• Trophies

    A Good Dam FightDefeat the Battlelord on the Hoover DamSilver
    Air-DukeWin air hockey with a score of 7-0 in the strip clubSilver
    AnnihilationKill 100 aliensBronze
    Balls of SteelEarn a 1,000,000 pinball score in SPSilver
    Baron von NukemShoot down 20 alien fightersBronze
    Beating the One-Eyed WormDefeat the LeechSilver
    Big Guns, Big ShipsBlow up 5 enemy Gunships or DropshipsBronze
    Bucket HeadFind all 3 helmets in the SP campaignBronze
    Call WaitingListen to all phone messagesSilver
    Come Get SomeComplete the SP campaign on Hard DifficultyGold
    Companion BarrelUnlock the secret closet at the end of the ForkstopBronze
    Damn, I'm GoodComplete the SP campaign on Insane DifficultyGold
    Dead UsefulKill 10 aliens with environmental explosivesBronze
    DrawringsDoodle something on the whiteboard in SPBronze
    Duke Angry, Duke SmasH!Kill 15 aliens with melee attacks while on steroidsBronze
    ExterminationKill 50 aliensBronze
    Flagon of ChucklesDrink a beer in SPBronze
    Fork the PorkKill 6 aliens with the forkliftBronze
    Freeze Well!Kill 15 frozen aliensBronze
    Full Body TourettesGet knocked down 10 timesBronze
    GunslingerCarry the gold pistol through the whole SP campaignSilver
    He's Got a Hologram!Use a Holoduke in SPBronze
    Hippy-StomperFoot stomp 12 aliensBronze
    I Am All That Is ManDiscover all ego cap rewardsSilver
    I Need a DateLook at every page of a calender in SPBronze
    I Need a TowelGet hit by 10 Pregnator bombsBronze
    Judge, Jury, ExecutionerExecute 20 aliensBronze
    JuicedTake steroids in SPBronze
    Let's RockComplete the SP campaign on Normal DifficultySilver
    Lots of WhackingWin a game of Alien Abortion in the strip clubBronze
    Natural Disaster 3xKill 3 aliens at onceBronze
    Nobody Likes a WhinerKnock out the talent at the talk showBronze
    NomsEat 10 pieces of food in SPBronze
    Not Bad for a HumanDefeat the Alien QueenSilver
    Nuclear DevastationKill 250 aliensBronze
    OctacideDefeat the OctakingSilver
    On the Noggin'Kill 30 aliens with headshotsBronze
    One-Eyed FreakDefeat the CycloidBronze
    Party AnimalDrink all of the beers in the strip clubBronze
    PescaphobeKill all of the catfish in the underwater levelBronze
    Piece of CakeComplete the SP campaign on Easy DifficultyBronze
    Pit ChampionDefeat the Battlelord in Las VegasBronze
    Road RageKill 15 aliens with the monster truckBronze
    Savior of the UniverseYou got them allPlatinum
    Special ThanksWatch the credits all the way throughBronze
    Sticky Bomb Like You!Put a Trip Mine on a live alienBronze
    Substance AbuserDrink beer while on steroids or vice-versa in SPBronze
    Sunday, Black SundayShoot down the blimp above the stadiumBronze
    Tosser...in the Literal SenseKill 10 aliens with tossed objectsBronze
    TrapperKill 10 aliens with Trip MinesBronze
    Turd BurglarFind and steal a piece of pooBronze

    Contributed By: R351D3NT3V1L4.

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