1. Hirokazu Akino 2D Graphic Design
  2. Tsutomu Fujishiro 2D Graphic Design
  3. Mika Hasegawa 2D Graphic Design
  4. Ei Honda 2D Graphic Design
  5. Sachie Ito 2D Graphic Design
  6. Takashi Kasahara 2D Graphic Design
  7. Kouta Morinaga 2D Graphic Design
  8. Shouji Nakajima 2D Graphic Design
  9. Yuto Nishioka 2D Graphic Design
  10. Miho Ono 2D Graphic Design
  11. Masanori Goto 3D Graphic Design
  12. Haruhiko Honma 3D Graphic Design
  13. Shinya Ikeda 3D Graphic Design
  14. Marie Kadohira 3D Graphic Design
  15. Takahiro Kawashima 3D Graphic Design
  16. Kozo Maeda 3D Graphic Design
  17. Yasutaka Matsubara 3D Graphic Design
  18. Hiroyuki Okazawa 3D Graphic Design
  19. Shigeki Osaka 3D Graphic Design
  20. Toru Sasaki 3D Graphic Design
  21. Takayuki Sugimura 3D Graphic Design
  22. Wataru Inata Design
  23. Masahiro Miki Design
  24. Eiichi Nakajima Executive Producer
  25. Eiichi Nakajima Executive Producer
  26. Hisao Yamada Lead 2D Graphic Designer
  27. Nozomi Shiba Lead 3D Graphic Designer
  28. Masato Miyazaki Lead Graphic Designer
  29. Makoto Satoh Lead Graphic Designer
  30. Takashi Nakamura Lead Planner
  31. Jun Ito Lead Programmer
  32. Yuko Hanami Programming
  33. Makoto Hasegawa Programming
  34. Junpei Ide Programming
  35. Yutaka Ito Programming
  36. Takehiro Kakizawa Programming
  37. Motoki Kawakami Programming
  38. Akito Kiriyama Programming
  39. Shin Kosaka Programming
  40. Tomonari Kuramochi Programming
  41. Yusuke Matsuura Programming
  42. Takashi Murakami Programming
  43. Cheongju Na Programming
  44. Keisuke Nagata Programming
  45. Kenji Okuta Programming
  46. Hiroki Omae Programming
  47. Fumitoshi Takahashi Programming
  48. Koichirou Takita Programming
  49. Hideki Toyota Programming
  50. Motohiro Tsuzuki Programming
  51. Isao Wada Programming
  52. Tetsuya Yamamoto Programming
  53. Takanori Yokoyama Programming
  54. Kazue Hiraide System Design
  55. Shinichiro Nishida System Design
  56. Masaki Saito System Design
  57. Mike Carter Voice Actor: Biorr of the Twin Fangs
  58. Matt Morgan Voice Actor: Crestfallen Warrior
  59. Josh Cohen Voice Actor: Garl Vinland/Prince Allant
  60. Rupert H. Evans Voice Actor: Graverobber Blige
  61. Peter Marinker Voice Actor: King Allant
  62. Evetta Muradasilova Voice Actor: Maiden in Black
  63. Hannah McBride Voice Actor: Mephistopheles
  64. Nikki McKenzie Voice Actor: Narrator
  65. Chris Fairbank Voice Actor: Old King Doran
  66. William Vanderpuye Voice Actor: Patches the Hyena
  67. Mike Harbour Voice Actor: Sage Freke the Visionary
  68. Clare Corbett Voice Actor: Saint Astraea
  69. Jon Keeble Voice Actor: Saint Urbain
  70. Jonathan Kydd Voice Actor: Scirvir the Wanderer
  71. Aditi Tanna Voice Actor: The Monumental
  72. Jenny Funnel Voice Actor: Yuria the Witch
  73. Brendan Donnison Voice Casting
  74. Brendan Donnison Voice Direction

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