Why can't I play any other instrument without using a microphone?

  1. When i am using a guitar. It says you must plug in a microphone in order to play this mode as a vocalist and it wont let me select any other instrument, and i don't have a mic to use to go any farther.

    User Info: ANBUAonE

    ANBUAonE - 12 years ago


  1. I think you might have another controller connected, cause you use a regular controller to play with the microphone, so if you have a control plugged in unplug it, hold the ps button on any ps3 controller and press turn off controller or unplug any usb devices that aren't the guitar

    User Info: jrsmaster411

    jrsmaster411 - 12 years ago 1   3
  2. You are probably using a Guitar Hero guitar. They don't work with Track Pack 2, since it uses the RB1 engine. Rock Band wasn't originally compatible with the GH guitars (blame which goes to Activision) until Harmonix released a patch for it. Strangely, they never patched RB:TP2 despite the fact that it is completely usable as a stand alone game. Anyway, if you ever get either Rock Band/2 and export the songs, the GH guitars will work after the game is patched.

    User Info: Vash67

    Vash67 - 11 years ago 1   4

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