Review by CodeBloodRed

Reviewed: 01/14/09

Prince of Persia - King of Simplicity - Lord of Letdowns

HELL YES! Prince of Persia is BACK! Remember all that fun you had playing the previous three? All the innovative action? How enthralling the acrobatic combat was, and how you could simply FEEL it? All the fun and intuitive puzzles? Lets face it, Prince of Persia was way ahead of its time. Well some odd years later Ubisoft releases this new installment, and does away with the old prince, the ability to travel back in time, and then it adds a few things..

Care to take a guess what these new things are? I'll tell you. Basically you can't die anymore, fights are no longer against multiple opponents you only have 1 enemy at a time to not be able to die by. This way in case you are horrible at video games, you won't have to worry about penalty. Stuck? can't find where to go? Not to worry! Just hit triangle and the path is instantly made clear.

So in case you you're a stranger to sarcasm, the game is too easy. Every gameplay element that made the previous 3 prince of persias immersible, difficult, and exciting has either been removed entirely or replaced by elements that make the game linear, simple, and dull. Oh! but on the bright side, the graphics are great, and the sounds of combat make you feel like you're actually there! Right, actually there, fighting your foes, with no need to worry about challenge.

To evaluate the combat(which I feel was a main factor in Prince of Persia games)First of all, you never face multiple opponents, which for a Prince of Persia vet like me this is a major letdown. Each encounter is one on one and the enemy has a health bar that you must deplete. Then move on to the next enemy and kick punch jump to victory. Secondly, there is no variety to the enemies, you either fight one of the 4 bigger enemies in "boss"battle which just takes a few seconds longer than a normal enemy, or you fight a normal black blob. Which is easy to
dodge, easy to counter, and easy to kill.

The simplicity of the game ruins it on levels other than just the combat too. The platform part of the game is greatly depreciated, for some reason you don't have the same authentic "feel" that you're actually the one performing all the sweet acrobatics that you did in the previous 3. It's sad really, it seems game developers are trying to force more cutscenes, compelling story, and lazy, easy gameplay into games that it is simply not welcome (ahem, Fable 2.) Now don't get me wrong. They could make another Metal Gear Solid with 90% cutscenes and I would still love it, it would still work. However in the case of Prince of Persia if it ain't broke don't fix it.

In closing, the new Prince of Persia is both lacking and incredibly easy. Perhaps as a standalone title that has no predecessors to compare to it would be better but thinking back on how hard it was to put the other three down, I just can't feel it. Although the combat LOOKS swell and the acrobatics LOOK pretty cool, it seems easily comparable to the first time I saw Spider Man 2 in theaters.

Complete with the fact that its only cool for about 2 hours and then its over.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Product Release: Prince of Persia (US, 12/02/08)

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