How do I get past? Search Arkham Mansion to find dr. youngs research notes before the joker

  1. i have looked all over the mansion there is one room i am unable to get to inthe library because of a security gate. Anyone know where i can find the research notes?

    User Info: mikeod3233

    mikeod3233 - 11 years ago

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  1. You probably did what I did, and didn't get scan for the fingerprints before saving the two guys in the Library. You'll need to go to the North corridor and find a location where you can scan for the fingerprints.

    User Info: cloud878

    cloud878 - 11 years ago 41   29


  1. After you scan Doctor Young's fingerprints in her office head to the library. Once there turn on Detective mode and go towards the bookshelf with Doc Youngs fingerprints on it. It will prompt you to open or investigate then a cinematic rolls. You have completed the objective.

    User Info: JokerFett

    JokerFett - 11 years ago 17   10
  2. Go to the bottom of the library where you saved the two guards earlier. You will notice that that Dr. Young's fingerprints stop there. From here, walk along the bookshelves until you get a command prompt. She hid the notes inside one of the books.

    User Info: GForce9x

    GForce9x - 11 years ago 19   17
  3. If youre in the library looking for the book right after rescuing the two hostages you should head back to the main hall, then the west wing. Story carries on from there.

    User Info: DgtCloud

    DgtCloud - 11 years ago 11   12
  4. so you remember the one that you save two hostage with chandelier so you need to find where did Dr. Young fingerprint stop. and there should be a command to press X Search and than just search it i give you a clue after that you will get to Scarecrow Nightmare

    User Info: ShamanKiruchi12

    ShamanKiruchi12 - 11 years ago 8   12

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