How do i spend escrow?

  1. How do i use the money in my escrow account?

    User Info: rmix733

    rmix733 - 9 years ago


  1. Escrow is money that "belongs" to you, but you are not allowed to touch yet, like a preteen with a trust fund that doesn't open up until their 21st birthday. If you are a FTP member, any funds you acquire over $1500 deposits into escrow. Premium, anything over $2000. Legendary (pay by the month) have no escrow deposits. For FTP and Premium, the only way to access that money is if you A: become a Legendary member, or B: buy an Escrow Withdrawal item from the in-game marketplace.

    To avoid this, you should probably monitor your funds to make sure you are buying things you need often, before it goes into Escrow. Also, you could store your money in items. As in, buy items to put into the bank, and when you need the money, sell the items. You will lose money on it but it may be better than letting funds fall into escrow, Even with this, you still can't go over your account max. So if anything costs more than your account max, you can't buy it without the above options represented in A and B.

    Hope that information helps, sorry if the explanation ran a little lengthy.

    User Info: ShadowPhoenix82

    ShadowPhoenix82 - 9 years ago 2   2

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