Can you play 2 player on line for modern warfare 2?

  1. On special opps section of Modernwarfare there is a section called 2 player on line. Does this mean you can play 2 players on line from the same gaming system?

    User Info: robert7639

    robert7639 - 12 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. You can play 2 from the same console, but only one person will be online, or use 2 seperate consoles and have one person join the other person's game.

    User Info: nthckr

    nthckr - 11 years ago 6   0


  1. Yes you can once you enter online mode it says on the menu TWO PLAYER ONLINE( but your friend has to be on a different console than you are

    User Info: mapexjo

    mapexjo - 11 years ago 3   1
  2. Ok, alot of confusing things are said, and the answer is simple. Yes, u and ur friend can play online. U just need two systems, and two tvs, and two copies of the game. But, Im assuming the mode ur talking about is not what ur thinking. Instead, it is more of a co-op mode, but you can play with another player online, instead of a split screen. I deeply wish they did have split screen online, but sadly it is not forseen for some time... Hope this helps!

    User Info: MH_4_PSP_FREAK

    MH_4_PSP_FREAK - 11 years ago 2   0
  3. No, i think it means you can be matched with others people online to help you complete it........ but i don't really know 4 sure.....

    User Info: Kearnzy6

    Kearnzy6 - 12 years ago 1   0

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