Saw (PlayStation 3)

How to complete Valve Pipe Puzzle in Gas filled Room Locating Gravesite Level?

  1. Hi guys, not even sure what level this is but keep running out of air when solving this puzzle. Not sure which tubes need to line up or what objective of puzzle is. Anyone past this point yet?
    Metlphayce - 12 years ago - report


  1. You don't even need to finish the puzzle in the gas room. After you grab the coupler from the jigsaw box in the corner, you can just punch through the wall past the puzzle and continue on. Too bad that I only realized this AFTER dying multiple times before beating it.
    Mandais - 12 years ago - report
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  2. Mandais is right... that one is not needed, but get used to the sort of puzzles because later it will done a lot more... basically just line up each hose type to make a connection to each end point... I usually start from the outer most part to the inner most part and seeing if the end points touch...
    DonLubin - 12 years ago - report
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