Why does the game keep crashing?

  1. I bought this game about a month ago, used. Tested it asap I returned home, played fine. The day before yesterday I started to play it for real. The game kept on crashing and crashing, couldn't get over the intro fights and onto the world map. Tried for at least an hour and the game kept on crashing. Sometimes, I managed to get to the 2nd fight where Morrison appeared, after the first player turn, crash. Mostly the game crashed on the first battle, before my first turn. Suddenly I managed to get on to the wm yesterday, and save. The game worked fine. Now I moved on to next area (via the tunnelwhatever) and after a few random battles on the map here, it started again, the game crashes the moment the screen shatters indicating battle. Any help anyone?????

    The disc is clean, only one minor scratch there. Is my disc defective to begin with???

    User Info: snif222

    snif222 - 4 years ago

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