Review by Gimpt3

Reviewed: 11/25/09

Fun game for the first week or two

Fat Princess was a very fun game, for a little while that is. The gameplay with the patch now is perfect. However, there isn't much at all to the game.

As you play online you get points, and these points you can unlock costumes. There isn't much variety to the game, there are five different classes with their own upgrades, but as far as maps go, most of the time it's just "Run to the enemy castle and hope you make it." You will be finding many of the things you do as the player to be the same, too. With stalemates often the match will often get boring, unless you like matches lasting up to an hour and a half with the only thing happening is failed attempts for someone trying to carry out the princess alone, and a bunch of people in the middle of the map without any progress.

A huge flaw with the game is with titan getting rid of kicking and banning from games. Some people like to be morons and carry your princess, or their princess, to the enemy's castle. Or they would sit around, not doing anything, or be a bad worker and gather resources for the entire game/upgrade the worst classes to upgrade first. Or even just throw bombs at your castle, destroying them and their teammates. Since Titan has gotten rid of the kicking and banning nothing can be done about this, and you'll have to live with it or find another game.

Another thing is that they nerfed almost all the other classes with the patch. They took away from every other class, and gave the warrior things to destroy the others. Albeit it is more balanced, but taking away so much from the other classes (the Dark Priest needed a nerf) made the game even less enjoyable than what it already was.

It's really hard trying to use team work in this game if there aren't at least two other people in it who have mics for voice chat, and trying to communicate with everyone who doesn't have voice chat is exactly the same as talking to yourself. People will hear you, but they won't listen. Sometimes, though, if you get a lot of people who have mics you can pull off an amazing team work move to win the game. I tell that from experience.

If you want something to kill the time with if you have an hour or two, get this game, but if you're looking for a game that you would want to play for a long time, stay away from this one.

Gameplay: 7/10: The gameplay is nearly perfect now, they fixed the controls and even made the other set optional. But using team work is hard if you aren't either playing with friends who have a mic, or with others who have a mic.

Variety: 6/10: There are about six or seven maps, but they all require the same thing. Run up to the enemy's castle and hope you make it. Don't forget to keep jumping if you manage to get the princess.

Replay Value: 4/10: You will find yourself coming back to it again and again, but will stop playing after the first week or two.

Overall Score: 4/10: It's not that great of a game, but will last you at least a week or two.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Product Release: Fat Princess (US, 07/30/09)

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