How to get magic?

  1. I just need to know where to find the magic spells. THEN which spells should i learn?

    User Info: evilmetsfan

    evilmetsfan - 9 years ago
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    Ok I'll answer my own question. In world 3-1 near the end of the stage you find a key , in a spiraling tower, to free Sage Freke. Sage Freke is in one of the jail cells that requies a special key on the 3rd floor of the jail. Once you free him, he gives you an item and returns to the nexus. Where he will teach you spells.

    User Info: evilmetsfan

    evilmetsfan - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. This game has two types of spells which is Magic and Miracles. You are able to obtain Miracle spells from the NPC sitting behind one of the pillars behind the Blacksmith at Nexus. It will only be made available once your Faith stat is at least 10. You'll be able to get advanced Miracle spells once you've rescued Saint Urbain at the second area of Shrine of Storms (4-2).

    The same goes with Magic spells. It will only be made available once your Magic stat is at least 10. The NPC is located at around the same place as the Miracle NPC except that it's on the opposite side of the Blacksmith instead. There'll be advanced Magic spells once you've rescued Sage Freke at the first area of the Tower of Latria (3-1). There'll also be another NPC except that spells are considered as witchcraft instead which you'll only get after rescuing Yuria the witch from the third area of Boletarian Palace (1-3).

    The thing about advanced spells and witchcraft are that they all require Demon souls i.e. the soul you obtained after you've defeated the boss of an area.

    Personally, I believe the Magic Spell Soul Arrow should be obtained first as it's very useful when going up against quite a number of the bosses especially against the Tower Knight for the second area of Boletarian Palace (1-2). Using Soul Arrow spell can kill the Tower Knight faster than using Bow and Arrows.

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Other Answers

  1. There are two different types of spells in the game. Miracles and Magic. Both miracle and magic vendors are in the Nexus. It's really easy to find them with a bit of walking around.
    For starter spells you should get one that heals you and an offensive spell to keep enemies at bay.
    For more info refer to the English wiki:

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