How do I beat (hulkbuster on its time to end this part 2 for the playstation 3)?

  1. How can i beat the hulkbuster on its time to end this part 2 rescue betty for the playstation 3?

    User Info: wolfman624

    wolfman624 - 9 years ago


  1. Defeat the S.I. Hulkbuster

    The Hulkbuster is immune to most of your attacks. He attacks at close range and fires lasers from a distance. You want to destroy the helicopters above you and anything else that you can (attacking buildings works well) to build your rage meter to full. Aim carefully and use a charged ground slam on the Hulkbuster.

    This leaves him stunned for a moment so rush in and land a combo on him. Repeat this process two more times and he should fall to the ground.

    Throw the S.I. Hulkbuster into a generator!

    Lock onto two of the generators and throw the Hulkbuster to disable them.

    Defeat the S.I. Hulkbuster

    Repeat the same process as above to beat the Hulkbuster a second time, then throw him into the final two generators to end the mission.

    User Info: wolfman624

    wolfman624 - 9 years ago 0   0

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