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Trophy Guide by barticle

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 04/07/10

Yakuza 3 Trophies Guide - Ver. 1.02 - 7 April 2010 - by Barticle at hotmail.com
      Y88b   d88P       888                                      .d88888b.  
       Y88b d88P        888                                     d88P   Y88b 
        Y88o88P         888                                             888 
         Y888P  8888b.  888  888 888  888 88888888  8888b.             d88P 
          888      "88b 888 .88P 888  888    d88P      "88b           8888  
          888  .d888888 888888K  888  888   d88P   .d888888           "Y8b. 
          888  888  888 888 "88b Y88b 888  d88P    888  888     888    "888 
          888  "Y888888 888  888  "Y88888 88888888 "Y888888     Y88b. .d88P 
          888                                                    "Y88888P" 

  8888888888888                      888      d8b                   
       888                           888      Y8P                   
       888                           888                            
       888  888d888 .d88b.  88888b.  88888b.  888  .d88b.  .d8888b  
       888  888P"  d88""88b 888 "88b 888 "88b 888 d8P  Y8b 88K      
       888  888    888  888 888  888 888  888 888 88888888 "Y8888b.
       888  888    Y88..88P 888 d88P 888  888 888 Y8b.          X88 
       888  888     "Y88P"  88888P"  888  888 888  "Y8888   88888P' 
       888                  888                                     
         C O N T E N T S    888
         ===============    888      .d8888b.           d8b      888
                                    d88P  Y88b          Y8P      888
    Section 01 - INTRODUCTION       888    888                   888
    Section 02 - TROPHY LISTS       888        888  888 888  .d88888  .d88b.
    Section 03 - THE TROPHIES       888        888  888 888 d88" 888 d8P  Y8b
    Section 04 - SUBSTORY LISTS     888  88888 888  888 888 888  888 88888888
    Section 05 - MINIGAMES          888    888 Y88b 888 888 Y88b 888 Y8b. 
    Section 06 - CONTACT            Y88b  d88P  "Y88888 888  "Y88888  "Y8888
    Section 07 - THANKS              "Y8888P 8

------< INTRODUCTION >-------------------------------------------- [Section 01]

This is a guide to the PSN trophies in the PS3 video-game Yakuza 3. It supports
both the original 2009 Japanese edition of the game (Ryuu ga Gotoku 3) and the
translated western (European/American) editions that were released in 2010.

The general aims of this document are to list the trophies and their criteria
for achievement, to highlight the differences between the various versions of
the game, to provide at least a few helpful hints for trophy achievement and to
finally have an appropriate place to publish my cheap Shogi* beating strategy!

This guide does contain some >SPOILERS< (notably the names and locations of the
bosses) so stop reading now if you want to avoid getting in any way spoilt.

Where I make reference to having to press "the button" I'm referring to the one
you use to confirm an action or selection. In the western version of the game
this will be the X button but in the Japanese edition it'll be the O button.

I've previously written guides for the Hanafuda (Koi-Koi and Oicho-Kabu) and
Mahjong* minigames in Yakuza 3 and these are also hosted here on GameFAQs so be
sure to refer to them for more detailed info about those aspects of the game.

I welcome contributions of information and strategies to add to this guide. Your
submissions may be edited or reworded but will always be properly credited so be
sure to include the name you wish to be credited under - if I deem your efforts
worthy of inclusion! You can find my email address at the top of this page.

This guide is designed to be viewed using a monospaced (non-proportional or
fixed-width) font, preferably Courier New. Some sections of the document will
display incorrectly if you are using a proportional font like Times New Roman.

*Sadly - despite their previous inclusion in Yakuza 2 - the Mahjong and Shogi
minigames (and their associated trophies) were both removed from the western
versions of the game along with two others and about twenty side-missions. :6

------< TROPHY LISTS >-------------------------------------------- [Section 02]

Let's start with a list of all the trophies in the game, or rather two lists
since the original Japanese game has five extra. For the Japanese ones I'm using
the translated English titles copied pretty much verbatim from ThePatrick's
awesome Yakuza 3 guide. Trophies marked with an asterisk (*) are "secret" ones
that are hidden until you achieve them.

In almost all cases the requirements for each trophy in the two versions of the
game are identical and the colour of the trophy awarded is the same. Where the
type of trophy does vary, these are listed after the trophy names below.

On both sides these are listed in the order in which they appear on the trophy
list on your console's XMB.

    European/American versions     |   Japanese version               | Colour
  1 Platinum Trophy*               |  1 Platinum Trophy*              | Platinum
  2 Majima Defeated*               |  2 Boss 01 Majima*               | Bronze
  3 Rikiya Defeated*               |  3 Boss 02 Rikiya*               | Bronze
  4 Tamashiro Defeated*            |  4 Boss 03 Tamashiro*            | Bronze
  5 Hasebe Defeated*               |  5 Boss 04 Hasebe*               | Bronze
  6 Mysterious Foreigner Defeated* |  6 Boss 05 Mysterious Foreigner* | Bronze
  7 Kanda Defeated*                |  7 Boss 06 Kanda*                | Bronze
  8 Majima Defeated Again*         |  8 Boss 07 Majima II*            | Bronze
  9 Lau Ka Long Defeated*          |  9 Boss 08 Lau Ka Lung*          | Bronze
 10 Fuma Defeated*                 | 10 Boss 09 Kazama*               | Bronze
 11 Mine Defeated*                 | 11 Boss 10 Mine*                 | Silver
 12 Thank You! -YAKUZA 3 Team-*    | 12 Thank you from the Staff*     | Bronze
 13 Substory Dabbler               | 13 Substories 10                 | Bronze
 14 Substory Fan                   | 14 Substories 30                 | Bronze
 15 Substory Enthusiast            | 15 Substories 50                 | Bronze
 16 Substory Addict                | 16 Substories 80                 | Bronze
 17 Substory Completionist         | 17 All Substories                | Gold
 18 Bounty Hunter                  | 18 Tough Guy Hunter              | Bronze
    -                              | 19 Big Spender                   | Bronze
    -                              | 20 Good Coordinating             | Bronze
 19 Key Collector         [Silver] | 21 Key Wanderer         [Bronze] | 
 20 Gourmet Aficionado             | 22 Gourmet Master                | Bronze
 21 Heat-Action Pro                | 23 Heat-Action Master            | Bronze
 22 Legendary Champion    [Silver] | 24 Legendary Champion   [Bronze] |
 23 Tinkerer                       | 25 Trial Special                 | Bronze
 24 Blogging Debut                 | 26 Started a Blog                | Bronze
 25 Path of the Warrior            | 27 The Path to Training          | Bronze
    -                              | 28 Salon Mania                   | Bronze
 26 Hat-Trick                      | 29 Hat-Trick                     | Bronze
 27 Break Ace                      | 30 Break Ace                     | Bronze
 28 Karaoke King                   | 31 Karaoke King                  | Bronze
 29 Fowl Play                      | 32 Boiled Turkey                 | Bronze
 30 Tag Hoarder                    | 33 Exceptional Gambler           | Bronze
 31 Chip Hoarder                   | 34 Great Gambler                 | Bronze
 32 Pro Gamer                      | 35 Pro Gamer                     | Bronze
    -                              | 36 Immovable Shogi Player        | Bronze
    -                              | 37 Exposed Dragon                | Bronze
 33 Skilled Hitter                 | 38 Nice Hitter                   | Bronze
 34 Power Driver                   | 39 Powerful Driver               | Bronze
 35 Big Tuna                       | 40 Maguro Lord                   | Bronze
 36 Minigame Master                | 41 Minigame Master               | Gold
 37 Ultimate Challenger            | 42 Ultimate Challenger           | Bronze
 38 Testament to Strength          | 43 Proof of Being the Strongest  | Gold
 39 Marathon Runner                | 44 Marathon Runner               | Bronze
 40 Careless Dragon*               | 45 Runaway Train*                | Bronze
 41 People Watcher*                | 46 People Watcher*               | Bronze
 42 Compulsive Vandal*             | 47 Destroyer*                    | Bronze
 43 Walking Bank                   | 48 Walking Bank                  | Silver
 44 Volunteer*                     | 49 Volunteer*                    | Bronze
 45 Master Environmentalist*       | 50 Eco-Master*                   | Silver

The trophy types are distributed as follows...

                            | Platinum |   Gold   |  Silver  |  Bronze  | Total
           Japanese version |     1    |     3    |     3    |    43    |  50
 European/American versions |     1    |     3    |     5    |    36    |  45 

If you're wondering whether playing both the Japanese and western version of the
game will give you two sets of trophies the answer is yes - you get a set of 45
in English and another set of 50 in Japanese. You also get two separate harddisk
installs for a grand total of over 10,000 megs so I'm glad I upgraded my HDD!

*These are the secret trophies - hidden until you complete them.

------< THE TROPHIES >-------------------------------------------- [Section 03]

This long section gives details of each of the trophies in turn. Each entry
starts with the trophy's name/s and number/s. "En" denotes the English title and
"Jp" indicates the English translation of the Japanese name.

There are five trophies present in the original release of Ryuu ga Gotoku 3 that
were cut from the western release of Yakuza 3. These are marked "Jp only".

 1 Platinum Trophy (En) / 1 Platinum Trophy (Jp) [Platinum secret]

   As usual, the top of the shop is the platinum trophy. The most prestigious
   and also the easiest to explain! This is awarded when you have achieved all
   of the other trophies in the game - all forty-four in the western version or
   all forty-nine in the Japanese original.

| The following ten trophies are all awarded for defeating the bosses that you |
| encounter as you proceed through the game's story (usually one per chapter). |

 2 Majima Defeated (En) / 2 Boss 01 (Jp) [Bronze secret]

   You receive this one for winning the first boss battle in the game - against
   series regular Majima on the roof of the Millennium Tower in Chapter 1.

   Nothing too taxing here. An easy one to start you off!

 3 Rikiya Defeated (En) / 3 Boss 02 (Jp) [Bronze secret]

   The next one is awarded for beating Rikiya outside the M-Store konbini in
   Okinawa at the end of Chapter 2. There's plenty of signs, furniture and (my
   personal favourite) bicycles to use as improvised weapons here but if he's
   too close then he can attack you while you're picking one up so try to keep
   your distance each time you arm yourself.

 4 Tamashiro Defeated (En) / 4 Boss 03 [Bronze secret]

   Your next boss fight will be against Tamashiro in his office at the end of
   the battle stage that concludes Chapter 3. There are a few large items of
   furniture here but they're slow and unwieldy. If you can lock onto him and
   dodge when he attacks then you can get behind him and land an attack string
   on him before he gets a chance to react.

 5 Hasebe Defeated (En) / 5 Boss 04 (Jp) [Bronze secret]

   The fourth boss is Hasebe (and his gang) who you meet in the Stardust club
   back in Tokyo at the end of Chapter 4.

   I like to use the many lamps in the club at the start of the fight because
   when you swing one of those badboys around you can hit several goons at once
   which saves a little time. There are lots of stools to use as weapons too.

   Take care of Hasebe's minions first so you can then focus all your attention
   on him; your homeboys Kazuki and Yuya are also in the fray so don't waste
   time trying to attack them. Watch out later on as Hasebe draws a sword (from
   somewhere?!) so you'll need to dodge his attacks.

   There are four pick-ups in Stardust during the fight - there's a Tauriner in
   the booth seating area then another Tauriner and two Toughness Z's upstairs.
   You might not need to use them but hey - it's free stuff! :)

 6 Mysterious Foreigner Defeated* (En) / 6 Boss 05 (Jp) [Bronze secret]

   Next up is the westerner in the back alley and his three henchmen, during the
   short Chapter 5.

   Again it's a good idea, I think, to take care of the minor enemies before you
   take on the main attraction. The "Mysterious Foreigner" puts up quite a good
   fight - there are plenty of items to use as weapons here but you rarely have
   time to collect one and turn around before he delivers a pre-emptive strike
   but if you manage to knock him to the ground you should have time to pick up
   a bicycle and put it to good use.

   He'll dodge many of your attempts to grapple him but it is possible, although
   he will break your hold unless you hammer the button to throw him. Once he's
   on the ground you can deliver a stomp and knock off a few hit points or use
   the time to pick up a weapon as above.

   Look out for the small weapon pick-up next to the brazier which is a set of
   pliers. This can be used for a couple of special (nasty!) heat-actions.

 7 Kanda Defeated (En) / 7 Boss 06 (Jp) [Bronze secret]

   The sixth boss battle is against Kanda after the battle stage in the love-
   hotel in Chapter 6. There are two pick-ups in the area - one in the bath and
   another behind one of the chairs.

 8 Majima Defeated Again (En) / 8 Boss 07 (Jp) [Bronze secret]

   The second time you face Majima is in a cage-fight at the Coliseum during the
   short Chapter 7. He's brought a knife with him so you can't block but you can
   still use a punch reversal on him. Look out for his QTE's which seem to
   involve having to press the face buttons in counterclockwise order.

 9 Lau Ka Long Defeated (En) / 9 Boss 08 (Jp) [Bronze secret]

   The eighth boss is the smart-dressed man, Lau Ka Long, who you meet at the
   end of the looong battle stage that constitutes Chapter 8 (don't forget to
   grab the health-ups from each barrier you destroy en route).

   There are three phases to this fight. First he'll use a bladed staff weapon,
   I guess it's a guan-dao? It's like an oriental polearm anyways. Second he'll
   ditch that and fight unarmed. Finally he'll use a set of long hand-claws.

   Look out for another QTE sequence where you have to press the buttons to
   evade his efforts to slice you up. Try to dodge his attacks, get behind him
   and land a string on him.

   There's a Toughness ZZ and Tauriner+ in the corner of the arena.

10 Fuma Defeated (En) / 10 Boss 09 (Jp) [Bronze secret]

   Since Chapter 9 has the brawl with the waves of MIB security officers instead
   of a one-on-one boss fight, the next trophy comes at the end of Chapter 10
   when you face-off against Fuma (aka Kazama) in the poledancing club.

   He has a couple of tasty reversal techs but you can beat him at his own game
   if you have the reversals learnt from the Komaki training sequence.

   If you've been keeping up to date with Mack's revelations then you should
   have the six-part Hell's Floor move which will zap the remainder of his hit-
   points when you're given the option to use a Super Finish (Super Pursuit) at
   the end of the fight.

11 Mine Defeated (En) / 11 Boss 10 (Jp) [Silver secret]

   You don't get one for defeating Tamashiro again in Chapter 11 so the tenth
   and final boss trophy is for beating Mine in the rooftop showdown at the
   conclusion of the story in Chapter 12.

   I had the War God Amulet and Golden Pistol by this stage but I resisted the
   temptation to use them and this fight isn't too tough anyway; you can pretty
   much use your basic fighting tactics.

   Watch out for the obligatory QTE sequence and try not to use block too much
   as he'll start using a multiple leg sweep. Every so often he'll lean back and
   spread his arms to do some sort of "recharging" thing so take advantage of
   this to get a few easy hits in.

   On the way to this fight remember to collect the pick-ups from the lounge
   where you first encounter the CIA commandos. You can get several by smashing
   the dividers and cabinets there.

12 Thank You! -YAKUZA 3 Team- (En) / 12 Thank you [...] (Jp) [Bronze secret]

   You receive this one after the conclusion of the story.

| The following five trophies all relate to completing certain numbers of sub- |
| stories (side-missions) during the game. See Section 04 for a list of these. |

13 Substory Dabbler (En) / 13 Substories 10 (Jp) [Bronze]

   Finish ten substories in the game.

14 Substory Fan (En) / 14 Substories 30 (Jp) [Bronze]

   Finish thirty substories in the game.

15 Substory Enthusiast (En) / 15 Substories 50 (Jp) [Bronze]

   Finish fifty substories in the game.

16 Substory Addict (En) / 16 Substories 80 (Jp) [Bronze]

   Finish eighty substories in the game.

17 Substory Completionist (En) / 17 All Substories (Jp) [Gold]

   Finish all substories in the game.

   Including the (ahem) "completion" for the cabaret/dating girls and the final
   unlockable showdown against Amon, there are 123 substories in the Japanese
   version of the game or 101 in the cut-down version localised for the West.

   When you bring a side-mission to a conclusion you usually get a "complete"
   mark in the substories log on the pause menu but in some cases, where you
   miss something or do not get the best outcome, you get a "finished" mark
   instead (so it's sort of a fail). Do you need to "complete" all the missions
   to get these trophies? Well, I deliberately failed my 30th substory and I
   still got trophy #14 so I guess "finished" marks are okay.

   (This has since been discussed on the Yakuza 3 forum and WarriorBond, Zetgob,
   LS1100 and LadyGagaMafia all confirmed that you can still get these trophies
   if you have "finished" missions; they do not have to all be "complete".)

18 Bounty Hunter (En) / 18 Tough Guy Hunter (Jp) [Bronze]

   The requirement for this trophy is that you successfully defeat all twenty
   of the "hitmen" in the bounty hunter missions in the game. You're introduced
   to these in a scripted meeting with Ibuki behind the New Serena towards the
   end of Chapter 6. He takes you to his headquarters in the converted Kamuro
   Castle which is just north of the Mahjong parlour in Tokyo.

   Talking to him there gives you the option to accept a contract to track down
   and defeat a hitman. You can view a dossier for your target which gives their
   name(s), picture, bounty payable, preferred weapons and last known location.
   Ibuki's colleague at the counter will also tell you about the busker who
   sits out the front of the Millennium Tower who can give you more info (not
   much though!).

   You can only have one accepted contract at any given time. When you go to
   your target's location you can approach them to start the fight. This will be
   like a mini boss-battle - you even get the same opportunity to deliver a
   "Super Finish" (Super Pursuit) move when their health is low. Once you defeat
   them you get paid (quite generously) and you can go back to the "castle" to
   collect another one.

   More targets become available over the course of several chapters, including
   some back in Okinawa in Chapter 10 (which you can start by talking to Ibuki's
   buddy in the Shogi club). You may find that you need to travel back and forth
   between Okinawa and Tokyo a few times to get them all - this will cost you
   30,000 Yen at the beginning of Chapter 10 but you can do it for free at the
   start of Chapter 12. I think I got them in the order given below.

   Some hitmen fights will involve a chase battle (doh), guns, henchmen (a lot
   of henchmen in one case!) or a hostage to protect. 

    Name(s)                                  | Chapter | Bounty | Location
    Batsu the Executioner                    |     6   |   50k  | Tokyo
    Koutarou the Killer                      |     6   |   70k  | Tokyo
    Old Rags Hasutani                        |     6   |   80k  | Tokyo
    Mr & Mrs Odagiri                         |     6   |   90k  | Tokyo
    Hawk-Eyed Shuu                           |     6   |   90k  | Tokyo
    Kurenai the Silver Bullet                |     7   |  100k  | Tokyo
    Zen the Black Hyena                      |     7   |  120k  | Tokyo
    Tokoyami the Masked Assassin             |     7   |  120k  | Tokyo
    Samejima the Gun Master                  |     9   |  140k  | Tokyo
    Lorentz the Corsican Panther             |     9   |  130k  | Tokyo
    Akitsu the Man Without a Past            |    10   |  110k  | Okinawa
    Kengo the Madman                         |    10   |  130k  | Okinawa
    Tetsuji the Returnee                     |    10   |  150k  | Okinawa
    Sentetsu the Wild Stallion of Kamurochou |    10   |  150k  | Tokyo
    Yuuto the Rising Star of the Avengers    |    10   |  180k  | Tokyo
    Gohren, one of the Avenger's Elite       |    10   |  200k  | Tokyo
    Issen the Master of the Art of Killing   |    10   |  200k  | Okinawa
    Egami the Blind Hitman                   |    10   |  220k  | Okinawa
    Shinzaki* the Grim Reaper's Blade        |    10   |  250k  | Tokyo
    Arase the Don of the Avengers            |    10   |  300k  | Toyko

   Shinzaki is very quick and armed with a knife so you might want to think
   about equipping gauntlets or a weapon that can be used to block.

   The final showdown with Arase isn't easy... First you have to fight Shinzaki
   again and then you have to fight both Shinzaki (with knife) *and* Arase (with
   a pair of handguns) at the same time! When I was playing Yakuza 3 on import
   this was the one fight for which I made specific preparations - I tried to
   get my armour protection against firearms as high as possible. I used...

   o Dragon Flak Vest (Dragon Protector) - you can buy this from the arena shop
     for 200,000 Coliseum points** and it gives 25 AP (armour points) versus
     guns. I got around 160k points from completing the Coliseum tournaments so
     it took a few more fights to get my total up. If you don't want to go to
     that trouble then use the SWAT Body Armour which you can get from locker 43
     in Okinawa and gives 15 AP.

   o Substitute Stone (the thing shaped like a teddy bear!) - you get this from
     completing all ten of Mack's revelations. Its main purpose is resurrection
     (in effect it gives you an extra life) but it also happens to give 10 AP.

   o Bulletproof Glass Amulet - you can get Kamiyama to make this for you using
     the "Works K Catalogue 1" modding recipe and it gives 5 AP.

   In playing through the English version I'd got the War God Amulet by this
   stage which made this a lot easier. You get this as a reward for completing
   the full list of 88 heat-actions in the game and it lets you use heat-actions
   regardless of your heat gauge; it also happens to give 5 AP against guns too.

   In addition to the 300,000 Yen you get for beating Arase you also receive a
   katana with a 130-points attack stat called Muramasa (named after a renowned
   16th-century swordsmith) and of course you get the trophy too.

   You can review details of your current and previous contracts from the pause
   menu under Substories \ Hitman Missions. In the Japanese game you get this
   with option 6 followed by option 2.

   *The names given here are taken from the English version of the game. In most
   cases these match pretty closely the translations in ThePatrick's guide with
   the exception of Shinzaki who is given as Arasaki there.

   **Like many of the items there, the Dragon Flak Vest unlocks as you progress
   through the various tournaments in the Coliseum. I think it first appeared in
   the shop for me after my first win in the Magnum Force GP.

19 Big Spender (Jp only) [Bronze]

   This is the first of the five trophies which were removed from the western
   versions of the game. The requirement is quite a simple one, you just have to
   go to one of the cabaret clubs and spend 300,000 Yen with one of the girls
   there. I think it has to be in a single visit though, not cumulative.

   As long as you have enough money you'll have no trouble getting this one. The
   top item on the drinks menu at all three cabaret clubs (Koakuma and Ageha in
   Tokyo and Flawless in Okinawa) is Champagne Gold and it just happens to cost
   exactly 300,000 Yen.

   Of course that's a lot of cash to be throwing around at the best of times so
   save your game first, get the trophy and then reload.

20 Good Coordinating (Jp only) [Bronze]

   This trophy is based around the "Make the Number 1 Cabaret Girl" side-mission
   which becomes available in Chapter 3. It's initiated by going to the South
   Island Cabaret Club, which is immediately north-west of the Aquasky bar (it
   says "South Island" in English outside), and talking to the manager [tenchou]
   who is standing outside wearing a black waistcoat and bowtie. Pick the top
   dialogue option twice and you'll be given a 100k Yen budget (no, you can't
   spend it on other stuff!) and sent off to find a new hostess for the club.

   I found a suitable lass opposite the M Store shop at the bottom-right of the
   map; her name was Kirie although you're given the option to rename her. Once
   the new girl is installed at the club you are given a quite obsessive level
   of control over various aspects of her appearance (like her hair, make-up and
   accessories) and you need to tweak these until (referring to ThePatrick's
   guide) one of her stats becomes maxed-out and you get the trophy.

   Unfortunately the key to doing well here is adjusting her appearance to match
   the desires of the customers in the club (not unlike Yakuza 2 where you had
   to set up the Marietta hostess club to suit the customers' whims) so if you
   can't read the customers' comments (in Japanese) as they pop up on the screen
   then you can't make any real progress. For that reason, this is one of the
   few trophies I missed out on.

19 Key Collector (En) [Silver] / 21 Key Wanderer (Jp) [Bronze]

   What a crazy place Japan is... both cities have fifty public coin-lockers and
   every single one of the keys has been lost! ;) You can start collecting them
   from Chapter 4 so look out for the twinkly stars around the cities, indoors
   and out. Some are on the ground but, as in Kenzan, some are higher and you
   will need to stand near them and focus on them in the first-person view mode
   (press R3) in order to collect them.

   You can use your keys to open the lockers and harvest the goodies within -
   there's quite an interesting range of items to find so it's worth getting as
   many as possible but the requirement for this trophy is that you specifically
   open the first ten lockers (the top row) in both cities. To get the trophy
   you have to actually open the twenty lockers, just collecting the keys isn't

   The locations of the twenty keys you need are as follows. You can collect all
   of them during Chapters 4 and 5 (but not before). The coin-lockers are marked
   with a (C) on your minimap.

   = Okinawa =

   These are all situated on the Downtown Ryukyu (Ryukyugai) map with the
   exception of the seventh one which is near the Sunshine Orphanage (Asagao).

   01 This one is above eye-level, to the right of a green striped shop awning
      at the south-east corner of the Kariyushi shopping mall near the bottom of
      the map.

   02 This is at the very back of the Aquasky bar, behind the pool table and to
      the left. Key number 25 is in the bar too so be sure to pick up both.

   03 This is sitting on the floor next to the sword rack in the weapon dealer's
      van at the top of the map. This will become accessible after you meet the
      weapon modder guy (Kamiyama) near the end of Chapter 4.

   04 This is in the upstairs food court above the public market at the bottom
      of the map. As you go up the stairs you should see it on an overhead strip
      light, ahead and to your left.

   05 This one is in a tree, immediately to the north-west of the pawnshop.

   06 To the north-west of the Shogi club are three big square columns that
      support the monorail station above. This key is on the west side of the
      middle pillar.

   07 This one is outside the orphanage, sitting on a fencepost to the west of
      the entrance, between the road and the beach.

   08 This is inside the Ryukyu Nights office at the top of the map, right next
      to the member of staff there.

   09 To find this one start at the Blue Seal ice cream joint and head south,
      over the street and into the alley there. The key is hidden between two
      low brick structures on the left side.

   10 This one is on a seat inside the Smile Burger "restaurant", on your left
      as you enter.

   = Tokyo =

   All ten keys you need here are scattered around the Kamurochou map.

   01 The first key in Tokyo is on the ground in the alley next to the Club Sega
      arcade on Nakamichi Street. While you're there why not pick up the one
      from inside the bin next to the arcade's back door too?

   02 This one is actually right next to the alcove where the lockers are - just
      to the left, above the section of brick wall.

   03 The next one is lying in the street immediately due south of the Kanrai
      restaurant near the top of the map.

   04 This is at the west end of the side-alley opposite Public Park 3 (the one
      behind the Stardust club). It's up on a wall above an air-con unit.

   05 This is up in a tree in front of the west door into the Millennium Tower.

   06 This is in the New Serena Backlot area off Tenkaichi Street, at the south
      end, up high on a grey wall above a Boss Coffee vending machine.

   07 This one's on the floor in the other Club Sega arcade (on Theatre Square).

   08 This is on the floor in a corner of the MEB (Men's Entertainment Box) on
      Shichifuku Street.

   09 This is up on some pipes in the north-east corner of the parking lot on
      Shichifuku Street East - the one where the "try to hit/escape/catch me"
      guys hang out!

   10 The last one of the ten is in an alley behind the Karaoke-Kan.

   You can track your progress with key-collecting and locker-opening from the
   pause menu under Completion Rate \ Lockers in the English game or option 7
   followed by option 2 in the import.

20 Gourmet Aficionado (En) / 22 Gourmet Master (Jp) [Bronze]

   To get this trophy you need to buy the most expensive item from each of the
   food and drink outlets in both cities. Although the trophy description in the
   English language version says "restaurants" I can confirm that you do need to
   do the bars too (I got the trophy after buying the Laphroaig 30 Years whisky
   from Aquasky in Okinawa).

   I see that the trophy description also specifies that you need to buy the
   most expensive "item(s)" so if two items are the same price then you should
   get both. This caught me out when I was playing the Japanese version - I got
   item number 16 at the Sushi Gin but didn't get this trophy until I went back
   and bought number 17 for the same price!

   The Pronto bistro in Tokyo has two menus so you should ensure you get the
   most expensive item from both. The "Bar Time" menu is available at night, for
   example Chapter 5, and the "Cafe Time" menu is offered during the day so you
   can access it in Chapter 7, although if you wait until Chapter 12 you'll be
   able to choose between either menu there.

   If an outlet has separate menus for drinks and food (like Pronto or Umachii)
   then you don't need to do both. I skipped the drinks on these and still got
   the trophy.

   Make sure you choose the "eat in" option at Smile Burger; in the Japanese
   game this is the second of the two options when you order.

   Several of the outlets are running a special promotion such that you have to
   be carrying a copy of a certain magazine in order for the top item to become
   available. When you return to Tokyo you can pick up a copy of Tokyo Ishuukan
   (Tokyo 1-Week) from a convenience store for 380 Yen. The game describes this
   as "a generally informative periodical" - sounds good, eh? With this magazine
   in your inventory the highest priced menu items will be added to the menus at
   the Gelateria, Smile Burger, Kyushu #1 Star Ramen and Kanrai.*

   You can track your progress on food and drink completion from the pause menu;
   in Ryuu ga Gotoku 3 you can get it with option 7 followed by option 3, then
   you can page through the various outlets. If the same item appears on more
   than one menu then you only have to get it once and it will be added to the
   completion lists for all places that sell it. So when you return to Tokyo you
   can buy the magazine and get the deluxe Giga Smile Burger Set and it will
   appear on the lists for both Smile Burger outlets (Kamuro and Ryukyu).

   *The Sushi Gin in Tokyo also has one of these special dishes that you can't
   buy without the magazine but it's not the most expensive item on their menu
   so you won't need it for this trophy.

21 Heat-Action Pro (En) / 23 Heat-Action Master (Jp) [Bronze]

   This is one of those trophies which you will eventually receive without even
   trying to get it but it could take quite a while so it's probably a good idea
   to make an effort to get it sooner rather than later.

   During the fight tutorials in Chapter 1 you're taught about the heat-actions.
   Damaging opponents during combat will fill the heat gauge under your health
   bar and when it reaches the first marker it starts shimmering and you can use
   a heat-action by pressing triangle, for example slamming an enemy into a wall
   after you grabbed them, stomping their face when they're down (Essence level
   2 unlock) or delivering a special attack with a weapon. There are dozens of
   heat-actions in the game and they all have cool animations. :D

   To get this trophy you need to finish a fight with a heat-action fifty times.
   So don't go blowing your "heat energy" wotsits - fill your gauge and save it 
   until there's only one bad guy left and his hit points are low... then open
   up a can of whoop-ass on him!

   If there are no weapons to pick up and your opponent is resisting a simple
   grab then repeatedly tap the grapple button to throw them so you can use a
   good ol' fashioned stomp.

22 Legendary Champion (En) [Silver] / 24 Legendary Champion (Jp) [Bronze]

   This one is awarded after you have won each of the different modes in the
   Coliseum "fight club" tournaments in the Purgatory area in Tokyo. It becomes
   available at the start of Chapter 8 (a fella named Nishida will tell you that
   he's going to re-open the arena).

   There are thirteen tournaments although at first only two are available. The
   harder ones are unlocked by winning certain numbers of the easier ones. I'll
   number these so you can work out which one is which if you're playing the
   Japanese game. On the menu they're laid out in the following order...

             [ 13 ]  [ 12 ]  [ 11 ]  [ 10 ]  [ 09 ]  [ 08 ]  [ 07 ]
                 [ 06 ]  [ 05 ]  [ 04 ]  [ 03 ]  [ 02 ]  [ 01 ]

   When you get to the harder levels you will find that you have to up your game
   compared to the streetfights against thugs you spend most of your time doing;
   you'll need to spend more time dodging and blocking. It's a good idea to do
   these after you've done all the training available and upgraded your stats.

   You cannot use any inventory items during Coliseum bouts but you do have 30%
   of your health restored after each fight so if you can keep your hit-points
   above 70% in one fight then you'll start with full health in the next one.

   01 Exhibition Tournament (difficulty rating *)

      This is available from the start. You fight against low-level opponents.
      Not much more to say about it really!

   02 Street Fight GP (difficulty rating **)
      This is also available from the start. The arena is packed with items you
      can pick up to use as improvised weapons. This includes a salt shaker and
      (behind the crates if you remove them carefully) a syringe which can both
      be used to do unique heat-actions.

   03 Breakout GP (difficulty rating **)

      This is unlocked by winning the Street Fight GP three times. Instead of
      the usual cage, the arena is surrounded by walls which can be broken after
      several hits. This makes it possible to get a ring-out win by forcing your
      opponent out of the arena - if you want.

   04 Heat GP (difficulty rating **)

      This is unlocked by winning the Breakout GP three times. The arena floor
      is fitted with heating elements so a hot patch appears in the centre and
      spreads outwards during the course of each fight. It's safe to walk on the
      hot orange floor but if you throw or knock your opponent onto it they'll
      take extra damage and spring back up to their feet.

      I like to make good use of the hot floor here - it does handy damage and
      has good comedy value too. :) Grab your opponent and throw them, tilting
      the left stick in the direction you want them to fall. After you've served
      up some toasted buns, be ready to land some punches on the rebound.

   05 Bounding GP (difficulty rating ***)

      This is unlocked by winning the Heat GP three times (from Chapter 9). Here
      the arena has been fitted with springy boxing-ring ropes around it and the
      fighters have to wear big super-deformed boxing gloves. These exaggerate
      the bound/float effect so try to get your opponent up against the ropes
      and keep them up in the air with an extended combo. You should also note
      that you can't use throws.

   06 Bomber GP (difficulty rating ****)

      This is unlocked by winning the Bounding GP three times (from Chapter 9).
      During the fight some timer bombs will fall from above - you can pick
      these up and throw them if you want. I tend to avoid them except for the
      odd occasion when I lure or throw my opponent onto them.

   07 Golden Gloves GP (difficulty rating ***)

      This is unlocked by winning Exhibition mode three times (from Chapter 9).
      In this mode you can only use punch attacks (and block). I guess this does
      make sense in a bare-knuckle fight-club setting but it is frustrating.

   08 Tag Match GP (difficulty rating ***)

      This is unlocked by winning the Bomber GP once (from Chapter 9). In this
      mode you fight two-on-two so you'll need to find yourself a partner. There
      are five to collect and they'll become available when the Tag Match option
      unlocks. You can find them around the city - make sure you don't have a
      follower though, so if you're in Chapter 9 put Rikiya in a taxi first.

      o Daiji Hiyama (Hiyama Daiji) can be found at the Smile Burger outlet
        after you've won a fight against him in the Coliseum. You will also need
        to have broken fifty street weapons during fights.

      o Bruce Ebinuma can be found inside the Earth Angel (Atenshi) bar in the
        Champion District after you've won fifty street fights. You need to talk
        to the customers there.

      o Masayuki Hatae (Hatae Masayuki) can be found in the Batting Centre after
        you've played five full games there. Speak to the manager.

      o Keigo Jinno (Jinno Keigo) can be found at Mach Bowling causing trouble.
        Sort him out and Kiryuu will introduce him to the Coliseum tournaments;
        he'll end up flat on his back in the Coliseum lobby and then you get the
        option to sign him up.

      o Maxim Soldadov is the simplest - you just have to beat him in a fight at
        the Coliseum and he'll be waiting outside.

      You can enlist all five of them but you can only fight alongside one at
      a time. They hang out in the Coliseum lobby and you can speak to them to
      get tips on how to gain more popularity in the arena. During a tag match
      you can press the d-pad to give basic orders: left for defending, up for
      hitting, right for special moves and down for "free" (general).

      Despite the name, I don't think it's technically a tag match in the true
      sense since there's no "tagging" involved; instead all four people fight
      at the same time. Try to focus on one opponent and your partner will do
      the same.

   09 Twin Dragon GP (difficulty rating ****)

      This is unlocked by winning the Tag Match three times (from Chapter 10).
      It's another tag contest but against harder opponents.

      Don't worry if you're not a fan of the two-on-two format, you only have to
      win four tag tournaments in total (three Tag Match and one Twin Dragon)
      in order to unlock the later contests.

      If you're working towards heat-action completion, before moving on to the
      higher stages be sure to do the two special co-op heat-actions available
      in the tag matches (one with Keigo or Daiji and one with Masayuki).

   10 Weapon Master GP (difficulty rating ****)

      This is unlocked by winning the Golden Gloves GP three times (from Chapter
      9). You get a choice of five weapons although you might be missing some if
      you've not unlocked the ability to use them...

      1) Katana  2) Long knife*  3) Metal bat  4) Knuckleduster  5) Nunchaku

      Your opponents aren't limited to this list though so you could face kali
      sticks, throwing knives, a 7-foot spear or even a handgun. The guy with
      the pistol (cheatin' gaijin biatch!) always fires a shot after doing his
      backflip move so get in the habit of dodging then.

      I must admit that I've not really experimented with the choice of weapons
      available - I always go for the sword. :) As long as you're not fighting
      the guy with the gun you can block most incoming attacks and, if you have
      the Soul level 6 upgrade, use this to gain heat. Then you can put your
      weapon's heat-action attack to good use.

      *In the Japanese version of the game the knife option is labelled as Dosu.
      My online dictionary of choice defines this as a "yakuza sword".

   11 Hyper GP (difficulty rating ****)

      This is unlocked by winning the Weapon Master GP three times and the Twin
      Dragon GP once (from Chapter 10).

      This mode reverts to normal one-on-one bouts but with tougher opponents.

   12 Magnum Force GP (difficulty rating *****)

      This is unlocked by winning the Hyper GP three times (from Chapter 10).

      As above but even tougher.

   13 Maximum GP (difficulty rating ******)

      This is unlocked by winning both the Hyper GP and Magnum Force GP *five*
      times each (from Chapter 12).

      As above but tougher still. Win this once to get the trophy.

   (Unlock chapters and tag team partner info adapted from ThePatrick's guide.)

   In total you'll need to win thirty-seven tournaments, each one consisting of
   three fights, so in total you'll need to win 111 fights. In addition to the
   trophy you'll also get a good amount of experience points, money and special
   points which you can spend in the Coliseum shop.

   One last thing for people playing the Japanese game - a translation of the
   big menu you get when you speak to the guy at the Coliseum reception...

   1) Enter tournament
   2) View rules
   3) View competitors: a) individuals
                        b) tag teams
   4) Coliseum shop
   5) View your win-rate, stats and title
   6) Notes on superstar system (Suupaasutaa Shisutemu!)
   7) Notes on tag matches

23 Tinkerer (En) / 25 Trial Special (Jp) [Bronze]

   You get this for making your first modified weapon in the game. The "modding"
   options become available after you meet Kamiyama outside the Tamashiro group
   offices near the end of Chapter 3. He introduces you to his friend with the
   van full of weapons and this also unlocks his workshop, Works Kamiyama. Head
   down to the alley south of the Ryuudou family office and the "Suspicious Man"
   there will show you the stairs to use - head on up and the workshop entrance
   is at the far end of the balcony. Kamiyama's brother runs a similar Works
   Kamiyama facility in Tokyo on a side-alley right near the north-east corner
   of the map.

   To make a mod weapon you will need several things: a base weapon to modify, a
   design or "recipe" (which can either be a book or a DVD for inspiration), the
   specified component or "ingredient" items and a bit of cash. Talk to Kamiyama
   in his 'shop and he can sell you base weapons and designs, explain all the
   designs you own and - as long as you have all the required elements - make
   your modified weapon.

   There are a grand total of forty-nine different mod weapons available in the
   game but the easiest to complete is probably the charmingly named Ballbuster
   (or "Pop-Up Blackjack" in ThePatrick's guide). Here's what you'll need...

   o The Enema Master II* DVD (sounds great!)

     This is the recipe item. You can buy it for 3800 Yen from either Kamiyama's
     'shop in Okinawa or the Beam video store in Tokyo; it costs 3800 Yen. 

   o A Blackjack

     You can buy this base weapon from Kamiyama for 3000 Yen.

   o Super-Resilient Resin (x2)

     Unusually you need two of the same item for this recipe but conveniently
     you can pick up a couple from coin-lockers (#22 and #38) in Okinawa.

     The key for locker #22 is in the middle of the road, directly in front of
     the main entrance to the Kariyushi mall at the south of the map.

     The key for locker #38 is on top of the coin-lockers themselves. It will be
     accessible after the locker tutorial which you can trigger by speaking to
     the woman up there.

   o A further 5000 Yen to pay for the modding.

   To make your Ballbuster, speak to Kamiyama and choose the top option, then
   scroll to the right through the various weapon types until you get to the
   final tab which is Other. Make sure that your Blackjack is highlighted then
   press the button to select it. Tap right to view the second recipe (the stats
   should be 60 and 10) and then press the button again. Et voila!

   Completing Yonashiro's weapons training on the beach will let you buy tonfa,
   kali sticks and nunchuks which will expand the range of modding options that
   are available to you.

   There are also twenty-seven custom "gear" items you can make which are armour
   or other accessories that have special properties but since the trophy info
   in the English game says specifically that you should "make a mod weapon" I
   guess you should make sure you make a *weapon* in order to get the trophy.

   *In TP's guide the design is called "The Kanchou Master the 2nd", which means
   basically the same thing. The word Kanchou means "enema" although it can also
   refer to, erm... "a prank where the anal region of another person is poked
   with index fingers". Nice! I guess this is why the item description mentions
   the "6-finger method" (!!) and therefore Enema is probably a mistranslation.

24 Blogging Debut (En) / 26 Started a Blog (Jp) [Bronze]

   You'll be led straight to this during the course of the story, when you meet
   Mack as you're about to leave Okinawa to return to Tokyo in Chapter 4. He
   will explain the whole "revelation" deal whereby you see something cool
   happen and it inspires you to come up with a brand new special move. You also
   write a blog entry about your experience, which is considerably less cool
   than the beautiful black ink calligraphy/paintings you did in Kenzan!

   Mack will point out a little old lady on a scooter and you have to enter the
   first-person view mode (R3 again), focus on her and press the button to get
   your cellphone ready to photograph her. You then have to make three timed
   button-presses (quick-time events) and pick the most appropriate response
   from a list of three (the one that looks most like a good inspiration for a
   combat technique) under a time limit.

   For the first revelation the buttons to press are triangle, square and cross
   (in that order) and you have to pick the top option. Don't worry if you fail
   - you can retry. This is one of the easiest trophies to get in the game.

   Thereafter Mack (ohh!) will send you a text message with details each time a
   new revelation becomes available. My favourite is the "toy shop" one. :)

25 Path of the Warrior (En) / 27 The Path to Training (Jp) [Bronze]

   This is awarded for meeting the four fight trainers in the game: Yonashiro,
   Komaki, Minamida and Mack (the latter specifically in Purgatory).

   Pay attention to the wording on the trophy description: it says that you have
   to "encounter" the trainers. You only need to meet them - you do not have to
   actually do their training. When I got the trophy I had only spoken to Mack
   in Purgatory and to Minamida; I hadn't even attempted their training.

   I've given below details of each of the four people and the training they
   offer. Although you don't need to do their lessons to get this trophy, they
   are still well worth it as you'll pick up some good abilities.

   1) Yonashiro - you will automatically meet him outside the orphanage when you
      set off to find the dog in Chapter 4. You can either start his training
      immediately or come back to him later (perhaps after buying some healing
      items!); if you choose the latter you can find him at the far east end of
      the beach, standing on a rock and staring enigmatically out to sea - or
      maybe enjoying the blue Sega sky! 8)

      He teaches you to use nunchaku, tonfa and kali sticks. Once you've learnt
      a weapon you can then buy that type from the weapon shops.

      The training involves fighting him and he is pretty fierce so it's a good
      idea to go in prepared with some Toughness Z health-ups. During each test
      try to keep your distance from Yonashiro and wait for him to attack; then,
      before he can recover, get in a quick hit or (if you can get behind him) a
      full string and a stomp. Rinse and repeat.

      (Be sure to speak to him one last time after learning the third weapon if
      you want a full roster of opponents in the Coliseum tournaments.)

   2) Komaki - the first step to being reunited with your old master from Yakuza
      1 and 2 is to get the Ryugujo (Dragon Palace) open again. You can do this
      from Chapter 5 by completing the substory where you take care of the "hobo
      hunters" north of the MEB. See my separate Hanafuda guide for full details
      of what's involved. You can visit his dojo in the Ryugujo (I like to call
      it the Hobo Dojo!) but Komaki's not there.

      The next step is to speak to the guy in a green hat who's standing outside
      Stardust on Tenkaichi Street. He'll give you a letter from Komaki and you
      can then go back to his dojo to meet him. He asks you to find and defeat
      three of his ex-pupils - a chef at the Sushi Gin, a member of staff at the
      Smile Burger place and a barker in Shichifuku Street (the guy in the long
      white coat right outside the MEB). These are all easy fights and each one
      will teach you a handy reversal tech too. :)

      Head back to the Hobo Dojo and Komaki asks you to fight his top student.
      Beating him will teach you to do a roll after a side-step and it will also
      unlock a new revelation which Mack will send you a message about.

      To learn new moves from the master himself you will need to level-up your
      Essence to level 7; you can then use the top dialogue option with Komaki
      to ask him to teach you. You have to complete an errand first - some guy
      named Kamekichi has nicked the master's favourite scroll. Ohh noes! You
      have to go to the Childrens Park on Shichifuku Street West and talk to the
      man sitting drinking at the back. He's not Kamekichi but he suggests you
      try the gambling den - back in the Ryugujo! You find him there just inside
      the door and ask him about the scroll but it turns out that the cretin has
      pawned it! So you have to trek to the other side of the map to buy it back
      from the pawnshop for the princely sum of 31,500 Yen.

      When you take the scroll back to K at the Hobo Dojo he will, finally, be
      able to teach you three new techs including the Dragon King move which is
      a bad-ass red-heat moon-kick attack that follows the (literally) stunning
      reversal you learnt earlier.

   3) Minamida - you can find this guy in the side-alley immediately south-east
      of the Champion District in Tokyo from Chapter 5; you'll need to be alone
      to start his training - and have a bit of spare cash.

      He's built this crazy virtual-reality fighting-simulator electric-chair
      hairdryer-type thing, presumably built around a flux capacitor. ;) He's
      named it Inner Fighter 7 or IF7 for short. It has six levels although they
      unlock as you complete some of the boss fights during the story. These are
      mostly based on the boss battles but with a twist, so for example in the
      Lau level you have to fight all three versions of him simultaneously.

      So what else do you need to know? Well, there's a time limit on each level
      and you have no heat gauge so you can't use heat-actions. Also you can't
      use any weapons, equipment or health-ups although you can still pick up
      things to use as improved weapons. The length of your health bar is based
      on your current "Soul" rank (the first of the four upgrade categories) and
      this also has to be at a certain level in order for you to be able to view
      your opponent's health bar.

      The sixth and final level of IF7 is against the "Dragon King"... I guess
      that's a reference to Kiryuu's "Dragon of Dojima" title because he fights
      against himself. He can seem tough at first but Zetgob posted this simple
      strategy which will take care of him easily (as long as you've learnt the
      reversals from the Komaki training sequence). Stay close but not too close
      to him, press circle to reverse and stun when he attacks, dodge behind him
      and land an attack string and a stomp on him then stand at a safe distance
      as he rises.

      The first time you play it costs 100,000 Yen which is probably to cover
      Minamida's liability insurance! Thereafter it's a more reasonable 10,000
      and it's well worth it as each level you beat unlocks a cool new ability
      or heat-action.

   4) Mack - you'll have encountered Mack in both Chapters 4 and 5 during the
      course of the story but that doesn't count towards this trophy. Instead
      you have to find him on Park Boulevard (Kou'enmae Street), just west of
      the secret (toilet) entrance to Purgatory.* He'll be there from Chapter 9.

      Although it's possible to complete them without it (yes, I'm a masochist),
      you'll probably be pleased to hear that Mack gives you training which will
      improve your performance in the annoying "chase battles". A special chase
      battle training ground is put together for you inside the Purgatory site.
      There are four levels or "formations"...

      Formation B has Mack chasing after you on a free-roam course. If you win
      (i.e. his stamina runs down before yours) then you get a permanent boost
      on your chase battle tackling power and you also win a free Collapsible
      Hammer weapon which you can use to get the unique hammery heat-actions.

      On Formation A, Formation C and Final Formation you can practise your
      chasing skills by going after Mack. The first time you complete each of
      these you'll get a boost on your chase battle stamina gauge. You can also
      win a special item if you beat the record time on each circuit.

      When you first speak to Mack up there, only Formation A and B will be on
      offer but the other two unlock.

      *The Purgatory name in the English version of the game isn't a perfect
      translation. In the original Japanese game the area is referred to as "Sai
      no Kawara" which is specifically a sort of "limbo" realm for the souls of
      children who die before their parents. There are many such locations with
      this name in Japan where mourning parents can go to mourn their children
      and make offerings to the bodhisattva Jizou.

| The following fourteen trophies all relate to the many and various minigames |
| in Yakuza 3. Refer to Section 05 below for more detailed information on when |
| and where these become available during the game plus useful tactics to use. |

28 Salon Mania* (Jp only) [Bronze]

   This is a very easy achievement which you get simply for playing both modes
   of the minigame at the Love In Heart massage parlour in Tokyo.

   *The Japanese name of this trophy is Esute Mania where Esute is short for
   Esutetikku Saron or "aesthetic salon" - a parlour offering male grooming
   services and, in this case, perhaps more besides!

26 Hat-Trick (En) / 29 Hat-Trick (Jp) [Bronze]

   You get this one for getting a hat-trick in the darts minigame which you can
   play at the Aquasky bar in Okinawa or the Irish pub (Bantam) in Tokyo. In the
   context of this game, a hat-trick* is when all three of your darts hit the
   bullseye (the centre of the dartboard) in a single turn.

   Refer to my notes about darts in Section 05 and see if you favour the Fast
   Throw or the Slow Throw. If you can do the Fast Throw then aim for the bull
   and hit it three times; if you prefer the Slow Throw then aim for the treble
   20 (the smaller red section in the middle of the 20 segment) and you should
   find that the darts fall short and drop straight into the bullseye. It's not
   too hard to get this one as long as you're consistent with your throwing
   technique on the right stick.

   *Although use of the term has extended across many other sports (for example
   for three goals scored in soccer or ice hockey), the term "hat-trick" has its
   origins in the slow stupid boring British sport of cricket. (can you tell I'm
   not a fan?!) In cricket a hat-trick is when a bowler takes three wickets on
   three consecutive bowls; historically this entitled them to a prize: either
   an actual hat or a cash collection taken in a hat. Fascinating, eh?

27 Break Ace (En) / 30 Break Ace (Jp) [Bronze]

   A break ace is when you take the initial (break) shot in a game of Nine-Ball
   pool and manage to pot (pocket) the 9-ball with it. If you can do that just
   once then you get this trophy.

   Of course to stand a chance of getting this you need to be the player who
   takes the break shot - this is determined by the "banking". You and your
   opponent both place a white ball at the "bottom" end of the table (the one
   closest to you) and hit it so that it travels up the table, rebounds off the
   top cushion and back down the table towards the bottom cushion. The player
   whose ball is closest to this cushion will go first.

   With a little practice you should get a feel for how hard to hit the cue ball
   for the perfect (or at least reasonably good!) banking. I like to use the 
   shadow under the cue-ball as a guide - pull back the right stick until the
   gap between the tip of the cue and the shadow is slightly larger than the
   height of the shadow itself and then release. That should give good results.

   (Actually, scratch that! You can just choose the solo play (practice) option
   since this takes the form of a Nine-Ball game and, of course, you always get
   to go first. I got the trophy on this setting.)

   Okay, so you're breaking. Now you have to get yourself a break ace... this
   could take a little while. In his guide ThePatrick suggests that you position
   the cue-ball at the side of the table, left or right, and aim it between the
   front ball of the diamond and the one behind it, then let rip. I tried using
   a variation on this where I put the ball on the right but made it bounce off
   the left side cushion and between the first and second ball on that side...
   and I got the trophy first time! I think I got lucky though. :)

   This is one case when it's handy to remember that trophies exist on your PS3
   rather than your game save files so you can save, waste lots of money trying
   this over and over until you finally get the trophy and then reload so you
   can continue playing with your original money total. ;) You don't even have
   to finish the game each time - just press Select to quit out.

28 Karaoke King (En) / 31 Karaoke King (Jp) [Bronze]

   This is quite an easy one - you just have to play all six of the songs in the
   Karaoke* minigame at either or both of the Karaoke-Kan venues.

   Your performance in the minigame doesn't matter for this trophy but to get
   the Minigame Master gold (see below) you will have to hone your virtual
   Karaoke skillz in order to get the top ranks for minigame completion on this.

   *The word Karaoke is quite interesting. The Kara part means "empty" and is
   the same Kara that occurs in Karate which means literally "empty hand" (since
   it is an unarmed martial art). The Oke is shortened from Ookesutora which is
   the English word "orchestra" rendered into Japanese syllables. So the meaning
   of Karaoke is "empty orchestra".

29 Fowl Play (En) / 32 Boiled Turkey (Jp) [Bronze]

   This one is awarded for getting a Turkey in the ten-pin bowling minigame,
   i.e. getting three consecutive strikes. Aerith's simple strategy for beating
   the bowling (see Section 05) will get you strikes aplenty so you'll be able
   to pick up this trophy very easily.

   Yes, "Fowl Play" is a terrible pun. :)

30 Tag Hoarder (En) / 33 Exceptional Gambler (Jp) [Bronze]

   The requirement for this trophy is that you win 10,000 points in total across
   four of the gambling minigames - the two dice games Chou-Han and Chinchirorin
   (the latter renamed Cee-Lo in English) and the two card games Oicho-Kabu and
   Koi-Koi which are played with Hanafuda (lit. "flower cards").

   You can play Chinchirorin, Oicho-Kabu and Koi-Koi at the Ryukyu Gambling Hall
   while you're in Okinawa and Chou-Han, Chinchirorin and Koi-Koi at the Dragon
   Palace (Ryugujo) in Tokyo.

   Like the completion targets for these games, losses are not counted so you
   just have to get wins totalling 10,000 pts. Chinchirorin and Chou-Han are
   both games of chance so you may prefer to play Oicho-Kabu which at least
   requires a little judgement on the part of the player or Koi-Koi which is by
   far the most interesting of the four games. If you decide to learn to play
   Koi-Koi then hopefully you'll enjoy doing that with the added bonus that you
   will pick up some wins along the way that will contribute to this trophy.

   You can track your progress towards this trophy by viewing and summing your
   current totals for the four games on the completion lists. If you go for full
   minigame completion (for the Minigame Master gold trophy) then you will get
   this trophy along the way.

   See Section 05 for more about the dice games and refer to my Hanafuda guide
   for full details of the card games and how to unlock the two venues where you
   can play these games.

   You'll probably need to throw a little money at the gambling games so you
   might want to leave them until after you've got the Walking Bank trophy.

31 Chip Hoarder (En) / 34 Great Gambler (Jp) [Bronze]

   This is very much like the previous trophy except it revolves around the
   western gambling games instead of the eastern ones - you need to win a total
   of 10,000 points at Poker, Roulette and Blackjack.

   You can play all three games at the casino in the Ryugujo or the (presumably)
   rival casino in the subterranean wonderland that is Purgatory, both in Tokyo.
   You can't play them in Okinawa, sorry!

   As with any in-game gambling activity, the obvious cheat is to save your game
   before you start, play the gambling game for a bit and reload your save if it
   doesn't work out. ;) Also refer to Section 05 for information about using the
   cheat items that you find in the coin-lockers.

32 Pro Gamer (En) / 35 Pro Gamer (Jp) [Bronze]

   This trophy relates to the playable games in the two Club Sega amusement
   arcades on the Tokyo map and consequently it's one of the few trophies that
   have differing requirements when you compare the western and Japanese
   versions of Yakuza 3.

   For the European/American version of the game you need to successfully
   collect ten prizes from the UFO Catcher machines and also to set the high
   score in Boxcelios (the shmup game). In the Japanese game you have to do both
   of those *and* win ten rounds on the infamous Answer x Answer quiz machine!

   You need a score of 1,000,000 points to top the table in Boxcelios and you
   should get this by playing through to around Level 33 or thereabouts which is
   relatively easy.

36 Immovable Shogi Player* (Jp only) [Bronze]

   The requirement for this trophy is that you win a game of Shogi without ever
   moving your king, but fortunately for you it doesn't have to be a full game.

   See Section 05 for my patented "Cheesing the Chess" method which will get you
   both the trophy and the minigame completion in a matter of minutes. :D

   *The Japanese name for this trophy is Fudou No Kishi, with Kishi being the
   word used to refer to a player of the traditional oriental games Shogi and
   Go. Similarly someone who plays Mahjong is called a Janshi.

37 Exposed Dragon (Jp only) [Bronze]

   To get this trophy you need to win a hand in the Mahjong minigame on what is
   known as a Hadakatanki or "exposed pair-wait".

   I've already written a 47-page guide to Mahjong in Yakuza 3 and it would be
   silly to duplicate that here so check out that guide which is hosted here on
   GameFAQs. You won't need to become an expert to get the trophy but you will
   have to learn the basics of the game. Also be sure to read Section 15 of that
   guide which explains this trophy in more detail.

33 Skilled Hitter (En) / 38 Nice Hitter (Jp) [Bronze]

   This is awarded for hitting two boxes at the same time on the Hard course at
   the Batting Centre (baseball practice) at the north of the Tokyo map. You can
   access the Hard diff through the fourth door from the left.

   Since you only have to do this once, I think it's fairly easy. Use the left
   stick to aim the crosshairs on the border where two boxes meet - they need to
   be outside boxes, you can't make a pair including the central 5. Then you
   just have to hold it there and hit the ball! That's the hard bit. The best
   advice is to use Gjang's trick and press the button the precise moment that
   Kiryuu stops wriggling! That should get you a clean hit - and the trophy.

   This is good practice for getting completion on the batting minigame at Hard.
   Hitting two boxes together is the fast-track to getting high scores!

34 Power Driver (En) / 39 Powerful Driver (Jp) [Bronze]

   You'll get this one for hitting the ball a distance of over 350 yards on the
   golf course in Okinawa.

   Both the times I've got this trophy it was by accident, but it makes sense to
   use the most powerful club (the 1-Wood or "1W") and I guess a strong wind in
   your favour wouldn't hurt either! (check the indicator at the top-right)

   In the English translation the trophy description says that you need to do
   this "in Competition Mode" but I got it in the three-round match against
   Akasaka in Chapter 3. Guess I got lucky again! ;)

35 Big Tuna (En) / 40 Maguro* Lord (Jp) [Bronze]

   The requirement for this trophy is that you catch a tuna in the fishing game
   on the beach outside the orphanage. The majestic tuna always lurks a long way
   from the shore, around the 150-metre marker, so it's best to use bait that
   covers this range like prawn or shrimp. Once you hook one it'll put up quite
   a fight so remain calm and be prepared to take several minutes to land it.

   There are also several other items that can be used as bait with a 150-metre
   effective range, for example the Bento Lunch Set and Sushi Set available from
   M Store, the Smile Burger Set and Bitter Melon Burger Set from Smile Burger
   and even the Aloe item from the Seven Mysteries of Downtown Ryukyu 4 side-
   mission. I've not experimented with using them though.

   Once you've landed a tuna you can sell it for a handy 100,000 Yen to either
   the fishmonger in the market or the pawnshop. (Incidentally, what the heck
   kind of pawnshop buys seafood?! I mean, they even buy worms off you!)

   *Maguro is the Japanese word for "tuna" although sometimes a direct rendering
   of the English is used: "Chuunaa"!

36 Minigame Master (En) / 41 Minigame Master (Jp) [Gold]

   I think the title (and gold) here is justified! To get this one you need to
   "complete" all of the minigames - all sixteen in the western version or all
   twenty in the Japanese game. A minigame is classed as being complete when all
   the entries in the completion lists are showing in red (in the Japanese game
   you can view your progress by going to the pause menu and selecting option 7
   for Complete then option 8 (the bottom one) for Minigames).

   See Section 05 for discussion of all the minigames and completion targets.

37 Ultimate Challenger (En) / 42 Ultimate Challenger (Jp) [Bronze]

   You get this one for playing through the Ultimate Skill fighting challenge
   mode which becomes available after you complete the story for the first time.
   It will appear on the main menu - if you're playing the Japanese game it's
   the fifth option down.

   This mode has 35 stages to complete. The requirement for the trophy is simply
   to play all of them. Sounds easy, right? Well, it would be except that only
   four of them are available at the start and the others unlock, and some of
   them are pretty tough (not to mention frustrating). This really should have
   been a silver trophy at least!

   The stages are grouped under five categories. When you begin only the first
   stage in each of the first four groups is available. Completing one stage
   will unlock the next one in that category, unless it's the last one in which
   case it unlocks one in the fifth set.

   o Melee 1 unlocks Melee 2, etc, and Melee 10 unlocks Ultimate 1

   o Grudge 1 unlocks Grudge 2, etc, and Grudge 5 unlocks Ultimate 2

   o Challenge 1 unlocks Challenge 2, etc, and Challenge 10 unlocks Ultimate 3

   o Team 1 unlocks Team 2, etc, and Team 5 unlocks Ultimate 4

   o completing Ultimate stages 1, 2, 3 and 4 unlocks the final Ultimate 5

   There is a little good news though - to get the trophy you can pass each of
   the stages with any grade* and you only have to attempt the epic Ultimate 5,
   you don't need to complete it.

   I think a full guide to this mode is beyond the scope of this document;
   besides, Diskenth has already started putting together a great walkthrough
   thread on the Yakuza 3 forum here...


   I will however give a little guidance on the stages that I struggled with...

   o Melee 7 has you fighting some hefty opponents in the Batting Centre and you
     have the handicap of a rapidly diminishing health bar. Don't waste any time
     - start grabbing benches and swinging them to hit all your opponents at
     once. When your heat meter is charged, use it to do a heat-action with an
     improvised weapon immediately.

   o Grudge 5 has you facing off against Mine, the final boss of the story. He
     is pretty tough but remember that you have the Paper Tiger Knuckles weapon
     available. Try to get Mine against a wall and, with your knuckleduster
     equipped (no heat required), press circle to launch a 10-hit string. You
     only get 40 uses of the weapon though and that special move counts as ten
     even if you miss so use it wisely! Diskenth notes that knuckle hits charge
     your heat gauge nicely so you can switch to the knife and do a heat action.

   o (Challenge 3 and 4 are based respectively on the substory on the movie set
     and the story event with the wrestling match on the beach. In both cases
     you need to be able to follow written instructions on the screen so this
     could be a stumbling block for you if you have the game on import.)

   o Challenge 5 is an odd one, it's a sort of puzzle. If you don't want to know
     the answer look away... now! There are six opponents, each with only a tiny
     sliver of health, but you have to defeat all of them with a single attack.
     The solution is to walk into the three smaller guys and push them into the
     triangle formed by the three larger gentlemen. Watch out for the big guys
     taking a swing at you as they hit hard - you can always see it coming so
     just back off when you see them winding up. Now equip the staff and run up
     into the triangle and attack - the sweep of the weapon should take out all
     six dudes at once. (I think I had to approach the shorter side of the
     triangle and I used the standard square-button attack with the staff.)

   o Challenge 9 is a chase battle against "Super Mack". Oh joy! I kept my boost
     button down pretty much the whole time which means that you have to beat
     him in two laps or you'll run out of stamina (and probably patience). Try
     to get a clean line around the corners and obviously avoid the pedestrians.
     Take the shortcut up the east side of Nakamichi to save a little time.

     I can't think of anything else to add - just stick at it. Good luck!

   o Team 5 can be annoying. You're paired up with Akimoto (and his puny health
     bar!) and you have to take down four thugs. I played this quite defensively
     and stayed close to little Akimoto to protect him. If you press circle then
     you'll either get a throw (in which case you can use the left stick to toss
     the thug in the direction of his buddies and maybe damage them too) or it
     might come out as the stunning reversal (from Komaki's training). When your
     heat bar is charged you can deliver the classic Kiryuu stomp after a throw.

   o Ultimate 2 has you fighting against four bosses in turn, starting with
     Kanda. Try to keep him occupied so he doesn't grab a weapon and build up
     your heat so you can use the Self Destruction heat-action when he attacks
     with the big stone plaques he pulls (slooowly) off the wall.

     You should be able to land some square-square-square-triangle-triangle hit
     strings on Majima. If he's still standing after that then be ready to do a
     quick reversal with the circle button, or if he gets knocked to the floor
     keep your distance since he often attacks as he rises. When your heat meter
     is charged you can block his knife attacks, or just use the reversal. When
     he starts dashing around, Diskenth recommends turning your back to him to
     lure him into an attack.

     Richardson isn't too bad. Dodge his gunshots and land some strings on him,
     trying to bound him off the walls if possible.

     Your final opponent in this stage is Mine again. You might want to save the
     three weapons for him - the tonfa has 70 uses, the kali sticks have 60 and
     the nunchuks have 100. Each of them has a special attack with the circle
     button that drains 10 uses so you can do 23 of these in total; he often
     avoids these so try to get him against a wall. Also listen for the sound
     which indicates that he's doing the "recharging" thing because you'll be
     able to land a few hits on him unchallenged.

     I used a slightly cheesy tactic here - I just ran around in a big circle
     letting my heat meter slowly fill. If your health bar is low enough to be
     flashing red and your heat is charged you can press L3+R3 to convert your
     heat into health, otherwise you can use the heat to do a heat-action with a
     weapon. Every so often (I think after he attacks you) you'll get the QTE
     sequence which will charge your heat and, crucially, cause some damage.

     This is pretty slow (you won't get an S rank like this) but you can grind
     him down eventually...

   o Ultimate 3 has three fights based on the IF7 training game so, although the
     "criteria" (come on Sega, should be "criterion"!) for ranking is listed as
     damage, there is a time limit too. Also you have no heat bar.

     The first fight is against the three forms of Lau simultaneously. I used
     throws here (as recommended by Diskenth), grabbing any that got separated
     from the "pack". You can turn with the left stick to throw him onto the
     others and follow this with a stomp. You might get away with doing some
     standard (square x 3, triangle x 2) strings on them too.

     Fuma (Kazama) isn't too tough. I got past him with standard strings plus
     throws followed by stomps.

     Finally, like in IF7, you have to defeat Kiryuu's doppelganger. He's not so
     easy but I was able to beat him by waiting for punch attacks, reversing
     with circle and then landing a full string on him. It took a few tries but
     I got him in the end.

   One last thing to keep in mind is that different Ultimate Skill stages will
   feature Kiryuu at various stages of development. Sometimes you'll have a full
   set of techniques but other times you won't be able to use abilities that you
   otherwise rely on, like the second triangle hit at the end of a string or the
   second and third QTE follow-ups after a stomp.

   *If you're a masochist you can stick at it until you've got the top (S) rank
   on all 35 stages and you'll be rewarded with the War God Seal when you start
   your next Premium New Game. When equipped, this item puts you permanently in
   heat mode (and as such it's slightly better than the War God Amulet).

38 Testament to Strength (En) / 43 Proof of Being the Strongest (Jp) [Gold]

   To receive this gold trophy you need to complete the story while playing the
   game on the Extra Hard difficulty setting which becomes available after you
   have previously beaten the game on Hard diff.

   You might be tempted to make your first play-through on Hard so that you can
   go straight to Extra Hard afterwards but I think it's probably a good idea to
   play on Normal first to take care of the side-missions and other trophies and
   to level-up and unlock melee techs.

   After you complete the game on Normal, make a "Clear" save file and use that
   to start a Premium New Game on Hard diff - your abilities, money and items*
   will carry over into the new game but you start with a clean slate when it
   comes to side-missions and all the various completion lists. After you beat
   Hard, do it again on Ex Hard! (NB: You are not allowed any retries/continues
   when you're playing on Extra Hard so remember to save every so often.)

   If you're more interested in just getting the trophy than doing it "properly"
   then there are a couple of items that will make this a lot easier. The first
   is the War God Amulet which you receive for performing all eighty-eight of
   the heat-actions in the game (these are listed in TP's guide). That takes a
   bit of time and effort but it's well rewarded as the amulet allows you to
   perform heat-actions even if your heat gauge is empty. The other item is the
   Golden Pistol which you get for completing the final substory (defeating Amon
   in a stupidly hard fight!). The gun does 800 damage, has infinite ammo and is
   unbreakable if used in melee. In other words it kicks ass!

   Another useful item to have equipped are the Beads of Good Fortune which you
   get as a reward after opening all one hundred of the coin-lockers. This stops
   random battles from occurring as you go about your business.

   For reference, if you know where you're going and skip the cut-scenes and any
   non-essential elements, you can chew through the game in under four hours.
   You'll spend half that time clicking through conversation text-boxes!

   *In a Premium New Game you retain all the items in your inventory along with
   any stored in your hideouts but the game will clear out your mission-specific
   "valuables" items. This will include your gambling chips/tags/sticks but your
   points totals will remain intact. So, for example, if you had 20,000 chips
   when you made your Clear save and you bought 50 chips in a PNG then the total
   shown on the chips item in your valuables inventory would be 20,050.

39 Marathon Runner (En) / 44 Marathon Runner (Jp) [Bronze]

   This is one which will come to you during the course of play - you just need
   to cover a distance of 42.195 kilometres during the course of your adventures
   in Okinawa and Tokyo. That's 26 miles and 385 yards, i.e. the standard length
   of a marathon running-race* - hence the trophy name.

   You don't need to make any special effort to get this trophy, but maybe avoid
   using the taxis - and save yourself a few Yen at the same time! To give you
   a rough idea, I got it after around fifteen hours of play.

   *Most folks know that the length of the marathon race was inspired by the
   story of a messenger in ancient Greece who ran non-stop from the site of the
   battle of Marathon to the city of Athens, delivered his message and promptly
   died. However the official length of a standard marathon race (42,195 metres)
   isn't the exact distance from Marathon to Athens - it's actually the distance
   that was used in the marathon race at the 1908 Summer Olympic Games held in
   London. It was adjusted so that Queen Alexandra could get a better view of
   the finish! :) It was later adopted as a worldwide standard for marathons.

40 Careless Dragon (En) / 45 Runaway Train (Jp) [Bronze secret]

   To get this one you need to knock over one hundred people. Flooring someone
   in a fight doesn't count though, it has to be pedestrians that you knock over
   while you're walking about in the cities. You have to bump into them fairly
   solidly and they need to fall to the floor in order for it to count.

   This is something which you could work on over a long period of time - making
   an effort to barge into folks as you go about your business - but if you want
   to get the trophy out of the way then look for a busy place like Tenkaichi
   Street in the south-west corner of the Tokyo map. Focus your attention on the
   men since it seems that either women are too agile to be knocked down or
   Kiryuu is too polite!

   If you run at someone from the front they'll usually take a side-step so the
   best advice is to charge at men from behind. Bump into them and keep pushing.
   Some won't go down but a few will.

41 People Watcher (En) / 46 People Watcher (Jp) [Bronze secret]

   Okay so you've probably already experienced in Yakuza 3 several examples of
   that mainstay of JRPG games - the random battle - and so you've learnt to
   recognise the types of people that stand around waiting to start a fight when
   you walk past them. You know the ones? Well, next time you spot one of these
   guys, stop and - keeping a safe distance from them - press R3 to enter the
   first-person view mode and stare directly at them. They hate that! They'll
   run over immediately and literally bring the fight to you. Don't stand *too*
   far away from them though or it won't happen.

   Do that ten times in total and you get this secret trophy.

42 Compulsive Vandal (En) / 47 Destroyer (Jp) [Bronze secret]

   This is another one which you will eventually receive without having to make
   any special effort - you get it for breaking a total of one hundred weapons
   during fights.

   If you want to get it sooner rather than later then be sure to use every
   available weapon you find lying around - shop signs, chairs, tables, katana,
   bicycles, golf clubs, umbrellas, bowling balls, fish... it's all good! You
   always get a little extra XP for using a weapon to destruction too.

   You can check your progress towards this goal and three others on the little
   stats page which you can access at any of your hideouts/safehouses (fourth
   option on the menu). The fourth entry on the page is the "times knocked down"
   (which means the number of times you've knocked over pedestrians), the fifth
   is this one (number of weapons broken), the sixth shows the distance covered
   on foot (for Marathon Runner) and the seventh gives the number of times that
   you've finished a fight with a heat-action.

   Climhazard99 noted on the Yakuza 3 forum that breaking any smashable objects
   in a fight location will count towards this, the public market in Okinawa
   being a good example. So you don't have to actually use objects as weapons -
   you can throw or knock your opponents into them too.

43 Walking Bank (En) / 48 Walking Bank (Jp) [Silver]

   The requirement for this trophy is that you have 10,000,000 Yen in cash. Yes,
   that's ten million! It will take some time to accumulate that much and when
   you have enough you should first SAVE, then liquidate all your assets (trade
   in all your casino chips, gambling tags and Mahjong sticks for metal plates
   and then sell all your items at one of the pawnshops) and then after you get
   the trophy you can reload your save to get all your stuff back.

   Completing all the side-missions (see Section 04) will be a good step in the
   right direction as you often get paid with money and/or sellable items. Some
   of the payouts are quite big, for example completion of the sequence where
   you have to find five bouncers (bodyguards) which gives you 500k Yen. Also
   watch out for the Tuna Fund mission where you're invited to invest - the max
   investment is 100 shares which will cost you a cool 1 million Yen but, after
   the follow-up phases in Okinawa and back in Tokyo, you get your money back
   plus (if you bought 100 shares) four tuna which sell for 100k Yen apiece.

   The hitman (bounty hunter) missions will be a big help too as you're well
   rewarded for each contract you complete (you'll make just under 3 million Yen
   in total). You'll need to do all the hitmen and side-missions if you're going
   for a full set of trophies anyways.

   You can make some big money off the gambling games, especially with some of
   the cheat items. I got 3 million quite easily off the Chinchirorin (Cee-Lo)
   minigame! You can get an automatic 2.5 million from Blackjack too. Check out
   Section 05 below for more details.

   That should be all you need to get this trophy - substories, hitman missions
   and gambling cheats. Here are a few more ideas though...
   If you enjoy (or tolerate) the fishing minigame then get yourself some tuna!

   Although it costs 5000 Yen to enter, you can make some good money in the golf
   tournament - you get 50,000 Yen for coming 2nd and 100,000 Yen for 1st. You
   will probably pick up a few of those when going for minigame completion!

   Random battles can be annoying (especially if you're trying to get somewhere)
   but they can pay up to 10,000 Yen or even more. Every little helps!

   Don't blow money on expensive items, weapon repairs or any non-essentials. If
   you have the import then avoid the temptation to purchase fancy drinks at the
   cabaret clubs or to buy expensive gifts for the grrlz.

   If you do have the Japanese game and you either like playing Mahjong or think
   you'll enjoy learning how to play then that can help too. It's not too hard
   to win most of the time and make a tidy profit. At the Mahjong Camp on the
   Okinawa map you can exchange the points you win (including the very generous
   25,000-point "Uma" bonus you get for coming first in a game) into plates and
   sell them. Entering the league at Orchid Palace Mahjong in Tokyo will cost
   you 50,000 Yen but it's a sound investment because thereafter you can play
   for free and as you work your way up through the league you'll receive prizes
   with a resale value totalling 841,400 Yen so that will give you the majority
   of one of your ten required millions.   

   If you enjoy the (excellent) fight engine in the game then get down to the
   Coliseum tournaments in Purgatory (from Chapter 8). Even the low-level events
   there pay several thousand Yen for a win and you'll also get XP and points to
   spend on stuff from the Coliseum shop.

   Still a little short at the end of the game? Don't worry! You get a big cash
   bonus just for completing the story. You receive 1 million on Easy difficulty
   or 2 million on Normal diff or a massive 3 million if you beat the game on
   Hard. This will be added to your total if you create a Clear save file and
   use this to start a Premium New Game.

   I got this trophy in Chapter 10 after rinsing out the Chinchirorin (Cee-Lo)
   and Poker games with the cheat items. In the end I didn't even need to finish
   the Tuna Fund substory to get back my 1 million Yen investment and collect my
   fishy profit! I've given the details below. I don't normally use the taxis
   but figured I could spare the money. :)

     Money after 94 "complete" substories and 13 hitmen missions: +2,776,344
                        Sold 294 miscellaneous items at pawnshop: +1,497,889
                      Converted gambling tags to platinum plates
                                         Sold plates at pawnshop: +4,050,000
                                        Plane fare back to Tokyo:    -30,000
                                          Taxi fare to Purgatory:       -710
                       Converted casino chips to platinum plates
                                           Taxi fare to pawnshop:       -710
                                         Sold plates at pawnshop: +1,950,000

   Don't forget to >SAVE< before you do this and to reload afterwards!

44 Volunteer (En) / 49 Volunteer (Jp) [Bronze secret]

   You might've noticed that items constantly wash ashore on the beautiful beach
   outside the orphanage - that's what this trophy is all about (and the next
   one too actually).

   You need to collect five items of garbage from the beach to get this trophy.
   The majority of the flotsam that appears on the shoreline is wooden boxes and
   most of these contain a random item - such boxes do *not* count towards this
   trophy. If you find an empty box though or something that the game labels as
   junk then this will count towards your total. (Of course if you find an item
   box and remove the goodies inside you then have an empty box but somehow this
   doesn't count as garbage!)

   Although it might be hard to spot if it's one of the smaller ones, I think
   the game will always put a new item on the shore each time it loads the beach
   environment. It could be anywhere along the length of the coastline (i.e. on
   either side of the fishing rod) but it will always be where the ocean washes
   up onto the sand, not in deeper water.

   A top trick to use here comes courtesy of ThePatrick who suggests that you
   equip yourself with a bait item (for example the worm you can collect for
   free from the orphanage's front yard) so that you can initiate the fishing
   minigame by clicking on the rod. If you start the fishing (until it switches
   to the horizon view) and then quit out it will refresh the beach environment
   and another flotsam item will appear, so you can repeatedly collect a new
   item and then go back to the fishing rod. Keep doing that until you find your
   fifth piece of junk and the trophy is yours!

45 Master Environmentalist (En) / 50 Eco-Master (Jp) [Silver secret]

   This is the same as the previous one except you now need to collect a further
   25 pieces of garbage for 30 in total! This does take a while to complete -
   I've not timed it but it's got to be an hour or two. I would recommend that
   you combine this with getting completion on the fishing minigame since a) you
   are on the beach already, b) you do often get bait items from the crates that
   wash up on the shore and c) it breaks up the monotony of the beachcombing!

   It's never good to see trophies that require long spells of boring activity
   but at least the positive environmental message behind it is sound. By way of
   compensation at least you pick up a few items which can be used as components
   for weapon modding (you'll end up with what seems like a lifetime supply of
   broken radios and "rainbow alloy") and if you're lucky you might get yourself
   a gold plate which is worth 100,000 Yen on resale. (I got one both times when
   going for this trophy in the Japanese and English versions of the game.)

------< SUBSTORY LISTS >------------------------------------------ [Section 04]

An important part of the Yakuza series is the substories (or side-missions) that
often prove to be an entertaining and rewarding distraction from the main story.
They're also a key part of trophy achievement as you need to finish a certain
number of them to get trophies 13-16 and all of them for number 17! There are
123 in total in the original Japanese game or 101 in the West.

In the English versions of the game the "dating sim" gameplay with the girls at
the cabaret clubs has been removed; instead you go straight to dating them. You
can find the three girls from Flawless at the Smile Burger in Okinawa, two of
the three girls from Club Koakuma in the Smile Burger in Tokyo (the other has
been cut) and the four from Club Ageha hang out at the Gelateria ice cream place
in Tokyo. Sayaka is effectively the dating "boss" - she doesn't show up until
you've completed all the others (and gives six times as much XP too). For each
girl you have to go on two quick dates then complete her mini-mission and then
you have what the game describes as "an amazing time" - in a love-hotel! ;)

The final substory is the hardcore battle against Amon. In order for this to
become available you have to finish all the other side-missions *AND* complete
all levels on Minamida's IF7 training machine *AND* take down all twenty hitmen.
You can then go back to Ibuki (the guy in Kamuro Castle who gives you the hitman
contracts) and he'll send you off to see Minamida which in turn leads to your
encounter with Amon, his many overpowered weapons and his many life-bars (I
counted six)! If you defeat him you not only get the gold trophy for doing all
the side-missions but you also get the mighty Golden Pistol weapon.

A full guide to all the substories in the game is beyond the scope of this guide
and, as ever, ThePatrick is still the daddy when it comes to Yakuza game info
so be sure to check out his guide for a comprehensive walkthrough on these. I
will however provide lists to show which side-missions are available in the
different versions of the game, along with the their titles.

The lists show the chapter in which each side-mission first becomes available,
although in some cases you need to complete another one before it appears. I'd
recommend doing each mission as soon as you can, partly to make it easier to
keep track of which you've done and, more importantly, because some of them are
only available for a short time (these are marked with a single asterisk).

You can track your progress through the side-missions from the pause menu; they
are under Substories which is option 6 in the Japanese game (then top option for
side-missions, bottom option for hitman missions).

On the left side are the substory titles from the western editions of the game
and on the right side are the English translations of the side-mission titles in
the Japanese original (copied from TP's guide).

.---------------------------< Chapter 3 (Okinawa) >----------------------------.
|                                                                              |
|                       A Kidnapping? | Kidnapping?                            |
|                                   - | I Wanna go to Tokyo Pt. 1              |
|                                   - | The Brewer's Treasure                  |
|                          The Bumper | The Fall Guy                           |
|                     The Folk Singer | The Rose Balsam Song                   |
|                     Noodle Delivery | Okinawa Soba Delivery Race             |
|                 Hustler's Challenge | Challenge from a Hustler               |
|                                   - | Make the No. 1 Cabaret Club Girl!      |
|                       Mika Tsuchiya | Tsuchiya Mika of Flawless              |
|                       Nao Kaneshiro | Kaneshiro Nao of Flawless              |
|                          Saya Unten | Unten Saya of Flawless                 |
|                                                                              |
:----------------------------< Chapter 4 (Okinawa) >---------------------------:
|                                                                              |
|                                   - | English Conversation Solicitor step 1  |
|                                   - | English Conversation Solicitor step 2  |
|                      The Kid Finder | Lost Child Hunter                      |
|                        The Lost Key | The Lost Keys                          |
|                                   - | Love's Cupid                           |
|                   The Loving Family | A Family Full of Love                  |
|                                   - | Love's Cupid Continues                 |
|                   Find the Lion Dog | Find the Shisa                         |
|                                   - | Love's Cupid Continues Again           |
|                Get the Bag-Snatcher | Find the Purse-Snatcher                |
|                     Suicidal Debt 1 | Dirty Money and the Debtor Pt. 1       |
|                  Sea Bream Troubles | The Man Who Wanted a Sea Bream         |
|                     Suicidal Debt 2 | Dirty Money and the Debtor Pt. 2       |
|             The Bumper Strikes Back | The Fall Guy Strikes Back              |
|                   The Drinking Game | Drinking Duel                          |
|Seven Mysteries of Downtown Ryukyu 1 | The Seven Wonders of Ryukyu Town #1    |
|Seven Mysteries of Downtown Ryukyu 2 | The Seven Wonders of Ryukyu Town #2    |
|Seven Mysteries of Downtown Ryukyu 3 | The Seven Wonders of Ryukyu Town #3    |
|Seven Mysteries of Downtown Ryukyu 4 | The Seven Wonders of Ryukyu Town #4    |
|Seven Mysteries of Downtown Ryukyu 5 | The Seven Wonders of Ryukyu Town #5    |
|Seven Mysteries of Downtown Ryukyu 6 | The Seven Wonders of Ryukyu Town #6    |
|                  The Market & Mikio | Mikio at Market                        |
|               The Golfing President | Golfer Boss                            |
|              Sunshine Hide-and-Seek | Hide-and-Seek in the Morninglory       |
|                           Sit, Rex! | Teach Mame to Sit                      |
|                   Turn Around, Rex! | Teach Mame to Turn Around              |
|                         Fetch, Rex! | Teach Mame to Fetch                    |
|                                   - | A Trip Before Marriage*                |
|                 Letter in a Bottle* | Love Letter in a Bottle*               |
|                                                                              |
:----------------------------< Chapter 5 (Tokyo) >-----------------------------:
|                                                                              |
|            Get Back that Loan Money | Chase the Debtor                       |
|                            Cat Hunt | Cat Watcher                            |
|                                   - | Manga Artist Debut**                   |
|                                   - | The Runaway Phone Chat Girl            |
|                      The Big Winner | The Big Prize Scam                     |
|                 How Low Can You Go? | Clearance Sale                         |
|          Compulsive Dine-and-Dasher | Chasing a Full Stomach                 |
|         An Old Gentleman's Memories | An Old Gentleman's Memories            |
|            The Artful Dodger's Back | Try and Hit Me Again!                  |
|           The High-Tech Peeping Tom | High-Tech Peeping                      |
|                     The Taxi Driver | Taxi Driver                            |
|                     Ryugujo Revived | The Dragon Palace Restoration          |
|                        Meet Michiro | Run from the Crossdresser              |
|                  The Water Purifier | The Water Purifier                     |
|                                   - | I Wanna go to Tokyo pt. 2              |
|        The Ultimate Instant Ramen** | A Tale of Ramen**                      |
|                                   - | Is She Talking About Me...?            |
|                  The Photo of Truth | Photographical Evidence                |
|                       #1 Draft Pick | The Worrysome First Draft Pick         |
|                   Throwing the Game | How to Win at Love Darts               |
|                                   - | Great Genius Showdown                  |
|                        Death Bowler | Death Bowler                           |
|                        Sayaka Araki | Araki Sayaka of Club Ageha             |
|                        Rina Sakurai | Sakurai Rina of Club Ageha             |
|                     Rihou Nishiyama | Nishiyama Rihou of Club Ageha          |
|                                Nemu | Nemu of Club Ageha                     |
|                       Eri Momochika | Momochika Eri of Club Koakuma          |
|                       Shizuka Mutou | Mutou Shizuka of Club Koakuma          |
|                                   - | Ayukawa Rina of Club Koakuma           |
|                                                                              |
:----------------------------< Chapter 6 (Tokyo) >-----------------------------:
|                                                                              |
|                Silver Screen Dragon | The Dragon of the Silver Screen        |
|                     Il Yu-Jin Fever | I Ryujeon at the Movies                |
|                     Michiru Madness | Run from the Crossdresser!!            |
|                The Devoted Grandson | A Punk's Filial Piety                  |
|                            Stardust | Stardust                               |
|                   Suspicious Spouse | My Husband's Been Acting Strange Lately|
|              Kazuma the Pickpocket? | Kiryuu Suspected of Pickpocketing      |
|                 Convenient Stakeout | Shoplifter G-Men                       |
|                   The Artful Chaser | Try and Escape Me!                     |
|                   Concerned Stalker | Chain Stalkers                         |
|                The Finishing Touch* | Dotting the Eye*                       |
|                      Hometown Girl* | A Girl From Back Home*                 |
|                   Bouncers Wanted** | Bodyguard Job**                        |
|                   The First Bouncer | The First Bodyguard                    |
|                  The Second Bouncer | The Second Bodyguard                   |
|        Compulsive Dine-and-Dasher 2 | Chasing a Full Stomach Again           |
|                  Ramen Shop Trainee | The Apprentice Ramen Chef              |
|                      Rookie Dilemma | The Worrysome New Employee             |
|                                   - | A Satisfying Yakuza                    |
|                      Freshly Sprung | Retirement                             |
|                                                                              |
:----------------------------< Chapter 7 (Tokyo) >-----------------------------:
|                                                                              |
|        Compulsive Dine-and-Dasher 3 | Just Chasing a Full Stomach Again      |
|                     The Red Balloon | The Red Balloon Connecting Mother & Son|
|                Too Good to be True? | Super Catch                            |
|              High-End Bag Snatchers | Brand Purse-Snatcher                   |
|                    The Artful Fleer | Try and Catch Me!                      |
|                The Kamurochou Queen | Queen of Kamuro                        |
|                      Michiru Mayhem | Run from the Crossdresser!!!           |
|                   The Third Bouncer | The Third Bodyguard                    |
|                  The Fourth Bouncer | The Fourth Bodyguard                   |
|                       Store Robbery | Armed Robber                           |
|                   Renovation Ruckus | Be Careful When Renovating             |
|                     The Tuna Fund** | Tuna Fund**                            |
|                                                                              |
:----------------------------< Chapter 9 (Toyko) >-----------------------------:
|                                                                              |
|                                   - | The Mars Fighter Invades Tokyo         |
|               Murder at Cafe Alps** | The Alps Tea Shop Murder**             |
|                   The Fifth Bouncer | The Fifth Bodyguard                    |
|                   The Fortuneteller | I'll Tell You Your Fortune             |
|              Catch that Pickpocket! | The Panicking Pickpocket               |
|                  Phone Booth Phobia | The Telephone Booth                    |
|                                                                              |
:---------------------------< Chapter 10 (Okinawa) >---------------------------:
|                                                                              |
|                                   - | Love's Cupid - The Finale              |
|                                   - | English Conversation Solicitor step 3  |
|                                   - | I Wanna go to Tokyo pt. 3              |
|                Hit-and-Stop Swindle | The Car that Gets Struck               |
|           Find the Murcutt Treasure | Go After the "M" Funds                 |
|                                   - | English Conversation Solicitor step 4  |
|        Compulsive Dine-and-Dasher 4 | Chasing a Full Stomach Forever         |
|       Shut Down the Shady Operation | Catch the Black Market Broker          |
|                     Suicidal Debt 3 | Dirty Money and the Debtor pt. 3       |
|Seven Mysteries of Downtown Ryukyu 7 | The Seven Wonders of Ryukyu Town #7    |
|                 The Bumper Reformed | The Fall Guy Throws in the Towel       |
|                        Two Fathers* | Two Fathers*                           |
|                                                                              |
:----------------------------< Chapter 12 (Tokyo) >----------------------------:
|                                                                              |
|                        Date's Pride | Date's Pride                           |
|                 The Bumper in Tokyo | The Fall Guy in Tokyo                  |
|                                   - | The Couple Who Wouldn't Learn*         |
|                                Amon | Amon                                   |
|                                                                              |

With my OCD superpowers I was able to complete all the missions on my first play
through of the story but if you missed any you should make a Clear save file
after beating the game and use this to start the Premium Adventure mode from the
main menu. This lets you explore the game at will unhindered by the story. Your
substory and other completion lists carry over so you can finish them off.

In the Premium Adventure you can take the taxi to the airport to move between
the two cities and you can speak to characters at the orphanage, the Ryuudou
family office, the New Serena and next to the Purgatory shack to have a little
"rest" (i.e. to change the time of day if it's required for a side-mission). You
can also collect Haruka or Rikiya from the orphanage or New Serena if you need
them for what you're doing.

Once you've finished catching up with stuff you can speak to either Nakahara at
the orphanage or Date in the New Serena and they'll give you the option to make
a new Clear save file based on your new progress. You can then use this from the
main menu to start a Premium New Game (on a different difficulty if you like)
where you carry over your skills, money and items but no completion progress,
and you play through the story from the beginning.

*This substory should be completed as soon as it becomes available in order to
avoid missing it. I've added Two Fathers to this list as it appears so late in
Chapter 10 and, according to TP's guide, it has a constraint that it can only be
started specifically in the evening. Therefore I think it's best to do it as
soon as possible, although I still believe it's a good idea to do ALL the side-
missions as soon as they become available if you want to catch all 101 or 123 on
your first play through of the game (rather than relying on Premium Adventure
mode to pick them up later).

**This substory spans several chapters. In the case of the murder mystery at the
Cafe Alps this will happen if you start it in Chapter 9 because you can't make
any progress until evening time in Chapter 12.

------< MINIGAMES >----------------------------------------------- [Section 05]

Another major aspect of the Yakuza franchise is the playable minigames that are
packed into each title. Each minigame (or group of games) has its own trophy.

The following table summarises the minigames in both versions of Yakuza 3 and
the criteria for completion, listed in the order they appear in the minigame
completion checklist in the game (and the trophy lists for that matter). In some
cases the names differ but the game is the same (apart from the text language).

You can track your progress towards completion on the checklist under Completion
Rate on the pause menu; in the Japanese game select option 7, then option 8.
This will show your current total, high score or rank and the target/s will be
displayed in red if you've beaten it/them.

Keep in mind that some of the minigames can only be played in Okinawa or Tokyo
but not both. After completing the story you'll be able to make a Clear save and
use this to start a Premium Adventure in which you can move freely between the
cities and catch up on any outstanding completion. If however you want to finish
all the minigames during your first play you should do this at the start of the
final chapter (Chapter 12) where you can take a taxi to the airfield and travel
between the two maps for free. I think the only exception to this is the golf
because the golf club is only open during the daytime so you'd need to do this
early in Chapter 10 at the latest.

You need to complete all of the games (all 16 or 20) to get the Minigame Master
gold trophy. Bon chance!

   English Name  |    Japanese Name   | Completion Requirement
   -             |  1 Aroma Massage   | Get highest rank in both games
 1 Darts         |  2 Darts           | Beat all six people at all three games
 2 Pool          |  3 Billiards       | Beat all four people at all three games
 3 Karaoke       |  4 Karaoke         | Get Dragon Of Karaoke rank on all songs
 4 Bowling       |  5 Bowling         | Score 200 or more
 5 Cee-Lo        |  6 Chinchirorin    | Get cumulative wins worth 20,000 pts
 6 Chou-Han      |  7 Chou-Han        | Get cumulative wins worth 20,000 pts
 7 Koi-Koi       |  8 Koi-Koi         | Get cumulative wins worth 10,000 pts
 8 Oicho-Kabu    |  9 Oicho-Kabu      | Get cumulative wins worth 10,000 pts
 9 Roulette      | 10 Roulette        | Get cumulative wins worth 20,000 pts
10 Poker         | 11 Poker           | Win 10,000 pts in one session
11 Blackjack     | 12 Blackjack       | Win 10,000 pts in one session
12 UFO Catcher   | 13 UFO Catcher     | Get all 25 prizes
   -             | 14 Answer x Answer | Win all four rounds five times each
   -             | 15 Shogi           | Win five games
   -             | 16 Mahjong         | Win with 50,000+ pts (before Uma)
13 Batting Cages | 17 Batting Centre  | Score 1800+ at all four difficulties
14 Golf          | 18 Golf            | Score -5 (five under par) or better
15 Fishing       | 19 Fishing         | Catch all eight items
16 Boxcelios     | 20 Shooting        | Reach Level 50 of the game

Each of the minigames is covered in detail below. I've used the numbering from
the Japanese game (1-20).

 1 Aroma Massage (Jp only)

   The first minigame is one of the four that is unavailable in the localised
   western versions of Yakuza 3. It can be accessed when the full Tokyo map
   becomes available after the initial "chase battle" nonsense with Mack. There
   is only one location where you can play the game: at Love In Heart which is
   situated on Senryou Avenue in the south-east of the Tokyo map, just up the
   street from the Karaoke place. It's easy to find because "Love In Heart" (in
   English) is projected onto the street outside.

   It's basically a simple skill-test in which you have to monitor the marker on
   the "thermometer" gauge on the right as it moves unpredictably up and down,
   trying to stop it from disappearing off either end by tapping O to move it up
   or X to knock it down. Meanwhile your scantily-clad attendant does her* best
   to distract you by cavorting in a series of provocative poses!

   To complete the minigame you need to get a high score in both game modes. You
   get more points for keeping the marker in the red/orange zones at the top of
   the gauge so try to hold it up there but don't keep it at the very top in
   case it makes a sudden unpredictable surge upwards and off the scale. I think
   it's best to hold it just inside the bottom of the top red segment.

   As a bonus, each time you pass the game Kiryuu will find it so invigorating
   that he gets hit-points restored. The passing rank required for completion is
   Dai Manzoku-na Ryuu which means something like "very satisfied dragon".

   *(Yes, I know!)

 2 Darts

   You can play the darts games in the Aquasky bar in Okinawa (just north of the
   west bridge) from Chapter 3 or at the Bantam pub in Tokyo (due east of the
   Millennium Tower building) from Chapter 5.

   The board is divided into twenty numbered sections with the bullseye in the
   centre. The outer ring of red/green cells scores double and the inner one is
   for triples. The bull is divided into the inner bull which scores 50 points
   and the outer bull around it which scores 25 although in some of the games
   here both score 50 pts.

   Three different darts games are available at both locations...

   o 01 Games - Here both players start with a score ending in -01, for example
     it could be 301 or 501. On each turn a player throws three darts and the 
     points are deducted from their total. The winner is the first player to get
     their score down to exactly zero. Unlike the common British variant, you do
     not need to get a double to "go out" at the end of a game. The minigame
     will help you by showing your possible "outs" at the top of the screen.

   o Cricket - This one is kinda complicated. Only the bullseye and 15, 16, 17,
     18, 19 and 20 sections are in play. When you put a dart into a section it
     counts as a "hit" unless you got a double in which case it's two hits or a
     triple which is three. This is tracked with a slash for the first hit then
     another for the second (making an X) and finally a circle for the third.

     Once a number has received three hits from one player they are deemed to
     have "opened" it and they can start scoring points off it - at least until
     their opponent gets three hits on it and the number is "closed". So you
     need to balance offence (opening and scoring) with defence (closing any
     numbers your opponent opened). The player with the most points wins.

   o Count Up - This one's a lot simpler. You throw darts, you score points and
     the player with the most points is the winner.

   You use the left stick to aim the dart... I know Kiryuu drinks a lot but boy
   does he have a bad case of the shakes! But of course it would be too easy if
   he didn't. Then you use the right stick to throw a dart by pulling it back
   half way and letting it go. Subtle differences in how you manipulate the
   right stick can have a big effect on the throw. If you flick the stick fairly
   quickly you get what I call a Fast Throw, where the dart flies straight and
   true at the point you were aiming at. If you flick it slightly slower you get
   a Slow Throw where the dart falls short and hits the dartboard well below the
   spot at which you were aiming.

   I think the key here is consistency - see if you can master the timing for
   either the Fast Throw or the Slow Throw and if you favour the slow one then
   adjust your aim accordingly. I like to aim for the treble-20 and try to do a
   Fast Throw because that will give you 60 pts (or maybe 20 if you wobble) but
   if it comes out as a Slow Throw then it always seems to go in the bull which
   is worth 50 pts (in most games), so either way you get a good score.

   You can choose to play solo (practice) or against three staff members at both
   locations (and you can also opt to invite any girls you're currently dating).
   To complete the minigame you need to beat all six staff at all three games.

   To beat the Advanced opponents you will need to be able to hit the treble-20
   reliably to win 01 or Count Up games and for Cricket you will need to be able
   to get the bull and all the 15-20 trebles. I used the Slow Throw because if
   you "err on the side of caution" (too slow) then Kiryuu doesn't throw and you
   can try again. To use this you'll need to figure out the spots to aim at for
   each treble - well, actually you won't because I've done it for you!

   For the bull aim at the treble-20, for the treble-20 aim at the centre of the
   black band directly beneath the "20" label, for treble-19 aim at "9 o'clock"
   on the edge of the outer bull, for treble-18 aim at the centre of the black
   band under the "1", for the treble-17 aim at "3 o'clock" on the outer bull,
   for treble-16 aim at the top corner of the black wedge in the 14 segment and
   similarly for treble-15 aim at the top corner of the inside wedge on 13. It
   sounds kinda crazy but I won first time doing this! :D

 3 Pool / Billiards

   You can play the pool games at the Aquasky bar in Okinawa from Chapter 3.
   There are three different games available...

   o Nine-Ball - Here you pot the balls numbered 1 to 9 in numerical order. The
     player who pockets the 9-ball wins the game. It's also possible to win by
     potting the 9 on the break-shot (the "break ace" trophy requirement) or by
     hitting the current target ball and using that to sink the 9.

   o Rotation - All fifteen balls are used here and they are sunk in sequence.
     Each ball scores points equal to its number and the first player to reach a
     score of 61 wins the game. Similar to sinking the 9 early in Nine-Ball, you
     can use the target ball to pocket another out of sequence, for example if
     you're on the 2-ball (low score) you can knock this into the 14-ball and
     pocket it then you're awarded the 14 points.

   o Eight-Ball - Once one player has potted a ball they are then committed to
     pocket all the balls of that type (either dots 1-7 or stripes 9-15) and the
     other player has to go for the other balls. They can be potted in any order
     and then you have to sink the black (8-ball) in the pocket you designate in
     order to win.

   Just like playing the game in real life, the key is to hit the cue-ball so it
   hits the target ball in the right place. When you're aiming you should press
   triangle to switch to the overhead view then tweak your shot so that the
   ghost image of the cue-ball, your target ball and the pocket are all in a
   straight line.

   Use the left stick to adjust the point of impact on the white - this will
   affect how it moves after hitting the target ball. The right stick is used to
   make the shot - pull back to set the power and then release. Don't hit it too
   hard though, use less power for a short shot or one where the white will just
   kiss the side of the object ball.

   If you have trouble identifying the balls then hold R1 to see the numbers (if
   it's your turn). Also you can press L1 to toggle the on-screen display off if
   it's blocking your view of the table.

   For minigame completion you need to beat all four opponents in all three of
   the available games.

 4 Karaoke

   You can play the Karaoke rhythm game at either of the Karaoke-Kan venues - in
   the top-left of the Okinawa map (from Chapter 3) or the bottom-right of the
   Tokyo map (from Chapter 5).

   The objective is simply to press the correct buttons when prompted on-screen
   (tap the button rapidly on the long pale pink sections or hold it down on the
   pale blue ones). The panel of weird animal judges (hello? a fish?!) will then
   judge your performance and give you a score which translates into a grade.

   The same six songs are available in both cities and you need to achieve over
   900 points ("The Dragon of Karaoke" rank) in all six to fully complete the
   Karaoke minigame. Five of the songs have a Hard difficulty which I think you
   will need to use to get a high score. The other is the ballad which doesn't
   need a Hard setting because it's already the hardest to pass!

   Of course to do this you will need to be able to press the four face-buttons
   on the joypad (triangle, square, circle and cross) without looking at them
   but this skill should be hard-wired for any Sony owner and veteran of games
   with QTE's. Practice can help as you can learn the pattern of the songs and
   it also helps to take a sneaky peek ahead to see what's coming up.

 5 Bowling

   You can go ten-pin bowling at Mach Bowl in Tokyo from Chapter 1 onwards.

   For each bowl you need to choose where to start (left/right) and press the
   button, then try to stop the direction meter in the desired position and then
   press a third time to pick a value on the power meter. You can also use the
   d-pad to then apply spin in either direction.

   I'll re-post here Aerith's trick which is really quite effective. Move the
   cursor to the far left of the lane and then tap the button twice very quickly
   - the first press will confirm the position and the second should stop the
   pointer in a useful direction. Then use your third press to stop the power
   meter near the top; aim for 90% although you might get 85 or 95%. This gives
   a strike (when all ten pins go down) the majority of the time! :D

   If you knock down some but not all of the pins on your first turn then for
   your second bowl move the cursor so it's lined up with the pin/s and press
   the button one time to confirm. Then try to stop the direction pointer in the
   centre (when it makes the clicking sound) and then set your power. If the
   direction is a little off then use the d-pad to apply corrective spin (you
   shouldn't need much).

   The objective for completion is to get a score of 200 points or more (so be
   sure to pick a full ten-round game). With Aerith's method it's really quite
   straightforward - I got a score in the high 200's on my first try.

 6 Cee-Lo / Chinchirorin

   You can play Chinchirorin (renamed as Cee-Lo in English) at the gambling hall
   in Okinawa from Chapter 3 and at the Ryugujo's gambling den in Tokyo from
   Chapter 5. Check out Section A4 of my Hanafuda Guide on this site for a full
   explanation of how to unlock both these venues.

   In Chinchirorin each player takes their turn at being the banker (indicated
   with a red "Bk" marker) and in each round the three other players (in blue)
   bet/compete against him. Each player throws the three dice into the cup and
   tries to make a pair. If they succeed then the number on the third (unpaired)
   dice becomes their score; if they don't get a pair on their first attempt
   then they get two more tries. A non-banker wins if their score beats that of
   the banker, but the game also recognises some combinations - with 456 you win
   double your stake, with 111 you win five times your stake, with any other
   triple you win triple and with 123 you automatically lose double!

   Long story short, Chinchirorin is simply a matter of luck so you can just
   keep clicking the button and placing your bets and, in the long term, you
   should (in theory!) break even.

   Cheat items: There are three different cheat items for this game. For best
   effect you should use these when you are the banker, with all three players
   betting against you. Also you can only use one item per session so you have
   to quit out of the minigame and restart if you want to use another. To use an
   item you press triangle when prompted.

   o The 1-1-1 Card will make your roll come out as 111 giving you an automatic
     win and quintuple points! This is a hugely powerful item and can be used to
     made silly amounts of money (see below). There are two of these in the game
     - in Tokyo coin-lockers #04 and #10.

   o The 1-2-3 Gum makes your opponents roll 123, automatically losing at double
     points rate. The item can be found in Okinawa coin-locker #35. With both
     this item and the next one you still need to make a valid scoring roll on
     the dice to win the round.

   o The Piss Mountain Stone causes your opponents to "piss" one dice on their
     next turn - one dice jumps out of the cup. This counts as a foul and they
     automatically lose the round. There are two such stones in the game - in
     Tokyo locker #05 and Okinawa locker #34.

   Your objective for minigame completion is to score a total of 20,000 points
   in the game. Only your wins count towards this total, not your loses, so just
   keep on playin' and always bet the maximum allowed stake. Maybe save your
   game before you start so you can reload if you hit an unlucky streak!

   If you want to use the cheat items you can make big money on this minigame.
   I've noticed that your opponents always start the game with the same amount
   of points as you (rounded up to the nearest 100, up to a limit of 10,000).
   Also when they have more tags they place bigger bets so the potential for big
   wins is increased.

   So buy yourself 10,000 tags. This will cost you one million Yen! If you don't
   have that much then get on with some side-missions and hitman contracts. You
   may be reluctant to convert that much cash but as long as you convert it back
   into money by buying the metal plate items and selling them you won't lose
   out. For example you can spend 100,000 Yen to buy 1000 tags, trade 1000 tags
   for a gold plate and sell the gold plate for 100k Yen at the pawnshop. So you
   don't lose anything, and this investment will pay off big time.

   When you play the Chinchirorin game now all three opponents should start with
   10k points each and bet between 500-1000 points per game. You want to be the
   banker to use your cheat items to best effect so either bet 1 point per round
   until then or quit and restart until you're the first banker (the latter is
   better as they'll bet more if they all have 10,000). Now use your first item
   to get a big win, then quit and repeat. The 1-1-1 Cards will guarantee your
   win but with the other items you might want to save before you use each one.

   I made 30,762 tags off this! That's equivalent to 3.1 million Yen. Ker-ching!

   The only difficult part to this is carting all your lovely platinum plates to
   the pawnshop to get your cash! This will give you a big boost towards the
   Walking Bank trophy.

 7 Chou-Han

   You can play Chou-Han only at the gambling den in the Ryugujo in Tokyo (see
   my Hanafuda guide for more details).

   Chou-Han is another dice game and very simple - two dice are thrown* and you
   (along with a bunch of other dodgy gambling den inhabitants) get to bet on
   whether their total will be even (Chou) or odd (Han); in the import game the
   top option is even and the bottom one odd. After a few games you'll be given
   an extra option where you can guess what number will come up on one dice and
   then another where you can try to predict both. After a few more you'll be
   able to rollover your winnings and bet against the house.

   At first you can bet up to 200 points on each game but after a while you can
   quit out and go back in to find that your limit has been raised to 1000 pts
   so you can rack-up points five times as quickly.

   As in Chinchirorin it's all about luck *but* if you bet on the side which has
   less bets on it then you'll get a bigger share of the points if you win. I
   think that's all the advice I can give! So again, just buy yourself some tags
   and go for it!

   Cheat items: There are two cheat items for Chou-Han.

   o Even Goro's Beads make the dice come up even on the current game. You can
     find this in Tokyo coin-locker #17.

   o The Lopsider Cigarette causes the other players' bets to be biased to one
     side (odd or even) so if you bet against them - and *if* the dice come out
     in your favour - you will win more. You can get these items from Tokyo
     locker #27 and Okinawa locker #15.

   As with the other dice game, your completion target is 20,000 points won.

   *As in Kenzan, the person throwing the dice is bare-shouldered and sleeveless
   so they cannot be accused of cheating with things up their sleeves!

   Anime fans might like to know that the main character in the animated series
   based on the mahjong manga Akagi has a rather bloody encounter over a game of
   Chou-Han at a gambling den with some dodgy gangster types in Episode 14.

   Also Afro Samurai bets his 'fro on the outcome of a quick game of Chou-Han in
   the movie Afro Samurai: Resurrection.

   It's also featured in Episode 3 of the anime Samurai Champloo, and again in
   Episode 4 where Fuu demonstrates her remarkable dice-rolling technique!

 8 Koi-Koi

   You can play Koi-Koi at either of the two gambling dens (Tokyo or Okinawa).

   Koi-Koi is one of two games in Yakuza 3 played with the beautiful Hanafuda
   (flower cards). The basic idea is to make matched pairs (melds) of cards in
   the same suit and to collect these to make scoring combinations. When you
   complete a combo you can choose to either stop and collect your points or to
   say "Koi" and keep playing in the hope that a) you make some more and b) your
   opponent doesn't make a combo and stop first (denying you your points).

   I've already written a full guide for the Hanafuda games in Yakuza 3 so take
   a look at that to find out all you need to know about the game and how to
   unlock the places where you can play it.

   The goal for completion is to score a cumulative total of 10,000 points.

 9 Oicho-Kabu*

   This is the other Hanafuda (flower cards) game and it can only be played at
   the gambling den in Okinawa. 

   As in Chinchirorin, there are four players, each takes turns at being dealer
   and the other three always play against him. Each player is trying to make a
   total as close as possible to 9 using either two or three cards (the tens are
   ignored so 8 + 7 + 9 = 24 gives a score of 4 and 5 + 5 = 10 gives zero).

   As with Koi-Koi, the game's covered in full in my Hanafuda Guide. (plug!)

   Your target for Oicho-Kabu completion is to accumulate 10,000 pts of wins.
   Just keep plugging away at it using the maximum stake and switch up to the
   500-tag limit as soon as it becomes available (you'll need to quit out of the
   minigame and restart it, and you won't know if it's available or not until
   you do that ...it does take a little while for it to unlock).

   *In a brief flashback in episode 8 of the mahjong anime Shoubushi Densetsu
   Tetsuya (a.k.a. "Legendary Gambler Tetsuya") the eponymous hero meets Innami
   for the first time over an underground game of Oicho-Kabu.

10 Roulette

   After the four traditional oriental gambling games come the three western
   ones. The first is roulette which you can play at the casino in the Ryugujo
   (Dragon Palace) - again check Section A4 of my Hanafuda Guide for details -
   and at the casino in the Purgatory area which becomes available at the start
   of Chapter 8 (the entrance is opposite the diagonal gangway that leads to the
   Coliseum fight arena).

   As I'm sure you know, the croupier spins the numbered wheel* and drops a ball
   into it, then you have until the ball slows to bet on the outcome. You can
   bet on a number by putting chips on its square or on several numbers at the
   same time if you place your chips between them. You can also bet on the ball
   landing on a red or black number; on an odd or even one; in the low, middle
   or high dozen; on the low (1-16) or high (17-36) half or on a column or row.
   Each of these gives different odds (these are shown to you in a text box).

   At both casinos you can bet between 1 and 1000 chips on each turn of the
   roulette wheel. You can make a single big bet or you can make lots of little
   ones until you run out of time.

   It's all a game of chance. You bets yer monies, you takes yer chances!

   Cheat items: There are three cheat items for Roulette.

   o The Black Jewel makes the next few spins of the wheel come out on a black
     number so if you bet on black you will win; the number of games that this
     effect lasts for seems to vary though. You can find this in Okinawa coin-
     locker #09.

   o The Red Jewel works just like the other one but with red. It can be found
     in Tokyo locker #38.

   o The Zero Jewel (Nothingness Gem) makes the ball land on either 0 or 00. It
     can only be obtained at one point during the story - in Chapter 6 when you
     show Rikiya around Kamurochou. After eating at the restaurant (you might
     need to offer to pay for his meal - I did) you should agree to do some more
     sightseeing. After a quick tour of Kamuro, you end up drinking in the park
     and reminiscing about Kashiwagi. When this happens you should pick the top
     (serious) answer to both of Riki's questions. He'll give the jewel to you
     as a gift a little later.

     Virtualaddict has commented on the forum that you need to do Riki's tattoo-
     based side-mission too.

   The goal for completion is to score a cumulative total of 20,000 points. If
   you don't want to cheat then buy 1000 chips (100,000 Yen) and bet 500 on red
   and 500 on black (then press circle (or cross in the Japanese game) to jump
   straight to the outcome). Any number from 1 to 36 will give a payout of 1000
   points towards your total so just do that another nineteen times. The only
   drawback there is if the ball lands on 0 or 00 you will lose all your chips.

   If you're not adverse to a little light cheating then the standard method of
   milking a gambling game comes into play: save your game and make a big bet -
   if it doesn't pay off then reload or if it does then save and repeat. It's
   best to do this at the Purgatory casino as there's a save point just down the
   way near the main entrance.

   You'll have to make a call on what sort of bet to place. Betting on a single
   number will give a pay-out of 1:36 but you only have a 1/38 chance of winning
   so it's likely to be a long slog until it pays off. If you bet on a column or
   a dozen however then the odds are 6/19 (12/38) but the pay-off is only 1:3.

   Of course if you have the cheat items you can put them to good use. With the
   Red Jewel or Black Jewel you can bet on that colour for a guaranteed (small)
   win. When you use the Zero Jewel you can either place your chips on the line
   between 0 and 00 (betting on both) for a definite win or bet on either 0 or
   00 for a 50:50 chance of a massive 1:36 payout.

   When you cash-out from the casinos remember to always buy the metal plates as
   other items can only be sold for half their true value at the pawnbrokers.

   *Had you ever noticed that the numbers on a roulette wheel (1-36) add up to
   666...? I'll let you draw your own conclusions!

11 Poker

   You can also play Poker at the two casinos in Tokyo (see above). Specifically
   it's the now hugely popular "Texas Hold 'Em" style rules that are played.

   I'd expect most people know how to play Poker and there must be thousands of
   websites so I'll only give the basics here. Your aim is to make a scoring
   combination with your five cards - a Pair, Two Pair, Three of a Kind, five
   cards with consecutive numbers (a Straight), five cards of the same suit (a
   Flush), a trip and a pair (Full House), Four of a Kind or a Straight Flush.
   Those are in order of ranking with One Pair being the lowest and the Straight
   Flush being the highest.

   In the Hold 'Em variant of Poker each player only receives two cards but five
   "community cards" which anyone can use are dealt onto the table. You have to
   make the best hand possible using your two and the five common ones. Bets are
   placed and called/raised at various stages. The best hand wins.

   At both locations you can choose to play either low rate or high rate. With
   low rate the antes ("little blind" and "big blind") are 5 and 10 and you need
   to have at least 100 chips to be able to play. For high rate the antes are 50
   and 100 and you need 1000 chips or more to play.

   If you have the Japanese game you should have no problems following the Poker
   as it gives a lot of the terms in English, like Raise, Call, Fold, Pot, etc.
   The same applies to the Blackjack game which has commands in English too.

   Cheat items: There is one type of cheat item for Poker.

   o The Royal Joker Card will always give you a high ranking combination, like
     Three/Four of a Kind or sometimes a Full House or Straight Flush. There are
     two of these in the game - in Tokyo coin-locker #07 and Okinawa #12.

   For minigame completion you need to win 10,000 points on a single session so
   you will need to play at the higher rate and play until you either win a few
   big hands or lots of smaller ones. Even with high rates you could pick up as
   little as 1500 chips in one hand if the other players call and fold; ideally
   you want a few hands where they all stay in and keep raising to add to the
   pot. You can use the cheat items to get a couple of guaranteed wins and hope
   that you score big on them.

   If during the betting an opponent is slow (reluctant) to call then don't push
   them by raising as they'll probably fold when the betting comes back around
   to them next time. Another tip is to keep track of your winnings during a
   session so you know when you've got the 10,000 required for completion.

12 Blackjack

   This is the third game which you can play at both of the Tokyo casinos.

   In Blackjack, also known as Twenty-One or Pontoon in the UK, all the punters
   play against the house (dealer). You are dealt two cards and must try to make
   a total of 21 or as close as possible without going over (bust), taking extra
   cards if required. Aces are "wild" so they can be counted as either 1 or 11.
   One of the dealer's two initial cards is shown face-up during your turn. If
   you're dealt an Ace and a 10 (or a Jack, Queen or King) then it's Blackjack
   and you win 2.5 times your stake.

   You have several options during the game...

           Hit = take another card

         Stand = stick with your current total

         Split = if you're dealt two cards of the same value you can play both
                 as separate hands, placing the same stake on the second one

   Double Down = decide to double your bet and take a third card (but no more)

     Surrender = fold at the start of a hand and get half your stake returned

   At the casino at the Ryugujo you can choose to bet between 10 and 100 chips
   on each hand. In the Purgatory casino there are two Blackjack tables - one is
   low rate (same as Ryugujo) and the other is high rate where you can bet from
   100 up to 1000 chips at a time.

   Since Blackjack is less complicated than Poker it's possible to make a simple
   probabilistic model of the game which will tell you the best action to take
   in any given situation, and then present that as a look-up table. Just do a
   Google image search on "blackjack strategy" and you'll get a ton of results.

   Here's a re-creation of the basic model which shows what action you should
   take based on your initial two cards (down the left) and the dealer's exposed
   card (along the top). It won't guarantee a win but it will give you the best
   chance of winning any given hand.

         Your |   D e a l e r   i s   s h o w i n g   t h i s   c a r d . . .  |
        cards |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  | 10/J/Q/K | Ace |
   17 or more |                          always Stand                          |
           16 |            Stand            |    Hit    |         Stand        |
           15 |            Stand            |       Hit       |   Stand  | Hit |
     13 or 14 |            Stand            |                Hit               |
           12 | Hit |         Stand         |                Hit               |
           11 |                      Double Down                         | Hit |
           10 |                  Double Down                  |       Hit      |
            9 | Hit |      Double Down      |                Hit               |
    8 or less |                           always Hit                           |
       Ace+10 |                       Blackjack (whoop!)                       |
   A+9 or A+8 |                          always Stand                          |
        Ace+7 | Std |          Hit          | Std |             Hit            |
      Ace+Ace |                          always Split                          |
    Ace+other |                           always Hit                           |
        10+10 |                          always Stand                          |
    P     9+9 |              Split          | Std |   Split   |      Stand     |
    A     8+8 |                          always Split                          |
    I     7+7 |                 Split             |            Hit             |
    R     6+6 | Hit |         Split         |                Hit               |
    S     5+5 |                    Double Down                |       Hit      |
          4+4 |                            always Hit                          |
   3+3 or 2+2 |    Hit    |         Split         |            Hit             |
         Your |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  | 10/J/Q/K | Ace |
        cards |   D e a l e r   i s   s h o w i n g   t h i s   c a r d . . .  |

   Cheat items: There are two cheat items for Blackjack.

   o The Blackjack Amulet gives you Blackjack on the next five hands so you will
     automatically win 2.5 times your stake on each game. There are two of these
     to find - one in Okinawa locker #26, the other in Tokyo locker #23.

   o The Bust Amulet makes the dealer go over 21 (bust) so you can stand on any
     number and you'll still win; it usually lasts a few hands. You can find it
     in Okinawa locker #05.

   For minigame completion you need to win 10,000 points in a single session.
   This is trivial to achieve. Just play at the high-rate table in the casino in
   Purgatory and always bet 1000 points (choose "rebet" to repeat the amount).
   Each win will give a pay-out of 2000 pts towards your total and losses won't
   count against it. Keep going until you win five hands. If you play sensibly
   (use the table above) then hopefully you should break-even. I played ten
   hands, won five, lost five (making no profit overall) and got the trophy. :)

   You can make some very big money using the two Blackjack Amulet items if you
   bet the maximum 1000 chips on the high-rate game at the Purgatory casino.
   Each Blackjack win yields a profit of 2500 chips so both amulets will give
   you 25,000 chips in total which translates to 2.5 million Yen! :o Make sure
   that you get five wins off one amulet before you use the other one.

13 UFO Catcher

   You can play the UFO Catcher (or "claw crane") machines in either of the Club
   Sega arcades in Tokyo from the start of the game.

   The idea is pretty simple - you press and hold the button and the crane moves
   to the right until you release the button, then you hold the button again and
   this time the crane moves backwards. When you let go it descends and, through
   some combination of skill and luck, it *might* grab hold of one of the prizes
   and drop it in the hatch for you.* For each payment you get three tries.

   I found these machines a bit annoying at first but they're not so bad once
   you've practised on them. I think the trick is to try to find a part of each
   toy which the crane can get hold of (e.g. ears or tails). Sometimes you'll
   need to knock the prize over or move other ones first. Also it helps to use
   either the left or right stick to move the camera so that your view is lined
   up with your target.

   There are 25 different items to collect in order to get minigame completion.
   If you've already got all the ones you can see in the machine then speak to
   the attendant and ask them to restock it. You will need to raid both of the
   Club Sega sites in order to get all of them though. I think you can only get
   the Yummy Bars and Chura-Chan from the south arcade (on Nakamichi Street) and
   for the Silk Piyo-Chan you have to go to the north one (on Theatre Square).
   To get the latter keep asking for the machine to be restocked until you get
   the layout with one Big Piyo-Chan chick sitting in the middle on a pile of
   little ones - the elusive Silk Piyo-Chan is buried under the big one.

    Number | Name                  | Description
       1   | Piyo-Chan             | Small yellow chick
       2   | Silk Piyo-Chan        | Small dark grey chick
       3   | Sky Piyo-Chan         | Small cyan chick
       4   | Peach Piyo-Chan       | Small pink chick
       5   | Kitty Kat (Tiger)     | Small orange cat with stripes
       6   | Kitty Kat (Shorthair) | Small white cat with stripes
       7   | Kitty Kat (Blue)      | Small blue cat
       8   | Kitty Kat (Calico)    | Small dark cat with patches
       9   | Beary Bear (Brown)    | Small brown bear
      10   | Beary Bear (Gray)     | Small grey bear
      11   | Beary Bear (Blue)     | Small blue bear
      12   | Beary Bear (Pink)     | Small pink bear
      13   | Yummy Bar (Corn)      | Snack bar in green wrapper
      14   | Yummy Bar (Cheese)    | Snack bar in dark yellow wrapper
      15   | Yummy Bar (Nattou)    | Snack bar in purple wrapper
      16   | Chura-Chan            | Girl with big pink hair
      17   | Big Piyo-Chan         | Big yellow chick
      18   | Fat Cat (Tiger)       | Big orange cat with stripes
      19   | Fat Cat (Shorthair)   | Big white cat with stripes
      20   | Fat Cat (Blue)        | Big blue cat
      21   | Fat Cat (Calico)      | Big dark cat with patches
      22   | Biggy Bear (Brown)    | Big brown bear
      23   | Biggy Bear (Gray)     | Big grey bear
      24   | Biggy Bear (Blue)     | Big blue bear
      25   | Biggy Bear (Pink)     | Big pink bear

   Remember which ones you've collected in the past - don't waste time chasing
   after one which you already got!

   Most of the items have a pawnshop resale value of 50 Yen. The only exceptions
   are the Silk Piyo-Chan which is 250 Yen and the tricky Big Piyo-Chan which
   goes for 500 Yen, but even then you're not going to make your fortune off
   this game.

   Update: A tip contributed by Tyrael. If the crane fails to grab a prize you
   can press the cancel button (i.e. circle on the US/Euro version) to make it
   reset to its starting position faster than usual. Instead of moving up then
   across, the crane ascends diagonally to its home corner and it doesn't waste
   time opening and closing the grabber either.

   *You might like to whisper a quick prayer to the God of Physics (Havok). :)

14 Answer x Answer (Jp only)

   You can play the "An x An" quiz-machines* at the Club Sega arcades in Tokyo.

   Answer x Answer... It's a name that strikes terror into the heart of every
   import gamer! These machines ask you quiz questions in Japanese text, with a
   time limit, and the questions are designed to present at least some challenge
   to a native Japanese person. If (like me) you can't handle that then you
   don't stand a chance against these suckers... :6

   For minigame completion you need to get five wins on each of the four modes.

   *Here's the website for the real thing! ---> http://anan.sega.jp

15 Shogi (Jp only)

   You can play this at the Ryuushou (Ryukyu Shogi) club which is just behind
   the stairs that lead up to the monorail station in Okinawa. Like the other
   minigames there, it's available from Chapter 3.

   Shogi could most simply be described as "Japanese chess". The gameplay is not
   too different from western chess but there are added complications in that
   pieces can be promoted when they move into the opponent's third of the board
   and also captured pieces can be redeployed. So, it's like chess but harder!

   The requirement for Shogi minigame completion is that you win five games but,
   fortunately, you don't need to play a full game.*

   I'm not a fan of chess generally, but I have played around with the Shogi in
   Yakuza 3 and found a cheap way to beat it that will get you both the trophy
   and minigame completion. (The following text is adapted from a post I made on
   the GameFAQs Yakuza 3 forum in December 2009 entitled "Cheesing the Chess"!)

   When you start the Shogi minigame you should pick the second menu option to
   play the "trial conquest" (?) modes [shiren touha de asobu]. Then on the next
   menu pick the option that ends in the number 1 - on your first visit this
   will be the only option, thereafter it will be the bottom option. This will
   put you into a special mode where you have a full set of pieces but your
   opponent only has his king and pawns. I call it the "king prawns" mode. :)

   You then get two config options: the first one gives you three opportunities
   to take back a move by pressing the square button (default is on) and the
   second gives you a total of five minutes of allocated time in which to make
   your moves (default is off). You won't need to use either so just click the
   bottom button to accept and the game will start.

   Now basically what you're going to be doing is moving first one piece and
   then a second one up the right side of the board and then across to the left
   side, trapping your opponent's hapless king in the top-left corner.
     _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
   C|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_| You'll need to know which pieces to play, so refer to
   B|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_| the grid here which represents the three rows at the
   A|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_| bottom of the board where your pieces begin. Rows A & C
     1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  should be full of pieces but row B should only have two.
   The piece in the middle of your bottom row (A5) is your king. Either side of
   him are the gold generals (A4 and A6) and next to them are the silver general
   pieces (A3 and A7). In square B8 is your rook and row C is full of pawns.

   You'll need to follow this process... 

   - move your pawn in C8 (in front of the rook) forwards one space, three times

   - after the third move he'll be taken by the opposing pawn (unlike western
     chess, the pawns take forwards instead of diagonally)

   - move your rook (B8) up the board to take the pawn that just took yours
     (you do not have to move him one square at a time - do it all in one go)

   - move the rook up two more squares (and take the top option to promote him)

   - move the rook left two squares

   - he's pinning the king to the top row of the board but he needs some back-up
     to finish the job so take the silver general in A7 and move up-right to the
     square where the rook started (B8)

   - move the SG up one square, then again on your next turn

   - move the SG up-left one square, four times (first time takes pawn, second
     time takes another, third time gets promoted (top option), fourth time puts
     king in check)

   - now you just need to move the two attacking pieces to the left until the
     king is boxed into the top-left corner; you might need to vary the moves
     slightly but just make sure that the square you move into is always covered
     by the other piece (click on a piece to see its available moves)

   - move the rook up-left one

   - move the SG up-left one

   - move the rook down-left one, then left one on the next turn

   - just before you deliver the finishing blow your opponent will redeploy a
     captured piece right in front of your king - use a gold general (A4 or A6)
     to take him out

   - finally move the rook up-left one ...check, and indeed, mate! (or "Tsumi")

   The first time you win you'll receive a bottle of Tauriner+ as a prize and on
   each win thereafter you get a delicious plate of Yakisoba which is worth 230
   Yen on resale so it's like getting almost half your money back.

   I've tried this tactic at least twenty times and it always works. Once you've
   learnt the moves you can do it really quickly - you can get the five wins
   required for minigame completion in under five minutes and, because you win
   without moving your king, you get the Shogi minigame's trophy too! :D

   *The standard game of Shogi is played on a 9x9 board, each player starting
   with twenty pieces, but there are several variants - both larger and smaller.
   The biggest is Taikyoku Shogi which is played on a 36x36 board! Each player
   starts with 402 pieces and the game has 209 different types of piece!

16 Mahjong (Jp only)

   You can play this minigame at the Mahjong Camp (just north of the monorail
   station) in Okinawa from Chapter 3 or at Orchid Palace Mahjong (on the same
   alley as the pawnshop) in Tokyo after your first chase battle in Chapter 5.

   I'm not going to write too much about Mahjong because once I get started I'll
   go on for ages! Also I've already written a Yakuza 3 Mahjong guide and that
   should tell you everything you need to know and probably a lot more besides!

   The goal for completion is to win a game with a final score of 50,000 points
   or higher - crucially this is before the very generous 25,000-points "Uma"
   bonus is applied in the final reckoning. You will need to have a pretty good
   working knowledge of the game to get this and even then you will require a
   bit of luck too. You'll have to get a few biggish hands - maybe three Mangan
   (five-Fan) hands plus another little win - and avoid dealing into any of your
   opponents' wins.

17 Batting Cages / Batting Centre

   You can do the baseball batting practice at the Batting Centre up near the
   hotel district in the north of the Tokyo map. It's available from Chapter 5
   after the boss fight and subsequent "chase battle" jollity with Mack.

   Batting requires a steady hand and nerves of steel... Wii Sports it ain't!

   Basically the machine chucks a ball in your direction and you have to press
   the button to hit it. It sounds so easy when you put it like that! However
   the timing is pretty tight so it's a lot tougher than the training run you
   have with the krazy gang on the beach! The type and speed of each ball can
   vary considerably - it could be as slow as 70 km/hr or as fast as 160 km/hr!

   There's a very simple trick to this though, with all due credit and thanks to
   Gjang for coming up with it. Ignore the sound of the launch and the prompt at
   the top-right of the screen and don't try to anticipate the arrival of the
   ball. Just watch Kiryuu. At the precise split-second that he stops wriggling
   you should press the button - and you'll hit the ball. Oh so simple but very
   effective. If you're having trouble getting hits then give this a try!

   There are four levels of difficulty (complexity) in the batting game which
   you select by picking different doors. In each one you get twenty balls.

   On the Easy setting you just have to hit the balls. They are automatically
   aimed at the big target at the far end. You get 100 points for each hit.

   On Medium there are three targets so you'll need to move the left stick up or
   down to aim the crosshairs at them. Hit a target to illuminate it and get 100
   points. Once all three are lit a smaller bonus target appears worth 300 pts.

   On Hard there are nine targets in a grid, numbered 1 thru' 9, each worth 20
   points apiece. When you've hit all three targets in a row, column or diagonal
   you get a bonus 100 points, and when you've lit all nine the little bonus
   mini-target pops up as before. Also it's possible to hit two adjacent targets
   with a single ball (in fact that's the trophy requirement) to save time, but
   the pair cannot include the central 5 target so try to get, for example, 1+2,
   3+6, 8+9 and 4+7, then the 5 to finish.

   The final Extra Hard mode I think is unlocked by your Hard performance. It's
   like the Hard mode but the targets are smaller - so they're harder to hit and
   you can't hit a pair - and the crosshairs are removed! The top tip here is to
   play one of the other modes first and stick something onto the television to
   indicate the position of the crosshairs! I used a corner of a post-it note
   and then used the rest of it to hide the distracting pop-up in the corner.

   The target for completion is to score 1800 or higher in all four of the game
   modes. So in Easy mode you'll need to hit at least 18 of the 20 balls. On the
   Hard or Ex Hard settings you could complete the grid which is worth 980 pts
   (9x20 + 8x100), then hit the bonus target for 300 pts and then get another
   seven targets on the next grid - two rows or columns plus a corner will get
   you a further 540 pts (7x20 + 4x100) - pushing your total score over 1800.
   Alternatively you could go for two full grids (2x980).

   I'd had some trouble with this in the past but when I came to the baseball
   side-mission this time I decided to stick with it and get completion out of
   the way. I was surprised to find that I actually got it fairly quickly, but
   not without some frustration! Just try to keep your left thumb steady (to hit
   pairs on Hard) and watch Kiryuu for the timing. Thanks again, Gjang!

   Update: A tip contributed by Tyrael. If you're reluctant to stick something
   on your screen to mark the position of the reticule in Ex Hard mode then you
   can use a piece of string instead. You could stick this to the top or back of
   the set and let it dangle down over the screen - maybe secure the bottom end
   too if necessary. You can then use a knot or an ink dot on the string to mark
   the required spot.

18 Golf

   You're forced to go to the golf course (and play the game!) in Chapter 3;
   take advantage of this as you can play for free and you're allowed to re-take
   each shot as many times as you like (on Normal diff) so you can practise all
   you want. After that you can return there by monorail or taxi, as long as
   it's daytime. (It's the second option after it's added to the monorail menu.)

   When it comes to the real thing I'm with Mark Twain who described golf as "a
   good walk spoiled"! In the game though the nine-hole Okinawan course does
   look pretty and the gameplay is not bad. Overall it's a nicer package than
   the driving range in Yakuza 2.

   Here's the process to follow when playing a hole in the golfing minigame...

   Check out the little map on the screen - you need to aim your shot so that
   the ball lands near the hole at the far end (top), preferably on the smoother
   area that surrounds it known as the green. Use the shoulder buttons L1/R1 to
   steer the shot in the right direction (compass bearing). Then you will need
   to pick a club which will determine the range of the shot - flick the right
   stick up and down to cycle between them and see how the distance of the shot
   varies. Try to pick one which will make your shot (i.e. the blue dot) land a
   little short of the hole because the ball will usually bounce forwards.

   A good feature here is the triangle button which halves the power (distance)
   for all clubs; if you're on a shortish hole and the medium-range clubs are no
   good then try a long-range one on half-power. Another thing to keep in mind
   is the wind indicator at the top-right of the screen which shows both the
   speed and direction of the wind. This usually doesn't have a big effect but
   you should take into account that it might influence the direction or range
   of your shot somewhat (especially if it's red, denoting a stronger wind).

   Before you take the shot you can use the d-pad to adjust the point of impact
   between your club (golf stick!) and the ball. If you hit it near the bottom
   it will go at a higher angle and the backspin will stop the ball bouncing
   forwards so much or even make it bounce backwards a little, so if your range
   is a little too long hit the ball near the bottom, and vice versa.

   So now you have to take your shot. Press the button to show the curved hit
   meter, then hold the button until the marker hits the top of the blue section
   and release it, then press the button again when the marker reaches the tick
   in the centre of the green section. That will give you a full-power accurate
   shot. If you want to use reduced power then release the power button at the
   appropriate spot and the yellow marker will stick there - for example if a
   full-power shot would go 200 yards but you want 180 yds then try to get the
   marker at around 90%. If your second button-press is a little off then you
   won't hit the ball exactly where you planned and it may veer off sideways.

   Basically you just want to keep doing that until the ball goes in the hole!

   When the ball reaches the green, the display changes slightly and shows the
   contours of the ground. Use the left stick to get a better view and use that
   to adjust your aim accordingly. You will now be using your lowest powered
   club which is the putter and it has its own special power meter which goes
   in the opposite direction to the other and is divided into three sections.

   You'll notice that the label for the putter says PT 30Y which means that its
   standard maximum range is 30 yards (on flat ground with no wind) so imagine
   that each of the three segments on the power meter is divided into ten marks,
   each representing one yard. Check the distance to the hole which is indicated
   on the screen - if you want to hit the ball 12 yards, say, then set the power
   meter marker 2/10ths of the way up the middle section. For putts of less than
   fifteen yards you can press triangle again to switch to half power to give
   finer control - each section represents five yards. You have to allow for the
   slope of the ground too, but this should help with your putting. Don't hit it
   too hard or the ball will just fly over the edge of the hole.
   For each of the nine holes on the golf course there's a quoted number of hits
   that a standard player would usually take to complete it, this is called par.
   Say a hole is par-3 but you used four shots you would be "one over par" and
   get a score of +1, however if you took only two then you would be one under
   and your score for the hole would be -1. In this game negative is good! Press
   square before any shot to see your current score.

   Your objective for minigame completion is to get an overall score of -5 (or
   better!) on the full nine-hole course in the competition mode (option 2), so
   you'd need to get maybe four holes at par and five holes at -1 (for example).

19 Fishing

   You can go fishing at the beach outside the orphanage in Okinawa. This first
   becomes available in Chapter 2 when you're looking for Izumi - she's on the
   beach but you can walk right past her (haha!) and go straight to the fishing
   rod. You might want to wait until a little later in the game when the bait
   shop is available but it is possible to complete the fishing in Chapter 2 if
   you use the free bait - there's a replenishing worm in the SW corner of the
   yard outside the orphanage and you'll often find bait items in the boxes that
   wash up on the beach.

   You will need to have at least one bait item (see below) to go fishing. Then
   when you click on the rod you'll be shown a sort of radar view that shows
   where the fishes (and other things) are located - from 0 metres (the shore)
   out to 150 metres which is your maximum range. If you don't like what you see
   here just quit out and go back in to get a different layout.

   You'll be asked to select a bait item from your inventory and as you cycle
   through them the bait's effective range will be highlighted on the radar. In
   addition to the worm there are four types of bait that can be bought from the
   fish trader at the back of the market and another four types that wash up on
   the shore in crates. You can also use a range of normal food items as bait,
   or even the catnip!? Here are the standard ones though...

    Name    |  Range  | Source            Name          |  Range | Source
   ---------+---------+---------------- ----------------+--------+------------
    Worm    |   0-50m | Orphanage yard   Horse Mackerel |  0-80m | Fish market
    Squid   |  20-90m | Fish market      Vinegar Squid  |  0-90m | Fish market
    Shrimp  | 50-150m | Fish market      Corbicula Clam | 30-80m | Crates
    Lobster | 30-150m | Crates           Manila Clam    | 60-80m | Crates
    Prawn   | 60-150m | Crates                          |        |

   (I guess this is like the optimum operating range or something because it's
   quite possible to use a certain bait outside its quoted distance.)

   With your choice of bait confirmed you now have to set the range at which you
   want to cast your line. Try to stop the marker on one of the little fishies.
   (If you have trouble with this then go slightly long and reel the line in a
   little after casting.)

   Once you've cast your line you have to wait for a fish to bite, then you have
   to hit the button quickly to hook it. It's best to listen out for the sound
   you hear when you get a bite and hit the button because if you go by the pop-
   up on screen you might be too slow. (Or use the tip posted by LS1100 - simply
   hammer the button all the time after casting!)

   Now you have to reel that sucker in. You have a tension meter on your rod and
   this will turn red and start bleeping if you have too much tension in your
   line. If the meter fills then it's Game Over so watch out for this. You need
   to follow the movements of your catch and push the left stick in the *same*
   direction; if you pull the other way your tension gauge will fill up really
   quickly. While doing this you can press R1 to starting reeling the line back
   in. Basically that's all you have to do - keep on reeling it in and lay off
   when the tension gets too high (you can use L1 to slacken the line too).

   You can follow your progress in the distance meter. When it gets down to zero
   you've caught your fi... hang on, what's that?! Even though it put up quite a
   struggle sometimes it turns out to be an old umbrella or something! It's all
   good though - to complete the minigame you have to catch one each of the
   eight different items as listed here...

        Name     |  Range | Sale Price            Name | Range | Sale Price
       ----------+--------+------------- --------------+-------+-------------
        Tuna     |  Long  | 100,000 Yen          Abasa | Short |    600 Yen
        Irabucha | Medium |     800 Yen      Sea Snail | Short |    400 Yen
        Mibai    | Medium |   1,200 Yen   Coral Branch | Short |  1,000 Yen
        Gurukun  | Medium |     200 Yen       Umbrella | Short |     50 Yen

   You can sell the seafood items to the fishy guy at the public market or you
   can sell any of them (including the coral and umbrella) at the pawnshop.

   Remember to check the radar before you start and quit if the selection is no
   good. If you want a tuna then pick a pattern with something way out at the
   150-metre end. If all the fish are closer to the shore then quit out and try
   again until you get what you want.

20 Boxcelios / Shooting

   This is the shoot-em-up arcade game which you can play at Club Sega in Tokyo.
   The concept is pretty simple - you can move up or down and you press or hold
   the button to fire your energy beam weapon thing.

   In each "level" the game presents you with one target - a sort of shiny
   block spaceship. You need to shoot its glowing "heart" in order to destroy it
   and progress to the next level. You can either shoot the heart directly or,
   if necessary, blast some of the blocks out of the way first.

   There's an added complication though: you start with 30 seconds on the clock
   and two seconds into each level the clock starts ticking down. When you run
   out of time it's Game Over, so you should try to destroy each target in two
   seconds or less - if possible try to time and aim your shot to hit the heart
   directly to save time. For example a target might have a long flappy tail in
   which case you should try to shoot over the tail rather than through it.

   You can hold down the fire button to give a single sustained blast and cause
   some serious damage but this does slow your movement so if you need to cover
   a distance to aim your shot it's wise to let go of the button.

   The target for completion is to reach Level 50 of the game.

   Update: A tip contributed by Tyrael. At the start of each level you can hold
   right on the d-pad or left-stick to move in closer to the target before you
   let rip with your weapon.

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