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Reviewed: 01/31/12

The World of LBP, a Magnificent World Indeed

Think of your favorite game of all time, for some people it might be a newer game that shows how far the gaming industry has advanced, but for some its an older game, one from their childhood, and while you know that you have played better games, its still your favorite because of the nostalgia factor. The LittleBIgPlanet(LBP) series has done the impossible by making you feel the charm of an old classic game. Its hard to describe, but it just has a way of making you feel right at home, and here's why...

The core gameplay of LBP2 is platforming, you know, jumping from one place to next, trying to get from A to B, and it flows well, it uses a physics engine so sometime the jumping feel a little off, but its not enough to ruin the experience. The main gimmick in LBP's gameplay is the ability to change layers, its all sidescrolling but you have three layers to choose from, and that alone can add a whole new dynamic, sometimes it auto layer-change for you but for the most part you control it at all times. There are many other factors to gameplay that I'll get into later but first lets talk about the single-player.

Well the main story for LBP is that there is a world created by people dreams and ideas, its simple but it adds the more charm to the game, and for the storymode story pretty much you join a group of people to stop the evil Negativitron, pretty much your simple platformer story. Now the storymode can be called a tech demo to show what you can make with all the tools they give you, and while it is, it still stand up on its own as a fun 5-6 hour adventure, its demonstrates the new technology, such as the Creationator, which allows you to shoot any item, or the controllinator, which allows you to control any thing you have made. The story mode is fun and features a lot of content, not much to complain about.

The biggest thing about the LBP series is its create mode. All the stuff in the story mode was created with all the tools they give you, and while its a little confusing, it gives you a tutorial for everything and even if you don't understand the more complicated stuff you can still make a good simple level without any problem. The multiplayer is either 2-4 player coop or versus each other, depending on the level, which brings me to the Community, the place where anyone can post their levels, and people have made tremendous things, such as a first person camera to a skydiving level, and you find the a lot of those type of levels in the convenient MM picks section. Now there is one problem with the community, and that is because the majority of the levels are..decent, at best. You'll have a bunch of P4P levels(play for play) and some that are just bad, and some are ok they just feel kind of rushed(like my levels heheh....I guess I can't judged) But stupid levels can still be fun with friends. My point is is that with over 2 million levels only maybe 500 are note worthy, but you can still have fun with the less substantial ones with an open mind.....sometimes.

Ah, I just love the visuals, beautiful and colorful, and while LBP doesn't go for realism everything is pretty and adds to the atmosphere

The music is great also, a bunch of catchy tunes that can brighten up almost any level, and if you don't like the music they give you, you can create your own by stringing together notes, so if your good with that, go nuts. The reason its not a full 10 is because I can understand that the music can get annoying if its not your thing, and since not everyone creates there own music they just reuse the music they give you, which isn't bad(I love it) but everyone has different tastes.

You can beat the story mode in around 6 hours, but if you want to unlock everything, that could easily take 10-15 hours depending on how good you are, and if you want to create a level that could take 20 hours if you put all your heart into it, prolly more and there's always the online levels to play and people to meet if you want, assuming they aren't the annoying people who bring you to their moon or just want to play the CoD levels....grr....

A fun story mode, good online multiplayer, and almost limitless possibilities, and charm up the wazoo, I can easily say that the LBP series is one of my favorite series of all time, and its worth any amount of money, if you want to rent it first that's fine, or just try the demo, and if you like it rush to the store to pick this up right away, trust me, its a blast, and you won't regret it.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: LittleBigPlanet 2 (US, 01/18/11)

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