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Challenge Guide by Chrysa0r

Version: Final | Updated: 01/11/2009

Mega Man 9 Challenge Guide
Final, 1/10/09
by Dave Harvey, aka Chrysa0r (chrysaor[at]ymail[dot]com)

Table of Contents

I.   Intro
II.  The Basics
III. Challenges
IV.  Outro

I. Intro
It's been over 15 years since the release of the last 8-bit Mega Man game, and 
the retro gods at Capcom have bestowed upon us old school fans a grand gift: a
new entry to the series, with all of the classic platforming goodness and no
frills like sliding or charge shots. Who needs those anyway? We do get one
newfangled invention though: 50 Xbox Live-style achievements, called
"Challenges" in this game. Twelve of the challenges are actual Xbox Live
Achievements for which you can earn Achievement points in the Xbox 360 version
of the game. These challenges, with their wide range of difficulty from the
ho-hum to the insane, have sparked much discussion. 
This is a collection of currently available knowledge on exactly what to do and
how best to complete them, as compiled from the GameFAQs Mega Man 9 board and
my own personal experience in achieving them. I've now completed every
challenge except Mr. Perfect (and I don't hate myself enough to ever try that
one), so rest assured that I've tested every strategy in this guide and they
definitely work. 
This is a no-frills guide, so you can just read what you need and get right
back to working on those challenges. I assume you have a basic knowledge of
bosses' behaviors and weaknesses.

II. The Basics

There are 50 challenges, which can be accessed from the main menu or by
pressing (-) while you're in a stage. When you complete a challenge, some type
of notification will appear on the screen, which, depending on the challenge,
may or may not interrupt game play. Game clear challenges show up after the
end credits roll. A yellow crown appears next to each challenge in the
challenge list after it has been completed.

Some basic tips:
1. Challenges can be worked on simultaneously, and should, as those which
require you to beat the game would get pretty tedious if you had to do them one
at a time. 

2. Challenge progress is saved, so if you're trying a challenge and fail (such
as if you're trying the Air Shoes challenge and you fall in a hole), you can
reload your last save instead of starting the game over.

3. Make sure to save often, especially with the tougher challenges, but
remember that progress in Wily's castle is not saved.

4. After you beat the game, you are given the option to save. Loading this save
file starts a new game with all of the screws you had at the end of the last
game, which makes several challenges much easier.

5. As far as beating challenges is concerned, the Robot Masters at the end of
the 8 stages and the ones in Wily's Castle stage 4 are equivalent, that is, you
can complete challenges with either version of a Robot Master.

6. With the exception of challenges which require you to beat the game multiple
times, if a challenge is completed after you beat the game, you must meet the
requirements during that run of the game only. For example, for the "World
Warrior" challenge, you must kill at least one of each type of enemy in one
run-through of the game.

7. When you beat a challenge it is immediately saved. You don't have to save
manually in order to keep it.

8. You can only accomplish challenges in the main game. Nothing you do in Time
Attack, Endless Attack, or with Proto Man counts.

III. Challenges

Challenges with a number in parentheses next to them double as official Xbox
Live achievements in the Xbox 360 version of the game. The number is how many
points the achievement is worth.

*01. Waltz*
Description: Clear the game in 120 minutes or less.
Completed:   When you beat the game.

Not much else to say here. The save screen shows how much time you've used in
your current game, so you can use that as a rough guideline. Time spent in the
weapon select screen doesn't count against your total.

*02. Tango*
Description: Clear the game in 90 minutes or less.
Completed:   When you beat the game.

Completing this challenge also completes #1 if you have not done so already.

*03. Jitterbug* (20G)
Description: Clear the game in 60 minutes or less.
Completed:   When you beat the game.

After you've beaten the game a few times, this is not particularly difficult.
Use your special weapons effectively and you'll have no problem tearing through
the game in less than an hour. Load your save if you have to continue in one of
the main stages. Completing this challenge also completes #1 and #2 if you
haven't done so already.

*04. Bust A Move*
Description: Don't miss with the Mega Buster and clear the game.
Completed:   When you beat the game.

This is actually not as hard as it sounds. You have to have 100% accuracy with
the Mega Buster, as in every shot must hit an enemy, but you can miss with any
other weapon as much as you want. I personally did Splash Woman's stage first,
since it's one of the easier ones, and the Laser Trident is a great Buster
replacement. I don't know if ricocheting shots off things such as Metools
counts against this, but it really doesn't matter, since you can hit anything
you need to using one of the special weapons.
Several people have said that you can shoot the spiked balls on the first Wily
Boss with the Mega Buster without a problem. Just make sure you don't fire too
many shots and let one go off the screen when a robot dies. I personally used
the Magma Bazooka instead, since you can hit three spiked balls in one shot
with it.
MissingNo5 noted that it's also possible to use Rush Coil as your Mega Buster,
since it counts as a "special weapon" and you can miss with it as much as you
want. What fun is that, though?

*05. Headbanging*
Description: Defeat 8 bosses without your helmet.
Completed:   When you defeat the Robot Master.

To ditch your helmet, buy the "book of hairstyles" item for 20 screws at Roll's
shop. Two things make this challenge hard: you take more damage with your
helmet off, and if you die, you'll respawn with your helmet on. As long as
you're helmetless, you can kill the Robot Masters any way you want. It says
"8 bosses," but only Robot Masters count toward this challenge.
You can also do this challenge by going through Wily's Castle and beating all
the Robot Masters in one go. The advantage to this is that you can kill all the
bosses at once, which will save you time on the challenge if you're good and
crazy enough to make it through the castle taking double damage and never

*06. Bunny Hop*
Description: Clear any stage jumping 50 times or less.
Completed:   When you defeat the Robot Master.

This is pretty straightforward, though going through a stage you've already
beaten doesn't count. You must clear a stage and defeat the Robot Master
without jumping more than 50 times to get this challenge. Walking off of ledges
doesn't count against you. Having extra E-tanks helps, so you can run through
enemies you might otherwise need to jump over. This is pretty easy to do in
Splash Woman's stage.
Forteblast notes that you can use Rush to get past areas that would otherwise
require multiple jumps, such as the platforms in Splash Woman's stage.

*07. Mr. Trigger Happy*
Description: Clear the game with more than 500 Mega Buster shots.
Completed:   When you beat the game.

Unless you hate the Mega Buster, you should get this the first time you beat
the game.

*08. Double Trouble*
Description: Visit all stages twice and clear the game.
Completed:   When you beat the game.

It says "all stages," but really it means the Robot Master stages. Clear them
all, then do them again. I don't know if going back in and losing all your
lives counts as revisiting a stage, but if you've completed a stage once, you
should be able to do it again, especially without a boss to worry about.

*09. Mr. Perfect*
Description: Clear the game without getting damaged.
Completed:   When you beat the game.

All I can say is, good luck with this one. It has, in fact, been done, by
several people, and there are even YouTube demonstration videos showing how to
get through parts of the game without getting damaged. That's probably your
best bet if you need extra help.

*10. Invincible* (30G)
Description: Clear the game without dying.
Completed:   When you beat the game.

After you've beaten the game a few times, you should be able to get this if you
really put some effort into it. You can always load if you screw up. Make sure
to go into Wily's Castle with a full complement of E-tanks, shock guards, and
Beat calls.

*11. Almost Invincible* (20G)
Description: Clear the game without continuing.
Completed:   When you beat the game.

With a full stock of extra lives, E-tanks, shock guards, and Beat calls, this
isn't too bad.

*12. No Coffee Break* (10G)
Description: Clear the game without using any energy or mystery tanks.
Completed:   When you beat the game.

Make sure you have lots of lives and know the bosses' weaknesses, and you can
get this one. Die and continue if you don't have enough weapon energy. Using
the 1/2 damage shield is ok, so keep that in mind for the final boss.

*13. Air Shoes*
Description: Clear the game without falling into any holes.
Completed:   When you beat the game.

You have to be a jumping master to get this one. Don't think you can cheat by
using the Beat call, either. 
MaxMcFly writes, "Using the Beat item counts against the Air Shoes challenge.
Just recently, I beat the game without dying, but fell into a pit once and was
saved by Beat; I was rewarded the Invincible challenge dealy, but not the Air
Shoes challenge."
You can, however, hit as many spikes as you want without failing this

Places to watch out for (from Forteblast):
- In Concrete Man's stage and Wily Castle 1, watch out for the guys that pop 
out of the pits.
- The third elephant mini-boss in Concrete Man's stage
- The disappearing blocks in Plug Man's stage

*14. Mega Diet*
Description: Clear the game without picking up more than 8 energy pellets.*
Completed:   When you beat the game.

There are a few important things to remember with this challenge.
First, picking up weapon energy, 1-ups, screws, or E-tanks doesn't count
against you. Using E-tanks is ok, too.
Second, when you beat the Robot Masters again in Wily's castle, you have to
pick up an energy pellet to warp out of the room, so really, you can't touch
any energy pellets during the entire game.
Third, you have to be careful about how you use Jewel Satellite with this
challenge, since you can run through enemies without any control over what you
pick up.

There's one spot in Wily's castle stage 3 where an energy capsule sits between
two Sniper Joes and there's seemingly no way to go around or jump it. To avoid
it, you have to grab it with a Hornet Chaser, have it pull the pellet toward
you, then pause and resume so the Chaser will disappear and drop the pellet
in a place where you can jump over it (or in the wall). You may want to
practice grabbing things before trying this, since you'll have to re-do Wily's
Castle if you make a mistake.

*15. Encore*
Description: Clear 4 stages using the same special weapon.
Completed:   When you defeat the Robot Master.

You must go through four entire stages using the same special weapon for this
to count, including defeating the Robot Master. You can use a Mystery Tank if
you need to. Laser Trident is easiest, in my opinion. I used it to clear
Concrete Man, Plug Man, Galaxy Man, and Tornado Man's stages.
ArmorKing noted that, like the Bust A Move challenge, the Rush Coil and Rush
Jet count as special weapons, essentially letting you "cheat" and use the Mega

*16. Peacekeeper* (20G)
Description: Clear the game by defeating the fewest number of enemies possible.
Completed:   When you beat the game.

This one is tons of fun. Basically, the only things you can kill are bosses and
mini-bosses. You can kill anything a boss releases, such as flames, hornets,
missiles, etc. This requires smart use of post-damage recovery time. Beat calls
and shock guards are very helpful, too. Killing just one other enemy will cause
you to fail! Don't ask me why I know this =P However, if you accidentally shoot
and damage an enemy, that's ok as long as it doesn't die.
The sections most people seem to have trouble with are the anti-gravity section
and the section with the green turrets in the third stage of Wily's castle. In
the anti-gravity section, I used the Plug Ball to move around, since it drops
off the section and is less likely to hit one of the eyeballs than a
straight-shooting weapon. Just be careful that it doesn't latch onto one of the
spikes, loop around, and hit one of the eyes. Take care not to hit the grabber
from the ceiling in the last screen, either. If you enter on the left side of
the screen, it'll drop right at the beginning and you won't have to worry about
it later.
In the part with the turrets, you can jump into the pits on purpose and have
Beat maneuver you around, but it's actually possible to get through by using
post-damage invincibility. Let yourself get hit, then jump onto the right side
of the platform with a turret. When you get hit again, you'll be knocked back
but not off the ledge if you're far enough to the right.

A couple other things to note (thanks to LancetJades on the board):
-Underwater bombs exploding doesn't count against you.
-Shadow clones in Plug Man's stage jumping into a pit or on spikes doesn't
count against you.

*17. Conservationist* (20G)
Description: Clear the game by using the least amount of weapon energy possible.
Completed:   When you beat the game.

This one's tricky. Basically, it means you can only use weapon energy to clear
otherwise impassable obstacles, which only occur in Wily's Castle.
Here's the breakdown:

Robot Master stages - Never use weapon energy.

Stage 1 - Use Tornado Blow to pass the first two screens with lifting
platforms, then use the Rush Jet to clear the two parts in the next section
which you can't jump. Clear the magma fountains with a Rush Coil on the first
screen, then use Rush Coil to get to the left ladder on the second screen and
one Concrete Shot to freeze the top fountain. Use the Rush Jet to clear the bed
of spikes above the swinging platform screen.

Stage 2 - Use Laser Trident to destroy the block at the beginning and the next
block near the bed of spikes. Use Rush Coil to get up to the ledge with the
Sniper Joe in the room with the projectors. In the underwater portion, take the
upper path and use 3 Laser Tridents to break the blocks.
If you're confident that you've been pretty frugal with your weapon energy
usage, you can use a Concrete Shot to make the jump into the "spike funnel"
right before the flower mini-boss a little easier. You can make the jump
without it, though. Thanks to ArmorKing for this.

Stage 3 - You won't need any special weapons here.

Stage 4 - The only laser you can't just run through is the last one. Use one
well-timed Concrete Shot to get past it.

There are other possible strategies, but this is the one I used, so I know it
works. Just remember the basic rule: if you can get past it without using a
special weapon, you have to. The exception to this is taking damage or using
shock guards to get past spikes; that's not required.
Use the Mega Buster only on all enemies and bosses. This will get you the
Trusty Sidearm challenge if you don't have it already.
CyberMousey sent word that if you die after using weapon energy and have to use
it again, this counts against you, so be very careful if you've used energy and
haven't gotten to the next checkpoint yet.

*18. Farewell To Arms*
Description: Clear 4 stages without using a special weapon.
Completed:   When you beat the game.

Unlike Encore, this one doesn't register until you beat the game, which may
trick you into thinking you didn't do it right. As long as you beat four stages
using only the Mega Buster (including killing the Robot Master), you did it
right. Beat the game and claim your prize.

*19. Gamer's Day* (20G)
Description: Clear the game 5 times in 1 day.
Completed:   When you beat the game.

Breathe easier, fellow gamers: you can mess with the Wii system clock and still
clear this challenge. Also, all you have to do is beat Wily; you don't have to
start the game from scratch five times. Keep in mind that "one day" is a
24-hour period from 12:00 midnight to 11:59 PM.

*20. Daily Dose*
Description: Clear the game once a day for 3 days.
Completed:   When you beat the game.

Just beat Wily once in three straight 24-hour periods. You can mess with the
clock and still get it.

*21. Whomp Wily!* (5G)
Description: Clear the game once.
Completed:   When you beat the game.

*22. Truly Addicted!*
Description: Clear the game for the 10th time.
Completed:   When you beat the game.

*23. Truly Hardcore!*
Description: Clear the game for the 30th time.
Completed:   When you beat the game.

*24. Conqueror*
Description: Defeat your 100th enemy.
Completed:   When you kill your 100th enemy.

*25. Vanquisher*
Description: Defeat your 500th enemy.
Completed:   When you kill your 500th enemy.

*26. Destroyer* (20G)
Description: Defeat your 1000th enemy.
Completed:   When you kill your 1000th enemy.

*27. World Warrior* (5G)
Description: Defeat every type of enemy.
Completed:   When you beat the game.

This is another one that's harder than it sounds. You may think, "All I have to
do is make sure I kill everything and I'll get this." However, some enemies
must be killed with special weapons which you may not have the first time you
go through a stage. Nearly everything can be killed with either a Black Hole
Bomb or Tornado Blow. In particular, don't forget to kill:
- The floor sentries in Jewel Man's stage (Black Hole Bomb)
- The mines in Splash Woman's stage (Black Hole Bomb)
- The sparks in Plug Man's stage (Jewel Satellite)
- Both the inflated and deflated versions of the balloon enemies in Tornado
Man's stage
- The grabbers that drop from the ceiling in Galaxy Man's stage
- Both sections of and the completed pair of scissors in Hornet Man's stage
- The dragon mini-boss's flames (Tornado Blow)
- Anything a boss shoots out which can be destroyed with the Mega Buster: 
missiles, fish, hornets, etc. Projectiles which can only be sucked up by the
BHB can be skipped.
- All types of enemies with different color schemes (e.g. the floating eyes)
- Spawns of the floating eyes in Wily's castle
- The floating projectors in Wily's castle
Thanks to ArmorKing for help with these.

In the end credits, it basically shows you every enemy in the game. Just make
sure you kill at least one of each, with the exception of the ball-shooters in
Hornet Man's stage (these can't be killed). Also, you have to kill them all in
one run-through of the game.

*28. Trusty Sidearm* (20G)
Description: Defeat the 8 bosses with the Mega Buster.
Completed:   When you kill the Robot Master.

This isn't too bad if you have E-tanks to spare and practice a bit. Remember
you can do this in Wily's Castle, too.

*29. Pack Rat*
Description: Collect 999 screws.
Completed:   When you pick up your 999th screw.

This doesn't count if you spend them - you must have 999 screws in your
inventory to complete this challenge.
Several people have sent me strategies for screw farming. I didn't think this
was necessary to include, but briefly, here are a couple of good spots to do
this in "set and forget" fashion. They both require the Jewel Satellite.
Near the end of Plug Man's stage, after the Energy tank, there is an area where
floating bots appear from tubes. Position yourself under the two on the right
side of the platform with the screw on top of it such that they float straight
down to you.
Near the end of Hornet Man's stage, there is an area with three flower pots
clustered together which shoot flowers at you. Position yourself so that the
flowers hit directly on top of your shield. Thanks to Sean Velasco for this
In either case, activate the Jewel Satellite and grab a sandwich or something
cause it'll take a while, depending on how many more screws you need. 

*30. Valued Customer*
Description: Purchase all items.
Completed:   When you purchase the last item.

Just buy everything once. When you buy the book of hairstyles it turns into a
helmet, which you must also buy to complete this challenge.

*31. Shop A Holic*
Description: Purchase 30 items or more.
Completed:   When you purchase the last item.

Just buy 30 items. It doesn't matter what they are or how much they cost, so
you can buy the book of hairstyles and helmet over and over and complete the
challenge if you have 600 screws.

*32. Last Man Standing*
Description: Defeat all bosses with one pixel of energy left.
Completed:   When you beat the game.

This challenge is so, so annoying. But doable. To complete this challenge, you
must have one unit of energy when you kill every boss in the game, including
the Wily castle bosses and the final boss. For multi-part bosses (Wily stage 2
and the final boss), you only have to beat the last part of the boss with one
unit of energy. Also, you only have to do the Robot Masters once, so if you
already defeated them with one unit of energy, you don't have to do it again in
Wily's castle.
To accomplish this challenge effectively, you have to know exactly how much
energy you have at any given time, and how much damage the boss' attacks will
do. Unfortunately, it's not nearly as simple as letting yourself get hit until
you're nearly dead, because for some bosses, it's impossible to go in with a
full energy meter and get to only one pixel of energy.
Here's an example. Take Tornado Man, for instance. There are two ways he can
damage you: by hitting you with a tornado, or ramming you directly. Both
attacks do 4 units of damage. Mega Man's energy meter has 28 units. Therefore,
before you die, you will always have 4 (or 2 if you use the 1/2 damage shield)
units of energy.
So how do you beat the challenge? You have to walk into the room with a number
of units in your energy meter which will allow you to get to 1 through some
combination of the boss' attacks. If you have mad skills, entering the boss'
room with one unit of energy and defeating him (or her) without getting hit is
an option, too.
The most annoying part of this is figuring out how much damage each boss'
attacks will do, but fortunately for you, I've already done this. Something
else to keep in mind is that you can modify the amount of damage attacks do
with the 1/2 damage shield. For attacks which normally do an odd-numbered
amount of damage, the damage done with the shield on is rounded down, that is,
an attack which normally does 5 damage will do 2, rounded down from 2.5.
In the table below, "contact" refers to how much damage is done when you touch
the boss directly.

Galaxy Man	Tornado Man	Magma Man	Concrete Man
----------	-----------	---------	------------
B.H.B.	-4	Tornado	-4	Magma	-4	C. Shot	-4
Contact	-4	Contact	-4	Contact	-4	Contact	-5

Splash Woman	Jewel Man	Hornet Man	Plug Man
------------	---------	----------	--------	
Fish	-3	Jewel	-4	Hornet	-4	P. Ball -5
Trident	-6	Contact	-4	Contact	-4	Contact -4
Contact	-4

Wily Boss #1	Wily Boss #2	Wily Boss #3	Final Boss
------------	------------	------------	----------
Shot	-3	Contact	-5	Contact	-4	Bombs	-4
		Missile	-4			Flames	-4
		Droids	-4			Sparks	-4
		Spikes	-5			Contact:
		Laser	-5			Dragon	-5
						Pod	-4

The hardest part of this challenge is beating the final boss, but it is
considerably easier with some forethought. Stick with me; this gets a little
If you were to just waltz into the battle with a full health meter, the only
way to do it would be to run into Wily's dragon form three times (5x3 = 15),
and get hit by any of his other attacks three times (4x3 = 12), leaving you
with 1 unit of energy (28 - 15 - 12 = 1), then kill the boss. Since every
attack in his third form does 4 damage, you can't use an E-tank at that point
and end up with 1 unit of energy. You have to start the third form with some
multiple of 4 plus 1, not die, and kill it when you have 1 unit left. This is
not much of a fudge factor, and Wily's spark attacks in his third form can be
tricky to avoid even if you've mastered his other patterns.
There are two ways to get around this. The first, and easiest, is to defeat the
first part of the boss, then hit the second until it's nearly dead. Use an
Energy Tank, then run into the dragon. You'll lose 5 units of energy. Then kill
off the dragon and use the 1/2 damage shield. All of Wily's attacks will do 2
damage, and you can get hit 13 times before you die. Thanks to Odin Noah for
this strategy.
If you don't have a 1/2 damage shield, you can still make things easier on
yourself by entering the battle with 25 units of energy. To do this, fight a
Robot Master which can do 13 units of damage last - the easiest is probably
Splash Woman - then pick up the energy pellet, which will restore 10 units and
leave you with 25. On Wily, you can get hit 7 times before you die as long as
you avoid getting hit by the dragon directly. This is much tougher, but also
pretty doable.
With some practice, you can manipulate the bosses to do specific amounts of
damage to you at will, which is the key to this challenge.

*33. Survivor*
Description: Defeat one boss with only one pixel of energy left.
Completed:   When you defeat the boss.

Use the strategy for the previous challenge above on one boss. The easiest ones
to get it on are Splash Woman and the first Wily boss.

*34. Hard Rock*
Description: Reach a boss' room without getting damaged.
Completed:   When you reach the boss' room.

Splash Woman, Galaxy Man, and Tornado Man's stages are all decent places to do
this. If you hit a death trap (falling in a pit or on spikes or lava), that
counts as taking damage. You can do this when revisiting a stage.

*35. Heavy Metal*
Description: Reach a boss' room without shooting.
Completed:   When you reach the boss' room.

I think this is easiest in Tornado Man's stage, but any stage without a
mini-boss will work. You can do this when revisiting a stage.

*36. Speed Metal*
Description: Reach a boss' room without stopping once.
Completed:   When you reach the boss' room.

I got this without trying to get it, and according to the GameFAQs board,
several other people did, too. You can stop during the stage, and as long as
it's not for longer than some unknown limit, you still pass this challenge.
Standing on the rotating platforms in Tornado Man's stage doesn't count against
you either, presumably because you're spinning around (thanks to Forteblast for
ArmorKing postulates that the key is having the D-pad pressed down; he was able
to get this challenge in Concrete Man's stage even though he was on the ladder
at the first elephant mini-boss for several seconds. While he was on the
ladder, he had the D-pad pressed right to shoot.
I personally got it on Jewel Man's stage. 

*37. Fantastic 9*
Description: Accumulate 9 lives.
Completed:   When you accumulate 9 lives.

Buying lives at the store counts, which makes this really easy if you have
enough screws. You can load afterwards.

*38. Fully Unloaded*
Description: Hit a boss with all special weapons before defeating it.
Completed:   When you defeat the boss.

Obviously, you can only do this after you beat all the Robot Masters. I think
it's easiest to do the rematch with Galaxy Man.

*39. Blue Bomber* (10G)
Description: Defeat a boss without getting damaged.
Completed:   When you defeat the boss.

I think this is easiest to do on Hornet Man with the Magma Bazooka. Kill his
hornets with one shot, fire away, and jump over him when he runs. Repeat. It's
also fairly easy to do on Splash Woman, Galaxy Man, and the first Wily Castle

*40. Eco Fighter*
Description: Defeat a boss with only the Mega Buster.
Completed:   When you defeat your first boss.

Obviously, you will only have the Mega Buster when you reach your first boss,
so all you have to do is beat him/her.

*41. Marathon Fight*
Description: Fight a boss for 10 minutes.
Completed:   When you defeat the boss.

CrimsonREJ writes, "The easiest way to do this is on the Wily stage 2 boss. 
When you first enter you have the fight the first part of the boss out of three
that fires missiles. Use Jewel Satellite and just sit there for 10 minutes, it
is so lazy."
Thanks CrimsonREJ, that's definitely the easiest way of doing this challenge.

*42-49. Quick Draw G, C, S, H, J, P, T, M*
Description: Defeat (Name) Man/Splash Woman in 10 seconds or less.
Completed:   When you defeat the boss.
The only one of these that's really difficult is Galaxy Man. Because he spends
so much time in the air, you pretty much have to get lucky and catch him when
he feels like staying on the ground. It'll probably require multiple tries.
Remember that hitting the Black Hole Bomb with a Concrete Shot will disable it,
and Galaxy Man will just sit there while you shoot him for a few moments.

*50. Quick Draw X*
Description: Defeat the final boss in 180 seconds or less.
Completed:   When you defeat the final boss.

This isn't too bad, either. As long as you have plenty of weapon energy and
know Wily's pattern, he'll go down in three minutes easily. Probably the
biggest time-wasters in this battle are being able to ricochet the bombs on the
first part, waiting while he flies around in the second part, and Wily being
out of reach of the Plug Ball in the third part. Using Hornet Chaser or Magma
Bazooka when he's out of reach in the third part will save you some time.

IV. Outro

I hope this guide was helpful. Judging by the comments on the GameFAQs board, a
lot of people were confused about how to do specific challenges and what you
are and are not allowed to do.

Many thanks go to the members of the board, since their hints and strategies
helped me complete the challenges and led to the creation of this guide.
Thanks to everyone who sent suggestions or posted tips for helping me and
others. Thanks also to everyone who sent compliments and appreciation for the

I'm done adding stuff to the guide, but if you have any questions or comments,
please email me at chrysaor[at]ymail[dot]com. I don't check that account very
often, but if anyone points out any major errors, I'll get them fixed

This guide is copyright 2009 David Harvey, aka Chrysa0r. This guide is for
private, personal use only. Any public distribution or sale is prohibited. This
guide may only appear on internet websites operated by me,
GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com), or sites which have explicit permission
from me to host this guide. The newest version will always be posted to
GameFAQs first. Use on other websites is prohibited. If you wish to host this
guide or have any questions or suggestions for updates, e-mail me at

Mega Man and all associated characters, storylines, etc. are copyright Capcom.

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