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Easter Egg Guide by Ded1010

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 08/22/2010
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     ZNMMMMMM,                                   ,+MMMMMNDMMMMMMNO
       NM: $MM      =$MO                                 ID
       +M~  MN    ~DM =MM.                            ?MMMMMMMOM:=++
       ?MN7MD      MM~  MM.   MM  M~??IM =8I   :M MDMMMMZM ?M   =DM
       +M= 8MM    MM8M   NM$.DD IN      M:~MMM   M +M   =ZM IM   MMM8
       7M?  $MM :ZM?ZNM   MMMM  M=  MO  +M?M MM  M +M    7Z 7M  MOD:M+
       MZ7  :MMN?M.IO.8O   MN   MM  $8  MMIM  $M7M +M+=N OM $M 7M.M IM
       N8MIIMM+ M777877MO  MN   +NM+  +MMI M   7NM IM    8M $M:M +M  MN
      ,~?=  NN $7$$$7778N8ODO$   .ONNNMZ.   D   =M $MMMM88M OM8O8D8DDDM=
            M8          $N.   ?MMMMMMMDMMMM~          =  DM  N        7M+
            OM             $D       N8                   8O              I+
             D8                     ND                    M
               D                     N           
			   Secrets and Easter Eggs


Version      <ver>
Introduction <int>
References   <ref>
Angel Script <ang>
Demon Script <dem>
Enochian     <eno>
Commands     <cmd>
Misc.        <mis>
Thanks       <tnk>

Version History <ver>

Version 1.0 - 06/02/2010
Version 1.1 - 22/02/2010
	    - Removed the "Tea Party" reference, as it's unlikely to be from 
              that particular movie..
            - Added some more findings to Demon and Angel script, and to
	    - Updated Enochian with some clearer translations.
Version 1.2 - 01/03/2010
            - Added the Commands section.
            - Added a couple new references.
            - Added a number of new script translations.
            - Added a few more misc. easter eggs.
Version 1.3 - 13/03/2010
            - Numerous updates to all sections.
            - Lollypop easter egg clarified!
Version 1.4 - 26/06/2010
            - A couple of changes made to References.
            - A number of new Enochian additions.
Version 1.5 - 21/08/2010
 	    - Added entry to References.
            - Added information about Jeanne's birthday in Demon Script.

Introduction <int>

This guide was originally made to just catalogue any information about the 
Angel and Demon script found throughout the amazing action game Bayonetta.
Unfortunately that left it a little empty, so I have widened it to Easter Eggs
in general.

It should cover the many references to other games and movies, and any
translations I can find throughout the game of the Angel/Demon words. There
is also a section covering Enochian, but more on that later!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! If you have anything to add you think I've missed
please contact me, and I'll give you credit (if you're the first to tell me,

Oh and this guide will contain **SPOILERS!**

References <ref>

There are many references in Bayonetta, it's a real fan-service game! Some are
a little obscure, so I've done my best to find all I can here.


-This is an interesting little easter egg, if you use the Tetsuzanko move to 
 finish off the last enemy of a verse, and score a Pure Platinum for that 
 verse directly after the last kill, you will hear Bayonetta say:

 "Juunen hayai da yo!" 
 Which is Japanese, and translates to:
 "Ten years too soon!"

 This is a win quote from Akira, from Sega's Virtual Fighter series, who uses
 the Tetsuzanko himself.

-In the Prologue, Enzo, Rodin and Bayonetta are at the gravesite of the
 recently deceased "Eggman the Destroyer". Eggman is of course Sonic the 
 Hedgehog's arch nemesis! (Also known in the West as Dr. Robotnik.)

-Speaking of Sonic, all the halos that are the currency in the game.. notice
 how they look like the rings in Sonic?

-There are many Sega game references in Bayonetta. Chapter VIII plays a 
 remixed version of "Splash Wave" from OutRun. (Hold LB/LT starting the 
 verse for the original music!).

-The motorcycle dash of the same chapter plays a remix of the game After
 Burner's main theme. (Hold LB/LT starting the verse for the
 original music!).

-There is also a technique Bayonetta can learn called After Burner Kick.

-The flying segment of Chapter XIV is a direct reference to Space Harrier. As
 is the line "Welcome to my Fantasy Zone! Get ready!"

-The music that plays in this stage is a straight remix of Space Harrier's 
 music as well. (Hold LB/LT starting the verse for the original music!).

-And the control-guide that pops up when you first play this stage has the
 font from the old After Burner box, but this time saying "Missile Operation".

-Another strange font appears on the cannon vs Temperance segment in Chapter
 XV. It looks to come from an old shooting game by Sega called S.D.I. (also 
 known as Global Defense).
 (thanks to HawkClay for this)

-The tombstone torture attack, when powered up enough, can occasionally drop a
 16 ton weight! This is a reference to the old Sega game Fantasy Zone.

-Balder's attack satellite has "System 16" written on the side. This is the
 name of an old piece of Sega hardware used in arcades.
 (thanks to ookitarepanda for this)

-Enzo's car stereo plays "Magicial Sound Shower" from OutRun while he and
 Bayonetta drive home from the graveyard.

-Back to the graveyard, check out one of the graves. You see one that
 says "JOE - "RED HOT" HOME RUN HITTER". Reference to Viewtiful Joe, a game 
 by Clover. When Clover broke up, many there went on to form Platinum games.

-There are a few more Viewtiful Joe references. One of the items is called a
 "Red Hot Shot" ..Red Hot Kick being one of Joe's trademark moves.

-Also, during Chapter III, Bayonetta lava-surfs the body of an angel, and
 leaps up shouting what sounds like "Dancin' a-go-go, baby!" Viewtiful Joe's
 catchphrase was "Henshin a-go-go, baby!"

-Another one.. one of Jeanne's unlockable costumes is called Cutie J, a subtle
 reference to the costumes in VJ (check out the colourful font used for the 

-Also, while using that costume and the weapon Bloody Moon, Jeanne apparently
 strikes the Viewtiful Joe henshin pose when you taunt (haven't tried this one
 myself yet).

-Back to the Prologue, and Rodin smashes a few angels with a home-run style 
 hit. There is a chance this is a reference to God Hand, another game 
 developed by Clover that had a very similar move.

-Speaking of Rodin, he says a few interesting things when you visit him at The
 Gates of Hell. For example..
 "You bring me enough of these halos and maybe I can buy a ticket to space.
 Always wanted to be a bald space marine."

 Odd thing to say? Well, this could be a reference to an old Sega game called
 Quartet, which did feature a bald, black space marine who wore sunglasses..
 (thanks to HawkClay for this)

-He also says..
 "No matter how much you ask, I'm not puttin' a chainsaw on your arm."

 Of course, another recent Platinum game is MadWorld, and the main character
 does indeed have a chainsaw on his arm (that itself is a reference to the 
 Evil Dead series of movies).

 "Hey, check this out. Whadya buying!? Heard that in a game once."

 "Whadya buying!?" is also said by the merchant in Resident Evil 4!

-As for Bayonetta, she has some odd lines herself! Such as..
 "Flock off, feather-face!"

 A bizarre line spoken to Fortitudo, but also by Dante from Devil May Cry!

-Another Dante line, "Lets rock, baby!" is also uttered by Bayonetta during 
 the game.

-During Chapter X, Bayonetta is seen to say..
 "Tentacles... why did it have to be tentacles?"

 A not-so-subtle reference to the classic Indiana Jones line
 "Snakes... why did it have to be snakes?"

-Oh yes, and the Bayonetta taunt.. 
 "I've got a fever, and the only cure is more dead angels!" 

 Is more than likely to be a referance to the Christopher Walken Saturday 
 Night Live "More Cowbell" sketch, that was an internet hit for a while!

-Bayonetta's "Panther Punt" (kicking a fallen Decoration angel) may be a
 reference to a football (soccer) based anime from the '80s called "Captain
 Tsubasa" where a "Tiger Shot" was used as a kick.

-The whip weapon, Kulshedra, is named after a giant dragon-like monster from
 Albanian folklore.

-Sai-Fon, the nunchaku (or gunchaku?) weapon, is a reference to Bruce Lee. He
 was famed for his skill with the weapons, and "Sai-Fon" was a nickname he had
 when young, meaning "little phoenix".

-The bazooka weapon, Lt. Col. Kilgore, is a reference to a character of the
 same name from Apocalypse Now.

-Jeanne's version of the same weapon, Col. Slade, is also a character from a
 movie, Scent of a Woman.

-The hi-tech gun weapon Bazillions is a references to an old anime series
 called "Zillion". This was made into a game by Sega, back in the Master
 System days. Zillion itself was a set of guns (just like in Bayonetta).
 (thanks to Stinger3084 for this)

-Fire Durga, when you use it's charge-up attack and it leaves an exploding
 skull, makes the infamous "Wilhelm Scream" noise, used in many movies.

-Also, another "stock sound effect" sound can be heard when you Climax finish
 the giant Beloved at the end of Chapter I. It sounds like chimps screaming
 to me, and I'm sure I've heard it in other media too.

-There is an odd reference to what appears to be Dragonball Z's Ginyu Force, 
 when the Braves angels pose!

-In Chapter II, there is a cafe with the sign LYRA'S CAFE outside it, written
 in angelic font. This could be a reference to the "His Dark Materials" books,
 who's main character is also called Lyra and comes from England. The books
 themselves deal with an angelic war, "demon" helpers, and has references to
 Dante's Divine Comedy.. not unlike this game!
 (thanks to Cheradenine for this)

-On to Luka! When first seen, he is evading a guard while wearing a Vigrid 
 robe, and it looks a lot like a scene from Assassin's Creed. Until he starts
 to chat-up the pretty girl and falls over..

-Luka's father, Antonio, leaves notes around for you to find. One of which
 describes Rodin's Gates of Hell as "The Dump is a wretched hive for all
 sorts of scum and villainy..." A reference to a line in Star Wars.
 (thanks to salttotart for this)

-Speaking of Luka's father, his full name is "Antonio Redgrave", which can be
 shortened to "Tony Redgrave". This was an alias used by Dante in the Devil
 May Cry series!
 (thanks to David for this)

-During a confrontation with Luka in Chapter V, he dares Bayonetta
 to kill him, but quickly says that she'll be disappointing a lot of women if
 she does.. women such as..
 Claire (Resident Evil), Trish (Devil May Cry), Silvia (Viewtiful Joe) and 
 Ammy (short for Amaterasu, the female wolf from Clover’s game Okami).

-Another Luka/Okami one, when Bayonetta paints Luka's face with lipstick, the
 pattern does look somewhat like the red pattern on Amaterasu!

-Staying with Okami, when Bayonetta runs using the Beast Within, she leaves 
 a trail of flowers with skull heads. These are a direct reference to Okami,
 as Amaterasu leaves a trail of flowers when she runs (minus the skulls!).

-And the weapon, Pillow Talk (green "light sabre" style sword), is a reference
 to a sword with the same name in Okami. Also, before that there was a song 
 called "Pillow Talk" on the Devil May Cry soundtrack.

-Also, the Golem boss from Bayonetta looks a lot like Yami from Okami. I guess
 all giant, transforming balls look the same though.

-Speaking of bosses, Phantasmaraneae (meaning Phantom Spider) is a reference
 to Phantom, the giant lava spider from Devil May Cry. 

-Some more Devil May Cry shout-outs include Bayonetta's standard "Handguns" 
 weapon looks a lot like Dante's Ebony and Ivory guns.

-Enzo could be a reference to a character of the same name that appeared in a
 Devil May Cry manga comic, connected to DMC3. He is also an informant, just
 like our Enzo.
 (thanks to shadow15151 for this)

-The Bracelet of Time accessory is a lot like the Bangle of Time from the
 first Devil May Cry. It even says Eva...
 (thanks to Whackfest for this)

-The Immortal Marionette accessory could be a reference to the Marionetta 
 enemies in DMC. 

-And there is even an achievement called "Angel May Cry"!

-And finally, the team behind the game is Team Little Angels. Somewhat similar
 to Team Little Devils, who produced Devil May Cry!

Angel Script <ang>

The angel alphabet is used a lot throughout the Vigrid levels, and on the 
angels themselves. It seems to mostly be the regular alphabet, with the 
letters turned on their side and embellished somewhat. I've found a lot more
angel text in the game than demon, which is understandable I suppose.


-At the train platform in Chapter I, there is a billboard saying WELCOME TO 
 (thanks to Grin43 for this)

-The train timetable hanging from the roof is a mass of text. The headings at
 the top of the board seem to say

 And down the SINOUJI column are

 Which I assume are all Japanese train stations?

-Further into Chapter I, there are a bunch of posters and signs at the first
 Gates of Hell portal. The one with the scrolling text says 
 NEXT TRAIN.... 04:17.

-Above that is a sign saying METORO (Metro spelt wrong?) SUBWAY.

-There is also a billboard saying 

 Spelling mistakes and all.
 (thanks to Grin43 for some of this!)

-The little warning signs on the floor say KEEP OUT DANGER on them.

-There is an opera poster, which says
 (thanks to Grin43 for some of this!)

-A restaurant poster that said RESTAURANT (amazingly!).

-And smaller poster on one of the walls saying BIRTH CARSITAL (castle?).

-Outside in the plaza, there is another billboard with HISTORY OF VIGRID 

-A signpost with CHURCH 3, MARKET 6, NEWTOWN 8, RUINS 12, PORT 7, 
 WATERFALL 5 on it.

-Another billboard with IN FRONT OF THE STATION, but I couldn't work out the
 tiny text (same with many of these).

-Another billboard with FAUNTAIN PLAZA (yes I'm sure it's spelt like that..).

-Another billboard with PLANT FAIR... some sort of flower show I guess?

-After you defeat the Beloved at the fountain, there's the last billboard with
 WARNING on it.

-The signpost near the bridge says the same as before, but in a different 
 order. Understandable.

-Chapter II, and there are many shop and house signs, some I couldn't really
 work out. But there is PLATINUM GAMES, VIGRID SUZUKI and what I think is 

-Some of the shop signs are SHOP HIGA, FOTO SERVICE, RESTAURANT, HOTEL,
 (thanks to Grin43 for most of these!)

-The big signs that spark electric when you shoot them, attached vertically to
 the buildings are HOTEL.
 (thanks to Grin43 for this)

-The trash bins say DUSTBOX on them.

-The cafe in the small plaza with the two Beloved is called LYRA'S CAFE, 
 and the menu says..

 Such a chip-filled menu, Lyra must be from England! (See references to a
 possible reason for this).

-Fast forward to Chapter VI, and there is a portal to Paradiso. The billboard
 nearby says HEAVEN GATE on it.

-And on the portal itself, there is LA PORTE DES CIEUX written below each
 statue. This is French for "The door of heaven".

-Chapter IX, you will find a machine that changes the day into night when you
 activate it. Written on the device is PDQ NIGHT which I imagine stands for
 "Pretty Damn Quick Night!"

-Chapter XII, on the aircraft there is a large metal ring you see when you are
 outside which has script all over it. It says ABCEFGHIJKLMOP repeated.. 

-On Chapter XV, when you are in the circular room and abou to run up the walls
 there is a small glowing path that leads to the twirl pole. On the path seems
 to be a random assortment of numbers in Angelic script. Perhaps meant to be
 a computer program or something? Reminds me of the Matrix..

-Near the end of this same chapter, running up the glowing path to 
 Balder's room there are words circling that say HERE IS WHERE REALITIES MEET.
 (thanks to Grin43 for this)

-It also says, in another band of circling words, HERE IS WHERE WE BECOME ONE
 and written very small next to that is TACAP 23, TACAP 23258, TACAP 28.
 I have no idea what that might mean.

-On the door to his room, and inside on the giant round window that Bayonetta
 smashes later, it says THE GOD REVIVES ME FROM AMONG THE DEAD.
 (thanks to Grin43 for this)

-The steps leading up to Balder's desk say ONE STEP and then some more.. 
 unfortunetly I couldn't make out the rest.

-Balder's robe says RAGNA or ANGAR on it.. speculated to be RAGNA, as that and
 the name "Balder" are both from Norse mythology.
 (thanks to Grin43 and Mathius2 for this)

-Balder's shield that stops Gohmorrah and Scolopendra seems to say BLOCK UP A
 WAY OF THOU IN THE NAME OF GOD but it's quite a hard one to read in it's 

-The halos you see on the angels throughout the game all seem to say the same
 thing, from what we've seen..
 (thanks to Grin43 for this)

-Apart from Jubileus, who has ALPHA AND OMEGA on her's. Also, Rodin's angel
 form has the same halo.
 (thanks to Grin43 for this)

-Sapientia's legs have SYSTEM-E and the numbers 01 02 03 04 on each leg.
 (thanks to Grin43 for this)

-On leg 01, he has:

-On leg 02.. I'm not sure! It's too small to read! :(

-On leg 03, he has:
 MULTIYPE (multi-type?) ANGELIC

-On leg 04, he has:

-He has PROTOTYPE ANGEL "SAPIENTIA" SG-1000000 written on his head.

-And written across him in various places is CAUTION and NO STEP.

 There is some info about these ones at 


Demon Script <dem>

The demon alphabet is a lot easier to understand from a glance than the angel 
one. Most of the letters are stylised versions of the normal alphabet, 
although the numbers are quite tricky to spot. Most of the INTERESTING text in
the game is in demon script too.. not so many boring signposts!

-When you mash the button for torture attacks and climax finishes, the letters
 that come up on the wheel are P U N I S H I T. PUNISH IT.

-And when making concoctions, the letters on the same wheel now say C O N C O
 C T ! CONCOCT! (The exclaimation mark being the last letter to appear).

-Bayonetta's hair ribbon says BAYONETTABAYONETTABAYONETTA all the way down the

-The demon portals that you see all over the game, including the Gates of 
 Hell's portals, and the ones that summon wicked weaves etc. say FROM THE 
 (can't take credit for this one, it seems to be all over the internet)

-The clock in the very first level, and later seen again in Chapter IX, says
 (thanks to Grin43 for this)

-Perhaps the easiest one to see. A little stone figure that Bayonetta finds 
 and later shows to Jeanne says JEANNE & CEREZA. The "Z" shown must mean "&".
 (thanks to Grin43 for this)

-This also crops up again, shown on the red gemstone that Bayonetta keeps with
 her, after her final battle with Jeanne.
 (thanks to Grin43 for this)

-On the Angel Attack minigame, and the loading screens, you can see demon 
 letters flicking very quickly. From what I can gather, they are all the 
 letters for BAYONETTA and JEANNE.

-When Bayonetta does her guillotine torture attack, the device itself has 
 GUILLOTINE written up both pillars. How original!

-And of course, the torture wheel used on Faith and Fearless says WHEEL OF 

-In the motorcycle ride of Chapter VIII, the speedometer at the side of the
 screen has the numbers 0, 30, 60, 90, 12, 150, 180 on it. Not too suprising!

-At the start of Chapter XIV (the Space Harrier one), Bayonetta is standing 
 on the rocket with an intercom on her head. The text seems to say HEADSET 
 INTERCOM all along it.

-In this same chapter, just before each boss fight, it will have an "!" in a
 warning triangle. Below that it says AN INTRUDER HAS PENETRATED YOUR FORCE

 This is a reference to an old game called Salamander.

-Except for the fight against Temperance, where it says 


 This is a reference to an old game called Darius.
 (thanks to Tim for this)

-Written on Bayonetta's special golden compact she wears with her all the time
 is IN UNBRA (Umbra?) CEREZA 14111219. This last bit may be a date, 14.11.1219
 or in fact maybe 1411.12.19, as there are no breaks between the characters.

 UPDATE: It seems it IS 1411.12.19, confirmation from Hideki Kayima on
 Twitter! Although he's not totally sure himself :D
 "@PG_kamiya "UMBRA CEREZA 1411.12.19" is correct,I think."
 Bayonetta's birthday, I'd imagine!
 (thanks to Kolonel for finding this out)

-And, it seems, written on Jeanne's silver compact are the numbers 141216,
 this is the date 1412.1.6, as confirmed by Bayonetta character designer on
 Twitter, Mari Shimazaki, which is said to be Jeanne's birthday! 
 "@MariShimazaki "That is a year/month/date. It is the birthday of Jeanne."
 So her and Bayonetta were only born 18 days apart.. no wonder they ended up
 as friends!
 (thanks again to Kolonel for this)

-And probably the most interesting one, when Bayonetta shoots her lipstick 
 at Balder, there is some text written on it.


 So I would imagine "Rosa" is Bayonetta's mother!
 (thanks to Grin43 for the text parts of this, although I spotted the date!)

Enochian <eno>

If you don't know, Enochian is an invented language from the 16th century, 
created by Dr. John Dee and his seer Edward Kelley. They claimed it was the 
secret language of angels, and since then many occult-loving types have used 
it for spells and such.

The creators of Bayonetta thought it would be a nice touch to have all the 
angels speak Enochian in the game, and it is also used for Bayonetta's 
summons and spells. There is an interesting blog post about it here:


This section will be difficult to finish, as information on Enochian isn't 
easy to come by. Also, it relies on being about to understand unfamiliar words
that Bayonetta is saying. Luckily the angels are subtitled in long speeches,
but there are still a few phrases in the game that would be interesting to 

This is the Enochian I've managed to work out in game.

-Torture attack, winch and chain - PIADPH (The Depths of my Jaws).

-Torture attack, guillotine - PIR ZIXLAY (Holy Ones Stirred Up).

-Torture attack, wheel of torture - TELOCH (Death). "Teeeeeloch!"
 (thanks to Tyler S for this)

-Torture attack, Joy's wooden horse - MICMA (Behold).
 (There is some controversy over this one, a blog post at Platinum games here
 witch/ says that Bayonetta says PIADPH for this TA, but to me it doesn't
 sound like that at all.. I've a feeling a sound file was mixed up in the
 final version of the game, and she was intended to say PIADPH but doesn't.)

-Summoning Gohmorrah - AVAVAGO (Thunders/The Thunders of).

-Summoning Malphas - A GRAA ORS (The Moon of Darkness).

-Summoning Hektoncheir - AFFA IAIDIA NAPTA (Empty and Highest of the Two-
 Edged Sword). 
 (I'm not too sure about this.. it's not an easy one to make out, and this
 translation doesn't make much sense..)

-Summoning Scolopendra - TELOCVOVIM (Death Dragon, or Him That is Fallen).

-Summoning Phantasmaraneae - IZAZAS PIADPH (Framed in the Depths of my Jaws).

-Summoning Queen Sheba - TELOCVOVIM A GRAA ORS TABAORD AVAVAGO (The Fallen One
 of the Moon of Darkness, Let Her be Governed By That Which Thunders).

-Summoning Malphas, and during some Torture Attacks as Jeanne - ADRPAN (Cast

-Summoning Gohmorrah, Scolopendra, and mentioned when summon Phantasmaraneae
 and Queen Sheba as Jeanne - OXEX RACLIR (To Vomit Out Weeping).

-Affinity, Applaud and Ardor angels, while attacking, seem to say BALTOHA (For
 My Own Righteousness). 

-And PAMPHICAS, which I cannot find a direct meaning for. It is meant to be
 used with a "contemptuous tone" though, so some sort of insult?
 (thanks to EternalPain666 for help with this)

-They also seem to say TOLHAM PRDZAR (All Creatures Diminish).

-And MIRC VPAAH (Upon The Wings) but I'm not sure about this one..

-Applaud angels seem to say, when summoning a golden pool to damage you,
 TELOCH LAP BABALOND (Death For The Harlot). Ardor's say this too.

 UPDATE: This one has been confirmed by Platinum Games' JP Kellams, who was
 responsible for much of the Enochian in Bayonetta in the first place.

-They also both seem to say, while attacking, ETHAR (Peace), but I'm not so
 sure about this one.. it may be ETHARZI (In Peace), and the recording cut off

-One of Joy's attacks, she seems to say GROSB A (The Bitter Sting). Maybe.

-And when Joy splits, she might say Z SOBA CORMF (They Whose Number Is). Not
 sure though.
 (thanks to Tyler S for this)

-Temperantia, as he's about to attack, says FABOAN (Poison).
 (thanks to Tyler S for this)

-He also shouts IEHUSOZ (His Mercies) when destroying the bridge in Chapter V.
 (thanks to Tyler S for this)

-Sapientia sometimes says CORONZON when attacking which is actually a name of
 a particular demon, but in this context I believe it just means "Demon" or

-Balder, when attempting to blast you with his satellite, says MAD ZILODARP 
 (God, Stretch/Reach Forth and Conquer).

-Jubileus, when she goes to punch you, seems to say YOLCI (Bringeth Forth).

-And the faces on her hair seem to say: 
 BUSDIR (Glory) when they are fire,
 COMMAH (Trussed You Together) when they are ice, and
 COM SELH CONST (A Circle of Thunders) when they are lightning.
 (thanks to Tyler S for this)

-Also, if anyone wants to know.. the Enochian for "May Jubileus, the Creator,

Unfortunately I've not really got very far with this side of things! Any help
would be appreciated! Also, there may be mistakes for much of these, it's not
easy to work out what they are saying when it's not English!.

Commands <cmd>

This section is for a few in-game commands that many people (including myself)
may have missed in the course of playing the game. As I own the X-box 360 
version, please forgive me if I get any buttons confused for the PS3 controls.

-Remember most weapons have extra attacks if you hold down the attack button
 rather than just tapping it.

-Pressing RT(360)/R2(PS3) and the Back(360)/Select(PS3) button at the same
 time during a cutscene will let you skip it right away.

-Pressing Back(360)/Select(PS3) on the loading screen where Bayonetta can
 practice will stop it from going back into the main game. Can practice all 
 you want then.

-Hold the Right Stick down in the game to go into first person view, and you
 can look around. It cancels as soon as you move though.
 (thanks to mrdude1228 for this)

-Hold the Lock-on button, RB(360)/R1(PS3), to target and enemy and blow them
 a kiss. This will make them flinch, which can stop some enemies who are
 charging up powerful attacks in their tracks!

-After you purchase Umbra Spear from the Gates of Hell, tap RB(360)/R1(PS3)
 twice quickly to activate it. It will home-in on an enemy and you'll fly
 to them almost instantly. This uses 2 magic orbs.

-While Witch Walking along a wall, if you knock down an enemy (say with a
 PPPK sweep attack) you can press X(360)/Square(PS3) to pick up the enemy with
 your hair, and throw them around!
 (thanks to mrdude1228 for this)

-The Panther Punt is done on a stunned Dear or Decoration. Press Y(360)/
 Triangle(PS3) + B(360)/Circle(PS3) to charge up a kick. Keep tapping B(360)/
 Circle(PS3) to charge it up, and take aim with the Left Stick. You'll kick it
 in whichever way you're facing, to deal damage!

-This can also be done against Jubileus, when her Loyalties (the flying
 missiles with faces) are stunned. You won't need to keep tapping to kick with
 this one though, just aim.

-Kicking with the ice-skates weapon Odette will occasionally trigger a freeze
 on your enemy. You can then use X(360)/Square(PS3) to pick them up and throw

-While using Shuraba/Pillow Talk, if you hold down the RB(360)/R1(PS3) button
 Bayonetta will start to draw a magic circle in the air with the sword. Once
 complete, you can press Y(360)/Triangle(PS3) to shoot a super beam attack.

-You may know of Punish attacks, where you press the command just as an enemy
 hits the floor or is launched into the air for extra damage. But there is a
 "hidden" punishment combo. PPPKKP sets up enemies for a unique punishment 
 attack that is different for whatever weapon you're holding in your hands!

-You can actually jump on enemies heads, if they are directly below you. Just
 press A(360)/X(PS3) when they are directly below your feet. Works well with
 a flock of Decorations.

-Kulshedra can pull enemies towards you: hold Y(360)/Triangle(PS3). 
 Pull yourself towards enemies: press towards the enemy and hold Y(360)/
 Or even swing the enemy around your head: press away from the enemy and hold
 Y(360)/Triangle(PS3).. then twirl the Left Stick around to spin them. Press
 Y(360)/Triangle(PS3) again to throw them.

-Finally found out how to score a lollypop effect for sure. All you need to do
 is hold a button on your joypad before a lolly appears during a cutscene.
 The colour button you pick depends on what lolly you WANT, not what you see
 in the cutscene normally. So for example, if you want a Mega Yellow Moon 
 lollypop, hold the yellow button (Y for 360, Square for PS3). This will make
 the lollypop change to the colour you want! Then once it has changed, you're
 free to leave the cutscene. You should have the effect of the lolly, with no
 loss of rank due to item use!

 This video shows it in action on Chapter IV
 (thanks to Archristol for the vid)

Miscellaneous <mis>

This section is really just for little extra easter eggs that don't really fit
into another catagory.

-As you may have noticed, every main character has eye-wear of some sort. Even
 Luka has a pair of what look like reading glasses hanging from his shirt.

-If you hold down the action (shoot) button while facing a wall, Bayonetta
 will shoot the letter "B" into the wall, or a little heart! <3 You will need
 a wall that shows up bullet holes, try the destroyable walls with a picture 
 of the sun, in Chapter IX.

-This can also be done for Jeanne (the letter "J" and a diamond shape) and
 Little King Zero (the letter "Z" and a skull).
 (thanks to _Lycanthroat_ for this)

-Bayonetta and Jeanne's shadow are actually the shadows of the demons they 
 sold their souls to in a demonic pact. Madama Butterfly (Bayonetta) and 
 Madama Styx (Jeanne). They are also seen when using the Sergei's Lover

-The name of the tentacle faces you must attack when facing Iustitia are 
 Euphoria, Despair and Rage. Check out their expressions to work out which is

-When using Sai-Fon, Japanese symbols appear during attacks. These are the 8 
 "Ba gua" diagrams used in Taoist cosmology, apparently!

-If you managed to avoid damage totally in the Space Harrier segment of
 Chapter XIV AND shoot every single enemy without missing one.. you're awarded
 with a cool million halos! Perhaps try this in an easier difficulty..

-On Chapter XV, near the end, before the Golem boss, you have to activate a
 spinning crank to turn on the moving platforms you can walk up. Before you do
 there is a random occurance if you check the glowing golden "sky". Sometimes
 the head of Courage will appear, shoot a fireball, and disappear again!

-Jeanne's bike has "01 QTJ" (Cutie J!) on the licence plate, and is registered
 to "VG" (Vigrid I'd imagine). (thanks to Grin43 for this)

-Written on the bike itself is "ANGEL SLAYER", and below that "Hideki Kamiya
 Motors" ..At least I think the last word is "Motors".

-Enzo's car has "ED N EDNA" on the licence plate, which apparently are his 
 kid's names.

-Rodin has a blacksmith apron at the Gates of Hell with "I LOVE CHICKS" on it,
 and some cute pictures of baby penguins!

-On the final scene, in the graveyard when everyone thinks Bayonetta is dead,
 Luka comes up with a huge bunch of rosemary. If you look behind him, there
 is a tombstone with what looks like "Antonio Redgrave" on it.. Luka's father!

-Gracious and Glorious have statuesque humanoid faces, one seemingly male and
 the other female. Gracious (lightning) is female, Glorious (fire) is male.

-The voice actors to Bayonetta were not credited in the game. Various people 
 did do some internet sleuthing, and this is believed to be true..

 Bayonetta - Hellena Taylor
 Rodin - Dave Fennoy
 Enzo - Allan Groves
 Luka - Yuri Lowenthal
 Jeanne - Grey DeLisle
 Balder - Liam O'Brien

Thanks <tnk>

Thanks to!

-Grin43 from GameFAQs message board, who started me off on all this with his 
 lipstick translation!

-GameFAQs Bayonetta board, and Gamesradar.com, for helping me find many of the

-SolidMGsnake from YouTube, whose video I used for much of the Enochian 

-The Offical Bayonetta Guide Book, where I found a few extra things that I had

-http://www.glassgiant.com/ascii/ For the ASCII logo.

-And of course SEGA and Platinum games for such a great game!!

======Please don't steal this guide, if you want to use it just ask!========<@

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