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FAQ/Walkthrough by Uber_Moogle

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/22/07

by Uber Moogle v1.0



Copyright 2007 

Only GameFAQs is allowed to host this FAQ. If it is seen elsewhere please
notify me yesterday.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
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Hello there! This FAQs primary purpose is to provide helpful information about
PUZZLE QUEST: cHALLENGE OF THE WARLORDS. This guide covers each quest and 
sidequest and how to unlock everything in the game, and deal with those pesky
bosses! This guide will NOT show you how to play (see the game's tutorial),
but it will tell you useful and important information. Problems? Expressions
of joy? Death threats? Post to me on the DS Puzzle Quest message boards.


This guide is split into 4 parts, based on the four realms/cutscenes in the

PART 1 - The Agarian Realm
PART 2 - The Kor Realm
PART 3 - The Realms of War
PART 4 - The Realm of Death

Quest Guide Legend:
! Main Quest: These must be done in order.
? Sidequest: These are optional, but provide gold, EXP, and other stuff...
B Boss
* notes and info

If there is no * for a quest, assume it only provides gold and EXP.

Companion Quests: these quests can only be done with the required companions.
D Darkhunter
E Elistara
K Khalkus
F Flicker
P Patch
R Drong
S Princess Selentine
U Sunspear
W Winter

PART 1 - The Agarian Realm
Bartonia, Homeland of the Agarian Knights
! Family Reunion
  * You get the Broken Shield (10% chance of preventing 1 damage when dealt
   2+ damage) for completing this quest. 
! Practice Dummy (repeatable until after The Missive)
! Advanced Combat (repeatable until after The Missive)
! The Missive
  * This quest will be completed with either success or failure, with a 
   different conversation for each. You get a longsword (+4 to Battle) for
   completing this quest. 
! Rogue Skeleton
  ? Beneath Gildor
    * You get the Rat King's Helm (+3 to gold when you match blue gems) for
     completing this quest.
  ? Patrol Duty (repeatable)
  ? Spider Bait
  ? Bats in the Belfry (level 6)
  ? Father and Son (level 11)
    * You get Erik's Bow (+1 damage plus an additional +1 for each 5 character
     levels) for completing this quest. Hang on to this.
  ? Ogre Twins (level 11)
! Darkhunter
  * Starting this quest unlocks Gallia.

Gallia, Citadel of the Borderlands
! Helping Hand
  * Starting this quest unlocks Drakenburg sidequests.
! The Prisoner
  * You have a choice here. Releasing the necromancer will result in him
   giving you Sir Ector's Sword (50% chance a random skull appears after 
   matching purple stars). This Sword is needed for the alternate ending!
   Bringing him to the Riverguard gets you some gold. Afterwards, Darkhunter 
   will join your party (10 damage against undead at start of combat).
  ? Troll Trouble

Bartonia, Revisited
! Rescue Mission (level 8)
  ? Imperial Message
    * Completing this quest unlocks Enmouth sidequests.
    ? Knightly Orders (unlocked by Imperial Reply)
      * You can join any one of the five houses. Each one gives a different 
       stat bonus. Bartonia gives you +2 to Battle, Siria gives you +3 to 
       Morale, Theiria gives you +2 to Fire Mastery, Gildor gives you +2 to
       Cunning, and Elenia gives you +2 to Earth Mastery.
! None Shall Pass
    * Completing this quest unlocks Silvermyr sidequests. Make sure you equip 
     the Lichebane Charm Darkhunter gives you. You don't get to keep it 
     though -_-
! Dwarven Caravan
  * Starting this quest unlocks Dhun-Kor. Khalkus will join your party 
   (+10 Battle against constructs) after the first fight.
  B - Dugog (Boss)
    * This guy is easily the hardest boss in the game, given your low level. 
     His extra head gives him an extra turn EVERY time he gains gold, so keep 
     it away at all costs. Try to keep red and yellow mana away as well, 
     because Double Roar can easily be a knockout blow. I STRONGLY suggest an 
     Ultimate Troll Ring for this battle. You get Dugog's Axe (20% chance of
     +12 damage when you line up skulls) for winning. If damage is an issue,
     try to pick up a Firewalker's Staff, Black Staff, or a Holy or Unholy 
     Lance from the shops.

Dhun-Kor, Capital of the Dwarves
! Good Tidings

Drakenburg, City by the Sea
  ? Dragonsearch
  ? Stolen Catapult (level 7) (repeatable)
    * This quest is great for gathering a little extra cash at this point in
     the game. You get 200 gold per run.
  ? Storms at Sea (level 15)

Enmouth, City of the Selentine Empire
  ? Slavers
    * Completing this quest gets you the Medal of Selentine (doubles all
     experience earned in combat).
    ? The Marriage
      * Returning the Princess to Bartonia gets you 2000 Gold(!), plus she
       joins you (+10 Battle against Good characters). Bringing her to the 
       Trarg pretty much gives you squat (50 Gold and EXP) and the Princess
       doesn't join you...
    ? Imperial Reply
      * This is the only time Imps appear! Capture one before going back to 
       Bartonia if you want one. Completing this quest unlocks Knightly 
       Orders in Bartonia.
    ? Harpy Infestation (repeatable)

Silvermyr, Wood Elf Sanctuary
  ? Lord of the Swamp


PART 2 - The Kor Realm

Dhun-Kor, Capital of the Dwarves
! Tribal Chaos
  ? Slave Caravan
  K Dwarven Heirloom
    * You have a choice here. Keeping the heirloom gives you a relic, but you
     won't be able to do it while Khalkus is in the party. Returning the 
     heirloom gives you the title of Dwarf-Friend (+2 Morale).
! Lord of Orcs 
  * Starting this quest unlocks Grullkar sidequests.
  ? The Sting
  ? The Worm Turns
! Ogre Tactics 
  D Distant Rumor 
! Ogre Magic 
  * Starting this quest unlocks Gluk sidequests.
! War Council
! The Gobshooter
! Grullkar
  B - Grullkar (Boss)
    * Way easier than Dugog, just wail on him with your best moves. Watch out
     for his Headbutt. He has a Greataxe, so he can lay on the hurt with 
     several skull matches in a row. You get Grullkar's Shield (+1 to battle 
     whenever you take 2+ damage) when you win.
! Dragontrap
  * Starting this quest unlocks the Dragonrealm.
  ? Incoming! (repeatable)
  D Seeking advice

Grullkar, center of the Orc Kingdom
  ? Reagent Hunt
  ? Tit for Tat
  ? Reassembly
    * You have a choice here. You can keep the Soultree Axe (+2 life points
     whenever you deal four or more damage), or return it to Neehi for EXP and
     and gold. The axe isn't great, IMO... Either choice will still allow you 
     to unlock the Antidote quest.
  ? Antidote (repeatable)
  ? Crazy Goblin (unlocked by Spider Meat)
    * Just keep finding him. You can keep the Relic of Ymorgia (+5 to earth
     mastery AND 5% earth resistance) or return it to the Ogre Magi for EXP
     and gold.

Gluk, city of the Ogre Magi
  ? Spider Meat 
    * Completing this quest unlocks Crazy Goblin in Grullkar.
    * You get the Ogreblood Helm (2% to fire resistance whenever an opponent
     casts a spell) for completing this quest.
  ? Troll Meat
    * You get the Trollblood Staff (2% to water resistance whenever an 
     opponent casts a spell) for completing this quest.
  ? Wyvern Meat
    * You get the Wyrmblood Stone (2% to air resistance whenever an opponent
     casts a spell)for completing this quest.
  ? Ogre Meat (gogo cannibalism ^_^)
    * You get the Earthblood Cloak (2% to earth resistance whenever an 
     opponent casts a spell) for completing this quest.
  ? Serpent Meat
    * No reward here, but Drong joins your party when you complete this quest 
     (10 damage against animals at start of combat).
  K First Gear (unlocked after War Council)
    * Completing this quest unlocks Second Gear in Silvermyr.

Silvermyr, Wood Elf Sanctuary
  K Second Gear (unlocked after First Gear)

Dragonrealm, Abandoned Roost of the Dragons
! Waking Kelthurax
  ? Flame Hunt
  ? Frost Hunt
  ? Swamp Hunt
    * These three quests must be completed to unlock More Hunting.
    ? More Hunting
    * Flicker joins your party when you complete this quest (10% air
     resistance against fliers).
! The Mechataur
  B - Mechataur (Boss)
    * Not hard at all. His Mechanical Axe ALWAYS gives him an extra turn 
     lining up skulls, so try not to leave too many on the board at one time.
     His Energize move isn't scary at all, he only gets back like 25HP and it 
     drains all his mana. Beating him gets you his Elemental Gem (+2 to each
     mana reserve for each full mana reserve you have.


PART 3 - The Realms of War

Horned Temple, Minotaur Shrine to Sartek
! Slave Trail
! Trial by Fire
  * Completing this quest gives you the title of Firewalker (+4 Fire Mastery)
   It also unlocks Third Gear in Dhun-Kor (if First and Second Gear are
  R Granite
! Horns of Sartek (93-94/101)
  * Starting this quest unlocks Tusk sidequests.
  ? Arioc Blockade
  ? Sacred Flame
  R Volcanic Rock
! Eye of Sartek (95/101)
  D Liandra's Offer
  ? Red-Axe
    * This quest unlocks Trial of the Wyvern in Tusk.
! Tail of Sartek (96/101)
  * Completing this quest unlocks Fourth Gear in Tusk.
  P Secret Message
    * Go to Enmouth, this quest doesn't have the sparkly thing.
    P Shotgun Wedding
! Tooth of Sartek (97/101)
  * Starting this quest unlocks Hyaan sidequests.
! Spine of Sartek (98/101)
! Ribs of Sartek (99/101)
! Crest of Sartek (100/101)
  * In order to enter Maethelburg, you must unselect Darkhunter from your 
   companions screen. Go to Gailia and reselect him when you are done.
! Skull of Sartek (101/101)
  * Starting this quest unlocks Ohtar.
  B - Minigoth (Boss)
    * This guy is a pain for Knights especially, as any time he gets a 4 or 5
     of a kind he destroys all purple stars. His earth Resistance is a pain as
     well. He has Charge!, Wake the Dead, and Flaming Skulls for spells, and 
     his Axe of Doom means any time he deals 3 or more damage, he destroys 
     ALL +5 Skulls! This is very dangerous after he casts Wake the Dead. 
     You get Minigoth's Armor (prevents 1 damage when you are dealt 2 or 
     more damage, and gives 15% Earth Resistance) when you win.

Dhun-Kor, Capital of the Dwarves
  K Third Gear

Tusk, City of the Minotaurs
  ? Endless War (repeatable)
  ? Gnoll Raiders
  ? Prized Helm
    * You get the Drowning Helm (+10 to starting blue mana) for completing
     this quest.
  ? The Invitations
    * Starting this quest unlocks Jarl's Keep and Jotun's Keep sidequests.
    * Completing this quest unlocks Age of Honor.
  U Age of Honor
  ? Trial of the Wyvern (unlocked by Red-Axe)
    ? Trial of the Worm
    ? Scorpion Trial
    ? Trial of Blood
      * You get the title of Master of Axe (+4 to Battle) and the 
       Axe of Red-Axe (+5 to starting red mana and 5% fire resistance, and 
       +2 damage when you deal 3+ damage) for completing this quest.
  K Fourth Gear (unlocked by Tail of Sartek)

Jarl and Jotun's Keeps
  ? Jarl's Hammer (2 damage when you get 2+ blue mana)
    ? Jotun's Helm (1% to fire resistance when you get 3+ red mana)
    ? Jarl's Cloak (+2 to blue mana when you get blue mana)
    ? Jotun's Boots (+1 to each other mana type when you get 2+ red mana)
    ? Brotherly Love
      * Completing this quest gets you all of the above equipment.

Hyaan, the Gnoll Village
  ? Gnoll in a Hole
    ? Gnoll Hunters
    ? Master Assassin
      * Patch will join you after this quest (20% chance of a backstab for
       25 damage).


PART 4 - The Realm of Death

Horned Temple, Minotaur Shrine to Sartek
  ? Fresh Eyes

Ohtar, Minigoth's Fortress
! Gornak's Gap
! Northern Tundra
  * Starting this quest unlocks Ylarie.

Ylarie, Ruined City of the High Elves
! Ylarie Defense
  D Liandra's Return
    B - Liandra (Boss)
      * Not really a boss, but is listed as such. She's basically an Arkliche
       with the Charm spell. Watch out for her fire resistance.
    D Ashes to Ashes
  ? Wolf Pack
  * Fighting the Doomknight unlocks Lost Cubs. Fighting the wolves prevents
   Winter from joining you later on.
! Skullguard Keep
  * You get the title of Skullguard (+2 to Battle) for completing this quest.
  S Imperial Legion
  P Patch's Hoard
    P Ill-Gotten Gains (in Hyaan)
    P+K The Vault
! The Future
  ? Royal Summons
    * Starting this quest unlocks Ehlariel.
  ? Blessings (unlocked after Royal Summons AND Lost Cubs???)
    * Winter will join your party after completing this quest (Halves
     starting mana of enemies with 15+ Fire Mastery).
  R Sandstone (unlocked after Children of Ragnar???)
    * Completing this quest unlocks Diamond in Ehlariel.
! Three Skulls
  * Starting this quest unlocks Bane's Citadel.
   These conversations vary greatly if you did or did not release the
   necromancer. Darkhunter will abandon your party if you did release the
   necromancer after completing this quest. Completing this quest unlocks
   Dragon in chains in Ylarie, and Dark Dealings and Spawn of Bane in 
  ? Bloodstone
    ? Dragontracks
    ? Condolences
      * Elistara will join you after completing this quest (10% water
       resistance against large creatures). 
    E+F Sign of Dragons
      * Completing this quest unlocks the Dragonrealm sidequests.
  U Seeking Death
    U A Worthy Foe
      * Sunspear will leave your party when you start this quest. His spirit
       will join you after completing this quest (+10 starting fire mana
       against minotaurs AND undead).
  F Dragon in Chains (unlocked by Three Skulls) 

Ehlariel, Citadel of the Ice Queen
  ? Beacon Fires (repeatable)
  ? Children of Ragnar
  ? Harpy Queen
  ? Ice Statues
  ? Elven Forge (unlocked by completing Royal Summons)
    K Fifth Gear
      * Starting this quest unlocks Kal-Ungar.
    ? Elven Captives
      ? The Baneguard
  ? Dark Dealings (unlocked by Three Skulls) 
  ? Spawn of Bane (unlocked by Three Skulls) 
Kal-Ungar, City of the Dark Dwarves
  K Assembly Required (unlocked by Fifth Gear)
    * You get the Shield of Albion (1% to air resistance whenever you gain
     3+ yellow mana) for completing this quest.

Dragonrealm, (Not so) Abandoned Roost of the Dragons
  ? Gold of Chilbain (repeatable)
  ? Gold of Morass (repeatable)
  ? Gold of Umbra (repeatable)

Bane's Citadel, Fortress of Lord Bane
! Follow the Sword
   You get the title of Immortality (+10 to Morale!) for completing this quest, 
   but it comes at a cost... This quest can be abandoned at any time before
   completion by returning to Bane's Citadel.
! Bane's Citadel
! The Final Battle
  * This conversation with Lord Bane is quite different if you completed 
   Follow the Sword...
  B - Lord Bane (Boss)
    * The Final Battle. Bane starts with 16% in ALL resistances, so spells are
     gonna be a pain. He has 4 spells, one for each color. Each one destroys
     all gems of a color and increases his Mastery by that much in that color.
     Not scary by itself, but it pumps the heck out of his gear...
       Bane's Crown: +1 to Battle, Cunning, and Morale for each 3 points of 
         Air Mastery.
       Bane's Cloak: 1% chance for each 3 points of Water Mastery of healing 
         10 Life Points each turn.
       Bane's Sword: +1 to damage for each 3 points of Fire Mastery whenever
         you deal 3+ damage.
       Bane's Shield: 1% to ALL resistances for each 3 points of Earth 
     The longer this battle goes the more it favors Bane. The shield and 
     cloak are the scariest, so try to keep fire and earth gems off the board.
     Keep matching skulls, and try to connect with spells.
     Good Luck!!!

Thanks to Infinite Interactive and D3 Publishing for this incredibly addictive

Copyright 2007 J. J. Kowalik

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders. All rights reserved.

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