I'm stuck at the game data installing screen.how do I fix this?

  1. About two weeks ago ,I went on a vacation to Puerto Rico ,and bought batman arkham asylum goty preowned and batman arkham city goty . When I returned I wanted to play batman arkham asylum,but after an hour or so it was still installing .so I quit the game,deleted the game data and tried again. Then after a while it was still installing. So I quit,delete and try again, but still the same problem.then I decided to play batman arkham city,it had to install game data too,but after three minutes it was done.i noticed that arkham city needed 2 gb to install and arkham asylum 1.2 gb to install.i also noticed that the game never installed past 670 mb.i really want to play arkham asylum first and then arkham city. So did anyone have this problem to.then if they had ,how do you fix it ?

    User Info: rishano1

    rishano1 - 7 years ago

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