _ \_   _| ____|  _ \    / |
| |   | |_| | / _ \ | |_) || | |  _| | |_) |   | |
| |___|  _  |/ ___ \|  __/ | | | |___|  _ <    | |
 \____|_| |_/_/   \_\_|    |_| |_____|_| \_\   |_|                       [at01]

-----------------------------\A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE/-------------------------

Well, here we begin, and boy, what a beginning it is. Oh, Nathan Drake, you 
rascal, you! What have you gotten yourself into this time? In any case, after
the cutscene is over, you should have control over Drake. There are no in-game
button prompts to guide you so you've gotta do everything on your own.

Begin by shimmying on the railing left or right. Keep going around the side of
the train until you are on its backside. Here are a bunch of grooves that you
can use to climb straight up, so tilt the Left Analog Stick upward and that's
what he'll do. If you get too close to the train's wheels, you'll get a bit of
a scare and will have to climb up again. Climb up the right side of the wheels
and there will finally be a button prompt. Hit X to jump to the next thing you
can latch onto. 

Climb up a pipe of sorts and then look for the black generator box thing on
your left with the yellow borderline. Shimmy across this to the left until you
can climb onto another yellow pipe. Take this up until it breaks and bends,
swinging you around the other side of the train. At the next button prompt,
point the Left Analog stick toward the train as it says to swing, then hit X
to jump and grab onto the train. 

Shimmy around the corner to what is the roof of the train and climb up from
here. There is an opening just above you that you can climb onto with X. Jump
inside, landing on the first topsy-turvy chair (hope you don't have vertigo!).
Jump to the next one and then climb up. The next one will tilt a bit, but hit
X to jump to the next one above. Pull yourself up with X again and there will
be yet another seat above and to the right. Attempt to pull yourself up out of
this one and you'll be flung outside of the train again, hanging for dear life!
It just doesn't get more exciting than this, huh?

Outside again, jump to a grab-able ledge on the right and then climb up the
pipe. It will tilt, and in fact, the entire train will, jostling a door open.
From the pipe, jump to it. Pull yourself up, then climb to the top of the train
and from here, you can see the connecting train hanging not quite as
precariously over the cliff. Align yourself with the yellow ladder and jump to
it. Pull yourself up and enter this train. 

Woo! Level ground! Sort of... The train begins to tilt even more, so start
running down the aisle and then jump for it when you reach the end. Whoa, that
was close...

A cutscene takes over so sit back and enjoy that. When you finally get control
again, you can take a look around but there's not a whole lot to see. There is
one thing though. You might have noticed to the right of the big tree on the
cliff is a sparkling object. Uncharted 1 veterans will recognize this with a
hearty grin. Go over to inspect it and hit Triangle to pick up...
*drumroll* your first treasure! 

o----TREASURE - Wrathful Deity Statue--------------------------o
|As soon as you have control move Drake over to the spot in    |
|front of the tree on the right side of the cliff. This can be |
|found a few steps in front of it. Look for the sparkle.       |

Once you have that, stagger toward the wreckage and proceed underneath. Move
toward the next corner. It looks like a tight fit, but you'll slip through.

On the other side, ignore the door to your left and search around the dead body
on the oil spill for a gun. Hit Triangle to take it (thanks, pal). 

o----TREASURE - Saraswati Statue--------------------------o
|Just search in the top corner, above where the dead body |
|is to find this. You get your first treasure and a medal |
|and Trophy to reward you for it as well! Schwing!        |

Now for that door. Go over to it and hit Triangle to open it slightly. Step
inside and move forward. Hit X to hop over the small debris and pick up the
ammo on the other side. Try to open the door at the end and it will reveal a 
padlock. What monster is responsible for this?! Oh well, you have a master key
on you, don't you? Use the pistol and aim at the lock. Fire to shoot it off and
then you can finally open the door.

o----TREASURE - Tibetan Snuff Bottle--------------------------o
|As soon as you depart that train car, look straight up. Use  |
|the right stick to angle the camera and get a better view.   |
|You should see another train car piled overhead and hanging  |
|from one opening, an enemy corpse. See the sparkling gem on  |
|his body? It's out of reach, so you're gonna have to shoot it|
|down. Aim for the sparkle, fire, and that should bring it to |
|within reach of your grubby hands.                           |

Continue on and an enemy will appear. Oh boy, civilization! I mean, oh crap! 
Don't worry too much about this guy because bad luck will be the victor of this
fight. Enter the next train and bust down the doors with Triangle. Proceed up
the ramp outside into another train. It seems you can't go anywhere though at
first. Climb up the crates here and then the small grooves you can barely see
in the red painted wall. 

At the top, jump to the next train and you should land perfectly in front of
the door. Stop here though and don't enter just yet.

o----TREASURE - Bhutanese Lime Box--------------------------o
|When you jump to this next section of the train after that |
|climbing part, turn around. There will be a large grey     |
|container behind Drake. Drop down here and move even more  |
|toward the camera and drop down the other side of it. You  |
|can find this sneaky treasure here in the snow.            |

Climb back to the train. Go down the aisle and climb the box at the end. Pull
yourself out onto the roof and a small cutscene will interject you. This will
be followed by another flashback scene. After that, Drake gets to his feet and
you get control again. 

Move toward the camera and look for the giant gaping hole in the train. Across
from you is another part of the train with a pipe. Jump to it, wait for the
camera to shift around, then shimmy underneath. Pull yourself up onto the
train door. 

o----TREASURE - Ghau Amulet Thogchag--------------------------o
|As soon as you climb from the bent yellow pipe to inside of  |
|the train, spin the camera around. The area behind where you |
|climb up houses the treasure. Go back here and find it near  |
|the wall.                                                    |

Stagger on forward. Eventually, you'll be outside again. Trudge on through the
snow and another scene takes over. This signals the end of the first chapter.
Congrats, but we have a long way to go!

  ____ _   _    _    ____ _____ _____ ____      ____  
 / ___| | | |  / \  |  _ \_   _| ____|  _ \    |___ \ 
| |   | |_| | / _ \ | |_) || | |  _| | |_) |     __) |
| |___|  _  |/ ___ \|  __/ | | | |___|  _ <     / __/ 
 \____|_| |_/_/   \_\_|    |_| |_____|_| \_\   |_____|                   [at02]
-----------------------------\BREAKING AND ENTERING/---------------------------

Start by climbing out of the water and follow Flynn into the corner. Wha? Where
did he go? Look above and that's your answer. Climb up after him and follow him
into the next chamber. He'll leave you in the dust if you let him so trying to
follow his exact path can be difficult. 

Start by jumping to the right platform and going to the far wall. Jump at an
angle to reach the yellow pipe. Take it to the left and look for Drake to reach
out with his hand. That means you can jump to the next section. If his body
merely tilts, that's not good enough. He needs to reach out with his hand
before you can jump. 

Jump across the sections of pipe and climb up the final piece to put your back
to the next ledge. Point the Left Analog Stick away and hit X to jump to it.
Climb up and follow Flynn to the dead end, or seemingly dead end. Hit Up on the
D-Pad when prompted to see your avenue for entry. After some humorous dialogue,
Flynn will get in position to boost you up. Hit Triangle near him to climb up.
You can hold up on the Left Analog Stick for the most part and you'll reach the
manhole at the top. When you're right underneath it, hit X to jump inside. At
the top, hit Triangle to get inside. 

o----TREASURE - Byzantine Gold Coin--------------------------o
|As soon as you climb out of the manhole leading from the    |
|sewer, turn around. In the corner behind Drake is a large   |
|crate with this shining on top of it.                       |

Move forward and hop over the large green pipe and take a look around. On the
wall in front of you, there is a ladder hanging above. Get in position and hold
Triangle to give Flynn a boost this time. Wait for him to get over, climb up,
and then drop the ladder for you. Climb up and follow Flynn up the next wall.
Pull yourself up at the top. 

o----TREASURE - Glass Evil Eye--------------------------o
|Right after you climb up the ladder after Flynn drops  |
|it down, climb up the next wall. At the top, turn      |
|around and you should see a small yellow catwalk behind|
|you with a large green pipe near it. Get a good angle  |
|and jump to this catwalk. Look for the treasure on the |
|ground here.                                           |

Jump back to Flynn after you have the treasure, then listen to what he says
about the next passage. The vents from the boiler are spitting out really hot
steam so you can't go this way yet. Look for a ladder across from Flynn and
climb it. The valve will be up here, so get close and tap Triangle repeatedly
to turn it off. Climb back down and climb over the green pipe.

You probably have lost sight of Flynn and might wonder how to get over this
next gap. Just jump and you'll grab onto a small yellow pipe hanging overhead.
Swing from this, then jump to the next platform.

Flynn will be on your left; look for all the yellow pipes and stuff. Jump to
him and he'll take off again. Hit Circle as prompted to drop over the other
side of that ledge. Shimmy to the left until you're hanging above the catwalk.
Drop down again by hitting Circle and then follow Flynn.

A prompt to hit Circle will appear so do so. This is your button to take cover
behind objects, which will be crucial in gunfights. Enter the next room where
Flynn is after the short scene.

o----TREASURE - Ottoman Ring--------------------------o
|In this room, with all the objects, artifacts, and   |
|rugs, it's almost given that there has to be a       |
|treasure in here. To find it, go forward until you   |
|find some steps in front of a pair of brown-red doors|
|and then at the top of those steps, take a right. You|
|should pass three rugs, a statue on the left and then|
|in the corner finally, is where the treasure is.     |

Approach the doors now and hit Triangle. Flynn will try to pick the lock, but
Drake notices there's an alarm set. You need to find the junction box and shut
it off. You can follow the tiny red wire leading away from the alarm but it's
hard to see, especially if you don't have an HDTV, so let's just cut to the
chase, eh? Return to the entrance of this room and look for a container or
crate up against a wall. It should be right below a breaker like panel. Climb
up to reach it and hit Triangle to interact and voila!

Return to Flynn and he'll be waiting for you. Proceed through the door for a
very quick scene. After that, step out of cover as prompted and approach the
security guard. Stealth melee him to put him to sleep with Square. 

Hop over the railing after Flynn and follow him. Take cover beside the planter.
You'll get a tutorial on how to shift from one side of cover to another without
having to get up, which is quite useful. Move away from Flynn and go around the
planter until you're behind the guard. Stay in cover and just inch closer to
him until you can stealth melee him. 

Follow Flynn to the gate ahead and climb up. Hit X at the top to reach the
ledge to shimmy on. Go over to the left and climb up to the balcony with Flynn.
Take cover on the right side of this hall, following Flynn's cue. The next two
guards will spot you, so when you're ready, slip up toward them and as you are
prompted, hit Square repeatedly to do a melee combo. Flynn will take care of
the other one for you. 

At the next stop, Flynn instructs you to go left while he goes right. Go left,
and look for the next guard around the corner. Take cover and try to get to the
corner as he does and then melee him. Hop over the railing to get to the area

Turn left and climb up the ledge. Look for another guard. You really don't even
have to worry if he spots you, because he'll stand there dumbfounded long
enough for you punch his lights out. Flynn, meanwhile, should take care of the
remaining guard. 

o----TREASURE - Silver Amulet Box--------------------------o
|After you drop over the railing, go left (as above) and   |
|climb up a short ledge. There will be a guard on the right|
|but if you go straight, there should be a planter right   |
|between two pillars. If you approach the planter, the     |
|treasure is on top.                                       |

Approach the gate where Flynn is for a short scene. The gate is protected by
another alarm. This one is a lot closer, but you still have to work for it a
little. Use the gate itself to climb. At the top, look for the golden ledges
to your right and jump to these. Shimmy around the corner, and it should be a
straight climb up to the junction box. Approach the gate again and interact to
proceed to the next area. 

This one is a little tougher, because as you can see, there are a lot of guards
here, and Flynn decides to just leave it to Drake. Great. 

Start by finding Flynn who is taking cover near the corner banister. Jump over
it from here and proceed toward the fountain. Take cover and go as close to
the guard as you can, who won't notice you surprisingly. Jump into the water of
the fountain next. 

o----TREASURE - Silver Belt Buckle--------------------------o
|In the inner part of the large fountain. It's right behind |
|the reclining guard. Hop in there and grab it.             |

Go around this guard and proceed to the planter right below a banister where
another guard is standing. Climb up and hang from the top of the banister. You
won't get a prompt, but hit Square to pull this guard over the banister and 
take him out. Climb over and Flynn will follow. The next guard appears from
the right. Wait for him to pass by, then stealth melee him from behind. 

Follow Flynn now and climb up onto the roof. Climb to the top of the window and
then shimmy around the corner. Drop from above the window to grab the ledge
and then pull yourself inside.

Drop down for a scene. After that, you'll be equipped with a tranq gun. Great,
you couldn't have given this to me earlier? It only has one bullet, but you'll
find that it magically reloads itself. Oooooh. 

Behind cover, wait for the left guard to sit onto the crate and then shoot him.
Flynn will handle the other. Flynn will move to the right and climb up to take
cover. Climb up yourself and use the crates where the guard's body is as your

These next guys can spot you and if they do, the alarm is tripped, etc, etc.
Wait patiently for the guy on the right to get within range. He is your target
as the guy on the left is closer to Flynn than he is to Drake and as Flynn
said, the guns have limited range, so Drake has to get the guy on the right.
Do so, and Flynn of course, handles his counterpart. 

Go over to the small cart that Flynn was using as cover and look for the Circle
prompt. Move it then with the Left Analog Stick. Climb onto the crate to reach
the above platform. Wait for Flynn to use his grappling hook (who is he,
Batman?) and then use that to climb up. At the top, you can move onto the small
stones jutting out of the wall. As you move across, a guard will appear from
the doors below. Use your tranq gun to pop him before things go sour. Continue
to climb across now, by jumping to the ledge in the corner. Shimmy over until
you can pull yourself up. 

The rafters are here, so go across. The columns make it impossible to just walk
across so you'll have to drop down and hang on with Circle. Shimmy over past
the two columns and then you can climb back up. Near the end, hit X to climb
the rafter above. 

o----TREASURE - Ivory Chess Piece--------------------------o
|As soon as you climb up from the first rafter, you'll be  |
|on a horizontal rafter perpendicular to a lot of vertical |
|ones, all pointing towards windows and there's a large    |
|bell on your right. Go as far right as you can and take   |
|the last vertical rafter forward toward the window sill.  |
|The treasure is there for the taking.                     |

Take the horizontal rafter over to the left and look for another rafter below
you to drop onto. You don't have to hang on this one, just jump across to the
next platform where a staircase is. Take the stairs up and somehow, Flynn will
have magically followed you. What the hell?!

At the top of the stairs, turn right and go through the open window to reach
the roof. At the corner, a short scene takes over. After that, follow Flynn
around the roof to an opening where you can drop down. Once you're hanging,
tilt the Left Analog Stick correctly so you can jump to the rooftop behind
Drake. Climb up and then press up against the wall here. Use the Left Analog
Stick to press up flat against it and sidle around this building. At the end,
jump another rooftop gap for a short, but exciting event. 

After that, follow Flynn up the next wall and over the banister. He'll deploy
another rope for you. How thoughtful. This time, you won't be climbing up it
though. Get on and then use the Left Analog Stick to swing back and forth.
Build some momentum and then when you're ready, jump to the right to grab onto
the grate.

o----TREASURE - Ottoman Bracelet--------------------------o
|Once you jump from the rope to the grating, don't climb  |
|up. Drop down and look for the red and white ledge below.|
|Drop down to this and shimmy to the right. Take it around|
|the corner of the building until you see the treasure    |
|sparkling from a sewage drain below. Drop down onto the  |
|drain and then hit circle again to hang from the drain   |
|itself. This allows you to nab the treasure. Make your   |
|way back after that.                                     |

Climb up and to the right, looking for the yellow ledges. Climb straight up to
the roof but don't pull yourself up. A guard is there. As you did before, hit
Square to pull him down. 

On the roof, follow Flynn to the base of the tower. Use the nearby large 
air conditioner-like machine to jump from and reach the ledge on the tower.
Climb the yellow ladder and then you can climb across the protrusions here like
monkey bars. When you reach the end, you can see a guard below you. Aim and
shoot to take him down. Climb the rest of the way and then swing for a bit,
then jump. 

Move toward the opening and drop down. Go right, around the small tower with
the vines and flowers on it.

o----TREASURE - Antique Pocket Watch--------------------------o
|Once you go around that tower, stop on the opposite side.    |
|Look to the tower itself and on the front side of it will be |
|a flag or banner and the treasure will be next to that. Shoot|
|it with the tranq. gun and it will fall to the roof below.   |
|Drop down and get it. Climb to the roof here (not the ledge  |
|in front of it) and follow Flynn as you were.                |

Jump from rooftop to rooftop. Resign to following Flynn if you need to. Stop
when you see a guard. Tranq him and then climb over the banister with Flynn.
It will be straightforward from here, leading into a cutscene.

Yeah, I'm sure you saw that coming, right? Once you have control, you'll see
the laser sights dancing around the room. Avoid potential gunfire from the
guards by rolling with Circle.

o----TREASURE - Antique Pipe--------------------------o
|As soon as you have control after the scene, turn    |
|Drake around. Look for the security gate with three  |
|guards behind it. To the very left of this is a shelf|
|with the statue face of a bear it seems. On the shelf|
|is the treasure.                                     |

Look for the red lit passage and take this down. After you turn the corner, a
gate will drop. Turn back, and another will drop, sealing you in. Look for an
opening to the right of the first gate and you can drop down to a staircase.
Take this to a window that leads to another room. Inside, look for the manhole
and interact with it to leave this place. 

In the sewer, hurry down the tunnel into an open chamber. The guards will file
in so just keep running and rolling to avoid their sights.

o----TREASURE - Jeweled Bracelet--------------------------o
|As soon as you enter this open chamber, turn left and hug|
|the left wall. Climb over the pipes until you reach the  |
|last pipe on this side. On the other side of this pipe is|
|where the treasure is lying.                            |

Look for another tunnel in the corner and this will be a straight shot to a
ledge with a ladder above it. Climb out for a scene and that will end the

  ____ _   _    _    ____ _____ _____ ____      _____ 
 / ___| | | |  / \  |  _ \_   _| ____|  _ \    |___ / 
| |   | |_| | / _ \ | |_) || | |  _| | |_) |     |_ \ 
| |___|  _  |/ ___ \|  __/ | | | |___|  _ <     ___) |
 \____|_| |_/_/   \_\_|    |_| |_____|_| \_\   |____/                    [at03]


With Sully at your side, proceed through the swamp for a while. Keep your eye
out for a blinking green light on a fallen tree. A quick scene and then you're
off again. 

o----TREASURE - Yuan Dynasty Coin--------------------------o
|From where you find the charges, look for a fallen tree to|
|your left that takes you to an opening. Go inside here and|
|you should see a tree with a sparkle on its top branch.   |
|Shoot the object down to claim the treasure.              |

Find Sully ahead and leave the water for dry land by climbing the ledges here.
Proceed through the jungle passage to reach another swamp. Sully ducks into an
opening on the left. Either follow him or stay to the right. There are two
guards up the left path.

You have two options for this sequence. You can continue on the stealth track
you've been on and go for the quiet approach, which Sully advises. If you've
been hungry for some Uncharted gunfights though, there is no harm in letting
them see you. We're gonna try for stealth though.

Wait for them to move and one to put his back up against the log. Approach him
and take cover behind the log. Hit Square to pull him over and knock him out.
Grab his AK-47. Now wait here for the other to return and he will pass by and
put his back to you. Approach him and stealth melee him as well.

o----TREASURE - Yuan Dynasty Jade Animal--------------------------o
|As soon as you're done with the first two guys, look off to the  |
|right side of the swampy passage where the second guard was      |
|patrolling. There should be another tilted log making itself a   |
|ramp. Go inside here and the treasure sparkles from atop a       |
|barrel in the back.                                              |

Proceed down the swampy passage and you'll see two more guards up ahead. 
Carefully use the logs as cover and wait for an opening. Wait until they both
go toward the back area where there is a log. Also be aware of the guy on the
ledge above them. Approach he left guard and when the right guard is past him,
melee him. Take cover behind the log and wait for them to move. The above guard
will be able to spot you so wait. Wait until he moves and as soon as he does,
rush the second guard where you are and stealth melee him. For the third, well
you'll likely be spotted by that point so gunning may be inevitable

Once you're clear, approach the back wall and use the ledges to the left to
climb up. Turn around and jump to the swing-pole. Jump to the next ledge where
the third guard was. Walk across the tree and look for the large boulder. Push
this over by tapping Triangle and Sully can climb up. Drop down to where he is
and then follow the sun-drenched path ahead of you.

Take the next tree-bridge over and the next two guards will likely spot you.
Use the AK to take them out fast, one on each side. Going for headshots will
obviously make your work a lot easier. Once they're down, proceed up either
side. Look for another one coming down and either shoot or melee him. Take
cover at the top of the ledge overlooking the area below. There should be one
more enemy. Bust a cap in his dome and then drop down.

Look for the wall in the back and use the ledges to get to it. Climb up, but
not over just yet. 

o----TREASURE - Jade Pel Pendant--------------------------o
|This was a very sneaky one. Once you climb that wall in  |
|the back, instead of vaulting over, tilt the Left Analog |
|Stick up and to the right and Drake should climb over.   |
|Follow this ledge, past two Fruit Loops mascots and to a |
|spot you can climb up. Follow this path all the way and  |
|find a dead end with the treasure.                       |

Go back and climb the wall and drop over the other side. Walk down this path
for a scene. 

This part is fun. When you get control, approach the first guy with his back
turned and stealth melee him. Use his desk as cover and wait for the next guy
to come toward you. Stay to the left of the cover and wait, wait, wait... Hit
Square when he gets close enough to pull him in and set him next to his buddy.

A gunfight will be unavoidable after this. Start it off on the right foot
though. See that red tank next to a guard ahead of you? A few bullets is all
it takes to blow it up. After that, get the guy on the ledge to the right.
Move up to the deck ahead of you and take cover amongst the crates. There's a
Wes .44 here if you want to give it a spin. The next few enemies will be
shooting at you from across the swamp. If you're lucky, they'll gather near
another one of those red tanks. Shoot it up and you might get the Double
Dyno-Mite medal. Sweet! No Trophy for that though. 

As you move across the swamp, more enemies appear. Take cover and shoot it
out. If you grabbed the Wes, it only takes one shot, so pinpoint accuracy
isn't as much of an issue. It's a short lived thrill though, so be sure to
pick up your old pistol when you're done, or a new one soon. Use the AK after

Once the coast is clear, you need to find the charges. If you look behind a
large moss-covered tree, you can find the... Moss 12! A shotgun! Very sweet.
Now, about those charges... They can be tough to find, even with those giveaway
green blinking lights. Each of them are attached to the wooden decks that the
fights broke out on in this area. The first one is attached to the wooden deck
right on the water on the enemy's side. It's right under a red tank which will
be burning if you blew it up (1/4). Turn around and the next one is on the
wooden struts of the second deck (2/4). Go to the right to where you first
entered this area and did the stealth takedowns. The third one is on the left
side if you face the long wooden ramp (3/4). Climb over and go on the other
side now to find the last one (4/4). 

Follow Sully to the area where you found the Moss. There is a ladder out of
reach so get into position and give Sully a boost. Climb up when he drops the
ladder down. 

Up here, you'll see their little camp set up. There's nothing of interest here
though. Turn right, going away from it and proceed toward a waterfall for a 

When it's over, you'll be down in the water, duking it out with the bad guys.
It's actually a good thing, because you'll be given a look at how the
hand-to-hand combat has improved. The game will walk you through this, just as
it did in the original. You can now counter enemy moves by hitting Triangle, 
and follow it up with a finisher by hitting square. It's similar to the Brutal
Combo. If you've been doing a fair amount of melee by this point, you might
start getting Trophies for it. 

Repeating this is a little tough, but give it a try on the last guy. It will
take some practice, don't worry. You'll get one more enemy to practice on,
then Sully will let down a rope for you. Climb up. 

o----TREASURE - Amber Jade Tiger--------------------------o
|Instead of following the hose, for now, go the other way.|
|Turn right and jump a small gap past a waterfall. Follow |
|this path for a few steps and look for the climbing      |
|stones on the left wall. Jump up and climb to the top    |
|stone. From here, jump to the wooden pole behind Drake.  |
|Swing and jump to the next one, and swing again to jump  |
|to the tree. Climb on top of this and carefully walk to  |
|the right. Jump to the platform across from you that goes|
|up. Climb up these small ledges and find your treasure.  |

As Sully suggests, follow the large cobalt blue hose to reach your next
destination. For now, it takes us into our next chapter. 

  ____ _   _    _    ____ _____ _____ ____      _  _   
 / ___| | | |  / \  |  _ \_   _| ____|  _ \    | || |  
| |   | |_| | / _ \ | |_) || | |  _| | |_) |   | || |_ 
| |___|  _  |/ ___ \|  __/ | | | |___|  _ <    |__   _|
 \____|_| |_/_/   \_\_|    |_| |_____|_| \_\      |_|                    [at04]

-----------------------------\THE DIG/-----------------------------------------

Follow the hose to another one of those pump things. Drop down the following
ledge for a cutscene. After that, you'll start out behind cover. Wait for the
guard ahead of you to get close, then hit Square like before to do the stealth
grapple. Take his AK, and then proceed down the walkway.

Take cover behind the crates the next sentry is leaning against. Use Square to
get him too. Be sure to grab the .45 Defender off the crate too. The next guy
will not move, so getting into a gunfight with him and the remaining sentry is
inevitable most likely. Sully will help you out though. Once they're finished,
approach the cabin for a scene. 

After that, you'll be walked through a grenade tutorial. The first one will be
pretty much automatically set for you with limited control on your part. For
the second one, you get to aim it more liberally. Look for the approaching
three guards and try to land the grenade right on the walkway as they pass. If
you manage to wipe out all three, you'll get the Triple Dyno-Mite award, which
is good for a Bronze Trophy. You might not always get this set up though. 

What's really important about that tutorial is the new grenade throwing method
in Uncharted 2, which is the first method the tutorial gives you. By holding L1
like you were to aim your gun and then hitting L2, you throw a grenade pretty
much at the exact spot more or less where you're aiming. This is amazingly
useful and I can't stress that enough. It not only is very accurate for grenade
throwing, but it cuts out the time that the old "arc method" uses and therefore
lets you do so without taking a lot of damage. 

Stay where you are as a few more approach from two sides. Use your pistol, then
the AK when they get closer. You've also got a nice supply of grenades at your
side so feel free to use some of them too. 

Sully will start taking some fire, but things get more intense on your end too.
When afforded the opportunity, shoot the four guys that have Sully trapped on
both sides with your pistol. You'll need to leave the cabin to get good shots
on them and a pistol or grenades are recommended. 

After that, more of Lazarevic's men appear so return to the cabin and hold
your ground inside. Be on the look out for shotgun guys. They like to get 
close, which is perfect if you're using cover, because you can stealth grapple
them. The enemies will really start to pile up so use grenades, the AK and so 
n. They'll come at you from either entrance of the cabin.  

Eventually, Sully will be under siege again, this time by a gunner in that red
tower in the corner. This should be the final wave of enemies after that so
fight your way closer to the tower and then prep a grenade. Don't bother using
the arc method. Hold L1 and just aim your reticle at the window and hit L2 to
do the quick throw and that will do the trick. See how useful that is? That
will save Sully's behind and also give you an exit route. Before that though...

o----TREASURE - Mongol Paiza Passport--------------------------o
|This was a tricky one so I must thank a helpful reader, Bokoto|
|for this one as well. When all the fighting is over, walk into|
|the center of the area to where the sunken ship is. There are |
|two masts sticking up from it. When facing the ship from the  |
|cabin, the mast on the left is where the treasure is. Look up |
|all the way at the crow's nest to the top. Shoot it down and  |
|it falls in the water beside the tree for you.                |

Walk up the wooden log and join Sully. 

This jungle passage will just take you up several ledges, so climb your way
through. It's very linear so this shouldn't be a problem. After the scene, go
now with your crew of three and enter the cave. Look for a hole in the back to
drop into. What a cheery place... Walk forward toward the dragon head statue
on the ground. 

o----TREASURE - Jade Belt Slide--------------------------o
|Facing the dragon head statue, look to the doorway on   |
|your left and look above it. There are two statues in   |
|the wall above the door. The one on the right has this  |
|on its arm. Shoot it down to claim it.                  |

When you reach the large dragon head statue, there are two openings. The one
on the left has nothing, so go through the one on the right. After a bunch of
bats fly by, enter and turn left. On top of one of the barrels is a blue stone.
Interact with it and Drake will recognize it... more resin! He decides to make
a torch with it. 

Meet Drake, forensic investigator. As the resin torchlight reveals, there are
bloodstains all over the place. They are illuminated on the floor by the resin
and appear in white. 

Follow the trail back into that left room, the one that was empty. The stains
end at a caved in wall. Interact with it to open the way. Follow this corridor
into a large room. There isn't much to look at so just go straight ahead to an
interesting sight. 

After the cutscene, Chloe will start off. Don't follow just yet though. 

o----TREASURE - Yuan Dynasty Helmet--------------------------o
|As soon as the cutscene is over, look to the left and up at |
|the ceiling. There should be a sparkling item wedged up     |
|there. Shoot it down and put your paws on that.             |

Now, follow Chloe all the way out, retracing your steps to the entrance and
climbing out. You'll get a cutscene. 

Once you have control, start running, Forest! Hop over all the obstacles and
jump the ledges to keep moving. You'll encounter an enemy along the way, so
beat his ass up, then move on. A part of the cliff will fall away but Drake,
as nimble as he is, grabs onto another ledge. Move around and climb up to get
back to solid ground. Meet up with Sully and you'll have another jolly ol'
cutscene. That ends the chapter. 

  ____ _   _    _    ____ _____ _____ ____      ____  
 / ___| | | |  / \  |  _ \_   _| ____|  _ \    | ___| 
| |   | |_| | / _ \ | |_) || | |  _| | |_) |   |___ \ 
| |___|  _  |/ ___ \|  __/ | | | |___|  _ <     ___) |
 \____|_| |_/_/   \_\_|    |_| |_____|_| \_\   |____/                    [at05]

-----------------------------\URBAN WARFARE/-----------------------------------

What a way to start off this chapter! The running will be controlled by holding
down on the Left Analog Stick, but try not to be blocked by objects. After
that, just focus on aiming which is easy and shooting, also easy. Unload your
AK at the truck until it empties. Switching over to the pistol, it should only
be a few shots before the truck chasing you finally explodes. 

Move toward the street when you're ready and a scene starts. A few enemies
enter the area, looking for you. Sit tight as a bus comes flying by on the
right. This will distract the sentries. Run up to one and stealth melee him.
Shoot the next two and that should be it. Grab their ammo and refill your AK.

Approach the bus that drove by and try to sneak by, but it explodes. Can't go
that way. Fall back a little and look for a green box, looks like a locker, 
with a yellow top. Climb onto this and then on the signs above it. While on the
right side of the sign, reach out for the ladder. From the ladder, climb onto
the light pole and then onto the broken sign above it. 

Reach out for the blue pipe along the adjacent building. Don't climb it though,
just reach out for the bricks jutting from the building. Take these around the
corner, then jump to the sign. Vault over to the other side by hitting X. Jump
to the next one, vault over, and then shimmy around the inside corner here to
at last reach the window.

Inside, go out the right doorway and jump to the light pole. Use it to swing,
then jump into the next building. The floor will collapse but Drake hangs on.
Drop down anyway and enter the room below. Look for the blue crate in front of
the bookcase and use it to climb up. You want to jump to the platform behind
Drake, but getting the right angle with the Left Analog Stick can be tricky. 

Climb and then take the stairs up. The table will serve as a means to climb onto
the next bookcase and out of here.

A helicopter will get really close. Jump to the next building and stealth melee
the guard. You can continue from here across buildings and such or drop down
to street level to make it easier. Let's go down to street level, shall we?

o----TREASURE - Strange Relic--------------------------o
|When you drop down to street level, you'll see two    |
|guys run by. Look for the alley to the right. You     |
|should see an unmanned bike carriage. Well right      |
|behind that is an open manhole. Drop down here and you|
|will find this in the corner. Yes, it has returned!   |

If you want to take the vertical route still, climb back up to that sentry's
spot using the blue drain pipe. It's not nearly as fast or easy as the ground
route though. Follow the guards who ducked into that other alley and take
cover near the opening. You can stealth grapple the one standing there and
then proceed inside. You come to this exact same room through the vertical
route so no worries. The door that takes you here on that route will be to your
right as you enter. There's actually a table through that doorway that has a 
Wes .44 with eight bullets if you want to take it. 

Take cover in this room that's set in front of the next street and take a peek
and see what you're up against. A few sentries, and more out of the line of
sight. Slip in and take cover beside the counter. Go up to the first sentry and
melee him. Go around the corner and take down the next one. You should still be

If you can manage to get to these guys and stealth kill them, go for it, but a
gunfight will eventually be unavoidable. Three of them tend to gather across
from you, which is perfect for a grenade. After that, they will most likely
still not know where you are, which might make isolating them for stealth
takedowns easier if you'd like. Otherwise, open fire. Be sure to grab a FAL if
you didn't get it earlier.

The enemies will start piling in this area so use cover and be aware of your
surroundings. Look for one sentry on the roof across from your area. When using
the FAL, hit R3 to get a slightly zoomed in sight with a laser dot. This makes
headshots a bit easier. 

One enemy you'll likely see creeping closer and closer to you is a guy with
a Riot Shield and a Micro 9mm. You can easily knock him out if you stay behind
cover and melee when he gets near. Otherwise, you'll have to shoot at his legs
and whatever else is not protected by the shield. 

The shield is great if you still have that Wes. You can be more liberal in
staying out of cover and take time lining up shots. When the Wes is done, grab
a pistol or that Micro 9mm. Start shooting it out with the rest of the enemies,
using cover. When you move far enough down the street though, reinforcements
show up. Great...

This is just a matter of survival, so do what you have to stay alive. Stay
behind cover at all times and shoot it out with the enemies as you see fit, but
try not to use all your bullets. Be on the look out for enemy grenades. After
a while, a scene takes over and your "ass is saved". 

Before following Chloe, run all over the battlefield and restock your ammo,
especially for the FAL. Find Chloe after that near a door, which happens to be
locked. Go outside and climb the street sign. Swing from the top to the roof
of the building ahead of you. Jump from there to the air conditioning units on
the side of the next building. Use the protruding bricks to climb around the
corner and pull yourself up to the next ledge.

After spotting the hotel, jump to the platform to the right. At the end, you
can jump straight up and grab the hanging bar. Swing from it to the next and
climb them like monkey bars until you start swinging on the last one. Jump to
the bricks in the corner and take this over a little. Jump from there to the
next platform.

Climb onto the dresser and take the wooden plank outside. Jump from the roof to
a balcony. From here, jump to the yellow and blue sign. Drop down to the
streetlight. Drop down immediately because the enemies appear at this moment.

Try to toss a grenade at some of the approaching enemies to slow them down a
bit. Run to the red door and shoot off the lock. Hit Triangle to kick it open
for Chloe. Retreat just a little and take cover next to the blue bin. Chloe
will be helpful here as the enemies pile in more. There will be more shield
enemies, but a grenade works wonders against them. For the others, use the FAL
and if any get close, grapple them from cover. A few enemies appear way in the
distance. Use the FAL's scope by hitting R3 again and try to pick them off.
One will be on the balcony but you need to stand where Chloe is to see him. 

Once the enemies are down, move toward the back. Stand underneath the green
walkway and give Chloe a boost. Follow her up once the ladder is in reach. Take
the fire escape up and enter the doorway with Chloe.

In the kitchen, shoot the three orange wooden planks to enter the next room.
Approach the burning debris in here and hold Triangle as Chloe passes through.
Exit this building and the next chapter begins. 

  ____ _   _    _    ____ _____ _____ ____       / /  
 / ___| | | |  / \  |  _ \_   _| ____|  _ \     / /_  
| |   | |_| | / _ \ | |_) || | |  _| | |_) |   | '_ \ 
| |___|  _  |/ ___ \|  __/ | | | |___|  _ <    | (_) |
 \____|_| |_/_/   \_\_|    |_| |_____|_| \_\    \___/                    [at06]

-----------------------------\DESPERATE TIMES/---------------------------------

Drop down to street level and you'll get another scene. Chloe's got a plan, but
Drake has to take out the RPG-wielding enemy first, and he has to do it

It's easier than you think though. There are a few enemies around, but this is
not hard at all. From where you begin, use Circle to navigate from one piece
of cover to another when the RPG guy on the truck isn't looking directly at
you. When you get behind the truck, grapple the guy to the right first, then
climb onto the truck and hang from the back. Grab the RPG dude and pull him
over. This will cue Chloe for her explosive entrance. 

The enemies will start down the staircase. You can stay where you are, hanging
from the truck and start shooting them with your pistol. It isn't the most
effective, but it protects you fairly well. After you've knocked a few of them
off, move in closer and restock your weapons. Try to clear the area in front
of this temple building and keep it safe. Make use of your grenades for 
shield-users and trust the FAL and its scope. 

Things will start to get a bit tougher as the fight rolls along. Reinforcements
will come from two different directions, forcing you to find a different spot
for defense. You don't want to get flanked so back up until all the enemies
are in front of you. Alternatively, a better spot is in the church building
itself. Go inside (where you can find some ammo and more grenades) and take
cover to the right, which overlooks the street where most of the reinforcements
are. You can shoot most of them easily from here and drop grenades on them.
Be sure to take out the gunner on the truck too. You can shoot him through a
little space on the turret's armor. Beware of enemies coming up to fight you
hand-to-hand. Consider jumping onto the truck and using the turret if you want.

Once the enemies are gone, Chloe runs off to the next destination. Don't follow
yet though. You can now do some exploring. 

o----TREASURE - Silver Dress Clasp--------------------------o
|Approach the temple and look at the mural design above the |
|door. In the center of it, you can barely notice a sparkle.|
|Shoot the treasure down and it falls in front of the doors.|

And also...

o----TREASURE - Brass Bird Lamp--------------------------o
|With the fighting over and done with, look for one of   |
|those green locker-like metal boxes with the yellow roof|
|in the center of the battlefield. It's right next to a  |
|street light. Climb up and all the way to the top of the|
|street light, using the signs to get higher. You can put|
|your mitts on the treasure up there.                    |

With those in hand, follow Chloe up a ledge to an alley adjacent to the street.
Boost her up to the fire escape walkway, then follow. At the top, vault over
the front railing of the fire escape that faces the street light and the signs.
Jump to the signs and vault over the orange and white one to shimmy onto the
street light. From here, swing to the rooftop. 

o----TREASURE - Copper Rice Measure--------------------------o
|Walk along the rooftop and go past the opening. Just keep   |
|going, following the roof until it finally takes you to the |
|treasure, resting in front of a few windows.                |

Go along the roof and find the opening to hop inside. Wait for Chloe, then
proceed forward. Two enemies come in, one wielding a shotgun. Use the nearby
pillar for cover and take out the shotgun dude first. Blindfire will work fine
here since he gets very close usually. After that, gun down his accomplice.

Get inside the elevator for a scene. After that, go down the hall and into the
left room. Pick up the 92FS to replace your .45 if you'd like. Walk out onto
the very precarious ledge made by the collapsed stone pillar. Jump to the right
to the flagpole and then go across here until one falls. Climb it like a pipe
and then move over to the left to climb the wall. Finally, pull yourself up
into the room. 

Shoot the wooden planks blocking your way. In the next room, climb onto the
collapsed chunk of roof and jump to the bars overhead. Climb across and you'll
have to swing from a few of them until finally, you reach the window ahead. 
There are four enemies inside and three of them will come to the window. They
may come at the same time or individually. IF they come individually, you can
pull them all out. If not, you'll have to settle for one and then shoot the
others while you're hanging.

Climb inside and grab any ammo you need. Go into the adjacent room. Downstairs
you can find a Wes .44. Go upstairs until you see an opening on the left wall.
Slip inside and around the corner should be two enemies. Feel free to melee
them and practice the countering system.

o----TREASURE - Yuan Dynasty Urn--------------------------o
|Return to the stairwell and take it up one more flight.  |
|The stairs here are destroyed, so you can't go any       |
|further. They line you up perfectly though to jump to the|
|white ledge on the elevator shaft. Do that and vault over|
|the side to get in there. Drop down and you'll land on   |
|the elevator. The treasure should be at your feet.       |

Go back to where those two enemies were in the destroyed room with the rubble.
There should be a dark tunnel to the left. Hop up the ledge and enter. On the
other side, two enemies drop down from above. Shoot them down fast or shoot the
propane tank they land near to make it easier. After that, go to the right.

o----TREASURE - Enameled Snuff Bottle--------------------------o
|After crossing that little bridge and dealing with the two    |
|enemies that drop down, go to the right. There will be a stone|
|pillar sticking out but ignore it. Look for the railing and   |
|hop over it to reach the roof. Run along the roof, rounding   |
|the corner and at the end, look for the open suitcase with    |
|this inside.                                                  |

Climb onto the stone pillar and jump to the hanging bar. Shimmy on this inward
as you get closer to the platform. Pull yourself up and then hop across until
an enemy appears. Take cover fast and shoot him. Easy. Jump that gap, turn
the corner, and you'll hear Chloe.

Drop down to find the generator. Turn it back on and Chloe will join you above.
Climb back up and boost her up to the ladder, you know the drill. Climb up and
you'll be on the roof. Nice view, and an even nicer pool. Just for laughs, jump
into the pool and listen to the dialogue. You'll also get two medals out of
it. Schwing!

Alright, dry yourself off, Michael Phelps. Go up the staircase and immediately
jump over the banister. You'll land on the roof below. Take it to the right
(Nate's left) a bit and look for the bricks and such jutting out from the wall.
In case you're wondering, there's nothing around the corner on the roof. Climb
up the building to the top. Wait for Chloe and a scene. 

Follow Chloe afterwards and interact near the zipline. Go through the next
doorway and you'll see the bridge/tunnel is gone. Look on the left side of
what's left and see the yellow protrusions. Climb up using this and begin to
shimmy across on the yellow bar. Unfortunately, a helicopter appears, and he
doesn't like Nathan Drake's ingenuity. Havoc ensues. 

Climb up when you can and take off running after Chloe. Jump each gap and keep
running for dear life. The last platform almost collapses. Climb up and vault
over it like it was a sign, then jump to the rooftop where Chloe is currently
engaged with more enemies. 

Take cover and ignore the helicopter. It doesn't make things easier though.
Use your AK or the FAL if you still happen to have it and gun down the enemies.
Jump to the next rooftop when you can. 

Drop down to the next floor and run forward for an explosive surprise. Keep
moving and take cover when more enemies appear. Rely on the AK and grenades
here. After they're down, turn the corner and two more should appear. If any
get close, you can always use blindfire which is more effective. Once they're
down, ignore the elevator and jump down to the next floor. 

Here's where it gets even more exciting. Take cover in the back of the room
(right from the stairs) and fire at the enemies. It shouldn't be too hard. At
the same time, the helicopter will fire missiles at the building. Things are
about to get very unbalanced in a second. Fight off the enemies that show up.
Every so often, the building will start tilting and you and everyone else will
lose balance. Strike at the enemies when you're able to and then watch as the
building starts to lean towards the next. Everything in the room comes sliding
forward and you as well. When you get near the end, jump. 

That was fun, wasn't it? Proceed through the doorway and take the stairs all
the way up to a kitchen. Go out and look for a nearby rooftop to jump to. Do
so and take cover. The enemies on the adjacent rooftop are very angry. How
angry? They're firing grenade launchers at you. Pinpoint these enemies and
take them out first. Look for a propane tank you can shoot to make the job

Once they're all cleared out, find the crank and tap Triangle to lower a
bridge to that rooftop. Pick up the M32 Hammer grenade launcher. Schwing! Find
more ammo for it nearby. It will only last you so long, but oh, it will be fun. 

Climb up to the next rooftop and there will be some enemies shooting up at you
from below, to the left. Try out the Hammer, trying to land one between all of
them. It doesn't have the same punch as a grenade so it's difficult sometimes
to kill an enemy with one shot. 

o----TREASURE - Incense Burner--------------------------o
|After the grenade launcher enemies, climb up to the    |
|next roof. There should be a small structure near you  |
|with a large water tank and air conditioner on top.    |
|Climb up here and the treasure should be there.        |

Drop down to that rooftop where the enemies were and the helicopter appears
again. Oh boy... Run toward the end of the roof and that's as far as you can
go. You have to take it down. Did you grab the grenade launcher? Well don't
fret, little bear. If you didn't, there's one at the end of the rooftop. With
it in hand, fire at the helicopter. It's very durable and it's tough to hit
while it's moving. Also, an enemy or two might attack you so be prepared.

It'll take a lot of shots, close to ten, but you should be able to bring down
the whirly bird. After that, lower the bridge using the crank. Cross to the
next building and drop down to the floor below. Look for the giant billboard
and jump to it. Vault over it to the other side. See that rooftop? It looks
like a bit of a drop, but you can make it. Jump to it, then the next roof just
next to it.

Find the zipline and hit Triangle for a scene. Ow, that hurt. When you have
control, go around the corner where the helicopter wreckage is. Climb the blue
pipe and the next few pipes after that to reach a ladder. From the ladder,
reach for the sign. Drop down to the next sign and from there to the ground.
Move forward for a scene.

After catching up with an old friend, another helicopter swoops in. Can Drake
go two-for-two? Eh, maybe better run this time...

  ____ _   _    _    ____ _____ _____ ____      _____ 
 / ___| | | |  / \  |  _ \_   _| ____|  _ \    |___  |
| |   | |_| | / _ \ | |_) || | |  _| | |_) |      / / 
| |___|  _  |/ ___ \|  __/ | | | |___|  _ <      / /  
 \____|_| |_/_/   \_\_|    |_| |_____|_| \_\    /_/                      [at07]

-----------------------------\THEY'RE COMING WITH US/--------------------------

Head down the street with the others after the scene is over. Don't stray too
far just yet. 

o----TREASURE - Worn Pendant--------------------------o
|Look for a building with its wall blown wide open on |
|your right and duck right inside. In the top left    |
|corner is a cardboard box with this on top.          |

Now for the enemies. If you wait too long, some of them might waltz by your
teammates and that makes it a little annoying. Try to get up front with them
and take cover. Use your AK and some grenades as well as nearby propane tanks
to make life easier. Once they're all down, you're free to explore again. 

o----TREASURE - Nine Jewel Ring--------------------------o
|Near the doors where your party is gathered there is a  |
|large fountain with a statue in the center. The statue  |
|has a bell on the side at the top and inside is the     |
|treasure. Shoot it down and it lands inside the water.  |
|Get your feet wet and grab it.                          |

Gather with your team near the door and interact with it to continue.

As you proceed down the stairs, you see the street is totally flooded. Any
logical gamer knows there must always be another way, especially when it comes
to Drake's situations. There was an adjacent staircase when you entered, so go
back up and take it around. Only Chloe will follow you which is good, because
you need her. 

Give her a boost up to the ladder. She'll push a crate down for you to climb
up yourself. Your goal is to make a bridge to reach a ladder on the other side
of the water. It's not clear at all how to do this, so the hint system might
help you out. If you're reading this guide though, who needs the hint system!
Look down at the water and from up here you should have a good vantage point of
a propane tank wedged near the first car. Shoot it and the car will flow down
to the wall. 

There's another car and you want to apply the same idea to it, but this one has
no propane tank. Luckily, there's plenty of them up on the balcony (I guess
the people were planning a lot of BBQs...). Take one and toss it down near the
car. You will learn through an in-game prompt that you can shoot a propane tank
automatically after throwing it by hitting R1. Do that and the car will make
the other part of the necessary bridge. 

Follow Chloe back down and jump across the cars to reach the ladder. Everyone
ahead goes up the stairs to the right. Don't follow just yet. There's a Moss
12 if you want it here. More importantly...

o----TREASURE - Ankhora Water Vessel--------------------------o
|From where you find the Moss (near the stairs where everybody|
|runs up, look for the two lion-like statues. Jump over the   |
|banister near the farthest statue so that you land on a dry  |
|patch of land below. Right in the corner up against the wall |
|is the treasure. To return, get in the water and let the     |
|current take you to the cars.                                |

Now follow them up the stairs and take cover immediately as bullets start
raining down. It's suggested that you get in and take out that gun. Easier
said than done. Spot the enemy on the high ledge to the left. Go over there
and climb up to him. If you can pull him down, do it, otherwise, hang and
shoot him. Climb up and you'll be to the side of the gunner and a lot more
enemies. First, shoot the enemy on the balcony above you because he has a
perfect shot at you. 

Once that's done, grab a propane tank and chuck it at the gaggle of enemies.
Use the trick you just learned to blow it up immediately after throwing it by
hitting R1. That should take out most of the enemies. If it was not accurate
enough, throw the other and try again. If it's clear, run for the turret and
use it to mow down the remaining enemies, including a large group at the
bottom of the stairs attacking your friends.

Once it's clear, they'll join you. Look for the blue pipe on the wall. Take
this up to a blue window. Climb through and sidle alongside the billboard as
some things take place below. Head through the next doorway and go down a
couple flights of stairs. Go around the next corner and down a hallway to
reach a courtyard. 

Your party will take a peek around, so you do the same. There's one thing of
noteworthy interest. 

o----TREASURE - Silver Shiva Amulet--------------------------o
|Look for another destroyed building on the left. In front of|
|it is a small little blue cart next to a couple wicker bins.|
|On top of the cart is this treasure.                        |

When you're ready, ascend up the stairs for a scene. That was a quick chapter,

  ____ _   _    _    ____ _____ _____ ____       ___  
 / ___| | | |  / \  |  _ \_   _| ____|  _ \     ( _ ) 
| |   | |_| | / _ \ | |_) || | |  _| | |_) |    / _ \ 
| |___|  _  |/ ___ \|  __/ | | | |___|  _ <    | (_) |
 \____|_| |_/_/   \_\_|    |_| |_____|_| \_\    \___/                    [at08]

-----------------------------\THE CITY'S SECRET/-------------------------------

Search the table left of the door ahead of you for some ammo and a bunch of
grenades. The left hallway has nothing, and the right hallway, well...

o----TREASURE - Bronze Altar Spoon--------------------------o
|From the entrance, go to the right and enter this hallway. |
|It looks like a dead-end but climb the back wall and at the |
|top, you'll find this treasure.                            |

When you're ready, proceed into the next chamber.

After some chit-chat, you'll be able to view Drake's journal! Yes, the journal
that saved Drake's butt (and Sully's too) on a few occasions. This time, you
can freely flip through all the pages. The pages titled "The Faces of Victor
Sullivan" is worth a read. Anyway, give the page on the statue a good once over
and then look for a way up. 

On the right side of the chamber is a broken pillar that's just a stump. Climb
this and then jump to the wall where there is a pipe. Take this up and then
pull yourself onto the right walkway. Walk toward the iron gate. 

Turn right and climb and swing from the bars to reach the opposite side. Jump
the next gap and the walkway will collapse. Use it as a ramp to reach the
corner platform. From here you can interact with the statue's first arm. Do
so and you can see it will be in the correct position as in Drake's journal.

Climb the bricks in the corner, then jump away from the wall to grab the pipe.
Shimmy across this and then jump back to the wall. Drop down all the way until
you grab a small ledge sticking out. At this position, you can mess with the
next arm. Do so, and Drake ends up back at the bottom again. 

Go back to the collapsed pillar, then jump to the pipe again. This time
however, go to the left. Climb up the three small protrusions here and then
jump all the way to the left to barely make it. Here, you can mess with
another of the statue's arms. This one is in the right position though, so

Instead, climb up the right wall and go to Drake's left, around the inside
corner. Continue to shimmy to the left until you can drop down on a platform
near the last arm. Mess around with this one and you'll solve the puzzle. 

What next? Well, take the small staircase on the side and step in front of
the statue now for a quick scene. When Mr. Drake gets his light bulb, you should
get yours. Climb up the front of the statue until you get a Triangle prompt. 
The water will be drained and a door will open. Hop down and join Chloe below.

Enter the doorway after Chloe and proceed into this underground tunnel. It's
very straightforward so just keep going. Down a flight of stairs, you'll come
to a large pile of debris. Climb the stones in the debris to reach an opening
where you can slip through. Follow the next corridor in as the water gets a
little deeper. 

Proceed around the tree mural in the center and look for the two large statues
in the back. Climb the right one to reach the high platform. Follow Chloe down
this long corridor when suddenly, a trap door is sprung. Son of a...

To make matters worse, a spike ceiling starts to collapse on you. First thing's
first. Grab a grenade and look for the wall with the two gear wheels. Toss it
at them to stop the ceiling and open the door. If that doesn't work, fire at
the little spokes of the gears to stop them.

o----TREASURE - Bronze Varaha Statue--------------------------o
|After falling through the trap door and before or after      |
|stopping the spike ceiling, find this treasure. It should be |
|right in front of Drake after the fall, beached up on a small|
|piece of dirt and bones sticking up from the water.          |

Before leaving, grab the MP40 in the corner. Uncharted 1 fans will remember
this gun. They might also associate it with a memory of a certain... enemy. 
Gulp. They couldn't... be here... could they? Nahhhh. 

Follow the corridor to a staircase. It will take you to the other side of the
sprung trap door. Proceed right to the large chamber. A very big device above
will start moving. There are sun mirrors in the room as well. Another puzzle...
Well, let's get started, Mr. Drake! 

  ____ _   _    _    ____ _____ _____ ____       ___  
 / ___| | | |  / \  |  _ \_   _| ____|  _ \     / _ \ 
| |   | |_| | / _ \ | |_) || | |  _| | |_) |   | (_) |
| |___|  _  |/ ___ \|  __/ | | | |___|  _ <     \__. |
 \____|_| |_/_/   \_\_|    |_| |_____|_| \_\      / /                    [at09]
-----------------------------\PATH OF LIGHT/-----------------------------------

Drop down to the first sun mirror below. You can only move it up and down and
that is with the Right Analog Stick. See that large... face on the far side of
the room. Direct the light into the gem on its head. Well, that's a start.

Head over to that face and you'll see it has a keyhole for the Phubra Dagger.
Interact with it and a part of the larger dagger above will come down. Approach
it and start climbing. When you can't go any further, swing over to the other
side and keep going.

When you reach the top, climb up one more ledge and you can see another part
of the dagger stretching toward a large red-face statue. Walk along this
carefully and then jump to the statue's eye. Climb over to its eyebrow and
a part of it will weigh down. This opens another path of light and it makes a
climbing path for later. Another part of the eyebrow lowers so you can shimmy
out of here. Go around the corner and drop down.

Go along this ledge, hugging the wall and passing underneath a shrine. Keep
going until you reach a second shrine and stop before it. 
o----TREASURE - Copper Lakhe Mask--------------------------o
|When you come to the second shrine after dropping down    |
|from the red-faced statue, go under the shrine and the    |
|treasure is on the other side.                            |

Hang over the ledge here and you can see the green bricks that sprung out from
earlier. Use these to safely get back down. Chloe will adjust the mirrors for
you and the light will reach a mirror on your side. Walk over to it and start
messing with it. You want to cast the light into the hole at the bottom of that
giant caged lantern-like object next to the dagger. It will then redirect the
light to another one of those statue faces on the right. Walk over to this and
insert the key.

This will lower another part of the dagger and will let you reach Chloe again
by activating some platforms. Head back over there and drop down again.
Approach the dagger and climb the right side of it. You'll have to jump back
and forth between the two blades a little bit. Just keep hitting X to get
further up. Eventually, you can climb up and find another piece of the dagger
blade that serves as a very narrow walkway. 

This one doesn't let you reach your destination however. The blade partially
collapses and poor Drake hangs on for dear life as always. The orb on this
statue's head can't be reached, so how to open it? Whip out your gun and shoot
it. Six bullets should be all it needs. The light floods in, the blade falls
a little more, and Drake, yet again, manages to think fast. From the big lantern
thing, jump to the platform where the next statue face is.

From the statue face, walk left along the ledge and Chloe, the doll she is, 
will operate the mirror for you again.

o----TREASURE - Carved Jade Figurine--------------------------o
|The right wall between the mirror and the third statue face  |
|has a red pattern on it and a symbol in the center. Look for |
|this wall specifically and trace your eyes up to the top.    |
|Right where the wall meets a ledge, the treasure is embedded.|
|Shoot it down to grab it.                                    |

Adjust the mirror on your side to cast the light inside that lantern thing. It
is then reflected into the last statue face. Approach the statue face on this
side and insert the key.

The dagger complete, it impales the giant red statue on the floor. Its mouth
opens, revealing a door. You ever wonder who would be so genius to think of
this? The amount of man hours it would take to make these puzzles? Right, 
the guide...

Another platform will take you to the entrance area. Take the stairs down to
the red floor statue and find Chloe at the head. Drop down the mouth all the
way to reach a secret chamber. 

o----TREASURE - Bronze Ganesh Statue--------------------------o
|As soon as you drop down through the statue, look to your    |
|left. This treasure will be sitting on the floor behind one  |
|of the pillars, ripe for the picking.                        |

Approach the little altar with the round device in it. Interact by hitting
Triangle to insert the key. It unlocks a nice cutscene. 

  ____ _   _    _    ____ _____ _____ ____      _  ___  
 / ___| | | |  / \  |  _ \_   _| ____|  _ \    / |/ _ \ 
| |   | |_| | / _ \ | |_) || | |  _| | |_) |   | | | | |
| |___|  _  |/ ___ \|  __/ | | | |___|  _ <    | | |_| |
 \____|_| |_/_/   \_\_|    |_| |_____|_| \_\   |_|\___/                  [at10]

-----------------------------\ONLY ONE WAY OUT/--------------------------------

Start climbing out of here. The camera angle is a little weird so tilt the
Left Analog Stick down to climb up. When you can't go any further, move it
around to shimmy to the other side of the shaft. Climb up from here and you'll
see the room is being scoured by a few sentries.

Find a place to hide somewhere on the left and try to stealth melee one of the
guards. This plan won't likely play out all the way through so a gunfight will
break out inevitably. Try to find the Wes .44 over here and grab it. Take cover
behind the pillars here and shoot out the rest of the enemies. With the Wes,
plant one well placed shot at the enemy at the top of the stairs with a laser
sight. The enemies have FAL rifles, but you can hang onto that MP40 if you
still got it, seeing as how you haven't gotten a chance to use it until now.

Climb the top of the stairs and melee any enemies that come your way. Take the
Dragon Sniper which was the weapon that emitted the laser sight. Get behind
cover at the entrance to the corridor. If another enemy comes down, blindfire
or melee him. Use the Dragon Sniper and its sight with R3 to snipe the enemies
on the other side of the trap door. When that's done, feel free to grab your
other weapon.

Time to return from whence you came. Hang a left and go down the stairs. A
sentry will try to ambush you but give him a taste of Drake's iron knuckles. 
Turn the next corner and take cover as two more enemies come up the stairs.
Blast them both, then take cover at the bottom of the stairs. 

A few more enemies in the next chamber will attack. Stay behind cover and just
use your Wes (if you still have it) or pistol, followed by your rifle. Grenades
in this wide area can be tough if the enemies move around a lot so save them.

Cut straight across when the last one falls and take the following corridor
all the way to an opening. Proceed through and take cover here as more guards
attack from down this corridor. The one to watch out for is the heavily armored
sentry wielding the shotgun. The Wes is handy here if you still have it. Unload
on him with your rifle otherwise. Grenades are effective in this narrow hall
so feel free. 

You'll return to the room with the tree altar in the middle. Go around and 
a few more enemies will be waiting, including a guy with a Riot Shield. A
grenade works well on this group. Take cover at the next corridor. The guys at
the far end are good shots so try to move up from cover to cover to get a
better shot for yourself. You can grab the Riot Shield and use that to charge
forward and take them out.

Charge forward and proceed up the stairs but watch out for a grenade. Either
fall back or keep running. Watch out for a shotgun sentry at the top though.
Take him down fast, then take cover and shoot the next foe. Turn the next
corner and it'll be a straight shout out of this underground area. 

You return to the statue room, but more enemies are lying in wait, of course.
Take cover behind the small stone and there is a Pistole on top. Grab it for
now and give it a shot. It's like a handcannon of sorts. Fight off a few 
enemies, then climb out. From the first chamber, a heavily armored foe comes
prowling. Stand near the doorway and while in cover, hit him with the Pistole
a couple times. Hopefully, Chloe will help a little as well. 

After that, leave the temple and--surprise, surprise--more fighting will erupt
outside. Take cover as always and spot your priority targets. In this fight,
it will be the two snipers. One is in a window on the far side, and the other
is just to your right. Use the FAL and its sight to take them both down, no
sweat. For the rest, use the FAL or other rifle and mow them down, throwing in
some grenades for good measure. 

When the dust has settled, approach that destroyed house which is now in the
top right corner. A scene will start. 

  ____ _   _    _    ____ _____ _____ ____      _ _ 
 / ___| | | |  / \  |  _ \_   _| ____|  _ \    / / |
| |   | |_| | / _ \ | |_) || | |  _| | |_) |   | | |
| |___|  _  |/ ___ \|  __/ | | | |___|  _ <    | | |
 \____|_| |_/_/   \_\_|    |_| |_____|_| \_\   |_|_|                     [at11]

-----------------------------\KEEP MOVING/-------------------------------------

Drake, never one to abandon those in need, now has to carry Jeff with him for
this sequence. It's not too different, it's just slower. You can only use your
pistol with one hand as well. 

Proceed down the alley and fire a few rounds if you wish, but let Chloe and
Elena handle it. Duck into the doorway on the left. Follow Chloe around and
pick up some ammo along the way. Step out the next door and follow Chloe. Two
enemies will attack from a balcony to the left but you shouldn't have to expend
too much ammo on them. A larger enemy will attack Chloe up ahead so unload on
him instead. After that, two more attack up the stairs. Grab more ammo as you
go and keep trudging along.

Take the alley down to a dead-end. Just then, a truck barrels through, impeding
your path. Elena opens the doors to the left with some quick thinking. She
tries to open the next gate but a friendly RPG shooter does it for her and
somehow doesn't kill her in the process. Damn, she's still alive! Err, *ahem*..

Spot that RPG guy on the balcony and take him down with a few rounds. Go down
the street where another truck appears. Elena suggests an alternate route so
duck inside the nearby building and it leads to the adjacent street. Another
truck and a whole swarm of enemies appear but Elena coaches you into the door
on the right. Go inside and follow Chloe up the stairs. Keep going until a 
scene starts. 

Good stuff, right? Well, anyways, once you have control again, charge down the
alley, running toward the camera very Crash Bandicoot style (Naughty Dog for
the win!). Jump over obstacles and down ledges. 

After a turn, and some narrow escapes, you'll be intercepted by a truck and
have to make a sudden left turn. Down this alley, Elena ducks behind a crate.
Don't follow her. Look for a way to climb up the wall on the right and do so.
At the top, hit the Triangle prompt that appears to get Elena up. Charge down
the adjacent alley and you'll hit another scene and the end of this chapter.

  ____ _   _    _    ____ _____ _____ ____      _ ____  
 / ___| | | |  / \  |  _ \_   _| ____|  _ \    / |___ \ 
| |   | |_| | / _ \ | |_) || | |  _| | |_) |   | | __) |
| |___|  _  |/ ___ \|  __/ | | | |___|  _ <    | |/ __/ 
 \____|_| |_/_/   \_\_|    |_| |_____|_| \_\   |_|_____|                 [at12]

-----------------------------\A TRAIN TO CATCH/--------------------------------

Head out onto the balcony with Elena. There are several sentries below and
you're unarmed of course which is a bad combination. Start by jumping to the
sign to your left. Climb to the bigger sign next to it. Vault over to opposite
side and jump to the top of the nearby building.

Jump the small gap and stealth melee the sentry here to get his pistol. Now
we're talking. If you're skilled (or lucky) enough, you can stealth melee the
rest of these guys. You can start by dropping down and staying near the doorway
below. Wait for the two sentries here to split up. One should come through the
doorway, the other should go right, so get both of them silently. The other two
will be in the far corner and should eventually both turn their back to you. It
might be a lot tougher than that but a shoot out isn't the worst thing in the
world. Grab a FAL from one of them so you have two guns, then wait for Elena
to join you. 

o----TREASURE - Nepali Bronze Lion--------------------------o
|Find the alley where some of the guards where patrolling.  |
|It's the alley right near the green and blue building in   |
|the corner. If you go inside, this treasure is on the      |
|ground in front of the large gate.                         |

To move on, find that building with the first sentry you took down. Take the
ladder up to it and there is a fire escape here. Wait for Elena, then boost
her up. Climb up when she drops the ladder for you. 

o----TREASURE - Yuan Dynasty Lotus Jar--------------------------o 
|After you boost Elena up, she drops the ladder for you. Climb  |
|up to get onto the fire escape. Instead of going to the right, |
|go up the stairs in the back to get to the second floor of the |
|fire escape. The treasure is in the back corner.               |

Go back down and jump over the railing to the platform ahead. 

The next door is blocked by wooden planks on the other side, so of course, you
have to find another way around first. Return to where you landed from the fire
escape and look to the left. Jump to the blue sign and then navigate to the
orange sign. Vault over to the other side and from here you should have a good
view of the planks on the other side of the door. Shoot them off and get ready.

Some more goons show up so vault over to the other side and use the sign as
protection while you hang and shoot. For the guys on the right, there is a
propane tank tucked behind a blue bin so try targeting that. For the others,
just shoot or toss a grenade. 

Vault over to the opposite side again as more baddies show up behind you. One
has a sniper so take him down first. A well placed grenade between the other
two does the trick, as do a few well placed pistol shots. 

After that, another group shows up (do these guys have like stage cues or
something?) so flip over to the other side again. Shoot the guys on your right
(or left depending on which side of the sign you're on) and shoot them. You're
not protected so drop down to another sign if you need to but it shouldn't be
necessary if you're a good enough shot. 

Elena will drop down the bridge so jump to it from the sign. 

o----TREASURE - Cham Lion Mask--------------------------o
|You probably saw this when you came to the door that   |
|was blocked. Don't leave it behind. Once you cross the |
|bridge that Elena lays down for you, don't follow her. |
|Go left instead and hop the gap back to that previously|
|blocked door. On this side, if you search near the     |
|wall, the sparkling treasure will beckon you closer.   |

Follow Elena up the ladder for a scene. Elena will then take her own path so
you head over to the zipline to the left of the water tower. Take it and you'll
land amongst a bunch of the train cars, but not the ones you want. 

o----TREASURE - Jeweled Statue Crown--------------------------o
|From where you land, follow the orange train car to a green  |
|one, as the space narrows and narrows. At the end, you'll    |
|find this.                                                   |

You want to enter the warehouse which is the building you're standing next to.
The door is blocked by a cart, much like the one you and Flynn pushed,
remember? Get in front of it and hit the Circle prompt. Push it until the path
is clear and enter the warehouse.

Make your way to the side of the car in here and climb the large boxes in the
back. Use this to jump to the top of the car. Go left and jump to another
train. Take this down to a yellow walkway. There will be a train car on your

o----TREASURE - Three-Stone Coral Ring--------------------------o
|When you get to the train car on the second floor turn away    |
|from it. Look for a red ledge on the wall and jump to it.      |
|Shimmy across and then jump up to reach some bars that Drake   |
|can take across and swing from to get to an air unit. The      |
|treasure waits on top.                                         |

Return to that platform looking at the train car. Hang over the railing and
jump to the next platform. This train can be entered, so hop in and find the
lever at the front. 

After that fun little scene, you'll be under attack of course, after all that
commotion. By some divine miracle however, there is now a Dragon Sniper,
Pistole, and other goodies inside the train car. Grab the sniper and the
Pistole. As the enemies creep closer, blast them with the Pistole. Use the 
sniper on the more distant enemies. Look for the laser sights of other snipers
and make them your priority targets. More will appear as the fight goes on so
consider saving the sniper exclusively for them if you want but it's not really

More and more enemies appear so switch to the FAL if necessary which will help
you with the snipers too when the Dragon Sniper is empty. Keep using the
Pistole on the guys that get in close and use grenades on enemies that are
clustered together. The enemies will toss grenades in too so move out of the
way fast. 

Things go from bad to worse eventually. Just hold your ground until the cavalry
arrives. A scene starts and you're whisked away to the next chapter. And boy,
is it a doozy!

  ____ _   _    _    ____ _____ _____ ____      _ _____ 
 / ___| | | |  / \  |  _ \_   _| ____|  _ \    / |___ / 
| |   | |_| | / _ \ | |_) || | |  _| | |_) |   | | |_ \ 
| |___|  _  |/ ___ \|  __/ | | | |___|  _ <    | |___) |
 \____|_| |_/_/   \_\_|    |_| |_____|_| \_\   |_|____/                  [at13]


You can already tell this will be fun, right? From where you start, shimmy left
along the train and you can see a ladder. You can take the ladder up if you
want but try to look for the open window on the side of the train instead. Use
the Left Analog Stick and X to vault over and get inside.

o----TREASURE - Miniature Bronze Stupa--------------------------o
|Another sneaky one I must thank reader Bokoto for tipping me   |
|about. As soon as you start, shimmy over and vault inside the  |
|window or drop down from the roof. This treasure is located in |
|the FIRST train car where you begin. Go inside and you can find|
|it in the back.                                                |

When you're ready, jump down to the next section where there is a huge tank.
Jump to the yellow pipe on this and take it to the right, around. 

When you can't go any farther, jump from the pipe up to a small ledge hanging
over you. Jump from here to Drake's right. Drop down to another pipe now and
shimmy over more. Repeat the last few steps again to get on the other side of
the tank. 

Jump the gap to the next section. Climb over the large crates and you'll find a
few guns a few steps further. Take the AK or fill up on ammo if you already
have it. If you still have the Pistole from the end of last chapter, you can
keep it for now and replace it when it runs out. Take the 92FS otherwise. 

Jump to the platform with the freight car and climb the ladder to get to the
roof. There is an enemy in the center, so sneak up on him and stealth melee
him. He's carrying and M4 and if you're fast or lucky enough, you can probably
take it. It might fall loose and off the train though if you don't grab it in
that very, very brief window. Don't worry if you can't get it though, because
there's a stationary one in just a moment. 

Go to the end of this car and drop down. Jump the next gap to another open
platform section with some crates and another sentry. Try to wait for him to
either turn his back and stealth melee him, or get close to one of the cover
spots and wait for him to get close on his return patrol to grapple him.

Grab the M4 from him and more ammo off the crate near the end. Jump to the next
car. If you're spotted, no problem. Shoot it out with the two guys by taking
cover at the door. One has a Pistole and he'll get in close so melee him if you
have to. 

Move down the car and a sentry will swing in from the window. Get in a fight
with him and he'll probably try to counter you, so be ready to hit Triangle
while you're hammering on the Square button. 

Proceed to the door and you'll discover that it's locked. You know what that
means. Go through either of the windows by vaulting over the side. You'll
be able to shimmy to a ladder on either side to take to the roof.

o----TREASURE - Yama and Buffalo Statue--------------------------o
|Once you have taken care of that surprise-attacking enemy and   |
|climbed to the roof of that train car, go to the back of the    |
|roof. The treasure is back here. It's between two of those metal|
|platform things.                                                |

Drop down to the next section. You'll have to navigate around the large crates
but don't worry about falling off. There is a sentry leaning up against one,
try to grapple him if you can. This makes the next car also easy if you do
stealth. Otherwise, shoot it out and the rest of the enemies will start 
creeping out. You can use this to your advantage, staying behind the crate, and
grappling each of them as they draw closer. You can also do a standard melee
when they're near the edge and easily push them off. 

Jump to the next car and there is a turret gunner in the following car that
shoots at you. Slowly move closer in between the turret bursts. When you get
near the exit, you can see a few sentries in the next car too. Try to take them
down, then wait for the turret to stop firing again before moving. Jump to that
car, but take one of the ladders right to the side. Going straight in will be

Climb to the roof, but be on the look out for a possible enemy behind you. 
Scurry across the roof and avoid the central roof window. It may break and if
you fall in, you'll be right in front of the turret. Go to the end of the car
and drop down here, where you'll be positioned behind the turret. Toss a
grenade in there or shoot up the enemies. You can also grab a hold of the
turret and shoot any other foes inside that car. 

Head over to the next train car, which is another freight one. Climb the ladder
and make your way across. As you're moving, keep an eye out and listen for the
train track warning sounds. The low hanging devices will knock you off to a 
quick end if you don't get out of the way. So when you see and hear them
coming, drop down over the nearest edge of the train, whichever it is, and 
hang there as it passes by. 

On the next section, an enemy climbs up. Just sit by as he is knocked off by
another one of the devices. Don't go any further just yet though.

o----TREASURE - Newari Bronze Figures--------------------------o
|This one I found totally by accident my second time through.  |
|The location can be a bit tricky. But this is inside the train|
|car where one or two enemies climb up from the side. It's the |
|train car after the freight one that carries coal I think.    |
|Hang over the edge and there is a narrow ledge below you can  |
|drop to. The doors in this car are wide open so go inside and |
|look toward the back wall to find this treasure.              |

Climb back up now to the top. When you reach the end of the next car, don't
drop off the end because there's no platform below. Wait until you pass under
the next device and then jump to reach the next section.

Climb over the tank--the military kind--and you'll reach the other kind of 
tank, the fluid/gas containing kind. Shimmy on the yellow pipe. This time, you
have to watch out for more signals, these ones on the side. When they're
coming, you need to climb to one of the hanging ledges above. Keep moving until
you reach the other side. 

Climb up and take cover next to the small ledge. Shoot it out with the three
enemies here. The M4 works wonders so rely on that. Afterwards, hurry across and
jump to the next car. Drake will fall through the roof and afterwards, a very
noisy fly will appear. Yep...

After the helicopter fires its missiles, run forward and climb your way out of
this car. You'll jump to a platform with several stacks of lumber. Meanwhile,
the chopper hovers ominously nearby. Run to the end of this section and jump to
the next. The copter will probably open fire so take cover. Try not to move
when it's firing. 

Move up a bit more afterwards and take cover behind the crates that form a 
backwards "L" shape. Stay here and immediately see if you can take out at least
one of the enemies in front of you with your M4. Do not pop out from cover,
even to shoot, when the chopper is firing. You can do it for a few seconds, but
don't push your luck. Try to time your shots when the helicopter is not
shooting. If an enemy rushes your cover, you can try to grapple him but you can
easily take a lot of bullets in the process so blindfire might be better. 

Once the enemies are down, the helicopter will fire more missiles. Run to the
end of this platform and jump to the next section of the train. There will be
more train signals coming up so hang low to avoid them. Hang over the left side
of the train which also shields you from the helicopter's bullets. 

Climb up when it's safe, then jump to the next platform below. Just run through
this one and keep going until you get to the last platform leading to a large
green freight container. The helicopter will hover above and in front of you,
so take cover. Some more of Lezarivic's men will show up too. For the ones that
get close, you can use the Pistole. Use the M4 otherwise and time your shots
during the helicopter's downtime. Move up when you can and take cover right
before the container. Patiently wait and shoot out the last two enemies, or
toss a grenade in there. Afterwards, that ominous noise starts up again...

Jump into the container. If you run to the far side, there is a valve, but
the you'll be a sitting duck so forget it. Take cover instead right when you
enter. Unless you're blind, you should see the RPG-7. Grab it and when the
chopper stops firing, you should know what to do.

Whether you hit it or miss, the chopper will be scared off. Go to the far end
of the container now and turn the valve. Whoa, not scared enough it seems. Turn
the valve open and escape the container. A scene starts up after that, landing
you in the next chapter. 

  ____ _   _    _    ____ _____ _____ ____      _ _  _   
 / ___| | | |  / \  |  _ \_   _| ____|  _ \    / | || |  
| |   | |_| | / _ \ | |_) || | |  _| | |_) |   | | || |_ 
| |___|  _  |/ ___ \|  __/ | | | |___|  _ <    | |__   _|
 \____|_| |_/_/   \_\_|    |_| |_____|_| \_\   |_|  |_|                  [at14]

-----------------------------\TUNNEL VISION/-----------------------------------

There's a Wes .44 ahead if you want to swap the Pistole for it. Consider if
you want range or a little more ammo. 

Jump to the tanker platform ahead and climb onto the yellow pipe. Shimmy around
to the end and then climb straight up to the platform on top, but don't pull
yourself up yet. A heavily armored sentry will stroll by and stop, so pull him
down. Climb up and then move forward into a small little area with some
weapons. Grab the Dragon Sniper and plenty of ammo. The two guys ahead seem
like prime targets, but try using a well placed grenade on them instead. 

Jump over and move forward once those guys are down. More of Lezaravic's men
will appear down the way. Use the sniper and activate the scope with R3 as
always. Getting a shot can be really tricky as the train goes around the bend
but try to line it up and don't worry about headshots or anything like that.

Jump to the next car and two enemies will ambush you. One will climb over from
your right, and the other will appear at the far end. Try to snipe the farther
one really fast with the rifle using normal view. Melee the other one. At the
same time, watch out for more hanging train signals. They'll appear on the
right or left in this tunnel so stay to one side of the train roof.

o----TREASURE - Gilded Bodhisattva Statue--------------------------o
|This is much like a treasure in the previous chapter in its hiding|
|spot. When you jump the car where two enemies climb up the sides, |
|and the train signals come into play, defeat the enemies first.   |
|Look over the side for a ledge to drop down to and hang over the  |
|edge and drop to it. Enter the opening in the car and find the    |
|sparkle of the treasure inside.                                   |

Jump to the next car and the enemies below will spot you through the window.
Sit tight and let them climb up after you. Try to melee one of them fast to
knock him over the edge. Shoot the other, then keep moving.

Run past the jeeps and jump to the passenger car. The door is locked so shoot
off the padlock first. Once the doors are open, take cover and turn around as
a sentry tries to sneak in from behind. After that, move up through this car
toward the door. 

o----TREASURE - Tibetan Saddle Ring--------------------------o
|Find this treasure at the end of the passenger car, to the  |
|left of the exit doors. This is the same car that you reach |
|after running past the jeeps.                               |

The door is locked unfortunately. Retreat and find the stack of crates.
Climb these to get to the roof. The scenery has taken quite a change, huh? Oh
wait, isn't the same place as in the begin-...........

Anyways, jump to the next car where a lot of enemies are waiting for you. It
may be in your best interest to drop down to the entrance and fight in there,
instead of on the roof. The roof can be more dangerous because the cover isn't
quite as good, and you are prone to being attacked from behind if the enemies
climb out of the windows. 

However, you can give them a taste of their own medicine. You can climb out the
windows freely to return to the roof, and you might end up losing a few of
them, making it possible for a few stealth attacks. 

Fight your way through the car and then get to the next platform. A heavily
armored enemy and one or two others will be waiting. Try to stay in the car
and not on the roof and use cover there while you shoot them. There's a 92FS
near the door which is a good choice over the Pistole because of the better

Once you take out the armored guy, you can move up without too much worry. Deal
with any other enemies at the end and approach the truck. Climb up and take
cover against the windshield. A gatling gun enemy will appear farther ahead.
Focus on the enemies closer to you first, then move up between the gatling
gun's shots. 

You can't jump onto the large stack of lumber so don't bother. You can do
something with it though. Aim for the large metal clips on top of the lumber,
holding it together. Shoot both and there he goooooes! 

Jump to that platform afterwards. Yet another helicopter shows up. Son of a...
Run for it and keep moving until you find a turret. Hop in and start using it.
Now this sequence might be a little tricky at first. Despite the fact that the
sights don't seem that great and the helicopter moves around a lot, you don't
have to be super accurate here. Just keep the crosshairs following the copter
and you should gradually damage it. 

The thing to watch out for here is when the helicopter releases more missiles,
5-6 at a time. Shoot each of them out of the sky immediately. Again, super
accuracy isn't necessary here. Keep the crosshairs pinned on the helicopter and
follow it as it bobs, weaves, and so forth. Always turn your attention to
missiles when they are fired and you should be fine. 

Jump to the next car and take cover inside. There should only be one or maybe
two enemies so take your time. After that, jump to the next car. That guy that
has been making trouble for you is on here. Yeah the guy who looks like he
belongs in a biker gang. 

This is like a mini-boss battle. The guy takes a lot of hits. Unload on him
from cover with your M4. He'll eventually toss a grenade your way so run out
of there and move up to a closer spot. Repeat the process until you can move
up again and then charge him with melee. He'll counter you so be ready to hit
Triangle when he tries to grapple you. Hit him back after that, but don't stop!
That won't kill him, so take cover again immediately. Note that if you melee
him near the exit of the car, you'll be thrown close to the edge. 

Turn around quickly and repeat the process. Focus on shooting him as much as
you can but when you're forced closer, melee again. Keep this up until he
loses his helmet, which is a sign this is almost over. At this point, he'll
come to you and initiate a melee. Go with it like normal, pummeling him. He
will counter not once, but twice in a row so be prepared. After that, mash 
Square a few more times as you mash in his face. That ends it and starts up a

  ____ _   _    _    ____ _____ _____ ____      _ ____  
 / ___| | | |  / \  |  _ \_   _| ____|  _ \    / | ___| 
| |   | |_| | / _ \ | |_) || | |  _| | |_) |   | |___ \ 
| |___|  _  |/ ___ \|  __/ | | | |___|  _ <    | |___) |
 \____|_| |_/_/   \_\_|    |_| |_____|_| \_\   |_|____/                  [at15]

-----------------------------\TRAIN WRECKED/----------------------------------

Well, this seems awfully familiar, eh? You'll have to do most of the climbing
portion of this again. A few parts will be skipped for you but it's nearly
the exact same. Once you get on the cliff, the game takes over in a cutscene
again. After that, it's time to truly begin.

Run over and stealth melee the sentry in front of you. Take his M4. There's a
FAL further ahead. You can go with that if you'd like but the M4 is a bit

Go around the back, behind the FAL location and another enemy will appear. It
really doesn't matter much if he sees you. Getting through this part with
stealth is helpful but it's always up to you. There's a benefit to being 
patient with this guy though.

o----TREASURE - Tibetan Prayer Wheel--------------------------o
|The second enemy you should encounter, wearing the orange cap|
|can help point you toward this treasure. Once he appears,    |
|hide and let him walk by. He'll stop at a spot in front of   |
|one of the wrecked train cars. The spot in the snow right in |
|front of him has the treasure.                               |

On your right will be two more enemies in an open area between all the train
cars. Kill them and grab some ammo. Reinforcements show up very shortly. Grab
a propane tank nearby and wait for some of them. Throw it and detonate it to
get things started. There's a Desert - 5 back here too on one of the crates.
If you've been going stealthy thus far, keep it up. 

Once you've dealt with most of the reinforcements, climb onto the train near
where you started, the one that the sentry was walking near. If you do, you
should find an M32 Hammer up here. Schwing! Use this to easily mop up the
remaining enemy forces. Climb into the train car that's stacked onto this one
at the end. Use this for refuge as even more baddies show up! 

Rely on the hammer and stay behind cover because a lot of bullets will fly in.
Once the hammer's used up, grab another M4 and go to work. It's easy to lose
track of all the enemies because of the area layout, the snow, and other
factors, so be aware of all your surroundings at all times.

This will end with three armored dudes, all at once! That's triple trouble. 
If you still have the DE, that will work wonders against them. Otherwise, try
grenades and the M4. Retreat as necessary so they don't flank you. 

Once the threat is over, you can look for more treasure. 

o----TREASURE - Tibetan Silver Vase--------------------------o
|Begin by climbing up to that train car that's stacked on top|
|of the other. This one has a lot of like metal debris       |
|stacked on top of it, see it? The treasure is hanging on top|
|of one of these metal pieces on the side facing the wall.   |
|Shoot it down and it falls on top of the crate below.       |

One more. 

o----TREASURE - Tibetan Knife--------------------------o
|Face the large tanker that should be on fire by now.  |
|Face it and follow the wall to the right. You'll come |
|to the cliff and right there should be the treasure.  |

Find the burning tanker and go to the ledges to the left of it. Climb these to
escape. You'll get a scene.

                                                _   __
  ____ _   _    _    ____ _____ _____ ____     / | / /   
 / ___| | | |  / \  |  _ \_   _| ____|  _ \    | |/ /_  
| |   | |_| | / _ \ | |_) || | |  _| | |_) |   | | '_ \ 
| |___|  _  |/ ___ \|  __/ | | | |___|  _ <    | | (_) |
 \____|_| |_/_/   \_\_|    |_| |_____|_| \_\   |_|\___/                  [at16]

-----------------------------\WHERE AM I?/-------------------------------------

After the scene, follow your new friend out of his house and through the very
nice village. For a quick laugh, approach the large bovine--which I'm told is
a Yak, native to Tibet--and listen to the dialogue. 

o----TREASURE - Ram's Head Thogchag--------------------------o
|Once you have control, walk around the house on your right. |
|Walk past the bull and turn right again. Near the far corner|
|of the house is the treasure.                               |

Follow your friend as he opens the doors ahead to go to the next area. For
another bit of amusement, kick the soccer ball back to the kids and listen to
the dialogue for a moment. 

o----TREASURE - Bronze Buddha Statue--------------------------o
|When you get a chance, climb up the buildings on your right  |
|in this stretch of the village. There should be a corner up  |
|here where there are two red doors and the treasure is here. |

Follow your friend for a bit more through the village. He'll stop at a house
but don't go up there with him. 

o----TREASURE - Singing Bowl--------------------------o
|Find this to the left of the house where the man     |
|stops at. It's in the shade of a tree to the left of |
|the house, right behind the small blue stone wall.   |

With that in hand, go up the small steps with your friend and you'll get a

Yep, that's it. Chapter over. Man, was that hard or what?

  ____ _   _    _    ____ _____ _____ ____      _ _____ 
 / ___| | | |  / \  |  _ \_   _| ____|  _ \    / |___  |
| |   | |_| | / _ \ | |_) || | |  _| | |_) |   | |  / / 
| |___|  _  |/ ___ \|  __/ | | | |___|  _ <    | | / /  
 \____|_| |_/_/   \_\_|    |_| |_____|_| \_\   |_|/_/                    [at17]


In the opening cutscene, Tenzin will try and pantomime some sort of warning to
Drake. Oh lord, what is it, Yetis?! Well, whatever is inside, best be prepared.
Follow Tenzin into the cave. Drop down the ledges to the left and follow him to
a cliff. Tenzin finds a way across for you, so jump to the rope after him and
swing to the opposite cliff.

Climb down the ladder by standing near it and hitting circle. Drop from the
ladder when you can't climb any further down. 

o----TREASURE - Tibetan Ritual Blade--------------------------o
|As soon as you drop off the ladder, instead of following     |
|Tezin, turn around and go the opposite way. Right near the   |
|very edge of the cliff, on the right side is where this      |
|treasure sparkles.                                           |

Go through the tunnel after Tenzin now. Approach that very, very narrow crevice,
a claustrophobic's nightmare and slip through. Do it again on the other side.
It's a good thing that thieving, gunfighting, mountain climbing, running and
plundering all burn a lot of calories!

Climb up a few small ledges with Tenzin to arrive at a cliff. Drop down to the
area below and investigate the tent area for a quick scene. After that, climb
back up to the cliff with Tenzin. He deploys another rope. Jump on after he's
done with it. 

o----TREASURE - Clay Deity Head--------------------------o
|As soon as you jump to the rope, do not jump after      |
|Tenzin. Instead, adjust your swing by using the Left    |
|Analog Stick. You're looking for a very small ledge to  |
|the right. You should see the sparkle on it. Try to get |
|Drake swinging as straight-on as he can toward it and   |
|then jump. Climb up and take this weird looking thing.  |

After taking the treasure, drop down, climb up the first cliff again, and then
jump to the rope yet again. Swing over to the opposite side in one go and go
around this tunnel to find Tenzin again.

Jump at the rope on the left wall as he does and swing on it, then jump to the
next platform. Around the next corner, Tenzin will lead you across some very
precarious platforms. They lead to a very big jump but you should make it.
Climb up and follow Tenzin to the corpse up ahead.

After a quick scene, go around the rock behind you to find a wall with a broken
rope ladder. Hold Triangle to get Tenzin over. He offers to boost Drake up
instead though so climb up there.

From the end of this platform, it seems like there's nowhere to go. If you
look very closely at the wall on Drake's right though, you should see some
rocks jutting out enough to grab onto. Jump over here and you can begin by
dropping down once, moving left, then dropping down again to a much lower
ledge. Shimmy over for a while, then jump to the left. 

After shimmying and jumping to safety. Climb up the next snowy ledge. You
should see the remains of a ruined tent or perhaps a flag or something.

o----TREASURE - Bronze Chenrezig Statue--------------------------o
|After the shimmying sequence, you jump to a ledge. Climb up the |
|next snowy ledge and find a ruined tent. If you drop down to the|
|other side of this platform, you can find this treasure amongst |
|a bunch of dark rocks with only a little snow on them.          |

From that ruined tent, climb up the rope on the wall. Once at the top, jump
across two platforms. Shimmy on the last one and drop down a few ledges. From
this platform, jump to the one next to you. You'll be on the other side of the
collapsed bridge. Stand near the edge facing Tenzin and a button prompt
appears. Drake tells Tenzin to pull an Elena and just like that, you're

Wait for him to deploy the rope. After he's done, jump to it. This one for some
reason, is a lot trickier. Try to time your jump right near the end of your
forward swing but not too late either. It could take a few tries. 

After that, follow Tenzin around the corner and you'll come to a very unpretty
scene. Aw, poor wolf doggies! Hmm, I have the feeling that having a lightsaber
right now would be great.... Either that or if my name was Luke Skywalker... or

Jump across the next several platforms as Tenzin follows. At the end, jump to
the wall on the left and climb up using the stones. Pay close attention to the
screen as you're climbing; you don't want to miss this. There's something in
the foreground but you most likely won't notice it until... wait for it, wait

Ok, that was creepy. Afterwards, drop down to the little frozen tundra below.
Venture to the left and the rocks will cave in and the return path will be
blocked. Very comforting... You'll arrive at a small stream of water. 

o----TREASURE - Skull Cap Drum--------------------------o
|As soon as you find the stream, follow it out to the   |
|end and stop. There will be a narrow path to the right.|
|Take this to a small ledge where the treasure rests.   |

Go back to the start and climb the high ledge in the back. Jump to the next
one and at the end, hang over the ledge so you can shimmy over. From here, try
to reach the grooves above and take these up until you can jump to the left
ledge. Jump to the next, larger platform. Go forward an then look for the 
platform with the ladder behind it on your left. 

o----TREASURE - Silver Needle Case--------------------------o
|Jump to this platform with the ladder in front of it but do|
|not go anywhere after that. Once you've landed safely, look|
|for that sort of easy-to-miss sparkle in the snow to your  |
|left.                                                      |

Drop down here and you'll find a corpse with a gun. Guess he won't be needing
this anymore. Given what you just saw a minute ago and now you find a corpse
with a gun, if you're an Uncharted 1 fan you might have a feeling of déjà vu
here. And with good reason...

Shoot the large icicles on your right. You'll get a scene. Holy shit! I was
right, it was the Yeti! Err, I think...? Wait, what the hell is that?! This...
thing will try to chase you around this area and melee you. Don't bother
trying to melee it back because it will win every single time. Just run and
gun as the game instructs you to do.

Eventually, it will become rather difficult to hit this thing in this endless
game of ring-around-the-rosy. At that point, let it get close and if it tries
to melee, back away and get a few more shots. If it doesn't melee, it will
grab Drake. While it's holding him, hit L1 to aim your gun and give it a few
point blank shots to the face until it lets go. 

Run and gun again for a while and it should eventually grab you again
automatically. This time, your gun is swatted away. Crap, it's a smart....
whatever it is. All seems lost until... cutscene!

Drake's most pertinent question (and yours too), "What the hell was that
thing?" will of course, go unanswered for now. Damn language barrier! 

Find Tenzin at the area where you shot the icicles to get back here. Now, back
at the ladder, you can boost him up to climb it. He'll drop a dresser that was
for some reason up there--lucky! Use that to reach the ladder. At the top, you
need to do a few more jumps, including another somewhat big one.

On the other side, you'll find another corpse and another gun. Bad omen, bad

o----TREASURE - Bronze Stupa Ornament--------------------------o
|From where you find the corpse, go left along the narrow      |
|cliff's edge. You'll pass into a little cave. Jump to the     |
|ledge inside and you'll find this on top.                     |

From where Tenzin is standing, look for the rope on the left wall. It's
attached to a crate on top. Shoot the crate and the rope will fall. Use this
to swing along the wall and get to the other side. Climb up some ledges to 
reach a ladder, then climb a few more ledges. Walk up a few steps and jump to
another rock with more ledges. Climb up then shimmy around to the left and
drop down.

Follow the staircase up to the entrance of... something.

  ____ _   _    _    ____ _____ _____ ____      _  ___  
 / ___| | | |  / \  |  _ \_   _| ____|  _ \    / |( _ ) 
| |   | |_| | / _ \ | |_) || | |  _| | |_) |   | |/ _ \ 
| |___|  _  |/ ___ \|  __/ | | | |___|  _ <    | | (_) |
 \____|_| |_/_/   \_\_|    |_| |_____|_| \_\   |_|\___/                  [at18]

-----------------------------\HEART OF ICE/------------------------------------

Tenzin will catch up to you in a second so keep moving. Enter the cave down
below and it will take you to a very large chamber. You see a big statue in the
background. Of course you need to get to it. 

Start by finding one of two switches on either the left or right from where
you entered. It will take you down the same path, no matter what so it doesn't
really matter. Tenzin automatically takes the right-hand path always.

Go up the stairs and reach for the snowy rock ledges. Climb up to a bar which
is actually a lever. It activates some weird statue faces that pop out of the
wall and crumble to form ledges for climbing. Convenient, but dangerous. It's
a timed mechanism so you need to climb and climb fast. Just look for the yellow
lines along the ledges and it's easy to know where you need to shimmy or change
position when climbing. 

At the top, shimmy over to the right for a while until you reach some bars.
Swing from the second one and jump to the third one. Get close to the wall and
drop down with Circle. Climb down from here. 

Follow this cliff until you reach two staircases. Take the staircase going down
to reach a lever. Pull it and it lowers some large cylinder objects on
Tenzin's side. Tenzin will return the favor; obviously this takes teamwork. 
Turn around and use the stairs to get back to the upper platform. You can jump
to the objects from here.

Climbing these things shouldn't be too tough. Jump to one of the many
protruding ledges and let it rotate you around. Meanwhile, climb up and over to
make it faster. Using the Left Analog Stick, try to Drake to lean back so you
can jump behind him. Climb up and over, then jump again to the last one.

o----TREASURE - Mandala Thogchag--------------------------o
|When you jump to the third cylinder, you're in good      |
|position to nab this sneaky treasure. climb to the near  |
|top of the cylinder and notice the small wooden boards   |
|near the top that are parallel to the cylinder. The      |
|treasure is in embedded in the wooden board that faces   |
|the chasm. Let the cylinder spin you right under it and  |
|you get a prompt to grab it.                             |

Repeat the climbing and jumping on the third cylinder and you should be able to
get to the ledge behind you. 

Jump from the opening in the wall to a narrow stone beam. From there, leap to
the wall it's pointed at and climb the ledges. Beware though as some of them
will crumble so be quick. Jump to another stone beam and take this over to a
giant gear. Climb onto this and shimmy over to make the trip faster. Drop down
when you can.

Another stone beam will point you toward another gear. Jump from the beam to
a swing bar. Jump from this to land on the gear. Climb up until you can stand.
On the following platform, notice the next gear-like device spinning next to
you. Some of its spokes are missing though. Jump to the other side when that
opening appears.

Take another gear ride over to a few ledges. Jump from these to a beam. Drop
down twice. On this cross-shaped beam you can spot Tenzin. On your side though,
look for a swing bar to the left. Jump to it, and from there, to a gear. Look
for an icy rope in the middle of the chamber. Jump to it and start swinging.

o----TREASURE - Dipa Oil Lamp--------------------------o
|This is a very sneaky one. When you jump to the ripe, |
|you can see your destination as that sort of tilted   |
|stone platform. Well, a little bit to the right of    |
|that and closer to Drake is a ruined grey wall. On the|
|left edge is a sparkle. How to get it? Simply swing   |
|on the rope until you get really near it and you can  |
|grab it with Triangle. Schwing!                       |

Adjust your angle so you can land on that sort of tilted stone platform a
little to the right. You'll eventually land on a gear. Let it take you down,
then drop safely.

There's a few more gears here and it took me a while to figure out the way to

o----TREASURE - Tibetan Flint Lighter--------------------------o
|Step onto the first horizontal gear. Hang over it's edge and  |
|just hold on. It will take you under the platform and at the  |
|other side is the treasure on a small ledge. Grab it as you   |
|pass by.                                                      |

Now, go and approach the vertical gear. To the left is a beam and a column.
Step onto the beam and turn around so you're facing the vertical gear's side.
Just jump and Drake should latch on automatically. Take this up for a second
and try to shimmy over to the platform when you reach it. Grab onto the gear
again and take it up to the next platform.

Jump to the exit and it will take you to another lever. A bunch of stuff
happens, not-so-good stuff and it of course means more work for Drake.

Facing the lever, go to the right. You should spy a ladder alongside the wall
below you. Drop to it and climb it down. Follow the cliff along to a wall with
a chain on it. Jump to it and swing to the beam on the far side. Take this over
to a vertical gear. There are a few yellow ledges to grab and climb but you
need to cross over the gear. It's easier than it looks. Just use the Left
Analog Stick and guide Drake over the gear from the yellow ledges and then to
the other side.

Drop down to the level where the nearby bar is. Jump to it and swing. You want
to align yourself with the next mechanism up ahead with the rising plates. Jump
to it and grab one. Shimmy over to the adjacent side and you'll see more of
these plates, some rising and some lowering. You can transfer from one to the
other in the brief moment they are aligned, so move over to the left. Make sure
you get up high enough first though, so take a rising plate up for a while.
After that, slide over to a descending plate and then when you see the platform
on your left, jump to it.

Find the beam on the left and jump from there to a rope. Jump straight off to
the ledges on the wall directly ahead. Climb down these until you can get right
next to the gear and just ease onto it. Take it down until you fall off.

Jump the next gap and you'll be on the other side of the gear. There will also
be a few more gears above you. Climb the other side of the vertical gear and
let it take you up.

o----TREASURE - Bronze Dorje--------------------------o
|When you ride the vertical gear that gets very very  |
|close to an adjacent vertical gear, do not move. Just|
|ride the first gear up until Drake can walk. Look for|
|a beam you can climb onto on your right. Do so, and  |
|take it over to the right. Look for more beams ahead |
|of you and try to jump to them. Make your way across |
|to a snowy platform in the far corner with this      |
|treasure waiting.                                    |

To make it back from that treasure, jump the beams and return to the vertical
gear. Run against its movement until Drake hangs, then tap Circle repeatedly to
drop down until you are in position to shimmy from this gear to the other gear
where the two meet. When you reach the top, quickly get your bearings and climb
onto the horizontal gear. From the opposite end of this gear, jump to a swing
bar, and jump from there to a ledge.

o----TREASURE - Tibetan Ceremonial Axe--------------------------o
|As soon as you jump from the gear and then from the swing bar, |
|you land on a ledge. Take this ledge not around, but in, toward|
|the alcove on Drake's right. Go inside, jump a small gap and   |
|Shimmy further inside to the statue. Climb up and shoot out the|
|statue's right eye. The treasure drops. What's an axe doing in |
|a statue's eye?                                                |

Shimmy around and take the snowy steps down to a switch. A bunch of columns
rise up from the water. Go down the steps and jump to the closest one. From
there jump to the swing bar/lever and then to the next one. Swing again to the
next column. From there, jump to the center platform where Tenzin is.

When everything is done moving, follow Tenzin across the platforms. Be quick
because they will eventually sink back into the water. Cross all the way to
the platform that takes you right to the base of the statue.

o----TREASURE - Trigram Thogchag--------------------------o
|Once you get to the other side and have made it to the   |
|base of the statue, aim a gun waaaaay up at the statue's |
|head. You should see the sparkle up there. It's quite a  |
|shot but if you center the targeting reticle for the P08 |
|right around it, you should knock it down.               |

Go down the stairs on the other side and you'll get a scene. Oh boy, more 
Nazis. Uncharted 1 fans will remember what happened last time we found those
guys. Instead of fighting the war, they were looking for treasure, huh? 

But anyway, back to that Nazis = bad omen thing. Yeah, it is... Grab an MP40
off one of these guys and then go up the stairs. Find the switch in the back
wall and pull it. That brings in the weird horned yeti-things, of course. Oh,
of course! 

These things can't be killed, even with the MP40, so just use it to stall them.
They'll climb along the walls so try to watch both of them. They'll climb up to
some really large boulders and throw them so be ready to run and dodge. When
they get in close, shoot and retreat. The elevator platform should drop down in
a moment so jump to it when Drake notices it. When it's rising, one of the
things decides he wants to come along for the ride. Unfortunately, this
elevator has a weight limit of 400lbs. Sorry, buddy. When he grabs onto Drake,
begging for another chance, shoot him in the face until he eventually falls.

After the cutscene, it's on to the next chapter. Hopefully it's warmer... ._.

  ____ _   _    _    ____ _____ _____ ____      _  ___  
 / ___| | | |  / \  |  _ \_   _| ____|  _ \    / |/ _ \ 
| |   | |_| | / _ \ | |_) || | |  _| | |_) |   | | (_) |
| |___|  _  |/ ___ \|  __/ | | | |___|  _ <    | |\__. |
 \____|_| |_/_/   \_\_|    |_| |_____|_| \_\   |_|  / /                  [at19]

Go ahead and take the Crossbow off the table. ...........CROSSBOW?! Yes, its
ammo capacity is very limited but it packs a punch. Unfortunately, it's not
worth tugging around for too long.

Step outside now and you'll see a few of Lazarevic's men. Try out the crossbow.
There is an enemy on the balcony ahead, and more downhill. You can grab a few
more arrows if the villagers drop them but it still won't give the crossbow
great longevity. Switch to one of the enemy's rifles. The M4 should be amongst

Fight your way down the hill and back into the village. Look for a spot to
climb up to the left when you can and charge up there, ignoring the enemies
for now. You should be to the side of a turret gunner's perch where a lot of
enemies are hanging out. Shake them up with a grenade, trying to land it
behind the gunner. Shoot the rest of the enemies and get on that turret. Now,
very quickly, whip the turret around and shoot all enemies. They attack from
a lot of sides so when you're facing one side, they will shoot you easily from
another. More and more will come so just keep shooting at wherever they appear

o----TREASURE - Amber Skull Bead--------------------------o
|The building right across from the turret has this on the|
|second floor. It might be in your best interest to get   |
|this after taking out the enemies around the turret. Go  |
|over and climb up. The treasure is in front of a bunch of|
|pillows and hay. Look for an RPG-7 nearby too.           |

Before you leave, try to find the DE or Desert - 5 as the game calls it. It
can be hard amongst the giant pile of guns that likely accumulated around the
turret. Take that and something like the M4 and get going. Go up the stairs
and into the next area where an RPG'er tries to shake you up. Take cover and
try to use the DE and get one good shot on him. If he shoots another round,
note that the blast will likely knock you out of cover. 

Use your M4 for the other enemies. When the armored dude shows up, empty the
DE on him. Charge up the stairs where these guys came from and pass through
the doorway ahead. An enemy might flank you from behind after tossing a grenade
into your path so be ready. Fight your way to the house. Inside, another sentry
will be waiting. Deal with him, then take the ladder up to the second floor.
Melee the guy up here and climb the next ladder.

Out on the roof, another large scale gunfight will break out. Jump to the
adjacent roof and help Tenzin and some of the villagers fight it out. There are
sentries all over. Some are on the other roof, others are below on the side of
the building, including an armored guy. Gun them all down and use grenades if
you have to. 

o----TREASURE - Antique Ghau--------------------------o
|To find this, from where you climb out onto the roof |
|with Tenzin, jump off to the left. You'll be faced   |
|with some enemies and you should be standing near a  |
|small stone monument and a tree. The treasure is on  |
|the ground near the tree.                            |

When you're done, notice the open blue trap door on the roof. Drop through the
hole and inside this house you'll find a really nice weapon. It's the GAU - 19,
a portable (sort of...) gatling gun. Schwing! It's really heavy so you can't
run or climb with it. It also makes a really weird and awkward camera angle
when you use it so you need to get used to that. It drops enemies like 
dominoes though. 

Go through the next building and gun down enemies. One will have the M32 Hammer
if that is more appealing than the new toy. Nearby, a lot of Lazarevic's guys
will attack from below, on rooftops and on the street. If you use up most of
the GAU's ammo, I'd grab the Hammer if you still can.

o----TREASURE - Bell Thogchag--------------------------o
|After you leave that building and encounter the sentry|
|with the grenade launcher, go left onto the rooftop   |
|and look for a small staircase leading to a nook under|
|a lot of blue colored wooden boards. The treasure is  |
|located there.                                        |

Drop down to street level and a lot more guys appear out of nowhere. They're
heavily armed so take cover and act fast. The Hammer will make this very easy,
as will the GAU if you still have it. Just make sure the one guy with the
shotgun doesn't get too close. 

After you take them all down, follow Tenzin through the next house and up the
ladder inside. You'll get another scene and jump, quite literally, into the
next chapter. 

  ____ _   _    _    ____ _____ _____ ____      ____   ___  
 / ___| | | |  / \  |  _ \_   _| ____|  _ \    |___ \ / _ \ 
| |   | |_| | / _ \ | |_) || | |  _| | |_) |     __) | | | |
| |___|  _  |/ ___ \|  __/ | | | |___|  _ <     / __/| |_| |
 \____|_| |_/_/   \_\_|    |_| |_____|_| \_\   |_____|\___/              [at20]

-----------------------------\CAT AND MOUSE/-----------------------------------

From bad to worse. Take cover and shoot out the first two enemies you see. The
tank will eventually start to get closer so follow Tenzin up the path and to
the building. Duck and cover until he gets it open. Run inside, grab what you
need, then jump over the banister.

Follow Tenzin up the stairs, shooting enemies as you go. Three will appear at
once, one with a laser sight so take them out fast. A well placed shot from
the Hammer, if you still have it, solves everything.

o----TREASURE - Yak Horn Carving-----------------------o
|After jumping down from the banister, and following   |
|Tenzin, you come to a series of higher platforms where|
|three enemies look down on you. Defeat them and then  |
|look for the treasure to the right before the first   |
|platform you need to climb. It's leaning up against a |
|stack of vertical wood planks.                        |

In the next open area, there will be a few more enemies. Shoot them until the
tank arrives, then scurry over to the right and then forward. If you lose
Tenzin, look for him to go to the staircase in the top right. Follow him up to
a bridge. Try to cross but the guy driving the tank says "nuh-uh!" Follow
Tenzin after that. 

Enter the building and climb the ladder. Take cover at the doorway upstairs
and kill the enemy on the other side. Jump to there, and from there to the
next building as the tank opens fire. Melee the enemy inside and grab the M4
ammo nearby. Find Tenzin near the debris blocking the door and mash Triangle
to help him with that. Jump to the wall and vault over it. Jump again to reach
the other side.

The tank will make a flashy entrance. Once you have control, take off running

o----TREASURE - Bronze Tsongkhapa Statue--------------------------o
|Right after the tank busts through the wall, follow the path and |
|look for a small alcove on your left between the walls. It's easy|
|to spot and it should be right before the enemies appear.        |

Don't bother meleeing these guys, you'll lose too much health as the others
shoot you. Gun them all down and move forward. Go down the alley but make a
right because the tank will appear at the end. A few more enemies will ambush
you so shoot and punch. The tank will be waiting so go around it to the right.
Drop down to a cliff and follow this around. 

You'll have to sidle along a narrow ledge until the tank gives Drake a scare.
Shimmy over and then climb up. Turn the corner now.

o----TREASURE - Tibetan Trumpet--------------------------o
|As soon as you turn the corner after the tank almost    |
|goes over the cliff (and over Drake's head), there will |
|be two rooftop platforms. The second one has a flag on  |
|it. Drop down into the lower space between here and the |
|treasure is on the ground.                              |
Run across these rooftops to the courtyard and the tank shows up yet again!
Adjust the camera and start running. Look for the staircase on the left and
run up there. You'll find Tenzin, finally.

An explosion goes off inside the next house and three of Lazarevic's men file
in. Use the M4 on them and then go through the left door to get outside. Turn
around and climb the ladder to the rooftop where an enemy is holding an RPG.
Finally. Beat his brains out and grab it. I'll take that... Find the tank below
you and fire the only round at it. Damn, not enough. 

Turn your attention to the enemies on the nearby rooftops. Try to take them out
with one DE shot each if you have it. Otherwise, it will take effort and you
might be better off ignoring most of them. Reason is, you're not really safe up
here. Besides the enemies, the tank's main gun can hurt you even if you use
cover. Look to the roof of the house on your left. It should have two enemies.
One has another RPG. Gun them down first and then run over there. 

Enter the building and unload like Rambo onto these guys. Out the back door,
you'll find a guy with a laser sight. Shoot him and take the stairs to the roof
to claim the RPG. Without haste, aim and fire at the tank. Still not enough.

o----TREASURE - Gilt Tara Statue--------------------------o 
|Here's one that took me a while to find. The roof of the |
|second building has two levels to it. The second level   |
|has a blue trap door. Run past this and jump to the      |
|platform right after it. Right here should be a hole in  |
|the ground. Drop down it to a hidden ledge where this    |
|treasure rests. As you can see, you can also climb up    |
|here from behind the building on ground level.           |

Look for the next RPG guy who will appear on somewhat distant rooftop over to
the left. Try shooting him first so he won't impede you on your way to that
building. Run across the rooftops, jumping gaps until you find a narrow alley
with a ladder in it. Climb this, turn around, jump to the roof and take the
RPG. Use it immediately and... still nothing! A bunch of sentries appear on
the building opposite you. Use the FAL and its sight to gun them down, but
again, you need to beware the tank's main gun. Back away from the edge of the
roof to be safe. 

Once they're all down, walk to the left side of the roof and interact with the
zipline. It'll take you to the other building. Grab an RPG inside and use it
immediately. That should do the trick. Helicopters, tanks... I think we all
know who the main protagonist of the next Metal Gear Solid game is going to

  ____ _   _    _    ____ _____ _____ ____      ____  _ 
 / ___| | | |  / \  |  _ \_   _| ____|  _ \    |___ \/ |
| |   | |_| | / _ \ | |_) || | |  _| | |_) |     __) | |
| |___|  _  |/ ___ \|  __/ | | | |___|  _ <     / __/| |
 \____|_| |_/_/   \_\_|    |_| |_____|_| \_\   |_____|_|                 [at21]


Start off by pulling the guy above you over the side if you can. If not, climb
up and shoot or punch him out. During this sequence, you'll have a lot of guys
gunning at you from a lot of moving vehicles so aiming can be a little bit

A truck eventually gets in front of this one and the one you're on starts to
smoke. Bad. Shoot the guys ahead of you and jump to that next truck (try to
jump from the hood rather than the roof of the cab) and jump to that truck.

Suddenly, a ton more vehicles show up. Take your aim and gun the sentries down
one by one. The current truck will catch fire too so jump to the one on the
left. Look for the jeeps with the turret gunners. You only need to take out
the driver to take care of them. 

Jump to the next truck when the old one catches fire too. The path will
eventually split and your truck will go up a hill and of course... catch on
fire (where's Smokey the Bear when you need him? Oh wait, no forests...) There
should be a truck below you though on the right side. Jump to that one and
you'll take control of a mounted grenade launcher turret Schwing!

Fire this at the jeeps chasing you. Elena will show up in her truck with some
guys harassing her. Focus immediately on the big truck because it will run her
off the road fast. Note that the grenade launcher can be fired pretty quickly
so unload on it until it blows up. Focus on the jeeps after that. More jeeps
and another truck will appear so keep shooting, Tex.

Elena will pull up alongside you in a moment as your truck catches fire. Jump
to hers and you'll get a scene. 

  ____ _   _    _    ____ _____ _____ ____      ____  ____  
 / ___| | | |  / \  |  _ \_   _| ____|  _ \    |___ \|___ \ 
| |   | |_| | / _ \ | |_) || | |  _| | |_) |     __) | __) |
| |___|  _  |/ ___ \|  __/ | | | |___|  _ <     / __/ / __/ 
 \____|_| |_/_/   \_\_|    |_| |_____|_| \_\   |_____|_____|             [at22]

-----------------------------\THE MONASTERY/-----------------------------------

Climb up the cliff and then sidle along the wall. Next, climb up to the ledge
below the sentry and pull him down. Pull yourself up and take cover behind the
crates to the right. Wait for the next guy to stroll down, then grapple him
from cover. He has no gun, but take his grenade. Move over to the left and
search behind one of the trucks to the left for a crossbow.

See how far stealth takes you and then when the bullets start flying, use the
crossbow and then try to grab another gun.

o----TREASURE - Tibetan Silver Earring--------------------------o
|Once all the enemies are laying face first in the snow, look   |
|for that really large gateway to the left of all the trucks.   |
|There is a small ledge at the top and underneath it is the     |
|tell-tale sparkle of a treasure. Shoot it down.                |

Go up the stairs once you're ready to proceed. 

You'll come to a little fortress or whatever and there will be a large enemy
patrol lurking about. You can do most of this thing in stealth, and possibly
all of the first part but I haven't found the correct route just yet if so. We
will try to get as far as we can though before unloading bullets. 

Begin by going to the right of the big red doors. One sentry will eventually
lean up against the wall just next to you. Get close to the corner and grapple
him when the next sentry after him starts walking away. For him, hang over
the edge of the cliff and shimmy over. You'll have to jump a small gap but
you can make it to his perch. Wait for him to return from the fire and then
grab him. That's two...

o----TREASURE - Ritual Crown--------------------------o
|Just below this guy's perch and a little to the right|
|is a red wooden pole sticking out of the cliff. Drop |
|down to just above it (you shouldn't need to hang    |
|from the pole itself) and you can reach it.          |

Now straight up from him there might be a sentry leaning up against a part of
the wall. You can see him with his back turned. Sometimes he's there and
sometimes he's standing nearby. If he's not leaning up against the wall, don't
bother. If he is, climb up and take cover beside the wall. Watch the two
patrolling guards in the back, the one with the mask and the one with the
helmet. Wait until they're looking away, then grapple the guy in front of you.
You can also get the guy around the next wall the same way (when the other two
are not looking) who is standing in front of a fire, but you need to retreat
fast. Go back to the cliff where we got the second guy and hang over the edge.

Shimmy over the rest of the way and look for the red bricks on the wall. Use
these to climb up to the wooden platform where the next guy is. When you grab
onto it, he'll come over to you so grab him and pull him down. See ya. Pull
yourself up and enter the building from here. 

Inside, you'll find some goodies, including the SAS 12 on the right. Schwing!
Yes! This is the gun that singlehandedly saved my hide in Crushing Mode in the
original Uncharted. From here, the way to go for stealth isn't too clear so
just let the bullets fly if you haven't already. 

The SAS 12 is nice but it won't help terribly much at this exact moment, but
it's really good against the armored guy. Wipe out all the enemies here, then
approach the bridge with Elena. There's a turret but it will soon be occupied.
Great... Find the cart on the bridge and push it toward the end. It'll serve as
your cover. Stay away from the left side of the cart so you can avoid the
turret fire. You can either wait here and shoot it out with the enemies on the
right, or better yet, jump to the them first. 

Jump to the platform on the right and you can find an SAS 12 here. Now it has a
good use. A few enemies should come down the stairs in good enough range so 
let them have it. Use this on the armored guy too but be careful. Try to lure
him down the stairs. If he stays up there, try to use a pistol if the SAS 12
can't hit him. Reason is, if you go up the stairs and try to take cover at the
column or just shoot him head on, number one, you have to deal with the armored
guy's gun and number two, the turret will fill you full of holes. Take the
armored guy out from down the stairs first. 

Go up and to the left, grabbing whatever you want. Inside the next area, there
are a few more enemies, including one with a Pistole so watch out. Gun them all
down then make a left to reach the turret. Elena will try to cross now so get
on the gun and shoot at all the enemies that appear. Make your first targets
the DE guys with the laser sights since they can pick you off very fast. After
them, mow down the normal enemies and focus finally on the armored guys. You
might take a lot of damage but try to eliminate most of the normal enemies
first and it should be ok.

o----TREASURE - Silver Official Seal--------------------------o
|To the left of the front of the building (where the turret)  |
|is positioned is a gap in the wall that overlooks the river. |
|To the left of the gap, the wall kinda has two levels of     |
|height to it if you understand. Try to climb the wall here   |
|(if Drake just falls off you need to go more to the left)    |
|and hang over the opposite end where there are red ledges to |
|use. Shimmy and climb over these to where a sparkle is. Get  |
|to it and grab it.                                           |

Once Elena is with you, enter the building again and look for the two cranks
on the far wall. Operate yours by tapping Triangle and Elena will take the

On the other side, there's a large chasm in your way. There's a narrow beam
below you that can make it to the other side though. From where you enter, go
left and look for the red bricks along the wall. Climb down these, using only
the Left Analog Stick to guide Drake's movements and not hitting X. When you
reach the bottom of one section, jump to the adjacent wall and climb the rest
of the way down. Drop down when you can and then make your way to the rope for

Cross the beam now and then jump from the following platform to another wall
with fissures and ledges to grab. Climb up to the left a little and then jump
to the next platform. Look for the Triangle prompt to get Elena up there with
you. After that, go to the far side of the big statue here and hit Circle to
start pushing it with Elena. Climb it as Elena does and follow her. 

Sidle along the wall on the red wooden walkway and take it up to a rope. You'll
get a quick scene at the top. After that, follow Elena, jumping over the broken
bridge, and stop there. 

o----TREASURE - Silver Offering Pot--------------------------o
|The broken bridge has one lower platform when you jump the  |
|gap. Drop down here and on the lower right wall there is a  |
|red ledge. Drop down and shimmy to a little hidden shelf    |
|underneath until you can reach that shining object.         |

From the end of the broken bridge, go left and up the stairs, going around the
corner. Take this to the very top and approach the doors here for a scene. 
Start by finding the white pillar with red bricks on it, located a bit to the
right. Hang over the far ledge and shimmy to the column and climb the bricks.
Walk over the wooden beam at the top and get as close to the next beam as you
can. It's hanging over the center of the platform. Jump to it, and take this
forward until you can jump to the ledge above the door. 

The path from here is fairly easy to navigate. Just climb the stones to the
left, around the corner, up, and back to the right.

o----TREASURE - Tibetan Turquoise Ring--------------------------o
|As soon as you take the climbing stones around the corner, look|
|for a little roof or awning below. Jump to this and either take|
|the red boards to the left down or drop down to the ledge below|
|from the awning itself. Look back up underneath the awning and |
|there is a sparkle. Shoot it down and claim your reward.       |
Climb your way back to the stone path on the building. Jump to the next stone
and from there to the wooden platform. When you get here, climb straight up,
using the red bricks. Reach for the red wooden bars. Climb across and swing
from these until you reach a platform. Stealth melee the guard here and find
the crate with the grenade on it. 

Go past this and turn to the left. You should have a view of a platform and a
column. On the platform a guard will walk back and forth around the pillar.
Jump to the pillar and you can grab onto a ledge and then shimmy onto a beam.
Wait for the chance to drop and then stealth melee this guy. Try to do it when
he is on the side that was initially facing Drake before you jumped because
this avoids any attention. 

Watch the guard on the following platform. He will walk to the left in a moment
and turn his back on you. Walk across the white beam now and melee him from
behind. Take his DE. From here, stealth is really difficult and again, I'm not
sure if there's a perfect route or not but it's hard to find. 

Try to jump to the platform across and below from this one, or you can vault
over the window the helmeted guy stood at and take out the guys here. Either
way, fight your way down to the next floor and find the ladder. Below, a lot
more guys will try to get you, so toss a grenade down there. Grab the SAS 12
outside the door to engage any at close range. Drop down now and a quick scene

After that, take cover and quickly grab the Dragon Sniper. Make the guy on the
highest ledge, wielding the RPG your first target. The rest of the enemies will
quickly scurry toward you. Try to aim a grenade perfectly for the shield guy,
landing it a few steps in front of him. Look for the laser sight of a DE guy
on a distant ledge and snipe him. Watch out for incoming grenades and slowly
but surely, knock more and more of these guys off.

Try to save some sniper bullets and/or DE bullets for the two armored guys
who appear near the end. Otherwise, rely on the M4. Move up once it's clear
and look for a few more of Lazarevic's men to appear when you near the doorway.
One will be on the ledge to your left so kill him fast. Enter and take cover
inside. Use blindfire on the enemies here because it's simple. Try to pick off
a shotgun-wielding sentry on the walkway above you.

o----TREASURE - Carved Wooden Ghura--------------------------o
|Look for the corner of this room where the wall is totally  |
|blown out. Hang over the edge here and you'll see climbing  |
|stones below you. Take these all the way down to where it   |
|meets the bridge. The treasure is there for the taking.     |
|Another tricky one that eluded me for some time.            |

That walkway has a ladder near the edge right above the doorway. When the
snipers show up, that's your cue to get in position to boost Elena up. Do so
and she'll appear and once she drops the ladder, follow her. Climb up here and
take cover. Grab some ammo and a grenade. Jump to the next platform to the
left and there will be another guy. Melee him, then walk outside. Look for some
white bricks to climb on the wall. Take these up to a platform with two more
guys, stealth melee one and beat the other's brains out. 

Climb the next ladder and there will be a beam you can take all the way across
the chasm. Unfortunately, you're just perfect bait for the snipers if you do
that. Find the outside walkway and climb the red bricks. Jump over a small gap
in the wall and climb all the way up to a platform with--what else?--a Dragon
Sniper. Take it and take cover. You have bigger problems than the snipers
though. Find the location of the RPG'er and snipe him first. There are four
towers in the distance and he should be on the second one from the right.

That tower collapses. Find the snipers in the windows of the other three. Try
not to stick your head out too long while you're trying to line up the shot. A
few seconds too long and they'll hone in on you. 

When nearly all of them are down, a large group of Lazarevic's men will proceed
across the bridge. Get the laser sight guys first. You'll probably need more
ammo so find more Dragon Sniper bullets around this platform. Restock when

The enemies will come to the beam and gather there. Some will try to cross
which makes them sitting ducks. Using the Dragon Sniper, just pick them off one
by one. You might take some damage so just wait to recover. Meanwhile, see if
any dumb enemies try to cross the beam and then pick them off. Be patient but
also aggressive and eventually the onslaught will end. 

o----TREASURE - Bronze Tiger Bell--------------------------o
|Maybe the sneakiest treasure in the game. Drop down to the|
|bottom of the building and look for a really big gap that |
|leads from a walkway on your side to a broken bridge on   |
|the other side. It's a very tough jump but if you shade   |
|yourself to the right and let yourself fall off the edge  |
|for just a very, very brief second or two before hitting  |
|X, that will give you the extra distance you need to make |
|it. It will take some tries, sure. Focus on almost        |
|intentionally walking off the edge for that brief second  |
|and then hitting X and that is the way to make it across. |
|Once you do, drop down two ledges in the back of this     |
|large rock. Turn around and face the second ladder, then  |
|look to the right and you should see the sparkle.         |

Drop down now and go across the beam. Begin to cross the bridge with Elena. It
will begin to collapse (boy does Drake have bad luck with bridges or what?).
While holding on for dear life, shimmy to the left side and climb up. Parts
will continue to fall off. Climb up to a horizontal beam and climb this. Jump
to the one on the right and then up from there. One board of the bridge will
tilt. Shimmy to the left and then climb up a few boards and shift back over to
the right to get all the way up. 

Go through the doors and up the stairs. Go into the courtyard and the sentries
will spot you. Take cover and start shooting. If you still have a Dragon Sniper
it will be handy here for a while. Pick off all the targets easy with normal
range or the scope range.

Go to the left, past Elena and climb up these ledges. You'll find a guy with
a Hammer so kill him fast. There will be a bunch more laser sight dudes on the
rooftops, so snipe or shoot each of them. Grab the hammer and use it to rain
hell on the enemies that appear below. Once it's used up, grab an M4 and finish
them off. 

Join Elena near the door with the yellow cranks. Operate one and you can get
inside. Go down the stairs to find a walkway above you. Boost Elena up and
then she'll drop a crate down for Drake to use so he can climb the wooden bars.
Get over to the larger wooden beams and shimmy over. Wait for Elena to move the
wooden plank so you can shimmy onto that and over to the ledge. Follow Elena
by climbing the next wall. 

In the next room, shoot it out with the enemies inside. Get a grenade on that
shield guy, then use the DE or M4 to pick off the rest. Watch out for grenades
coming your way too. There's also a DE wielder on the walkway above and to the
left. Kill him and then take the ammo.

o----TREASURE - Antique Bronze Lion--------------------------o
|Pass through the doorway at the far end of the room. When   |
|you turn right, you should see a very tall cabinet of sorts |
|propped up against the wall. Climb this and then use it to  |
|climb onto the wall and pull yourself up. Look to the right |
|and above the window sill is a sparkle. Shoot it down and   |
|then jump to the window to grab the treasure.               |

Proceed out the far door. Turn left and approach the door. Hit Triangle for a

  ____ _   _    _    ____ _____ _____ ____      ____  _____ 
 / ___| | | |  / \  |  _ \_   _| ____|  _ \    |___ \|___ / 
| |   | |_| | / _ \ | |_) || | |  _| | |_) |     __) | |_ \ 
| |___|  _  |/ ___ \|  __/ | | | |___|  _ <     / __/ ___) |
 \____|_| |_/_/   \_\_|    |_| |_____|_| \_\   |_____|____/              [at23]


Take cover immediately and watch the enemy movement. Some of Lazarevic's men
will probably try to come at you from the right, so toss a grenade over there,
then gun them down. A DE guy will appear on the left so shoot him and grab the
ammo in a moment. Use your DE on the armored guy or soften him up and then
try to melee him but watch for counters. 

Find the stairs and go up but look out for the RPG'er and the shotgun guy. The
former might be worth taking out before you go up the stairs. Once you get
there though, take the RPG and try to take out that large group--or at least
some of it-- appearing on the opposite walkway. Use the DE and M4 to tack the
rest of them off. More guys will appear on the walkway and below, including one
or two more armored foes so save your DE ammo.

Elena will follow so proceed through the only open doorway on the second floor
walkway. Melee the enemy that gets in your way and you'll come out on another
side of the walkway. Take the stairs here and go toward the red doors for a

After that, go toward the wooden beam and cross this. Jump to the next platform
and cross another beam. From here, you can see a rope in the center. Jump to

o----TREASURE - Tibetan Ritual Vase--------------------------o
|When you get on the rope, you should probably swing pretty  |
|close to the corner pillar. You might see the treasure      |
|prompt appear. Swing close to this pillar and you can grab  |
|it.                                                         |

Adjust your swinging angle and try to land on the wooden platform on the
right. Cross the wooden beam and you'll be able to get outside. Jump to the
rooftop. Two enemies appear from the doorway ahead. Wait for one to go over
to the left and then stealth melee him. The other will turn around eventually
so get him too.

Go through the doorway and find the large opening in the wall. Drop down a few
times to reach the walkway. Go down the stairs and climb the ladder ahead of
you. Pry the guard off of his perch at the top. Don't enter the doorway. Climb
the white bricks on the left. Jump to the ledge above the doorway, shimmy over
and then jump again to another narrow ledge. Take this around the corner to
some bars. Swing to the platform on the other side.

Jump to the gold/green rooftop and take this around to the right. Climb the
platform here and you'll see Lazarevic's men going trigger happy on something.
But what? I think we know....

Drop down to the previous rooftop and from there you can safely drop down to
the ground below. Look for the patrolling sentries and try to stealth attack
them one by one. Grab the M32 Hammer in the center of the area if you want.
Proceed up the two staircases in the back. 

o----TREASURE - Tibetan Conch Horn--------------------------o
|Once you've climbed up the two staircases, turn around     |
|immediately. To your right (if you turned around) is a    |
|platform with some crates. Walk toward the very end of this|
|and you should be overlooking the courtyard. A little to   |
|your left should be another platform. Jump over here and   |
|sift through the snow in the corner behind the pillar for  |
|the treasure.                                              |

At the top of the stairs, enter an alley. Turn right at the end and use the
crank to get inside the gateway. 

This next part will be a little tough. Drop down and go forward. Find the
ladder and go through the opening next to it. There are a ton of guys hiding,
but only the gatling gun enemies are visible. Don't bother trying to stealth
them; it won't work. Make your way to the top right corner from where you
entered and find the RPG up here. Use the Hammer first if you brought it to
try and widdle the enemies down, focusing on the gatling gun dudes and the
other armored foes. Switch to the RPG. There is also a door underneath here
with a room with a GAU - 19, as well as more GAU guns on the platform near the
top of the stairs, so there's plenty of firepower to go around.

o----TREASURE - Bronze Oil Lamp--------------------------o
|Return to the start and climb the green ladder. At the  |
|top here, stand at the far top left corner and then look|
|at the first red column on the right side. You should   |
|have an angle at the sparkling treasure on this column. |
|Shoot it down, then walk over to the platform where the |
|column is and take it.                                  |

Take out the guys on the roof and then when it's clear at last, find a way to
the window above the stairs. You can return to that ladder, take it up, jump
to the red bricks and then from there, jump to the platform in the corner and
make it. 

You'll enter a room with a ton of debris all over the place. 

o----TREASURE - Ancient Sword Guard--------------------------o
|Look up at the ceiling in the debris-filled room and you    |
|should see yet another sparkling gem up top. Shoot it down  |
|and wrap your fingers around that.                          |

Make your way through this building, up the stairs and outside to the roof.
Climb the stones and then jump to the red ledge under the windows. Shimmy on
this and you'll see some of Lezarevic's men below. Shimmy around to a platform
after that.

o----TREASURE - Tibetan Coral Earring--------------------------o
|Right after Nate hangs precariously over a whole horde of     |
|Lazarevic's men, you come to a platform. There is another     |
|platform below this one so vault over the side and drop down. |
|The previous platform hangs over the one down here and so if  |
|you look up at the floor of that higher platform, you should  |
|see this. Shoot it down.                                      |

Climb back up and then keep moving and get to the red overhead bars. Swing to
the last one and then shimmy from it to the window to climb up. 

Hang over the other side and jump to the platform. Climb up the dressers and
you'll be near two rooftops and there should be stones on the wall next to you
that you can climb up. Not so fast there, speed racer! 

o----TREASURE - Tibetan Square Ghau--------------------------o
|Once you climb up from the dressers, face the wall with all |
|the white stones you need to climb. Face that and go to the |
|right, along the rooftop. Hang over the right side of this  |
|rooftop and shimmy toward the corner where you can see a    |
|small statue in the wall with a sparkle. Get close enough   |
|until you put your hands on the treasure.                   |

Climb up the stones and pull yourself up to get inside the tower and also get
a scene. 

After that, it's puzzle solving time again. Notice the murals on each of the
walls. Flip through Drake's journal, going right until you find the pages with
the mural drawings. As Drake deduces, each is associated with a color. On one
wall there are four bronze objects on the ground. If you take them and place
one each on a round plate in front of each mural, you can solve the puzzle.
The question though is, which one goes where?

Flip to the previous page before the drawings and you'll see the shapes that
correspond to the objects and which element they are. The murals each have 
elements too. Here's how it goes:

Bowl - Air - Tiger
Triangle - Fire - Bird
Sphere - Water - Snake
Cube - Earth - Lion

So place the correct objects in front of the murals. You're not done yet
though. This merely opens up compartments below each mural with some round
devices that Drake can spin by hand. They each have certain symbols on them
and you need to get the right ones facing front. Again the question is which?

If you go back to that page in the journal that had the shapes in them, you
also see colored symbols above that. Four of the symbols match the colors of
the elements of the murals. So go to the mural, match the element with the
color, and spin them as necessary. 

Tiger - Green
Bird - Red
Snake - White
Lion - Gold

So for each mural, find the symbol that matches the correct colored one in the
journal. The starting placement of each is random I think so there's no exact
turning measures. I might be wrong though so I'll check again another time. 

Something rises up in the center when you get it right. Interact by sticking
the dagger in there and then climb up to the revealed entrance. 

From the rooftop, go over to the right and stand near the edge to use the
zipline. You'll see some of your pals jumping by. Great...

Jump the gap and go left up the stairs. Jump another gap and then stop. 

o----TREASURE - Carved Bone Ornament--------------------------o
|After you jump the gap in the stairs, turn around and look up|
|at the ceiling. There is a hanging lantern and the treasure  |
|flashes from underneath. Shoot it down, jump back across and |
|put your hands on it.                                        |

Go out and try to take out the guards, either by stealth or gunfire. Either
way, things will get messy soon. If you wait, one guard will lean up against
the wall, good for a grapple move. The other can be taken out the same way if
you move up to the cover spot on the left. From here, climb the ladder in the
corner and nab the RPG guy. Take his RPG and use it to get the armored guy

Things will get a bit messy from here. A lot of enemies and a turret will dot
your path. The cover here isn't perfect so try to use the DE or the M4 (don't
use the SAS here) to get the enemies out of your way fast so you can move up.
Don't fire when the turret is. 

Move over to the far left side and you can find some better cover here next
to the big wooden platforms. More enemies appear on these platforms so gun
them down. Climb up there when the coast is clear and flank the turret gunner.
Punch his lights out and that will do it.

o----TREASURE - Tibetan Hair Ornament--------------------------o
|The route you took to flank the turret gunner had a small     |
|canopy roof held by some columns. Well, right next to that    |
|roof is a beheaded statue with a wing-like backside. The      |
|treasure shines from the top. Shoot it down and it falls on   |
|the statue's missing-head area. The statue has stones to climb|
|so use them, then vault over the wing to get within reach of  |
|the treasure.                                                 |

With that in hand, return to join Elena near the secret entrance. Investigate
it and then interact with the crank controls. This opens the real secret
entrance a ways away.

Use the zipline that Elena finds. From where you land, jump to a platform with
a ladder below. Take that ladder down and take cover here. A few enemies will
walk down the stairs. One of them has a Riot Shield. A well placed grenade is
the best medication here. Use the Riot Shield if you want and make the next
few enemies easier. 

When you get up the stairs, there are more of Lazarevic's men who like to show
off by rappelling down the wall. Use the M4 or SAS on them. Wait for the armored
guy to get close and use a combination of the SAS and DE on him. Finish off
the rest of them.

o----TREASURE - Tibetan Mala Beads--------------------------o
|After you have defeated Lazarevic's men in this area, find |
|the wall across from the ladder you dropped from initially.|
|Face this wall and follow it to the left. Behind a pillar  |
|in the corner is where you'll find this sneaky treasure.   |

Find the spot in the corner where the rappelled down and climb the rope. Charge
down the stairs toward the entrance with Elena. A lot of corpses... yeah, not a
good sign. 

Down the stairs, turn and take either adjacent staircase down further. Approach
the door and wait for Elena, then open it with her. 

  ____ _   _    _    ____ _____ _____ ____      ____  _  _   
 / ___| | | |  / \  |  _ \_   _| ____|  _ \    |___ \| || |  
| |   | |_| | / _ \ | |_) || | |  _| | |_) |     __) | || |_ 
| |___|  _  |/ ___ \|  __/ | | | |___|  _ <     / __/|__   _|
 \____|_| |_/_/   \_\_|    |_| |_____|_| \_\   |_____|  |_|              [at24]

-----------------------------\THE ROAD TO SHAMBHALA/---------------------------

Well here we are at last. Take a look around and see if you can figure out how
to move on.

o----TREASURE - Bronze Garuda--------------------------o
|Right in this first room is the treasure. Look high up|
|on the wall, just slightly right and you should see it|
|sparkling. Shoot it down like always to take it.      |

If you can't figure it out, then just do this. Look for the three dagger
ornaments on the wall. Two are positioned with the blade pointing up. Get
close and hit Triangle to turn them down. This will do it. Approach the sphere
and interact to start a fairly intense cutscene. 

Once you get control again, go down along the cliff and jump to the platform.

o----TREASURE - Toad Censar--------------------------o
|As soon as you jump to this first platform, look to |
|your left. There is a little area here where the    |
|treasure can be taken.                              |

From here, look for the ridges along the wall and jump to them. Drop down a few
times, then shimmy around the corner. Jump to the platform and wait for Flynn
so you can boost him up. He'll drop a stone for you to climb.

Follow him and jump the next gap with some help. Go up the arm of this statue
and then climb onto the ledge on the left. Look for a small cave to the left
up here. Enter and pass through the crevice. At the other end, there is debris
from another statue. Try to push it, but it won't work. Wait for Flynn to lend
a hand and do it together. 

Drop over the edge and drop down to the lower ridge. Take this to the right,
drop, then sidle along this narrow ledge. You'll come to a stone cart. Get on
the right side of it and push it with Flynn's help. Climb up and use it to
reach the ledges here. Climb up and shimmy over all the way around these skull
statues. When you reach the very end on the adjacent side, angle Drake's body
so he jumps to the ledge behind him. Take this platform across and look for
another to the left. Jump here and then to the large staircase.

o----TREASURE - Eight Emblems Pendant--------------------------o
|After jumping off that platform and jumping to the large      |
|staircase, stop. Look to the left of the staircase and you'll |
|see the treasure. Simply jump over to that ledge and take it. |

Go up the stairs and through the next door. Another puzzle awaits you. The
idea behind this one isn't too different than the latter half of the last
puzzle. You'll see the symbols on the large cylinders on the left and right.
Flip through the journal to the last pages and you'll see the six symbols that
you need to line up. Note that the ones on the left correspond to the symbols
on the right page and vice versa. Start by climbing the platform on the left
(right page). 

Leave the left cylinder alone as it is correct. Spin the center one
counterclockwise once. Spin the right one counterclockwise twice. 

Now, head over to the other side. The ones on the left and right are both
correct so you only need to fiddle with the center one here. Turn it
counterclockwise once and that should do it.

Operate the large crank like before and you'll get a scene. Then you-know-what
decides to show up.

Armored and ready, repeat your tactics from way before. Run and gun with these
things. Flynn might block your way both running and while you're aiming so it's
just something you have to deal with. There's three of them so watch for when
one climbs out and another drops in from a different angle so you don't get
taken by surprise. If one tackles you, look for the button prompts and hit
them to escape. Just keep it up for a while and you'll get a scene.

A little surprised? Well it's not quite what you might immediately think. You
will learn a little more after the next cutscene. 

  ____ _   _    _    ____ _____ _____ ____      ____  ____  
 / ___| | | |  / \  |  _ \_   _| ____|  _ \    |___ \| ___| 
| |   | |_| | / _ \ | |_) || | |  _| | |_) |     __) |___ \ 
| |___|  _  |/ ___ \|  __/ | | | |___|  _ <     / __/ ___) |
 \____|_| |_/_/   \_\_|    |_| |_____|_| \_\   |_____|____/              [at25]

-----------------------------\BROKEN PARADISE/---------------------------------

Things have gone crazy, again. You're unarmed but not out of luck just yet.
Run forward and jump the gap. You'll be taking fire from different directions.
You can attempt to hide behind walls but it doesn't do a whole lot of good,
especially since you can't assume a cover position. 

Keep going forward, up the cliff and over gaps until you find the sunny area.
Jump here and a short scene starts. Grab the M4 and try shooting it out with
the enemies here but it won't matter too much. 

After the platform crashes, jump to the dark platform ahead, then from there
to the next one. Pick up the AK-47 ahead and move forward for a scene. Pick
up more ammo after that.

In this little courtyard area, walk to the area with all the columns and a lot
of debris. You should get a scene. Yeah, they're back... 

Do as Drake says and just keep shooting. These things are not invincible, as
you saw earlier, they just take a hell lot of bullets. This part is tough
because they carry crossbows that fire arrows rapidly and they can kill you in
one go. What you need to do is watch them at all times and make sure they do
not ambush you from a certain angle because one burst from that crossbow and
it's lights out. Start with your AK-47 and go out into the open. Lure one down
to you and just run-and-gun like you have done. He'll get close and try to
melee so just keep running. When he tackles you, hit the prompts to escape.

Keep this up and you should eventually take down one of the bastards. Take his
crossbow and now you're in business. Carefully aim at the second guy and it
should only take two arrows to kill it. A third one shows up with a resin
type weapon. Use the bow or your AK on him. 

Once that's over, go back to that area with the columns and climb onto the
ramp on the debris. Reach the first column by grabbing the gold ledge and then
jump to the platform from there. 

o----TREASURE - Phurba Thogchag--------------------------o
|This is located in that "top" section where the columns |
|and debris are. Climb up as indicated just above and    |
|as soon as you get to the platform, examine the statues |
|along the wall, the ones that look like figures leaning |
|or pushing themselves against the wall. The one that is |
|hanging just above the edge of the platform has a shiny |
|new treasure on it. Shoot it down and grab it.          |

Now that you're up here, jump to the next platform  and from there to the
hanging cane-shaped column. Climb up on this and get over to the center
platform. Jump from there to the area where the third enemy appeared. 

Climb through and you'll find a bunch of resin on some tree roots or something.
Shoot the resin to open a path. Move down now and you'll find more. 

o----TREASURE - Clay Yamantaka Head--------------------------o
|Right in front of the second group of resin-covered roots,  |
|there is a tree branch with this sparkling above. Shoot it  |
|down to claim it.                                           |

Ignore the resin ahead of you and turn right. Shoot this resin instead to enter
the next room. Jump to the stones near the rope, then to the rope itself from
there. Climb the next stones all the way to the top, then jump to the bar
behind Drake. Look through the roots on the wall and you'll see more resin sap.
Shoot it to clear the way, then swing and jump through.

Stand near the opening on the left wall inside this room. Look across to a
window with more roots. Look for the resin in between and shoot it. This opens
up the doorway below. Go through and up the stairs to reach a wide open area.

o----TREASURE - Gold-leaf Statue Head--------------------------o
|From where you enter, go to the far right toward a cliff that |
|overlooks basically a gigantic expanse of land and you can see|
|everything in the background. From here, turn right toward    |
|the edge of the cliff and some debris. The sparkling treasure |
|should be here.                                               |

Make your way toward the center structure and look for an opening inside. There
should be a crank here. Try to operate it but Chloe notices company coming.
The human kind this time. Get out of there and find a spot to hide while you
survey the enemies. Try to stealth melee as many as you can before the bullets
start flying. 

If you still got the crossbow, use it until you run out of arrows. Grab an M4
after that. The biggest immediate threat is the gatling gun dude. Try to take
him down as fast as possible. If you can grab his GAU, then great, as it will
help with the rest, but watch out for the RPG and laser sight enemies in the
corner. Take them down fast too. Use the GAU if you can to mow down the rest.

After that, the creatures show up again. Use the RPG if you can to soften them
up, then the GAU. If necessary, the SAS 12 will also save your skin against

Once you're finished with that, return to the crank. Try to operate it but it's
still a no go. You need to find the other counterweight. Above the staircase
leading back here there are some stones on the wall. Climb these and then
shimmy onto the weight and the ledge here. Go all the way across to reach the

After getting through the door, drop down into the water and take it down.
There are a lot of armored foes up ahead. The crossbow is a good start, while
it lasts. Use the M4 for the rest. There's a guy with a Hammer on the bridge
above. Go up there and take him out, and grab another Hammer nearby. 

Continue down this canal, where more laser sight and armored enemies attack.
The Hammer will help here for most of them. There's also a Dragon Sniper on
one of the high ledges if you jump from platform to platform.

o----TREASURE - Fibula Thogchag--------------------------o
|This one can be a little tricky at first to figure out. |
|It's toward the end of the canal on the left side (as   |
|you are going further in). Look for one platform near   |
|the end where a masked sniper attacks you (you'll see   |
|his laser sight). Well there is a building right across |
|from him on the left side of the canal wall. If you     |
|stand where he was and look up, you can see the top of  |
|the building and the center is where the treasure shines|
|for you to shoot it down.                               |
Go to the slope at the end of the canal and climb up the mossy stones here.

Drop down and exit. A group of Lazarevic's men will spot you here. Use the
Dragon Sniper if you have it to start and take out the armored guy first and
foremost. Grab his SAS 12 if you want. Deal with the others one by one but look
out for grenades like always. 

Elena will find a cart so help her push it. Climb up from here. 

o----TREASURE - Unusual Bronze Mask--------------------------o
|As soon as you climb up from the cart, go to the right.     |
|Climb onto the mossy railing and jump to the nearby ledge.  |
|Take this to a giant root or platform of sorts where the    |
|treasure awaits.                                            |

Go up the winding staircase to at last make it to your destination. Head inside
and you'll find it's a battle royale in there. Bad guys A versus Bad guys B.
Both will be gunning for you if they see you. 

Your first objective is to get either a GAU or a crossbow. There happens to be
a gatling gun dude on the left where all of Lazarevic's men are coming from. 
There are plenty more enemies, including a few armored ones too though. Toss a
grenade in there to defeat them and soften the bigger guys up. You want to get
closer, but not too close that they all start shooting at you. Start picking
them off one by one and use the SAS 12 when closer. If nobody is blocking you
from the gatling gun guy (who should be weakened by now hopefully), unload on
him and take the GAU. 

Use this to mow down the remaining guys as well as on the creatures. If it runs
out, use one of their crossbows. More will show up using the sling weapons.
Again, go with the crossbow and the SAS 12 to defeat them.

o----TREASURE - Mani Jewel Thogchag--------------------------o
|With the fighting over and done with, approach the altar    |
|with the blue resin fire in the center of this chamber. Just|
|above Drake's head are snake statues. If you look even      |
|higher than that though, above the fire, you can see some   |
|multi-armed statues around the sides. Look at each one and  |
|find the multi-armed statue that is holding this treasure.  |

Find the two large staircases that come together and go through the doorway at
the top. Follow the torches to more stairs.

o----TREASURE - Wooden Valjrapani Mask--------------------------o
|Find the first set of blue torches and follow the first set of |
|stairs up (first set after the conjoined set that is) and in   |
|the following corridor, look to the right and up near the      |
|ceiling for a statue bust that is sticking out from the column.|
|Shoot the treasure from its mouth to knock it down to you.     |

Keep going up a few more flights, but look out for just one more treasure. 

o----TREASURE - Bronze Statue Head--------------------------o
|Not counting the previous staircase, go up exactly three   |
|more flights of stairs and right before you make a right   |
|turn to go up the next flight, turn to the left wall. Near |
|some debris is the sparkle of another treasure, possibly   |
|your last one!                                             |

It'll be a long trek but it's very straightforward. Keep going and you get a
scene eventually.

Well, so much for him. Anyways, once you have control, run forward and turn
right. Grab the Dragon Sniper and start shooting up these guys one by one. Take
time to heal when you take too much damage, but of course, if you wait, they
might throw grenades so be ready. 

Move up when it's clear and take cover. Reserve the Dragon Sniper bullets for
the armored guys. One headshot from it takes them down. Move up once they're
down and go across the next few platforms and get a scene.

Now it's getting interesting.

  ____ _   _    _    ____ _____ _____ ____      ____   / /
 / ___| | | |  / \  |  _ \_   _| ____|  _ \    |___ \ / /_  
| |   | |_| | / _ \ | |_) || | |  _| | |_) |     __) | '_ \ 
| |___|  _  |/ ___ \|  __/ | | | |___|  _ <     / __/| (_) |
 \____|_| |_/_/   \_\_|    |_| |_____|_| \_\   |_____|\___/              [at26]

-----------------------------\TREE OF LIFE/------------------------------------

Head down the stairs and drop down the ledges. At the bottom, look for the
narrow space between the roots and approach it for a scene.

Here we go, ladies and germs, the epic final boss fight!

Lazarevic is no Navarro, that's for sure. He doesn't need help, he'll take
Drake on his own. He won't hide, he'll come right after you. This boss fight
is pretty simple for the most part. The key is to keep moving and keep out of
close range of Lazarevic's shotgun. That helps you stay healthy. 

For hurting him, well that's a different story. You'll notice this area has a
lot of the resin sap. It's flammable remember? Your job is to lure Lazarevic
near these and detonate them. Ideally, you don't want to stand too close to
them either, not just because of the explosion but also because of Lazarevic
and his shotty. 

There's plenty of sap around the area. Avoid stepping in the flaming resin pit
as it will hurt Drake. Take a circular route around this area and it's very
simple to hit the same spots and stay ahead of Lazarevic.

Once he takes a few hits, he stumbles. Now he gets faster so you need to keep
moving. Keep shooting the resin as he comes by. If he's not close enough for a
spot, move away and get another one. They keep respawning so you don't have to
worry about running out. Keep this up and make Lazarevic stumble again. After
this, he starts using grenades, tossing two of them way ahead of your path
so that you'll run into them. Sometimes you'll luck out and something will
block them though. Otherwise, take a different route or just get out of the
way but not near him. 

If Lazarevic grabs you, mash Square to knock him away, then keep running. 

Keep running and hitting Lazarevic with the resin sap bombs. Some roots will
give way to alternate paths that you can take around the area for more spots
and such.

Make Lazarevic stumble again and he gets really pissed. At that point, he
screams "SNAAAAAAAAKE!" "Liquid?" Wait, no, he screams "DRAAAAKE!". He is a bit
faster again and he'll now throw three grenades at once--yikes! Keep running
and getting him near the resin. His grenades are the biggest threat so don't
even think twice about just running for a while because he takes a while before
throwing them again. Escaping is the main key. Once you're safe, shoot the
resin and keep damaging him. It won't be long until you come out victorious. 

After that's over, it's time to start running. Keep running along the
collapsing bridge and jumping. Keep an eye out on how the bridge crumbles and
try to determine where to jump. After a few close calls, one whole portion
falls to the right and this jump can be really tricky so try to get to the
edge as fast as possible

Keep running and jumping until you get to the end and a quick scene. When you
have control shoot the creature. Your view will be obstructed momentarily, but
after that, keep shooting. You'll get a few scenes after that and that does it!

Congratulations, you've beaten Uncharted 2!

For those playing the game on Crushing, he's a very well written and 
comprehensive strategy for Crushing Mode Lazarevic submitted by MegaXFan

"When the fight begins you are overlooking the flaming resin pit, with a batch
of treesap to your left, and a flight of stairs. Head to the bottom of the
stairs and wait for Lazarvic to round the corner, then blow up the resin. This
will stun him, if you let him get close enough to it. While he is stunned,
run up to him and melee him repeatedly. This will cause him to melee you once
he is unstunned. Fight him off and he will either throw you or be stunned

If he is stunned again, repeat the process. If you have a lot of ammo, you can
also shoot him while he is stunned. After 2-4 times of this melee loop, the
resin will have came back. Draw him near it, melee him, then blast the resin
while he is stunned. Depending on how many times you melee'd him and how many
shots you pumped into him, he will go to his next "phase" within 2 resin blasts
(I personally never saw him take 3 of them, even if he was far away from it and
I never shot him--only melee). Repeat this process until he is destroyed.

If, instead of being stunned, he throws you instead, he will almost always
throw you near another resin cluster.  Simply wait in a safe spot for him to
approach the resin, stun him with it, and repeat the process.  Eventually he
will stop throwing you and you can begin the stun loop in earnest.

The only thing special to note is that if you have taken anything more than
VERY slight damage, he WILL kill you outright during his melee.  If you do
this right he won't even attempt to shoot you with  his shotgun or throw any
grenades, so you really shouldn't have any reason to have any damage done to
you when you initiate the melee.  This can be a problem when he throws you,
though, since he can sometimes get a shotgun blast on you before you pop the
resin.  Even if you stand too close to the resin when it detonates, as long as
it stuns him as well, you should be fully healed by the time he begins his
melee animation."

|Credit| Thanks to MegaXFan for the above strategy for Lazarevic on|
|      | Crushing Mode.                                            |

  ___       _               
 | __|__ __| |_ _ _ __ _ ___
 | _| \ \ /|  _| '_/ _` (_-<
 |___|/_\_\ \__|_| \__,_/__/

Trophies     [exth]

Here is a trophy list for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. This list does not
contain any spoilers. I've organized the list by trophy type (Bronze, Silver,
etc). Afterwards, there will be tips provided for some of the trophies. 

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves has 48 Trophies: 36 Bronze, 8 Silver, 3 Gold, and
1 Platinum


Trophy: First Treasure
Unlocked: Find one treasure

Trophy: Apprentice Fortune Hunter
Unlocked: Find ten treasures 

Trophy: Novice Fortune Hunter
Unlocked: Find 20 treasures 

Trophy: Cadet Fortune Hunter
Unlocked: Find 30 treasures 

Trophy: Intermediate Fortune Hunter
Unlocked: Find 40 treasures

Trophy: Practiced Fortune Hunter
Unlocked: Find 50 treasures

Trophy: Proficient Fortune Hunter
Unlocked: Find 60 treasures

Trophy: Professional Fortune Hunter
Unlocked: Find 70 treasures

Trophy: Expert Fortune Hunter
Unlocked: Find 80 treasures

Trophy: Crack Fortune Hunter
Unlocked: Find 90 treasures

Trophy: Relic Finder
Unlocked: Find the Strange Relic

Trophy: 20 Headshots
Unlocked: Defeat 20 enemies with headshots

Trophy: 100 Headshots
Unlocked: Defeat 100 enemies with headshots 

Trophy: Headshot Expert
Unlocked: Defeat five enemies in a row with headshots

Trophy: Run-and-Gunner
Unlocked: Defeat 20 enemies by shooting from the hip (without aiming with L1)

Trophy: Hangman
Unlocked: Defeat 20 enemies with gunfire by aiming while hanging

Trophy: 50 Kills: 92FS - 9mm
Unlocked: Defeat 50 enemies with the 92FS - 9mm 

Trophy: 50 Kills: Micro - 9mm
Unlocked: Defeat 50 enemies with the Micro - 9mm

Trophy: 30 Kills: Wes - 44
Unlocked: Defeat 30 enemies with the Wes - 44

Trophy: 30 Kills: Desert - 5
Unlocked: Defeat 30 enemies with the Desert - 5

Trophy: 20 Kills: Pistole
Unlocked: Defeat 20 enemies with the Pistole

Trophy: 70 Kills: FAL
Unlocked: Defeat 70 enemies with the FAL

Trophy: 70 Kills: M4
Unlocked: Defeat 70 enemies with the M4

Trophy: 50 Kills: Dragon Sniper
Unlocked: Defeat 50 enemies with the Dragon Sniper

Trophy: 30 Kills: Moss - 12
Unlocked: Defeat 30 enemies with the Moss - 12

Trophy: 70 Kills: SAS - 12
Unlocked: Defeat 70 enemies with the SAS - 12

Trophy: 50 Kills: M32 - Hammer
Unlocked: Defeat 50 enemies with the M32 - Hammer

Trophy: 30 Kills: RPG - 7
Unlocked: Defeat 30 enemies with the RPG - 7

Trophy: 200 Kills: GAU - 19
Unlocked: Defeat 200 enemies with the GAU - 19

Trophy: 30 Kills: Mk-NDI
Unlocked: Defeat 30 enemies with Mk-NDI grenades

Trophy: Triple Dyno-Might!
Unlocked: Defeat three enemies with one explosion

Trophy: Grenade Hangman
Unlocked: Defeat ten enemies with grenades by aiming while hanging

Trophy: Bare-knuckle Brawler
Unlocked: Defeat 20 enemies with hand-to-hand combat

Trophy: Steel Fist Master
Unlocked: Defeat 20 enemies with a single punch, after softening them up with

Trophy: Thrillseeker
Unlocked: Complete one Competitive Multiplayer game

Trophy: Buddy System
Unlocked: Complete one Cooperative Multiplayer game


Trophy: Master Fortune Hunter
Unlocked: Find all 100 treasures

Trophy: Survivor
Unlocked: Defeat 75 enemies in a row without dying

Trophy: 250 Headshots
Unlocked: Defeat 250 enemies with headshots

Trophy: Bare-knuckle Slugger
Unlocked: Defeat 50 enemies with hand-to-hand combat

Trophy: Bare-knuckle Expert
Unlocked: Defeat ten enemies in a row with hand-to-hand combat

Trophy: Master Ninja
Unlocked: Defeat 50 enemies with stealth attacks

Trophy: Steel Fist Expert
Unlocked: Defeat ten enemies in a row with a single punch, after softening them
up with gunfire

Trophy: Charted! - Easy
Unlocked: Finish the game in Easy Mode


Trophy: Charted! - Normal
Unlocked: Finish the game in Normal Mode

Trophy: Charted! - Hard
Unlocked: Finish the game in Hard Mode

Trophy: Charted! - Crushing
Unlocked: Finish the game in Crushing Mode


Trophy: Platinum
Unlocked: Platinum (earn every other trophy)

More to be added soon

Unlockables     [exun]

Just like in the first Uncharted, you can purchase some nifty things to use in
the singleplayer game. This is kept separate from money earned in multiplayer. 
The store literally makes use of money that you earn for medals and those
various achievements in game. 

The skins allow you to change Drake's look in-game. It's a really nice feature
for fun while playing through the game again. It's also nice since the game
determines Drake's outfit based on the chapters and if you want to wear
something different, you can. 

The weapons option allows you to queue up any gun in the game, so long as you
purchase it first. Note that you cannot spawn a gun when Drake is behind cover,
hanging from a ledge, climbing, and other actions. Also note that when you
spawn a gun, you lose your gun in the opposite slot. So for example, if you
have a 92FS pistol and a AK47 equipped, you choose to queue up a SAS 12 shotty.
The SAS 12 obviously replaces the AK47, but you also lose the 92FS in the
process. You can't spawn a pistol to restore it either, because then the SAS
12 is lost. So as you can see, it's sort of a balanced perk. 

Single-Player Skins
|Drake - Street Clothes       | FREE                             |
|Drake - Heist Gear           |$10,000                           |
|Drake - Winter Gear          |$20,000, buy Heist Gear first     |
|Drake - Dirty and Beat-Up    |$20,000, buy Heist Gear first     |
|Drake - Doughnut Drake       |$50,000                           |
|Chloe - Street Clothes       |$5000                             |
|Chloe - Winter Gear          |$20,000, buy Flynn clothes first  |
|Flynn - Street Clothes       |$5000                             |
|Flynn - Heist Gear           |$10,000                           |
|Flynn - Winter Jacket        |$10,000                           |
|Elena - Street Clothes       |$5000                             |
|Elena - Winter Gear          |$10,000, buy Street Clothes first |
|Jeff - Elena's Camerman      |$5000, buy Elena Winter Gear first|
|Victor Sullivan              |$5000                             |
|Tenzin                       |$5000, buy Victor Sullivan first  |
|Karl Schaefer                |$20,000, buy Tenzin first         |
|Dragan - Helmet Soldier      |$5000                             |
|Sark - Face Mask Soldier     |$5000, buy Dragan first           |
|Vodnik - Ski Mask Soldier    |$5000, buy Sark first             |
|Lovac - Headphones Soldier   |$5000                             |
|Tetram - Gas Mask Soldier    |$10,000, buy Vodnik & Lovac first |
|Zorskel - Skull Mask Soldier |$10,000                           |
|Lieutenant Draza             |$10,000, buy Zorskel first        |
|Zoran Lazarevic              |$20,000, buy Draza first          |
|Zoran Lazarevic - Healed     |FREE, buy Lazarevic first         |
|The Dead Explorer            |$20,000                           |
|Skelzor the Skeleton         |$30,000, buy Dead Explorer first  |
|Sir Francis Drake            |$30,000, buy Skelzor first        |
|???                          |FREE, beat the game on Crushing   |
|???                          |FREE, get the Platinum trophy     |

|Tranquilizer Dart Gun             |$5000  |
|.45 Defender Semi-automatic Pistol|$5000  |
|AK-47 Assault Rifle               |$5000  |
|FAL Assault Rifle                 |$5000  |
|Moss - 12 Shotgun                 |$5000  |
|92FS - 9MM Semi-automatic Pistol  |$5000  |
|Wes - 44 Revolver                 |$10,000|
|SAS - 12 Shotgun                  |$10,000|
|Mk-NDI Grenades                   |$5000  |
|Desert - 5 Semi-automatic Pistol  |$10,000|
|Micro 9mm Fully Automatic Pistol  |$5000  |
|MP40 Submachine Gun               |$5000  |
|P08 - 9mm                         |$5000  |
|M4 Assault Rifle                  |$10,000|
|M32 Hammer                        |$20,000|
|Dragon Sniper Rifle               |$20,000|
|Pistole Shotgun Pistol            |$10,000|
|GAU - 19                          |$20,000|
|RPG-7                             |$20,000|
|Eddy's Golden Gun                 |$20,000|
|Chloe's .45 Defender              |$20,000|

Render Modes
|Black and White |$10,000|
|Sepia Tint      |$10,000|
|Next Gen Filter |$10,000|

Bonus Movies
|Behind The Scenes: Technology and Gameplay |$10,000|
|Behind The Scenes: Story and Art           |$10,000|
|Behind The Scenes: Making of the Cinematics|$10,000|
|Behind The Scenes: Online Technology       |$10,000|
|Behind The Scenes: Naughty Dog             |$10,000|
|Behind The Scenes: Mastering the Cell      |$10,000|
|Behind The Scenes: Thinking Like a Dog     |$10,000|
|Test Trailer Animatic                      |$10,000|

Art Galleries
|Concept Art Gallery 1         |$5000|
|Concept Art Gallery 2         |$5000|
|Concept Art Gallery 3         |$5000|
|Concept Art Gallery 4         |$5000|
|Concept Art Gallery 5         |$5000|
|Concept Art Gallery 6         |$5000|
|Concept Art Gallery - Bonus 1 |$5000|
|Concept Art Gallery - Bonus 2 |$5000|

|Fast Motion   |$20,000|
|Slow Motion    |$20,000|
|Mirror World   |$25,000|
|Flip World     |$30,000|
|Infinite Ammo  |$60,000|
|One-Shot Kills |$80,000|
|No Gravity     |$50,000|

Medals     [exme]

The Medals in the game are small in-game achievements/awards that give you a
monetary value. You use this cash to purchase things (listed above) from the
store. Many of the medals are tied to trophies in the game as well so you get
two rewards sometimes! 

|Medal                          |Unlocked                                     |
|First Treasure                 |Find one treasure                            |
|Beginner Fortune Hunter        |Find five treasures                          |
|Apprentice Fortune Hunter      |Find ten treasures                           |
|Rookie Fortune Hunter          |Find 15 treasures                            |
|Novice Fortune Hunter          |Find 20 treasures                            |
|Trainee Fortune Hunter         |Find 25 treasures                            |
|Cadet Fortune Hunter           |Find 30 treasures                            |
|Enthusiast Fortune Hunter      |Find 35 treasures                            |
|Intermediate Fortune Hunter    |Find 40 treasures                            |
|Adept Fortune Hunter           |Find 45 treasures                            |
|Practiced Fortune Hunter       |Find 50 treasures                            |
|Skilled Fortune Hunter         |Find 55 treasures                            |
|Proficient Fortune Hunter      |Find 60 treasures                            |
|Advanced Fortune Hunter        |Find 65 treasures                            |
|Professional Fortune Hunter    |Find 70 treasures                            |
|Senior Fortune Hunter          |Find 75 treasures                            |
|Expert Fortune Hunter          |Find 80 treasures                            |
|Ace Fortune Hunter             |Find 85 treasures                            |
|Crack Fortune Hunter           |Find 90 treasures                            |
|Consummate Fortune Hunter      |Find 95 treasures                            |
|Master Fortune Hunter          |Find 100 treasures                           |
|Relic Finder                   |Find all 100 treasures                       |
|Survivor                       |Defeat 75 enemies in a row without dying     |
|20 Headshots                   |Defeat 20 enemies with headshots             |
|100 Headshots                  |Defeat 100 enemies with headshots            |
|250 Headshots                  |Defeat 250 enemies with headshots            |
|Headshot expert                |Defeat five enemies in a row with headshots  |
|Blindfire Marksman             |Defeat 20 enemies by blind-firing in cover   |
|Run-and-Gunner                 |Defeat 20 enemies by shooting from the hip   |
|Hangman                        |Defeat 20 enemies with gunfire by aiming     |
|                               |while hanging                                |
|Shield Attacker                |Defeat ten enemies with your pistol while you|
|                               |are holding the Riot Shield                  |
|Master Shield Attacker         |Defeat 20 enemies with your pistol while you |
|                               |are holding the Riot Shield                  |
|50 Kills: .45 Defender         |Defeat 50 enemies with the .45 Defender      |
|50 Kills: 92FS - 9mm           |Defeat 50 enemies with the 92FS - 9mm        |
|50 Kills: Micro - 9mm          |Defeat 50 enemies with the Micro - 9mm       |
|30 Kills: Wes - 44             |Defeat 30 enemies with the Wes - 44          |
|30 Kills: Desert - 5           |Defeat 30 enemies with the Desert - 5        |
|20 Kills: Pistole              |Defeat 20 enemies with the Pistole           |
|30 Stuns: Tranquilizer Dart Gun|Defeat 30 enemies with the Tranquilizer Dart |
|                               |Gun                                          |
|50 Kills: P08 - 9mm            |Defeat 50 enemies with the P08 - 9mm         |
|50 Kills: AK-47                |Defeat 50 enemies with the AK-47             |
|70 Kills: FAL                  |Defeat 70 enemies with the FAL               |
|70 Kills: M4                   |Defeat 70 enemies with the M4                |
|50 Kills: MP40                 |Defeat 50 enemies with the MP40              |
|50 Kills: Dragon Sniper        |Defeat 50 enemies with the Dragon Sniper     |
|30 Kills: Moss - 12            |Defeat 30 enemies with the Moss - 12         |
|70 Kills: SAS - 12             |Defeat 70 enemies with the SAS - 12          |
|50 Kills: M32 - Hammer         |Defeat 50 enemies with the M32 - Hammer      |
|30 Kills RPG-7                 |Defeat 30 enemies with the RPG-7             |
|20 Kills: Crossbow             |Defeat 20 enemies with the Crossbow          |
|200 Kills: GAU - 19            |Defeat 200 enemies with the GAU - 19         |
|30 Kills: Mk-NDI               |Defeat 30 enemies with Mk-NDI Grenades       |
|Double Dyno-Might!             |Defeat two enemies with one explosion        |
|Triple Dyno-Might!             |Defeat three enemies with one explosion      |
|Quad Dyno-Might!               |Defeat four enemies with one explosion       |
|Dyno-Might Master              |Defeat five enemies with one explosion       |
|Dyno-Might Hotshot             |Defeat three enemies with one explosion five |
|                               |times                                        |
|Grenade Hangman                |Defeat ten enemies with grenades by aiming   |
|                               |while hanging                                |
|Drop the Bomb                  |Make three enemies drop their grenade by     |
|                               |shooting them                                |
|Drop the Bomb Hotshot          |Make five enemies drop their grenade by      |
|                               |shooting them                                |
|Drop the Bomb Master           |Make ten enemies drop their grenade by       |
|                               |shooting them                                |
|Bare-Knuckle Brawler           |Defeat 20 enemies with hand-to-hand combat   |
|Bare-Knuckle Slugger           |Defeat 50 enemies with hand-to-hand combat   |
|Bare-Knuckle Expert            |Defeat ten enemies in a row with hand-to-hand|
|                               |combat                                       |
|Stealth Attacker               |Defeat 25 enemies with stealth attacks       |
|Master Ninja                   |Defeat 50 enemies with stealth attacks       |
|Expert Ninja                   |Defeat five enemies in a row with stealth    |
|                               |attacks                                      |
|Riot Rocker                    |Defeat five Riot Shield enemies by running   |
|                               |over their shield                            |
|Steel Fist                     |Defeat ten enemies with a single punch, after|
|                               |softening them up with gunfire               |
|Steel Fist Master              |Defeat 20 enemies with a single punch, after |
|                               |softening them up with gunfire               |
|Steel Fist Expert              |Defeat ten enemies in a row with a single    |
|                               |punch, after softening them up with gunfire  |
|Beast Mode                     |Pet all the yaks in the village              |
|Marco!                         |Play a game of swimming pool tag             |
|Polo!                          |Play a game of swimming pool tag             |
|Charted! - Very East           |Finish the game in Very Easy Mode            |
|Charted! - Easy                |Finish the game in Easy Mode                 |
|Charted! - Normal              |Finish the game in Normal Mode               |
|Charted! - Hard                |Finish the game in Hard Mode                 |
|Charted! - Crushing            |Finish the game in Crushing Mode             |

Whew, that was a task indeed... In any case, a list is nice and all, but here
is a little more in-depth info. 

Headshot Expert
Try this early in the game. The enemies are slower and dumber and are easier
to line up headshots for. 

See above. The earlier you start this, the easier it will be. You also can
make things incredibly easier by changing the difficulty to East or even Very

(Number) Kills: (Gun)
For a majority of these, you can get them easily just by using the gun again
and again in the game. Keep in mind this one very useful tip though. Dying does
not erase your total for that gun during that checkpoint before you died. It
continues to add up. This is useful when using a gun that isn't found very
often or has limited ammo. Keep dying and then using it again when you restart
to add up the kills. 

30 Stuns: Tranquilizer Dart Gun
You only use this normally in Chapter 2 and only on 3-5 enemies each time. Buy
it from the store and queue it up during any other mission to get more uses.

50 Kills: P08 - 9mm 
For my money's worth, I believe this is a gun you must buy from the store and
spawn during any other mission. You get it a couple times, but in each
instance, I'm pretty sure you don't actually get to shoot any normal enemies
with it. Buy it and then spawn one during other missions. 

50 Kills: MP40
You find it a couple times, but you only get one chance to kill guys with it.
Pick it up in Chapter 8 and carry it with you allllllllll the way to Chapter 10
to finally use it on a few enemies. You'd speed up the process considerably by
spawning it after buying it in the store. 

Beast Mode
This corresponds to Chapter 16. There are four yaks. One is near the very
beginning, aside the first house. The second one is up a hill after Tenzin opens
a gate. The third is near the kids playing soccer. The last one is on the left
right before Schaefer's house where Tenzin stops. To pet a yak, get close and
hit Triangle. Word to the wise: don't pet the final yak from behind! 

Get these in Chapter 6 only. When you get to the roof of the hotel with Chloe,
jump in the pool and swim around for a bit. 

 Multiplayer Competitive
|Medal                          |Unlocked                                     |
|Thrillseeker                   |Complete one Competitive Multiplayer game    |
|Buddy System                   |Complete one Cooperative Multiplayer game    |
|Captured                       |Your team captured the Treasure (Plunder)    |
|Assistant                      |Assist in the defeat of five enemies by      |
|                               |shooting them but not getting the final shot |
|Afterlife                      |Defeat an opponent after you yourself have   |
|                               |been defeated                                |
|Gunslinger                     |Defeat five enemies using any pistol or      |
|                               |pistols in a single Competitive game         |
|Commando                       |Defeat five enemies using any long gun or    |
|                               |long guns in a single Competitive game       |
|Fisticuffs                     |Defeat two enemies using hand-to-hand combat |
|Big Brawls                     |Defeat five enemies using hand-to-hand combat|
|Streak                         |Defeat five enemies without being defeated   |
|Fury                           |Defeat ten enemies without being defeated    |
|Rage                           |Defeat 15 enemies without being defeated     |
|Rampant                        |Defeat 20 enemies without being defeated     |
|Drop It                        |Defeat an enemy player while they are        |
|                               |carrying the Treasure in a Competitive       |
|                               |Plunder game                                 |
|Double Down                    |Defeat two enemies in rapid succession       |
|Tripled                        |Defeat three enemies in rapid succession     |
|Connect Four                   |Defeat four enemies in rapid succession      |
|Five Not Alive                 |Defeat five enemies in rapid succession      |
|Wipe Out                       |Defeat the entire opposing team              |
|Fire In The Hole               |Defeat three or more enemies at once with an |
|                               |explosion                                    |
|BBQ                            |Defeat an enemy with a propane tank          |
|Expansionist                   |Capture five territories (Turf War/King of   |
|                               |the Hill)                                    |
|Assassin                       |Defeat three enemies using stealth           |
|Ninja                          |Defeat five enemies using stealth            |
|Pull Down                      |Pull an enemy off a ledge                    |
|Kick Off                       |Kick an enemy off a ledge                    |
|Perfect                        |Win a game without dying                     |
|Triple Threat                  |Defeat three enemies with long guns, three   |
|                               |enemies with pistols, and three enemies with |
|                               |explosions                                   |
|Spray and Pray                 |Defeat five enemies with blindfire           |
|Half Blind                     |Defeat five enemies with blindfire and the   |
|                               |Veiled booster                               |
|Get Off My Lawn                |Defeat five enemies with the Invalid booster |
|Miserly                        |Defeat five eneies with the Half Loaded      |
|                               |booster                                      |
|Duck and Weave                 |Defeat five enemies with the Glass Jaw       |
|                               |booster                                      |
|Ego Maniac                     |Defeat five enemies with the Come Get Some   |
|                               |booster                                      |
|Head Hunter                    |Defeat three enemies with headshots          |
|The Long Ranger                |Defeat three enemies from at least seventy   |
|                               |meters away                                  |
|Shut'em Down                   |End an enemies killing streak (Defeated enemy|
|                               |had five or more kills in a row              |

 Multiplayer Cooperative
|Medal                          |Unlocked                                     |
|Treasure Hunter                |Find five Treasures in Co-op                 |
|Medic                          |Rescue five downed teammates                 |
|Big Bang                       |Defeat three enemies with a single grenade   |
|Purple Heart                   |Get revived ten times in a game              |
|Punch Out                      |Defeat five enemies with hand-to-hand combat |
|                               |in a single Co-op game                       |
|Killer Combo                   |Achieve Combo Level Ten                      |
|Let 'Em Go                     |Defeat an enemy who is choking a teammate    |
|Covert Ops                     |Defeat five enemies using stealth            |
|Heat Seeker                    |Defeat three enemies with a single rocket    |
|Master Chef                    |Defeat three enemies by exploding one propane|
|                               |tank                                         |
|Easy Rider                     |Defeat three enemies by exploding one car    |
|Dead Eye                       |Defeat three enemies quickly with the sniper |
|                               |rifle                                        |
|Gift Giver                     |Assist in defeating fifty enemies            |
|12 Parsecs                     |Beat a Co-op game in fifteen minutes or less |
|Masters of the Universe        |Beat any Objective Co-op level on Crushing   |
|Back to Back                   |Beat any Co-op level on Crushing with only   |
|                               |two players                                  |

Multiplayer Co-op      [exmp]

Here will be a nice section dedicated to some basic coverage of the game's
multiplayer co-op. Don't expect an intricately detailed, step-by-step
walkthrough for these missions. They're just not necessary. Your experience in
co-op will benefit greatly by just having an overall know-how of the levels and
the strategies to get through them, as well as having teammates who are just
as smart and skilled.

Instead what you'll find is a basic overview of the missions and a very general
run-through of each. I'll be providing some small tips here and there too, some
for co-op in general, and some for specific missions and situations. 

Cooperative Objective
Cooperative Objective mode has three missions. Each mission is based off of
certain parts of the single-player game. You will need to fight your way
through enemy filled areas cooperatively and look for red objective markers
to proceed into new areas. Players must "assemble" at the markers 
simultaneously to move on. 

  _  _               _  __      __                         
 | \| |___ _ __ __ _| | \ \    / /__ _ _ _ ______ _ _  ___ 
 | .` / -_) '_ | _` | |  \ \/\/ // _` | '_|_ / _ \ ' \/ -_)
 |_|\_\___| .__|__,_|_|   \_/\_/ \__,_|_| /__\___/_||_\___|

A fairly easy level and one that many players are familiar with from the beta.
I've played the hell out of it which makes me shake my head sometimes when
people continue to vote for it time after time after time after time. Oh well.
It's based off of Chapters 5 and 6 of the main game. 

[Street Area 1]

Very simple. You begin in a narrow street with only a few enemies. Plenty of
cover. The best strategy is to just charge your way through. Grenades help. 

[Street Area 2]

A lot of enemies will appear in the street area from both ends. It's a good
idea to have eyes pointed at both directions. Cover helps a lot but many
players will ignore that and just run around, especially going for melee kills
(which is extremely annoying at times). Near the end, combine your efforts to
defeat the armored enemy. 

Your objective marker will point to the street light/post where one player can
get into position to boost the others. Only ONE player needs to climb up so
the other two should remain on the street and fend off the incoming enemies.
The climbing player should be able to recognize the path up the street light
and then to the building, over the signs and to the window. That player will
push down a dresser for the team to assemble at and enter the next area. 

[Street Area 3]

More enemies and again, you'll take attacks from two sides so be wary. Toward
the end, look for the RPG'er enemies. There is one on a tall rooftop near the
bus you climb over to get into this area. He stands dangerously close to a
propane tank so shoot it. Grab an RPG from an enemy and use it to blow up the
wall when the objective marker appears. Assemble here to move on. 

[Bar/Street Area]

Of most importance in this area is the inclusion of new guns. There are some
M4's and DE's (Desert - 5's) around so pick them up. In this area, more enemies
and a gatling gunner at the end. Also watch out for a pair of stealth attackers
that attack from the bar area. Free your choked teammates with melee or well
aimed gunshots. Chuck grenades and try for headshots on the gatling gunner. 
Without a doubt you should use cover against him. 

[Alley area]

The main threats come from snipers and stealth attackers. The latter will
appear very suddenly near the sniper rifles. Help out any teammates being
choked and watch out for them to reappear periodically throughout this part.
For the snipers, use cover and the Dragon Snipers against them. The can kill
you in one shot if you stand out in the open. They attack from both ends of
the alley. 

Assemble at the fire escape and climb up and go through the building.

[Temple area]

You finally reach the temple area, stealth melee the first few enemies, then
go in guns blazing. You want to charge up the temple steps so use grenades and
such to push your way in. When you get to part 2, note the abundance of weapons
inside, including several RPG-7's. Try to save most of these if you can for the
armored enemies that show up near the end. Wasting all of the RPG-7's early is
sort of dumb but oh well.

Once you're done with all the enemies, assemble at the chest to complete the

  _____ _         __   ___ _ _               
 |_   _| |_  ___  \ \ / (_) | |__ _ __ _ ___ 
   | | | ' \/ -_)  \ V /| | | / _` / _` / -_)
   |_| |_||_\___|   \_/ |_|_|_\__,_\__, \___|

A really good level with a lot of variety. It's not too hard for the most
part until you reach the very end. Teamwork and quick thinking can help see
you through. It's based off of Chapters 19-20 from the main game. 

[Village Area 1]

Fight your way up the steps to the house where a gatling gunner emerges. Pummel
him with grenades to soften him up. There are more to the far right near where
he stands (if you want to risk it). Otherwise, keep shooting til he goes down.

Enter the house and save the hostage. 

[Village Area 2]

Retrace your steps and look for numerous enemies to appear on the rooftops.
Use the AK-47 and cautiously move forward back down the steps. Make your way
to the doorway. Have one player boost another over the wall. That player will
automatically open the door once they drop down on the other side. 

In here, you'll have to deal with a lot of enemies from various sides. You can
stick together or form a perimeter around the area. A good spot to camp is on
the building to the left. Climb up here and you get a good view of the entire
area. Eventually, three armored guys appear up here though so be careful. Use
an RPG-7 dropped by one of the other enemies or a nearby M32 Hammer to weaken
them. Try not to be too spread out that you can't reach your teammates if they
are in trouble. The enemies will continue to spawn from the same places until
you eventually hit your checkpoint.

[Village Area 3]

A villager gets killed by an enemy. Gun him down immediately and the few 
enemies up the stairs. You'll have a gatling gunner and a stealth attacker to
contend with so throw a grenade. There will only be a few more enemies to deal
with, including several who appear behind you on the rooftops. Move on to the
next area when you're ready.

[Alley Area]

After the RPG'er breaks up the party, look for the nearby Dragon Snipers. Enemy
snipers will appear in basically two spots. One or two players should deal with
them (look for the laser sights) while a third player fends off the shotgun
enemies that come down the stairs. Getting them is important.

After that, an armored enemy appears from the doors. Just try to line up one
head shot with the Dragon Sniper and he goes down easily. 

[Rooftops Area]

Climb through this building and get to the roof where more Dragon Snipers can
be found. Again, use these and if you take a look below, you see many enemies
who don't know you're there. Line up head shots on the armored foes and take
them down without any effort. The Gatling Gunner will take a little more work.
There's a M32 Hammer up on one of these ledges if you can find it. Make your
way down with your team but drop down from ledge to ledge; don't jump it. 

Stock up on what you need and assemble near the objective door (there's another
Hammer right near the door). A lot of enemies will appear on the rooftops you
just dropped down from. Among them are many stealth attackers who have Hammers.
They are really annoying. Try to fight fire with fire or use Dragon Snipers.
You can shoot them from below (but it makes you an easy target for the grenade
launchers) or you can have one player go up and have the other two cover him
with sniper fire. 

Once all the enemies are vanquished, gather inside that building from before
and climb up to the top. Assemble at the balcony to enter the next part. 

[Village Area 4]

If you or another player is still holding onto the Hammer/Dragon Sniper, use
them on the armored enemies here. There are also plenty of grenades to throw
here. After that, the tank shows up. 

Make your way to the heart of the village where more of Lazarevic's guys show
up. Use cover to avoid being eaten up by the tank's secondary gun. Keep killing
the enemies until you're told to look for an RPG. At this point, RPG enemies
will appear either in the main area or the alley leading to it. Find them and
use them on the tank until you hear a helicopter show up. Great.

Same strategy basically, but the helicopter can be a lot more dangerous. 
Staying out in the open is a bad idea and sticking too close together can be
a bad idea too, although you need to be able to help your teammates. Find RPG's
fast and use them on the helicopter. Accuracy doesn't have to be pin-point but
try to shoot at it when it slows down or when it turns sideways, making itself
a bigger target. Once you bring it down assemble at the last area down the
alley to clear the mission. 

  _____ _          ___              _                      
 |_   _| |_  ___  / __|__ _ _ _  __| |_ _  _ __ _ _ _ _  _ 
   | | | ' \/ -_) \__ | _` | ' \/ _|  _| || / _` | '_| || |
   |_| |_||_\___| |___|__,_|_||_\__|\__|\_,_\__,_|_|  \_, |

This level is probably considered the toughest of all three and it's mainly
due to a lack of knowledge on the part of the people playing it. Not knowing
what to do and not sticking to simple, basic strategies will get you and your
team killed in this level very easily. If you know what to do in each area
though, this one is very easy. It's based off of Chapter 22. 

[Monastery Area]

You'll approach the monastery much like in Chapter 22. Two guys are at the front
gate. Blast your way in and start shooting up the joint. Enemies will drop in
from the left side near the tower and also to the left of the drawbridge (which
is up for now). Know where the enemies come from and use AK-47s (you can find
plenty of ammo around) to gun them down until the drawbridge comes down. Take
it toward that large building. There's a room in there you need to get to. 

Cross the bridge and charge up the stairs. You want to get into that room off
to the left. Fight your way in there but watch out for shotgunners and pistole
users. When you finally reach the objective room, note the enemies crowded 
around the sandbags at the doorway to the left. A grenade works well. Many
enemies will come through there so stay back and let them come to you,
especially the shotgun-wielders. Two of them will appear behind you in the
corridor so watch out. 

Once the enemies are down, assemble at the door. You need an RPG to open it.
As a team, charge back across the bridge and gun down several enemies, including
two armored foes. Grenades work well and cover always helps. Some enemies have
RPGs. Have two players hold the enemies off while the third grabs an RPG and
uses it on the door. Once you do that, the enemies should stop coming after a
few seconds. Assemble at the door again to move on. 

[Monastery Area 2]

This is where I see a lot players dying simply because they don't know how to
do this part properly. It starts off fairly easily though. You'll be at one end
of a large gap. Across from you on the other side are several enemies. There
are M4 rifles to the right to use if you want. There is also a gatlin gunner
enemy very high up to the left. He's standing basically at your next objective.

Start by shooting down a few enemies, then when you can, one-by-one, jump to
the hanging wooden bars that connect the two platforms. You can monkey across
these to the other side. Don't have players jumping at the same time, because
someone will likely fall off and die. 

Once everyone is across, take cover near the center and use the FAL rifles to
gun at the three armored enemies on that high platform, including the gatling
gunner still. If all three players pour it on these guys, especially using the
FAL to get headshots, they go down a lot faster. 

Turn your attention to the staircase across the next gap. A few more enemies
will come down, including even more armored guys. Try not to engage them at
close range and instead fall back if necessary. If you still have grenades,
they can help, but be careful using them. 

Fight your way up to the top where the gatling gunner was. You'll find some
Dragon Snipers and no clear way to move on. This part is where a lot of people
die. Your goal here is to climb the white wall using the bricks and get inside
the building. The problem is that once someone starts climbing, more enemies
appear below. They'll shoot at the player climbing and either kill him/her or
make them hurry up and accidentally jump off. 

So your strategy should be this. Have one player climb the wall while the other
two use the Dragon Snipers to provide cover. This is the strategy that is meant
to be used but not a lot of players grasp this. The player climbing should
hopefully see the path is pretty clear. Go up a little, left, then all the way
up to some red swing bars. DO NOT jump left or right to try and reach the bars.
If you do jump, do it straight up, but it shouldn't be necessary because from
the highest climbing point on the wall, you should be able to just reach up and
grab the swing bar. Climb across these, then swing all the way to a platform.
There is another Dragon Sniper up here.

Once the enemies die down, the next player should climb up, and if possible,
the third one too should follow him/her. The player who already got to the top
needs to provide cover since more enemies will likely appear. If a player
doesn't know how to climb the wall, have another player show them by climbing
it slowly. 

Once everyone is at the top, look for the platform across and below this top
one. It's a high jump but you will land safely. From  here, you can take the
beam straight across to a window. Vault over and drop down. A few more sentries
appear but it shouldn't be a problem.

[Bridge/Tower Area]

Once you assemble at the door, you'll come to a bridge leading to the next
tower. Plenty of cover here and in the room you start in, lots of guns
including M4s and Dragon Snipers. Use the snipers to headshot the armored guys
coming at you, as well as the various enemies on the high ledges on the tower.
If you hang back and pick them off one by one, this part is a cinch. 

Proceed toward the tower. A lot more enemies will filter out of the doorway so
gun them down before charging in. A grenade will help too. Inside, have one
player boost up another. Immediately after, a chunk of the wall will fall down
and the other players can use that to climb up a column to the platform. Fight
your way up the platforms and then find the beam to cross into the next area
and assemble at the door. 

[Bridge Area 2]

Just run all the way toward the door where you'll be stuck. Two gatling gunners
appear in the distance. Use the Dragon Snipers and headshot them repeatedly.
It takes a while but they'll go down. Now you can focus on the helicopter. 
A few enemies will drop down one-by-one from above the red doors. Some will
have RPG-7's. Use these to bring down the heli. 

[Courtyard Area]

The final showdown. This part gets crazy because there are a ton of armored
enemies and snipers all around. The way they appear in just about every corner
makes it tough to take proper cover. For this reason, stick close together
and hold your ground in one spot. There is a nice corner to the right of where
you enter that is good for this. 

For the beginning though, find the enemies and gun them down. A lot of laser
sights show up so find the snipers and pick them off with the M4, FAL, or what
have you. When the armored guys show up, you might want to find that corner
and dig in to hold them off. Also be on the look out for stealth attackers who
will try to choke you. 

Keep shooting and try to stick together and find a good defensive position
when things get really heavy. More snipers and more armored enemies continue
to appear. Once you have dealt with them all, you can gather in the center
again and finish the mission. 

Cooperative Arena
The Arena game mode has two variations: Survival and Gold Rush. These game
variations each have 10 rounds. In each round, the enemies get progressively
more difficult, mostly in the types of enemies you encounter. Survival and
victory requires a concrete team effort. 

In Survival, your goal is... to survive. Not as easy as it sounds though. The
first several rounds start off pretty simple. When you progress though, you'll
encounter stronger enemies like armored guys, gatling gunners, snipers, stealth
attackers and so on. 

Gold Rush is much like the Plunder competitive mode. Your goal is to find the
treasure as indicated by the marker on the screen and carry it to a chest on
the map and capture it. Meanwhile, you've got to fend off hordes of enemies. 
There is a score multiplier at the top of the screen that slowly drops from 3x
to 2x then to 1x. The faster you capture the treasure, the more points you'll

Survival/Gold Rush Tips

1. In Survival, try to develop a strategy and stick with it. Try to have a
"center area" where you'll fend off most of the enemies. For example, in the
Sanctuary, it's often much more beneficial to the team to just stay in the
center, rather than running around all over the place. If you stay in one
place for the most part, your team is always gathered and at arm's reach.

2. Have an escape route. If you do decide on a "home" area in Survival, make
sure you have an escape route in case things get hectic. Communication helps
here since not all players might understand and just stay behind. Retreating
and then trying to gather enemies in an area can be helpful. In Gold Rush,
you will often need to take alternate routes to avoid the stronger foes.

3. Know where the grenades are. As the rounds get higher and the enemy ranks
start including more armored and gatling gun guys, grenades become even more
helpful. Restock whenever you can. It's a good idea to put your "home" area
near the grenades. 

4. For Gold Rush, capturing the treasure faster means more points. This becomes
much more helpful on the later rounds. Don't waste too much time fighting
enemies. Have good weapons like the Dragon Sniper, Moss, M4 and escort the
player carrying the treasure. Take detours when necessary. 

5. Keep the treasure moving in Gold Rush. Don't leave it untouched for too long
or else it will reset its location which is very frustrating if you've carried
it over half the map or more. 

General Tips

1. An obvious one: stick together. Running off ahead is permissable as long as
you don't leave your teammates out to dry, especially if they're new to the
game and/or level. Fighting in groups allows you to focus on enemies and take
them down faster and revive or assist teammates in danger must faster. You
are not helping the team by perching yourself on a high building away from your
mates. Remember this.

2. Alternatively, if you know how the enemies enter certain areas of the level,
you can form a "perimeter" but still stay relatively close to each other,
allowing you to surround the enemy forces. 

3. Don't be afraid to "lead the way" by running ahead, but try not to do so
when there is "business" in the immediate vicinity of your team. Like I said
before, don't leave them out to dry. If your teammates are hanging around too
long, they might not understand where they need to go next, so don't be afraid
to get moving, but make sure they follow you. 

4. Prioritize your surroundings. What I mean by this is when the you-know-what
hits the fan, and your teammates are downed or in need of help, but you also
have trouble, you need to decide fast what your biggest priorities are. 

Almost always, your biggest priority should be to revive fallen teammates. Be
wary of the enemies that have taken them down though. Sniper and stealth
attacking enemies are the most dangerous, as are the gatling gunners. 90% of
the time, you'll want to revive your teammates immediately. There are times
though when the sniper/stealth/etc enemies are in your way and your life is in
danger as well. It's a good idea in these cases to try and take them out fast
and then quickly get to reviving. In the example of the gatling gunner though,
you won't take him down easily by yourself so revive your team! 

5. Don't run around the map trying to melee every enemy you see. This is by far
one of the stupidest things you can do in co-op. It's perhaps the most 
frustrating thing I come across when I play with random folks. You have a gun,
and access to many more guns--use them. Good melee strategies are to go after
isolated enemies in very narrow areas (EXCEPTION: SHOTGUNNERS/ARMORED GUYS).
Meleeing enemies in between gun kills is also helpful in the right situations
and especially when a guy sneaks up on you. If you run around a wide open area
just trying to punch every enemy you see though, you're just playing stupid.

6. Always know where the group needs to assemble to move on. The spots are
indicated by the red circles which you need to stand near and hold Triangle.
Typical, you can search the area for weapons and ammo to restock, but you are
usually expected to assemble and move on within a few moments. Taking too long
often annoys your teammates. 

7. Prioritize enemies. Know who the biggest threats are. When you see laser
sights, that should be an immediate red flag. Armored guys are also big threats
that need cooperation to take down. The stealth attackers are also big
annoyances and need to be taken out immediately to help keep your team on its

8. When being choked out by a stealth attacker, meleeing and shooting the 
enemy are the best strategies. Never ever, ever, ever throw a grenade at your
teammate to try and get the attacker off them. Shooting from a distance is a
good strategy when they are out of reach and they are running out of time. 

9. Use cover. It doesn't get any simpler than this. More skilled players feel
better about taking risks, but even still there are times where cover will
help immensely. Running all over the place can often get you by but it won't
do at all against the biggest threats. 

10. Grenades are your best friends against armored foes, as as are head shots,
especially from the Dragon Sniper. 

11. Take turns when platforming. Trying to climb something at once often leads
to somebody falling off which could kill them. 

[These two tips were submitted by G-rey and are mostly in his words]

12. Nearly every enemy except armored foes and stealth attackers make some 
sort of announcement of their arrival. "Over there!" or "I see him!" are the
ones they use the most. But if you have positional stereo or headphones, you
can actually hear which DIRECTION the enemy is coming from; they say it BEFORE
they drop in, so you literally have time to turn towards the sound and take
them out, often before they are able to pose any kind of threat.
13. Getting the most out of ammo pick-ups. Say you like the Dragon Sniper, but
it has one bullet left. If you pick up ammo for it, you get 5 more bullets. 
But if you pick up another weapon first and THEN pick up that same sniper ammo,
it will have 10 rounds in it. It especially comes in handy in co-op modes on
Crushing difficulty when stepping out for ammo can be suicide.

  __  __ _        _ _                           
 |  \/  (_)__ ___| | |__ _ _ _  ___ ___ _  _ ___
 | |\/| | / _/ -_) | / _` | ' \/ -_) _ \ || (_-<
 |_|  |_|_\__\___|_|_\__,_|_||_\___\___/\_,_/__/

Wrapping up the guide, you'll find the closing information here. We start with
the FAQ section, then move on to Contact Info section which I implore you to
read as well before e-mailing me. If it doesn't belong with the rest of the
guide, it'll be here. 

Frequently Asked Questions     [fak4u]
1) How do you perform the hanging grab?
A) Hit Square when hanging below an enemy.

2) Are there new guns in this game? Do old ones make a comeback?
A) Yes and yes. There are a few new guns but not a lot. Just about all of the
old guns return.

3) I see this blue icon when I'm near ammo/guns and it looks like a ninja. What
does it mean?
A) That appears when you stealth melee an enemy. Their dropped ammo has more
bullets than normal. 

4) If I grab a treasure and then die, do I have to get it again?
A) No, once you have the treasure, it's yours for good. 

5) I see a treasure that I'm pretty sure is totally out of reach. How can I get
A) Try shooting it and it will probably fall down for you to pick up. 

6) I got a medal in single-player but no Trophy. Why?
A) There are tons of medals and not all of them correspond to a Trophy.

7) I played the multiplayer beta. Will my stats carry over in the full game?
A) No. 

8) Do I need to play the first Uncharted to play/understand this one?
A) The obvious and realistic answer to this is no. Do you HAVE to play the
first one? No, of course not. Nobody's gonna come to your house and beat you
with a stick if you don't (although maybe they should... *ahem*). You're doing
yourself a little bit of a disservice by missing out on one of the best games
in the PS3's library and one of the best in this console generation though, but
that is purely my own opinion. 

9) So what's next for you?
A) Well, that's a good question. I will definitely be writing another guide (or
at least attempting to) before the year is over. What will it be? Well, that's
a secret. 

-Many thanks to Bokoto for tipping me on the Antique Pocket Watch, Ottoman
Bracelet, Jeweled Bracelet, Mongol Paiza Passport, and Nine Jewel Bracelet,
Miniature Bronze Stupa, and Gilded Bodhisattva Statue treasures

-blackbomber3000 for the Ghau Amulet Thogchag treasure location

-Crack-D for the location of the Three-Stone Coral Ring treasure

-TOORBO for a heads up on the Fibula Thogchag, Mani Jewel Thogchag, and
Wooden Vajrapani Mask treasures in Chapter 25

-JMan240 for the locations of the Bronze Tiger Bell and Bronze Dorje treasures

Special Thanks
-Naughty Dog for starters, as they have impressed me thoroughly with Uncharted
and now blown me away with Uncharted 2.

-GameFAQs. Enough said.

Contact Info
If you need to contact me, I have my primary e-mail listed below. Should you
have a question that isn't answered in the guide (READ THE FAQ PLEASE), or some
concern or comment to make, or would like to forward some info to me, feel free
to drop me a line. I try my best to answer all e-mails within a day or two.
When it comes to submitting information, I have a few rules below.

First off, I prefer getting e-mails that have clear and helpful subject titles.
Things like "Uncharted 2 guide" or "Uncharted 2 FAQ" will help. Especially try
to remember to include the 2 there because I have written a guide for the
original Uncharted and it might not be immediately clear to me, based on what
you write, which game you're talking about. Subjects like "HELP!!!!!" and other
ones in all caps like that, I tend to ignore these for a while so avoid it,

When it comes to submitting information, tips or strategies, please leave me a
screen name or other alias you go by in your e-mail. I do not publish people's
real names or e-mail addresses in my guides. If you fail to leave me one, I'll
try to get back to you afterwards. If you don't reply to me, I will not use
your tip, no matter how good. Just how it is. I credit for most tips and 
especially big strategies that are comprehensive, detailed and well written. 
Being an English major, I cringe when I see things full of spelling errors and
lacking punctuation. If English is not your first language, I understand and
I'll gladly meet you halfway. I do not credit for tiny things like typo fixes.

E-mail: veritas7ax@gmail.com

I'm no longer listing my PSN in this guide but if you're interested in adding
me, you can ask me via e-mail and I will tell you what it is. If you're clever
and investigative enough though, you don't even have to e-mail me.

Legal Baloney
This guide is solely my creation. Please do not copy this and pass it off as
your own work or post it on your site without permission. If you wish to host,
please contact me first for approval, unless you've already been preapproved by
me. I ask that all information in this guide remain completely unchanged. As of
now, the following sites have permission to host this guide:


That's all. Have a good night! Schwing!

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