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Reviewed: 12/18/08

This game will teach you things, make you smarter, and enhance certain skills that you can utilize in life.

This game is a deep and philosophical game that has totally blown my mind. This game will teach you things, make you smarter, and enhance certain skills that you can utilize in life.

The Graphics are amazing; its a work of art. Variety of color everywhere.

The Prince wears very bold colors such as red, blue, and dark brown. This makes him stick out, as if he is an outsider in a new world.

Elika wears white and black, sort of suggesting her personality; she looks at the world as black or white. She also illuminates a blue aura. Light blue is reminds me of water, water is often associated with life. This is the girl that has the power to bring back life in her world.

Art Appreciation +1!
Color Recognition +1!

The game play is simplistic, yet addictive and challenging. The game really tests yours timing and reflexes. Thus helping us tone are our own timing and reflex skills!

Timing +1!
Reflex +1!

The world is enormous. There are so many places to explore.
It is your mission to bring back the vibrant colors throughout the land...
The game really makes one feel likes it is you and your partner all alone in a mysterious world...

Exploration +1!

The story is a simple. Princess must save the land from some evil god, her dads is really acting weird and is probably helping the evil the god because he is possessed, and the prince is basically throw in the middle of it all while he is looking for his pet donkey. In order to restore life all over the kingdom, the prince and the princess have to run around everywhere like their on a huge playground and beat up monsters and the Princesses Dad. Afterwards, the princess goes super saiyan on top a big colorful circle and brings life back in the area.

The story sounds simplistic but its so much more. I love the anti-religious undertones, the concept of a god ruining the world, and its up to two people to try to stop a god. This can allude to the fact that in our world, religion is gaining more and more influence on social issues and it is up to the people to decide whether or not church and state should be separate.

The basic story is told through cut scenes, but the true bread and butter of the story comes from simply pressing L2 anytime you want. Elika and The Prince have the most fascinating conversations. They talk about their lives, their dreams, their history, their thoughts, and their philosophies.

Elika is a highly intelligent woman and came up from a prominent upbringing. She is the type of girl who has a strong personality and a good sense of moral code. However, since she has been stuck inside the comfort of her kingdom for her whole life, she is unexplored, ignorant of new ideas, and lacks the ability to comprehend things "Outside the box".

The Prince in the other hand, grew up poor, had no parents, and lived most of his life alone and was constantly moving. He has been all over the world, exposed himself to new ideas, and has met many people. Listen to The Prince's philosophies. He has a unique way of thinking and never follows what "everyone" else follows. He thinks his own way, follows his own path in life, and doesn't look back.

Elika and The Prince are two completely different people from two completely different backgrounds. They work together for a common good, doing whatever it takes to accomplish their goal.

As the game progresses, the player will observe the evolving relationship between The Prince and Elika. They build a trust for each other and throughout the whole game become more willing to open to each other. Instead of hiding their feelings for each other, they begin to throw each other hints.

For example, The Prince asks Elika if she has a boyfriend. She has never had a boyfriend and this fact seems to give The Prince a slight feeling of relief. The very fact that he asks this question to her shows that he is growing more and more interested in her.

Elika also starts to warm to The Prince. I remember a scene where Elika is on the ground and puts her hand up for The Prince to help her up. He idiotically does not seem to notice and afterwards I get this sense of light disappoint from Elika. At this point Elika is growing more found of The Prince, but she cannot show weakness and let The Prince's obliviousness bother her.

Both The Prince and Elika depend on each other physically, but at first remain detached from each other mentally. As time passes they learn not only to assist each other in navigating the world but also work together to form an unorthodox relationship with each other.

In a sense, the whole game is a metaphor for the relationship between a man and a woman. Both meet. They do not learn each other. They at first lightly converse and travel together throughout the world while learning about each others history. They go through some hardship and must overcome trouble that get in their way. Elika's dad is not very fond of The Prince and its is up to The Prince to fight for Elika even if her only family does not approve.

And hence, is this what love is? Depending on one another? Supporting each other? Doing whatever it takes to protect each other and being there for each other when there is an obstacle in life? Hardships in life such as "monsters" and "jumping 50 feet cliffs?"

Conversational Skills +1!
Philosophical Interpretation Skills +1!

One last thing I will mention, is the concept of exploring a world and never ever having to worry about dying. Elika will always save you every time you make a mistake.

Imagine if you could truly live a life where you are free to explore the world and never have to suffer the consequences of you mistakes.

Imagine the amount of risks you would take. You would do things in life that you would of never imagined you would have done, all while knowing in the back of your mind that someone nearby is there to watch your back should you ever fail.

In life we will always fail at something, but it is a matter of getting right back up and moving on. This game will always put you in a position to succeed.

You are free to worry about living, instead of dying.

Life Interpretation and Understanding Skills +1!

Rating: 10

Product Release: Prince of Persia (US, 12/02/08)

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