1. David Hego Art Director
  2. Nick Arundel Audio Director
  3. Anthony Lloyd Audio Programmer
  4. Lee Oliver Concept Artist
  5. Stephen Goss Design Manager
  6. Mary Jo Lang Foley Mixer
  7. Sefton Hill Game Director
  8. Tim Hanagan Lead AI Programmer
  9. Zafer Coban Lead Animator
  10. Andrew Coombes Lead Character Artist
  11. Paul Boulden Lead Cinematics Artist
  12. Ian Ball Lead Level Designer
  13. James Norman Mo-Cap Animator
  14. Nick Arundel Music
  15. Ron Fish Music
  16. Matt O'Driscoll Producer
  17. Gregory J. Hainer Sound Designer
  18. Jamie Walker Studio Director
  19. Ben Wyatt Technical Director
  20. Collette Sunderman Voice Director
  21. Duane Shepard Voice: Aaron Cash
  22. Wally Wingert Voice: Adrian Chen
  23. Fred Tatasciore Voice: Bane
  24. Kevin Conroy Voice: Batman/Bruce Wayne/Thomas Wayne
  25. Wally Wingert Voice: Bob Johnson
  26. Wally Wingert Voice: Gotham Cop
  27. Arleen Sorkin Voice: Harley Quinn
  28. Wally Wingert Voice: Henchman #8
  29. James Horan Voice: Jack Ryder
  30. Steven Jay Blum Voice: Killer Croc
  31. Wally Wingert Voice: Luke Curtis
  32. Dino Andrade Voice: Lunatic #1
  33. Wally Wingert Voice: Masked Guard
  34. Danny Jacobs Voice: Masked Guard #1
  35. Danny Jacobs Voice: Mr. Zsasz/Frank Boles
  36. Kimberly D. Brooks Voice: Oracle (Barbara Gordon)
  37. Cree Summer Voice: Penelope Young
  38. Tasia Valenza Voice: Poison Ivy/Martha Wayne
  39. Danny Jacobs Voice: Robert Stirling
  40. Mark Hamill Voice: The Joker
  41. Wally Wingert Voice: The Riddler
  42. Tom Kane Voice: Warden Sharp/Commissioner Gordon
  43. Dino Andrade Voice:The Scarecrow
  44. Paul Dini Writer

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