Why does the game keep telling me that I need to install the newest expansion?

  1. ...When I already have it?

    I bought it on in the shop. I payed for it. It says I purchased it. But everytime I go to join a room with the expansion it says I have to purchase it.

    All it did after it said I bought it, was give me the option to go back to the main page or something rather. So I thought it should be done. Guess not.

    And this has happened before. With Gene expansion. Last time I bought it, I couldnt get the problem fixed so my brother just rebought it without finding out what the problem was.

    Any ideas? Please, this is ticking me off. I'm basically burning money in a time of not needing to have a bonfire with my money.

    Help is greatly appreciated.

    User Info: NWORULES05

    NWORULES05 - 12 years ago


  1. You need to purchase the same pacs as the host and maybe he has both or all three pacs

    User Info: MGOStrand

    MGOStrand - 11 years ago 0   0

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