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FAQ/Strategy Guide by ProfSalvador

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/14/10

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  Table of Contents (Use the CTRL+F Function to find what you need faster)
  (Include the brackets [] when searching chapter codes)
0. Introduction                                               [INTRO]

1. MAG: The Shadow War --- The Story... sort of.              [STORY]
2. Choosing Your PMC   --- PMC Overview                       [PMCS1]
 - Choosing Your PMC   --- Seryi Volk Executive Response      [SVER.]
 - Choosing Your PMC   --- Raven Industries                   [RAVEN]
 - Choosing Your PMC   --- Valor Company, INC.                [VALOR]
3. Getting You Started                                        [START]
 - Getting You Started --- The Controls                       [CTRLS]
 - Getting You Started --- Character Creation                 [CHARS]
 - Getting You Started --- Training                           [TRAIN]
 - Getting You Started --- Armory                             [ARMOR]
 - Getting You Started --- Barracks                           [BRCKS]
 - Getting You Started --- Skill Tree                         [SKILL]

4. Game Modes/Types                                           [GMODE]
 - Game Modes/Types    --- Suppression                        [SUPPR]
 - Game Modes/Types    --- Sabotage                           [SABTG]
 - Game Modes/Types    --- Acquisition                        [AQSTN]
 - Game Modes/Types    --- Domination                         [DMNTN]
 - Game Modes/Types    --- Directives                         [DRCTV]

5. Detailed PMCS                                              [DPMCS]

5.1 S.V.E.R.                                                  [SVER0]
  - S.V.E.R.           --- Weaponry                           [SVER1]
  - S.V.E.R.           --- Sabotage Map                       [SVER2]
  - S.V.E.R.           --- Accquisiton Map                    [SVER3]
  - S.V.E.R.           --- Domination Map                     [SVER4]

5.2 Raven Industries                                          [RVEN0]
  - Raven Industries   --- Weaponry                           [RVEN1]
  - Raven Industries   --- Sabotage Map                       [RVEN2]
  - Raven Industries   --- Accquistion Map                    [RVEN3]
  - Raven Industries   --- Domination Map                     [RVEN4]

5.3 Valor Company                                             [VLOR0]
  - Valor Company      --- Weaponry                           [VLOR1]
  - Valor Company      --- Sabotage Map                       [VLOR2]
  - Valor Company      --- Accquisition Map                   [VLOR3]
  - Valor Company      --- Domination Map                     [VLOR4]

6. Information/FAQs                                           [INFOS]


0. Introduction                                               [INTRO]

   Congratulations! You have MAG (or at least are interested in purchasing it)
a PS3 exclusive made by Zipper Interactive, most commonly known for the SOCOM
series. The main thing that probably caught your eye was the whole... I don't
know, 256 player thing? I heard that was pretty cool. Anyways, I'm ProfSalvador
I've been gaming since I could speak and I love to write, a pretty good
combination when it comes to reviewing and writing walkthroughs for games. The
main reason you are most likely here is to get some extra information on the
game, or have something confusing explained, and that's what this guide is
here to do. So, enjoy your game and if you have any extra questions/comments/
insults/additions to the guide and/or random gibberish to send me, please
e-mail me at hmslc234@hotmail.com And put the title in/as "WARGARBL" so I
know it's about the MAG guide.


0.5 - First version of the guide put up to GAMEFAQs. Contains sections 1-4. 

1.0 - Finished Guide 100%. Statistics are as of retail patch 1.03. Fixed some
grammar errors and spelling things. Will work on even more detailed strategies
and trying to figure out what the gun statistics mean :/ Removed the vehicle
and suppression map sections from Detailed PMCS as the suppresion map has no
real purpose of explaining and all PMC vehicles are the same. Currently got
rid of the leadership section as I don't really have enough info to make a
good one for it. I'll put little tips in other sections, but I don't want to 
make a specific section and end up being horribly wrong. Hopefully Zipper will
release some more info on Leadership tactical asset statistics and whatnot.

1. MAG: The Shadow War --- The Story... sort of.              [STORY]

   The year is 2025, and the Shadow War is in full swing. This "war" is a
secretive conflict between 3 of the major PMCs, S.V.E.R., Raven and Valor who
are fighting for contracts from various alliances throughout the world. These
fights are almost entirely based on financial purposes, with the PMCS fighting
for communications, fuel, technology, and of course, money. The largest 
alliances that you want to know about are...

SIRSAT (Sino-Indian-Russian Strategic Alliance Treaty), which was signed in
2021 as a non-aggresion pact between China, Russia and India. It was signed for
the purposes of making sure there were no major conflicts in a world stricken
with poverty, famine and strife.

ETO (European Treaty Organization) was formed shortly after SIRSAT in 2022. ETO
was the proverbial "final nail in NATO's coffin". ETO nations were prospering
economically while most non-ETO nations across Eastern Europe and Central Asia
were vying for membership. In 2023, ETO began developing of the EMDS (European
Missile Defense System) The UK was largely against this manuever and it led to
the United Kingdom's withdrawal from ETO.

The UK, United States, Canada and Mexico formed a new treaty organization, the
UC, or the United Coatlition in response to the SIRSAT and ETO. Shortly after
the Millennium Peace Accord was written in in 2024. This accord put major 
restrictions on troop deployment and the sizes of military forces. With this
accord in place, most government were unable to deploy massive battalions of
troops, therefore creating a massive market for professional soldiers. 

2. Choosing Your PMC   --- PMC Overview                       [PMCS1]

In MAG, you have the choice of enlisting in 3 different PMCS. You can either
join SVER, Raven, or Valor. Each PMC has distinct differences between them and
each are generally suited towards different interests and disinterests. SVER,
is known as the peoples army, poor, but rough and hardened street criminals.
Raven, is the very high tech company, putting forward the best equipment and
weaponry, rather than focusing on training. Valor, is largely the opposite of
Raven, focusing more on training and experience, with it's soldiers largely
being ex-US and UK soldiers.

These next sections will fill in the backstory for each individual PMC.

- Choosing Your PMC   --- Seryi Volk Executive Response      [SVER.]

 The growing instability in Central Asia drove Priya Khan to form a new Private
Military Corporation. Priya Khan, who served in the Indian Air Force preforming
counter-terrorism ops, joined the Garud Commando Force in 2010. Her commanding
officer left her wounded to die, which led her to retiring and establishing 
SVER. SVER uses guerilla tactics and diversified skills to respond to the ever
changing security concerns during today's dangerous times. They take pride
in ruthless dedication to total victory in any given situation.

S.V.E.R. is for those of you who like being... the rebels, for the lack of a 
better term. They are largely street thugs and criminals who rely on their 
ability to understand the turf they're fighting on and the ability to finish 
their task, regardless of how they do so. They are poorly funded, and have most
of their weapons held together with tape and glue... however, the soldiers
find ways to use what they have very effectively.

- Choosing Your PMC   --- Raven Industries                   [RAVEN]

Based in Vienna, Austria, Raven offers cutting-edge capabilities and high-tech
expertise in today's modern-day marketplace. They rely on state-of-the-art 
weaponry and technology to keep them one step ahead of their opponents.

Raven was founded in 2017 by billionaire Antoine Jeannette, who was solely
focused on providing his company with the most advanced armor and weaponry
that money could buy. Jeannette, prior to founding Raven, led hostage ops at
the French Embassy in Charrada. 

Raven is kind of the futuristic PMC, wearing almost entirely black and having
a very menacing look to them. If you love to play a well funded, "cool" looking
type of character, then I would recommend Raven.

- Choosing Your PMC   --- Valor Company, INC.                [VALOR]

Valor Company is based in the Alaskan Wilderness, committed entirely to making
the political and economic conditions of today better. They favor experience
and training and use battle-field tested weaponry that has been proven to be
flexible and adaptable. 

In 2014, after having it's entire advisory board taken away by a rival PMC, 
along with most of it's revenue, Gregory Cavanaugh bought Valor Company and 
installed his brand new board, along with massive amounts of his own cash to 
funding. They were given multiple high-profile contracts and after succesfully 
completing them, Valor was back on top as one of the best private military
contractors around. 

Valor is made up of largely the UK and the United States militaries and because
of that, they are very similar to most modern day armies. They largely have
modern day weaponry, such as the M4A1, SCAR-L/H and the M249 SAW. If you are a 
big fan of rough, experienced modern day soldiers, then I'd recommend trying
out Valor. If you are wondering, Valor is my current PMC, and after I reach
level 60, I will be switching to SVER, and then to Raven. 

 - 3. Getting You Started                                     [START]

Well, if you're still reading, odds are that you have the game. After you 
install the few updates that are out (yes, you will have to, they released an
update the day of release), you should be put into a menu screen. Move forward
and agree to the ToS and the EULA. Now, you are in the character creation part!
Well, before that, go ahead and familiarize yourself with the controls below.

- Getting You Started --- The Controls                       [CTRLS]

These controls are the default setting, but really, the modified controls are 
very, very similar and generally only switch one or 2 buttons (excluding Legacy

Left Analog Stick - Movement
Right Analog Stick - Pitch and Rotation (aiming)
X Button - Jump, Stand Up (while in Prone)
Square Button - Reload
Triangle Button - Crouch (tap), Prone (hold), Stand Up (Hold from Prone)
Circle Button - Use (Set Charges, Enter Vehicles, Deploy Bipods, etc)
L1 Trigger - Aim down your weapons sights/scope.
L2 Trigger - Switch between your gear (grenades, mines, med kits, etc.)
L3 (press down the Left Stick) - Sprint (hold while forward)
R1 Trigger - Fire your current weapon.
R2 Trigger - Switch between primary and secondary weapons.
R3 Button  - Knife
Select Button - Brings up Map (tap), Removes squad interface (hold)
Start Button  - Brings up Main Menu.

While you are in a vehicle/bunker the controls are slightly different.

R2 Trigger - Gas
L2 Trigger - Brakes
R1 Trigger - Smoke Screen (has a long cooldown)
Triangle Button - Switch Seats

 - Getting You Started --- Character Creation                 [CHARS]

Now that you know your controls (it will take a little while to familiarize
yourselves with them), it's time to create your character! Be forewarned, you
can only create one soldier per PSN. If you truly want to experience 2-3 at
once, just create another PSN. Don't worry though, you won't be stuck on that 
PMC forever. Once your reach level 60, you will have the option to choose 
'Veteran Mode', which will let you restart at level 1 on another PMC, while 
keeping your statistics, leadership points and awards. This is mandatory if
you want to get the Platinum Trophy (Massive Action Gamer, you need all of the
trophies, 3 of which are to reach level 60 on each PMC.)

Now that you are at your creation screen, select your PMC. After selecting the
PMC, you have a the choice between 15 different faces and 9 different voices.
Pick the ones that suit you and don't worry, there won't be a bunch of clones 
running around on the map (unless you are Raven of course), there's some more 
customization later on. Now it's time to train.

- Getting You Started --- Training                           [TRAIN]

Before you do anything, select training from the menu. It's a nice little way
to reinforce the controls and get you accquainted with the game. Plus a little
EXP (one time bonus) never hurt anybody either... I hope.

While each PMC has a different setting for their training, they all go under
a basic format. First, you have to duck underneath something. Then crawl, then 
jump. Then you learn to sprint. For Valor and Raven, you use the 'set charge'
ability before target practice. Then you learn about supply drops, repairing
and securing objectives. You can also practice driving as there is always a 
nearby vehicle. 

If you are stuck on the shooting range part, just whip out your primary and
start shooting all of the targets. Sometimes it gets stuck on one target. That
or throw a bunch of grenades at the target you are supposed to be shooting.
Remember, if you run out of grenades, use the supply cache to refill (circle 

 - Getting You Started --- Armory                             [ARMOR]

Woot! You are now level 2. But before you chuck your skill points at your tree,
let's familiarize ourselves with the rest of the menu. The armory is where you
now should be at, and this is important. The armory is where you customize your
(5) classes. You have a primary slot, a secondary slot, 2 gear slots, a heavy
gear slot and your armor type. In your armor type, you can select from Light,
Medium or Heavy armors. You can also select cosmetic headgear, eyewear and camo
patterns, all of which differ between PMCs.

The basic thing you need to know is the weight measurement in MAG. It is 
measured in "c" C's are a lot of different things, but that doesn't matter.
You can carry 3400 C's, some of which will always be taken up. You must always
have at least 700 c, based on what you are carrying. That is the lightest 
loadout you can have. Your light armor weights 200c, medium 600 and heavy
1000c. This weight unit also takes weapon attachments into account. Here are
all of the weapon types and how much they weigh.


Light Assault Rifle (M4A1, AK47U, Hollis A3) - 500c
Medium AR (SFCR-LW, AG-94, ATAC 2000) - 700c
Battle Rifle (SFCR-HW, AK-103, R-553) - 800c
Pistols (M9, IZ-443, F57) - 100c
All PDW's (KP7, Hollis MP, Kurtis 45ACP) - 300c
SMGS (KP5, F90, Vipera-2) - 400c
Shotguns (12 Gauge Pump, Boudini 12 Gauge, T-195) - 600c
LMGs (MK46 Mod0, RTK-74, Apex 100) - 600c
HMGS (KP45 MG, MK43 Mod1, PKP MG) - 800c
Light Sniper (H M 90, MK14 mod 0 EBR, SASR) - 600c
Medium Sniper (Janas SWS, L96AQ, SV-98) - 800c
Heavy Sniper (AM50, M200 LRRS, AGVK) 1000c


Suppressor - 200c
Reflex Sight - 100c
Optical 4x - 200c
Low Power Scope - 300c
High Power - 400c
Variable Power - 500c
Bipod - 200c
Foregrip - 200c
Grenade Launcher (AR ONLY) - 400c

Gear/Heavy Gear

First Aid Kit - 600c
Medical Kit - 1000c
Repair Kit - 1000c
Smoke Grenade - 300c
Frag Grenade - 400c
Poison Gas Grenade - 600c
Anti-Personnel Mines - 800c
Anti-Tank Mines - 600c
Acoustic Locator - 200c
Explosives Detector - 600c
Motion Sensor - 1000c
Sensor Jammer - 400c
RPG - 400c
Improved RPG (can lock on to vehicles) - 1000c

UPDATE: I might also want to add that the "special" armor, which you got with
a preorder, weighs 800c. There might be codes floating around still... so you
might be able to get one.

UPDATE: As of retail patch 1.04, you can download the special armor from the 
PSN store for free. I actually like the special armor the best as it gives 
the best balance between speed and protection. Plus it looks awesome. Except 
on Valor D:

As for what each slot should be, I always recommend having at least 1 class
with a repair kit, 1 with smoke grenades and 1 with an RPG. But you don't have
to, it's just nice to have some flexibility. And don't always max out your 
weight, because the less weight you carry, the faster you move. 

 - Getting You Started --- Barracks                           [BRCKS]

The Barracks is where you can look at your skill tree, experience, statistics,
awards and leadership points. It's helpful to familiarize yourself with it,
as you will be looking at it often, but of course, it's accessed only out of
game, so you don't have to be super efficent. This is also where you can look
at your ribbons and trophies to check on your trophy status if you are trophy
hunting. Your statistics are updated after every single game. The only bugged
stat right now is the kills beyond 120m, however, you are still awarded the 
ribbons/medals related to the stat, so you don't need to worry.

The most important part of your the barracks is the skill tree, which I will
be covering in the next section.

 - Getting You Started --- Skill Tree                         [SKILL]

In MAG, one of the most important parts of the game (outside of the actual...
you know, game.) is the skill tree. Here is where you will differentiate your 
character from the rest. There are a few different major skill sets. Assault,
which is well... assault rifles. Personal Defense is good for snipers, as it 
improves your pistol and allows you to use a machine pistol as a side arm.
Athleticism is a good tree for anybody, as it improves things like run speed,
how long you can sprint, and even how much health you have. Close Combat deals
with shotguns and SMGs. Electronics gives you different pieces of gear, such
as acoustic locators which allows you to "hear" gunshots from further away.
Marksman is for your snipers, Heavy deals with heavy and light machines guns,
and Explosives gives you different types of mines, and improved grenades. 
Support is in my mind, one of the most important trees in the game. Here is 
what allows you to heal and ressurect your teammates in battle. I highly 
recommend going into this subtree first as it will help you level up faster,
as well as be a very helpful asset to your team.

Depending on what trees you go into, you will get a classification. It's based
on how many skill points you put into each sub-tree. There is Rapid Assault,
which is your frontlines assault rifle guy. Commando, is generally a more
stealthy loner class, that fights up close. Snipers are, well, snipers. Direct
Action are kind of tanks, with Heavy Machine Guns, Heavy Armor and a lot of
bullets, are generally going to attract the most attention, but dish out a 
whole bunch of bullets. And finally, Field Support, are your medics, repairmen
and generally helpful guys. As of now, most people seem to be Field Support,
because healing and rezzing, helps you level up faster. As for myself, well, I
might be ashamed to admit, but I'm a Sniper. Although I do have the ability
to heal and rez my teammates, I generally sit back and pick off enemy Snipers
and Direct Action players. I also do a lot of repairing. 

You can respec your classes, so I don't really have a concrete "this is the 
best way to allocate your skillpoints" type of thing. It really depends on the
player. Fiddle around with it, it does cost a lot of respec points to spec 
again, but you should be able to respec at least 5-6 times before you reach 
level 60. 

4. Game Modes/Types                                           [GMODE]

In MAG, there are 4 different game types (not including Directives) each of 
them are fairly different, but they do have some things in common. For example
it will always be 1v1. Never 2v1, never 1v1v1, always 1v1. There is also 
always an attack team and a defense team. Despite the decent balancing, the
defense team always has a slight upper hand, as they should, because it's 
obviously easier to defend that to assault. In this section, I will go over
each individual game type and some basic strategies to help you take over (or
defend) the objectives. For now, as a defender, I generally recommend doing the
opposite of what I tell the attackers to do, to prevent them from following 
through with the strategies posted. 

 - Game Modes/Types    --- Suppression                        [SUPPR]

Suppression is the first game mode available to you after you create your 
character. It is a standard 32v32 team deathmatch. This really has no effect 
on the Shadow War as there are no contracts assigned to this game mode and it
is fought inter PMC. You will fight Valor if you are Valor, Raven if your on
Raven and other S.V.E.R. soldiers if you chose S.V.E.R. This mode is here
largely for practice. It helps you (as a new soldier) to get used to the feel 
of MAG. You can level up from it and recieve Leadership points, and it's still
a very fun game mode to play, however, there really isn't much to say about it
considering it's merely a team deathmatch gamemode.

 - Game Modes/Types    --- Sabotage                           [SABTG]

I call Sabotage the first real game mode in MAG and rightfully so. It actually
has objectives, unlike Suppression, and you fight another PMC rather than your
own. Sabotage is 32 versus 32, 4 8-man squads making up the 32 man platoon. 
The basis of Sabotage is simple... when attacking, there are 3 points, A, B 
and C. To unlock C, you must first take over A and B. The defenders can take
back A and B from the attackers, so once you take over the points, you must
defend them. Generally, A and B are less heavily defended as C, mostly because
A and B each only have 2 8-man squads to them, whereas when you are attacking
C, the entire 32 man platoon is defending it. You have 20 minutes to take over
all 3 objectives, with no time added after taking the first two points.

Basically, when attacking, the first thing I want to do as soon as I spawn, is
rush like a madman towards my point. If you want to win on offense, you are 
going to want to cap the first 2 points generally in the first "half" or the 
first 10 minutes of the game. You don't have to, but it's a lot easier to 
capture C when you aren't worrying about the time left. Here, you are working 
with 15 other soldiers, the seven in your squad, and the eight in another
squad. I like to toss smoke grenades up into the general area where the brute
force of defenders will be sitting to blind them and give you more time to
move up. Generally, your attack on A/B, will go in a few different stages.
There will be the first stage, where you find out where the enemy will largely
be hiding, the second, where you start to move up to the perimeter of the
capture point, and the third stage, where you are consistently putting 
pressure on the point, often capturing it. I've had games where we have never
made it to the second stage, and games where we captured the point in about
four minutes. The most important thing here on offense, is to not let the
enemy get too comfortable. If they start to bring up a very solid defense,
switch things up, go a different route. Never let them camp a certain area, or
you almost assured defeat. Use grenades (frags and poison gas) to flush them
out of good defense spots and smoke to cover movements/make distractions. On
a good grenade, you might be able to get 4-5 kills depending on if you throw 
it right. 

When/if, you do capture A and B, it's time to move onto C. C can be a lot 
easier to capture, depending on how you handle the minute or two after you cap
A/B. What you need to do here, is move and move quickly towards the C point.
If you let them establish a good defense, there is almost no way you can win.
One of the nicer things about attacking C, is you can use the LALO spawn.
LALO is a Low Altitude Low Origin drop, not to be confused with HALO (:P)
which is a High Altiude Low Origin drop. This allows you to be dropped out of
a C-130 every 20 second spawn interval. It puts you a lot closer to the base,
but at higher risk of getting spawn killed, as a free floating paratrooper is 
a dream for a Sniper like me... plus there's a trophy for killing them, so 
watch out :) But generally, you want to use the LALO as it puts you a lot
closer to C and you won't have to spend 30 seconds running from your original 
spawn point up to the action. If the enemy gets up a good defense and you have
less than 5 minutes left, it's going to be difficult (but not impossible) to 
win here. My best recommendation is to make sure you are constantly heaving 
frag grenades into the point. A great tip (if you are communicating well) is to
try to cut off the two enemy spawn points. They are generally left and right
of the C point. If you can get one squad on each spawn point and the two other
squads attacking C, you can generally be successful. 

 - Game Modes/Types    --- Acquisition                        [AQSTN]

Acquisition is a 64v64 attack/defend game mode. There are a few major
differences between Sabotage and Acquisition, mainly the player count. The two
platoon set up allows you to have a larger scale battle and it introduces a new
variant to the game, air/mortar support. But I'll add more on that in the 
leadership section. 

The main objective as an attacker on Acquisition is to take two enemy prototype
transport vehicles back to your original spawn point. This, of course, is 
easier said than done as you will have to fight through bunkers, road blocks, 
gates and enemy APCs to get there and even once you have the vehicle, it's the
defenders job to blow it up, rather than having you take it from them. The two
platoons are geographically divided and each platoon doesn't have to cap one to
win. One platoon can be utterly stiffarmed and not even get past the enemy
bunkers when the other platoon can roll over the opposing platoon and grab the 
two vehicles in under 5 minutes. To prevent this, you can carefully manage 
your defensive support.

Anyways, as the game begins on attacker, you will be placed in a far back spawn
roughly 100 to 150 meters from the enemies bunkers. Bunkers are your worst 
nightmare and it should be your soul objective in life to senselessly brutalize
them. On defense, they are your best friend and you should risk your life on a
consistent basis to make sure they are alive and well. Bunkers are forward 
spawn points for defenders and have very formidable turrets on top of them.
The first thing you should be doing as an attacker is getting those bunkers
blown up. As a squad leader, make sure your FRAGO is on the bunker closest to
you. To blow up a bunker, you either have to plant C4 behind the bunker or, if
the enemy AAA is destroyed, use a Precision Airstrike on it. A good tip for
getting around the enemy turret is to toss a smoke grenade near it's base. It 
will temporarily screen the turret's vision and allow you to move closer to 
the plant point. Bunkers can be repaired after being blown up so you'll want to
"defend" the bunker after blowing it up. Your next goal after getting rid of
the bunkers (there will be four of them, you don't need to blow up all four to
move on) is to take out the Anti Aircraft Battery (AAA). The AAA is also a 
terrible beast that will make you sad. The AAA is much more important to the
defenders than the bunkers for one reason and one reason alone... no air
support for you! However, there is only one AAA battery per platoon and if you
want to call in support, you only need to destroy your platoons. It can also be
repaired, so you want to once again, guard it after blowing it to smithereens.
After getting rid of the AAA, clear out anything in between the exploded spawns
and the AAA such as gates, roadblocks, mortars or sensor arrays. The gates and
roadblocks are simply there as obstructions, the mortars give the defenders
mortar support such as Mortar Strikes, Poison Gas Strikes and Guided Artillery
which will totally ruin your day. The sensor array is probably the least 
important here, however, it is good to remove. 

Around the garage where you acquire the enemy vehicle, there will generally be
a good defensive perimeter. It will have roadblocks, turrets and good points 
for enemy troops to set up. This is roughly 400m away from your original spawn.
However, if you did what you're supposed to >:O and destroyed the enemy AAA, 
you will now have access to a forward spawn. You will either have the LALO drop
much like Sabotage, or attack helicopters. Attack helicopters are forward 
spawns which are also a good offensive tool. They are roughly 100-125 meters
away from the garage and have 2 miniguns on the front which can be manned by 
players. The attack helicopter is a stationary target, however, if you have two
troops on the minigun, nobody is gonna get close enough to bother it. The enemy
guided artillery can be used on the attack helicopters which will temporarily 
destroy it. Small arms fire and rocket launchers will dent away at it, but it
can be repaired by players. At this point, what you want to do is once again,
not allow the enemy to set up a good defense. You want to watch the path from 
their spawns to the garage, and ALWAYS make sure they aren't repairing things.
If they get repaired, immediatley switch priorities to destroying them again.
When you get your hands on an enemy vehicle, GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE. Don't
even stop to smell the roses. You generally want to take the straightest path
out of there. Call out to your squad mates your path as they will hopefully
defend you with their lives. If you get hit, don't stop. Just use your smoke-
screen (hit the R1 trigger) and keep on moving. Your main threat here are RPGS,
the improved type. They lock on and do a good bit of damage. However, they are 
not commonly carried as they take up 1000cc and a good 5 skill points. Once
you are a good 100 meters away from the garage, you are basically in the clear.
Just don't stop and move towards the lift point. Once you get there, you will 
be halfway to victory! Just do it again or hopefully have the other platoon do 
it as well for a quicker victory.

Just keep the enemy support buildings down, don't let them set up a good D
and keep on pushing and you should attain victory. Oh yeah... don't let them 
rebuild bunkers behind you... that's seriously annoying. In defensive language,
that means rebuild bunkers behind attackers. 

 - Game Modes/Types    --- Domination                         [DMNTN]

Domination is probably what you bought MAG for. The 128v128 massive battle. It
is once again attack/defend. This time however, you have 4 different platoons
separated geographically. Another major difference is that near the end, all 4
platoons will be fighting in relative proximity having 255 other soldiers in an
area roughly the size of a football stadium. This is seriously intense and one
of the most enjoyable game modes in MAG. Domination introduces the Officer in
Charge leadership position (OIC). The OIC does not have direct access to air
or mortar support but rather tactical moves such as jamming the enemy radar
and command network. He can also slow enemy/speed up friendly reinforcements 
and recharge tactical assets such as mortar strikes and friendly bombers. It's
generally a good idea to listen to your OIC and do what he says as he's most
likely an experienced player and leader. 

Anyways as you start, there are some similarities to Acquisition. The enemy
will once again have four bunkers and the same air support/defensive assets as
in Acquisition. However the difference here, is that you have 3 major tasks to
complete, all of which must be done in order. The first thing you have to do
is capture the two burnoff towers. The burnoff towers are roughly 100 meters
from your orignal spawn and 100-150 meters from each other. Both must be 
captured and held at the same time for you to move on to the next objective.
If you knock out the enemy bunkers quickly, you will have no trouble grabbing
the burnoff towers. Toss smoke near the base of the tower to assist with cover
and make sure there are no enemy snipers scoped in on the capture point as it
will be very difficult to capture. 

Your next objective is to destroy the two cooling towers. These are similar to
the burnoff towers except they are more difficult to capture. As they are 
closer to the enemy base, you should start to remove tactical assets. Primarily
you want to take out the AAA battery and the enemy mortars. Nothing ruins a cap
faster than 15 mortar shells smacking your entire squad in the face. If you
take out the AAA, you will be able to either LALO drop or have attack helo's 
come in to spawn you. These will be almost exactly next to the cooling towers
so you will eventually overwhelm the enemy force. Just make sure to keep enemy
snipers down and DO NOT let them camp the base of the tower. Smoke grenades are
incredibly helpful here.

The third and final objective here are to capture and hold various points. The
points are computer consoles, much like the A/B points in sabotage. There are
eight different points with each platoon assigned two main ones. A/B, C/D, E/F
G/H. These points are heavily guarded as they are rouglhy 60-100 meters away
from the main enemy spawn. Unlike Sabotage and Acquistion, you can't truly
cut off the enemy spawn. You can harass it as a Sniper or use air support near 
the spawn, but you will never be able to truly hold it. The main defense on the
points are gates. Each point has roughly 4 gates to it, but you only have to 
take down one. Of course, if you only have one gate down, the enemy has you in 
a funnel... a funnel of bullets. Keep taking down the gates as they repair them
to harrass and distract enemies. You might even get a kill or two with the C4
you plant on the gate. The computer consoles are often in separate rooms of 
larger structures. Once you find your way in, make sure the room is clear
before securing the objective. It's generally unadvisable to go alone, but if
you have a chance to secure the objective even for 10 seconds, go ahead. It 
will distract a large number of enemies trying to resecure and will give your
friendly troops a chance to push further into the base. 

The goal here is to hold the points for a certain amount of time. The time you
have to hold is not certain, but there is a "damage" meter. Obviously, the more
points you hold, the faster this meter will fill. This requires you to assist
other platoons. If your platoon is rolling over your opposing platoon, but the
three friendly platoons are getting smacked, go ahead and sprint over to their 
"side". It's only 300 meters away and a C4 charge or two on defensive assets
could make a big difference. I like to make my way from my section to another
and planting on the enemy mortars/AAA. Since the enemy isn't expecting there
to be charges on their goodies, you may actually end up blowing it up and 
majorly setting them back for a good minute. 

Victory on offense in Domination is difficult but seriously satisfying. You'll
get a heap of EXP and leadership points and you'll have a warm, fuzzy feeling
inside for actually winning. Just some basic tips to remember are that smoke
grenades are your friends, enemy assets must die, and you will die... a lot. 
Your Kill to Death Ratio in MAG is not important. Winning is.

- Game Modes/Types    --- Directives                         [DRCTV]

Directives isn't actually a game mode. However, I did want to add that using
Directives is a great way to help with leveling up. It puts you into a random
playlist of the three gametypes (it will not put you in suppression) you will
recieve a small experience bonus and leadership bonus for merely participating
and a very large one for winning. I always use Directives as the experience
bonus is very nice and I honestly don't care what game-mode I'm playing.

5. Detailed PMCS                                              [DPMCS]

Alrighty, you know some basic strategies for each game mode. But you realize
that maybe the same strategy doesn't work on all 3 sabotage maps. And you're
correct. While the maps all have them same general premise to them, they are
rather different in the fact that they have various changes based on the PMC.
For instance Valor has sandbags and trees and nice well constructed defenses, 
while valor has pieces of scrap metal thrown up everywhere. These sections will
help you get to know your (or your enemies) PMC's a little bit better. 

5.1 S.V.E.R.                                                  [SVER0]

  - S.V.E.R.           --- Weaponry                           [SVER1]

Syeri Volk Emergency Response... what a mouthful. Anyways, SVER is known for
it's interesting weaponry. They are not a well funded PMC and have to make due
with what they are given. And from the physical appearances of their guns,
they don't have much. Of course, what their guns lack in conditioning and clean
liness and accuracy, they make up for it in POWER. SVER weapons are generally
the most powerful of the bunch, but generally have the most recoil and are the
least accurate.

For gun statistics, I must add that for stats like Damage, that does not mean 
that's how much damage they do per bullet. As of now, nobody is truly sure of
what does what and what Rate of Fire means. I know for semi-automatic weaponry,
the rate of fire is the FASTEST you can fire the gun, regardless of how quickly
you can keep pulling the trigger.

Capacity = How many bullets the gun has in one magazine.

Accuracy = How likely the bullet is going where you fire it/how accurate the
gun is from the hip (not aiming down sights)

Stability = Recoil (not sure what this is measured on)

Rate of Fire = How quickly each bullet is fired after the other.

Damage = The relative damage of the bullet. Some people believe that's how
many bullets it takes to kill the target (at 100 health) but as of now there is
no way way of actually telling. Does not take into account damage modifiers

Here are the gun statistics for all of SVERs weapons (10 guns)

IZ-443 (Pistol)

Capacity - 17
Accuracy - 2.07
Stability - 5.62
Rate of Fire - 2.53
Damage - 5.07

Kurtis 45ACP (PDW - Machine Pistol)

Capacity - 13
Accuracy - 2.62
Stability - 7.23
Rate of Fire - 6.77
Damage - 3.31

Vipera-2 (SMG)

Capacity - 64
Accuracy - 3.31
Stability - 7.23
Rate of Fire - 6.67
Damage - 3.1

T-195 (Shotgun)

Capacity - 7
Accuracy - 0.94
Stability - 2.77
Rate of Fire - 1.92
Damage - 5.17 (per pellet)

I might add that you never want to fire while aiming down the sights when using
a shotgun. There is no difference in the accuracy between firing from the hip
or through the irons.

RTK-74 (Light Machine Gun)

Capacity - 75
Accuracy - 3.77
Stability - 6.92
Rate of Fire - 6.46
Damage - 4.09

PKP MG (Medium Machine Gun)

Capacity - 100
Accuracy - 3.31
Stability - 6.53
Rate of Fire - 5.92
Damage - 4.77

AK-74U (Light Assault)

Capacity - 30
Accuracy - 4.1
Stability - 7
Rate of Fire - 6.53
Damage - 3.77

AG-94 (Medium Assault)

Capacity - 30
Accuracy - 4.62
Stability - 7.07
Rate of Fire - 6.77
Damage - 3.77


Capacity - 30
Accuracy - 4.1
Stability - 6.92
Rate - 6.18
Damage - 4.10

SASR (Light Sniper)

Capacity - 10
Accuracy - 7.82
Stability - 5.38
Rate - 3.77
Damage - 4.23

SV-98 (medium Sniper)

Capacity - 10
Accuracy - 7.83
Stability - 2.77
Rate - 1.53
Damage - 6.38

AGVK (Heavy Sniper)

Capacity - 5
Accuracy - 7.83
Stability - 1
Rate - 1.36
Damage - 8

If you're looking for relative damage for the sniper rifles, I go as this.
OHK on all light/medium armor with the Heavy Sniper. OHK on light armor with 
the SV-98. Two shot kill on light armor for the light sniper. Add one shot for
each type of armor. For instance, it's a two shot kill with the heavy sniper
(excluding headshots) on heavy armor. 3 shot kill with the medium sniper on a
heavy armor target. 

  - S.V.E.R.           --- Sabotage Map                       [SVER2]

The SVER sabotage map is an evil, evil thing. If you are attacking that it...
the main access point to both A and B are by rather narrow staircases and if 
there's one thing I know, it's that staircases in this game are mean. 

If you are in one of the two squads attacking A, you are slightly luckier than
those other poor 16 souls at B. A is an easier to point to attack than B, only
because there are two easy entrance points rather than one. Both are staircases
of course, but it's still much easier to attack from two spots than one. As you
spawn make sure you sprint up close to the point and then lob grenades over the
first wall. You want to get to the point before SVER has a good chance to set 
up a nice defensive because at that point, it's extremely difficult to get. 
You're really going to want one squad going around the left on the bunkers and
near the ammo cache and the other going down the long road and up the right 

Eventually, you want to make sure both squads (the left and right one) move in
on the point at the same time. If you can hold off reinforcements coming from
spawns and get 4-5 people on the point, you will have no problem taking A. Just
remember that you now have the upperhand as SVER gets a taste of their own 
staircases... I mean medicine. Just watch the two staircases and the far arch 
bridge as it will most likely contain angry snipers. 

If you're going after B, realize that you will die a whole lot. And I mean a
lot. There is only one simple entrance to the poin and that is sadly, you 
guessed it, a staircase. You can go across a small bridge to the right of the 
point, but that has direct access from SVERs spawn and isn't easy to move 
across. Mostly because of snipers. When you spawn make sure you do the routine
smoke grenade and frag grenade deal. Honestly, you want to make your way up to
the point or at least have a very close foothold near the base of the point. If
you don't get that in 5 minutes, you're going to have a hell of a time getting
that point. 

Once you've captured A/B, you get to move onto C. Luckily, C is much easier to 
grab than it's predecessors and shouldn't take you more than 3 minutes if you
work effieciently. Move up to cut off the spawns on the left and right sides
and go for the side entrances of the point. The point is in a warehouse and is
near the back. Smoke grenades in the front will cover your LALO drop point
and allow you to move up without worrying about snipers and bipod LMGS. If you
can cut off the main catwalk which goes across the C point and if you have any 
troops who are consistently in the point, just keep at it. You'll eventually
get there. If you do happen to win, congratulations, that's a rare feeling.

  - S.V.E.R.           --- Accquisiton Map                    [SVER3]

SVER accquisition is a much lesser task than the Sabotage counterpart. The two 
platoons have rather different sides. The First Platoon has a bridge to cross,
which goes over a river you can pass. The Second Platoon has a... swampland
for the lack of a better term. Broken down buildings, water, various blockades,
water, etc. Also there's water. 


The bridge side has the slightly more difficult time. While they have a wider
area to enter the main garage from, it funnels into 2 or 3 chokepoints. The 
main failure of attackers here is that they tend to funnel themselves across 
the main bridge forcing themselves into two turrets and getting mowed down by
a hail of bullets. The first thing you want to do is remove the 2 bunkers that
are on the left and right sides of the bridge. Then move to the outer bunkers.
Once you've taken down the two bunkers get to the AAA. If you get the AAA down
and they are starting rebuild the bunkers, talk to your platoon leader. Get
him to call in a precision airstrike on the various bunkers and make sure your
squad leader keeps up mortar fire on the downed AAA. Get your APCs up across
the bridge now that they don't have to deal with the bunker fire so you will
have 2 major spawn points with the LALO and the APC's. If you do get to the 
garage and grab a car, make sure all gates/roadblocks are removed. If you are 
the driver, just FLOOR IT. And I mean floor it. Don't even consider stopping.
Once you cross the bridge, you're in the clear. Just watch for people who
repair bunkers. You can try to get past the bunker in your stolen vehicle, but
it's not going to be easy. 


The swamp side, while having less cover, has a more open area to move across. 
When you're not focused into choke points, it gives you more freedom as to what
you want to do and where you want to move. I like to move the two APCS to two
different sides of the map. Unlike the bridge side, you want to move from the
outside bunkers in to the inner two. Even more unlike the other side, you have
more options on where to take your vehicle after taking it. I generally move
more towards the right side, as on the left, SVER has a lot more cover and can
pin you down with heavy MG fire from the bunker and infantry. You really just 
need to let this side let it play itself out. As long as you keep moving up, 
you won't ever find yourself at a wall. Just keep tossing grenades, keep the 
AAA down and you'll find yourself with a vehicle that doesn't belong to you.
You thieving bastard. 

  - S.V.E.R.           --- Domination Map                     [SVER4]

The differentiation between all of the domination maps are all rather small.
Err... well that's not entirely true. The Valor and SVER maps are almost the
same. Raven is very different and I'll get to that later. I'm actually going
to cover SVERS domination map in the Valor section because they're almost the
same. SVER does have some big differences near the beginning, but it's almost
identical near the end. 

The thing you need to watch for on the SVERS burnoff towers and cooling points
are ambush spots. It sounds strange, but there are some major areas where large
amounts of SVER troops can hide and pop out in some serious force. Just make 
sure you get frags into tight corners and hiding spots and you shouldn't have
much trouble here.

5.2 Raven Industries                                          [RVEN0]

Raven actually has some of the easiest maps to take outside of the Accquisition
map on which they dominate. The domination map is also really strange and 
instad of taking a facility, you're after a boat. Which is kind of weird.

  - Raven Industries   --- Weaponry                           [RVEN1]

F57 (Pistol)

Capacity - 20
Accuracy - 2.11
Stability - 6.5
Rate - 2.86
Damage - 4.64


Capacity - 20
Accuracy - 2.61
Stability - 7.42
Rate - 8
Damage - 2.89

F90 (SMG)

Capacity - 50
Accuracy - 3.33
Stability - 7.22
Rate - 7.44
Damage - 3.16

Boudini 12 Gauge

Capacity - 5
Accuracy - 0.94
Stability - 2.78
Rate - 1.92
Damage - 5.17

APEX 100 (LMG)

Capacity - 100
Accuracy - 3.78
Stability - 7
Rate - 6.78
Damage - 4

KP45 MG (medium gun)

Capacity - 100
Accuracy - 3.33
Stability - 6.75
Rate - 6.5
Damage - 4.61

Hollis A3 (Light Assault)

Capacity - 30
Accuracy - 4.17
Stability - 7
Rate - 7
Damage - 3.56

ATAC 2000 (Medium Assault)

Capacity - 30
Accuracy - 4.67
Stability - 7.28
Rate - 7.44
Damage - 3.56

R-553 (Battle Rifle)

Capacity - 25
Accuracy - 4.17
Stability - 7
Rate - 6.81
Damage - 4

H M 90 - (DMR)

Capacity - 20
Accuracy - 7.83
Stability - 5.28
Rate - 3.22
Damage - 4.36

Janas SWS (Medium Sniper)

Capacity - 10
Accuracy - 7.83
Stability - 2.78
Rate - 1.58
Damage - 6.36

AM50 (Improved Sniper)

Capacity - 5
Accuracy - 7.83
Stability - 1
Rate - 1.36
Damage - 8

  - Raven Industries   --- Sabotage Map                       [RVEN2]

Raven has the easiest sabotage map to take, at least in my opinion. It's far
easier than the SVER map and slightly easier than Valor. The differences 
between A and B are rather slim at least difficulty wise and have simliar set
ups. Both secure points are off the ground in quasi-bunkers, but are much 
smaller than the SVER ones. 

I divide each point into two smaller points. The outer area, which will be
made up of a jungle area and the smaller inner area of the point which is
cleared out and is formed up of walls and various bits of cover. Surprisingly,
the most dangerous part of taking either point is moving towards it, rather 
than the act of actually capturing it. You are going to want to use smoke
grenades to cover the open areas and sprint up towards the outer walls. Get
frags inside the walls and make your way towards the base of the "bunker". 
There are two wraparound staircases to get up towards the secure point. Th
only difficult part about these points is keeping them. Yes, the upside of the
map is the downside. The simplicity of capturing them goes against you once
you have it. But don't worry, with some simple communication, you'll have them
both roughly within 7 to 8 minutes. Make sure you surround the area as you do 
not have the... funnel effect of most other sabotage maps. 

C is placed up in what appears to be some form of Mayan ruin. There are three
entrances to C, two side staircases and one middle one that lets you get 
straight to the point. I prefer having two squads make their way up to the C
point and have the other two squads hold each staircase respective to their

What you want to do on defense is Raven is hold them at A and B. It sounds like
a bad idea, but make most of your team get up on the bunker rather than the 
surrounding area. It gives you the best view of the surrounding area and allows
you to keep an eye on all flanks rather than guarding each one individually.

  - Raven Industries   --- Accquistion Map                    [RVEN3]

Raven is the master of accquisition. Mostly because of their map. I'm going to
give you some good tips, but it's a very difficult map to win. Once again the
two sides are very similar and have almost identical difficulty levels. The
idea here is to make sure Raven doesn't keep it's anti air up. The garage area
is very, very small, so air support will save you here. After spawning you want
to once again make your way towards the bunkers and get those down ASAP. With
the bunkers down, getting the AAA down is very simple, as they have to move a 
good 150 meters to get to the AAA. The one thing you do have in your favor, is
the fact that there are quite a few ways to get to the garage. You can go right
up the middle through the few roadblocks (which you have to destroy anyway),
you can move from the left or right side or through the back. This will help in
getting into the base, but it won't make it very easy. It just gives you more

Don't grab the vehicle until the roadblocks/gates are removed or at least have
charges on them. Once you grab the vehicle, bust out of there. Use your smoke 
screen as soon as you can and then never, ever, stop. Just move, run over some
people if you can. Try to get some cover from a friendly APC and some infantry
with RPGS to take out any pursuing enemy vehicles. The tricky part about 
getting out of the Raven base is that there are quite a few turns unlike the 
SVER and Valor bases where you can largely just floor it and make some minor
steering adjustments. Despite what you may think, you might not want to go the
straightest path out of there, as that will probably have the heaviest enemy
resistance. I try to make it out of the left or right paths unless I have some
really good support from my squadmates. Heck, I once had such a coordinated
squad that all 7 players were chucking smoke grenades all over their base as I
got out of there like a bat out of hell. A very smokey hell.

  - Raven Industries   --- Domination Map                     [RVEN4]

The Raven Domination map is a fickle friend. A very shy and solitude friend. 
Even though I've logged over 50 hours into MAG, I've only played it once, which
is quite mad. Although I must say, it's quite an experience. It's largely rain
forest and then leads up to what I believe to be a boat unlike the generic
facility/warehouse that Valor and SVER have. I was luckily Platoon Leader on 
the map so I had a good idea of what was going on and how to strategize. I'll
gladly take some tips from Raven players on what to do here. My email is up in
the Intro section and later in the Info section.

The Raven DOM map starts off like the other 2, with 4 different platoons split
up into 4 geographical areas and are largely 32v32 maps. Of course, as you move
on it turns into the craziest 128v128 out of them all. Moving onto the boat is 
utter madness and makes for some of the craziest gameplay I have ever seen. As
with the other dominations, you want to get the bunkers and AAA down ASAP. The
AAA is really, really important here as the OIC can reset your tactical assets
and you can hit them really hard with air support to give yourselves an early
push. Air support wreaks havoc on this map especially, although I cannot say
why. I've gotten 15 kills in one strafing run. And don't get me started on 
Cluster Bombs. Once you've gotten the AAA down, tell your platoon leader to use
a precision airstrike on any remaining bunkers or remove them yourselves and 
get him to use it on the mortars as the Poison Gas asset is a major pain with
the already chaotic enviornment. 

Unlike the other maps, once you get the 128v128, you are actually easier off.
Raven has a very difficult time defending here as they are looking into a
jungle rather than an open plain like other domination maps. Use this to your
advantage. Never go in the same way twice, keep mixing it up and keep tossing
smoke grenades to add to the mass confusion. Once you get a nice foothold near
the A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H points, you won't have a difficult time holding them. Use
Anti Personnel mines and have Shotgunners or SMG carriers hold the stairs while
Snipers and Heavy Gunners hold them from coming into the boat in the first

I can see attackers having a lot of trouble if they don't get to the final 
points with at least 10 minutes left and that can happen because taking the
burnoff and cooling towers are not easy. Unless you work together and use your
air support well. Oh, and don't worry about tigers in the jungle... those are
totally rumors :)

5.3 Valor Company                                             [VLOR0]

My perspective on Valor maps may be slightly more biased towards the defensive
side as most of my experience on those maps come from the defensive side. Don't
worry though, I have attacked them on alternate PSNs, so I do know what I'm
talking about... I hope. 

  - Valor Company      --- Weaponry                           [VLOR1]

Valor weaponry is generally the most balanced, not focusing on power or recoil.

M9 (Pistol)

Capacity - 15
Accuracy - 2.125
Stability - 5.97
Rate - 2.72
Damage - 5

Hollis MP (PDW)

Capacity - 15
Accuracy - 2.625
Stability - 7.3
Rate - 7.5
Damage - 2.97


Capacity - 30
Accuracy - 3.38
Stability - 7.35
Rate - 7.1
Damage - 3.36

12 Gauge Pump (Shotgun)

Capacity - 8
Accuracy - 0.95
Stability - 2.78
Rate - 1.92
Damage - 5.17

MK46 Mod0 (LMG)

Capacity - 100
Accuracy - 3.78
Stability - 6.98
Rate - 7.08
Damage - 3.95

MK43 Mod1 (Medium MG)

Capacity - 100
Accuracy - 3.28
Stability - 6.73
Rate - 6.23
Damage - 4.63

M4A1 (Light AR)

Capacity - 30
Accuracy - 4.13
Stability - 6.97
Rate - 6.75
Damage - 3.65

SFCR-LW (Medium AR)

Capacity - 30
Accuracy - 4.64
Stability - 7.25
Rate - 7.11
Damage - 3.7

NOTE: This is a straight upgrade over the M4A1 in every category.

SFCR-HW (Battle Rifle)

Capacity - 25
Accuracy - 4.2
Stability - 6.98
Rate - 6.67
Damage - 4.1

MK 14 mod 0 EBR (DMR)

Capacity - 20
Accuracy - 7.82
Stability - 5.25
Rate - 3.23
Damage - 4.62

L96AW (Medium Sniper)

Capacity - 10
Accuracy - 7.83
Stability - 2.75
Rate - 1.58
Damage - 6.43

NOTE: Generally avoid Medium Snipers like the plague. 

Rollins LRRS (Improved Sniper)

Capacity - 7
Accuracy - 7.83
Stability - 1
Rate - 1.36
Damage - 8

NOTE: Best Improved Sniper because of 2 extra bullets in clip. They are all the
same otherwise. 

  - Valor Company      --- Sabotage Map                       [VLOR2]

The Valor sabotage map is not too difficult to take. With about 5 different 
ways to get into the C point and a rather open A/B, you won't have too much 
difficulty scoring a win here. Outside of a few good Snipers on Valor, it's 
quite the simple task. HOWEVER, in all seriousness, I've seen a sniper squad of
4 people on Valor destroy an attack. Make sure you have good counter snipers
or you will be dying a lot as there are plenty of nooks and crannies for
Valor snipers with their Rollins to take you out from.

The two points are once again very simliar and neither are more difficult than
the other. The A point is... slightly easier to take if I had to choose. The
secure points on Valor maps are quite easy to take. They have 2 open sides and 
are easy to sneak in by the way of smoke grenades. You can sit in the corner
of the room and secure while the Valor soldiers come in helplessly unaware that
you are sitting there with a knife in hand. I cannot emphasize how much smoke
grenades matter on this map. If you have two good squads you can take the point
in 2 minutes by spamming smokes and clustering into the point. Remember, once
both are captured at the same time, you get to move on. 

I want to bring to your attention a very important part of the map, which is 
the central church. This church gives enemy (or friendly if you're quick) 
snipers a great vantage point over both A and B. You want to keep good snipers
out of here at all costs, both the tower and the roof. With an ammo cache down
stairs a good sniper can log 20 kills in about 3 minutes. *cough* I never got 
80 kills in a game or anything. The church can be used to your advantage later
on when you're trying to capture C. The only other major point you have to 
watch is the areas above each point. Both secure points have ladders going 
roughly 10 feet above the point, but you can toss a frag up there and watch a 
body fly. 

Once you grab the point, the first thing you want to do is cut off the spawns.
Honestly, you only need 2 or 3 LMG users per spawn to effectively hamper the 
Valor spawns as they can only access C by 3 areas, 1 on one side and two on the
other. You also want to make sure you keep a lock and key on enemy snipers.
There are various holes in the building that are great spots for snipers to 
take out enemy paratroopers. Try to land on the roof and keep an eye out for
the occasional muzzle flash and take a look. There are 2 major sniping spots 
both of which are slightly more towards the right and upper parts of the base. 
You'll see them. Anyways, what you want to do is make your way into the base.
The base is a labrynith of sorts and if you get a good 10 soldiers in there, 
you can cause some serious havoc. Try not to get into the ammo cache choke 
point near the top of the main stairs as infinite grenades + small area = bad
idea. Very bad idea. Use the two side staircases and if you're sneaky, the 
point that Valor uses to enter the base, especially if you're a shotgun user.

With enough brute force, you can make your way up to the point and not have too
much trouble holding it. Like I said, outside of snipers, Valor will have quite
the time defending C. 

  - Valor Company      --- Accquisition Map                   [VLOR3]

The Valor Accquisition map is kind of like flipping a coin. There are two sides
(obviously -.-) and they are polar opposites. One is INCREDIBLY difficult to
take and the other is laughable and you can capture two vehicles in less than
10 minutes. I don't want to be slapped for getting this wrong, but I'm almost
positive that the 1st platoon is the easier one. Whichever one doesn't involve
the gate/bridge combo and spawns on attack helicopters. My fat PS3 has died and
I haven't been able to play MAG lately. 

Anyways, moving onto strategy. I'm going to focus on the bridge/gate side as 
the other side basically plays itself out. Anyways, you'll know which side I'm
talking about as the first thing you encounter is a wall and an explodable gate
sitting in the middle. You can walk around it, but you won't be able to bring
a vehicle through with it still up. The main pain in the ass here is the bridge
which can be destroyed on a moments notice and is actually behind the bunkers.
If you want to keep it destroyed, you are going to need to keep the Valor bunks
down so you can keep the bridge repaired. That and the mortar are terrible 
enemies here because the mortar can keep heavy fire on the bridge denying you
from repairing it. If you can get the bunkers down, immediately move up and
repair the bridge. If you're on Valor, DO NOT LET THEM REPAIR IT. If you can 
keep the bridge down, you are almost guaranteed victory. At least on your side.
Can't guarantee anything on the other side :) If you do get this far without
the other side winning, you need to now take down the gates guarding the garage
which are a major pain as well as they are easily repaired. Just keep on the 
gates and if you can get your hands on a vehicle, make sure the gates are 
down and the bridge is up. I've seen some crazy Raven driver take the APC back
with the bridge down but I think he was a magician so that doesn't count.

Valor players, if you're on the non-bridge side, I have one tip for you. Look
to the rooftops. There are 3-4  small warehouses which have staircases leading
to the tops. If you can get some good snipers and LMG users up there to remove
LALO droppers you will have a good chance on defending. Also, always keep the
gates repaired as that will greatly hamper them. Sadly, there is such a wide
area for Raven to move on with a lot of cover from trees, buildings and etc.
Winning on defense as Valor is a sweet treat, but very rare. Don't worry, we've
got Domination :) 

  - Valor Company      --- Domination Map                     [VLOR4]

Here at Valor Company, we take pride in one thing... owning face in Domination.
I very rarely lose a Domination map on defense and even on offense we seem to 
do pretty well. Making up for the awful preformances on Accquisition I guess.

Attackers, you have a difficult job in front of you. The bunkers are lined up
very nicely, the AAA is difficult to access as there are going to be plenty
of snipers aimed at the plant point and if you do get the A/B/C etc. points, 
you have a hell of a job squeezing through one or two doorways to get to the
secure points. Here is where killing AAA is so very important as you want to 
get rid of enemy tactical assets because poison gas is such a killer when you 
are crammed into a small area which you will find happens a lot on this map. 
Each points has 5 gates with some having 6 on them and while it sounds like an
advantage, it's not. It seems as though Valor has a wonderful bug (probably 
soon to be fixed), where they can repair gates while sitting on top of them. Is
it a bug? I don't think so, you technically can see them. It just allows you to
repair while not being in danger. Just make sure you keep getting rid of these
gates because you will get some good C4 kills. The advantage you have as an 
attacker is that you will find solace in the fact that once you cap the point,
you have an easy defense job. If you find yourself with the pair of points
captured, get your platoon leader to call in a strafing run in the area between
the points and the enemy spawn. It will give you a good 30 seconds of rest in
which a hail of bullets/bombs/bears will be dropped in that area and will force
Valor to wait until it's over. Or die. They can do that too. 

Another thing you really have to watch for here is Valor repairing the bunkers.
With such a wide area to get out of the spawn, the occasional Valor soldier w/
a repair kit will find his way behind your onslaught and start repairing assets
and if he gets the AAA up, you have a good 2 minute set back. And if they get
the bunkers up you have to worry about defenders from the back and front. A 
good repair run can you set you back 5 minutes, which is huge in a 30 minute 
game, most of which you probably spent getting killed by poison gas or bunker

I said I would explain the SVER domination map here and that's because they
are so simliar. Basically the only differences between the two are the burnoff
towers which is the first stage. You have some minor differences in the tac
asset layout but outside of that and some aesthetic/cosmetic differences, they
are identical. Just make sure you know that while SVER has a roof on it's final
points, Valor does not. However, Valor has windows. Lots of windows. Windows
on which your snipers should always be targeted. 


6. Information/FAQs                                           [INFOS]

Well, I hope you enjoyed my guide. I love writing and if I get some positive
feedback, I might start writing more FAQS and walkthroughs. Here are some 
questions I've gotten already.

Q: Why are your strategies inclined towards the attackers?

A: Really, I find that since you have a better feel of your maps (your PMCS)
that you really shouldn't have too much trouble on knowing what to do. And 
honestly, you can just do the opposite of what I tell the attackers to do.

Q: What's your favorite PMC?

A: My favorite as in backstory and coolness is Raven. They just seem so cool
and together and I love the high-tech feel to them. As for playing? I like 
Valor. They have my favorite weapons and maps to play on, plus I would never
want to defend the SVER maps because I like action :P

Q: What about contracts?

A: Honestly, I don't think Zipper knows how contract works. Outside of the 
bonuses, all we can do is speculate on how you earn them and lose them. That
bar has something to do with it, I just honestly don't know what. If you know
email me so I can have some insight into it. 


Obviously I need to thank GameFAQs for being such an awesome site and really
helping me out through the past few years on games that make me want to do 
horrible things to myself. I figured I should contribe to make it more awesome
and help other gamers. 

I also want to thank the people at the website http://www.maggametools.com/
who provided me with most of the weaponry statistic information. Thank you
guys! You saved me a lot of time. Go check that site out for cool graphs and 
schtuff about the game. 

Thanks to Zipper Interactive for making an awesome game that interested me for
a long time. Also those SOCOM games were a huge influence on my childhood, 
mostly me not ever going outside ever. 


If you want permission to host this FAQ on your site, please email me at 
Hmslc234@hotmail.com with WARGARBL in the subject so I know it's about the 
guide. Also email me there if you have any questions or whatever.

Currently the only sites are...

GameFAQs <http://www.gamefaqs.com>


This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright. For permission, please contact me, Clay Niemczura, at


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