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Don't be scared by the difficulty, Demon's Souls has a lot to offer. 12/02/09 BadFortuneAndre
Overrated, uninteresting, and artificially difficult. 06/06/11 flintsilver7
A challenge or a headache? 07/01/10 Bkstunt_31
You Died 02/05/10 Crofty
You are the Demon! 09/16/11 Darksun45230
I'm in trouble, please recommend this review. 11/30/10 Devia_Eleven
Hello, darkness, my old friend... 11/12/09 discoinferno84
Sublime 05/04/10 doubleEXP
Great game, but could use some work 10/27/09 Egropeator
More than just an historical curiosity 02/15/18 Great_Khan
Lackluster story and repetitiveness drags down potential all-time great. 10/16/09 Jester2055
Sell Your Soul, and Time. Buy a PS3 For This Game 10/26/09 JimiMorrison187
Brutal, challenging and engaging, Demon's Souls is a revolution in the RPG genre. 04/26/10 joncalvin
Of Demons and Death 11/11/16 JRPGSensei
My 200th review needed to be for a special game. Demon's Souls is just that. 04/22/10 Kashell Triumph
You have a kind heart. Don't let them take it from you! 11/06/09 kefka989
More than the sum of its parts, but rough around some edges. 01/19/10 MInitiative
Death is but a new beginning. That's what Demon's Souls is about. 11/07/11 pey_the_man
Trying To Put The "FUN" Back In "FrUstratioN" 03/17/11 Suprak the Stud
The most polished and most fulfilling action-strategy-adventure experience in years 10/26/09 surrender2joy
Old school gaming lives forever. 06/16/16 UltimaterializerX
An extremely challenging (but also fun) game that you'll never grow bored of! 02/03/10 Zura
Note that I played this game offline, so maybe the score is a bit unfair. 07/02/13 Zylo the wolf

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An In-depth look at Demon's Souls... long but informative review. 10/12/09 cananyonesaveme
It's Kind of Like Monster Hunter with a Little Oblivion Thrown in, Structured Into Levels! 04/17/09 arpantz
About as much fun as a barrel full of monkeys 10/16/09 Socialist_Party
You'd better be as perfect as this game if you want to win. 10/19/09 Chaytel Solverre
Thou seeketh soul power, dost thou not? 03/04/11 DarkAkatosh
Demon's Souls could possibly be the greatest game of the seventh generation in gaming 01/03/11 DoctorRPG
A game every Action RPG fan should try 10/13/09 DSFlashlight
To kill a demon, be the bigger demon. 07/17/17 Exhuminator
A Flawed But Amazing Masterpiece 01/15/10 GeekyDad
Title has potential but doesn't live up to hype. 07/14/11 GhosthunterLX
Demon's Souls, is it all it's cracked up to be? 01/19/10 Gincairn
Git Gud Skrub 06/27/16 Iyamtebist
This game Is better than any game I played since suikoden 2... A RPG for the ages. 07/27/11 McSnarled
A challenging and fun RPG 10/19/09 mercuryblade09
Going back to the old school thinking 11/16/09 NeoWingsX
the 9/10 reviews are completely accurate 10/21/09 nyc863
Demon's Souls captured the hearts and souls of many. 04/28/09 renaclaudeshaus
"Soul of the lost, withdrawn from it's vessel..." 07/06/10 Ryan_SilverFox
A look at a very challenging and self-satisfying game. 10/14/09 Sasuke_Uchiha85
Demon's Souls is a true gamers game. 10/14/09 Shinya
Explore an interesting world, engage in thrilling combat, and get your ass kicked. 11/09/10 UncleWesker
Its not for everyone, but extremely fun for some 04/22/09 zterrans

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