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Reviewed: 03/25/09 | Updated: 06/14/10

"Relive, Rewrite, Redefine"

This game is really good to play and own. Every concept is great. There are some flaws here and there but after playing for a while, the flaws are ironed out. WWE Legends of Wrestlemania has an import mode (from the trailer from its website) which can bring the Superstars from WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 into the game and a lot of wrestlers can now be played as. WWE Legends of Wrestlemania is the game to get because of how it shows the history of the Wrestlemania's from 1 to 15.

Graphics - 9/10
The graphics are great but, like other games, there are a couple things here and there that are unable in real life such as muscles going through the body and the ropes go above certain wrestlers bodies (I saw it during Mr. McMahon's Entrance) as well as hands/arms going through others bodies (Watch a Tag Team Match between Big John Studd/King Kong Bundy and Andre the Giant/Hulk Hogan [exactly like that in the setup] and you might see what I mean) but other than that, everything looks great. Even the faces of the wrestlers are great, especially when they are coming down the aisle with or without a manager, you can see their lips moving. Another great area of the graphics is the lips moving in the ring as if the wrestlers are actually talking to the manager/other wrestler. But one weak area is the crowd after the entrances because the crowd looks flat. The crowd looks like they are looking away from the ring and there is a black line around them. Even though in its mid to early ages, 3D graphics are not quite like real life because there are a couples things here and there such as, like I mentioned before, muscles going inside the side of the body, the top rope going over the physical appearance as well as one you all agree with, the ropes going through the body of the wrestler such as Yokozuna trying to get out [through the door of a steel cage match] but is forced back in.

Gameplay - 10/10
There are a couple flaws in the game like you cannot have a tag team as both Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, etc. and those wrestlers whom are legends yet are still (almost) active. I get that this is not Legends of Wrestling II* where you can have two or more of the same wrestler in the same ring. I understand that because how can one beat another up when the other is an exact clone? One small flaw is to get so many amounts of medals to unlock the Exhibition Mode fights but I can understand limiting some stuff and making the user play through Wrestlemania Tour Mode to unlock the fights (as well as Alternate Attire and other Movies). I got all the Exhibition fights and Alternate Attire and got all but three Movies (from the strategy Guide is telling me) which means that I have (almost) everything for WWE Legends of Wrestlemania. Getting all of the medals is long but when you look at it from how I did it, it was pretty easy (I checked under Options and I was playing a Normal Difficulty Computer to get [almost] every medal and trophy). So simply put, getting every single medal is easy on the default difficulty but it is very time consuming.
*Legends of Wrestling II, you could have like four Hulk Hogans in the same ring or have like a 4-man tag team of four Hawks against four Animals or something crazy like that.

Sound - 9.5/10
The sound is awesome. The crowd sounds are great and are clear. The sound from the movies of the Wrestlemania Tour Mode is just like if it was from a DVD. The successful hit sounds are right on track with the level up and level down sounds from the Level Bar below the Stamina Bar. The sound is great because there are plenty of Entrance Themes to browse through if one is tired of a certain theme. The commentary is awesome when in the ring because it would be like (almost) watching the actual matches. There is one small problem (I hope that it may [if not then it is ok]), during some entrances, there is no crowd noise. Other than that, everything sounds great. With the commentary, I can understand having one set of commentators doing the commentating but it would be nice to have the commentators from like ECW or SmackDown as well as the commentators from RAW.

Controls - 9.5/10
I was still in the process of getting used to the controls of the wrestlers in the ring until I actually got used to the controls such as Reversals and the controls are pretty understandable. The only problem is getting a weapon from under the ring in a match like Legends of Wrestling and Legends of Wrestling II. The controls are somewhat sketchy but I have played games with much, much worse controls. I can deal with the Controls until I get the hang of how to execute certain moves. I know of a few moves because of playing the Demo but the Demo drastically differs from the Full Game because there is more in the Full Game then there is in the Demo. With WWE Legends of Wrestlemania, there are much more wrestlers (more moves to learn) and many more options to this game than there are to the Demo of WWE Legends of Wrestlemania. With the Create a Move-Set, I can feel a bit more comfortable playing my Created Wrestler. The moves that are available after importing the wrestlers from WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 are quite impressive because I could have a wrestler that uses King Kong Bundy's Move Template but have John Cena's Finisher instead of King Kong Bundy's Big Splash. A lot of the moves I remember from Legends of Wrestling and Legends of Wrestling II such as the Fisherman's Suplex and the German Suplex as well as some new moves between the new wrestlers (The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin) and the imported wrestlers from WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009.

Create-A-Legend - 9/10
The Create-A-Legend is great because of all the outfits you could make. You could create people you would never think of in a wrestling game and others that would be a bit if-fy in the game. The only downside about the Create-A-Legend is that you have to put about 5 hours into getting the overall to 99, creating a moveset, crating an entrance, and the optional creating a tag team and being the champion of everything (choose tag team partner for the Tag Team Championship Belt).

Replay - 10/10
I would replay WWE Legends of Wrestlemania because of all the possibilities of matches. Such matches like William Regal vs. King Kong Bundy or John Cena vs. Hulk Hogan. That is just to name a couple of matches. Also play as a Created Wrestler online and offline. WWE Legends of Wrestlemania is great to play over and over but it would be a lot of time and effort to really put into of actually doing Wrestlemania Tour Mode and Legend Killer all over again which took about 8 hours just to complete everything.

Bottom Note:
WWE Legends of Wrestlemania is one of the most realistic Wrestling games made that features a lot of great legends that are either still alive (Hulk Hogan) or [R.I.P.] those whom have passed on (R.I.P. Andre The Giant). WWE Legends of Wrestlemania brings the best of the old and the best of the new together. After playing for a couple hours, WWE Legends of Wrestlemania has only very little flaws which can be overturned because they are not the bad after thinking about it.

Overall - 9.6/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: WWE Legends of WrestleMania (US, 03/24/09)

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