Review by XxTimetokillxX

Reviewed: 01/13/09

Another Prince of Persia, it was worth it.

Introduction: Prince of Persia, a game about a frustrated thief saving the world.....doesn't sound that enticing, but it is. When you start playing this, you will say "Wow, this is amazing!" and when you finish, you will say "Wow, that was amazing!". There is no way you can hide the fact that this game just kicks some serious ass.

Story: You are a nameless thief who lives off the dead's riches to make himself successful in life. One day you rob a few tombs, and you get swept up in a sandstorm, losing you donkey packed with gold. You end up in an abandoned kingdom, with a mysterious princess. The god of darkness ends up releasing his corruption into the world, it becomes your job to help the princess heal the land of this horrible corruption that will eventually take over everything that is known.

Gameplay: Here's what keeps it from getting a 10. This game is definitely a thrill when it comes to leaping around from pole to pole and running on walls. The only problem is the controls. You may find yourself running up a wall when you thought you were going to run across it, or you might pull a crank instead of pushing it like you thought. The controls are very unstable and seem to bug out a lot. Other than that, the things you can do (or at least attempt to do =) ) are amazing. It isn't very difficult either, but it can prove challenging at many points.

Graphics/sound: Nothing too amazing here, but it is certainly not horrible. The graphics are up to par with this generation, and the sound is always on sync when it comes to the clashing of swords, or the casting of magical spells and attacks. Everything you hear makes sense, you aren't going to find footsteps sounding the same as landing or running up a wall.

Playtime/replayability: The game takes a decent amount of time to complete, it would take even a hardcore gamer a day or two. Don't expect to beat it in a few hours after you buy it. This is a good thing of course, with the replayability option, you will be going back after you beat it the first time to have even more fun! The options in which you can complete the game are almost endless, it is the most epic Prince of Persia yet!

Final recommendation: Buy this game. If you don't have enough you should definitely find some way to get it. It is a must have among your library of games and will remain there as one of the special ones that you remember. Over all I give this game a 8.5, it is a major success from Ubisoft and will be considered it for years to come.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Prince of Persia (US, 12/02/08)

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