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Walkthrough by AvalonSharpe

Version: .85 | Updated: 04/21/2009

Demon Souls Guide Ver. 0.85

 ...    .     ..ONOZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ...................................
.... . .......8NNOZZZ8ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZO$.................................
..    .   ..+NNNNZZDZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ8+....................................
 . .     ..NMNNNODZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ8.........................................
.. ......NNNNNNNDZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ+................................ .......... 
 .... ..ZNNNNNNZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZD...............................................
.......,NNNNNNZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ8...... . . .. .......................... .........
.......NNNNNZZZZZZZZZZZO7.............. ....... ....  .... .. . .. ...... .... 
.. ....NNNNZZZZZZ8NNO ... ............  ............... ................. .... 
.......NNNZZZZZZNNZ.. ...... . ..... . ... .. ... ..O+.. .... .................
......8NNDZZZDND,.......................IZ$$?. .....8OO$.......................
......DDDZZZNN?....... .  .  ... .  .$~7$$$$$$$7....OOO8O7.......... .. . .....
... ..DNZZZNN ........ ... . ... ..Z$$$$$$$$$$$$I....8OOO87Z.... ..... .  .....
..... NZZZDN,.....................O$$$?,~$$$$$$$?+= .8OOOOOZI.......  . . .....
......ZZZDDDD= ....... .. ..... ..$$$.DD8.$$$$$======.8OOOOOO7,................
.....ZZZDDDDDDN............. ....O$$$.DDD.Z$$$+=7=++++==888OO87$....... .......
....DZZDDDDDDDD.  .... ....  ....Z$$$Z..,7$$$+====+++++++=OOOO8I8 . .. .  .....
....ZZDDDDDDDDDZ..... .ZZ:......$Z$$$$$$$$$$============++=ZOOOO7O ...... .....
...=OZODDDDDDDDD. ..8OOO+.......88OZ$$ZO$$$+=+=ZZZZZZ88888OOOOOO8I7............
...........ZZZZ88ODOOO8O8888OOZZZNDDNDDDDD8ZZZODNDDZ8DDDND888$Z.......... .... 
..........O8.8ZDOOOOOOZZZZZ=.888888888888O$$O$$$$Z$$7$$7=Z,.. .. .....    .....
........... ..ZOOZOOZZZZZZ...O88888888888OI777777777777777Z........ ...........
.... ..........7ZZZO?.......O88888O$$$$$8?..,77777777777777$...................
................8,.... ... .Z8888O$$$$$$8?.....+7I7777777777?..................
................... .......$O8888Z$$$$$$8?........,7I7I7IIII????II$ZO? ........
...................... ....OZ88888$$$$$O$,...  . ...$OOOOOOOZOOOOOOOON... .....
... . ..  ................OOO888888$$$$OOO$$$$$$7ZZ$8ODD8DDZZOOOOOOOON.........
.........................IOOO8888888ZZ$88$$$$$$$$$$ZOOO8OOOOZOOO8DOOOD ........
................. . ....=OOOO888888888O88$7$$$$$ZZO8OOOOOOOOOOOOO888DN.........
.......................OOOOOO88888888ZOII$.. .  ....IOZOOZZOO8OOOOOOO~.........
..... .. ............ZOOOOOOO88888888O$III7.........IOZO8ZZOOOOOOOOOOI.........
................ .$$$$$$$OOOZ8888888$OI??III:.......IOZOOZZZ8OOOOOOOOO.........
..................OOOOOOOOOOZ888888OO7???IIIIII.....?OZOZZZZDOOOOOOOOO...... ..
................ ....OOOOOOOZ88888O87I???IIIIII??II77DOZOOO8DO7=. . ...........
................. ......OOOOOO888O877I???????????III??$$$$$$,..................
........ ................. ,OOZZOI7?+??????????????????$7$$+...................
....... ........... . ..... ...$ZI++++++++?+++??????I$Z$$$$........ . ........ 
.. .............................+++++++++?III,.,$$$Z$Z$$$Z$....................
..  ... . ................. .....I++++++++++=....$ZZ$$$$Z................ .... 
................. ..........  .....I+++++++I.......:~Z8......... ... ..........
........... ........................OOO..............88........................
................. .......... .......ZO=... ..... ....8I..... ............ .... 
..    .    ....   . .  .     ..    .$O..   .     ....8:..   .  . .        ...   

“Without Sticky White Stuff you'd better turn back” - ???

                                 +++  Index  +++

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Updates                                    [UPDT]
Info                                       [INFO]
Tutorial 0-1                               [TUT1]
Tutorial 0-2                               [TUT2]
BOSS: Vanguard                             [BV]
Nexus 1                                    [N1]
Boletaria Palace 1-1                       [BP1]
BOSS: Phalanx                              [BPH]
Nexus 2                                    [N2]
Boletaria Palace 1-2                       [BP2]
BOSS: Tower Knight                         [BTK]
Stonefang Tunnel 2-1                       [SFT1]
BOSS: Armored Spider                       [BAS]
Stonefang Tunnel 2-2                       [SFT2]
Stonefang Tunnel 2-2: Right Path           [STF2a]
Stonefang Tunnel 2-2: Left Path            [STF2b]
Stonefang Tunnel 2-2: Left Path Shortcut   [STF2c]
Stonefang Tunnel 2-2: Where Paths Meet     [SFT2d]
BOSS: Fire Lurker                          [BFL]
BOSS: Dragon God                           [BDG]
Boletaria Palace 1-3                       [BP3]
BOSS: Penetrator                           [BPN]
Boletaria Palace 1-4                       [BP4]
BOSS: Old King Allant                      [BOKA]
The Tower of Latria 3-1                    [TOL1]
BOSS: The Fools Idol                       [BFI]
The Tower of Latria 3-2                    [TOL2]
BOSS: Maneater                             [BME]
BOSS: Old Monk                             [BOM]
Shrine of Storms 4-1                       [SOS1]
BOSS: Adjudicator                          [BAD]
Shrine of Storms 4-2                       [SOS2]
BOSS: Old Hero                             [BOH]
BOSS: Storm King                           [BSK]
Valley of Defilement 5-1                   [VD1]
Valley of Defilement 5-2                   [VD2]
Legal Stuff                                [BLAH]

                             +++ Updates [UPDT] +++

*** 21/04/09 ***
Finally upgraded the slapdash design of my guide, and corrected some mistakes
in grammar, spelling, and formatting. Also corrected the index for some
missing stuff.

Added updates section (obviously) and have started on writing the last 3 
chapters of the game.

Made things more readable, and added an apology for just throwing this up
in the condition it was in. ;D

Oh, all that, and I upgraded Prinny Hero from 50 characters wide, to 79, dood.

                             +++ Info [INFO] +++

Thanks for reading my guide on Demon Souls, and I hope to answer some of your 
questing troubles with this guide. Inside, you'll find the locations of most 
items, some tips for survival, and guides for getting past the bosses in the 

I apologize for the messiness of the guide, but with new updates, I'll be
able to add full item lists at the beginning of each stage, rewrite the
areas 4, and 5, and finish up with the final boss battle, once I have more

Here's to defeating near unsurmountable odds, and also...

Just remember: Never say die. 

                             Tutorial 0-1 [TUT1] 

                       ------ Items on stage ------
                       | Cresent Moon Grass : 4   |

Not more than 15 paces, and you'll find your first ghoul, standing there ready 
to get hacked to bits.
There should be 1 more in the waterway ahead, then two more in the room 
immediately after.

When dealing with multiple combatants, just remember to lock onto one, keep 
your guard up, and finish them off quick before they manage to whittle your 
health down. Any number of enemies over 1 is never good.

There should be one more ghoul waiting for a sneak attack up the stairs, and 
after killing it, you'll come across a soul containing [Crescent Moon Grass: 1]
in the hallway ahead, and another soul on the broken bridge wall further along 
the way, with [Crescent Moon Grass: 3] inside it.

Jump down, and you'll find yourself in a courtyard with 4 ghouls scattered 
about, and after swiftly dispatching them, just touch the Archstone to move 
to the next section of the tutorial.

                             Tutorial 0-2 [TUT2] 

                      -------- Items on stage --------
                      | Cresent Moon Grass      : 6  |
                      | Half Moon Grass         : 3  |
                      | Unknown Soldier's Soul       |

As soon as you step past the “R2 for strong attack” message in the floor up 
ahead, you'll be assaulted by a Longsword Soldier (LS for short). 

Now would be an excellent time to practice parrying, as you can never get 
enough practice with that.

Just stay calm, and let the enemy attack you. Just as their strike is about to 
near you, not a second sooner or later, press L2 and parry their attack, 
then press R1 to either instantly kill, or eviscerate most of their health.

In this case, it'll be the latter. Though you may also take a minuscule amount 
of damage while performing this maneuver, it'll probably be better than 
receiving a sharp health-halving stab from many of the Knights you'll meet 
later on in the game.

Moving on, there'll be another LS up ahead, followed by your first Longsword 
Knight (LK for short).

~~~ LK tips ~~~

Usually they approach, and raise their sword to attack. This occurs more 
frequently when you stop guarding.After their first slash, they have a 
tendency to attack up to 2 more times if their attacks are successful and not 

If they try to get very close to you, and don't seem to raise their sword, 
that means they're going to shield bash you. This breaks your guard, and stuns 
you long enough for them to hit you with a strong attack. Just step/roll 
backwards, and raise your guard again as soon as they attack.

If you're not confident in parrying their attack, just guard, and when their 
attack bounces off their shield, attack ONCE then go back to guarding till 
they attack again. Being greedy with Knights of any kind is never good.

Staying calm, and using the brief lesson in parrying will keep your health 
high, and theirs a nice, cold, six feet under.

~~~ Don't give up! ~~~

There'll be another one up ahead,  and heading up from the stairs from there 
will net you a [Half Moon Grass: 1].

Heading up yet again, there'll be a soul containing an 
[Unknown Soldier's Soul: 1], and a Crossbowman (CB for short) ready to fire 
at you. Just remember to sidestep their bolts, and you'll be fine, as they 
have less health than most other Soldier's you'll find. 

On this walkthrough, I found some [Crescent Moon Grass: 3] on the dead CB, 
can anyone verify if this is just random? Thanks.

Heading to the right of the stairs, a LS will be stepping down to meet you. 
If you plan on parrying his attack, just remember that counterattacks usually 
only work on solid ground, or if you're slightly above the enemy.

Upstairs a CB will be guarding the Fog gateway. This one seems to have 
[Crescent Moon Grass: 3] in his possession as well. To the right, you'll find 
a soul with [Half Moon Grass: 2] inside it, and to the left, an angry LS.

Up the stairs, should be the first time you see death...

                    *** BOSS BATTLE : VANGUARD [BV] *** 

This boss wasn't meant to be defeated, but stories of the hardcore prevailing 
are many.

It has 2 slashes, a direct overhead slash, and a horizontal forward slash. Not
only that, but it also has a body press attack when players attempt to flank
it too much. 

A tactic for winning, is to stay under it's sword arm, and keep slashing it, 
until it does it's body press attack. At that point, roll back, and then 
resume slashing it.

If you do win, you'll score yourself a [Gripless] katana, and a [Grey Demons 

                             Keep on rolling! 

Either way, win or lose, you die. D:

                              The Nexus [N1]  

Beyond death, there is still life for this brave adventurer. For the first 
time among many, you are in Spirit Form, a form in which you may help others 
online with the right tools, yet you are also weakened as well.

You lose half your max health, and have an unhealthy green glow surrounding 
your character till you either defeat a boss demon, or use a certain item and 
regain your body.

Till then, you'll just have to make do.

After chatting with the denizens of The Nexus to your hearts content and 
repairing you equipment, touch the “Archstone of Small King” to head to the 
“Boletarian Palace” to start your quest for your body!

                        Boletarian Palace 1-1 [BP1]

Taking your first steps into the palace there'll be 2 Ghouls, one to the right
and to the left of you, in hiding. You'll find [Crescent Moon Grass : 3] in 
the first soul here, then an [Unknown Soldier's Soul] in the next. There'll 
be 3 more ghouls up ahead, then at the top of the stairs, 4 more.

Take the path to the right, and dispatch the ghoul up the stairs. There'll be 
a CB on a platform up ahead, with 2 ghouls on the ground right next to a pit 
that spells instant death for anyone who falls down it. Don't let it be you.

The best move is to guard the sniper fire, and let the ghouls come to you. 
Cut/bash them down, then finish the CB up top, and grab the 
[Half Moon Grass : 2] there too.

Look out for the ghoul hiding to your right, and while you're dealing with him 
a second one may come up behind you as well. Finish them off, and a third one 
waits in the dark in the next room over too.

Just outside, you'll find some [Firebomb : 5], handy for toasting enemies or 
exploding flammable  barrels with a red stripe on them. Up the stairs are 2 
LS' with shields, the fastest way is to parry and riposte, but you can always 
do it the boring way too, if you like that.

Through the Fog gateway, and to the right, look for the 2 souls, containing 
[Cresent Moon Grass : 2] and a [Mail Breaker: 1] great for tight spaces like 
stone corridors or this stairway, until you get yourself a spear.

Upstairs, look out for a LS that lobs firebombs. Most of them will start doing 
that past this point, so if LS' start backing away for no reason, it's either 
to heal, or lob a firebomb. Either way, strong attack them before they can
pull it off.

On the next level up, will be a ghoul with a flaming sword (FG for short), 
annoying since they can stun you for a half second when they set you aflame 
with their weapon. Look out behind you for the firebomb chucking LS too.

I don't recommend running up this next set of stairs, as there's another 
firebomb LS that always gets me when I run. Just move on without worrying too 
much about him, and there should be two FG's with another LS on a platform 
above you. Try to lure the FG's and then run under the platform before he can 
set you aflame.

To the left and outside, look out for the ghoul, and then for the LS up ahead. 
The other firebombing LS might step outside to assist him too, so be on your 

Once inside, head left to get some [Half Moon Grass : 2].

BE CAREFUL when you head up the stairs, because there's a LS with a boulder at 
the top. When it starts rolling, run back, and dodge before it overtakes you! 
As a reward, you can jump down to receive a [Bastard Sword :1], one of my fave 
crowd control weapons.

When you head upstairs, look out for the CB while taking out the LS. You can 
keep heading in the direction of the CB for some extra soul from one more CB 
and a Spear Soldier (SS from now on) up ahead. There's also some [Half Moon 
Grass : 4] here as well, but-


They will one shot you. I guarantee it. Wait till you're Soul Level 30ish, 
then you'll show that jerk.

There is an [Unknown Hero's Soul] behind him if you're curious.

Head back, and take on the blue eyed knight that you've no doubt noticed as 
soon as you got off the stairs.

From now on, LK's and other Knight for that matter will usually take a run at 
you and attempt to stab you for quite some damage. While it's better to block 
it and attack normally, the brave might be able to parry that and end the 
fight before it truly starts. Knights in general tend to drop Grasss, and this 
one should drop [Half Moon Grass : 2] when it croaks.

Anyways, ignore the Fog gateway (yeah, I knowww...) and run through that hole 
the wall behind you.

No, I'm not kidding.

There's a platform to catch you down below, with a [Light Crossbow : 1] and 
some [Wooden Bolt : 16], handy for pulling certain enemies from long distances 
for fairer fights.

Head through the doorway, kill that annoying LS, roll off the platform onto 
the stairs, and head back up to where you killed that LK upstairs.

Once again, ignore the Fog gate, and head towards that tower you see up ahead. 
It has some important items inside it you'll be needing later on. Pick up the 
[Firebomb : 5], and kill your way through 3 FG's to a balcony and break the 2 
chains you see out there.

Proceed downstairs, and kill the 5 FG's (I recommend using a few firebombs to 
kill them when they're in a group) and pull the lever at the very bottom. Not 
only does this give you a shortcut for future runs, but it gives you the most 
important item in the entire game, the [Cling Ring]. With this, you now have 
2/3 your total health, letting you survive more attacks, meaning less deaths 
for you. The only time you should take it off, is when you finally have your 
body, but till that time, NEVER remove it.

From the bodies outside, you can find [Old Raggedy Robes : 1], [Old Raggedy 
Gloves : 1], [Old Raggedy Boots :1] and [Old Spice : 2], and in the other, the 
quest item [Jade Hair Ornament : 1]

Now, have yourself a Grass, and get back up those stairs to the Fog gateway 

Search the wall directly to the left of the stairs for a way to jump down; 
you'll automatically make that jump down, and hopefully onto a platform where 
a powerful looking knight is standing. He's actually weaksauce, but you gotta 
help him out.

Before you do so, be sure to grab the [Thief's Ring]. It makes you harder to 
detect, allowing you to sneak past some enemies that are further away, or have 
their backs turned.

There should be 5 FG's down there, so throwing a Firebomb, or using some magic 
might be a good choice before leaping to certain doom. Finish them off and 
Ostrava of Boletaria will introduce himself and hand you a mostly useless 
[Brass Telescope : 1]. Don't miss the [Unknown Soldier's Soul: 1] in the 

Moving forward, two doors will burst open, and both you and useles- I mean 
Ostrava, will be attacked by a LS and an Axe Soldier (AS for this one). Watch 
out for the guard crushing properties of that axe!

Once your bait and yourself have finished them off, you'll both provoke a 
Knight armed with a Claymore! (just call it BSK for short) 

The sneaky that have the Thief's ring equipped might be able to slowly walk up 
to him and backstab it for major damage, and finish it off quick, or dodge 
hits till they slash it to death. Guarding against it is a fun way to get 
yourself killed, I always love watching  bloodsplatter replays of people 
getting killed by it. Quite usually, you'll find it drops [Half Moon Grass : 2]

Continuing to the right, Ostrava the Suicidal will get himself attacked by a 
Ghoul, and a GB at the same time, then after getting rescued, attacked by 
another 8 ghouls down the stairs, with some [Splinter of Hardstone :3] and 
some [Splinter of Sharpstone : 3] down there as well.

When the dust finally settles, be sure to grab the [Unknown Hero's Soul], and 
on the other side of the wall where you fought the BSK, a shiny new 
[Scimitar : 1], which should help many of us that started with stabbing 
weapons only.

By now, Ostrava will be picking a fight with the AS down the hallway, be sure 
to kill him before anything happens. 


The AS, not Ostrava. 
Just making sure, I mean, had the same thought the first 5 minutes I met him.

Moving on, there should be an [Unknown Soldier's Soul] next to some desks near 
the AS.

Abandon Ostrava, as he should be safe now, and bash through those cupboards 
ahead. There'll be 4 Ghouls waiting for you, and a CB may start firing on you 

Head up the stairs and stick to the wall, avoiding the LS guarding the path. 
You'll want to backstab him after you kill the Ghoul on the wooden stairs 
ahead, and the annoying CB on the next level up too. There'll be another 
[Unknown Soldier's Soul :1] up there with him.

If you feel like killing the other CB on the next level up, you'll have to go 
through the LK first.

Drawing him down the stairs to solid ground will even the odds for you, as he 
has the advantage with the high ground and an annoying CB to back him up.

Grab your [Half Moon Grass : 2] and head up to slash the CB off the top of the 
platform, grab the [Late Moon Grass :1], and head back downstairs to kill that 
LS we saw earlier. 

Running forward, you should hear 2 AS landing behind you. Kill them, and head 
onward to backstab an unsuspecting Pike Soldier.

There will be a LS to the right, and one in the room up ahead with all the 
barrels inside it and a vendor to the left, through all those breakable 

Be sure to roll away after stepping into that room full of barrels, because 
the LS inside will blow it all up with a Firebomb, nearly killing anyone in 
the blast.

After you're done here, head back up to the top where you killed that LK and 
step through the Fog gateway.

Before you turn right at the end of this path, be sure to attack the large 
wooden structure in front of you. You'll break some boards, (and hopefully not 
be in the way) and 6 boulders should come rolling out, killing anything in 
their path, meaning 4 Ghouls and 4 CB's.

On the next right, there'll be 2 SS' waiting to ambush you.

Head left and there'll be a dragon resting. Now, the brave, reckless, and fast 
can make a dash across, and attempt to take as much stuff on the top of that 
plateau as they can before getting charbroiled by a dragon, or just take the 
safe path to the left and get some [Full Moon Grass : 2] and some [Splinter of 
Keystone : 2].

For the brave (read : Insane) guarding, using a ring of flame resistance, 
flame resistant armor, and increasing your Endurance stat can increase your 
survival rate against Dragon Flame. It'll net you a  [Renowned Soldier's 
Soul : 2], a [Purple Flame Shield :1], and a [Ring of Great Strength : 1].

Heading down the long bridge, I would suggest killing the first AS that runs 
after you, then only lingering around long enough for the dragon to fly above 
the area. Dragon you ask?

Why, thats the dragon that roasts this area constantly as long as you're on 
this bridge. The fast should run, the heavily armored should lighten up by 
removing unnecessary armor, and run FASTER. After the dragon makes it's first 
run, dash across as fast as you can ignore any enemies that aren't dead, and 
roll till you're on the other side of those stairs.

And ignore those items back on the bridge, it's not worth getting charbroiled 

Turn right to find an [Unknown Soldier's Soul], and go into the next room to 
pull that lever to open the main gate, and watch a warning shot fired from 
your first boss.

Turn around, and head down the hallway to find yourself in a pincer attack by 
2 ghouls. In a situation like this, equipping a Spear, Mailbreaker or other 
stabby weapon will help with the tight space.

Turn to the left, smash through the junk in your way for some [Turpentine : 
4]. Head back to the right path, and kill your way to the bottom of the tower 
through 2 SS, a LS, 2 FG, and three Slime Lancer's (SL).  There'll be an 
[Unknown Hero's Soul :1] on the balcony and some [Half Moon Grass : 3] on the 
bottom floor next to the lever.

It might be worthy to note that the SL's are weak against fire based attacks, 
and attacks to their rear, and that they drop plenty of valuable ore that can 
be used to upgrade weapons.

From here, I recommend you head back to The Nexus to heal up, repair your 
equipment, give Stockpile Thomas that [Jade Hair Ornament] you found earlier, 
and just get ready for your first real boss battle.

                      *** BOSS BATTLE : PHALANX [BP] ***

The Phalanx is a simple boss, rather than being strong, it relies on a horde 
of SL's to act as armor and weapons to keep it's central body protected. Just 
use turpentine to coat your blade weapons in flames, and slash the backs of 
the SL's  that constantly drop off and reattach themselves to the Phalanx, 
till the Phalanx runs out of armor to hide it's vulnerable body.

All those firebombs you've collected to this point should be quite useful on 
destroying groups of SL's still attached to the Phalanx since they're all in a 
nice big group! Fire magic is a nice alternative if you have it too.

If you get heavily injured, or just need a breather, there's always those 
pillars to hide behind.

The biggest perk that comes with this battle is the fact that each SL has a 
chance of dropping ores like slivers of sharp stone and hard stone to upgrade 
your weapons!

Just have fun, be careful, and you'll do fine!

                      *** Slash your way to victory! ***

After winning you'll get your body back, and a [Lead Demon's Soul] as well! Be 
sure to keep it as it can be used for a special weapon upgrade in the future.

                              The Nexus [N2] 

After returning with the Lead soul you'll be required to meet with the 
Monumental on the higher part of the Nexus. Just look among all the dead 
monk's up on the top balcony, and talk to the one with a lit candle right in 
front of him to hear his tale.

After agreeing to assist in his quest, you now have the ability to upgrade 
your stats through the Black Maiden, and learn Miracles and Spells from the 
Disciple of God and Freke's Apprentice, respectively.

You'll also receive the highly important [Blueeye Stone : 1] and the [Whiteeye 
Stone :1]. These allow 

When ready, touch the Archstone of the Small king and head for the Phalanx 

                        Boletarian Palace 1-2 [BP 2]

Just past the tunnel, and into the next chamber, there will be 4 SL's 
scattered about able to take potshots at you, and 2 more in the far right 
corner of the room with some [Throwing Knife : 10]. This area is very popular 
for those who wish to farm for ores to upgrade their weapons.

In the far left corner of the room where Ostrava is begging for your help 
again you'll find an [Unknown Heroes Soul :1]. Head up the small platform in 
the room to grab that [Half Moon Grass :3] before you leave.


Just past that wooden barrier, you'll see a line of white bricks in the 
ground. Don't step past that, because once again, our dragon friends have 
taken to roasting entire sections of bridge.

Wait till it's just overhead, and as it makes it's trip along the bridge, run 
up behind it, as fast as you can, not stopping for any of those items on the 
bridge. Sorry.

Once you're safe, head to the right, and up the stairs, take out the SS, then 
the AS on the next set of stairs, and look out for those two CB's hiding 
behind the wooden barriers ahead. You should find an [Unknown Heroes Soul], 
and a [Wooden Catalyst : 1], needed for spellcasting later on, if you don't 
already have one.

Head all the way downstairs, and to the left to help out Ostrava again. Along 
the way you'll run into 1 Ghoul, and 6 CB's in groups of 2 along the way. I 
recommend keeping your shield up and using a stabbing weapon, as up to 4 may 
fire at you at one time, and wide slash attacks will leave you open here. 
You'll also find a [Ring of Gash Resistance : 1], and as a token of gratitude 
from Ostrava, some [Dark Moon Grass : 3].

Head down the other direction of the tunnel, and you'll already start hearing 
the sound of wolves. Just keep your guard up, and after slaying the 2 ghouls 
in hiding and picking up the [Unknown Heroes Soul], slow down, and keep 
clicking R3 as you advance, until you spot the first wolf. 

Try and lure it out, either by using a ranged attack, or edging closer and 
then running back to slay it. There should be a total of 5 in here, try to 
take them on in a group of no more than two, as they do have fast attacks.

Just past the gate with the [Crescent Moon Grass : 3] beside it, you'll find a 
CB, and then a shopkeeper Dredgeling behind all that junk in front of you.

Head back to that last gate, and there should be a doorway obscured by a 
barrier. Bash through that, head upstairs, and kill the two CB's to find a 
[Compound Short Bow : 1] and some [Heavy Arrow : 6]. Head back down to the 
bridge section, but look out for the 4 CB's behind you. I recommend taking 
that Bastard sword you found earlier to their faces.

After dealing with them, head through the Fog gateway, and get rid of the 
Ghoul, and the FG. Now, equip your Crossbow on your other L slot, and dash up 
the path after the dragon roasts this path too.

Run to the right, and hide behind the cart to evade the crossbow fire and fire 
back, avoiding close combat because the LK will run forward if you get too 
close to him.

Finish off the next LK, and then turn right, and head up the stairs. Quickly 
run into the far left corner of the room and lock on the small sparkly lizard 
that looks like it's trying to get away from you, and stab it to death. These 
invisibility capable creatures will disappear if you're not quick enough to
kill it, which is quite a loss since they usually carry many rare ores.

Heading upstairs, you can kill the two CB's, and then scrounge around to find 
a [Renowned Soldier's Soul], a [Stone of Ephemeral Eyes : 1], an [Unknown 
Soldier's Soul] and a [Royal Lotus :1].

                     *** BOSS BATTLE : TOWER KNIGHT ***

My first tip, is to run upstairs and kill off all the CB's taking pot shots at 
you. With them out of the way your job will be much easier.

Just be careful not to get hit by the TK's long range attack.

Head back down to mop up any CB's that didn't die from your attack, and the 
long fall they took, and get ready for the real fight.

For mages, the battle is easy; just run behind the TK, and pelt the back of
it's head with Magic. It'll die quick.

Melee fighters will have to keep close and destroy the ankles of the Tower 
Knight to topple it on it's back, and then attack it's face while it's prone.

The only moves you'll have to worry about when up close, are it's shield bash,
it's close range quake, and that backwards jump it occasionally makes.

As long as you know when to dodge to the side, you'll be fine.

Kill of the TK, and be sure to grab the [Late Moon Grass : 3], 
[Renowned Soldier's Soul], and [Iron Demon's Soul] before you leave for the 
Nexus, and Stone Fang Tunnel.

  *** "Aim for it's knees! Giant robots are always weak at the joints!" ***

                         Stonefang Tunnel 2-1 [SFT1]

Before progressing too far, you should find yourself a weapon with piercing 
properties; Rapiers, Spears, Mailbreakers, whatever that can stab, as most of 
the enemies in this area are vulnerable to such attacks. Magic works quite 
well too, like the “Magic Arrow” spell, or the invaluable “Magic Weapon” spell 
that any sensible swordsman/woman should have by this point.

Head up the stairs, and quickly kill the shining Gecko on the pathway to the 
right for it's ore. Head to the end of the pathway and pick up the [Unknown 
Heroes Soul :1] at the edge of the cliff. Watch your step!

Turn back to the path on the right of the stairs, and watch out for the 
boulders falling from the sky.
To the right of the path you just ran through, you'll be able to find some... 
[Sticky White Stuff : 2].
Why you'd put it on your weapon, I don't know, but apparently, it's magical.

Head inside, and you should see a switch to activate a conveyor belt on the 
outside of the building. Upstairs, you'll find a Minister. These guys love 
slinging fireballs at you, so be sure to sidestep those, and stab the hell out 
of them. They usually drop [Full Moon Grass :1] as well.
Behind him are two Dwarf's, also vulnerable to stab attacks. Kill them, and 
grab that [Crushing Battle Axe +1 : 1] on that ledge. Before you leave don't 
forget the [Renowned Soldier's Soul] in the corner.

Take the ride all the way down to the ground, and pick up that useful [Stone 
of Ephemeral Eyes : 1].

Once you go back p to the ground floor, head down the hallway and you'll be 
able to backstab all four Dwarf's that are digging about, as they'll be too 
preoccupied to notice you. There'll be one Pickaxe Dwarf (PD) here that's a 
little more alert, but they're easy enough to parry/backstab if you just run 
around to their back while they're recovering from their attack.

In the next room, ther'll be 5 normal dwarf's and one dwarf carrying a sack. 
The one with the sack carries a nice amount of ore with him, so it's always a 
bonus getting rid of them. While finishing off the dwarf's in this room, you 
may run into 3 wolves that were hiding behind some jars.

Through the opening that the jars were hiding, you'll find another Minister, 
blocking the entrance to a room with two bodies containing a [Chunk of 
Hardstone : 1], a [Chunk of Sharpstone : 1], and a few 
[Splinter of Clearstone : 4].

Exit the small room, and turn left into a hallway with a PD waiting to ambush 
you. Head up the stairs, and there'll be one running down the hallway to 
attack you, and one standing in the doorway to the right to ambush you as well.

Head down the hallway, pick up the [Crescent Moon Grass : 4] from the body in 
the corner, and the [Pickaxe : 1] in the room to the right, then head back 
out, around and up on the roof of the rooms you were just in.

To your left, there will be a bridge, with a Minister on a platform on the 
other side of it. To cross safely, you'll need to stay on the left side of the 
bridge, as the rest of it will just collapse onto the floor below. Grab the 
[Renowned Soldier's Soul] before jumping down below.

In your general vicinity, there should be a lever nearby. Pull it, and you'll 
open the next area. Just backstab your way through all 11 dwarf's along the 
way, and grab the [Unknown Soldier's Soul] just on the ledge.

From here, make your way back up to the roof before you crossed that bridge, 
and continue up the stairs this time. Grab the [Unknown Soldier's Soul] here 
too, and continue along the path and through the large fog gateway.

To your right, there will be a salamander on the wall, guarding a 
[Splinter of Meltstone : 1]. There will also be some [Half Moon Grass :2] up 
the ramps.

From there, there will be a room infested with 4 salamanders (the three in the 
pit won't attack), all guarding a [Splinter of Dragonstone].

Heading out from here and to the right (past the stairs leading into a pit of 
lava), you'll see a staircase with 4 Longsword Dwarves (LD). These guys can 
also set you aflame with their attacks, so be careful.

If you ignore the fog gateway for now, you can bash through the debris and 
find 4 dwarf's, busy mining. To the left you'll find a dead end with an 
[Unknown Hero's soul] and to the right, some [Crescent Moon Grass : 2] a 
switch that will activate an elevator that will lead you to Blacksmith Ed, a 
blacksmith that has the ability to upgrade weapons with better materials. I 
recommend coming back here for all your future smithing needs.

There's also a [Splinter of Clearstone : 1] on a platform on the way down, and 
a [Renowned Hero's Soul] on the balcony outside of Ed's workshop.

Head back to that last fog gateway, and be ready for a PD waiting to ambush 
you at the top of the stairs here. Up ahead, there'll be 4 dwarves, and a PD 
scrounging about, with a [L. Splinter of Hardstone : 1] in the same room too. 

Heading out of this room, you can head down the ramp in front of you and hold 
down X to dash across the makeshift wooden bridge in front of you. It'll 
crumble and send you falling if you don't dash across fast enough, so make 
sure you take a good running start at it so you can grab the [Great Club] and  
[Unknown Soldier's Soul : 2].  just be sure to drop down to the smaller ledge 
below, and then to the ground, just in case.

When you finally get back to that ramp at the top, take a right, through all 
those explosive barrels, and grab the [Crescent Moon Grass : 2] up here, and 
then run right to the end and jump down to another ledge with an [Unknown 
Hero's Soul] on it. There'll also be a Steel shield on the ground under some 
crates in front of the ledge you just jumped down from.

From here, you can ambush those dwarf's down below with your magic weapon. You 
do have the “Magic Weapon” spell by this point, right?

Once you wipe them out or run away like a wuss, continue up the ramps till you 
reach a square structure with 6 Salamander's waiting to ambush you. The ramp 
down leads to 3 like minded wolves below. Pick up the [Ed's Grindstone : 2] 
nearby before heading down... you guessed it, more ramps to a lone 
[Half Moon Grass : 1] and finally 3 PD and a normal dwarf guarding a switch. 
Under the ramp you just went down to get here, is also an 
[Unknown Hero's Soul].

Hit the switch, and run over to those stairs with that pit filled with lava, 
and grab your new [L. Splinter of Sharpstone : 1], [Half Moon Grass : 4], and 
behind that large open section of that grating you can find a 
[Ring of Poison Resistance].

Now, head up those stairs, and eventually you'll hit a room with a Minister, 
and a lot of explosive barrels. Through the fog gateway and to the right 
you'll find another [Stone of Ephemeral Eyes : 1].

Follow the ramps and you'll have a boulder, followed by a LD, drop in on you.

Keep pushing forward, and you'll find a lift. Take the pathway to the left of 
the lift and you'll find a [Kris Knife], and if you search the back right 
corner behind the lift you'll find some [Splinter of Spiderstone : 2].

Head down, and if you follow the tracks leading away from the fog gateway and 
into a tunnel, you can find a [Chunk of Spiderstone : 1] inside.

                   *** BOSS WARNING: ARMOR SPIDER [BAS] ***

The Armor spider is a mostly annoying boss that is probably best tackled at 
long ranges with either arrows or magic. Just be sure to equip adequate flame 
protection as it does use flaming fireballs to attack, either singly, or in a 
3 shot fan spread. 

Not only that, but it will sometimes fire a strand of web at you to hamper 
your movement as if you had reached your weight limit until it burns off or 
just disappears naturally.

Just keep evading and blocking, and you'll do alright.

Up close, the spider tends to slash at you with it's smaller legs, and drop 
down suddenly in an attempt to crush you. When it's not doing that, it'll 
charge up for a far reaching flamethrower attack that'll hit multiple times. 
Those blocking can evade most of the damage, but will be guaranteed to get hit 
at least once.

When you do see it charging, I suggest running the heck out of there or 
blocking for dear life till it's done.

Just keep blocking all of it's attacks, and fight back with magic weapons when 

                         *** “Do a barrel roll!” ***

When you are finished, in addition to the [Hard Demon Soul] and 
[Pure Spiderstone : 1] you receive from the Archstone, there are a couple of 
bodies in the room with a [Renowned Soldier's Soul] in one and a 
[Chunk of Spiderstone : 1] in the other.

                         Stonefang Tunnel 2-1 [SFT2]

In this section of Stonefang Tunnel, there are two paths to take, one fast 
with few enemies, but still very deadly, and the other, slow with plenty of 
enemies, but a slightly lesser chance of death.

If you're for the former, then read on, but if you want to take it easy, just 
search for [SFT2b]

                +++ Stonefang Tunnel 2-1 : Right Path [SFT2a] +++

Now, heading to the right, and through all those dwarf's, there'll be a 
massive pit in front of with some goodies inside.  If you go around it to the 
right, and smash through all the debris, you can find a small platform to 
start your descent. 

Step down, and look immediately to your right there'll be a body across the 
pit with a [Chunk of Clearstone : 1], and some [Splinter of Sharpstone : 4]. 
Your best bet is to make a small dash and roll across the pit with X. With 
light equipment and some luck, you'll make it.

If not, you can just fall down to a different platform directly below, then 
another platform to the end of this one, above the side tunnel with solid 
ground. From here, you can just jump down to the side tunnel. 

Continuing from our daredevil jump, roll down to the next platform beside it, 
and then roll to the next platform across the pit. Look down from here, and 
you can see a small platform with a soul, containing a 
[Ring of Disease Resistance]. There should be another soul hanging off a 
beam with a [Traditional Soldier's Soul] inside it. Use that to get across 
and to the side tunnel (and finally some solid ground) to slay yourself 
another 2 shining geckos.

Go back to where you grabbed that Traditional Soldiers Soul, and fall down to 
that other path below – It'll hurt, but you'll live. Keep following the paths 
in a clockwise circle, where you'll have to roll down to reach a platform with 
a ladder. Keep following this to reach another ladder with an 
[Unknown Hero's Soul] at the bottom of it. 

If you take the time to go back up to the first ladder and ROLL past it (don't 
just drop down, you'll get stuck and have to use something to teleport back to 
the nexus), you 'll land on a platform with another [Unknown Hero's Soul] on 
it's edge. From here, just continue on with the section labeled [STF2d]

               +++ Stonefang Tunnel 2-1 : Left Path [SFT2b] +++

After taking out the first PD to the right, there should be a couple of rail 
carts with odd glowing orbs that look like souls on them just rolling in from 
the left tunnel.


They're some kind of proximity explosive, that just conveniently looks like a 
soul. If you get close, and quickly roll away, they'll explode, damaging 
anything in the blast radius.

Use this to take out the other PD there, and continue down the tunnel. 

In the distance, you'll be able to see another railcart with an explosive orb 
on it, so be sure to dash past it as fast as you can, and you'll be fine.

In the room ahead, there'll be a Minister to the right, behind a pillar.

Ignore the elevator for now, grap the [Augite of Guidance : 3] on the right, 
and head through the small tunnel in front of you. I prefer rolling through 
the moulting that is blocking the path, but they can also be shattered with 
normal attacks if you so choose. There'll be another PD inside, behind the 3rd 
blockade of moulting so be careful.

When you get to the other side, there'll be a soul right on the edge of the 
cliff containing an [Unknown Hero's Soul]. You'll get ambushed by a giant worm 
as soon as you look at it, so be sure to run before it smacks you off the 

I recommend either using magic or a long ranged weapon to fire at it's mouth 
from a safe distance. A good strong attack from a Claymore or similar weapon 
works well too.

There'll be another one the pops out when you take the path to the right, 
which has a [Splinter of Clearstone : 1] and a [L. Splinter of Sharpstone : 1] 
at the end of it.

Take out the shining gecko for more ore on the path to the left and make your 
way back to the elevator, or you could get yourself to another shortcut by 
taking a leap of faith.

             +++ Stonefang Tunnel: Left Path Shortcut [SFT2c] +++

If you are gutsy, you can take a jump to the left of that last worm you killed 
(look before you leap, please) to net yourself more 
[Splinter of Greystone : 2]. The platform below that has a 
[Chunk of Greystone: 1] on it's end which leads you to a [Great Axe], and this 
path will connect you with the main path.

                    +++ See, told you it was a shortcut! +++

Taking the elevator down, will get you to a room with two gecko's running off. 
You can kill them, but if they run into that tunnel, don't chase them too far! 
There's two black phantoms waiting in that tunnel armed with Iron shields and 
great clubs, and they're VERY aggressive, and will give most players a good 
run for their money.

The greatest bonus to killing them is the Blackeye Stone they drop, which 
allows you to invade the multiplayer worlds of other characters to steal their 
souls! Give it a shot if you've got any guts!

Manage to get past them though, and you'll land yourself in a room filled with 
shining gecko's! There's also a ledge with some [Pure Hardstone : 1] and 
[Pure Sharpstone : 1] above.

Head back to the elevator, and take the other tunnel. Take the passage to the 
right of the pit, and once you reach a sharp corner, run and don't stop till 
you hear the explosion behind you! You'll have run over a very well hidden 
explosive orb.

Up ahead, there'll be a PD waiting to ambush you around a corner. Take it slow 
and he'll come lumbering out. Dispatch him, and grab the two souls with a 
[L. Splinter of Hardstone : 2], and [Splinter of Hardstone : 5], and a 
[Splinter of Clearstone : 1] in the other. Once you step out you'll see a 
shady looking NPC and a... Bearbug. D:

Congrats on meeting your first Bearbug. They enjoy jumping on adventurers, 
stabbing them with their weird mouth and being highly resistant to any attack 
that isn't magical.

While the small ones are only mildly tough at best, the bigger ones have a 
formidable health bar, and armor that sheds nearly any attack. To make matters 
worse, the big ones explode when they die, damaging anyone and anything it 
it's radius.

They are a good source of Dragonstones though...

Moving on, take the path to the right and clear out all those Bearbugs, and 
grab the [Splinter of Dragonstone : 2].

Now that you have some practice killing bearbugs, chat with patches. Take his 
advice, or not, and kill the Bearbug. You'll get a [Club] from that path 
underneath it, and a [Ring of Flame Resistance] from patches once it's dead.

In the pile of junk where the Bugbear was sitting there's a 
[Splinter of Greystone : 2] guarded by a worm that'll ambush you as soon as 
you grab it. Go upstairs as far as you can, and grab the 
[Chunk of Sharpstone : 1] on one end, and an [Unknown Hero's Soul] on the 

From here, I would take the path that Patches was originally standing near, 
and head down, following it till you find a [Renowned Hero's Soul]. From here, 
jump to you right, onto the hill itself and walk under the path to grab a 
[Stone of Ephemeral Eyes : 1]. run a little up the hill to the left, and keep 
looking downwards till you see another soul on a platform. Jump down to it, 
and you'll find a [Dark Heater Shield +2]. 

Jump down from there, and you'll land on top of a vendor that sells plenty of 
excellent upgrade ores. Whenever you don't feel like killing monsters for 
ores, just come here to get any of the basic ones you need!

Take the right path, and you'll be confronted by more worms. Get past them to 
grab a [Chunk of Hardstone : 1], and the run back down to the vendor. At this 
point, you may start seeing flying Bearbugs, but you can usually ignore them, 
as they hardly pose any threat.

Keep heading downwards, and you'll reach a flat area where 3 worms will pop 
out as you go past them. There'll also be a [Traditional Soldier's Soul] 
behind the bigger pile of dirt.

Roll your way through the Bearbug moulting, go through the fog gateway and 
into the tunnel and take a right. You'll find another 
[Traditional Soldier's Soul] there.

Take the left path, and then take either path to find a giant Bearbug in your 
path. You'll have to dispatch it to move on, so just keep hacking at it.

Moving forward, you can take the path to the left to grab some 
[Augite of Guidance : 5], then keep going till it intersects with another 
path. Drop down, take the left, then take the left after that to find a 
[Dragon Long Sword +1].

There is a couple of paths that lead to a river of magma, and lots of mature 
and flying Bearbugs.

If you stay close to the wall and follow it, you'll find a passageway that 
leads you to a body with an [Unknown Hero's Soul].

Follow the path back to that turn before you grabbed that Augite, and turn 
right this time, and kill the Bearbug inside the tunnel. 

You'll find a [Chunk of Clearstone : 1] behind it. Take the next right, and 
you'll find a dead end with a young Bearbug, a shining gecko, and a 
[Stone of Ephemeral Eyes]. Take the center path, and you'll find a path with 
tons of molten lava, and a [Renowned Hero's Soul just a bit to the right. 
Finally, take the left path, and you will reach a cliff overlooking a large 
circular room.

                       +++ Where Paths Meet [SFT2d] +++

From this outlook, you can just jump straight down. You'll be greeted by 3 
more worms at the bottom.

Head through the tunnel at the left, and turn left again, you can see a soul 
containing not one, but 2 [Hands of God : 2] that will be guarded by 3 more 
worms. No, they're not as awesome as that game by Clover, but they're still 
pretty badass to those those that have high faith.

Turn around, and you can find some [Full Moon Grass : 4] and another 
[Stone of Ephemeral Eyes] before you hit the Fog Gateway leading to the lair 
of the Firelurker.

                    *** BOSS WARNING : FIRELURKER [BFL] ***

There really isn't any strategy for this boss, other than try to keep away 
from the business end of it's explosive slashes, and wear all the fire 
protection you can carry/cast. Other than that, throw every attack you have at
it, and keep dodging. You'll receive a [Red Hot Demon Soul] for killing, and 
you'll find a [Traditional Hero's Soul] and a [Chunk of Dragonstone : 2]
scattered about the stage.

                           *** You got HEAT GUN! ***

While many may opt to leave the dungeon for repairs and supplies, you'll
be able to do the next section without fear of HP loss, mostly because
if you do get hit in the next stage, you'll instantly die anyways.

If you're feeling gutsy, and you're good with hiding, you could probably 
finish the next section without breaking a sweat.

                     *** BOSS WARNING : DRAGON GOD [BDG] ***

It's just one boss after another, but the Dragon God is no mere boss. Before 
you run to the right, the left path leads to the [Keel Smasher], but only
if the tendency of this world is pure white.

Quickly run to your right, and hide behind the pillar until the Dragon God's
eyes turn yellow. Keep running from pillar to pillar, destroying any rubble 
in your way with magic, or a strong attack.

Continue the pattern till you get to a large stone machine with a large rod 
in it. Activate it, and watche the Dragon God's health plummet.

Grab the [New Moon Grass : 2] and the [Stone of Ephemeral Eyes : 1] near the 
stairs, and head to the left, repeating your pattern of running from pillar to 

Get to the other machine, and fire that bolt into the other side of the Dragon
God, then take the right path, to find a [Masters Ring].

Head straight down, right to the Dragon God's face, and smack it to death.
Thats right.

How anti-climactic.

Just watch out for it's wheezing breath, it does some minimal fire damage.

Grab your [Dragon Demon's Soul]and [Pure Dragonstone  : 1] and head back 
to the Nexus.

                    *** Next episode, on Dragon Ball Z... ***

After this point, you can head back to Boldwin, and hand him the Red Hot Soul, 
and he will be able to forge demon souls into weapons! Head back to the Nexus 
for storage, and anything else you need, and get yourself to the Tower Knight 

                          Boletarian Palace 1-3 [BP3]

After your cutscene, head inside, and you'll find a fountain littered with 
bodies. There'll be two wolves in this area. Pick up the 
[Traditional Soldiers Soul : 3] around the fountain, and head up the stairs.

There'll be a [Slaves Shield] up there, but after grabbing it, quickly roll to 
the left before you get crushed by the boulders that come rolling down.

Run up, and you'll see another cutscene. Linger in the area for a bit (Don't 
miss the Shining Gecko in the corner), and 3 AS will crash through the gate to 
the right. Go through the tunnel, kill the Pikeman and LS, and drop off the 
cliff in front of you to land on top of some [Full Moon Grass : 2]. Look out 
for the 2 CB's, and drop down again. There'll be an [Unknown Hero's Soul] in 
front of you and a bunch of New Moon Grass : ?] up top. 

Drop down again, and go into the tunnel behind you to find an Assassin lurking 
there. They're fast, and tough, but they're also a good source of New Moon 
Grass and Secret Throwing Knives.

Turn to the left, and follow the path, and slay the CB up there. There'll be 
some stairs, with a flaming boulder up at the top. Just run up, and look out 
for the alcove to the left; There's an assassin hiding there. 

At this point, you'll want to retreat and run to the right instead of getting 
flattened by that flaming boulder.

Kill the Assassin and the LS that follows soon after him, go up the stairs, 
kill the CB on the path to the right, head up some more, and turn right again. 
There'll be an assassin that jumps down behind you before you can grab the 
[Slaves Shield] sitting there.

Once you reach the top of the stairs, there'll be a Minister with 3 CB's on a 
rampart, taking potshots at you. magic users and archers will have no problem; 
us tanks will have to keep dodging.

There's a Fog Gateway to the left, but don't enter it yet. If you wait long 
enough, a red eyed Claymore Knight will see you, and be unable to get past the 
fog. Just keep slashing at him safely behind that colorless wall till he's 
dead, and then enter.

After leaving the pathway, there'll be a rampart where another Assassin will 
drop down.  Finish him pff quick, because that Minister we just saw will come 
charging over here with his Poleaxe.

These Ministers come with a new jumping attack as well. Take him out and grab 
his [Iron Ring of Keys].

A few backstabs later, take the path the minister came from and wipe out those 
annoying CB's; and if you're thinking of taking the ladder just after the 
[Traditional Soldiers Soul], DON'T. It'll leave you open for those 2 SS, 2 
CB's and the 2 LS's up there.

This little section with the 3 CB's will let the enemies come down gradually, 
usually in the order of 1 SS, then the 2 LS one at a time. (From here, you can 
jump down to another rampart with a [Traditional Hero's Soul] on it. I leave 
it to you to figure out when you want to do that)

Now that you've wiped them out, I would go back to where you were getting 
sniped earlier, and this time, head right. There'll be a doorway with a Red LK 
inside. Lure him out, kill em', and then wipe out his two LS and AS pals 

Head upstairs, and you'll find that Dredgeling vendor again, with a few new 
and expensive goodies inside. Just outside on the roof, you'll find a Great 

Head back to where you fought the Minister just now, and head upstairs to 
finish off those 2 CB's and the last SS. Head up the next set of stairs to the 
right, but look out for the Assassin and LS that will come charging down after 

Upstairs, to the left and behind some cupboards, there'll be some 
[Late Moon Grass : 5]. Keep ascending, but be ready for the rolling boulder 
that will come crashing down. I just recommend rolling to the left. Get rid of 
that SS up there, keep following the path till you see a GSK. Wait till he has 
his back turned, then backstab him, and evade the bolts the the 3 CB's ahead 
will fire ahead of you.There'll also be another [Traditional Soldier's Soul] 
nearby too.

After wiping out the three CB's up here, move on along the path, grab the 
[Half Moon Herb : 2] to your left, and take the stairs to the right. You'll 
have to take out the two CB's here, but you can grab an [Unknown Hero's Soul] 

Go back up to where you grabbed that last set of herbs, and take the left 
stairs this time. Kill the SS up here, but look out for the CB behind him. 
After dispatching them, you can grab the [Half Moon Grass : 8] and proceed 
down the stairs.

You can easily backstab the minister staring at the gate, but before you can 
finish him off...

Oh look, it's Ostrava crying for help again. Quickly pull the lever to the 
right of you to open the main gate, and you'll let Ostrava, 2 LK's and one LS. 
I'm sure you can easily finish them off by this point in the game, and after 
you do so, grab the [Ministers Cap] off the Ministers corpse, and have a chat 
with Ostrava.

Now, that Ministers Cap, as silly as it looks, stops Ministers from attacking 
you! Handy!

While you're here, there's also a [Stone of Ephemeral Eyes : 1] in that 
soldier that got crushed under the portcullis.

Ostrava will have some [Pure Clearstone : 1] for you. Take it, and head down 
the main path, killing the two polearm soldiers in front of you. There'll be 
some [Late Moon Grass : 5] to the right, just past their corpses.

Up ahead you'll meet 2 SS, then 2 AS just a bit further ahead, with 2 CB to 
back them up, and of course, 2 LS to back up the CB. After wiping out all of 
these guys, try to single out the three LK's ahead by attacking one with any 
long ranged weapon you have, crossbow, knife, spell, anything, and pull them 
away from their pals.

Do the same for the second one after you've killed the first, and you'll have 
one LK left.

However, if they do charge you first, running back to the first big gate isn't 
a bad idea either, as they WILL CHASE YOU THAT FAR, OMG KEEP RUNNING! If 
Ostrava is nearby, then, bonus! 

He can distract them, while you stab them in the back! That's teamwork!

When the dust has settled, search about to find yourself some 
[Full Moon Grass : 9] behind some cupboards, and a [Legendary Soldier's Soul] 
out in the open.

From here you can ascend the stairs to find...

                    *** BOSS WARNING : PENETRATOR [BPN] ***

The penetrator is a pretty tough enemy that loves long lunging attacks with 
wide swings, meaning rolling probably won't cut it. Unless you do the 
unexpected, and roll AT the Penetrator. That's right.

In this battle, getting behind this imposingly tall and agile fighter is key 
to victory if you're a melee character. Once behind, slash no more than a 
couple of times, then roll back and repeat the process again. 

If at any time the Penetrator raises it's blade for a stab attack, just dodge 
to the side, as a backwards roll might just get you skewered.

Once it's dead, head for the Archstone for your [Silver Demons Soul].

           *** I'd put a joke here... but it's too easy this time. ***

That ring of keys you found earlier unlocks the door to the right when you 
spawn at the Tower Knights A.S.  Going down there will lead you to a dungeon 
where a Minister is holding Biorr of the Twin Fangs in a cell.

Kill the Minister, take the [Bloody Key] it's carrying and save Biorr, who 
tells you to move on ahead, while takes a nap. There's also a 
[Renowned Hero's Soul] in a nearby Cell, and if you follow the path,  away 
from the cells, you'll find another Gecko and a Tower Shield.


Now that Bloody Iron key is used on another gate, to the right of the fountain 
where the wolves are in 1-3. Follow the path forward to net yourself a 
[Stone of Ephemeral Eyes] then take the turn to another gate. Through that, is 
a bridge to another tower.

Head upstairs, (don't forget your Ministers hat) and a Minister will lower a 
drawbridge for you! Backstab the hell out of the oblivious Minister up there, 
then talk to Yuria, the victim of many “Sticky White Stuff” messages, and 
she'll be just fine. Don't forget to grab the [Ring of the Accursed] and the 
[Ring of Magical Nature] before you leave.

Also, if you take a jump from the stairs, you can nab yourself a 
[Legendary Soldier's Soul] on a ledge.

Now you can head back to the Nexus for some well earned rest and magic lessons!

                          Boletaria Palace 1-4 [BP4]

Just after the Archstone, you'll see a dead dragon with 3 CB's on and 
around it. The souls around the beast are a couple of 
[Traditional Soldier's Soul : 2]. 

In the distance, you'll also see 3 Black Phantoms, one armed with a Longsword, 
worth 13500 souls and was carrying a [Penetrating Sword] when I killed it, one 
armed with a Scraping Spear and carrying/dropping a [Tower Shield], worth 
16800 souls when dead, and the third, an agile femme fatale  armed with a 
longbow that fires magical arrows, a curved sword and buckler when you get too 
close, and when it's really in a pinch, it releases a very painful AOE magic 
attack that it uses in a pinch.  She's tough, fast, worth 10050 souls, and 
drops her nice [White Bow]. 

I ended up having to use the Penetrator for it's fast attacks just to kill 
her, but the trouble was worth it.

After offing all three phantoms, I tip my hat in your general direction, and 
tell you to go left for a [Stone of Ephemeral Eyes].

Head to the passage on the right, and when you take the next left to go inside 
the building, look out for the LK that will come stepping out. Head back in, 
and on the next platform, you'll find 2 CB's. While you're busy with them, I'm 
sure an Assassin will drop down out of nowhere.

Quickly kill him too, because there'll be a CK heading down the stairs in a 
hurry as well. After you're all done here, head to the top, and you'll be 
greeted by a cool cutscene. Yep, more dragons. Better put on that Ring of 
Flame Resistance and cast Water Veil. 

When you get close enough, the dragon will begin toasting the path ahead, and 
the Minister there with it. If you have a bow (You always carry one, right?) 
lure the other Minister with an arrow to the face. He'll come running and get 
toasted like his pal. From here, I would run as fast as I could without 
stopping. Once you're inside, you'll be able to kill the Shining Gecko that 
just ran inside with you. Head up and out of this rampart, and the dragon will 
fly to a different position. 

You can head back to the path you just bolted down, and pick up a couple 
[Traditional Soldiers Soul : 2], then run back to the huge set of stairs.

Go down the stairs, and you can grab a [Knight Sword], and a [Knight Shield]. 
Now, from here, you can see the dragons great new perch, where it's breath can 
immolate people, destroy statues, and toast adventurers like yourself in an 

Being the brave, brave, hero that you are, you'll wait till the dragon's 
breath is at it's end, and then dash up those steps like the personification 
of death is chasing you! Don't worry about Biorr, he'll be just fine.

If you do have your bow handy (like I keep telling you to) you can turn 
around, and fire on the dragon's head from below. After 150 or so arrows, it 
should die, leaving you with a hefty amount of soul points, a trophy, and a 
[Large Flame-Scale Demon Soul].

All those bodies on the steps are [Legendary Soldier's Souls : 5], meaning 
tons of soul points for you, as an additional reward for killing that 

Of course, Biorr might die if you linger here too long, leaving his 
[Brushwood Helmet], [Brushwood Armor], [Brushwood Manifer], 
[Brushwood Leggings], [Large Brushwood Shield], and his 
[Ring of Great Strength]. You may have defeated a mighty foe, but you have 
lost a fellow comrade in battle without any tendency loss.

His flame resistant armor will be put to good use, I'm sure.

Get up those stairs, and you'll meet... Ostrava.
He'll impart to you his final words and a request; to kill his father. He'll 
hand you the [Mausoleum Key] and his spirit will be worth...  550 souls.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

                           +++ The Twin Blades +++

At this point, you may take the key, and head to that one section of 1-1 where 
the red eyed SK was and use it to unlock the door there. Inside, will be Old 
King Dorian guarding the blade Demonbrandt. He will challenge any come close 
to him.

Just keep attacking him and lower his health to 2/3, and he will surrender, 
and let you take the large sword [Demonbrand] from the stone.

Of course, I opted to do that after I was done with the boss battle here. It's 
much stronger than most other large swords, and it's magical attack bonus 
strikes enemies through their guards, so you might find it advantageous to 
snatch it up as soon as you can.

              +++ "I will name you stabby, and you, Slashy!" +++

Head up the next set of stairs and turn right to grab a 
[Stone of Ephemeral Eyes] and go forth down the path.

In your way, is... Otrava's Black Phantom! With it's fierce attacks, you'll 
have a bit of a fight on your hands, after which, you earn Ostrava's 
[Rune Sword], [Rune Shield] and 12300 souls.

I'm glad I never pissed Ostrava off.

Head down the path, and after what seems like the longest elevator ride, you 
catch your first glimpse of the mad king or Boletaria, Old King Allant, a 
beast of a man.

                  *** BOSS WARNING : OLD KING ALLANT [BOKA] ***

His very slashes send shockwaves, either horizontal or vertical, and he seems 
to be able to control the wind itself.

He usually opens up with a rush at you, followed by a wide horizontal slash. 
Like the Penetrator battle, use this opportunity to roll behind him, and 
attack twice. If he goes into a frenzy of slashing attacks, keep rolling 

Sometimes, he'll just stop, and ready his blade with energy to thrust into the 
You have 2 seconds to make one of two decisions.

If you're not within slashing range, or can't get a good ranged attack on him, 
This ability of his creates a giant shockwave that'll cut through any guard 
you have and nearly kill you.

Keep running backwards till you're out of lock-on range of him, and you'll be 

The second, is to attack him with whatever you have. If you hit him with 
enough damage, he'll get stunned and be unable to complete the attack.

Those with arrows, should summon a phantom to keep him distracted, and keep 
firing at him. It'll occasionally stun him, and the constant barrage of damage 
will make the fight easier for everyone to take him down.

Follow these patterns, and I wish the best of luck to you.

Oh, and he drops a [False King Demon's Soul]. 

  *** “Old king Cole was a merry old soul, and a merry old soul was he,” ***

Head back to the Nexus for a well deserved rest, and get everything prepared 
for your foray into the maze-like...

                       The Tower of Latria 3-1 [TOL1]

Let me start by saying; “This place creeps me the hell out.”

With that out of the way, equip your bow, and step forward out of the cell. AT 
this point, you may hear a soft chiming sound.

Look around for a moving green light, and take aim with your bow.

Be sure to shoot the thing till it's dead.
Congrats, you just killed yourself a Mindflayer. These creatures have the 
ability to cast Magic Arrow, Paralyze enemies, and create an orb or energy 
around themselves that knocks back and damages anyone in range.

Don't engage them in melee combat.

Head left, ignoring the cells for now. On your right turn, you'll see a soul 
behind some stacked coffins with a [Renowned Soldiers Soul] inside it. To the 
right of it, is the [Prison of Hope, 3F Cell Key] on a hook on the wall. Grab 
it and start opening cell doors. There'll be a [Wooden Catalyst], 
[Wizards Shoes] [Wizards Clothes] and [Wizards Gloves] in the body in the cell 
directly across from where you got the key, and to the far right, is a 
[Splinter of Mercurystone : 1]

Some of the creatures freed from the cells will follow you about getting in 
your way, while others wielding knives will attack you! The only upside to 
letting them out is the Widows Lotus, and Splinter of Moonlightstone they 
drop, but I don't quite have the heart to murder them without good reason. ;_;

In an open cell to the right of where you entered this room is some 
[Augite of Guidance : 3] and across the way, there's a body with a 
[Renowned Soldier's Soul] in it.

In the next area, there'll be 2 more mindflayers. Snipe them down, and in the 
cells you'll find a [Splinter of Mercurystone : 2], a [Silver Coronet],  
another [Renowned Soldiers Soul], and... uh... well... 
A total of 13 prisoners if you include the ones you had to kill...


Moving on, grab the [Prison of Hope, 3F Key] and head back to where you first 
started. Further to the right, you'll find a locked gate, with a Fog Gateway 
behind it. Head up the stairs, and past the 14th prisoner, and the cell to 
your right will contain an [Unknown Hero's Soul], and the Iron Maiden will 
have a [Stone of Ephemeral Eyes] inside it.

In the next cell to the rig- OH NO...

Uh... 8 more prisoners... I'm sorry... I'll have to kill all of you, cause I 
can't move now...
It'll be like being bitten by a stray dog, it'll only hurt for a second! I'm 

*Hacking and slashing sounds* 

Ok... I'm *sniffle* alright now. Moving on...
Wait... I don't have the key to this door yet? S-so I... Didn't have to slay 
everyone just now? *Cries some more*

Keep moving till you pass the 4F door, and open up the next cell. Next to it, 
you can hear someone singing. Enter, and kill the 3 knife wielding prisoners 
and pick up the [Fresh Spice : 1] inside.

There'll be another open cell ahead, with 2 iron maidens inside it, one 
containing an [Assassins Hood], [Black Leather], [Black Gloves] and 
[Black Boots], the other containing an [Unknown Hero's Soul]. Head through the 
crack in the wall, and watch out; a Mindflayer may be nearby. You might have 
to slash it down fast to survive.

The Iron Maiden in this room contains a knife wielding prisoner that may 
poison you! Don't bother opening it unless you enjoy about 10 mins. worth of 
poison damage.

Look to the left and snipe the Mindflayer there, then look behind you and grab 
the [Prison of Hope, 4F Key] and [Prison of Hope, 4F Cell Key].

Now you can go back and open the last locked cell you passed to pick up the 
[Unknown Hero's Soul], a [Secret Dagger], and some [Claws].

Now, unlock the 4F door, and kill the Mindflayer on the other side. There'll 
be [Fresh Spice : 3] out there as well. Head back in, and the cell to your 
right, and you'll find the singing belongs to a Once Royal Mistress, who can 
shed some light on what happened in Boletaria, and sell you a few interesting 
things, one of which is the [Ring of Avarice] which increases the amount of 
souls you obtain when slaying enemies.

Just outside her cell is a [Renowned Soldier's Soul]. The next cell only 
contains more insane prisoners, 4 of them wielding knives.

The Cell right beside it, has 4 Iron maidens. A couple contain an 
[Unknown Hero's Soul : 2], while the third has the [Ring of Magical Sharpness] 
inside it, and the fourth one away from the bunch contains an Iron Maiden with 
a poisoned knife wielding prisoner. Don't open it.

Open the next door, and head down the stairs. Ignore the next set you reach, 
and go past them to grab a phial of [Old Spice : 1], and the second cell down 
is holding the infamous Sage Freke! You'll have to come back later to open the 
cell as you don't have the key for now.

Head downstairs and unlock the gate down there to find the 
[Prison of Hope 1F Key], and the [Prison of Hope 1F Cell Key] on a hook. Open 
the gate to the end of this hallway, as you don't have the keys for the others 
yet, head down the stairs and through the Fog Gateway.

The next remains you find contain a [Heavy Crossbow] and some 
[Black Bolt : 9]. Don't gawk too long as a Mindflayer is just down the path.

You can unlock the next cell to kill another prisoner, but the rest are 
locked, including the one containing Rydyell's spirit!

He has little in the way of time for now so you'd better look for the token of 
his wife.

Head downstairs yet again, and there'll be a Legion, a mass of once human 
bodies mashed together to create a globular monstrosity, firing magic arrows 
at you. Kill it with some arrows while taking refuge behind the pillars, as 
it's melee damage is quite formidable and will slay most in a couple of hits.

Keep running and you'll find a few pieces of armor in a soul at the end of the 
hallway. Inside the soul are a [Fluted Helmet], [Silver Bracelet] (handy for 
the soul hungry!), [Kite Shield], [Fluted Leggings], [Fluted Gauntlet], and 
[Fluted Armor].

You'll also find a couple of [Unknown Soldier Soul : 2] in the cells nearby.

Near where you killed that giant monster thing, you'll find some 
[Old Spice : 3]. Keep going and you'll find another [Unknown Soldier Soul] in 
one of the cells to the left and one more [Unknown Soldier Soul] to the right. 
There's a door leading outside, hidden by some coffins, head through that and 
to the left to grab a [Splinter of Moonlightstone]. Follow the path to the 
right, and you'll find an [Estoc].

Now, head back to where you killed that huge thing and head out the open door 
leading outside.

You'll see a cutscene where a statue makes like the Megazord and transforms 
into a super killing machine. I kid you not.

Head down the path, and you'll see a pile of dead bodies where many have 
failed to defeat it. There'll be one soul that you can grab if you inch right 
up to it, and it'll be the [Prison of Hope, Jailer's Key].
Wait for the death machine thing to fire two volley's of bolts, then run 
across the death area, and carefully frop down to the ledge where you can grab 
a [Stone of Ephemeral Eyes]. Climb up the ledge behind you and follow it all 
the way along until you reach the end, where there is a break in the fencing 
for you to climb up. Keep going forward down the path, past the turn, till you 
see another break in the fencing, and once again, carefully drop down, follow 
the path, and grab the [Mercury Rapier +1] that's at the end of the path.

Now you should be able to head back to where you found the 1st floor keys, and 
open the gates there.
There will be 2 Mindflayers at the end of the hallway here, so you might want 
to take them out with some well placed arrows, sneak up and stab them to 
death, or a combination of the two.

You'll also find a [Renowned Hero's Soul : 2], in each hallway. Open the gate 
at the end of these halls, and you'll find a set of stairs leading down to a 
path, which leads to a tower. Head up the staircase and follow the path till 
you find a [Silver Catalyst], snipe that moron casting spells on the other 
side of the cathedral in the head with a well placed arrow (He revives the 
boss at the end of the stage, and won't stop till he's dead) and then head all 
the way back downstairs, and through the Fog Gate at the bottom of the tower. 
From here, you can step up to the back of the killing machine and pull the 
switch to turn it off.

It's former victims in the path ahead dropped a [Traditional Soldier's Soul], 
a couple [Renowned Soldier's Soul : 2], a [Clever Rats Ring] and a 
[Stone of Ephemeral Eyes : 1], if you were curious.

Head to the other tower across the way and keep following the path till you 
hit the end. Step over the body of the guy you just sniped, and grab the 
[Prison of Hope, Special Key] off it's hook. If you want, you can go back and 
free Sage Freak (no, I didn't misspell it) if you'd like. He'll hand you 
[Geri's Stiletto] as a gift for saving him.

Keep running back the way you came, till you find a break in the railing to 
your right. Look down, and you'll see a soul on a ledge. It's just some 
[Widows Lotus : 2], almost hardly worth the trouble if they didn't cost so 

By now, you've no doubt noticed the Black Phantom firing crossbow bolts at 
you. Jump down, get close enough, and they'll switch to their dagger. Their 
melee skills and damage are quite weak, so you shouldn't be too worried about 
dying here. Just break their guard, and slash them to death.

For your trouble, she'll drop a few [Chunk of Moonlightstone : 3], and 
[Stone of Ephemeral Eyes : 2]

Head up the steps to meet...

                   *** BOSS WARNING: THE FOOLS IDOL [BFI] ***

Get you bow out, because it's hunting season. Your prey today, is the Fools 
Idol, a false goddess who's parlor tricks include casting a very weak Magic 
Arrow that any Mindflayer could easily top, creating multiple copies of 
herself and swapping with them to confuse you, and laying very visible 
paralysis  traps on the floor.

Just hide behind a pillar and  fire arrows at her for major damage, and any 
idols that have their own health bars are just copies. Keep switching targets 
until you hit the real thing.

Brave adventurers can run up with a sword and end the fight even quicker, if 
you look out for the traps.

Overall, no one should have trouble with this boss, not after the hell that 
was King Allant.

              *** “Then I saw her face, now I'm a believer!” ***

Grab the [Traditional Soldier's Soul], take your stress out on the prisoners 
wandering about, hug the wall on the right of the altar, grab the baby's nail 
behind it, then head to the altar and watch yourself get abducted by Gargoyles.


Head up the stairs to find the [Doll Demon's Soul], and head back to the Nexus 
for now.

                       The Tower of Latria 3-2 [TOL2] 

Head down the pathway, and towards the flame. A gargoyle will approach you, 
but don't be alarmed, they're weaker than they look.

Grab the [Renowned Hero's Soul] on the end of the broken bridge.

Head down the only safe path, and look out for the Gargoyle on the left; It's 
not a statue. It's skittish, so you can whip out your bow while it flies back. 
Don't forget to grab the [Fresh Spice : 6] from the remains there. Before you 
go too far down the path, whip out your bow, look up and snipe the gargoyle in 
the air up ahead.

Head inside to see some kind of huge heart, beating away. Groovy.

Head right, past the passageway, and you'll find some [Old Spice : 2] behind 
some jars. Go through the passageway now, and you'll see a 
[Splinter of Moonlight : 1] at the end of it. Turn around, and you'll see a 
path to the left, on the outside of the building blocked by jars. Smash 
through to earn yourself a [Renowned Hero's Soul]. As you head down, look out 
for the Gargoyle that will rush you. To your right will be a blocked passage, 
head into it, and a gargoyle with a crossbow (CG) will take aim at you. Shoot 
it out of the air, and take the right, smashing through those pots to grab a 
[Renowned Hero's Soul]. Follow the path for a few 
[Splinter of Moonlightstone : 2] and a [Chunk of Moonlightstone : 1] at it's 

Head back up the path to the heart, and this time, take the stairs to the 
left. When you reach the top of the path, ready your bow, and take out the 
gargoyle in the air to the left. Get onto the path, and you should see another 
CG down the path waiting to be sniped.

There'll be another gargoyle you can snipe further down the passageway, beyond 
that one statue, and the gargoyle on the right pillar pretending to be a 
statue, obviously waiting for someone to use them for target practice.

Head through the fog gateway, and up the stairs. You'll eventually come across 
a lift, but you'll want to use it to get to the other side of the passage, to 
grab a [Stone of Ephemeral Eyes] at the end. Go back, take the lift, but 
beware the gargoyle that will attack you from the air on your right when you 
get off.

Keep heading upwards, to find 4 prisoners with flames shooting from their 
fingertips. I took all four of them out, and watched the cool cutscene of that 
chain getting removed.

The stairs above will also lead to a key that opens the cell to the 2nd  floor 
cells in 2-1.

Grab the [Renowned Soldier's Soul] and head down the path. There'll be some 
[Fresh Spice : 2] on the next stop, and when you head down, you'll have to 
take a jump. When you land, you'll see a [Splinter of Keystone] and the 
infamous Surt the Silent Chief, in his cage.

If you intend on playing a black tendency character, it's in your best 
interest to let Surt out, and let him come to the Nexus. 

If you're a pure white character, you may as well let him out, and kill him 
here and now, and grab his equipment, consisting of a [Gloom Helm], 
[Gloom Armor] [Gloom Gauntlet] and [Gloom Leggings], which are basically 
upgraded versions of the fluted armor, with comparable defense and weight, 
decent resistances and durability, in return for impaired stamina regen.

If you do intend on letting him out to roam the Nexus unchecked, just be aware 
that he WILL kill random NPC's, such as Yuria, or Boldwin and apparently in 
some odd cases, Stockpile Thomas too. Just keep that in mind.

Either way, you'll have to step into the cage Surt was in, to take you down to 
a swamp of... blood.
Like something out of a horror flick, you'll be attacked by some weird leech 
demons. Head up the path and to the right to grab a [Stone of Ephemeral Eyes] 
and then go left to grab a [Renowned Soldier's Soul].

Uh... Yeah. I'm too busy with work to finish the guide here, you'll have to 
find your own way.

Sorry. ;_;

                     *** BOSS WARNING : MANEATER [BME]***

This boss has 2 tactics, and one wild card.
It's first move, will usually be a ground based attack, with slow swiping 
attacks, and a quick lunge if you're too far for it to swipe at you. 

Tactic #2 is to fly into the sky, and fire a blast of energy at you. Keep 
rolling, and you'll be fine.

It's wild card, is the snake it has for a tail. It makes the damn thing go 
berserk, powering up it's attacks, and attack speed, turning it into a pain 
train on the ground, and a carpet bomber in the sky.

When it's first on the ground, just slash it's tail off, and you'll be fine. 
It'll take a load of damage, and Strong adventurers, or a full party, can kill 
it before it takes off into the sky.

There'll be a second one in a little while, so it's best not to dally with 
killing the first one.

                *** Fly, my pretties! Fly! Eehehehehe! ***

Grab your [Mixed Soul] and head back to the nexus for anything you need, 
then head up the stairs, through the leech things, and the 2 black phantom 
Mindflayers to make your way to the...

                    *** BOSS WARNING : OLD MONK [BOM]***

About a quarter of the way up the stairs... You'll watch a cool cutscene where 
the Old Monk summons a Black Phantom to do his dirty work.

After the Old Monk's untimely demise, the Black phantom will either be an AI, 
or a Black Phantom Pker that was forcefully summoned to be the boss of this 

As the equipment and skills of players wildly varies, there's no way for me to 
recommend an effective way to fight back. Using magic is a great idea, and 
using a spell to suppress spellcasting is an even batter one, as the monk's 
headdress usually upgrades the BP's spell power, while downgrading their spell 

In any case, when you first enter the room, if it's not immediately visible in 
front of you, ROLL FORWARDS ASAP. Chances are they're just as crafty as I am, 
hiding to the right or left of the entrance, and as you step in, we'll run you 
through with our Demonbrandt. 

Sorry. And good luck.

*** Psycho killer, Quest que cest? Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa far better. ***

After dispatching the BP, grab the soul, and head to the next stage...

                        Shrine of Storms 4-2 [SOS1] 

Not more that 10 paces from where you spawned, and you'll already have pissed
off one of the locals. Those with bows, or magic can make short work of the 
white skeleton (WS), but be sure to watch out for their rolling attack.

For the rest of us with swords and shields, just block till it stands up, 
and then slash the unliving daylights out of it. 2hd-ers and other "crush"
weapon wielders will have an easier time beating the heck out of these 

Just ignore Satsuki over there, as he's just a jerk.

Up the stairs, you'll also be able to find another WS up the stairs, with an
Archer Skeleton (AS) further ahead. Just quickly dispatch the WS, and the 
AS, then get ready for the next 2 WS at the top of the stairs.

I recommend leading them down the stairs a bit, as there are 2 AS on the 
structure up ahead.

The 2 as can be easily shot down, with that small cliff as cover from 
their magical arrows.

As soon as you enter the courtyard through that Fog Gateway, I'm sure 
you'll spot the demon from the beginning, the Vanguard.

Before charging in , try casting spells, or launching arrows at it's face 
from a safe distance. You should be able to kill it while it stands there, 
oblivious to your shots.

From it's corpse, you'll be able to grab a [Grey Demon's Soul].

Head back to the fog gate, and take a left turn.

If you look at the ground, you'll see an obvious trap in front of you.

the quick can just roll over and activate it, then run through the tunnel 
and out of the way of the 3 arrows. Those with shields, can block all 3 
arrows with little difficulty.

Either way, go up the stairs, dispatch the WS, and run past where those 2 AS'
were standing, and go down the stairs on the other side of the bridge.

Hit the trap and run back to the stairs, then grab the key from the 
corpse there.


                   *** BOSS WARNING : ADUDICATOR [BAD]***

This boss's weakness seems to be his head, which can be hit with arrows, or 

I suggest getting to the bottom as soon as possible, as his sweeping tongue 
attacks can reach any and all corners up top, dealing some hefty damage to the 
lightly armored.

Once you do get down, it's slow slash and tongue attacks should be easy enough 
to dodge with a simple side roll. Just keep firing on it's head, and you'll 
kill it in no time.

Before you leave look left and grab the [Traditional Soldier's Soul] sitting 
there. You'll receive a [Swollen Demon's Soul] from the archstone.

                      *** “The bigger they are...” ***

                        Shrine of Storms 4-2 [SOS2]

Head down the stairs, whip out your bow, and get rid of any stingrays you feel 
like killing. Then look to the outside of each set of stairs to find a 
[Stone of Ephemeral Eyes], and a [Traditional Soldier's Soul], then head down 
the next set of stairs behind you. You'll find some [Soul Remains : 3], and 
Graverobber Bilge, with some nice new stuff for sale.

Keep going down, and trigger the trapdoor to watch a cutscene to see the Grim 
Reaper summoning ghosts of some sort.


Turn to your left to grab some poisoned throwing [Kunai : 11], then return to 
the center of the path to snipe the Reaper.

This will in turn get rid of the remaining ghosts in the room, and net you 
roughly 6k in souls, making this a prime spot for soul farming if you're 
running a little low.

After cheating death, head down the stairs on the far right side of the room, 
and start picking up the items here. Among them is a 
[Splinter of Darkmoonstone], [Full Moon Grass : 2], [Unknown Soldiers Soul].

You'll see some augite of guidance on the floor leading to Patches, back to 
his graverobbing ways again!

He'll tell you to look down a pit filled with treasure, and BAM!

Down you go, tricked by that bald son of a gun.

You'll see Saint Urbain down there, who will tell you of a Black Phantom 
guarding the only way out of the room. Once again, the bow comes in handy, as 
it does nothing to react to an archer it can't see on the other side of the 

Pick up the [Splinter of Darkmoonstone : 2], [Cresent Moon Grass : 3] 
scattered about the room, then the [Chunk of Darkmoonstone : 3] and 
[Stone of Ephemeral Eyes]  off the corpse of the BP, then head through that 

There'll be an [Unknown Soldier's Soul] on the way up too.

You'll activate a trap on the top which opens a door that'll lead you to 
Patches, who quickly attempts to  bargain his way out of the situation with a 
[Ring of Gash Resistance].

Kill him or not, leave the room, and head to the other side of the stairs in 
the main room here, and follow the stairs inside upwards, and past another 
[Unknown Soldier's Soul]. At the top of this path will be a soul containing 
another [Stone of Ephemeral Eyes], but there'll be a trap in your way.

Step on the switch, and just step back down the stairs calmly to evade it.

Head back to the grim reapers original position where he summoned those 
ghosts, and activate the switch behind the altar if you haven't already. It'll 
open the next door to the outside. You'll need quite a bit of lead to shoot 
them down, but I truly suggest getting rid of those flying rays in the sky. 
Their magic will make the next part annoyingly tough.

There'll be 2 skeleton and a SA at the next flat part of the path to the 
right, so you should try to draw the two skeletons one at a time with either 
magic or a bow, to avoid getting overwhelmed. Once you've wiped out all three, 
you can draw one of the two golden skeletons up ahead with the same trick, 
eliminating them one at a time.

Grab the [Traditional Soldier's Soul] and head through the Fog Gateway. You'll 
find a [Soul Remains : 2]. In the next room, there'll be a couple odd ghost 
firing an eye beam in a wide sweep. Keep rolling at it till it's done beaming, 
kill it fast, or fire arrows at it, then grab the [Traditional Soldier's Soul] 
and head downstairs. Kill the next beamer, then keep your guard up. 

If you hear giggling, then roll, fast!

There'll be a female ghost about to backstab you. Kill it, then quickly kill 
the reaper nearby. This will get rid of most of the other ghosts, but the 
female ones will remain.

Head down the stairs, and to the right to grab those items, but do a roll 
again, as there will be two female spirits hiding there. The items are only 
[Crescent Moon Grass : 2], but at least the souls are worth it. Head through 
the Fog Gateway, and quickly run down the pathway, as you'll have flying rays 
taking potshots at you.

Once you're inside, follow the pathway, through the spirit standing there, and 
keep moving till you seee a beam spirit. Kill it with a long ranged attack, 
then run in and kill the Reaper hiding next to the wall beside it, before it 

You'll find a [Traditional Soldiers Soul] on this path, and at the end of 
you'll enter a room with large slugs and odd moving, explosive lights. 

Avoid those lights, for those who weren't quick enough to grasp the 
“Explosive” part.

The slugs drop varying pieces of suckerstone , and sticky white stuff, so 
they're worth killing, but watch out for their poisonous spray. You can drop 
down to the right to grab a piece of [Sticky White Stuff : 2], then head up 
the path to grab the [Traditional Soldier's Soul] on the altar. There's also a 
[Shard of Darkmoonstone], a [Ronin's Ring], a [Traditional Soldier's Soul] and 
the [Gripless] katana.

Heat to the tunnel at the end of this room, and through the Fog Gateway at the 
end of it to meet... 

                   *** BOSS WARNING: THE OLD HERO [BOH] ***

Grab the [Legendary Soldier's Soul] in front of you, get ready to watch a cool 

The Old Hero is blind, so you'll be able to sneak around, firing arrows into 
his back while he flails about looking for you. The Thief's ring also comes in 
pretty handy, making him less likely to find you.

If he does get too close, just keep rolling away, and hide behind one of the 
After he's dead, look about for some [Toad Eye Arrow : 31], 
[Full Moon Grass : 3] and don't forget to grab the [Hero's Demon's Soul]

                     *** “He never saw that coming.” ***

Head back to the Nexus, and get yourself ready for another battle.

                   *** BOSS WARNING : STORM KING [BSK] ***

Now, directly to your left, is the most important thing in this battle.

No, It's not an item, it's that boulder.

This is your safe spot. Run back here when things get too hot, because nothing 
in this stage will run/fly this far to attack you. 

Now, towards the end of the cape, you'll see a large set of rocks jutting out 
of the ground. Make a mad dash to the end of that cape, and there will be a 
blade called the [Storm Bringer] thrust into the rock. Run back to the safe 
place before you get speared to death, and take a breather.

Now lock on the the closest manta, and swing the blade. The massive shockwave 
created by the Storm Bringer will kill anything under it's massive slash, 
meaning you now have a way to fight back, assuming the target is within 25 ft 
of you.

Keep killing manta's until the Storm Ruler flies in.

Run back to your safe place, until it's attack is finished, then run out and 
use the shockwave to strike it twice.

Rinse, repeat, and you'll be done in no time.

                  *** “My drill will pierce the heavens!” ***

There's a few [Traditional Soldier's Soul Scattered about the stage, along 
with a set of [Toad-Eye Arrows : 11] in a broken house, a 
[Stone of Ephemeral Eyes] behind a rock, and 3 sparkling gecko's.

Head to the archstone to collect your [Storm Demon's Soul], and 
[Pure Cloudstone], and back to the Nexus to prepare for your foray into the 
Valley of Defilement.

                       Valley of Defilement 5-1 [VD1]

Head up the planks to your left, and when you reach the top, watch out for the 
collapsing floor. Kill the goblin, and take the path to the right to get 
yourself a [Renowned Hero's Soul]. Break through the boards ahead and kill the 
spear goblin (SG).  Keep going, and kill the two goblins ahead of you, then 
look left, and jump down to grab the soul containing a [Morning Star]. Turn to 
your left, and jump down to the next platform to operate the piece of wood 
standing upright, to make a bridge.

Grab the [Talisman of God], and the [Widow's Lotus : 2] on the other side, and 
kill the 6 goblins there. Head down the ramp and grab the 
[Unknown Hero's Soul], and kill the goblin on the bridge below. As you 
might've noticed, some corpses are actually goblins pretending to be dead. 
You'll pass over one for now, and as soon as you kill the SG on the bridge, 
you'll be attacked by one up front and one behind.

Move forward, and 3 more will attack you.

Now, up ahead, and there'll be a ladder, but I usually just drop down instead.

Kill the 2 goblins, then the two SG ahead. There is a shortcut to your left, 
to drop down to the next section, but just ignore that for now and head 
through the Fog Gateway.

There'll be a [Royal Lotus : 3] to your left before you head down. At the 
bottom, there'll be one goblin up and about, but after you attempt to grab the 
[Unknown Hero's Soul] and [Splinter of Faintstone : 1] in the bushes, 2 more 
goblins will ambush you. Head across the bridge, and kill the goblin to your 
right, then go left, and get rid of the SG there. You'll find a corpse with a 
saint equip set, [Saint's Robe], [Saint's Gloves], [Saint's Boots] and a 
[Stone of Ephemeral Eyes]. Look out for the goblin that ambushes you here.

Head back to the other side, and attack the large bloated bug in your way, but 
keep back, as the blood mist it releases is poisonous. Head down, and you'll 
see a Filthy Woman selling some useful items, among which is a Talisman of 
God. Better buy one extra so you can trade it for a Colorless Demon soul at 

Head down, but watch out for the plague inducing rats down there. You'll also 
find a [Crescent Moon Grass : 1] here too. I'd try to kill the Large Goblin 
(LG) with ranged attacks, but running up and killing him is good too. Just 
watch out for his powerful club, and boulders dropped on you from above.

Remember that shortcut I mentioned a while back? Now might be a good time to 
go back and try it, now that everything that is going to surprise you is dead. 

Take a leap of faith, right into that pile of bushes below, Assassins Creed 
style. When you land, two goblins will ambush you, and two more will come 
running. Kill em all, and grab the nearby Stone of Ephemeral Eyes. When you 
near the bridge ahead, you may get ambushed by another goblin, so be alert. 
You'll find some [Traditional Soldier's Soul : 2] in this area, and a 
[Blessed Mace +1] under a bug.

Watch out for the other 2 goblins that will ambush you. Drop the bridge, and 
move past where you first saw that Large Goblin.

There'll be 2 SG and 2 normal ones there. Head up, and kill the 3 bugs, and 
there'll be 2 SG on the bridge, and a LG on the other side.

Head down, and under that last ramp, you'll find a [Full Moon Grass : 3].

Head through the Fog Gateway to fight... 

                  *** BOSS WARNING : LEECHMONGER [BLM] ***

Another easy boss battle as the Leechmonger's ranged and even melee attacks do 
little damage, but do annoy you by slowing your movement. Archers and mages 
can sit on the platform we all stepped in on, while melee characters can go 
toe to toe with little trouble.

Nothing notable about this boss, other than the items around it in the swamp. 
[Cresent moon Grass : 20] [Splinter of Faintstone : 2] [Chunk of Faintstone] 
and [Splinter of Faintstone : 2], behind some boards.

                    *** Ew. Now I got the cooties... ***

Follow the swamp to get to the archstone, to receive your [Wriggling Demons 
Soul] and proceed to 5-2.

                   +++ Valley of Defilement 5-2 [VD2] +++

First, poison resistance, and poison healing items are a must in this next 

[Unknown Hero's Soul]

Follow the candlelights. Along the islands, avoiding combat as any amount of 
exposure in the swamp will heighten your chance of poisoning.

[Royal Lotus : 3] [Unknown Hero's Soul] 

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