• Extra Unlockables

    From Main Menu Select Options, Select Extras, Select Enter Code, Enter Code in all Caps.

    Gold Breaker HammerHARDHITTER
    Unlock 4 Pre-Reserve Multiplayer MapsMAPMAYHEM

    Contributed By: NipahcAdoroare and ry_mann.

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  • All 16 Hidden Challenges

    All the 16 hidden challenges in RFG to get the description unlocked you must finish half of the required challenge. They can be unlock by doing a regular matchmaking or a custom match. LAN games don't count because they don't give you XP. There are 16 total Hidden Challenges in Multiplayer for you to unlock, here you can see how to unlock each of these challenges. Six of these must be achieved in one life, while the others are overall. P.S Sorry I had to re-post it from the Xbox cheats list so give credit to Shuriken243

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    1 Life: 10 Kills - 1 WeaponKill 10 people with the same weapon in one life.
    1 Life: 15 BonusesGet 15 different bonuses in one life.
    1 Life: 25 Bonus XPGain 25 bonus XP in one life.
    1 Life: 5 XP - 5 BackpacksGet 5 XP with 5 different backpacks in one life.
    1 Life: 50 XPGain 50 core or bonus XP in one life.
    1 Life: Kill - 5 WeaponsKill 5 people with 5 different weapons in one life.
    10 Kills - Every WeaponKill ten players with each individual weapon.
    10 Wins - Every Game TypeWin 10 matches in every gametype.
    100 WinsWin 100 matches. (Mode does not matter)
    100 XP - Every BackpackGain 100 XP with each individual backpack.
    100 XP - Every WeaponGain 100 XP with each individual weapon.
    1000 Kills - 1 WeaponKill 1000 players with one weapon.
    5 XP - Every Bonus EventGain 5 XP with each bonus event.
    500 XP - 1 Bonus EventGain 500 XP with one bonus event. (Ex. Assist)
    5000 XP - 1 BackpackGain 5000 XP with one backpack. (Ex. Rhino)
    5000 XP - 1 WeaponGain 5000 XP with one weapon. (Ex. Assault Rifle)

    Contributed By: DestroyraX.

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  • Insane Difficulty

    Complete the campaign to unlock Insane mode.

    Contributed By: uuarman.

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  • Unlockable Cheats

    Unlock each cheat by completing its requirements. After a cheat is unlocked, it can be turned on at any time by pausing the game and going to Options>Cheats.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Cool Turrets (Turrets Don't Overheat)Get the Tank Buster trophy (Blow up 100 small hydrogen canisters)
    Max Morale (Max Morale in all Sectors)Get the Don't Tread on Me trophy ( Liberate Oasis Sector)
    Max Technology (EDF, Guerillas, and Marauders receive superior weapons and armor)Get the Red Dawn trophy (Liberate Mars)
    No Green Alert (Alert Status Never at Green)Get the One Man Army trophy (Get 25 killing sprees during campaign)
    Super Debris (Explosion and Collision Damage Greatly Increased)Get the Coming Down! trophy (Destroy 50 EDF owned buildings)
    Super Hammer (Increase Hammer Damage)Get the Best Friends Forever trophy (100 kills with the sledgehammer during campaign)
    Super Sprinting (1.5x sprint speed)Unlock the "Working The Land" Trophy (Mine all ore locations.)
    Super Toughness (Increased Physical Resistance)Get the Clean and Righteous! trophy (Destroy 5 High Importance Targets)
    Unlimited Ammo (Unlimited ammo for all weapons)Get the Freed Space trophy (Destroy 50 EDF flyers)

    Contributed By: staunchmaldoon, Razz-, and Austin031.

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