What do you think of the ending of Shadow of the Damned?

  1. There are two theories on the internet about the true meaning behind the ending of Shadows of the Damned.

    1. The ending is a continuation of the storyline after they supposedly died.

    2. The ending is a prologue showing the events before Diana gets kidnapped.

    In my opinion both theories hold truth!

    Supposedly they died at the end. Where would they go?
    To hell for sure! (not because I don't like them but because it makes more sense to me)
    Also, they are already in hell so they won't have far to go, right ;)

    The library section in the game was also foreshadowing what happens to you in hell. Purgatory.
    Going threw the worst part of your last life over and over again. That's hell!
    The last part of Garcia's and Diana's life was what broke them - Garcia finally giving in to darkness for Paula and Paula going crazy over the torture she had to endure while waiting for Garcia and thus forcing Garcia to kill her.

    This also explains why there is no second playthrough.

    The ending shows both of them going through the last section of their life but without them forgetting the past events which makes it feel like a continuation of the story. Garcia doesn't mind because he doesn't regret dying for Diana and because he is where he wants to be, in hell (or in his case "heaven"), a place full of demons for him to kill.

    So the ending is the beginning of the game but in purgatory and with Fleming having all the upgrades (blue gems) from the past playthrough.

    Offering the possibility of a second playthrough is NOT something the developers left out because of time constraints but to emphasise the impact of the games ending. It also wouldn't have added anything to the story but playing a fairly easy game on a much easier setting with all the upgrades already unlocked.

    "But that's just a theory. My theory. Thanks for reading!"

    User Info: TaiKimya

    TaiKimya - 2 years ago

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