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Mount FAQ by Terraica

Version: Final | Updated: 09/26/07


Mount FAQ

by Terraica

Contact me at: 
terraica.mail @ gmail.com

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Hello. This is my first FAQ.


All of the information is correct for the Nintendo DS version.

It contains helpful information about the MOUNTS that are available in this 
game. 'What is a Mount?', you say, 'And why do I want one?' For answers to 
these questions and more, read on...

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Table of Contents

What is a Mount?.........................[vmz]*
How do I get a Mount?....................[khb]
What is Training?........................[ufg]
What's the best Mount for me?............[pwj]
Legalese and Outtro......................[xcr]

*To quickly find a topic, use the Edit-Find (usually CTRL-F) funtion available 
on most web browsers, and enter the gibberish found in the brackets to the 
right. That should send you right to it.

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What is a Mount?

In the world of PUZZLE QUEST: CHALLENGE OF THE WARLORDS, a Mount is an animal 
that you can capture, ride, and train. This creature will provide a boost to 
your stats, and will give you access to a new spell that you can use in battle. 
There are eight different Mounts in the game. For more information on all of 
the Mounts, see the 'What is the best Mount for me?' section (Search for pwj).

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How do I get a Mount?

In order to capture a Mount, you must first have the ability to capture foes. 
To capture, you need to build a Dungeon in your Citadel. Having a Dungeon
allows you to capture any enemy that you have beaten in battle at least 3 
times. When you have beaten them enough, the next time you start a battle with 
them, it will give you the choice to Cancel, FIGHT!, or Capture. You'll want to 
click on Capture. (Note that you don't receive the option to Capture when using 
the Instant Action, or Choose Opponent options from the Single Player menu. You 
can only choose to capture at the start of in-game battles.)

Once you click on Capture, it will take you to a new battle screen. This battle 
is unlike a regular battle. It is a puzzle. The goal is to completely clear the 
screen of gems using only legal battle moves. Some of these puzzles are more 
difficult than others, but solutions to all are available on GameFAQs.com .

After you have succeeded in capturing a Mount, all you need to do is select 
your Mount from the Mount section of your inventory. Your first Mount may be 
selected automatically.

You can change mounts at any time in the Mount section of your inventory.

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What is Training?

Training your Mount gives you additional stats increases when using that Mount. 
For example, if you are using a Giant Rat, he increases your Cunning skill by 
1, and an additional +1 for every 4 of his levels.  

In order to train your Mount, you need to build a Stables in your Citadel. 

Training involves fighting a battle against the Mount. This is just like a 
regular battle, only the turns have a time limit. If your time runs out, you 
take 5 damage and your turn ends. As the level of the Mount increases, the 
battle level you must beat to train him increases, and the time you have for 
each turn decreases. Once you have only a few seconds during which to make a 
move, training can get very difficult. 

If your Mount is trained to the highest level you can manage at the present 
moment, you can always return to your Citadel later, to train some more.

One Training strategy is to equip all Mirror equipment, so that your Mount will 
take damage even when he damages you. This makes things easier when the turns 
get short.

According to the PUZZLE QUEST instruction manual, it is possible to avoid lower 
level enemies once your Mount is at a sufficiently high level.

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What's the best Mount for me?

Below is a list of every Mount available in PUZZLE QUEST: CHALLENGE OF THE 
WARLORDS and their respective stat and spell enhancements.

A note on LOCATION: The listed location is where on the map the enemy will 
repeatedly appear, though they may not appear there constantly. You may also 
fight them during the main story, or during sidequests.

A note on SPEED: All Mounts have a speed (Slow, Average or Fast) that 
determines how much in-game time passes while you are travelling around 
the map. A faster speed allows new enemies to pop up on the map less 
often, while a slow speed gives more time for conquered cities to fill 
their coffers with money for you. A Slow Mount is actually slower than 
walking. I don't know what effect (if any) Flying has on the game.

A note on SPELL COST: The spells granted by the Mount are listed below, 
including the cost to cast the spell. The abbreviations are G=Green, R=Red, 
Y=Yellow and B=Blue. Example: A cost of Rx17 Bx2 means the spell requires 17 
Red Mana and 2 Blue Mana to cast. 

And now, THE LIST, in order of level:

Name: Giant Rat
Location: Between Gallia and Maethelburg
Speed: Slow
Stat Change: Increases Cunning skill by 1 plus 1 per 4 Mount levels.
Spell Name: Rabid Bite
Spell Cost: Gx12 Bx9
Spell Effect: Does 4 poins of damage and causes Disease on your enemy for 
	      5 turns plus one additional turn for every 5 Blue Mana.

Name: Giant Spider
Location: Between Enmouth and Elenia
Stat Change: Increases Battle skill by 1 plus 1 per 3 Mount levels.
Spell Name: Web
Spell Cost: Gx12 Yx18
Spell Effect: Your enemy loses a turn, plus one more turn for every 12 of 
	      your Yellow Mana.

Name: Wolf
Location: Between Elenia and The Trarg, The Trarg and Barthel
Speed: Fast
Stat Change: Increases Water Mastery by 1 plus 1 per 3 Mount levels.
Spell Name: Howl
Spell Cost: Rx9 Yx12
Spell Effect: Adds +4 to Green Mana and causes Fear (which reduces the value 
              of all skills by 50%) for 5 turns, plus one more turn for every 
	      5 of your Yellow Mana.

Name: Scorpion
Location: Between Blood Moon and Bone Head
Speed: Slow
Stat Change: Increases Earth Mastery by 1 plus 1 per 3 Mount levels.
Spell Name: Hide
Spell Cost: Gx7 Yx4 Bx7
Spell Effect: Adds +100% to damage until you receive damage.

Name: Griffon
Location: Between Gildor and Agarian Pass
Speed: Fast, Flying
Stat Change: Increases Air Mastery by 2 plus 1 per 2 Mount levels.
Spell Name: Death Dive
Spell Cost: Rx9 Yx13
Spell Effect: Does 3 points of damage to enemy, +1 damage for every 
	      Yellow Gem in play.

Name: Wyvern
Location: Between Northern Kor and Dragon Valley
Speed: Average, Flying
Stat Change: Increases Battle skill by 2 plus 1 per 2 Mount levels.
Spell Name: Rend
Spell Cost: Gx9 Rx3 Yx9
Spell Effect: Does 5 points of damage to your enemy. Your turn doesn't end.

Name: Sandworm
Location: Between White Skull and Bone Head
Speed: Slow
Stat Change: Increases Earth Mastery by 2 plus 1 per 2 Mount levels.
Spell Name: Swallow Whole
Spell Cost: Gx30 Rx7 Yx7
Spell Effect: Does 4 points of damage to enemy, plus 1 for each one 
	      of the enemy's Green Mana, unaffected by battle.

Name: Dragon Spider
Location: Between Dragon Valley and Dragonrealm
Speed: Slow
Stat Change: Increases Fire Mastery by 2 plus 1 per 2 Mount levels.
Spell Name: Breathe Fire
Spell Cost: Rx37 Yx15
Spell Effect: Does one point of damage for every point of your Red Mana. 
	      Reduces your Red Mana to zero.

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Legalese and Outtro		

If you find any errors in this document, or know of any related information 
that I have missed, please contact me at terraica.mail @ gmail.com . Your 
help is appreciated.

This FAQ was written for http://www.gamefaqs.com .

Thank you to DarkLightEternal for letting me know what Fear does. I had no clue.

Thank you to Minor Annoyance, for the beautiful World Map he has created. It 
was very helpful for finding Location info for this FAQ.

A BIG HUGE thank you to Infinite Interactive Pty. Ltd., D3Publisher of America, 
Inc., 1st Playable Productions and Nintendo, for their parts in the creation 
and distribution of this fantastic game. Thank you!

And thank you to YOU, for reading my FAQ. 

The end.

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